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International Master in hospitality management - Eada


									                   MASTER PROGRAMMES

       International Master in
                 Opt for EADA
                 and differenciate yourself

To become a successful manager in the                WHY CHOOSE EADA’S                                 Learn from the industry leaders
hospitality industry, you need specialised           MASTER IN HOSPITALITY                             EADA’s faculty has extensive experience in a
knowledge and a wide range of skills                 MANAGEMENT?                                       wide range of sectors within the hospitality
designed to achieve the following objectives:                                                          industry including accommodation, food
make the customer feel welcome, make                 International recognition: rankings and           service, consulting and leisure travel. The
things work for the customer, and ensure             accreditations                                    expertise of professors creates a challenging
that the first two goals can be reached while         EADA belongs to the strategic group of top        and rewarding learning environment in which
also making a profit.                                 100 Business Schools worldwide and top 50         participants are invited to actively take part
                                                     in Europe according to the Financial Times        in class discussions and contribute to group
Although you could begin working in the              and The Economist. Moreover, EADA has             work.
field directly to gain experience, it would           been awarded the internationally prestigious
take several years to master the skills              EQUIS, AMBA and AEEDE accreditations.             Hospitality Training Practicum
required to become a manager in the food,                                                              This programme offers challenging work
accommodation, travel or events industry.                                                              assignments of a minimum of 400 hours
                                                                                                       combined with a complimentary learning
EADA’s programme will help you acquire the                                                             component. The incorporation of practical
skills and knowledge to become a successful                                                            work experience, formal training, and support
manager by applying your experience in one                                                             by career development advisors provides
sector to a broader vision of hospitality.                                                             participants with the unique opportunity
                                                                                                       to develop and assume challenging
                                                                                                       responsibilities within the hospitality industry.

We would like to welcome you to the                                                                    Barcelona: a city to live, learn and
programe.                                                                                              grow in
                                                                                                       Barcelona is a lively international city with a
                                                                                                       wide range of cultural activities. The city has
                                                                                                       everything you need to have an unforgettable
                                                     Experience: over 50 years of history              year.
                                                     More than 120,000 participants from over
                                                     50 different countries have entrusted their
                                                     training to us, a fact that highlights EADA as
                  Mireia Montané                     one of the most innovative and prestigious
                  Director International Master in   business schools in Spain.
                  Hospitality Management                                                              OUR PARTICIPANTS

                                                                                                MAURICIO ROMERO, Ecuador, International
                                                                                                         Master in Hospitality Management 2010
                                                                                                  F&B Sales and Promotion Manager, Interlaken OCT Hotel
                                                                                             EADA gave me the tools to be able to succeed in an
                                                                                          internationally competitive market where preparation and
                                                                                       professionalism are key to moving forward. The biggest reward
                                                                                     was to be able to share with so many talented people with different
                                                                                                       backgrounds and perspectives.

                                                                                        MARTA MIMOSO, Portugal, International Master in Hospitality
                                                                                                           Management 2010
                                                                                             Reservations Department, Novotel Barcelona City
                                                                                        The most rewarding aspect of the HTP programme was realising that I
                                                                                         was becoming more and more independent and that I was able to
                                                                                            deal with any day-to-day situation. The HTP programme was
                                                                                              crucial to applying the practical tools from the Master as
                                                                                                   well as the knowledge of marketing, promotion
                                                                                                        issues and technical vocabulary.
Educated in Barcelona,
prepared for the world
METHODOLOGY “Learning by doing”

EADA has developed its own practical, active and participatory approach with an emphasis on “learning
by doing”. The methodology reflects companies’ demand for professionals with skills such as the
capacity to reflect, the ability to act in the face of change, the versatility to work in multifunctional
teams and the adaptability to face the challenges of a global environment.

These competencies are developed at EADA through the Case Method, business projects, business
simulations, analysis and discussion groups and team-working activities. Participants are consistently
placed in real-life business situations and forced to think like executives and make strategic


The Collbató Experience

EADA is one of the few business schools in Europe (and the only one in Spain) with a Residential
Training Centre. We believe that good managers have emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills
and leadership capabilities. For this reason, in the Centre participants take part in EADA’s unique
Personal Development Programme, focused on outdoor training, business simulations and individual
follow-up, all carefully monitored by our experts in professional development.

