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The development of science makes it clear that living beings have an extremely complex structure and
an order too perfect to have come into being by coincidence. This proves the fact that living things were
created by the Almighty Creator who has the knowledge. Most recently, for example, the exposure of a
perfect structure in the human gene into the prominent issues for Genome Project, a unique creation of
God has been revealed once again for all of us.

From the U.S. to China, scientists from all over the world have given their best efforts to decipher the 3
billion chemical letters in DNA and determine their sequence. As a result, 85% of the data contained in
human DNA can be sorted correctly. While this is a very exciting development and important, as stated
Dr. Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, so far it is only the first step in an effort to
decipher the information in DNA.

In order to understand why the decoding of information takes so long, we must understand the nature
of the information stored in DNA.

DNA World is Full of Secrets

In making the product or the management plant technology, the most widely used tool is the
accumulated experience and knowledge gained humans for centuries. The knowledge and experience
needed to build a human body, "plant" the most advanced and sophisticated in the world, stored in
DNA. An important point to note here is that the DNA has always existed since the first human being
with all the perfection and complexity. As you read the lines below, you will see exactly how absurd to
claim, as evolutionists do, that such a molecule, with all the structures and properties, originated as a
result of coincidences.

DNA is well protected in the nucleus (the cell nucleus), which is in the center of the cell. If you keep in
mind that human cells - numbering more than 100 billion - have an average diameter of 10 microns (one
micron is 10-6 m.), The small area in question is better understood. This amazing molecule is proof of
the excellence and the extraordinary nature of artistic creation by God. So much so that a special branch
of science is to explore the secrets of this molecule., Which is still a lot of hidden. Name branch of
science is "Genetics". Known as the science of the 21st century, genetics is still in the crawling stage, as
far as solving the mystery of DNA, despite all the technological means have been used.
Life in the nucleus

If we compare the human body to a building, plan and complete projects to the finest detail in the DNA,
which is located in the nucleus of every cell. All the stages of human development in the womb and after
birth takes place within the framework of the pre-determined program. The arrangement is perfect in
human development is stated as follows in the Qur'an:

"Are .. (Surat al-Qiyamah, 36-38)

 Right on the phase in which egg cells are fertilized just inside the mother's womb, all characteristics we
would have at a later date specified in the particular destiny and coded in our DNA in an orderly fashion.
All our traits, such as height, skin color, blood type, face shape will we have when the thirties are
encoded in the nucleus of cells beginning our thirty years and nine months earlier, from the moment of

Body of information in DNA not only determines the physical properties of the above: it also controls
the operation and thousands of other systems running in the cell and the body. For example, even a
low-or high-normal blood pressure of a person depends on the information stored in DNA.

Huge encyclopedia in the Human Cell

The information stored in DNA must by no means be underestimated. Although hard to believe, in a
single DNA molecule belongs to humans, there is enough information to fill a million pages of
encyclopedia proper. Think about it; exactly 1000.000 encyclopedia pages .... nucleus of each cell
contains so much information, which is used to control the functions of the human body. As an analogy,
we can say that even Encyclopaedia Britannica 23-volume, one of the biggest encyclopedia in the world,
has 25,000 pages. So, before us lies an astonishing fact. In a molecule found in the cell nucleus, which is
much smaller than microscopic cell is located, there is a data warehouse that is 40 times larger than the
largest encyclopedia in the world that includes millions of items of information. This is equivalent to
920-volume encyclopedia which is unique and has no equal in the world. Research found that the
encyclopedia is estimated to contain 5 billion different pieces of information. If one piece of information
in the human genome will be read every second, non-stop, all the time, it would take 100 years before
the process is complete. If we imagine that the information in DNA is used as the form of books, and
these books are stacked, the height to 70 meters.

Let us repeat these two words just mentioned above; 'store information' ....
We should stop here and think of two words that we speak so easily. It's easy to say that a cell contains
billions of pieces of information. However, this was not a detail that can be casually dismissed as a
greeting. This is because we are talking about here is not a computer or a library, but only a cube that is
100 times smaller than a millimeter, which is only made up of protein, fat, and water molecules. It is a
miracle of astounding for infinitesimal piece of meat to contain and store a single bit - let alone millions -
of information.

