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If the enemy can overcome all obstacles and succeeded in entering the body, it does not mean that the
security forces had been undefeated. Instead, the real war has just begun, and the army will play a main
role at this stage. The first troops facing the enemy is eating cells, ie phagocytes, which are constantly
walking around in our body and watching what was going on.

They are "special cleaning cells", which takes unwanted microbes that enter into the inside of the body
surface. They also warned the defense system if needed. Certain cells in the defense system captures,
breaks, eating, as well as to eliminate the small particles and liquid foreign objects into the body. This
stage is called "phagocytosis" (ingestion of cells).

Phagocytosis is one of the most important elements of the immune system. This process gives
immediate and effective protection against infection. Phagocytes, which is considered "armed police"
body, it can be observed from two sides:

1. Troops move (mobile): They patrolled in the blood, if necessary, to walk back and forth between
networks. Unit-cell unit, which circulates in the blood, it also serves as the search party.

2. Troops did not move: They are macrophages that did not move. The force is placed on the gaps in
various tissues. They ingest microorganisms where they are, without moving.

If the enemy antigen (foreign microorganisms) are few and can be eaten by the eater cells exist, this
antigen will be destroyed without sounding the alarm. But if the number of mic-roba attacker too much,
eating cells may fail to control them. When not able to eat it all, the eater cells will expand. When
ballooned because of the antigen, the cells burst, a discharge (pus). This does not mean the war is lost.
Until this far, cells eater just met microbes, still faces a lot tougher barriers that must be overcome. The
formation of pus activate lymphocytes, which have removed the bone marrow, also activate the lymph
nodes, and, importantly, to activate the thymus. In the second wave of defense, the immune cell newly
arrived attack everything around them, including ser-flake-pihan cells, antigen is still there, even the
white blood cells that are old. Defense cells is what is the actual eater cells, called macrophages, a type
of phagocyte.

Assistance Force One: Macrophages

As war became more fierce, macrophages act. Macro-phages operate in a specific manner. They did not
fight one on one like antibodies. Unlike antibodies, they do not operate like a bomb aimed at a single
target. Like a gun that shoot a series of targets, or a bomb that can be aimed at many targets
simultaneously, macrophages can destroy the one big sejum enemies at once.

As with other defense cells, macrophages derived from bone marrow as well. Macrophages have a very
long life time, they can live for months or even years. Despite its small size (10-15 micrometres), they
are very important in human life. They have the ability to absorb and digest large molecules in cells by

Fagositosisnya characteristics make them troops "sweeper" in the defense system. They destroy all
materials must be cleaned, such as microorganisms, antigen-antibody complexes, and other materials
with similar structures antigen. At the end of the process, materials are classified as antigens are
digested, so it is no longer a threat to the body.

General Danger Signs

When war broke out in the country, will be announced general mobilization. Most of the natural
resources and the budget will dibelan-jakan for military needs. The economy will be reset to meet the
needs of an exceptional situation and a country fighting to the death. Similarly, the immune system will
also announce mass mobilization, recruiting all the elements to fight enemies. Do you want to know
how this happened?

If the enemy more than the amount that can be treated macrophages are at war, it is a substance
secreted special. Name this substance is "pyrogen" and this kind of alarm.

After walking very far, "pyrogen" reaches the brain and stimulating the increased heat in the center of
the brain. Once marked, the brain will sound an alarm in the body and the person in question will have a
high fever. Patients suffering from high fever usually feel the need to rest. Thus the energy needed for
the defense forces is not spent elsewhere. Pyrogen produced by macrophages has been perfectly
designed to trigger the brain mechanism of increased heat. Therefore, macrophages, pyrogens, the
fever-increasing center of the brain, and the brain itself, it must be created simultaneously.

As has been demonstrated, there is a perfect plan being walked. Everything that is needed for the
success of this plan have been created without any error: macrophages, pyrogen and other substances
similar, central heat increased in the brain, and the mechanism of increased fever in the body ....

If there is not a single one of them, the system will not work. So, for whatever reason, can not be said
that this system produced through a gradual process of evolution.

So who has made this plan?

Who knew that the body temperature should rise, and that the only way that the energy required by the
defense forces will not be used anywhere else?
Is macrophages?

Macrophages are merely tiny cells invisible to the naked eye. They do not have the capacity to think.
They are the only living creatures obey higher orders, they just do the job.

Is the brain?

Of course not. The brain also does not have the power to create or produce something. Just as in other
systems, the brain is also not in a position to give orders, but his to follow and obey orders.

