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           The Importance
        of Saving Cord Blood
Why is it important to save my baby’s                                                 Is it important to have my family’s own
umbilical cord blood?                                                                 stem cells available?
Cord blood, which is the blood that remains in your baby’s                            Yes. For transplant medicine, using your own family’s cord
umbilical cord after it has been cut, is an invaluable source                         blood can have significant advantages including fewer
of unique stem cells. These cells can be used in a variety                            complications and improved medical outcomes (see chart
of medical treatments and having them available can be                                below1,2). For current, experimental regenerative medicine
lifesaving or life-changing for your baby or other family                             therapies, the child’s own cord blood is required.
l   Cord blood stem cells have been used to treat nearly 80
    serious diseases, including leukemia, other cancers, and                              Higher Survival with Your Family’s Own Cord Blood
    blood disorders.                                                                  Siblings/Related Transplants                                                        63%
l   Cord blood stem cells are showing potential in research                           (Family Cord Banks)
    to treat conditions that have no cure today such as
    juvenile diabetes and brain injury.                                               Unrelated/Donor Transplants
                                                                                      (Public Cord Banks)
l   Saving your baby’s cord blood can bring you peace of
    mind knowing you may be giving your family an important                           Study shows higher one-year survival rates using a family’s own cord blood
    advantage for a healthy future.                                                   compared to unrelated cord blood from a public cord bank.

How can my family use my baby’s cord                                                  How likely is it that my family will need to
blood?                                                                                use stem cells?
Cord blood has already been used in more than 20,000
                                                                                      Although it is difficult to determine the likelihood of using cord
transplants worldwide. While banking cord blood does not
                                                                                      blood, published studies have estimated the odds of needing
guarantee that the cells will provide a cure or be applicable
                                                                                      a stem cell transplant from any source (cord blood, bone
for every situation, your baby’s cord blood may be useful to
your family in two areas of medicine: Transplant Medicine and
Regenerative Medicine.                                                                l   The odds of an individual needing a stem cell transplant
                                                                                          (by age 70), using their own cells or from someone else, are
In Transplant Medicine, cord blood is used like bone marrow
                                                                                          estimated at 1 in 217.3
to regenerate a healthy blood and immune system after
chemotherapy to treat serious diseases such as cancers and                            l   The odds of an individual needing a transplant using his or
blood disorders.                                                                          her own stem cells (by age 21), are estimated at 1 in 2,700.4
In Regenerative Medicine, cord blood is being researched to                           l   These estimates do not include future therapies that may be
determine if stem cells can induce healing or regenerate cells                            developed.
to repair tissue.                                                                     Based on current data, properly stored cord blood stem cells
                                                                                      should remain useful indefinitely,5 so your family may be able
                                                                                      to use the cord blood cells for diseases and injuries that occur
Who can use my baby’s cord blood?                                                     decades from now.
l   Your baby* (In current protocols and/or clinical studies using
    cord blood, the child’s own cord blood is required)
l   Your baby’s siblings (if a match)                                                 1. Wagner J, et al. Allogeneic sibling umbilical-cord blood transplantation in children with
                                                                                      malignant and non-malignant disease. The Lancet. 1995;346;214;-219. 2. Gluckman E, et
l   Any family member (if a match)                                                    al. Outcome of cord blood transplantation from related and unrelated donors. N Engl J Med.
                                                                                      1997;337(6):373-381. 3. Nietfeld JJ, et al. Lifetime probabilities of hematopoietic stem cell
                                                                                      transplantation in the U.S. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. Mar 2008;14(3):316-322. 4. Johnson
*For inherited genetic conditions, the child will not be able to use his or her own   F. Placential blood transplantationand autologous banking-caveat emptor. J Pediatr Hematol
stem cells. A matched sibling’s stem cells would be the first choice. Ultimate use    Oncol. 1997;19(3):183-186. 5. Broxmeyer HE, et al. High-efficiency recovery of functional
will be determined by the treating physician.                                         hematopoietic progenitor and stem cells from human cord blood cryopreserved for 15 years.
                                                                                      Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. Jan 21, 2003;100(2):645-650.
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NeoStem: A Global Leader
     in Cell Therapy

Benefits of Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking:                          NeoStem has the Most Stem Cell
l   Lifesaving potential for your whole family that may deliver    Transplant Experience:
    health benefits far into the future.                           l   NeoStem has processed Stem Cell Units that have been
l   Stem cells have the ability to create all other specialized        transplanted into more than 4,000 patients and/or
    types of cells found in the body and have the potential to         participants of clinical studies. 100% of units released have
    treat a variety of life-threatening diseases and injuries.         been viable for transplant.*
                                                                   *Transplant experience includes that of the NeoStem subsidiary Progenitor Cell Therapy.
l   Banking your child’s cord blood stem cells is a once-in-
    a-lifetime opportunity. But to ensure that this resource is
    available to your family without limitation, we believe you
    should bank these cells at the highest standards available.
                                                                                       Stem Cell Transplant Experience
                                                                   NeoStem                                                                                           4,000+
The NeoStem Advantage:                                             StemCyte*                                          1,400+
l   We process and store your Cord Blood Stem Cells in a
    manner that exceeds most current industry standards. We        ViaCord*                           215                                   STEM CELL UNITS
    adhere to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices)                                                                                   PROVIDED FOR TRANSPLANTS
    standards.                                                     CBR*                             174

                                                                   *Information derived from 10-2011, 10-2011, and 10-2011.