In the modern era, people use computers to store information. Computer technology is today regarded
as the most advanced technology that paves the way to all other technologies. The amount of
information 20 years ago may be stored in a computer the size of a room, the day can be stored in small
"microchips", but even the latest technology invented by human intelligence after centuries of
accumulated knowledge and many years of hard work is still far from reaching capacity information
storage a single cell nucleus. We think the following comparison would be sufficient to give the
smallness of DNA, which has such an immense capacity.

The information needed to specify the design of all the species of organisms that ever existed on this
planet, a number according to GG Simpson is about one billion, can be stored in a teaspoon and there
would still be a place for all the information in every book ever written.1

How can an invisible chain, made up of atoms arranged sideways, with a diameter the size of a billionth
of a millimeter, have such information capacity and memory? And also add the following to the
question: If each of the 100 trillion cells in your body knows one million pages of information, how many
encyclopedia pages can you, as an intelligent and conscious human being, your whole life?

Wisdom in the cell

In this case, you have to admit that any cell in the stomach or your ear is much more educated than you,
and because the cell uses this information in the most correct and perfect, he is wiser than you.

So, what is the source of this wisdom? How could each of the 100 trillion cells in your body can have
such extraordinary wisdom? They all, however, is a pile of atoms, and unconscious. Take the atoms of all
elements, combine them in different shapes and quantities, produce different molecules, still, you will
never be able to produce wisdom. It does not matter whether these molecules are small or large, simple
or complex. You can never generate a conscious mind will organize a process and get it done.

Then how could the DNA, made up of a certain number of arrangement of atoms in a certain sequence
unconscious, and enzymes, which work in harmony, able to complete a lot of work and organize
complex operations and diverse in the cell completely and complete? The answer is very simple: do not
be in the wisdom of these molecules in the cell or the load, but the self that has created these
molecules, by programming them to function as such.

In short, wisdom is not present in the work itself, but the creator of the work. Even the most advanced
computers are the result of the wisdom and wit who wrote and installed programs to operate, and then
use it. Similarly, cells, DNA and RNA in it, and a man made of these cells was not different from the
works of Him who created them and what they do. No matter how perfect, complete and fascinating
work, there's always at the discretion of the owner of the work.

One day, if you find a floppy disk on the table in the computer lab, and having examined it, found it to
contain billions of information about you, the first question will surely crossed your mind who wrote
these pieces of information and why.

So, why do not we ask the same question about the cell? If the information on the disk was written by
someone, and then with DNA, which has a far superior technology and advanced, designed in a very
perfect, created, and placed in a very small cell, which is also another miracle. In addition he did not lose
any nature for thousands of years until this day. (Remember that the human brain that makes disks and
store data in it, also made from these cells.) What could be more important to you than the question: by
whom and why these cells - which work relentlessly for you to read these lines, seeing, breathing,
thinking, in short, to exist and survive - created?

Is not the answer to this question should be, in life, the more you think?

Some Examples Again

It is widely known methods: Those who make the trip, and then stranded in an isolated place because
his plane crashed, draw an 'X' great to show them the location of rescue teams searching for them from
the air. By using their stuff, or objects they collected, they make a big mark-shaped cross. In this way,
rescuers were trying to figure out of the air, saw this sign, which is the "product policy" and understand
that there are living beings with consciousness, that is, there are people in that place.

When driving on the highway out of town, you sometimes see posts made of white stones on the
hillside, such as: "True Faith". How this paper is formed on the hill was very clear. Generally, there are
units of local government in the neighborhood and they make the writing with white stones on the hill.

Well, maybe there are people who come in and say that these writings were not made by the conscious
mind, in this case the soldiers, and instead formed by chance? Could anyone say that "The stones are
arranged sideways by chance when rolling from hill and construct a sentence 'True Faith'."?
Or if a 'scientist' came and said "There are billions of stone in the world and they rolled over millions of
years, so it may be that some of these stones are joined together by chance to make a meaningful
sentence," does not he will be ridiculed even by children children though? In addition, if he uses a
scientific style, made a number of scientific explanation and suggested some probability calculations,
masihkah anyone would doubt his sanity even further?

