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					                St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church
           1649 Kingsley Avenue      Orange Park, FL 32073
(904) 264-0577                        Website:
(904) 264-7999 fax                    email:

                                    Father James R. Boddie, Jr., Pastor                  Ext. 325
                                    Father Jose Maniyangat, Parochial Vicar              Ext. 311
                                    Father Dan Nelson, Parochial Vicar                   Ext. 313
                                    Deacon Peter Dang        
                                    Deacon Larry Hart               
                                    Deacon Ralph Martinez
                                    Sarah Thompson, Business Manager                     Ext. 305
                                    Jennifer Kollasch, Worship Coordinator               Ext. 324
                                    Vincent Reilly, Director, Faith Formation            Ext. 322
                                    Robin Shipley, Youth Coordinator                     Ext. 326
                                    Cheri Forster, Social Ministries Coordinator         Ext. 310
                                    Lyn Hall, Stewardship Coordinator                    Ext. 306
                                    Victoria Loreto, Hispanic Ministry Coordinator       Ext. 337
                                    Perpetual Adoration Coordinators:
                                     Patty Archambault, 269-5030 & Mary Hartwell, 264-1904
                                           Annunciation Catholic Interparish School
                                    Susan Altieri, Principal                          282-0504
                                                                                  Fax: 282-6808

                                    Monday-Friday                         7:00AM and 9:00AM
                                    Saturday                                         9:00AM

                                    Saturday Vigil Eucharist                          5:00PM
                                    Sunday Eucharist                       8:00AM & 10:00AM
                                                                             12 Noon, 5:00 PM
                                                                             6:30PM (Spanish)

                                    Nursery Available:                                 10:00AM
                                    Sacrament of Penance:                Saturday 3:30-4:30PM
                                                                           and by appointment
                                           Parish Office Hours:
                                    Monday-Friday                              8:30AM-4:30PM
Page 2                                                                        July 22, 2012

7:00 A.M.                                                             SUNDAY, JULY 22ND:
Monday           +Carol Sparer                                         9:00am Men’s CRHP, Rooney Hall
Tuesday          +Jerry Mendoza                                        2:30pm NAIN, Siena Room
Wednesday        +Dativo & Pascuala Bartolome                         MONDAY, JULY 23RD:
Thursday         +Vincent Lockwood                                     7:00pm Diocesan Hispanic Youth, Room K
Friday           +Dick Shipley                                         7:00pm Women’s CRHP, Church Conf. Room
9:00 A.M.                                                              7:30pm Christian Meditation, Siena Room
Monday           +Margaret DeFilippi                                  TUESDAY, JULY 24TH:
