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So far we have discussed the general structure of the defense systems, organs, cells, and its enemies. In
this chapter, we will trace the deadly battle between our defense system with the enemy cells, and
amazing defense built by the body.

Battle valiantly by our defense system is comprised of three key stages:

1. The first action, the introduction of the enemy.

2. All-out war waged an actual army.

3. Back to normal.

Defense system should clearly identify the enemy before the start of a fight, because every event is
different from each other depending on the type enemy. Moreover, if the knowledge is not handled
properly, our immune system can be turned against the body's own cells.

Phagocytes, known as scavenger cells in the defense system, first staged. They fought one on one with
the enemy. They are like the infantry who fought with bayo-netnya against enemy units.

Phagocytes sometimes can not cope with the amount of enemies that are constantly growing. At this
stage of the phagocytic cells, macrophages, took over. We can be likened macrophages as Pasuk's
cavalry to cut their way into the enemy. At the same time macrophages secrete a fluid, which the alarm
common to increase body temperature.

Macrophages still have other important characteristics. When caught and swallowed virus, macrophages
rip certain parts of the virus, which he took like a flag. The flag serves as a sign and information for other
elements in the system of defense.

Collection of this information is forwarded to the helper T cells, which use it to identify the enemy. Once
the information is there, then the first task that must be done is to immediately alert killer T cells and
stimulating them to multiply. In a short time, the killer T cells that are stimulated will be a powerful
force. Helper T cell function is not only this, they also made sure more phagocytes brought to the
battlefield, as they transfer information about the enemy to the spleen and lymph nodes.

Upon receiving this information the lymph nodes, B cells, which had been waiting turn, activated (B cells
made in the bone marrow and then migrate to the lymph nodes, waiting for their turn to perform the

B cells that have been activated to go through several stages. Each stimulated B cells begin to multiply.
The process of continuous self-treat many thousands of identical cells are formed. Furthermore, B cells
begin to divide and turn into plasma cells. Plasma cells also secrete antibodies as a weapon during
combat with the enemy. As stated in previous chapters, the B cells are able to produce millions of
antibodies in a second. This weapon is very useful. They are quite able to bind to them first, then
destroy the enemy biological structures (antigens).

If the virus penetrates the cell, antibodies can not catch the virus. At this stage, killer T cells play a role
anymore. With the help of molecular KSU, he recognized that the virus is inside the cell, and then kill

However, if the virus has been well camouflaged and can avoid the attention of killer T cells, then the
"natural killer cells", or abbreviated as PA to come into action. Tues PA occupied cell killing virus and can
not be recognized by other cells.

After the war was won, suppressor T cells stop the war. Although the war has ended, the war will not be
forgotten. Memory cells have kept the enemy in his memory. By continuing to stay in the body for many
years, these cells help the defense become faster and more effective if the same enemy attacked again.

The heroes of this war without the training the military.

The heroes of this war is not capable of being reasoned.

The heroes of this war are cells so small that they are just a collection of millions will still be difficult to
cover a point.

After all, these great forces not only to fight alone. Pasuk-n also create your own weapons will be used
as fought. He makes all the planning and strategy of the war itself and clean up the battlefield after the
war ended. If all this is left to the control of the human, not a cell, will we be able to handle this great

How Should war in

Presented at the Human Body Control?

We did not immediately realize that a virus or microbe was to attack the body. Only when symptoms
surfaced, then we know it. This hints that the virus, bacteria or other micro-organisms have been lodged
in the body long enough. That is, the primary intervention failed. Conditions unexamined as this allows
the disease gets worse, causing a state that can not be restored. Although only one infected by the
disease are relatively mild and treatable, the response (the body) is delayed could cause a serious crisis
or even death.
Now imagine the coordination and control of the elements of the defense sys-tem, the next strategy to
be developed and sealed-ment, monitoring the war itself, everything was left to humans. What kind of
difficulties that will be faced?

Suppose the initial symptoms can be diagnosed effectively. When a stranger enters the body's cells, the
cells must be produced and soldiers immediately sent to the scene. B cells must immediately produce
weapons (antibodies). How do we determine the type and location of these foreign cells? This stage is
important because it underlies the subsequent treatment. To do this, the only solution is the person
must perform a medical examination which covers all the organs in the body up to every drop of his
blood to even the smallest suspicion that the enemy has entered the body. If not, it is not possible to
determine the type and location of antigen. The length of time required to perform this process will
certainly cause delays very timely intervention. Proved just how complicated and difficult it is human life
that should go to the doctor just for checking for the presence of infection alone.