The main idea is to assign to this example is: if there is the slightest sign of something planned
somewhere, is certainly no trace of the owner of wisdom in there. No product of wisdom formed by
chance. If you overthrow the white stones down the mountain billions of times, you'll never make just
the letter 'T' is adequate, let alone a phrase like "True Faith". If there is a letter anywhere, everyone
agrees that the letter was written by someone. There are no letters without writers.

The human body is billions of times more complex than the phrase "True Believers", and virtually
impossible for the structure of this complex to form on their own, or by "chance" alone, therefore, there
is a Creator who has planned and designed a kind man and his cell and DNA- it is brilliant and perfect.
Claiming otherwise is a very unwise action, and furthermore, is the largest insincerity and conceit. It is
an insult to the owner of the wisdom and power.

However, many people, who are ready to say that it is impossible stones arranged themselves to form
even though only three basic words, would listen without protest the lie that "coincidence" has made
billions of atoms joined one after another in a planned sequence to form molecules such as DNA, that
carry out tasks that are so super-complex. It's like a person hypnotized to bow down and take it for
granted penghipnotisnya saying that he is a door, a tree, or a lizard ....

Language Encyclopedia of DNA

Society based on the flow of information, and communication. The most important tool in the flow of
information between individuals and generations is language. Languages represented by certain codes,
namely the letters. English is a language made up of 26 letters or can we say, 26 code. These codes form
words and words and then forming sentences. The flow and storage of information realized with these

Language in the cell similar to this. All physical properties are stored in the nucleus of human cells with
encoded by this language, and can be used by cells with this language. Language is the main molecule
owned, called DNA. Language of DNA is composed of four letters; A, T, G, and C. Each letter represents
one of the four special bases called 'nucleotides'. Millions base is lined up in a series of meaningful and
shape of DNA molecules.
That information in the data bank stored in molecules. While we decipher the coding system in the data
warehouse, we will continue to use the analogy of this letter to nucleic acid molecules that make up
DNA. These letters correspond in pairs forming a base pair. Base pair is stacked on top of each other to
form a gene pair. Each gene, which consists of a single piece of DNA molecules, determine the specific
nature of the human body. Countless traits such as height, eye color, material and shape of the nose,
eyes, and skull shaped by genes associated command. We can compare any gene with the pages of a
book. On that page there is a script which is composed of the letters A - T - G - C.

There are around 200,000 genes in the DNA of human cells. Each gene is made up of specific nucleotide
sequences, an amount ranging between 1000 and 186 000 in accordance types of related proteins.
These genes code saving of nearly 200,000 proteins that function in the human body and control the
production of these proteins.

The information stored in these new genes in 200,000 is 3% of the overall information in DNA. The
remaining 97% are still saving mystery until now. Recent studies indicate that 97% of the unidentified
include vital information about the survival of the cell and the mechanisms that control the activity in
the body is highly complex. But the journey is still very long.

The genes are in chromosomes. There are 46 chromosomes in the nucleus of every human cell (except
the reproductive cells). If we compare every chromosome with a volume consisting of hlaman-yard
genes, we can say that in the cell there is a "encyclopedia cells" as many as 46 volumes, covering the
entire human characteristics. By considering the example just encyclopedia, encyclopedia cell is
proportional to the knowledge contained in the 920-volume 'Encyclopedia Britannica'.

The order of the letters in the DNA of every human being is different. This is the fundamental reason
why billions of people who have ever lived on earth looks different from each other. Structure and
function of the organs of the same in every person. However, every person is created so detailed and
specific with such subtle differences that although all men are created from the division of a single cell
and has the same basic structure, billions of different humans have emerged.

All organs in the body is built with a plan outlined by our genes. For example, according to the gene map
completed by scientists, in the human body, the skin is controlled by genes 2559, the 29,930 brain
genes, the eyes of the 1794 genes, 186 genes by the salivary glands, the heart of the 6216 genes, 4001
genes by breast, lung by 11,581 genes lung, liver, by 2309 genes, gene colon by 3838, by 1911 skeletal
muscle genes, and the blood cells by the 22 902 genes.

The order of the letters in DNA determines the structure of a human being to the smallest part. In
addition to characteristics such as height, eyes, hair, and skin color, a single-cell DNA also contains the
design of the 206 bones, 600 muscles, muscle tissue 10 000 hearing, vision neural networks 2 million,
100 billion nerve cells and 100 trillion cells in the body.

