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There are 206 bones in our body. You may consider it too much, but with the example we will see, you
will understand the need for a lot of bones in our body. Let us imagine our fingers. If any of you finger
consists only of one bone only, you would not be able to hold this book as you do now. This is because a
hard bone can not be bent and will eventually break if you force it too hard. Because you can not bend
your fingers, you will not be able to hold or to catch and hold an object. You also will not be able to
write or eat. That lets you hold this book easily and may also drink fruit juice at the same time you are
the 27 interconnected bones, including those on your fingers, in your hands.

As mentioned previously, there are 206 bones in our bodies, which are connected to each other as on
the hands. Each bone is located in place by intelligent planning. Thanks to this plan, you can lean
forward, knees, or turn his head to the side. But make no mistake: you can not do all this just by using
your bones, because bones can not be bent. There are connections at the connecting points of your
bones. Thanks to this connection, you can easily bend the hands, his feet, and using your fingers.

Now let us take an example to help you better understand the importance of these connections to the
movement of our bones:

Imagine you make a wooden doll. What must you do to move his hands? Hands stuffed certainly will not
move unless you put a connection where the hands are connected to the shoulder. How to keep the legs
also can you move? You must use another mover object, place the legs associated with the torso. Only
then can you move your hands and feet wooden doll. Thus, if you cut the wood that you are used to the
hands and feet into two parts and placing the drive, or connection, between these parts, the foot and
hand puppets will also be bent at the elbows and knees. As might have been explained by this example,
has a lot of bone and joint which placed them at the required locations will allow us to move with ease


There are several different types of connections between bones us. If multiple connections allows the
bones to move rear face, allowing us to move to the other side. Now let us examine joints and bones
more closely.

The bones we perform tasks carry and protect your body. Surely, it has created the bones strong and
able to perform these difficult tasks.

Our bones are light because the inside hollow structure like a honeycomb. However, even though the
bone was very light because of the shape of perforation, the bone is also very hard. But this does not
mean that the bones could not be broken. Conversely, the bone so hard that if you take a bone and
steel, bone five times stronger than steel. Thigh muscle in your legs, for example, has a lot of abilities
that it could lift a ton of weight when standing upright. When you jump or hop from one place to
another, these bones will be in a weight equal to 3-4 times your body weight. However, you do not
experience any damage due to your bone strength.

What causes the bones so strong? Actually, the answer to this question is hidden in the creation of bone
incomparable, we have briefly explained above. Bones are made of a network of perforated / porous
like a honeycomb. Thanks to this form, the bones are very hard and at the same time light enough to be
used easily. If the form opposite, that is, if the bone is rigid and there is no room whatsoever like the
exterior, the bones would be too heavy. Furthermore, because the bones are not flexible at all, you
could have broken bones or fractured just because even the smallest bump, say when the little hand hit
the end of the closet. However, Allah the Most Merciful and He created us so that the bone can provide
convenience and protection of the body.

Material for the bone has led scientists are very interested and they have tried to mimic bone tissue for
years. This network, which is very strong, although it is also extremely lightweight, and most
importantly, capable of repairing itself, can grow their own. For a long time your body is not the same as
the length of your body 4-5 years ago and the height difference when you're with now aged 19-20 years
is the growth of your bones. Its amazing, the growth was very balanced. Hands are raised when the legs
are raised. The fingers and toes grow in harmony and each bone growth stops at the right time. In fact,
this is not only happening in your body, but also the body of every healthy person. Every body has a
bone that has these properties.

The scientists conducting research to produce a substance similar to the substance that forms the bones
in the human body. However, no one has been able to develop a substance with properties like those of
advanced bone.

Thanks to the compassion of God, our bones allow us to live with ease and perform a variety of
movement without any difficulty and without causing pain.


We have mentioned that there is a connection where the bones are connected to each other. For
example, we can bend or stretch the hands and feet due to the connection located on the elbows and
knees. Although the bones continue to move throughout our lives, these connections should never be
lubricated with oil. Machines, on the other hand, require regular maintenance. For example, you need
to lubricate your bike chain pedal from time to time because of the amount of oil is reduced so the bike
is used, which consequently restrict movement. Similarly, the connection between bones you used all
the time, but you never have to melumasinya. Why so?