Tuesday          +Jerry Iaccarino                                     10:00am Church in Deuteronomy, Siena Room
Wednesday        +Frank & Betty Plato                                 12:00pm Mahjong, Rooney Hall
10:00am          Jennie Hawkinson, for healing                         7:00pm Spanish Charismatic, Church Conference Room
10:00am          +Dolores Flood                                        7:00pm K of C 4th Degree, Siena Room
Thursday         Teresa Riancho, Birthday                              7:30pm Boy Scouts, Haut Hall
Friday           +Bob & Frances Tormento                              WEDNESDAY, JULY 25TH:
Saturday         +Edward Ingram                                        9:30am Handicrafts, Haut Hall
5:00pm           +Maria Romero                                        10:00am ESL, Upper Room
                                                                       7:00pm NFP Informational Session, Siena Room
SUNDAY, July 29, 2012                                                  7:00pm RCIA Sponsor Training, Upper Room
  8:00am     +Robert T. Wood                                           7:00pm Eucharist workshop with Fernando, Haut Hall
10:00am      St. Catherine’s Parishioners                              7:00pm Legion of Mary, Church Conf. Rm.
12Noon       Jose Maria Esquivia, Birthday                            THURSDAY, JULY 26TH:
 5:00pm      Dr. & Mrs. Hector Rivera                                  9:00am Young at Heart, Rooney Hall
 6:30pm      Jose Antonio Valencia & Family                           10:00am Rose White Small Group, Church Conference Room
                                                                       7:00pm K of C Social, Haut Hall
               READINGS FOR THE WEEK
                                                                      FRIDAY, JULY 27TH:
                                                                       4:00pm Chicken Foot, Rooney Hall
Monday:            Mi 6:1-4, 6-8; Mt 12:38-42
                                                                      SATURDAY, JULY 28TH:
Tuesday:           Mi 7:14-15, 18-20; Mt 12:46-50
Wednesday:         2 Cor 4:7-15; Mt 20:20-28
Thursday:          Jer 2:1-3, 7-8, 12-13; Mt 13:10-17
                                                                            Changes to Mass Intention Policy:
Friday:            Jer 3:14-17; Mt 13:18-23
Saturday:          Jer 7:1-11; Mt 13:24-30                            Because our parish is so large and we have
Sunday:            2 Kgs 4:42-44; Ps 145; Eph 4:1-6;                  many requests for Mass Intentions for a
                   Jn 6:1-15                                          loved one, we find it necessary to limit
                                                                      the number of Mass intentions per weekend
                                                                      to one (1) per family per month.
This segment of the Bulletin focuses on Faith Sharing you can         Mass Intentions for the coming year will not
do at home with your family. Each week a new question will            be taken until May of the current year. (For example,
appear, based on next Sunday’s readings. You can use the
                                                                      we are currently taking 2013, but 2014 will not be
above guide for the readings, taking time to go over the upcom-
ing Sunday’s readings with your family and using the questions        available until May of 2013.)
below, share your faith with one another. Parish groups meet-         Your prayerful respect of this new policy is
ing during this next week will also be sharing their faith with one   appreciated. It is our objective to pay respect to
another using these same questions.                                   as many families as possible.

