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                                      T H E    BU D       R E P O R T

                        THE TA S T E BUD S

                                                                                  TOP: BOBBLE HEADS OR WOODEN
                                                                                  HEADS? YOU DECIDE!

                                                                                   LEFT: GARY, GREG & HANS CHECK OUT
                                                                                  SOME GREAT LOUISIANA SHRIMP.

   IT’S MORE THAN just three chefs.        our great state - music, spirit,         Our mission:
   The Taste Buds - Greg Reggio,           generosity and delicious,
                                                                                    Pay it Forward - we may need a hand in
   Gary Darling & Hans Limburg -           wholesome Louisiana Seafood.
                                                                                    the future;
   formed their culinary team and
                                                                                    Pay it Back - thanks to those who’ve
   friendship over 20 years ago. Now
                                                                                    helped us in the past;
   they have joined together with
                                                                                    Lift Spirits - care for those in need
   volunteers and Louisiana
   businesses to spread the wealth of

         TUSCALOOSA MAY 12                      LIUZZA PALOOZ A MAY 15                     JUMPIN’ FOR JOPLIN JUNE 7
                                            CROWDED THE MINUTE THE GATES OPENED                   SUPER JIM KNOWS GATORS
Dolph Federico sent a text to Greg Reggio:
“You ready to put your plan into action? Tuscaloosa Aid...”
                                            Trailer Repair. Five thousand
                                            dollars worth of brand new toys from
                                            the Chef Duke’s Foundation for
                                            Kids were included in the shipment.
                                            Jim “Superman” Besselman of
                                            Ernst Cafe provided transportation,
                                            cooking equipment, labor, beverages
 May 11 through 12, 2011                    and logistics. Dolph Federico of
 THE “VITTLE & FIDDLE” event in             Pelican Events lined up “Amanda
 Tuscaloosa came about quickly.             Shaw & the Cute Guys”. His
 Transportation, equipment, food,           company provided the staging,
 funding and volunteers as well as a        generator and stage crew members
 venue for the event were all secured in    Danny Salzer & Paul Dugas.
 record time. Gambel                        Dolph also coordinated lighting and
 Communications’ Emily                      sound through Tim Kilbride of
 Schmidt along with Taste Buds’             Sound Source. Mike Duke and
 marketing team Nancy Jeansonne             Earl Lennie teamed up as the sound
                                             and production crew. Amanda and her
 SEEING THE DESTRUCTION FROM THE             band donated their performance and
 TORNADOES REALLY BROUGHT BACK               transportation was provided by
 MEMORIES OF KATRINA.... WE WERE             Benny & Mike Burst. Volunteer
 COMPELLED TO REACH OUT TO THE               transportation and support were
                                             spearheaded by State Machinery’s
                                             Ed Renton and his luxury LSU
 & Jamie Montero handled PR,                motor coach. There was plenty of
 media coordination and got the word        legroom for our travelers thanks to the
 out quickly that Zea & Semolina            RV rented by Lawrence Trunk from
 would serve as drop off points for         Artie Lawson’s RV Motorhome
 clothing, toys & tool donations. Paul      Rentals of Louisiana at a deeply
 Guille and Jerry Peters from               discounted rate.
 Southern Eagle provided giant
                                            continued on next page.....
 banners for the two 53’ long tractor
 trailers that were filled and transported
 to Alabama thanks to caring New
 Orleans residents, Ronnie Mains of
 Cross Road Centers and Jack
 Tolley of Jackson’s Truck and

Tuscaloosa police Chief Steven D. Anderson
takes a break from Alabama’s tornado
recovery and enjoys a sample
of Louisiana Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya.
continued from previous page....
Once on site, participants were kept cool
& comfortable thanks to the tents by
Jack Owens’ New Orleans Party
Rental, tables by Jim Perrier at
Perrier Party Rentals and water
donated by Nick Hazard of Crescent
Crown Distributors. Midtown
Shopping Center provided the
wonderful venue and accommodating
staff. Captivating photography was taken
by Robert Giancontieri and the video
documentary was personally handled by
filmmaker Steve Scaffidi of Ghost
Rider Pictures. Other volunteers
included Drago’s Freddie McKnight,
Will Love & Richard Elvey of
Ernst Cafe, Todd Fernandez,
Jenny LaBella, Stacy Burst, John
Zimmerman with daughter
Taylor, David Haik, John
Hollander, John Eastman of


