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Force Preparation Centre: Bone Marrow

When the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, many people exposed to radiation and
died ten or fifteen days later, caused by bleeding into or infection. Animal experiments were carried out
to find out what happened on the victims showed that whole body radiation to kill the generative cells
in the blood-forming organs and lymphoid. Without the cells responsible for clotting and fight the
enemy, then the body will mati.6

The manufacturer of these important cells is the bone marrow. Its great, this factory produced a variety
of different cell types. A number of cells generated here plays a role in the production of phagocytes,
others play a role in blood clotting, and others again in the decomposition of the compound. In addition
to the terms of its structure, these cells also differ in function.

It is amazing that a highly specialized production system is working to make different cells but are aimed
at the same goal. It seems that here there is an impenetrable barrier to the theory of evolution which
says that the evolution of multicellular organisms from single-celled organism.

So, how can the cell that formed by chance to build a system capable of producing new cells with his
structures are exactly the same as them? It's ba-gai thousands of bricks that scattered into the air due to
an explosion at the plant, and when accidentally falling overlapping construct a new building. Not
enough, in this new building there should be another factory to make new bricks.

It must be remembered that the creation of the human body millions of times more powerful than the
earlier building. Cells, which are the building blocks of the body, has a design that is too perfect to be
compared with a man-made product. The analogy between the cell and the brick is just to clarify just
how false his evolutionary hypothesis.

Faculty at the Our Body: Thymus
According to biological observations, normal thymus organ looks like without a special function.
However, when examined in detail, his work is amazing. In the timuslah lymphocytes can download
some sort of training. No, you did not misread. Lymphocytes is trained in the thymus.

Training is the transfer of information, which can be carried out against living creatures that have a
certain level of intelligence. So there is an important point that needs to be mentioned here. Providing
training is a lump of flesh, ie thymus, and accept it is a very small cell. According to recent analysis, they
are living creatures who have no awareness of this.

At the end of the training, lymphocytes equipped with a set of very important information. They learn
how to recognize the special characteristics of the cell body. It can be said that the lymphocytes were
taught about the identity of the cells in the body. Finally, lymphocytes leave the thymus by the charged
information. Thus, when lymphocytes works in the body, they do not invade cells whose identity has
been taught, but only to attack and destroy other cells that are foreign.

For years, the thymus is considered as vestigial organ or organs are not fully developed and utilized by
evolutionary scientists as evidence for evolution. However, in recent years, it has been revealed that this
organ is the source of our defense system. Once this is understood, it reverts evolutionists put forward
the theory that the very opposite of the same organ. They claim that the thymus does not exist before,
and comes from a gradual evolution. They still maintain that the thymus is formed through evolutionary
period longer than many other organs. However, without a thymus, or without a thymus that have
grown and developed, T cells will never learn to recognize the enemy, and the defense system would
not be to function. Someone without a defense system would not be alive. Fact that you are now
reading this sentence is a proof that the thymus was not created through a long evolutionary process,
but his that the thymus has always existed with perfect and complete, since man first.

Versatile Organ: Spleen

Its another stunning Elements of our defense system is the spleen. The spleen consists of two parts: red
pulp and white pulp. Lymphocytes are white pulp newly created initially moved to the red pulp, and the
flow of blood. Close study of the sealed-ment task scarlet organ in the upper abdomen unfolding picture
is incredible. Its function is very difficult and that makes it so amazing rumitlah.

Spleen tasks, such as contributing to the production of cells, phagocytosis, protection of red blood cells,
and the development of immunity, very important and difficult. Of course, the spleen is also just a lump
of flesh, just as other organs. But he showed the performance and intelligence unpredictable than a
piece of meat. He organizes everything-conceptualized, not letting the issue, as well as alarm clock
without a break-ja. Indeed spleen works for people with very active since man is born, and will continue
that way as long as it is desired by God.
Cell Production

Fetal bone marrow in the mother's womb is not fully capable of fulfilling its function to produce blood
cells. Bone marrow-pu mam task is only after birth. Will the baby is exposed to anemia while in the

No. At this stage, the spleen will play and control. Sensing that the body in need of red blood cells,
platelets, and granulocytes, the spleen begin producing these cells in addition to producing lymphocytes
that are task-uta name.

