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According to the statement of the scientists, the defense system has "an irreducible complexity". This
term refers to ask the following complete system composed of several interacting parts and matched,
and contribute to the basic function. Peng lost the one part would effectively cease functioning. As a
metaphor, we look at the equipment needed to send a fax:

- A facsimile device

- A telephone line

- Cables

- Paper

If any of these parts does not exist, you can not send a fax. None of the above list that may be missing.
In addition, they must conform to exact specifications. For example, the cable length should be enough
for the plug to reach the outlet, otherwise, this cable is so useless. Similarly, although all the elements of
the defense system fulfills its function perfectly, if there are some components that are not functioning,
the body will lose the war. If glanular small in the T cells do not function properly, they will not be able
to store toxins, so there is no poison to be injected to the enemy, and the body will again lose the war.
So, if in the end the enemy system can not be killed, critical functions such as cell formation soldier,
training, transmitting the required signals to the appropriate location in a timely manner by the cell, and
thousands of combinations of genes needed to produce antibodies, or storing of information in memory
cells, all of which accomplishes nothing. The system will not run. Similarly, although many and various
body functions with irreducible complexity, also will be useless if there is no system of defense. If the
defense system does not exist or fails to operate properly, no human being can survive.

So how do evolutionists explain the former's system is so complex and vital? Actually they do not have
an answer that can explain this. The only assertion is based on the view that the defense system has
evolved through a gradual evolutionary process. They insisted that the mechanisms leading to the
gradual development of a "natural selection" and "mutation".

However, it is impossible minor modifications, respectively, and accidentally, as suggested by the theory
of evolution, would result in such a complex system. As emphasized before, the system will not function
unless kebalan all elements intact. Once again, the defense system is not functioning will cause people
to die in a short time.

The second point of the argument is the process of "natural selection". The process of "natural
selection" refers to the transfer quality is profitable in the next generation.
There is a consensus among scientists that the concept of such a mechanism is far from satisfactory in
explaining complex systems. A famous American biochemist, Michael J. Behe, issued a statement about
natural selection in his book "Darwin's Black Box":

A complex biological systems that can not be reduced, if it exists, will be a challenge to Darwinian
evolution. Since natural selection can only choose systems that are already working, then if a biological
system can not be produced gradually it would have to arise directly as well as an integrated unit. That is
the basis of selection reaction alam.12

The founder of the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin, as well as many other contemporary scientists,
recognizing that the supposed mechanism of natural selection has no evolutionary power. Charles
Darwin said:

These difficulties and objections may be grouped into: ... Can we believe that natural selection, on the
one hand, may result in a less vital organs such as the giraffe tail that serves as a fly repellent, and on
the other hand, an organ so wonderful as the eye? 13

One of the leading evolutionists today, professor of geology and paleoantroplogi, Dr. Stephan Jay Gould
states that natural selection has no evolutionary power:

How do we get something out of nothing so complicated, but the evolution has to go through a long
sequence of steps between, and each is supported by natural selection? We can not fly with wings or 2%
of the plant protection potentially hides only a very few similarities. In other words, how natural
selection can explain the structure of the new phase is formed, which can only be used (as we observe
today) in the form of a much more complicated? Mivart identified this issue as a major problem and
remains so .. 14

Can the existence of such a complex system is described, on the other What about suggested by Neo-
Darwinists, the term "mutation"? Is it really possible, an incredible system of successive mutations
terrific form?

As we know, the mutation is decomposition and damage to the genetic code of living things are caused
by a variety of external factors. All mutations damage the genetic information in DNA terpro-gram
beings, without adding new genetic information to him. So mutations do not have a job or evolutionary
development whatsoever. Now many evolutionists accept this reality, though reluctantly.

One evolutionist, John Endler, a geneticist from the University of California, commented:

Although much has been known about the mutation, it is still a "black box" with respect to evolution.
New biochemical function seems rare in evolution, and the basis of its beginnings actually diketahui.15

A famous French biologist, Pierre P. Grassé, also declared that the number of mutations will not change
the outcome:

As much as anything, the mutation would not result evolusi.16
It is clear that the extraordinary properties and capabilities that are complex from a very small cells can
not be explained as mere coincidence or mutation. This is where evolutionary mistake. And this idea
totally contrary to science and logic. The highest human intelligence pales into insignificance when
compared to the intelligence displayed by these cells.

There are thousands of exceptional intelligence sightings of this kind of living things, which can not be
explained by evolutionary theory. Faced with this, many scientists who had been undecided, are
increasingly losing faith in the theory of evolution. On each occasion they expressed his discontent.

Most researchers are well aware that the claims of evolution-Onis nothing more than consolation and
storefronts. Klaus Dose, a leading researcher in the field of molecular biology states:

Trial for more than 30 years in the fields of chemical and molecular evolution of the origins of life has led
to a better perception of the magnitude of the problem the origin of life on earth, not the solution.
Today all discussions on basic theory and experiments were in this field only end in stalemate or in a
confession would ketaktahuan.17

Even Darwin, originator of the theory of evolution, experiencing the same uncertainty about 150 years

When I think of the people who study the field for many years, and then convince himself of the truth of
the doctrine of the dumbest, sometimes I feel a little afraid, lest I include one monomaniak ini.18

It is clear that all of these systems, as well as everything else in the universe, are under the control of
Almighty Allah, the Almighty, All-Knowing. Inability of mankind un-tuk solve these mysteries is a sure
sign that trouble is beyond the reach of human beings and is the result of very great wisdom, the
wisdom of God.

Will answer the question that has been debated and in-negotiated by mankind for centuries, without
being able to reach its logical conclusion, it is very simple. The answer is not in the accident, nor to
natural selection or mutation. None of these is capable of forming life or maintaining its continuity.

Al Quran gives answers to all these questions 1400 years ago. Cell of our bodies, as well as everything in
the universe, subject to the will of God, Ruler of the universe:

"Verily your Lord is Allah who created the heavens and the earth, He in six days, then He dwells upon
the Throne. He closed the night the day that followed rapidly, and (He created anyway) the sun, moon,
and stars (each) subject to His command. Remember, creating and governing is the right God. Glory be
to Allah, the Lord of Hosts. "(Surat al-A'raf, 7: 54)!

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