Auto Chlor, Woody Valls of
ComOne, Randy Stein of Mr. B’s,
Chef Duke Locicero of Cafe
Giovanni, Dennis Banquer, Alan
Guilbeau, Scott Ballard and
Stephen Ballard of PJ’s Coffee &
Tea Company. Zea Birmingham
General Manager David Cross with
                                            E R I C S TO ULIG
son Ethan Cross - a University of                    1959-2011
Alabama student - along with Ryan
Danforth, Kyle Dahlmann and
Josh Allen and Becky Payne all              Please remember to keep in your
                                            prayers Tuscaloosa volunteer and friend
from Zea Restaurant’s location in           Eric Stoulig, his wife Natalie as well as
Mobile, Alabama rounded out the             sons Chad & Cory.
                                            Eric volunteered for the Tuscaloosa trip
                                            and sadly passed away on May 25, 2011
                                            at the too-young age of 51.

                                            Eric will be greatly missed and forever
                                            in our thoughts.
Liuzza Palooza was one of the best festivals ever.....ya’ll
should do this every year...... (facebook member comment)
                                            on February 5th he was involved in a
                                            violent car crash - a victim of a drunk      LiuzzaPalooza Major Sponsors
                                            driver traveling 80 miles per hour.
                     May 15, 2011           Proceeds from the event shall be used
                                            to pay for Mike’s rehabilitation and
                                            expenses related to his hospitalization.
hour festival is as successful as
“LiuzzaPalooza.” The Sunday event was       Michael has made incredible progress
blessed with some of the best weather       over the last few months. Please
of the year, had the friendliest crowd of   continue to pray for his continued
generous participants and raised over       recovery.
$130,000 for Michael Bordelon - co-
owner and proprietor of Liuzza’s Mid-
City Restaurant. Mike, his mother, sister
and other family members have
provided locals and tourists alike with
great food and great company. Like
many New Orleans businesses, Liuzza’s

 LiuzzaPalooza takes its name from
 Lollapalooza - a 20th century
 American idiomatic phrase
 meaning "an extraordinary or
 unusual thing, person, or event”

was severely damaged by Hurricane
Katrina, sustaining over nine feet of
water. Michael’s vision and sweat
restored the restaurant from the
ground up and brought back this great
New Orleans establishment. Tragically,

                                            Michael Bordelon

                                                                   Rockin’ Dopsie

                                                                                       See all the sponsors at the end of this newsletter
LiuzzaPalooza! Even the name makes you smile! Over
3500 participants ate, danced and shared.......
Thank you to all who made this event             VIP Tent brought to you by:
possible, especially the volunteers who          Southern Eagle and Budweiser
worked double shifts without a break. The        Chef Chad Gray and the Ritz Carlton
                                                                                         G OIN G S ON
following individuals are recognized for their
                                                 Paul Rotner, Lucien Gunter and Acme Oyster
superior commitment to the event:                House
Tony Abadie
        Glen Armentrout
Bruce Attinger
 Jennifer Banquer        Taste Buds Cooking Stage
Jim Besselman 
 David Blitch           equipment courtesy of:
Ray Bordelon 
Chandra Chefici                   Loubat Equipment Company
Tommy Cvitanovich 
        Sean Dowd             C.A.S.H.’s Restaurant Equipment
Ray Edlers 
        Davidson Ehle
                                                 Jim Besselman Ernst Cafe
Dolph Federico
          Alexander Finke
Heather Finke
           Kyle Finke                                                         B ACK STAGE PASS
Paul Guille
      Gina Lynch
                                                 And all the bands.....
Shirley Lehrman
         Scott Lynch
                                                 Rockin’ Dopsie
Paul Marsh
        Mike Miller
                                                 The Creole String Beans
Janet Momus
        Clayton Mouney
                                                 Gideon & the Chimney Sweeps
Bethany Paulsen
Eric Paulsen
                                                 Luther Kent
Jerry Peters 
        Gary Reggio
                                                 Paul Varisco & the Milestones
Ron Reggio
Melvin Rodrigue
Shelley Rote
Randy Stein
Steve Scaffidi
        Harlow Pearce
Ewell Smith
        Glen “GT” Taylor                                            ALL I GOTTA DO IS DANCE
       The Entire Bordelon Family