However, the spleen is a lump of flesh without consciousness. He did not Memi-Liki ability to take on
such a responsibility. In addition, if it is so, how it is equipped with the information and components
needed for producing cells and proteins are very complex? God created the human body, creating
spleen, and equip it with a system of production and stimulus in such a way, so that if necessary,
allowing him responsible for other duties in addition to his main job.


The spleen contains large numbers of macrophages (cells cleaners). Macrophages engulf and digest red
blood cells and other blood cells are broken and old, as well as other ingredients that brought blood to
the spleen.

There is a chemical recycling system is very important here. Macrophages in the spleen alter the protein
hemoglobin, which is found in the composition of the red blood cells that swallow, into bilirubin, the bile
pigment. Then bilirubin is released into the venous circulation and transported to the liver. In this form it
can be excreted from the body together bile. However, the iron in bilirubin molecules to be removed is a
valuable rare materials for the body. Therefore, iron is absorbed back in certain parts of the small
intestine. From there, this iron initially to the liver and the bone marrow. Here, the goal is to get rid of
bilirubin which is a hazardous material, as well as for the recovery of iron.

Bilirubin balance is important for our body. The slightest mistake on this system will lead to something
serious. One of the best examples is when bilirubin exceeds a certain level then arises jaundice.
However, the cells in the body, as if aware of this danger, dispose of hazardous substances from our
body with high accuracy while sorting out of useful materials and re-use.

Warehouse Red Blood Cells
Skills spleen did just that. Spleen keep a certain blood cells (red blood cells and platelets). The word
"save" might give the impression as if there is a separate room in the spleen that can be used as a
storage area. In fact, the spleen is a small organ that has no place for a warehouse. In this case the
spleen expands so that there is a place available for red blood cells and platelets. Spleen swell caused by
a disease also likely to have more storage space.

Contributions to the War

When there is an infection caused by microbes or any other disease, the body set up martial attacks
from the enemy, pushed the soldier cells to multiply. At times like these add to the production of spleen
lymphocytes and macrophages. Thus, the spleen is also participating in the "emergency operation"
launched by the time the disease will harm the body.

Other Production Center:

Nodes Lymph Nodes (lymph)

In the human body there is a kind of police force and police intelligence organizations spread
throughout the body. In this system there are also police stations with police guards, who can also set
up a new police if necessary. This system is the lymphatic system and police stations are lymph nodes.
Police in this system there was the lymphocyte.

The lymphatic system is a miracle that works for the benefit of mankind. This system consists of lymph
vessels-tick that diffused throughout the body, lymph node contained in certain places in the lymphatic
vessels, lymphocytes produced by lymph nodes and patrol along the lymphatic vessels, and lymph fluid
lymphocytes place to swim in it, which circulates in the lymphatic vessels.

The way this system works is as follows: lymph fluid in the lymphatic vessels and spread throughout the
body that are in contact with the tissue around the capillary lymphatic vessels. Lymph fluid back into the
lymphatic vessels shortly after doing this tour brings information about the network said. The
information is forwarded to the nearest lymph nodes in the lymphatic vessels. When hostilities broke
out on the network, this knowledge is passed to lymph nodes through lymphatic fluid.

If after observations on the nature of this enemy detected the danger, it issued a distress signal. At this
stage, began production in lymph node lymphocytes and cells other soldiers very quickly.

After the production phase, recruits are transported to the front line battlefield. This new soldier
running from the lymph nodes through lymphatic vessels to lymph fluid. They diffuse into the blood
stream from the lymphatic vessels, and eventually arrived at the battlefield. This is why the lymph nodes
on the infected lymph nodes swell happened first. This suggests that the production of lymphocytes in
the area increases.

Now, let's take a quick system:

- A special transportation that covers the entire body.

- Station lymph node spread in different regions

throughout the body.

- Intel operations directed against enemy cells.

- Production of soldiers according to intelligence reports.

This system would collapse if it lost one of its elements. And it is impossible for him to have originated
from a gradual development over time. For example, a system with lymphocytes and lymph nodes but
without lymphatic blood vessels will become useless. This system will work well only if all its elements
are created simultaneously.

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He is Allah, the Creator, Who Held. That Shaping Rupa, which have the names of the best. Glorify Him
what is in the heavens and on earth. And He is the Mighty, the Wise. (Surat al-Hashr, 59: 24)

Is it you who create it, or Kamikah who created it?

(Surat al-qi'ah Waa, 56: 59)

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