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									West Coast Collaborative Public Workshop
           March 21-22, 2005

    Funding Opportunities

             Roxanne Dempsey
          U.S. Department of Energy
Energy Efficiency and Renewable
  Energy goals:
• Research new technologies
• Reduce petroleum imports
• Deploy EERE technologies
Program areas include:

•   Transportation
•   Buildings
•   Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
•   Industrial
•   Distributed Generation
•   Renewables – Wind, Solar, Geothermal
State Energy Program: (SEP)

• Two sources of funds for State Energy
  – Formula
  – Special Projects – partnering opportunity for
Clean Cities Program
• Voluntary Program
• Coalitions write plan to increase use of
  alternative fuels, reduce impacts of fossil
  fuels and address local concerns
• Plans approved by DOE
• 85 coalitions eligible to compete for SEP
  project funding
Clean Cities Program Areas
• Station development for alternative fuels
• Idle reduction technologies
• Fuel efficient technologies including
  hybrid vehicles
• Alternative fuel vehicle acquisition
• Niche markets
Clean Cities Program
• Niche markets include:
• School bus fleets
• Taxi and shuttle fleets
• Airport operations
• Transit
• Delivery and utility fleets
Information Resources
• 1-877-337-3463(1-877-EERE-INF)

• Monthly funding letter available from

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