EADA’s International Culture

Participants from more than 50 nationalities all over the world share different experiences,
backgrounds, languages and interests, preparing them to succeed in a globalised world.

SMALL GROUPS: Constant Interaction

Annual intake is between 20 and 30 students per class. Small class sizes increase the active
participation of the students and encourage feedback and personal follow-up.
Participants have a university degree (minimum three years) and
an advanced level of English. They are familiar with the hospitality
industry, usually from internships or university, and demonstrate both
a high level of motivation and a commitment and willingness to work
in a multicultural environment. Work experience is welcome, but not

 The objective of the International Master in Hospitality Management
 is to give participants a professional competitive advantage by focusing
 on two fundamental areas:
    • mastery of specific business tools and techniques for the
       hospitality industry.
    • development of the leadership skills essential to international

 Participants will learn to effectively apply these elements as they
 develop their professional careers.

INTERNATIONAL WEEKS                                                      COMPANY VISITS

During the International Weeks, participants choose electives            Company visits are an integral part of the International Master in
taught by visiting faculty and managers with extensive experience        Hospitality Management, as they allow participants to gain valuable
in their field. The International Weeks module is part of all full time   insight into case studies. Examples of company visits include:
Masters curriculum, and is an ideal opportunity to make contact
with participants from other programmes.                                      •   Hotel Mas de Torrent (Relais & Châteaux)
                                                                              •   Hesperia Tower
                                                                              •   Mandarin Oriental
                                                                              •   El Celler de Can Roca
EXCHANGE PROGRAMME                                                            •   KAUAI Lounge & Restaurant

EADA offers its participants the chance to supplement their
Master in Barcelona with an exchange experience in one of our
prestigious international partner schools. The best performing
participants may study one term abroad after completing their
programme at EADA.

Three of our European partner schools also offer the opportunity
to obtain a double degree: EDHEC (France), HHL (Germany) and
EBS (Germany).

        EADA - Barcelona                       EADA - Barcelona                                   EADA - Collbató

MANAGEMENT                          • ABCs of the Hospitality Industry              • Presentations and Effective Communication
FOUNDATIONS                         • Marketing Management for the Hospitality      • Teamwork
• Finance & Accounting                Industry                                      • Negotiation
• International Economy             • Operations and Facilities Management for      • Leadership
• Strategic Management                Business in the Hospitality Industry          • Build your own Professional Brand
                                    • Strategic Marketing for the Hospitality
                                    • Revenue Management                                     OTHER COMPONENTS
                                    • Development & Expansion in Hospitality
                                      Businesses                                    • Hospitality Training Practicum
                                    • HR Management in Hospitality                  • Final Project
                                    • Management of Conflict & Diversity
                                    • IT for Hospitality Managers
                                    • Innovation in the Hospitality Industry
                                    • Quality & Leadership
                                    • Professional Concentration: Hotels &
                                    • Professional Concentration: Food &
                                    • Professional Concentration: Hospitality
                                    • Professional Concentration: Travel
                                    • Professional Concentration: M.I.C.E.
International Master in Hospitality Management
Start date: 1st October 2012                             Timetable: Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 13.30
Finish date: 6th September 2013                          Fee: 15,700 €

                                                        PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
                                                        The Master programme includes the Professional Development
                                                        Programme (PDP) that is carried out in EADA’s Business Training
                                                        Centre in Collbató. The PDP includes a plan of personal and
                                                        professional growth for participants and helps position them for
                                                        entry or re-entry into the hospitality industry.

                                                        HOSPITALITY TRAINING PRACTICUM
                                                        The Hospitality Training Practicum (HTP) can take place in any
                                                        country of the world and consists of a minimum of 400 hours of
                                                        actual experience in an agreed upon internship or job.
                                                        Past participants have been conducted their HTP at: the regional
                                                        Marketing office of Relais & Châteaux for Spain, Portugal and South
                                                        America, the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I (Spain), Menabria & Co Ltd
                                                        in Nessebar (Bulgaria), the Elaine Bell Catering Company (USA),
                                                        the Gran Hotel La Florida (Spain), the Hilton Hotel Diagonal Mar
                                                        (Spain), the W Hotel (Spain), the Six Senses Spa at the Arts Hotel
                                                        (Spain), the Sagardi Restaurant Group (Spain), and the Interlaken
                                                        OCT East Hotel (Shenzhen, China), among other companies.
Passion for service in
the hospitality industry