What is man?

Of course not. This system protects people from certain death, even though he is not even aware that
such a perfect system is working in the body. Even if man tasked to develop an army to attack the
enemy in his body and causing body temperature to rise, and equip forces to work all the time in her
body, she would not be able to do.

Today, even with the help of the most advanced technology, people have not been able to understand
in detail the mechanism of action in the immune system, let alone to emulate.

It is a reality that can not be denied that man was created with all its advantages. Just like all other
creatures, desirable or not, people will submit to the Creator and the system that has been created.

"... Glory be to Allah, even what is in the heavens and on earth belongs to God, all subject to Him.
"(Surat al-Baqarah, 2: 116)!

Information Transfer

Another incredible function of macrophages is supplying the lymphocytes are B cells and T cells with
information about the enemy. B cells and T cells are the real heroes in the defense system. After
phagocytosis of antigen, the cells carrying the antigen go to the lymph nodes (lymphatic tissue) through
the lymphatic channels.

This is a very important detail. Only if a cell has a consciousness and reason can it be capable of
supplying and pass the information to the enemy in the relevant centers. Macrophage cells in order to
know that this information will be processed lymphocytes, macrophages must be completely informed
about the general strategy of the defense system. It is very clear that macrophages, like all other cells,
the elements that follow a totally integrated system.
The Hero: Lymphocytes

Lymphocytes are the main cells of the immune system. The battle is fierce in the body can only be won
thanks to the persistent efforts of lymphocytes. The story is full of cell life stages are very amazing and
interesting, each of which, though standing alone, is sufficient to demonstrate the obsolescence theory
of evolution.

The brave soldier was found in the bone marrow, central limfotik, salivary gland, spleen, tonsils, and
joints. Lymphocytes is usually widely available and produced in the bone marrow.

Formation of lymphocytes in the bone marrow is one of the most mysterious invented in biology. Here,
the stem cells very quickly through a number of biological stages and took the structure completely new
by turning into lymphocytes (stem cells are unspecialized cells that but then become specific cell types,
such as blood cells). Although there was the development of major in genetic engineering, even if it is
the transformation of the simplest microbe species into another species may be considered similar,
mystery events that take place in the bone marrow becomes even greater. The mystery that can not be
solved by cutting-edge science is a very simple process for our bodies. That is why many evolutionists
admit that natural selection or mutation tales can not answer the mystery of transformation. Prof. Dr.
Ali Demirsoy say that a complex cell lymphocytes, which bear most of the responsibility for the war, it is
not possible on a simple cell:

Complex cells were never produced from primitive cells through a process of evolution, as was said
recently ini.7

This fact actually known with certainty by the scientist now. However, if they admit it, meaning they
must recognize the existence of the Creator. This is a very reluctant they do.

Renowned biochemist Michael J. Behe states that evolutionists ignore some facts to deny being of God:

It is unfortunate, the scientific community is too often overriding criticism for fear of giving ammunition
to creationists. It is ironic that in the name of protection to science, scientific sharp criticism of natural
selection dikesampingkan.8

Lymphocytes, this mysterious transformation products, is one of the facts ignored. In fact, he played a
very interesting role in the defense system. They examined the cell body several times a day to see if
there is a diseased cells. If found diseased cells or parent cells, they destroy them. There are around
nearly one hundred trillion cells in our bodies, and lymphocytes is only one percent.

Now, imagine a country that has a very dense population, about one hundred trillion. Means the
number of health care workers (lymphocytes) is the one trillion. If we consider the world's population
today is around seven billion, the number of people living in the priesthood we jiner approximately
14,285,000 times the world's population. Would it be possible all the war-ga countries with high
population to have a check-up one by one, and the more so, several times a day?

Surely you will say no, but the process is running in our body every day: Lymphocytes explore our bodies
several times a day for a medical examination.

Is it possible to associate the operation was organized by a large number of living beings to a

Is it coincidence that cause each lymphocyte very tough task this?

Of course not!

God, Ruler of the universe, created each one trillion lymphocytes and charged them with the
responsibility of protecting human.

The role of lymphocytes is essential for the fight against infectious diseases such as primary AIDS,
cancer, tuberculosis and rabies and other diseases such as angina serious and rheumatism. Of course,
that does not mean that lymphocytes do not play a role in other diseases. Even the common cold is
nothing but a war fought by the lymphocytes to drive a very dangerous flu virus from the body.