Now let us think of the above information: Because there is a letter can be formed without the author,
how the billions of letters in the human cells originate? How did these letters are lined up in a
meaningful sequence to form a unique design as the perfect body and complex? If there is damage on
the order of these letters you may have stomach ears or eyes in heels. You may be born with a hand
stuck in his back, and life as a strange creature. The secret life as a human being you are now rightly lies
on a series of 'perfect' of billions of letters in the 46 volume encyclopedia in your DNA.

DNA against Incidentally Events

Today mathematics has proved that coincidence does not play a role in the formation of the information
encoded in DNA, let alone the DNA molecule is made of millions of base pairs. The probability of the
accidental formation of a single gene from 200,000 genes that make up DNA are so low, so-called
impossible was still too weak. Frank Salisbury, an evolutionary biologist, said the following statement
about the "impossibility" is:

A medium sized protein can consist of about 300 amino acids. DNA genes that regulate this protein
would have about 1,000 nucleotides in its chain. Since there are four kinds of nucleotides in a DNA
chain, one chain with 1000 nucleotides can be arranged in the form of 41 000. Using a little algebra
(logarithms) we can see that 41000 = 10 600. Ten multiplied by itself 600 times gives the figure 1
followed by 600 zeros! A number is completely beyond our comprehension.

In other words, even if we assume that all the necessary nucleotides present in a medium, and that all
the complex molecules and enzymes to combine them available, the possibility of these nucleotides
arranged in the desired order is 1 in 41000, or 1 in 10 600. In short, the probability of the coincidental
formation of the code of an average protein in the human body to DNA by itself is 1-to-1 followed by
600 zeros. It's even beyond astronomical numbers, which in practice means that the probability of
'zero'. This means that such a sequence must be under the control and knowledge of the power of the
conscious and wise. The probability of this happening by "accident", "chance" or "coincidence" is zero.

Think of the book you are reading now. How do you think someone who claims that the letters (using
the print stamp for each letter) came together by chance to form their own writing? Evident that it was
written by a man of intelligence and consciousness. It's no different with the DNA.

Francis Crick, the biochemist who discovered the structure of DNA, Nobel prize thanks to his research on
the subject. Crick, an ardent evolutionist, stated the following scientific opinion in the book he wrote
after a stunning recognize DNA structure: "An honest man who supplied the science of the present, can
only state that the origin of life is almost like a miracle." 3 Even in his view , one of the greatest experts
on DNA, life can not be started in the world spontaneously.

Data in DNA, which is formed from 5 million letters, composed of a series of letters ATGC special and
meaningful. However, it should not happen any letter error in this series. Misspelled words or letters in
the encyclopedia errors may be ignored and dismissed. It will not even noticed. However, the only error
in the DNA base pairs, such as the error code letters on the 1,719,348,632 base pairs, would be very bad
on the cell, and therefore the individual self. For example, haemophilia (childhood leukemia) is a result
of such erroneous coding.

Actually, it is not right if it is called "encoding wrong", because like everything that exists, human DNA,
were created by God, and even the mistakes are rare because of a hidden reason (divine purpose).
Coding errors that cause cancer is a disease that is specially created. He was created specifically for a
certain hidden reasons to show human weakness and inability to himself, reminded him of a variety of
delicate balance in which the creation of man hanging, and what difficulties may be encountered in the
event of any interruption of the lightest of the balance.

Self-Replication of DNA

As is known, the cells multiply by dividing. While the origin of the human body consists of a single cell,
this cell divides and reproduces with multiple 2-4-8-16-32 ....

What happens to the DNA at the end of the division? There is only one chain of DNA in the cell.
However, it is evident that the newly formed cells also require DNA. To fill this void, a complete DNA
sequence of interesting operations, which each stage is a different magic. Finally, shortly before the cell
divides, the DNA makes the coffee himself and move it to a new cell.

Observations of cell division suggests that cells must reach a certain size before dividing. By the time she
passes a certain size, the division process automatically starts. While the shape of the cell from the
smoother to allow the division process, the DNA starts to replicate itself as mentioned earlier.

This means that the cell "decides" to divide as a whole and the parts of different cells begin to act in
accordance with this decision. It's clear the cell does not have the awareness to such collective action.
The division process begins with a secret order and the entire cell, the DNA acts with this command.