                                                                                         THE TASTE BUD STAGE

                                                                                        G R E G G I V E S J I M A S U PER GIFT
 Less than a month after deadly tornados crushed Tuscaloosa,
 Joplin Missouri was hit with a devastating twister.....
JUNE 6-8, 2011                               decision. It was unknown if Gary would
REVELLING IN THE SUCCESS of                  be available for the three day trip. The
LiuzzaPalooza and a heartwarming relief      relief effort would have to succeed with       HELP A BUD....BE A
trip to Alabama, it was time to get some     just two thirds of the Taste Buds at best.     BUD... I’M A BUD!
rest. Gary was already out of town           Greg contacted the team of partners,
sailing while Hans packed for his            friends, volunteers, sponsors and
vacation. Although not set on the            business leaders from prior events. Once
destination, Greg planned his trip for the   again these “Buds” would be called upon
end of June. The Taste Buds were worn        to assist. E-mails, texts, phone calls and
out - they needed some time off.             Facebook requests went out - the
                                             response was overwhelming. More good
Greg received a call from Mayor Mitch
                                             news - Chef Gary Darling was available.
Landrieu’s office requesting his                                                            3 / 4 O F T H E AU TO - C H LOR TEAM
                                             Once again the Taste Buds partnered          Thanks to Owner John Eastman for
attendance at the NOLA Pay it Forward
                                             with some great, like-minded businesses         coordinating his local crew -
Fund press conference. Immediately
                                             and individuals. They worked tirelessly         Tim Bunyard, Bryan Kessler,
after, the mayor’s staff inquired if Greg
                                             coordinating logistics, accommodations,        David Cable and Rodney Hall.
was able to coordinate another Taste
                                             menus, transportation, tents, stage,         Eager and hard working, they were
Buds Mission to Joplin, Missouri. Joplin                                                      great addition to the team.
                                             sound, music and the like.
had been struck with the deadliest single
                                              New “Buds” were recruited. Nick
                                              Zouboukos, C.E.O. and
  ANOTHER MISSION? 14                         President of Sysco Food
  HOURS AWAY! HANS WAS                        Services New Orleans provided a
  OUT OF TOWN & GARY                          refrigerated truck with driver, David
  NOT BACK UNTIL 2 DAYS                       Favre, and fuel. Natalie Barranco,
  BEFORE LEAVING....                          C.O.O. of Calco Travel & Hotard
  IT WOULD BE TOUGH TO                        Coaches contributed a tour bus and
  GET DONE.                                   arranged the donation of diesel from
                                              Waguespack Oil. Jim
                                                                                             FROM N .O. TO MO.
                                              Besselman and Dolph Federico
tornado in 50 years. One hundred fifty                                                     We are honored to have
                                             both stepped up big time -
three people perished, people were still                                                  Louisiana’s Finest - New Orleans’
                                             AGAIN! Jim’s Ernst Cafe provided
missing and 37% of the city was                                                           Fire Department Capt. Kevin
                                             equipment, labor and logistics. Dolph’s      R. Williams, Oper. Hayden
destroyed.                                                                                Brown, Firefighter Ryan Mast
                                             Pelican Events lined up Amanda
The city of New Orleans would send           Shaw and The Cute Guys and                   and Jefferson Parish Firefighter
                                                                                          Brent Barrios - as part of our
four volunteer firemen (including one         provided the staging & crew. Tim             team. These gentlemen made the long
from Jefferson Parish), a generator and a    Kilbride of The Sound Source                 journey to Joplin and were a
                                                                                          invaluable part of the mission. We
truck. Diesel fuel would be provided as      provided the PA and stage gear. Ed           look forward to their future
well. There was talk of paying for a         Renton of State Machinery                    participation with The Taste Buds.
                                                                                          Here they present a special gift from
portion of the trip, although somewhat       spearheaded band transportation              New Orleans Mayor Landrieu to
unlikely as the NOLA Pay It Forward          through Barry Butler of Butler               Joplin Mayor Woolston.
Fund had just been established. The real     Aviation and handled support. New            Thank you to Mayor Mitch
                                                                                          Landrieu and his staff -
obstacle was the timing. Travel to Joplin    Orleans Party Rentals provided the           Brooke Smith, Mary Beth
needed to commence on June 6, 2011.          tents.                                       Romig, Paul Reeb, and Lt.
With Hans on his way out and Gary still                                                   Col. Jerry Sneed for their
not back, Greg had to make the                                                            help and resources.
“Jumpin’ for Joplin continued.....
Dudley Passman of New Orleans Zatarain’s prepared chicken                  THE CITY OF JOPLIN has a long road to
and sausage jambalaya. Creamy red beans & rice with grilled chicken were   recovery. We appreciate being allowed to come
                                                                           to your city under such stressful conditions.
also on the menu. The star of the show, without a doubt.......
                                                                           Thank you to Rodney Jetton, Patrick Tuttle and
                                                                           the Mayor of Joplin - Mike Woolston and his staff
                                                                           - as well as the citizens for the warm reception.
                                                                           We pledge our continued support to your