Most enemies can be defeated by the body's antibodies. This may make you wonder why lymphocytes
directly intervene in the war when they already contribute to the production of antibodies posted.
However, some microbes are so deadly chemical toxins are needed memusnah very strong for him.
Therefore, most of the lymphocytes using these chemical toxins and directly participated in the war.

If so how do I stop the enemy's defense system?

First of all, necessary laboratories and chemists to produce toxin. Structural materials needed are too
specific to be formed by chance. God, who knows that the human body would face such an enemy, or
even to create such an enemy for man gets warning, has also given us lymphocytes to synthesize this

So, whether it is enough to just this chemical?

Yet, because these chemicals can not circulate freely in the blood, because it will kill our own cells as

Then how this toxin can be used without causing damage to the body cells?
The answer to this question is hidden in the perfection of the creation of lymphocytes. Toxins are placed
in the pockets of the cell membrane of lymphocytes, thus it can be used mainly chemical weapons
easily. Lymphocytes inject toxin only when it comes in contact with the enemy cells, eventually killing it.

There are two types of lymphocytes: B cells and T cells

Weapons Plant in the Human Body: B cells

When mature and fully functional, some lymphocytes leave the bone marrow and blood transported to
the lymphatic tissue. Lymphocytes are called cell B. B cells are like weapons factory in the body. The
plant produces proteins, called antibodies, which are meant to attack the enemy.

Path B cells

Lymphocytes undergo a very complex process before becoming cell B. First of all, they first had to go
through a rigorous test would be before the army that will protect human health.

In the initial phase, B-cell rearranging gene fragment to form antibody molecules. Soon after the
restoration is complete, the gene "recorded". At this stage, important to note how small cells can
perform complex tasks such as the preparation and recording. Actually composed and recorded is
information, and information can be compiled and maintained only by creatures who have intelligence.
Moreover, the output after the preparation is very important: this information will be used in the
manufacture of antibodies.

Continued transformation of B cells rapidly. With a command of unknown source, these cells produce a
protein "alpha" and "beta" that surrounds the cell membrane. In his next stage, a series of complex
processes in the cell. With this process the cells can produce molecules that enable it to bind to the
antigen. Finally, the cells turned into plant immediately recognize the enemy so contact him. The factory
is capable of producing millions of different weapons.

Are Generated Each B cell can Survive?

The more we go into the details of the defense system, the many wonders that we have encountered.
As stated previously, the B cells to make antibodies. Antibodies are made weapons to attack only the
bad cells. So, what would happen if these B cells made weapons and began attacking the wrong target
cells both? In this case, other cells in B cell signaling. This sign is actually a command to commit
"suicide". Finally, the enzyme in the cell nucleus DNA is activated and destroy the cells. The body is
protected by the auto-control mechanisms are functioning perfectly. Finally, only the cells that promote
B-production of antibodies to the enemy can be kept alive.

In the beginning of B cells composed only of a compact nucleus and little cytoplasm. B cells then
undergo amazing changes when met with the antigen. They divide repeatedly and build up thousands of
assembly points in cytoplasm for an-tibodi. They also make a channeling system for packaging and
delivery of antibodies. Within an hour, a B cell can pump out more than ten million antibody molecules.

This is the single cell that transforms itself into a factory enough to produce ten million guns per hour
when facing the enemy. If we remember that these cells can produce different weapons for each of the
millions of enemies, then we have a better understanding of the miracle that we are talking about here.

Some B cells become "memory cells". These cells do not directly participate in the body's defenses. Their
job is to keep a record of the enemy they faced to accelerate preparations for war in the future. Their
memory is very strong. When the body came back to meet with the same enemy, it can quickly be
produced weapons accordingly. Thus the defense to be faster and more efficient.

Here, we can not help asking: "How can human beings who consider themselves the most advanced, has
a weaker memory of a tiny cell?"

Unable to explain how memories are formed and the workings of a normal human being, evolutionists
do not have to try to explain the existence of memory as related to evolution.

If a piece of meat the size of a hundredth of a millimeter only has a piece of information, and use this
information for the benefit of human beings in the most accurate, that in itself is a miracle. However,
we're talking about here is much better than that. Cell stores information for the benefit of millions of
people and use that information accurately in various combinations beyond human comprehension.
Humans can survive thanks to the wisdom shown by these cells.

Memory cells are cells that are specifically created to protect human health. In creation, God equipped
them with the ability to remember the strong. If not, it is impossible for these cells to develop its own
strategy and the strategy the responsibility to store information. Furthermore, these cells are not even
aware of the need to protect the health, let alone the need to use a strategy.

