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March 2010                                                                                    Volume 32, Number 3

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                                                                                          March Program
President’s Message...........................................1
March Program ..................................................1
                                                                             7:00 PM "Letting Your Ancestor Introduce
Presidents’ Day Program………………………1
                                                                              Themselves to You in Their Own Written
Society Communication.....................................2
                                                                                    Words, or the Words of Others
4 Generations Charts..........................................2
                                                                            presented by Past Past President Millie Starr.
Internet Helps.....................................................2
                                                                             Millie has researched for many years and is
Who Do You Think You Are?...........................3
                                                                              convinced that writing offers the greatest
Hidden Value of Our Newsletter .......................3
                                                                                insight into the hearts and souls of our
Merced Genealogical Society Workshop...........4
                                                                           ancestors, their own writings or those of others.
Genealogy 101 Class Signup a Success .............4
                                                                            She likes to look for the Good, the Bad or the
The Campbells are Coming ...............................4
A Tale of 3 Soldiers …………………………5
Paine In the War Between the States ………….6
What Do You Want From Your Society Survey7
4 Generations Chart Form..................................8
Membership Information ...................................9

President’s Message
by Jeff Wells

Spring is on its way! The trees are beginning to bud and blossom and the cold short days of
winter are giving way to the mild, vernal season of spring. The green of March often reminds us
of the Emerald Isle of Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that are often
connected with family heritage. Saint Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated in the United States.
Why is an Irish holiday so prevalent in the United States? It’s Irish ancestry of course! Many in
our society can trace their lineage to Irish ancestors. Many more may find that they have and
ancestor who hailed from Galway, Dublin, or Belfast. There are many resources available to
researchers who are looking for Irish information. One in particular is This site is sponsored by the Irish Department of Arts, Sport, &
Tourism. It helps you gain access to church and other records in Ireland. So, if you encounter an
O’Malley or an O’Brien in you line you may want to consult I’ve
blathered so long now that you might think I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone. Anyway, welcome
Spring, shamrocks and Erin Go Bragh!
by Millie Starr
The February meeting celebrated Presidents' Day with a wonderful Souper-Supper. Good food, good
friends and good genealogical talk.

GSSC                                                                                         March 2010
Lowell Beachler presented our program. Besides being a charter member of our Society, he is a well
respected member of the genealogical community. He has been researching and writing historically
accurate family books and accounts on local communities since childhood. His topic was "A Violin". A
special violin that has its own Brick wall. No one knows if this violin came from Wales or Ireland. But it
has been in Lowell's family since before the Civil War. This story of music, early deaths, sad losses and
children in adoption homes could break your heart. Lowell shared pictures of different folks who were a
part of the life of 'A Violin'. He ended with the fact that at the division of keepsakes he was given the
violin, but passed it to his brother who was heartbroken to not receive it.

Society Communication
by Lewis M. Ruddick
If you have an email address and are not receiving reminders of meetings and special events of GSSC,
please send email to We do the majority of our Society communication using email and
without your current email address we are inadvertently leaving you out of the communication loop. It is
also the quickest way for you to receive your Stanislaus Researcher newsletter. Also directly related to
Society communication you will find attached a membership survey. Please complete and return it. We
need to know what you like and want from your Society.

4 Generations Charts
By Vickie Wolf
There has been a good response to the four (4) generations charts that were found in last month’s
Researcher. Because of the interest shown the form is being included again in this issue. It is the goal of
the Society to have a 4 Generation Chart completed for each of our members. If you have never
completed and submitted one, now is the time.

