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END OF Materialism

Materialist philosophy is the basis of the theory of evolution. Materialism rests on the assumption that
everything that exists is matter. According to this philosophy, matter has existed since eternity, will
continue to exist forever, and there is nothing but matter. To support their claims, materialists use a
logic called "reductionism". This is the idea that objects are not observable matter can also be explained
by material causes.

To explain this, let us take the example of the human mind. Clearly, the human mind is not something
that is "touched by the hand, and invisible to the eye". Furthermore, there is no "central mind" in the
human brain. This situation unavoidably leads us to the conclusion that the mind is a concept beyond
matter. Therefore, the creature we call "I", who think, love, feel nervous, worried, happy or sick is not a
material such as a sofa, a table, or stone.

However, the materialist claim that mind is "reducible to matter". According to the materialist claim,
thinking, loving, worrying and all our mental activities are nothing but chemical reactions that take place
in between the atoms in our brains. Loving someone is a chemical reaction in some cells in our brain,
and fear is a certain event is the other chemical reactions. Famous materialist philosopher Karl Vogt
emphasized this logic with the famous words, "As the liver secrete bile, as well as our brains pull out of
mind". However, bile is matter, whereas there is no evidence that the mind is material.

Reductionism is a logical deduction. However, a logical deduction can be based on the soft ground as the
foundation shaken. Therefore, the question we need to ask is: What happens when reductionism, the
basic logic of materialism, as opposed to scientific data?

Materialist scientists and thinkers of the 19th century thought that this question can be answered with a
simple form of "science verifies reductionism". However, the 20th century science has revealed a very

This fact is "information", which is present in nature and can never be reduced to matter.

Matter and Information

Earlier it was mentioned that there is an incredibly comprehensive information in the DNA of living
things. Somewhere a little hundred thousandth of a millimeter, there is a kind of "data bank" that
specifies all the physical details of the body of a living thing. More than that, there is a system in the
body that reads this information, interprets and "production" according to him. In all living cells, the
information in the DNA is "read" by various enzymes and proteins are produced according to this
information. This system enables the production of millions of proteins every second of the required
type, to where they are needed in our body. Thanks to this system, the cells of our eyes are almost dead
replaced again by eye cells, and blood cells were replaced again by the blood cells.

At this point, let us consider the claim of materialism: Could the information in DNA is reduced to
matter, as materialists suggest? Or, in other words, can it be accepted that DNA is merely a matter and
the information it contains appear as a random interactions of matter?

All scientific research, experiments and observations made in the 20th century suggests that this
question must be answered with "no". Director of the Institute of Physics and Technology Federal
Germany, Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt commented on the matter as follows:

A coding system always followed nonmaterial intellectual process. Physical matter can not produce an
information code. All experiences show that every piece of creative information represents some mental
effort and can be traced to a personal idea-giver who exercised his own free and endowed with an
intelligent mind .... There is no known law of nature, no known process, there is no known sequence of
events which can make the information originated by itself in matter .... 13

Comments Werner Gitt is the conclusion of "Information Theory", which developed in the last 20-30
years and is accepted as part of thermodynamics. Information theory investigates the origin and nature
of the information in the universe. The conclusion reached by the experts from the information theory
of long studies is that "Information is something different from matter. He can never be reduced to
matter. The origin of information and physical matter must be investigated separately. "

For example, let us consider the source of a book. A book made of paper, ink, and the information it
contains. Paper and ink are material elements. Their source is the material. Paper is made of cellulose,
and ink made from certain chemicals. However, the information in the book is nonmaterial and can not
have the source material. Sources of information in each book is the mind of the person who wrote it.

Moreover, this mind determines how paper and ink will be used. A book was originally formed in the
mind of the person who wrote it. The authors construct a logic circuit in his mind, and sort sentences. As
a second step, he puts them into a form of matter, which means that the information in his mind into
letters using a typewriter or computer. Then, the letters are printed in a printing press and a shape of a
book made of paper and ink.

Therefore, we can conclude with the following general conclusions: "If physical matter contains
information, then the matter must have been designed by a mind that has relevant information. First
there is the mind. Mind translates the information in it to matter and the act of design. "
Origin of the Information in Nature

When we take the conclusions reached by this science to nature, we find a very important result. This is
because nature, as in the example of DNA, overflowing with information that is not playing shape and
since this information can not be reduced to matter, so he comes from a source outside of the material.

One of the leading advocates of the theory of evolution, George C. Williams recognizes this reality,
which most materialists and evolutionists are reluctant to see. Williams has maintained materialism
desperately for years, but in an article he wrote in 1995, he claimed inaccuracies materialist approach
(reductionist) approach which holds that everything is material:

Evolutionary biologists have failed to realize that they work with two domains rather not be compared:
the material domain and domain information. These two domains will never be brought together in any
sense usually implied by the term "reductionism". The gene is a package of information, not an object ....
In biology, if you're talking about things like genes and genotypes and gene pools, you're talking about
information, not physical objective reality .... Dearth of shared descriptors makes matter and
information two separate domains of existence, which must be discussed separately, in their own terms.

Therefore, contrary to the supposition of materialists, information on natural resources can not be
matter itself. The source of information is not matter but a superior Wisdom beyond matter. Wisdom
existed before matter. Matter manifests with him. The material takes the form, and organized by him.
The owner Wisdom is God, the Lord of all the worlds.

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