In addition, there are important questions that need to be answered regarding strong memory memory
cells. Every second, eight million normal human cells to die and be replaced by new cells. Therefore, the
metabolism kept me nerus renew itself. However, the life span of cells ja-uh reminder longer than the
life span of other cells. This characteristic helps protect people from disease due to lack of information
in the memory cells. But this is not an eternal reminder of the cells, eventually they will eventually die.
At this stage there is a very surprising fact. Before dying, cells transfer their information to the next
generation. Humans greatly helped by the presence of these cells is due to the way this man does not
need to be exposed to the same disease that has been experienced in infancy (measles, mumps, etc.).
So, how do these cells know that he has to transfer the information?

Clearly this can not be simply attributed to the cell itself, but to the ability given to him by the creator.

How to Recognize the Enemy B cells?

Under no circumstances is really ready for war, before defending the body, B cells learn to differentiate
the enemy from the cell body. They do not have to try too hard for it, because the cells and the
antibodies they produce are able to recognize the enemy directly from their shapes, without any
assistance. Receptors on the cell surface has been programmed to find the antigen and binds to several
small parts antigens. With the antigen is identified as a foreigner. In this way B cells can easily recognize
antigens such as bacteria.

What function of B cells?

B cells are like guards who are always vigilant in case the microbes. When they encounter an attacker,
they rapidly divide and produce antibodies. These antibodies bind to microbes such as B cell receptors
At the end of the hard work of phagocytes and T cells, the cells marked by the antibodies enemy as
foreigners are expelled from the body. By the time the enemy off with millions of antibodies, B cells
wipe they have also marked for killer cells. Here, there is one other important point, which is equally
important to identify and destroy foreign cells. How many fewer genes to produce antibodies?

As discussed in detail in the "antibodies", B cells use the genes in the human body to produce
antibodies. However, the number of genes in the human body is less than the number of antibodies
produced. This is not a problem for cell B. Despite all these limitations, they succeed in producing some
two million species per jam.9 antibody B cells interact in various combinations with genes to produce
the above-mentioned production. Literally not a single cell may be able to think about this combination.
Cells that do not have this awareness given the ability to engage in these combinations is the will of
Allah. This is because ...

"... He just said kapadanya: "Be". And it is. "(Surat al-Baqa-red, 2: 117)!

There is no power in heaven and on earth but God who is able to command even just one of trillions of
cells. Only by the will of Allah a cell can perform mathematical operations such as producing the most
appropriate weapon to disable any enemy that attacks cells.
Brave Troops: T Cells

Once produced in the bone marrow, some lymphocytes migrate to the thymus. Lymphocytes, which
here divide and mature, are called T cells These cells mature into two groups: killer T cells and helper T
cells. After training for three weeks, T cells migrate to the spleen, lymph nodes, and intestinal tissues to
wait while his mission.

Line T cells

Same as B cells, T cells are also cells that simple at first. Simple cells go through a much more
complicated and difficult test through a series of T-cells to be ready to carry out its mission.

In the first test, examined whether these cells can recognize an enemy or not. These cells recognize the
enemy with the help of "KSU" (Equivalent Complex-Home networks, MHC = Major Histocompatibility
Complex), which is placed on the surface of the enemy. KSU antigen is a molecule that forced through a
series of chemical processes and handed the T cells

In the end, only the cells that are able to identify the enemy can survive, others are not tolerated and
are immediately destroyed.

The ability to recognize the enemy cells alone is not sufficient to guarantee the life of T cells These cells
must also knowledgeable about the substances that are harmless and normal tissues of the human
body, so as to avoid unnecessary conflict, which ultimately will harm the body.

T Cell Differentiation According to the Order Receipt

The war has not ended for the T cells Some T cells-destroy themselves after receiving a specific signal
from another cell. Very little information about the signals that cause the cells to programmed death, or
continue to live, or to mature and transform themselves. From a scientific perspective, this remains one
of the mysteries of the defense system unsolved. Many similar cells in our body receives a signal from
somewhere, and start functioning after receiving the signal. How can these cells, which send signals to
each other, to know when he needs to send a signal? Mahlon B. Hoagland also raised the same question
in his book The Roots of Life:

How do cells know when to stop growing? What tells them that the organs that they are not just
appropriate? ... What is the nature of the division stopping signal? We do not know the answer and we
continue to look for answers. 10th

Indeed, the mystery of the signaling between cells is still unresolved. The stem cells are normally
expected to divide and form two new cells with the same properties. However, a switch hidden in one of
the cells that cause sudden transformation in cells. New cells are T cells that will fight for the human
body. This leads us to ask the following question: Why does a cell to transform itself into a completely
different cell?