The answer to this question has been studied by scientists, who eventually discovered the following fact:
In a connection, a robust and flexible network called kartilase meet the ends of the bones at the
connection point. There is a thin membrane that connects all connections cavity that secrete a special
fluid. When the bones put pressure on the connection, the liquid will be depressed out of the
membrane and the connection was "lubricated".

The whole reality shows us that the human body is the result of great design and superior creation.
Thanks to a great design that we can do a lot of different movements easily and quickly. The properties
of these bones have been created by God. God invites people to reflect on the creation of bone:

... and look at the bones, how We put them back and then We cover them with flesh. (Surat al-Baqara:


We have mentioned that the bone was very loud and powerful. However, the bone may be broken if
faced lacing. What will happen then? The bone will repair itself. Doctors straighten a broken bone and a
pair casts so that bones fused properly. No more needs to be done by a doctor because the bones have
a way to improve yourself. It is amazing because of a broken bone can heal yourself and become more
powerful than before. This magic is done as follows:

Broken bones surrounding the blood clot and form a "hematoma", which is a collection of a large blood
clot. Blood clots is a coat similar to scab on the skin that occurs because of injuries. Mineral released by
bone-building cells convert this blob into hard bone. Once this phase is complete, the cells bone crusher
set to work. As a professional sculptor, these cells form new bone by reducing hydrochloric acid, which
is a very strong acid, and gave a special form for the bone. This process continues until the bone to
regain its former shape. Even a year later, the bone crusher will continue to reduce the bone like a
clever sculptor to shape it.

As you already know, the whole task is done by bone cells, which are too small to be seen with the
naked eye, is a sign of superior intelligence. This is because the cells do not have eyes to see, but they
can build bone. In addition, the bone can be understood as the space between two parts of the bone
has been filled so they can decide to stop. Then, the cells of the bone destruction seen that new bone is
built needs to be established, and they began to decrease. To do this, they use a strong acid to break
down bone, and give the most appropriate form by applying this acid in smaller quantities or large as

As you can see, all bone cells know very well how and where to do it. The system is built to heal our
bones worked perfectly and allows bone to repair itself. Scientists marvel at this amazing ability bones
for years.

How the bone cells get this amazing ability, which works completely without consciousness of the
person who owns it? How do cells know what they need to fix the broken bones and what action is
being done to cure it? When some cells acquire the ability to build bones, another task to shape it. Who
are they assigned? How come there is no clutter and how each bone cell to do its job at the right time
when it is needed? How bone cells learn all by yourself?

Of course all this incredible task can not be done by the will of the cells could hardly see it. They could
not have been learned by chance. By acting on the inspiration of the All-Wise God, Who created them,
bone cells we can give shape to the bone like an expert sculptor.

Have you ever thought about how cells

that exist in the body to form the bones?

Forms the bulk of the 206 bones in our body are different from each other. The difference begins when
they first appeared, ie, when you are in the maternal womb. The cells, which gradually increased in
number, taking different forms as each of them had been taught about parts of the body that should
they form.

Some cells divide to form your bones, your heart some form, some form of kidney, eye and other forms
of you. But the cells that will form the heart, bones, or eyes are not just being together. They need to
split even more. For example, the cells must be aware of where they are going to form bone in the body.
Then they have to go to the right places and making the correct form.

Bone cells that exist in your legs act like a professional sculptor and perfectly formed leg bones are
engraved with spacing and arrangement for your toes. As if they know the size of the brain, the cells
that form the skull bone construct a smooth bony skull covering the brain perfectly. The skull was not
too small or too large, so never racking your brain or make it difficult lift your heads high.
What is the source of consciousness cells, which give a perfect shape to the bone, to determine which
forms they need to create and network what should they form?

Our Lord inspired the detailed planning of this to them. Knowledge of God Almighty is shown in the
following verse:

Among His Signs is that there are in the heavens and on earth. Everything just submit to Him. And He it
is yng created (men) from the beginning, and then returns (turn) it again, and revive it is easier for him.
And for Him is the nature of the Most High in the heavens and on earth: and He is the Mighty, the Wise.
(Surah Ar-Rum: 26-27)

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