Internet Helps
By Lewis M. Ruddick
A little quick family member search tool is available from the folks at If you go to and fill in the boxes you can search to see if
someone other than you is researching your family member and then you can contact them and compare
The following list of useful resources was provided me by Peggy Perazzo Yolo County CAGenWeb
website coordinator:
The State Register and Yearbook of Facts: For the Year 1859,
(published annually, second year of publication), San Francisco: Henry G. Langley and Samuel A.
Morison, 1859, 432 pp. (Including some advertisements at the end of the book.)
American Memory - Library of Congress (photos, maps, texts, narratives)
American Life Histories: Manuscripts from the Federal Writers Project (WPA) 1936-1940
Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers (1880-1922)

GSSC                                                                                       March 2010
The Nineteenth Century in Print - Books & Periodicals
(1800s - 1900s)
California As I Saw It - First Person Narrative's of California's Early Years 1849-1900
California Heritage Project - Bancroft Library, University of California
Calisphere - A World of primary sources and more (University of
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection (includes maps, old atlases, co. histories, ads, etc.)
Browse by Category (David Rumsey Historical Map Collection web site)
Internet Archive (books, etc.)
Online Archive of California (photos & documents)
Project Gutenberg (books)
San Francisco Public Library Photograph Collection - California Subjects
U. S. Geological Survey Photographic Library
Permission is given to use photographs on the site if properly credited.
University of California History Digital Archives
Historic Topographic Maps of California - San Francisco Bay Area
The American Heritage Project
If you get through this list before the next issue you will have really done your genealogy homework!

Who Do You Think You Are?

Stock up on the popcorn and get ready for the new NBC hit show “Who Do You Think You Are?”
The family history-focused series will lead seven celebrities, including Lisa Kudrow, Sarah Jessica
Parker, Spike Lee, Matthew Broderick, Susan Sarandon, Emmitt Smith, and Brooke Shields, on a heart-
warming journey back in time as they discover more about their ancestors. Tune in to NBC Fridays 8/7c
beginning March 5. For more information about the show, go to:
you-are/. This could be the next biggest family history phenomenon since Roots!
From Rootsweb Review, 10 February 2010, Vol. 13, No. 2

Hidden Value of Our Newsletter
By Donna Buhler

Roy and Maybelle suggested I pass this on. Susan and Roy and Maybelle received a message to
send along to me. A lady in D.C. was helping her son with an assignment and came across the
article I had written for the writing group about the Elusive Elinor Briggs (in Nov. issue). Briggs
caught her eye because that name was in her family. It seems we share the same ancestors,
Asahel Gray and Elinor Briggs! Of their children, she came through Enoch Gray and I came
through Joseph Gray. Isn't that exciting? An excellent reason to write articles for the
newsletter! You just might connect with some of your family!!!

GSSC                                                                                       March 2010
Just thought you might want to know.
Merced Genealogical Society Workshop
March 20, 2010
Saturday 1:00 p.m. Gracey Room, Merced County Public Library, Merced
Mennonite Research
Speaker: Kevin Rempel
There are more than 1 and a half million Mennonites worldwide, many in the United States and Canada.
Kevin Rempel will introduce us to the Mennonite origins in Europe and North America, the different
kinds of Mennonites, and an overview of genealogical resources available at the Center for Mennonite
Brethren Studies. He will talk about the GRANDMA (Genealogical Registry And Database of
Mennonite Ancestry) project, a genealogical database created by the California Mennonite Historical
Society, and also the Brothers Keeper genealogy software program.
Kevin Enns-Rempel has been the Archivist in the Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies at Fresno
Pacific University since 1984 and in May 2010 will become Interim Director of Hiebert Library at the
All are welcome ~ No registration & No Fee
For additional information contact Robyn Echols

Genealogy 101 Class Information Update
By Lewis M. Ruddick

Vickie Wolf reports that she had 12 people enroll in her requested Genealogy 101 Class and is expecting
that all will enjoy a rewarding learning experience.

The Campbells Are Coming
By Millie Starr
Known as a 'fighting clan', the Campbells were always ready to join a battle, particularly against the
English. The family of Charles Franklin Campbell who is buried by the flagpole in the GAR Plot at
Modesto Citizens Cemetery certainly lived up to that tradition.
His grandfather, James Campbell, was born 1756 in Scotland and arrived in New Hampshire in 1774.
He served more than 6 years in the Revolutionary War. He was a Drum Major and a tailor by trade. After
the war he married Lucinda Johnson, moved to Maine, and raised a large family. He could not resist the
call to arms of the War of 1812. He was aboard the converted merchant sloop Growler near Isle Noix in
Lake Champlain when it was captured. They had ventured into the Richelieu River and were attacked by
the British from both sides. Soon captured they spent the winter as prisoners in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He
later refers to this in his pension application as the winter with no shoes.
James and Lucinda raised 10 children-6 sons. His first son, named Xerxes after the Persian Warrior King
appears to be the only son who also served in the War of 1812. The only one old enough I believe.
Xerxes had 2 wives and 11 children-8 sons. He married first Betsy Cunningham in 1804 in Litchfield and
later Diadama in about 1833.