Adult:   In what ways do you generously provide for the
         needs of others who have little or nothing?

Child:   How do you share what you have with others?
         Everyday this week, write or draw what you have
         done to share with a classmate or neighbor.                     Wedding Banns are announced for the second time:
                                                                          Between: Adam Williams and Sharlene Velez
Welcome to the Eucharistic and Charismatic Healing                               Wedding Date: August 7, 2012
Ministry at St. Catherine Catholic Church. Those who are
looking for the healing of the mind, body & soul come to                  Wedding Banns are announced for the third time:
see the healing power of Jesus Christ, who is the                         Between: Mackenzie Griffith and Jennifer Nee
supreme healer. Next healing Mass August 4, 2012
                                                                                  Wedding Date: July 28, 2012
at 5:00pm.
July 22, 2012                                                                                                                             Page 3

                    FORMATION                                                              SUNDAY OFFERING
                                 Are you interested in           Weekly Stewardship Offering Budget                                   $29,845.00
                                 learning more about the         Weekly Receipts Received                                              25,304.50
                                 Catholic faith?   People        Under/Over Budget                                                      -4,540.50
                                 are drawn to explore the
                                 Catholic faith for many         Weekly Mortgage Budget                                                $5,844.00
                                 reasons. Some have be-          Weekly Receipts Received                                               4,339.00
                                 come     curious   after        Under/Over Budget                                                     -1,505.00
                                 experiencing the prayer         Monthly Mortgage Payment                                              25,324.00
                                 and ritual of a Catholic        Mortgage Balance                                                     946,297.68
Mass at a funeral or a wedding. Some have seen the
hope and comfort a Catholic friend, relative or co-
worker found in the Catholic faith when they were ex-
periencing a difficulty or crisis. Others are either con-        Nursery News- Registration is open for
templating marriage to a Catholic or are already married
to a Catholic and desire to know more about what their
                                                                 Mother’s Day Out Pre-School
mate believes.                                                   September-May 2012/2013 school year.
                                                                 Program is open to children 2-5 years
If you or someone you know fits the description above,           old. MDO is on Tuesday, Wednesday
join us Wednesday, August 1st at 7:00pm in Haut Hall             and/or Thursday from 9am-1pm. For
to learn more about the process of becoming Catholic or          more information, contact the parish or
to begin the journey into our faith. You will be glad you        call Margaret @ 504-9699.
came and we will be happy to help you!
                                                                   Why choose ANNUNCIATION CATHOLIC SCHOOL?
SPONSORS NEEDED                                                                    VPK – 8th grade
We are in need of Sponsors for the coming year. We will
have a training session this Wednesday, July 25th at                    ·      Christian values are part of the daily curriculum
7:00pm in the Formation Center. If you are interested                   ·      High academic standards
in this important ministry, please contact Vincent at                   ·      Healthy athletic program with twice weekly PE
264-0577 or                                       classes and school sports for 6th-8th graders
                                                                        ·      Inspiring humanities courses in the Arts & Sci-
                                                                               ence Wing with weekly classes in music, art, and in
                                                                               the science lab
     I Am The Bread of Life                                             ·      Structured and disciplined learning environment
Every three years, during the Year of                                          on a safety-conscious campus
Mark (Year B), we take a pause from                                     ·      Exceptional, highly qualified faculty brings out the
his Gospel, to focus on the Gospel of                                          hidden academic, artistic, and athletic talents of our
John’s theology of the Eucharist. This                                         students
year, we will be having an in-depth                                     ·      Graduates who are motivated, college-bound stu-
study of these readings from John’s
Gospel on Thursday nights at 7:00pm
                                                                               dents and accepted into high school Honors classes,
in the Formation Center beginning                                              Advanced Placement classes, IB programs, and Cam-
July 26th. We hope you will join us                                            bridge Academy
for discussion and reflection on the
gift of the Eucharist.                                                              Registering for the 2012-13 school year
                                                                            Parish financial assistance is available. Contact your pas-
            RELIGIOUS EDUCATION NEWS                                          SUFS (Step-Up for Students) scholarships accepted.
Regular Religious Education registration is ongoing. Please
                                                                        Visit the school website at
stop by the parish Office during regular office hours or print
                                                                        or phone 904-282-0504 to arrange a tour with Mrs. Alti-
out the registration forms online at
                                                                        eri, Principal, and discuss what Annunciation can offer
under the Religious Education tab.
                                                                        your child.
CATECHISTS NEEDED                                                Living Stewardship Now
We are need of 6 Catechists beginning September 2012 on                   Look at your life and try to add up how you spend your
Sundays at 10:30am.. If you feel God calling you to share        week. How much time is devoted to God, family, work, and service?
your faith, give Vincent a call at 264-0577 who will be happy    Do you rest and relax or just change activities? What are your time-
to share more information and answer all your questions.         wasters?
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Page 4                                                                                                                             July 22, 2012

