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The Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University   199
                Fact Book 1995-96
                                    INSTITUTES AND CENTERS

                                    Environmental Sciences Institute

Location:      ESI Building # 19                      School/College:      Academic Affairs
               320 Gamble Street
               Florida A&M University

Director:      Dr. Richard Hogg

Type:           II


The Environmental Sciences Institute, is a type II Institute within the Academic Affairs Division of Florida A&M
University. The purpose of the Environmental Sciences Institute is to coordinate, direct and/or manage environ-
mental instruction, research, outreach, and environmental technology transfer activities undertaken by Florida
A&M University.

                                  Small Business Development Center

Location:      1157 E. Tennessee Street               School/College:      School of Graduate Studies

Director:      Patricia N. McGowan

Type:           II


To provide management assistance and technical assistance to small business firms, to assist in stabilizing the
economy, developing jobs in the private sector, and fostering the survival of the free enterprise system.

To provide counseling and training for suppliers and contractors interested in contract opportunities with the Depart-
ment of Defense.

To assist small business owners in reducing their energy cost through energy conservation measures.

To assist economically disadvantaged business enterprises to develop construction management skills, increase
their ability to be bonded for Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) highway contracts. These goals are
accomplished through in-classroom training, management and technical assistance on-the-job-training.

To teach young people how to start their own businesses and become self-sufficient.

 200                         The Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
                                             Fact Book 1995-96
                                    INSTITUTES AND CENTERS

                           Black Archives, Research Center and Museum

Location:      Carregie Library                       School/College:      Office of Academic Affairs
               Florida A&M University

Director:      Professor James N. Eaton, Sr.

Type:          III


The Black Archives, Research Center & Museum serves the state of Florida, FAMU and surrounding districts by
functioning as a supplementary resource facility that houses historical artifacts, books, papers, etc., pertaining to
the history of African and African American people. The center also acts as a liaison between the University and
the public. The Archives is constantly involved in academic and public history projects.

                                        Institute of Building Sciences

Location:      School of Architecture                 School/College:      School of Architecture

Director:      Thomas D. Pugh

Type:          III


The Institute for Building Sciences is the coordinator of all research, service, and continuing education arm of the
FAMU School of Architecture. Its threefold purpose is: (1) to conduct sponsored research activity funded by
government agencies and the private sector in all phases of building design, construction, maintenance and opera-
tions; (2) to conduct seminars, workshops, symposia and other continuing education activities on these same
topics; and, (3) to involve faculty, students and outside professionals in these activities.

                                      RESEARCH AND EDUCATION

Location:       302 Perry-Paige Building, North           School/College: College of Engineering Sciences,
                                                          Technology and Agriculture

Director:       Ms. Harriett Paul, Interim Director


The Cooperative Institute for International Policy Research and Education (CIIPRE) is designed to effect coordi-
nated responses to international efforts by providing technical assistance and productive involvement of member
institutions from a variety of perspectives, particularly those in policy formulation to meet the economic and social
needs of developing nations.

                             The Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University                                  201
                                             Fact Book 1995-96
                                     INSTITUTES AND CENTERS

                           Viticulture and Small Farm Development Center

Location:       Florida A&M University                   School/College: College of Engineering Sciences,
                                                                         Technology and Agriculture

Director:       Dr. Olusola Lamikanra

Type:            III


To carry out fruit testing and evaluations for processing and handling qualities, marketing studies, field and post
harvest physiology research.

To develop grape cultivars with good processing and fresh fruit qualities that are well adapted to Florida conditions.

To provide information to community that will aid the Florida grape industry in the development and marketing of
this crop and its by-products.

To address problem areas identified as being inhibitory to economic development of small scale rural agricultural
resources in Florida.

                            Learning Development and Evaluation Center

Location:       555 Orr Drive                            School/College:             School of General Studies
                Tallahassee, Florida

Director:        Dr. Sharon M. Wooten

Type:           III


To provide supportive services to learning disabled post-secondary students who attend Florida A&M University.
The basic areas of service are admissions (assistance) which include a summer transition program, academic
advisement and counseling (personal and career counseling), academic tutorial services, technology services and
class accommodations. The program also has a college outreach component for involvement in the community.

  202                         The Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
                                              Fact Book 1995-96
                                    INSTITUTES AND CENTERS

            Florida A&M Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (FAMCETT)

Location:       ESI Building #19                     School/College:        Office of Environmental Programs
                320 Gamble Street
                Tallahassee, FL 32307

Director:       Dr. Richard A. Hogg


Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University will make a significant contribution in the area of improved environ-
mental entrepreneurship through the Florida A&M Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (FAMCETT). The
objective of FAMCETT are to develop and apply new and improved technologies in environmental restoration and
hazardous waste management efforts and significantly increase participation of African-American scientists and
engineers in national environmental restoration and waste management efforts.

                                        Critical Language Institute
                                      Center for Translation Services

Location:       Wailes Street                           School/College:             College of Arts and Sciences

Director:       Dr. Aubrey Perry


Translation Center and the Critical Languages Institute primary mission is to develop the following:

                1. Translation and Interpretation
                   a. Academic programs in translation and interpretation.
                   b. Translation and interpretation services.
                   c. Programs in intensive, applied language instruction in Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and

                2. Training Programs and Materials in
                   a. Curriculum supervision in the development of less-languages.
                   b. Participant training of foreign groups in areas such as elementary and secondary schools

                3. Foreign Language Clearinghouse
                   a. Foreign language clearinghouse through the creation of consortia such as Wakulla Springs
                      Language Consortium.

                4. Distance Learning
                   a. Develop course work in distance learning in order to teach translation, interpretation, and
                      less-commonly-taught language courses.

                             The Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University                                 203
                                             Fact Book 1995-96
                                    INSTITUTES AND CENTERS

                                          Center for Water Quality

Location:                            106 Perry Paige     School/College: College of Engineering Sciences,
                                                                         Technology and Agriculture

Director:                            Dr. Sunil K. Pancholy


The purpose of the Center for Water Quality is to conduct basic and applied research to sustain the quality of water
in North Florida and reduce potential sources of pollution including pesticides, nutrients and organic pollutants.

                        Center for Community Development and Research

Location:                            416-B Perry-Paige School/College: College of Arts and Sciences

Director:                            Dr. Melvin Barber


     The mission of the Center for Community Development is to plan, to promote, implement and disseminate
applied social science research for community development in Florida. To fulfill its mission the Center implements
the following purposes or goals:

(1) Maintains databases of applied research findings in sociology, criminal justice, and anthropology that can be
used for community development in Florida communities.

(2) Provides research findings to professionals, communities, and agencies at the local, state and national levels.

(3) Supports student research methodology and techniques and theory for work on Center research projects.

   The center supported social science research on two projects through research grants: (a) A Technical Report
on Outcome measures in Delinquency Prevention Programs for the Juvenile Religion and Household Division of
Labor in African American Communities in Tallahassee, Florida.

Source: 1994-95 Institutes and Centers Annual report

  204                        The Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
                                             Fact Book 1995-96

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