GSSC                                                                                            March 2010
Xerxes oldest son George Campbell was born in 1805. The Maine Adjutant General advised me that
George was too old for the Civil War. But I knew he had served and soon determined that his solution to
the age problem was simply to lie, grandly, about his age. On November 25, 1863, he enlisted saying he
was 44 not 59. Soon taken prisoner in Louisiana he died in Fort Ford at Tyler Texas on the 18th of May
1864, one month and 8 days after his baby daughter Lizzie Lucinda was born. He left his widow,
Rosanna Stuart, and 6 children.
His half brothers Xerxes, [son of Xerxes] and Charles also fought in the Civil War. Xerxes died at
Andersonville. But Charles came through the war alive and married the many years older widow of his
brother, George, on the 30th of October 1868 in Boston.
Charles and Rosanna had 2 children, Walter and Bertha, and in the 1870s the family came to California.
Lizzie was still receiving payments from the pension of her deceased father. By 1879 Charles, a well
borer by trade had registered to vote, living at Waterford. His wife Rosanna returned to Maine to see her
older children and died there in 1883. Lizzie never knew her father as she was not yet born when he
marched off to war never to return. She was 18 when her mother died. The only father she knew,
Charles, lived on, on Third Street in Modesto until his death 19 May 1902. He rests with the honored
dead in the GAR Plot of Modesto Citizens Cemetery.

A Tale of 3 Soldiers --Is the War Really Over?
By Millie Starr
The Blue – Benjamin Franklin Naylor was born in New Jersey and raised in Pennsylvania . He celebrated
by enlisting 31 October 1863 just 2 weeks after his 17th birthday. He fought in the later battles of the
Civil War and was present at the surrender of Robert E. Lee. After the war he came to Gilroy California ,
leaving behind the broken bits of his family. His mother Lydia Swayne died when he was not yet 7 years
old. Father Samuel, a plasterer, soon remarried. Samuel’s two youngest children Hannah and Charles
lived with Samuel and his wife Harriet. The others lived ‘around in Chester County ’. Thirteen year old
Benjamin was in the household of Oborn Harlan in 1860. Samuel enlisted January 16, 1864 at
Philadelphia . His son George W. had preceded him by enlisting on October 21, 1862 . They both were
Sergeants and both died at Andersonville , George first on 7 August 1864 and a month and a day later he
was followed by his father. Not much to go home to.
The Grey - Richard Clearchus Hancock and his younger brother James William were 28 & 26 living in
New Madrid Missouri at the outbreak of the War of the Rebellion. James leaves almost no traces behind.
He was in the census, and then he enlisted, says, ‘elected 3rd Lt. on April 20, 1861 ’. Resigned December
30, 1861 . He is listed as being with a group of prisoners captured on December 19, 1861 . His probate
was filed in 1864 at New Madrid and all is distributed to Mollie Phigley and Richard Hancock. Did he
re-up, was he wounded, did he take sick, was he a prisoner for the duration? Only questions, no answers.
Richard Clearchus leaves a record, he has muster cards, and a heavy trail of being captured. I can’t tell if
he was inept or just unlucky. Enlisted on Sept 15, 1862 , captured on March 29/ April 9, 1863 at the
Chalk Bluffs of Arkansas or in Dunklin County Missouri. Sent to Myrtle Street prison and then to
Gratiot Street prison. On April 25 sent to Alton , then on 28 to City Point Virginia to be exchanged. On 9
May the Provost Marshal sends a letter saying that he is not a private but an Ordinance Sergeant. But he
was already gone. 10 September 1863 captured at Little Rock , on November 27, 1864 captured at New
Madrid Missouri, gave himself up, released on oath of allegiance & $300 bond. His interrogatory of April
14 1863 on Myrtle Street is of great interest. He is polite, and respectful, but gives little info and after the
war is over he is not located.
The Connection – Mary Catherine Hancock {Mollie}, the sister of Richard and James came to California
with her husband James F. Phegley in 1870 and their children. Among these was 5 year old Annie

