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Invitions & Stionery

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Invitations, cards,
More and more invitations and programs are being
ordered through online stores.
Personalized your stationery with a customized
wedding logo.
It is important that you show your gratitude with
thank you cards to all gift givers, and people who
helped plan your events.

T   oday, brides are steering clear of traditional
wedding concepts and exploring creative ways
to personalize their special day. Your wedding
invitation should be an extension of your personal
style so take into consideration the following trends
if you’re lacking inspiration. The result will be an
explosion of creativity!

Break free from conventional invitations and
colors and go bold. Introduce rich, jewel tones into
your theme like navy or iris. To achieve a crisp
and appealing combination, consider pairing a
navy invitation with white type and envelopes, a
traditional concept with a hint of modern flair.
Whether you’re hosting a green wedding or not, take
mother-nature into consideration when choosing
your invitations. Charming invites can be achieved       It is important that your invitations convey your
with soy ink, post-consumer recycled products and a      sense of style, so consider incorporating some of
touch of creativity. Rich browns and greens are ever-    your favorite things. If you are especially girly,
so popular this year and make for a fascinating color    feminine embellishments and flirty type styles work
combination. Replace white type with chocolate           best. Think about adding delicate fabrics like chiffon
brown and couple with a contemporary type style.         and lace for an added touch. Are you a die-hard
Minimalism at its finest!                                sports fan? Take your team’s favorite colors and
                                                         create a one-of-a-kind invitation that your guests will
Type style has become an integral part of the            surely remember.
wedding invitation design, and it is important to
remember this when choosing an invitation to             Geometrical patterns and additional appealing
reflect your personality. It was once considered by      options are other ways to express your personality
experts that you should match your font style to the     through your wedding invitation. To keep the
formality of your event. However, modern brides          attention focused on the content of your invitation,
are defying the rules and opting for creativity and      consider a two layer panel card in the traditional
expression, which doesn’t stop at fonts and colors. Be   square and rectangle shape. For a more popular
daring and choose a bold font with stylistic accents.    option, there has been a surge in circle, oval and
Print your invitations on a complimentary color, but     envelopment styles.
make it a bright hue.

50                                                                   InvItatIons & statIonery
As invitations are becoming more and more about
self-expression, evoke thoughts of cheer and
celebration. A sophisticated twist on stark, white
invitations is to pair a bright yellow or lime green
invite with black for an elegant combination. If
you’re too conservative to try something so bold,
consider adding subtle touches of color in a thin
border and carry the color scheme throughout by
adding splashes of color here and there.

Want to make an impression on your guests?
Toss the notion of a white invite out the window!
Introduce pastels or metallics. Saturated hues like
emerald green and cardinal red are fearless and
fresh. For a modern look, pair two vivid colors
together to make a spirited statement. Abandon
the rule that says you should match your
invitations with the season and theme of your
event. Instead, incorporate motifs and graphic
themes. Think big, silhouetted flowers for spring
and summer and bare branches or pine cones for
winter and fall.

For the extremely organized bride, you might
think about an invitation with pockets. This will
eliminate the clutter that usually comes along with
the traditional invite. Map and direction cards will
slide in effortlessly to the inside pockets, making
for a clean, yet functional invite.

Monograms are everywhere so why not fashion
your own? A great way to add a unique and
elegant touch is by simply branding your
invitations. This brand can be used throughout
your entire invitation, from the invite itself all the
way to the reply card and envelope.

For truly custom and exclusive wedding
invitations, it is best to remain true to your
personal style. By doing so, your invitations will
convey your individuality and make for one-of-a-
kind stationery.
                                                         Invitations by Paperwerks
- resource

  Branding Your
  I t is a common trend among brides to showcase
  their personal style throughout their entire wedding.
  Linens often match the table settings; invitations
  might feature the bride and groom’s favorite colors;
  and the cake may be topped off with the bride’s
  favorite flower. To add the most personalized touch
  of all, consider branding your wedding with a one-
  of-a-kind logo.