First, the DNA divides into two to replicate itself. This event occurs in a way that is very interesting. The
DNA molecule resembles a spiral staircase that splits into two as it zips from the middle of the stairs.
Onwards, the DNA divides into two parts. Missing parts (replica) of each piece enhanced with
ingredients that are in the vicinity. In this way, the two new DNA molecules are produced. In every stage
of operation, protein expert called "enzymes" that functions like advanced robots take on the role.
While this at first glance seems simple, the processes that take place during this operation are so many
and so complicated that to describe the whole event in detail would take pages.
New DNA molecules that occur during replication enzymes checked repeatedly by the examiner. If
something goes wrong - which can be very vital, it is immediately identified and corrected. Erroneous
code is removed and replaced with the right one. All these processes take place in a dazzling speed so as
3000 base pairs are produced in a minute, all these pairs are checked repeatedly by the enzymes that
are responsible and necessary repairs made.

In a new DNA molecule is produced, more mistakes can be made more than normal as a result of
external factors. In this case, the ribosomes in the cell began producing DNA repair enzymes as per the
order given by the DNA. Thus, when DNA protects itself, it also guarantees the continuity of generations.

The cells are born, they reproduce and die like a human being. But the cell lifetimes are much shorter
than human lives. For example, most of the cells that are used to shape your body six months ago is no
longer current. However, you are still alive because they have divided the time to give place to the new.
Because of this, very complex operations such as multiplication of cells and DNA replication is a vital
process that can not tolerate even a small error with respect to human life. However, the multiplication
process went so smoothly that the error rate is only one in three billion base pairs. And the error is
eliminated by the higher control mechanisms in the body without causing any problems.

Throughout the day, you realize, so many operations and control is done, many measurements are
made in your body by way of extraordinary critical and responsible so that you can go through life
without any problems. God has given to you countless atoms and molecules, from the largest to the
smallest, from the most simple to the most complex, so you can live well and healthy. Is not the gift and
grace alone enough for you to be thankful? Or should someone wait there are problems in the new
system is perfect he would notice?

The most important point is that the enzymes that help in the production of DNA and control its
composition is actually a protein that is produced according to the information encoded in DNA and
under the command and control of the DNA itself. As DNA must exist for the enzyme to exist, so the
enzyme must exist for DNA to exist, and on the other hand, for both to exist there must be a complete
cell, up to complex organelle membranes and all it contains.

The theory of evolution proposes that life evolved 'step by step' as a result of 'coincidences favorable'
explicitly refuted by DNA-enzyme paradox mentioned above. This is because both the DNA and the
enzyme must be present at the same time. And this shows the existence of a conscious Creator, God.

Evolutionists Can not Explain How Information in DNA Come Early and How It Differ in Each Species.

While evolutionists can not entirely explain how DNA originated, there are other points where they are
at a dead end. How to fish, reptiles, birds, humans and so may have different DNA and different types of

Evolutionists answer that question by saying that the information content in DNA developed and
diversified over time through meaningful coincidences. Coincidences which they refer is the "mutation".
Mutations are changes that take place in DNA as a result of radiation or chemical reactions. Sometimes
radioactive radiation occurs in the DNA chain and damage or move a few base pairs in it. According to
evolutionists, living things have reached their present perfect as a result of the diversification of a single
DNA due to these mutations (ie, accident).

To show that this claim does not make sense, let us compare the DNA again with a book. It was
mentioned earlier that the DNA is made up of letters lined up sideways like a book. Mutation is like a
letter errors that occur during the preparation of this book. If you want, we can do experiments on this
subject. Let us look for a thick book on the history of the world to be (in the type-set). During the
preparation, let us intervene several times and tell the set to press a button with their eyes closed and
were randomized. Then let's give it a text containing these letters to others and told him to do the same
again. By using this method, let us have the book is organized from beginning to end several times, thus
some mistakes letters have been added to the book at random a few times ....

Could history book was developed by this method? For instance, would appear an additional chapter
entitled "The History of Ancient China", which previously did not exist?

Certainly, mistakes we have added letters will not build the book, even to destroy and distort its

(Surat al-Hashr, 59: 24)

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