Pray for the sick: Danny Pacheco, Maria Cristina, Flora         Help Raise Funds and Enjoy Great Food!
Bada, Kathryn Schlofman, Katie Starnes, Walter Skulsky,
Elizabeth Hartley, Joyce Cooper, Carmella Keeler, Margaret      Eat at The Loop on Wells Road
Tasso, Robert Timby, Gertrude Cullwell, Loretta Schick, Sor     anytime, any day; have your re-
Aminta De La Trinidad, Pat Foerster, Bobby Degraff, Josefa
Pacheco, Sandy Logue, Dana Tarter, Ryan Hathaway, Alexis         ceipt stamped St. Catherine’s,
Lato, Mary Keeton, Johnny Hankel, Carlo Pacheco, Sr., Marie     turn it in to the church, and at
Bills, Ada Rauco, Theresa Maniyangat, Christy Corum, Ber-
nadine Scroggins, Ann Setinsek, Jennie Hawkinson, Robert       the end of the month we get 10%
Melson, Barry Scartoti, Beverly Kendrick, Maria de Jesus                              of the sale!
Valencia, James Carbonell, Todd Kelley, Carol Jones, Jean
Schuler, Eloisa Garcia, Ann. Melissa Staley and family,
Bernie Edmond, Jay Levenson, Kathy Lancaster, Marjorie                                 The Urban Plungers thank you
Goyer, Robert Melson, Tommy Ippolito & Family, Rosa                                    again for all of your support!
Herrera, Jim Slezak, Margaret Harvey, Daniel Kamara, Belen
Baran, Maria de Jesus Valencia, John Duncan, Ernesto &
Clara Palomino, Luis A. Bonilla, Julio Hanze, David Hause,
Brendon Porres, Debby Beaulieu, Dorothy Rogero, Diana
Dantic, Henry Simanoski, Yvonne Kosson, Noemi Ofarreolli.
                                                                   Please visit the youth website
The Deceased: Ednamae Harding, Carmelo Augusto Intra-     
vaia, Jeanne Marie Zimmer, Paul M. Guyette, J. Carmen Mar-
tinez, Peter Timothy Walls, and Kerry Ann Spencer.                               And
                                                                 Follow us on Twitter: Stcatsyouth
 The Flowers on the altar are                                        Join our FACEBOOK Group!
        in honor of the
    Most Precious Blood.
                                                               Prayer House will meet Thursday,
                                                                           July 27th in
           LITURGICAL MINISTERS FOR                           The Youth Room at 7:15. We hope
                                                              to see you there and please bring a
SAT. 5 PM—Altar Server: E. Miller, A. Hanson; Reader: E.                 friend or two!
Murray, J. Palazzolo; EMHC: N. Wetherbee, J. Steineck, M.
Ziegler, M. Anastas, T. Avena, R. Kerschen, R. Smith, A.
Marino, J. Ford, M. Scruby, V. Avena.
SUN. 8 AM—Altar Server: J. Delgadillo, T. Schad; Reader:                                               The Youth have license plates
S. Granger, L. Caron; EMHC: F. Azer, DA. Armoogam, D.
Hall, G. Harris, P. Parot, B. Mayette, B. Schaeffer, J.                                                for $20 in the Church office.
Yacalavitch, J. Sikora, D. Lake, J. Hardin, P. Sikora.
SUN. 10 AM—Altar Server: R. Gillette, C. Allen, A. Lloyd;
Reader: C. Cuevas, S. Higginbotham,; EMHC: V. Counts, M.      Discernment Retreat, July 27-29 – The Office of Vocations
Cordor, J. Monroe, R. Gillette, V. Counts, A. Kerins, J.      is sponsoring a discernment retreat at Marywood Retreat and
Heather, M. Wehby, D. Fiscus, R. Surio, K. Bagalacsa, M.      Conference Center, St. Johns, FL. This retreat is open to men
Holmes, K. Vadnais.                                           ages 16-40 who may be considering a vocation to the priest-
SUN. 12 PM—Altar Server: C. Hall, C. Hall, N. Yrigollen;      hood. For more information please visit the Vocations Events
Reader: S. Hughes, C. Hall; EMHC: C. Forster, T. Muldrew,     page on our diocesan website at Pre-
M.L. Handy, I. Waters, M. Azenaro, J. Dang, C. Almojera, A.   registration is required, so please call (904) 262-3200 ext.
Knowles, L. Soberano, K. Downing, M. Almojera, T.             101 or email
Schaffer, K. Forster.
SUN. 5 PM—Altar Server: H. Schwartz, J. Schwartz;             La corresponsabilidad vivida ahora
Reader: M. Amy, H. Monahan; EMHC: C. Lopresti, G.                         Reflexiona sobre tu vida y trata de hacer un recuento de
Shwartz, M. Mullin, S. Bell, T. Lopresti, R. Schwartz.        cómo pasaste la semana. ¿Cuánto tiempo dedicaste a Dios, la
SUN. 6:30 PM—Altar Server: M. Vasquez, G. Rodriguez;          familia, el trabajo y los servicios? ¿Descansas y sabes relajarte, o
Reader: P. Portillo; EMHC: M. Galeano, D. Vasquez, L. M.      sólo cambias de actividades? ¿Dónde pierdes el tiempo?
                                                              Copyright © 2011, World Library Publications. All rights reserved.
Rodriguez, J. Vasquez.
July 22, 2012                                                                                                                    Page 5