  Your special day is a representation of the two of
  you as a couple, so design a brand that reflects this.   a brand that represents both of you, the design
  What are you and your fiancé known for? Are you          process is simple. PaperWerks in Sioux Falls can
  the “sporty couple” or considered to be the “rockers”    help you design a personal logo for your big day. If
  of your group of friends? Incorporating your favorite    you’re indecisive or lack creativity, PaperWerks can
  pastimes and interests into your logo is a sure-fire     achieve the look you are hoping for with a brief
  way to treat your guests to something special.           consultation.

  Just like companies have been doing for years,           To assist your designer with her creation, make
  custom logos are now being incorporated into             sure to bring color swatches or other items that
  weddings. Choosing a logo can be easy and fairly         may provide an insight into the look you want to
  inexpensive. Once you and your fiancé have created       achieve. Depending on how intricate your design,
                                                           one to three proofs will be sent for your approval.
                                                           This ensures your logo meets your standards.
                                                           Proofs start around twenty dollars and increase
                                                           with extensive design work.

                                                           Once your logo is complete, make sure you put
                                                           it on everything! Creating consistency with your
                                                           logo through invitations, programs and favors is a
                                                           unique way to showcase your personality and style.
                                                           When your big day is over, continue to use your
                                                           logo on your thank you cards and return address
                                                           labels. Personalized stationery and envelopes are
                                                           sure to be used by you and your fiancé for years to

                                                           - Mandy Haase
                                                             PaperWerks, sioux Falls, sd

     voW BrIdal Planner                                               InvItatIons & statIonery
Tips on Thank You Cards
• Hand write your thank you cards - makes the
  cards more personal. Be sure to include a note to
  each gift giver in the card.

• You might not like all the gifts you receive. It is
  important that all gift givers receive a thank you.

• Gifts of money, or monetary gifts, also deserve
  a thank you note. It is usually a good idea to
  mention in your thank you, what you will use the
  money for (do not include the amount.)

• If you receive a gift from a party of 10 or less
  people, each person should be sent a separate
  card. If the gift you receive is from a party of over
  ten people, such as your office, place one thank
  you in a central location. resource

It's All In The Details!
When it comes to weddings, sometimes the
smallest details can have the biggest impact. Make
your special day more memorable by adding your
own personal touch.

The invitations are a great place to start and you
can carry over details from the invitations such as
the colors, your initials, a unique design, special
papers, or a jewel to help create a common theme.                Invitations
Use this theme throughout the wedding, not only                 • Carlson Craft
in the ceremony programs, but also the reception
program, menu cards, table numbers, reserved                    • McPherson’s
signs, escort cards, punch napkins, table favors
and custom printed ribbon. These additions will                   We also carry...
help to add color and interest, to ultimately tie the        Custom Bridal Gowns
whole event together.
                                                           Bridesmaids, Flower Girls,
If you want to be even more creative, instead of           Mothers Gowns & Tuxedos
using table numbers, name the tables after favorite
places or things that the two of you like to do.
                                                          Jewelry, Accessories & Shoes
Also consider having place cards for each guest to      Wedding Planning, Designs & Rentals
make each individual feel extra special.                     Fresh & Silk Flowers

                                                             La ge
At the end of your event, incorporate your                 Wedding Cakes & Catering
wedding theme by using customized thank-you

                                                            electi ns
cards to make your event memorable from start
to finish. At Envision Wedding Studio, the staff
realize how important the details are to your event;
that is why we offer a wide selection of papers,

                                                            nvitati ns
designs, and favors allowing you to personalize all
aspects of your wedding.

- leah Moller
  What a Card, sioux Falls, sd

                                                        605.957.5736 or 605.736.5099

 54                                                             InvItatIons & statIonery
Invitations & Stationery

To do’s....
        9 to 12 months    Set invitation budget
                          Start your guest “wish list” to help you gauge how many people you may be inviting
                          Send engagement announcement to local papers with photo
         6 to 9 months:   Narrow down the guest list. Start compiling current addresses
                          Send save-the-dates
         4 to 6 months:   Decide on a personal wedding logo concept
                          Select and order invitations and personalized stationary with or without logos
                          Order all personalized items such as napkins and ribbons
                          Prepare maps/driving directions, guest accommodations information
                          Hire calligrapher
                          Finalize guest list & mail out save the date cards
         2 to 4 months:   Mail all wedding invitations
                          Purchase or make a guest book
                          Have programs designed and printed
                          Mail rehearsal dinner invitations
          6 to 8 weeks:   Follow-up with guests who have not RSVP’d
                          Mail shower and party thank yous
              2 weeks:    Write out placement cards for assigned seating
                          Prepare wedding announcement for the newspaper