GSSC                                                                                       March 2010
Morgan who would grow up and marry Benjamin F. Naylor. Edith a daughter of Ben and Annie told me
that “Her Daddy did not approve of Mama marrying Ben Naylor. He fought for the North.”
Eighteen years since the war was over, more than 15 since they left Missouri , but the lines were still
clear. Were you blue or grey? James William Phegley born 1913, to William Morgan Phegley, Annie’s
older brother, would tell me of going with his father to the Salinas area known as “Confederate Corners.”
His father died in 1936, but late in the 20th century you could still go to the area known as Confederate
Is the war really over?

Harden Paine & Harden Lafayette Paine
In the War Between the States
By Millie Starr
James Paine arriving from England in the first half of the 18th century, married in Virginia, moved into
North Carolina early on. His fourth son William was born in 1751 in NC. William married Prudence
Bumpass, a girl from a working class family background and so was disinherited. "Harden Paine,
grandson of James Paine and grandfather of Harden L. Paine, was born in Caswell County North
Carolina. Harden married his cousin, Nancy Bumpass, of the same county in 1807. In 1812 he moved to
Giles County, Tennessee, then to Lauderdale, Alabama, but came back to Lawrence County Tennessee.
He built there a brick house like his grandfather James in North Carolina but in 1836 with about fifty
families emigrated to Missouri. They crossed the Ohio, then over the south end of Illinois to Green's old
ferry on the Mississippi River, taking more than two days to cross, through Cape Girardeau, Saint
Francois, Washington, and Phelps counties. On to Little Piney on the Gasconnade and then further to
Pulaski county. They came to a settlement on the Little Niangua north of Louisburg in Dallas
County."(more detail in the original account)
Harden married his cousin Nancy Bumpass, having 7 children. Their 5th child was James Williamson
Paine. This large and prosperous family was living in Dallas county Missouri in 1860. Harden and
Nancy are listed in the census with 10 slaves. His son Jesse had 2 slaves and son James Williamson Paine
also had slaves, indicated by a larger than normal amount of personal property reported on the census.
James and Nancy's second child, a son, Harden Lafayette, was born 21 October 1842.
James W. Paine, son of Harden, does not show a choosing of sides at the outbreak of this devastating
war. His son Harden Lafayette Paine chose to serve in the Union Army in 1861.
The grandfather Harden Paine lost his wife, Nancy, in 1861 and buried her in Missouri. Then chose to
take to the trail and move to Texas with his slaves. He died there December 9, 1865. I wonder if the
knowledge that the war had ended badly for his way of life, speeded his demise.
His granddad Harden went to Texas with his slaves and Harden L. enlisted. He was a Private in
Company B 14 Regiment Missouri State Militia Cavalry, and is on the muster rolls from December 1861
until discharged March 1865 at Warrensburg Missouri. In 1870 he and his wife Rachel Reavis [whose
grandfather Samuel Reavis had been a slave owner] and their daughter Lena were in Polk County and by
1880 they were in Galena Kansas. Before 1900 they were settled in Fresno with 9 children among many
of their extended family and friends. In addition to being a farmer, he had been a blacksmith, a marshal
and a deputy sheriff. His last years were spent in the Home for Disabled Veterans at Sawtelle, which on
the census is in Malibu Township. On March 11, 1922 Taps was played for Harden Lafayette Paine.
He is buried in the National Cemetery at Los Angeles-Section 42, Row U Site 2.
Harden Paine is the father of James Williamson Paine buried in our citizens cemetery. One of James’
daughter's family live here to this day.


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