                                                     community. Thank you to the Hampton Inn
                                                                           Fayetteville for the discounted rooms and Eddie
The crowd of over 1000 feasted on world famous Crawfish Monica              Jacobs for making the hotel connection.
from Kajun Kettle’s Pete Hilzim. Glenn Hogh, chef and owner of
Vegas Tapas Cafe, fed the band and expertly manned the pasta station.
                                                                           NBC NIGHTLY NEWS featured our Joplin
Katy Casbarian of Arnaud’s donated their restaurant’s famous               mission on their “Making a Difference” segment.
remoulade sauce to accompany the Taste Buds’ Special Boiled                Go to The Taste Buds Facebook page for a link
Shrimp. Jumbo 16/20 count Louisiana shrimp were provided by Randy          to the report and a link to the live interview by
                                                                           WVUE Fox8Live. Look for links to WWLtv
Pearce of Doran Seafood. Randy also shipped 40/50 count peeled             news coverage also.
shrimp destined for a hot cast iron skillet with Louisiana Oysters in an
etouffee. The Louisiana seafood ladened sauce was served over Black
Drum. Both oysters and drum were donated by Cliff Hall of New
Orleans Fish House. Mark Dixon, owner of Broken Egg Cafe
prepared the seafood etouffee. The pastry chef of Hilton New
Orleans Riverside, Chad Gilchrist, manned the prep kitchen
throughout the day.

Ewell Smith, Executive Director and Harlon Pearce,
President of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and
Marketing Board fully committed their resources to the mission.
Smith made the journey with the team. He worked hard throughout the
day and spread the word of Great Louisiana Seafood. Pearce, of
Harlon’s LA Fish, donated a horizontal tail cut of alligator, fresh
Louisiana crawfish tails, live soft shell crabs, and fresh crab
fingers. Sweet Potato Pecan Bread Pudding from Zea
Rotisserie Grill rounded out the meal. A pallet of bottled water was
provided by Second Harvest New Orleans.
Of course we relied heavily on the kindness and support of our many
volunteers who enjoyed snacks provided by Sean Dowd of T.A.
Dowd. Nick Hazard of Crescent Crown Distributors donated
LSU Water, Red Bull, Abita Beer, and Guinness beer for the
after party refreshments. Gina Lynch of Giaconna Container
surprised us with “The Taste Buds” logo cups. Our Calco/Hotard
driving team consisted of Gregory Hicks, Byron Dalton and Torris
The volunteer crew pulled it off again. Kudos to Jayne Bordelon,
Ashleigh Bordelon, Michael Besselman, Bill Besselman,
Grant Reggio, Ross Reggio, Will Love, Ross Vangeffen,
Wendi Folse, Courtney Wadenfuhl, Gina Lorio, Daniel
Salzer, Tristan Felding, Rex Marshall, Teresa DeVito, Ilene
Powell and her crew from Eureka Springs, for their tireless work. Thanks
to Chef Gary Darling for his dramatic photos and Grant Ingram
for his inspiring video log of the mission.

Just one man or company could not have pulled off the “Tuscaloosa Tornado Relief”,
“LiuzzaPalooza” and “Jumpin’ for Joplin” in such a short period of time. A Herculean effort
was required and everyone pitched in to make it a reality. Thank you to all who helped to
make each event a success!