    Go to
        After Wedding:    Send out all final thank yous

                                                  for more wedding tips!
Worksheet & Stationery
Questions to ask about Invitations
                                                       VENdor I             VENdor 2
                                   Site Name:
                               Contact person:


            Questions for Stationer
     What are our options regarding the different
            pieces that can make up the wedding
      invitation and how do they affect the cost?

 Can you print up additional pieces to include
 with the invitations, such as a map/directions
              card and accommodation cards?

 What are our printing and paper options and
                  how do they affect the cost?

         Can we see samples of different printing
         techniques, paper styles and type styles?

             When do we need to place an order?

           When would the invitations be ready?

 Is there an extra fee for addressing envelopes?

         Do we assemble the invitations and stuff
                           envelopes ourselves?
     What is the difference in cost, if any, between
      ordering extra invitations up front or after
                  the initial order has been placed
          Will we be able to see a proof before any
                                pieces are printed?

       Do you do calligraphy? If you don’t, do you
                    work with someone who does?
     Does he/she give discounts to your customers?

       If you do calligraphy: What are your fees?
                           What do they include?

56                                                                InvItatIons & statIonery
Invitations & Stationery

    Invitations/Stationery:         My Budget       Actual   Notes
    Engagement Announcements    $               $
    Invitations                 $               $
    Reply Cards                 $               $
    Thank Yous                  $               $
    Save the Date Cards         $               $
    Guest Book & Pen            $               $
    Napkins                     $               $
    Programs                    $               $
    Place Cards                 $               $
    Stamps/Postage              $               $
    Maps/Direction Cards        $               $
    Guest Accommodation Cards   $               $
    Calligrapher                $               $

                   SUBToTAL:    $               $

Additional Notes:

      Wedding Mistake: Underpaying
      Postage on Guest Invitations
Before you put a single stamp on an invitation,           postage" stamps on them. This will end up costing
take one down to the post office and ASK how              you time and money.
much postage will be required.
                                                          Experts also suggest you NOT drop all your invites
Very often, if your invitation is over sized or           in a mailbox, but instead personally drop them
overweight, it will cost more than a standard             at the post office and ask them to PERSONALLY
stamp. Also, if you have any international                mark each "postage paid" for you.
addresses, you need to ask about how much
postage you'll need for those as well, because            Finally, DON'T send out your invitations "bulk
the rate will not be the same. In addition, if your       mail." This can take up to SEVERAL WEEKS
invitations are on any kind of custom made paper          longer, and is less reliable than first class mail. It's
which varies slightly from invitation to invitation,      also more likely to be thrown away because it looks
bring several samples with you to weigh at the            like JUNK MAIL.
post office to ensure they're all the same.
                                                          Who would have thought that an expensive
If you mail out your invitations with the wrong           mistake could result from something as simple as
postage, there's a good chance that you're going to       postage on your invitations?
end up getting returned invites with "insufficient
                                                          - resource

        stationery... advice at a Glance!
           Try to order all stationery items at the same time.
           When ordering invitations, be sure to order extras for keepsakes and guests that may get
           added to your list later, and account for mistakes while addressing them.
           If you will be inviting a friend or family member to bring a date but you do not know the
           date’s name, address the outer envelope to your friend only. On the inner envelope you can
           include the words “and Guest” after your friend’s or relative’s name.
           Registry information should be noted on the invitation or included in the envelope.
           The words “request the honor of your presence” are traditionally reserved for a religions
           ceremony. Phrases like “request the pleasure of your company” or "would be delighted for
           you to attend” are typically used for a civil ceremony or reception.
           If you are unsure about the proper etiquette on invitation wording consult with your local
           invitation specialist for his/her recommendations especially where divorced families apply.

58                                                                    InvItatIons & statIonery

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