LEADERS   FROM   THE                                        “As the world continues to get smaller and more             “Service is the most important thing we sell.
                                                            interconnected through technology, it is extremely          Service is our invisible product and is what
SECTOR PARTICIPATING                                        important to continue to enhance our knowledge              ultimately brings our customers back. How good
IN THE PROGRAMME                                            of global cultures. The role of the hospitality             are we, in the hospitality industry, at delivering
                                                            industry is vital in maintaining the essence                service? Service is an art, an illusion, a perceived
“You will find success if you are passionate about           of human connection on a global scale. The                  value, an experience. Our International Master
excellence, you will find recognition if you are             International Master in Hospitality Management              in Hospitality Management will help you develop
passionate about other people’s smiles, you will            is your gateway to be part of this extraordinary            the right competencies to maximize your natural
find satisfaction if you are passionate about giving,        endeavour.”                                                 talent for service and properly train everyone on
you will find growth if you are passionate about                                                                         your staff to be service-oriented professionals.”
                                                            HERMAN USCATEGUI, Master in
embracing diversity, you will find knowledge if you
                                                            Economics, Temple University; International Business        OLGA          MILIÁN PEÑA, Hospitality
are passionate about learning from others, and
                                                            Development Director, Starbucks HQ, Seattle (USA); Former   Management & Tourism, Universitat de Girona; International
you will be happy if you are passionate.”
                                                            Worldwide Projects Director, Westin Hotels & Resorts HQ,    Programme Manager, EADA; Former HR Director, Gran Hotel
SUSANA MARIN, Master in Hospitality                         Seattle (USA)                                               La Florida (The Stein Group), Barcelona (Spain); Former
Management, University of Houston, Conrad N. Hilton                                                                     Reservations, Front Desk and Training Manager, The Ritz-
College of Hotel and Restaurant Management; General                                                                     Carlton Hotel Company (USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico and
Manager, Hotel Casa Camper Barcelona (Spain); Former                                                                    Spain)
General Manager, Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona (Spain); Former
                                                            “Distribution choices are one of the most
Quality Director, The Ritz-Carlton Barcelona Hotel Arts
                                                            important strategic issues related to succeeding
                                                            in the hospitality industry. New technologies also
                                                            play a vital role in success.”
                                                                                                                        ADMISSION PROCESS
                                                            ATHINA              SISMANIDOU,                    MBA,
                                                            Manchester Business School; Director of the Board,          1. Fill out the online application form at
“In a global world such as ours, the only borders                                                                
                                                  , Paris (France); Former International
that exist in the hospitality industry are the
                                                            Strategic Planning Manager, Amadeus IT, Madrid (Spain)
ones established by each one of us. Getting an                                                                          2. Send the following documents to
International Master in Hospitality Management is                                                                 
one of the best paths to advance in this passionate
and competitive industry and EADA is one of the                                                                             - Certified copy of university degree
best travel companions.”                                                                                                    - University transcripts
NÚRIA GALIÁ, Master in Tourism Management,                                                                                  - 2 letters of recommendation
EADA; General Director, Relais & Chateaux (Spain)                                                                           - 1 motivation letter
                                                                                                                            - 1 passport size photo
                                                                                                                             - Copy of passport or EU identification
                                                                                                                        3. Submit the results of the GMAT (min. 600) or GRE.
                                                                                                                           Non-native English speakers will also be required to
                                                                                                                           submit the results of the TOEFL (min. IBT 79) or PTE
                                                                                                                           (min. 59). Alternatively, candidates can take EADA’s
                                                                                                                           own tests in Barcelona or online.
                                                                                                                        4. Complete a personal interview.


                                                           In addition to our campus in Barcelona, EADA has an
                                                      international network of representatives around the world. For
                                                    contact details of EADA’s representative in your country or for more
                                                            information about our programmes, please contact:

                                                                        C/Aragón 204 - 08011 Barcelona
                                                                             Tel: + 34 934 520 844
                                                                            Fax: + 34 933 237 317



      C/ Aragó 204 - 08011 Barcelona
      Tel. +34 934 520 844 / Fax +34 933 237 317 ·

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