Science can not answer this question. Science can answer questions about how cells transform itself, but
it can never explain why the cell would want to be a soldier cells. Nor can it explain who programmed
the cells to become cells that defends the body when needed.

Only those who acknowledge the existence of God can fully comprehend the answers to these

Types of T Cells

T cells are made up of three groups: helper T cells, killer T cells, and suppressor T cells. Each T cell has a
specific MHC molecule that makes him able to recognize the enemy.

Helper T cells

These cells can be considered as an administrator in the system of defense. In the early stages of the
war, he describes the properties of absorbed foreign cells by macrophages and other antigen capturing
cells. After receiving the signal, they stimulate killer T cells and B cells to fight. This stimulation causes B
cells to produce antibodies. Helper T cells secrete molecules called lymphokines to stimulate other cells.
These molecules on other cells turn key and start the alarm of war.

The ability of T helper cells produce molecules that Meng-activation of other molecules, is an important
process. First, the production of these molecules are related to the strategy of the coming war. Clearly T
cells can not make the strategy itself. It is also clear that this strategy does not come just by coincidence.

Developing a strategy is not enough. The molecule in the cell, which would turn the key to start
production in other cells, should be synthesized accurately. For that, he should really know about the
chemical structure of the cell opponents. A mistake made in the production of this molecule would
paralyze the whole system of defense. It kare-na an army without a communication will be destroyed
even before the army launched a defense.

The presence of this molecule is enough to prove the absurdity of the theory of evolution, because the
prerequisite of the system is the presence of this molecule from the beginning. If the helper T cells failed
to alert other cells with the help of lymphokine molecules, meaning the human body surrendered to the

Killer T Cells
Helper T cells are the most efficient elements of the defense system. In previous chapters, we have
studied how the virus is disabled by antibodies. However, there are cases when antibodies can not reach
the virus that has invaded a cell. For an event like this, killer T cells kill diseased cells that have been
attacked by a virus.

Close inspection of how killer T cells kill diseased cells reveals an art of creation and a very great
wisdom. Killer T cells must first differentiate between normal cells and cells in which there is a lurking
enemy. Killer T cells overcome this problem with the help of molecular KSU systems that already exist to
him. When they saw that the cells had been attacked, they secrete a chemical. These secretions
perforate the cell membrane by lining up side by side very close together in a circle. Furthermore, the
cells started to leak and the cell dies.

Helper T cells have a weapon in the form of granular. Thus chemical weapons is always ready for use.
Scientists were amazed to discover the fact that the cell produces its own weapons and store them for
use in the future. Even more amazing are the details of how these cells utilize chemical weapons.

When an enemy approaches the host cell, microgranules move to the end of the cell in the direction of
the enemy. Afterwards, the cell membrane, fused into it, and extending towards her, microgranules
release substances in it.

Natural Killer Cells: "PA"

Lymphocytes are produced in the bone marrow, are also available in the spleen, lymph nodes, and
thymus. Their most important function is to kill tumor cells and virus-carrier cells.

From time to time, these cells attacker evil ways. Sometimes they hide so neatly in the cells of the body
so that both antibodies and T cells could not recognize this enemy. Everything looked normal from the
outside. In such circumstances, however, suspect defense system anomalies and PA cell immediately to
the area via the blood. Lymphocyte killer cells surround the enemy hiding places and began to treat play
it. That's when the enemy cells killed by toxic substances that are injected into it.

How these cells recognize the enemy is still an unanswered question. Receptors on the surface that
should enable them to identify the target cells have not been found. Therefore, the mechanism used to
identify the enemy has not been clearly understood.

With all the technology available, people still have not been able to finalize the details of which are used
by the system to identify the enemy. Perhaps future technological advances will provide a ray of the
system so that this problem is no longer a mystery. It will also be evidence that the perfection of the
current system and an intricate planning involved in its creation.

- Platelets

The process of clotting (coagulation) of blood is considered a common occurrence that is often
overlooked. However, if only the perfect system that makes this possible is not there, people will
experience significant risks and even bleed to death from a minor wound. Thrombocyte one blood cells
produced in the bone marrow, which is carrying out this task.

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