Suppose that timely intervention is possible and the type and location of antigens can be recognized
correctly. Depending on the type of enemy, the first to be activated phagocytes. How do I navigate the
phagocytes in order immediately to the right location? What kinds of messages that can help
phagocytes reach the enemy's location with ease? Suppose the impossible becomes possible. Then it
was time to find out whether the phagocytes have won the war or not, because it will determine
whether macrophages to be launched or the war will end. Inevitably, the only possible solution is to go
back to the doctor to do the examiner's thorough. If the battle has not been won, a power-under, ie
macrophages, should be sent to the scene. Meanwhile, the time required to run checks against the will
of us. Without losing any time should mero-macrophage enemy defender and helper T cells warned.
Furthermore, T cells Helper T cells warn killer, triggering another fight. These cells also had to be
checked whether they are successful or not - for it was again needed medical help - then the PA cell had
to be called to assist. After the final inspection, we determined whether defense system has been
effective in overcoming the infection.

Even if only one man that should be controlled, only the systems of defense without the other, he must
engage in a difficult and complex process. Catching colds alone would make one-time air-time to the
doctor, continue the healing process in cells with advanced medical equipment, and direct as needed.
Pe-nundaan small or a problem encountered during the process will result in a more severe disease.

What if the man who must form these cells, making them recognize the enemy and produce the
appropriate antibodies, and teach and manage all the processes that will be the way they are ....
Needless to say life will become much more complicated and difficult than the earlier models have been
described. It literally can be said is not possible.

God has taken away the burden of the people, creating systems of irreproachable work in a very neat
and independent than ever imagined. Just like anything else in the universe, our defense system also
complies with the purpose of its creation to be a critical element of life and indispensable:
"And obedient to the Lord, and it should obey the sky ...." (Qur'an Insyiqaaq, 84: 2)!


In the previous chapter we have discussed how the cell's defense system can distinguish friends and
enemies with the help of the receptor cells. However, most of the cell design is almost exactly the same
enemies with a specific network design in the human body. This can be a problem for the defense
system, which may be without deliberately attacking its own tissues.

However, in normal circumstances, things like that never happen in a healthy human body. Defense
system never attack molecules, cells, or tissues themselves. In medical terms, this phenomenon is
known as "tolerance".

This magic is incredibly important. It was obvious the defense system is very capable of distinguishing
each of the proteins that thousands num-problem was. For example, the defense system must
distinguish between hemoglobin found in blood insulin secreted by the pancreas and of the vitreous
humor that fills the eyeball, and indeed, from everything else in the human body. Defense system to
know that while he was fighting against the merciless enemy of molecules, he can not harm any of the
body's network.

For years researchers have been trying to understand how defense systems learn to tolerate its own
network. Details about why the most important lymphocytes, namely T and B cells, did not attack the
human body, only revealed in the last twenty years. Process tolerance has been operating since humans
exist, and only a small part of it that has been revealed by humans as a result of years of research.

Then how the defense system is capable of distinguishing the various structures differ from one
another? Can this be a coincidence resulting from the unconscious as delivered by the theory of
evolution? Of course it is impossible structures made of atoms that have no awareness by chance
acquire the capability of selection like this that requires awareness, information, and intelligence.

If the structure of lymphocytes specifically designed so that enabled him to sort out a proper
investigation, pahamlah us that evolutionists claim it illogical and unreasonable.

Defense cells developed in the bone marrow or thymus would be killed or disabled if he reacts to the
product of the human body. Lymphocytes mature face the same consequences if he attacks the body's
own products. In other words, its c-ap defense system elements that may harm the body will be killed or
forced to commit suicide following orders received.
However, if the T cells exposed to the cells of the body, he will not attack but will disable itself. Similarly,
if there is a substance in the body that carry the antigenic properties but should not be destroyed, the
human body does not produce antibodies that do not call a lack.

If you keep in mind that our body contains about one trillion lymphocytes, we can appreciate the
amazing discipline tuhkan be opened in order to ensure these cells just after the enemy cells and let the
cells friends.

Shielded barrier

Basically, the embryo in the womb of a mother should be regarded as foreign by the human body, so
that once formed will be resisted. Defense system will not let the "enemy" as it develops. But in fact the
embryo are not vulnerable as we had expected. Once the embryo is formed, he managed to develop
fully for about nine months, completely protected from antibody attack.

How can this be accomplished?

There is a barrier that surrounds the embryo and specifically created to absorb the nutrients in the
blood. This barrier helps the embryo take nutrients needed for development, while protecting it from
the damaging effects of the antibody. If not, the antibodies will attack the embryo soon (think embryo
as a foreign body), and destroy it. Isolation of embryos with antibodies specific protection as it is one of
the most perfect example of the creation of a mother's womb.

Mutation, natural selection, or other evolutionary mechanisms can not include the creation of this very
perfect as in a fairy tale of evolution. Wonders of creation shows evidence alone. In the Qur'an Allah
says that He put an embryo in a safe place:

"Did We not create you from a base fluid? Then we put him in a solid (womb), for a time, then we define
(shape), then Us is the best to decide. "(Surat al Mursalaat, 77: 20-23)!