                XVI Domingo Ordinario                             News from Social Ministries …
       ¿Nuevo en la parroquia? ¡BIENVENIDO!
                                                                             Military Board
      Para más información llame a Victoria Loreto al
                  904- 264-0577 ext..337                               This July we will be redoing our
                                                                               Military Board.
                 Confesiones en español:
  •     Los domingos antes de la Misa de las 6:30 p.m.                                Please contact Cheri in
                                                                                      the parish if you would
                                                                                         like to update your
                                                                                           service member
  “Vengan                                                                             picture or if you would
  conmigo a                                                                            like to have someone
                                                                                        added. We will also
  un lugar
                                                                                have a section for our
  solitario                                                                       fallen members.
  para que
  un poco”                                                     NAMI FAMILY TO FAMILY CLASS - Free 12 week course
                                                                   for families of individuals with schizophrenia, bipolar,
                                                                   schizoaffective, depression, PTS, anxiety or obsessive
  Mc 6,31                                                      compulsive disorders… Excellent, comprehensive information
                                                               and support…Thursday evenings, beginning August 23, 2012,
                                                                    from 6:00-8:30 PM., St. Catherine’s Rooney Hall…
¿Estamos conscientes que la falta de amor es la causa de         Pre-registration required…Class limited to 25…Call Judy
                  nuestros males?                                    Bennett (904-264-6402) or e-mail Judy Bennett at
 Cenáculo de la Divina Voluntad: Cada Miércoles
                                                              to register/ ask questions.
de 11 a.m. a 1 p.m. Salón de Conferencias.
Adoración Perpetua en la Capilla: Libre de 6:30                            Words to live by ….
a.m. a 3 p.m. Otras horas, hablar con Mary Hartwell.            Pope Benedicts XVI Encyclical letter CARITAS
 Reunión de Jóvenes Hispanos: Martes a las 7 de la             For the Church, instructed by the Gospel, charity is
 noche. Informan Victoria Toledo, Mercedes Argueta, Silvia     everything because, as Saint John teaches (cf. 1 Jn 4:8,
                                                               16) and as I recalled in my first Encyclical Letter,
 Ensayo del Coro Infantil: Martes a las 6 de la tarde.         “God is love” (Deus Caritas Est): everything has its ori-
 Informan Itzel Ehrman y Alejandro Paez.                       gin in God's love, everything is shaped by it, everything
 Clases de Inglés: Miércoles a las 10 de la mañana. Habrá      is directed towards it. Love is God's greatest gift to
 clases el mes de Julio.                                       humanity, it is his promise and our hope.
 Clase de Bautismo en español: La próxima será el 19 de
 Agosto. Favor inscribirse en la oficina. Gracias                              Thinking about Catholic High School
 Clases de RICA: Empiezan en Agosto. Si sabes de alguien que
                                                               Do you have a child entering the 8th grade at a public or non-catholic
 quiera ser católico, invítalo, por favor. GRACIAS.            private school this fall? Would you like that student to be able to take
                                                               advantage of all that Bishop Kenny has to
                                                                offer for teir high school years?
MAGNIFICAT Ya estamos recibiendo las suscripciones             The registration list for the 2013-2014 school year opens on
para la renovacion de la revista Magnificat. Esta revista      Wednesday, August 1, 2012. By placing your student’s name on our
contiene lecturas para todos los días, meditaciones y ora-     list you’ll be assured of receiving informational literature, an invitation
ciones. Para quienes quieran renovarlo, podrán encontrar       to our open house, placement test information and more. This is the
el formulario en la tienda de regalos. Para quienes esten      same literature that is sent to 8th grade students in the Catholic ele-
interesados en adquirirla favor llamar a la oficina            mentary schools. All you have to do is call the office of Admissions at
Parroquial..                                                   398-7545 to be included on the list..
                                                                      Catholic Teaching on Marriage, Married Love and
                                                                      Responsible Parenthood
                                                                      …the nature of marriage
                                                                      God Himself is the author of marriage, endowed as it is with
                                                                      various benefits and purposes. All of these have a very deci-
                                                                      sive bearing on the continuation of the human race, on the per-
                                                                      sonal development and eternal destiny of the individual mem-
                                                                      bers of a family, and on the dignity, stability, peace and pros-
                                                                      perity of the family itself and of human society as a whole. (The
                                                                      Second Vatican Council, Gaudium et spes, no. 48) By their very nature,
                                                                      the institution of matrimony itself and conjugal love are or-
                                                                      dained for the procreation and education of children, and find in
                                                                      them their ultimate crown. (The Second Vatican Council, Gaudium et
                                                                      spes, no. 48)
                                                                     Marriage is not, then, the effect of chance or the product of
evolution of unconscious natural forces; it is the wise institution of the Creator to realize in mankind His design of love.
(Humanae vitae, no. 8) Marriage is more than a civil contract; it is a lifelong covenant of love between a man and a woman. It
is an intimate partnership in which husbands and wives learn to give and receive love unselfishly, and then teach their chil-
dren to do so as well. Christian marriage in particular is a “great mystery,” a sign of love between Christ and His Church
(Eph 5:32). (Married Love and the Gift of Life, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2006, p. 3)
The Church speaks of an inseparable connection between the two ends of marriage: the good of the spouses themselves
as well as the procreation of children. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that “these two meanings or values
of marriage cannot be separated without altering the couple’s spiritual life and compromising the goods of marriage and
the future of the family.” This inseparability arises from the very nature of conjugal love, a love that “stands under the two-
fold obligation of fidelity and fecundity.” (See,
Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2009, p. 15)