Aidan Gill For Men, Nathan Ales, Angelo Brocato Ice Cream, Art By Martin, Arts Kinetic,
Bruce Attinger, Audubon Dermatology, Audubon Nature Institute, Bayou Bicycles, Chef
John Besh, Besh Restaurant Group, Better Than Ezra Foundation. Bevelo Gas & Electric
Lights, Billy Joel, Blue Dot Donuts, Blue Frog Chocolates. Byron Bordelon, Frank Bordelon,
Jayne Bordelon, Leighton Bordelon, Lori Bordelon, Creative Hang-ups, FESS Security, Finn
McCool’s Irish Pub, Gators R Us, Gideon & The Chimney Sweeps, Gordon’s of Metairie, GW
Fins, Heather Elizabeth Designs, Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Hubig’s Pie, J Star Designs,
Jeanne Vidrine, Skip Jemmison, Jewels By Deerworks, Joey’s Paint & Body Shop, Inc., Jose
Balli, Juan’s Flying Burrito, Kit Wohl Knitzy, The Kupcake Factory, La Petite Grocery, Lake-
wood Golf Club, Chef Brian Landry, Leigh Reveley, SANDRA EPTON SID SERUNTINE’S
STUDIO, Michael Bordelon II, Michelle Bordelon, Ray Bordelon, Brigtsen’s Restaurant, Cafe
Du Monde, Chef Cynthia & Cafe Minh, Chef Adolfo Garcia, Rio Mar, La Boca, and a Mano
Restaurants, Cindy Pilates, Clay Creations, Creole String Beans, Dan Bess Debris Art, The
Dinner Belle, Dominique Giordano, Jewelry Design, Sean Dowd, Earthsavers, Raymond
Edler, Emeril’s Restaurant, Eugenia Uhl Photography, Joey Falcon, Dolph Federico, Limou-
sine Livery, Louisiana Children’s Museum, Chef Duke LoCicero, Max Loubiere, Rick and
Kathy Lovernick, Chef Chris Lusk, Chef Michele McRaney, Mellow Mushroom, Metairie
Cemetery, National World War II Museum, New Orleans Wine and Food Experience,
Michael Canedo, Mid City Yacht Club, Mike Remy’s Photography, NOLA Couture, NOLA
Hooping, NOLA Pilates, NOLA Tattoo, NOLA Tots, O’Henry’s, MidCityBurgers, Old World
Caster, One 2 One Salon, Pal’s Lounge, Paul Varisco and the Milestones with special guest
Luther Kent, Paris Parker Salon and Spa, Pascal’s Manale, Pat O’Brien’s, Bethany Paulsen,
Eric Paulsen, Pierce Carpentry, Pole Perfect Fitness, Chef Gunter Preuss, Propaganda
Group, Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group, Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers, Don Randon, Dr.
Amy Reggio, Ron Reggio, Ed Renton, Ridgewalker Glass, Ritz Carlton, New Orleans Rock ‘n’
Bowl, Rockin’ Dopsie, Rue 127, Sabai Jewelry, Saltwater Grill, Sea Hagg Charters, Serenity
Day Spa & Gifts, Simon Antiques On Jackson, Slice Pizzeria, Solid Communications, Trey
Yuen, Cuisine of China, Twist Hats, Valence Consulting, Vega Tapas Cafe, Michael Patrick
Welch, Wild Lotus Yoga, William Grant & Son’s, Inc., Wise Buys, Ye Olde College Inn, Ze da
Liz/Lightworld, Photo Art, Zephyrs Baseball, Artie w/ RV Motorhome Rentals of Louisiana,
Kelly&Abide, Rent a Nerd, Robert Guthrie Gallery, Alan Guilbeau & Amy Smith of PJ’s
Co ee & Tea, Aushanda Williams, Zachy Cino, Nicole Alvarez, Chris Rodrigue, Annie Rodri-
gue, Alan Alvarez, Maiannna Alvarez. Frank Langenbacker, Ross Reggio, Grant Reggio,
Julia Reggio, Allen Banquer, Dennis Banquer, Kevin Guidros, Melissa Guidros, P.J. Archer,
Courtney Bivalacqua, Brinkman’s Menswear, Wines Unlimited, PelHughes, PrintAll, Garrity
Print Solutions, Louisiana Sportsman, Entercom, WWLTV channel 4, ClearChannel FOX8,
Gambit Best of New Orleans, Zatarain’s.
Film Crew: Al Pias, Steven Michael Sca di, Nancy LoCoco, Glen “GT” Taylor, Blue Stream’s
Blair Cottingham Ray Ziegler of RZI Lighting and Big Screen Ventures

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