There are times when these cells fail to fulfill its functions. But-ever, not be forgotten that if God wills, it
was not going to happen. Such irregularities are created for a reason that is hidden so that people can
clearly understand that this life is very temporary and imperfect. Without the presence of a variety of
diseases, people will probably forget his hopelessness them to God who created them. Perhaps they fail
to remember that no matter how tech-nology advances, their inventions, as well as their lives, all of
which depend on the will of Allah. Maybe they MENJA-lani live as if will remain healthy forever, as if
they did not meet his death and called to give an account of his actions before God on Judgment Day.
Maybe they live without reflect on the plight of the sick, the lost, and the persecuted. So they may not
be able to appreciate health as a gift from God and can not appreciate that they should live in a way
most good and productive. People like this rarely accept reality as described above.

The disease makes people quickly accepted the fact before. That's when people start to think about
things that never happened to them before: their helplessness and their inability to resist the power of
God, the fact that the technology, which evolve with the will of God, can only be beneficial on the will of
God. They think about the people who are in distress, death, and even about the state after death. Only
then people value their health. In addition, those who had been living and devote all un-tuk existence of
life in the world now see how they can not depend on it. This makes them reassess whether they have
done enough for the afterlife, where their goals.

Indeed, we live the truth is not of this world, but the hereafter. Life in the hereafter is not limited by
year, also the quality is not determined by our basic needs like sleeping, eating, cleaning up, or negative
factors such as disease. Endless favors in heaven mentioned in the following verse of the Qur'an:

"They did not hear any sound of hellfire, and they are conserved in enjoying what is desired by them."
(Surat al-Anbiya, 21: 102)!

Unfortunately most people do not appreciate their health, not thinking short life in this world. Only if
they get sick to pray to God. But when they come back healthy and return to their daily lives, they forget
everything. In the Qur'an, Allah offend human characteristics like this:

"And when the man touched by a hazard, they cried to his Lord by returning repent to Him, then when
God told them to feel the slightest mercy from Him, suddenly some of them ascribe their Lord." (Surat
ar-Rum, 30 : 33)!

Allah, the All-Knowing the truth about everything (Al Khabir), creating thousands of different kinds of
diseases. Everything is available to mankind. There is no assurance that any of these diseases, perhaps
one of the most dangerous, will not attack us. Every organ and system of magic that exist in our bodies
is made possible damage and fail to operate. As has been said before, if God wills, none of the diseases
upon us and there will be no problems in any organ or system. It is clear that there is a single message
sent to humanity in everything that is happening, that this life is temporary ....

Picture Text
Communication nan Fabulous

1. Macrophages capture enemy organisms and tied to T-helper cells. Secretions that activate T-helper
cells (interleukin, IL-1) also stimulates the brain to increase the body temperature. This causes a runny
nose, which in turn increases the activity of immune cells.

2. Once activated, helper T cells to produce interleukin 2 (IL-2) that causes T-helper cells and other T-
killer cells to grow and divide. (BCGF - Cell Growth Factor B)

3. When increasing the number of B cells, T-helper cells produce other compounds that instruct B cells
to stop multiplying and start producing antibodies. (BCDF Factor B cell development)

3. With the same signal, T-helper cells also activate killer T-cells.

If people were ordered to set up even just this signaling system, life would be very difficult for them.

Tues Warfare

1. War Begins

Once the virus starts to attack the body, some will be caught through the help section macrophage
antigen then destroyed. Some of the millions of T-helper cells that move in circulation has the ability to
"read" this particular antigen. This particular T cells become activated when binding to macrophages.

2. Promote the multiplication of the cells

Once activated, T helper cells from dividing. They then warned cell killer T-and B cells, which are fewer in
number and are sensitive to viral enemies, in order to divide. When increasing the number of B cells, T-
helper cells send signals to begin to produce antibodies.

3. Defeating Infection

At this point most of the virus have managed to penetrate into the cell. The only place the virus can
replicate the body cells. With their sekresikan chemical compound, T-helper cells carrying the deadly
virus cells by punching holes in the membrane and discard elements in it. Thus they prevent the virus
within the cell berepro production. By sticking directly on the surface of the virus, paralyzing virus
antibodies and prevent attacking other cells. Finally, the infected cells were destroyed with the help of a
chemical compound that is prepared before the battle.

4. Postwar
After the war was won, and the disease has been eradicated, suppressor T cells stop the whole system
invasion. Memory cells and B cells remain in the bloodstream and lymphatic system to immediately
activated if later met again with the virus of the same type.

Millions of lymphocytes circulating in the blood stream and the responsibility to destroy harmful
organisms that exist in the human body. In this picture you can see the T-killer cells (orange) to attack
cancer cells. T cells that destroy the protective membrane of the cancer cells with the help of the
enzyme acid and destroys the cell. At the end of the attack the only thing left over is the nucleus (core)
of cancer cells were large, round, nearly naked (large image)

The elements of the defense system would not hurt themselves if they can not distinguish between the
friends with the opposite cell. Here you can see the organism that attacks its own cells as if they were
the enemy.

Did We not create you from a base fluid? Then we put him in a solid (womb), for a time, then we define
(shape), then Us is the best to decide.

(Qur'an Mursalaat, 77: 20-23)

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