2012 Candidate Questionnaire Project: What’s a Catholic voter to do? Catholic faithful are urged to choose their
political leaders to principle, not party affiliation or mere self-interest. To help parishioners become informed on where
candidates stand on key issues, the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops has polled those running for office in the
U.S. Congress and Florida Legislature. To see how candidates on the August 14 primary election/November 6 general
election ballot respond to the questionnaire, visit

2012 Candidate Questionnaire Project: Let your conscience be your guide. Catholic faithful are called to political
engagement shaped by the moral convictions of well-formed consciences and focused on the dignity of every human
being, the pursuit of the common good, and the protection of the weak and the vulnerable. To help parishioners become
informed on where candidates stand on key issues, the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops has polled those running
for office in the U.S. Congress and Florida Legislature. To see how candidates on the August 14 primary election/
November 6 general election ballot responded to the questionnaire, visit

2012 Candidate Questionnaire Project: An informed voter is a responsible voter. The U.S. bishops remind us, “In
the Catholic Tradition, responsible citizenship is a virtue, and participation in political life is a moral obligation.’ To help
parishioners become informed on where candidates stand by on key issues, the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops
has polled those running for office in the U.S. Congress and Florida Legislature. To see how candidates on the August
14 primary election / November 6 general election ballot responded to the questionnaire, visit
St. Augustine Parish in Ghana is opening a preschool and they are in need of ...
Toys, Puzzles,            Crayons, pencils        Reading books,
Blocks, & more            Scissors, paper       Backpacks, clothing
(no batteries )                 etc.                  And shoes

        Bring them to the parish office no later then August 15th
Page 8                                                                                                                        July 22, 2012

           LIVING THE PASCHAL MYSTERY                                    CHICKEN FOOT is here! (for Adults only)
                                                                         every Friday at 4:00pm in Rooney Hall.
    Today we celebrate the Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary
Time. How nice if all of us would hunger for Jesus’ teach-               Chicken foot owes its name to the shape the
ing as much as we desire our physical, spiritual, and emo-               tiles make when playing the game. It is usually
tional needs to be met! One way to assure that we are al-                played with a double-12 set of dominoes; how-
ways able to hear and receive Jesus’ teaching is to depart,              ever, there is no resemblance to the traditional game of
like the apostles, to a deserted place to rest. Part of living           dominoes. The object of the game is to play all of your
the rhythm of the paschal mystery is to discern when to                  tiles first. Players find it best to be ready to laugh a lot.
care for others and when to care for ourselves. This is not
always such an easy balance to achieve. So we look to the
Good Shepherd to learn when to teach and good deeds,                     The Diocesan Center for Family Life has a job opening for a
and when to rest. We look to the Good Shepherd to know                   part-time Marriage and Family Life Assistant. Assists the Mar-
when to pursue the good we think we need and when to let                 riage and Family Life Coordinator and ensures smooth operation of
that good lead us to something even greater. We look to                  both the ministry and the office by managing administrative func-
the Good Shepherd to give us unexpected good beyond our                  tions. Intermediate to advanced proficiency in the Microsoft Office
imagining.                                                               suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook and
     Many of us could never imagine ourselves serving one
                                                                         Access needed. Minimum high school diploma or equivalent re-
another through the Liturgy, but perhaps when you “draw
away” like the apostles, you may discover that you yearn                 quired plus knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church on
to share the word as a reader, or sing your prayers in the               Marriage and Family Life issues. Occasional weekend hours. Inter-
choir, or even to hold and share the Body of Christ as an                ested candidates should mail a cover letter, ‘Employment Application’
Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. Do not limit                    and resume to: Diocesan Center for Family Life, Attn: Mike Day,
yourself or your thoughts when you are within the walls of               2577 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204 no later than July 27,
our Church and our Liturgy. Be open to the Call!                         2012. The ‘Employment Application’ can be found on the diocesan
                                                                         website ( under ‘Employment’. For a complete job
The Diocesan Center for Family Life has a job opening for a              description or more information, email
part-time Respect Life Administrative Assistant. Assists the Re-
spect Life Coordinator and ensures smooth operation of both the
ministry and the office by managing administrative functions. Inter-
mediate to advanced proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite, includ-
ing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook and Access
needed. Minimum high school diploma or equivalent required plus
knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church on Respect Life
issues. Occasional weekend hours. Interested candidates should
mail a cover letter, ‘Employment Application’ and resume to: Dioce-
san Center for Family Life, Attn: Mike Day, 2577 Park Street, Jack-
sonville, FL 32204 no later than July 27, 2012. The ‘Employment
Application’ can be found on the diocesan website (
under ‘Employment’. For a complete job description or more informa-
tion, email

Diocesan Marriage Renewal weekend, August
17-19 – This weekend is an opportunity to spend
time with each other to rekindle and renew your
love. The weekend consists of talks given by a
priest and married couples, time for reflection
alone with your spouse and plenty of privacy to
foster the growth of your sacramental union in
Christ. There is no forced sharing. For more infor-
mation, contact John and Tina Morrissey at
(904) 744-6843 or see our website at:

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