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About 250 years ago, with the invention of the microscope, the scientists discovered that we live with a
lot of small creatures, which we can not see with the naked eye. These creatures are everywhere, from
the air we breathe, to any objects that are in contact with the surface of our bodies. Also found that
these creatures penetrate the human body.

Despite the presence of the enemy was discovered two and a half centuries ago, a large part of the
secret "defense system" who fought with determination has not yet been uncovered. Once a foreign
object enters the body, seca-ra spontaneous body molecular system is activated. With a design
strategist, he declared war against the enemy desperately. If we see a glimpse of how the system works,
it appears that each phase takes place according to a meticulous plan.

System That Never Sleeps

We realize it or not, millions of operations and the reaction takes place in our bodies every second. This
went on while we were sleeping.

This intense activity occurs in a time interval is very short in our view. There is a fundamental difference
between the view of the time in our daily lives with our body's biological time. The span of one second
that represents a wak-tu very short in our daily life, a very long time for many systems and organs that
work in our bodies. If all the activities carried out by all the organs, tissues and cells of the body in one
second it was written, the result is unimaginable, beyond the limits of the human mind.

One of the most important systems that continuously perform activities were never shirking his duties,
is a defense system. This system protects the body day and night of all kinds assailant. He worked with
great diligence, like a fully-equipped army, for the body it serves.

Every system, organ, or group of cells in the body representing the overall division of labor in a perfect.
Any failure in the system ruins the order. And the immune system is needed.

Could we survive if the defense system? Or, what kind of life would we have if the system fails to meet
most of its functions?

Not difficult to estimate the answer. Some examples in the medical world to clarify the importance of
the immune system. The story of the patient who is quoted in many relevant sources of beta-pa shows
the difficulty of life would be in case of a disturbance in the defense system.
Once born, the patient was immediately placed in a sterile tick a plastic tent. No one is allowed to enter.
Patients were forbidden to touch another human being. As he grew up, he are placed in larger plastic
tent. To get out of his tent, he had to wear a specially designed dress like astronauts. What keeps these
patients lead a normal life like everyone else? After birth, the patient's immune system is not developed
normally. No armed forces on his body to protect it from the enemy.

The doctor in charge of the child aware of what could happen if he entered the normal environment. He
will soon suffer pi-lek, a disease in his throat; despite being given antibiotics and other medical
treatment, he will suffer infection after it. Before long, medical care will lose the effect, resulting in the
death of the boy's.

At best, the boy would only live a few months or a few years out of this safe environment. Then the boy
world was forever limited by the walls of the plastic tent.

After some time, the doctor and his family put him in a space that is truly free of pests are specially
prepared at home. However, these efforts did not produce results. In his early teens, the boy died when
a bone transplant gagal.1

Family, doctors, hospital staff where he was treated before, and pharmaceutical companies have been
trying their best un-tuk keeping the boy alive. Although the absolute one else has attempted, and
shelter the boy was always disinfected, death can not be prevented.

The end of this story shows that it is possible for humans to survive in the absence of an immune system
that protects them from microbes. It is proved that the immune system must have been a complete and
thorough since humans first. Therefore, it makes no sense that such a system was developed gradually
over a long time interval as the theory of evolution. Man without an immune system, or the immune
system is not functioning, it will soon die as in the case above.

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In the lymph node fighting broke out between the attackers and the body's defense forces. When
bacteria enter through the lymphatic channels (1), macrophages engulf most of the attackers were (2),
destroyed it, and show that identity marker bacteria on the surface itself. Chemical message is given to a
kind of white blood cells known as helper T cells (3), which respond by increasing (4) and release
chemical messages calling for more troops to that section (5). Other T cell signaling to cell B to descend
into battle (6). Some B cells start reproducing (7), and these new cells store information to help the body
fight a common enemy in the future (8). Other B cells secrete thousands of antibody per second (9),
forcing the bacteria to clot (10). Furthermore, macrophage wiped out, swallowed the lump bacteria
while certain protein molecules and antibodies make the bacteria easy to swallow macrophages (11).
Sometimes, the protein was directly kill bacteria by piercing the cell wall (12). Macrophages cleaner then
clean all nodes of the remnants of the battle, swallowing antibody scattered, dead bacteria, and other
debris until the infection is gone.

The boy in the bubble. Born in 1971 without immunity, he was born in the holy pest in a hospital.
However, his death can not be prevented.

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