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Coryell County Genealogical Society


									                     Coryell County Genealogical Society
                         Membership Application 2010

New Member [ ] Renewal [ ]

(Mr.) (Mrs.) (Ms.)       Last name            First name                 Date of birth

Mailing address                        City                  State                Zip

Telephone Number                                           Email

Surnames that you are researching in Coryell County.

                                     Membership Dues:

   Annual membership dues are $15.00 per year. These dues are due starting January
   1 of each year but you can pay any time of the year. You will not receive a
   Quarterly until your dues are paid. Members will receive Quarterlies for the entire
   year in which you are a member. In addition, by being a member of the Society you
   receive a 10% discount on all books the Society sells.

   Become a member or renew your membership by filling out the application and
   mailing to:
                  Coryell County Genealogical Society Treasurer
                           c/o Gatesville Public Library
                                 111 N 8th Street
                               Gatesville, TX 76528

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