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									How Blogging is Helping People Dig
Out of Debt
With thousands of people out of work, facing foreclosure and
experiencing overall economic uncertainty, many people are
concerned about how they are going to make ends meet.

In fact, many people today have already over-extended themselves
and are anxiously waiting for a change to take place or for a new
job would come through.

Facing mounting debt including credit card bills, mortgages, gas
prices, health care name it... thousands of people are
tapping into their creative and writing skills and have started
blogging to make money and dig out of debt.

Dig Out of Debt with Blogging: Success Stories

As millions of people struggle it make ends meet, many have
turned to blogging as a solution to their financial problems.

Shalonda Gordon started using the Empower Network Blogging
System, and within a few short months generated enough money
to cover her mortgage payments.
“I actually had two $1000 dollar days and I actually used my
Empower Network commissions to pay my mortgage,” says

21 year old Alec from Florida, was recently laid off and facing a
pile of bills when he found success with blogging.

“My first day working with Empower Network and already half of
my cell phone bill is covered. I did get a sign up my first day...
within the first couple of of one blog post. I’m very
pumped to see where this goes,” he said.

Blogging has become an extraordinarily popular way for people to
earn the extra cash they need, dig out of debt, and on a flexible

How Empower Network and the Ten Ten Formula Helps
People Dig Out of Debt

Empower Network has become an enormously popular blogging
platform since it’s launch in October 2011. For $25 a monthly,
new bloggers can start immediately with a ready-build, custom
blog. Members can market their own products and services as well
as market Empower Network products.
Many bloggers, like me, have found success with Empower
Network and the Ten Ten Formula which teaches specialized
marketing training...

The Ten Ten Formula is helping people dig out of debt by teaching
everything from basic blogging tips to advanced marketing
strategies to mindset training. The goal of the Ten Ten Formula is
to teach marketers how go generate $2000-$3000 of monthly
residual income within three months. The support system built
within the Ten Ten Formula Team helps marketers navigate
through the industry...alleviating the feelings of isolation and
frustration that plague so many marketers.

More than 40,000 people use the Empower Network blog. The
company has done more than $16 million in sales since it
launched almost 1 year ago.

Affiliate members of the company earn 100% commissions on
most of the products which include:

-Basic Blogging Platform
-Inner Circle Mastermind Membership
-15K Formula-Advanced Marketing Training
-Costa Rica Intensive-Advanced Mastermind Marketing Training
-The Masters Course
Affiliate marketers of these products are in position to earn up to
$4,622 per customer.

With commissions like that, more and more people are finding it
easy to dig out of debt.

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Original Article By: Kalei Beamon

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