cGMP is What We Do:
l   cGMP is the highest FDA standard. Stem Cells processed
    and stored to this standard will not be limited by the way                    NeoStem Pricing Structure
    they were handled for use in future complex therapies that
    are currently being developed.                                      Collection and Processing Fee:                                                       $1,950*
l   cGMP production of cell-based products is the primary               Medical Courier Transport Fee:                                                       $150
    business of Progenitor Cell Therapy, the NeoStem subsidiary,        Storage Fee:                                                                         $125 annually
    that performs all of our cord blood processing and storage
    functions.                                                          * Promotional pricing and financing options available based on client
                                                                          qualifications. Please contact your dedicated NeoStem sales

The Right Team Makes a Difference:                                                   Interest-Free Payment Plans
l   Our company has served over 100 leading organizations                                      Without
    including stem cell banks, academic stem cell transplant and              Additional Financing or Administrative Fees
    clinical cell therapy programs, and companies developing
    cell therapy products.
l   Worked with more than 20 different types of cells.                                             Get Started with NeoStem
l   Stored over 20,000 cell products including over 12,000         Call 1.888.STEMBANK (1.888.783.6226) today to speak with
    Cord Blood Stem Cell Units.                                    your dedicated NeoStem sales representative about enrolling.
                                                                   We look forward to working with you and your family to prepare
l   Performed over 32,000 cell therapy procedures.                 today for a healthy tomorrow.                                      1.888.STEMBANK (1.888.783.6226)
    The Healing Potential of
     Your Newborn’s Cord
       Blood Stem Cells

Today’s Science                                               Research
Diseases that are currently being treated using stem cells.   Current areas of stem cell research.
Inherited Erythrocyte Abnormalities (Red Cell)                	 •	Alzheimer’s	Disease
	 •	Beta	Thalassemia	Major	(Cooley’s	Anemia)                  	 •	Amyotrophic	Lateral	Sclerosis	(ALS	or	Lou	Gehrig’s	Disease)
	 •	Sickle	Cell	Disease                                       	 •	Arthritis,	Juvenile	and	Rheumatoid
                                                              	 •	Crohn’s	Disease
Inherited Immune System Disorders
                                                              	 •	Diabetes,	Type	1
	 •	SCID	with	Adenosine	Deaminase	Deficiency	(ADA-SCID)
                                                              	 •	Gaucher’s	Disease
	 •	Common	Variable	Immunodeficiency
                                                              	 •	Heart	Disease
	 •	Lymphoproliferative	Disorder	(LPD)
                                                              	 •	Huntington’s	Disease
	 •	Lymphoproliferative	Disorder,	X-linked	
                                                              	 •	Metabolic	Disorders	(Leukodystrophy	Diseases,	Storage
     (also known as Epstein-Barr Virus Susceptibility)
                                                                  Disorders, etc.)
	 •	Wiskott-Aldrich	Syndrome
                                                              	 •	Multiple	Sclerosis	(MS)
Inherited Platelet Abnormalities                              	 •	Muscular	Dystrophy
Leukemias                                                     	 •	Organ	repair	–	kidney,	liver,	heart
	 •	Acute	Myelogenous	Leukemia	(AML)                          	 •	Osteopetrosis
	 •	Chronic	Lymphocytic	Leukemia	(CLL)                        	 •	Parkinson’s	Disease
	 •	Chronic	Myelogenous	Leukemia	(CML)                        	 •	Renal	Cell	Carcinoma
	 •	Juvenile	Chronic	Myelogenous	Leukemia	(JCML)              	 •	Tay-Sachs	Disease
	 •	Juvenile	Myelomonocytic	Leukemia	(JMML)                   	 •	Scleroderma
                                                              	 •	Severe	Combined	Immunodeficiency	(SCID)
Lymphoproliferative Disorders
                                                              	 •	Spinal	Cord	Injury
	 •	Hodgkin’s	Lymphoma
                                                                •	Stroke	Recovery
	 •	Non-Hodgkin’s	Lymphoma
                                                              	 •	Systemic	Lupus	Erythematosus
Lysosomal Storage and Peroxisomal Enzyme
Deficiency Disorders
	 •	Hurler’s	Syndrome
	 •	Krabbe	Disease	(Globoid	Leukodystrophy)
                                                                   “While the most devastating conditions that can
	 •	X-linked	Adrenoleukodystrophy
                                                                   afflict a child – leukemia and other blood cancers
                                                                   and disorders – may not be preventable, with the
Myeloproliferative Disorders
                                                                   advent of cord blood banking, we can at least offer
Myelodysplastic Syndromes                                          the best possible treatment option: a Stem Cell
Non-blood Cancers                                                  Transplant.”
                                                                                      Zeyad Baker, MD, FAAP
Phagocyte Disorders
                                                                                      RPG, Chief Pediatric Officer
Stem Cell Disorders                                                                   Professor of Pediatrics, New Jersey Medical School
	 •	Severe	Aplastic	Anemia                                   1.888.STEMBANK (1.888.783.6226)
Progenitor Cell Therapy (PCT), the NeoStem subsidiary that performs
all of our cord blood processing and storage services, has the following

                                          PCT, built to comply with
                                            FDA cGMP Standards

     NeoStem supports the Stem for Life Foundation

The Stem for Life Foundation, a nonpartisan 501(c)3 organization
established to increase public education in all areas of adult stem cell
research and application, to encourage and support the field of research
involving adult stem cells, and to provide medicine’s most vulnerable
populations with access to cutting-edge adult stem cell technologies.

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             4 Pearl Court, Suite C, Allendale, NJ 07401
           1.888.STEMBANK (1.888.783.6226)
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