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Breathing is one of the acts that you do unconsciously throughout the day. Many processes that occur
during this action, when the nose, respiratory tract, and lungs are involved. Indeed, breathing means
feeding your body cells with oxygen. The cells can not survive unless they are given oxygen. That is why
you can hold your breath for a short time only. If longer, your cells die, causing the death of your body.

The air you breathe is first cleaned in your nose. Your nose, which regulates air, containing hairs that
serve as filters. These hairs treat contaminated air or cool air that is suitable for your lungs. Thanks fur
the air we breathe is filtered, cleaned, humidified, warmed and purified from bacteria. Clearly these
hairs protect our bodies from about 20 billion particles of foreign matter every day.

Twenty billion is a number equal to 3 times the population of the world. This is quite a thorough process
by the nose and nose used to separate particles of foreign matter so much. Twenty billion particles of
foreign matter may not be recognized and prevented from passing through the nose by accident. This
clearly shows the extent of the power of God's creation. However, there are people who claim that this
happens by chance, even though they are aware of the truth. Such people, who believe in evolution
believe that all life, including everything we have discussed so far in this book, occurs immediately and
because of random events that happened in the past. Do you wonder why they do that? They stated
that to deny the existence of God. And to do that they think that there is only one way, which states that
all things happen by chance. In fact, really just need a bit of thought to understand how absurd this
statement. Now, let us consider the system in the nose as an example to this statement.

Air conditioning system in the nose is a perfect part of another in the human body. The system works
perfectly as it could not arise by chance. Taking the comparison will help us to better understand this
impossibility. Consider an air conditioner, the temperature control to protect you from heat in summer
and warm you in the winter, which is controlled with a remote control. Can a system like this happen by
chance? What would happen if all the air conditioning parts were disassembled and left just like that?
Can the parts come together in time and become a complete AC by itself?

Of course not. That the machine can be created, some intelligent person should do. It really is
indisputable. Never mind the machine, even in the puzzle game somebody has to reassemble the pieces
correctly to be able to form an image. Your nose, which functions like an air conditioner, made up of
many components too and have a system that is much more perfect than the air anywhere in the world.
Like the air conditioner can not exist by chance, as well as the nose, which is even more advanced. This
fact reveals to us that this organ, known as "the world's best air conditioning", created by God. Allah
emphasizes His nature as the Creator in the following paragraph.
He is Allah, the Creator, The Hold, The Shaping Arts, The Names Have The Most Good. Glorify Him what
is in the heavens and on earth. And He is the Mighty, the Wise. (Surat al-Hashr: 24)



The air cleared in the nose will continue their journey to the respiratory tract. The next area penetrated
by the air we breathe, after nose, airways are pipes. In the air, there is still a foreign object (such as dust)
that harm human health. Therefore, the inhaled air to go through another security check before it
reaches the lungs. Security procedures is guaranteed by a slick layer that forms the surface of the
airways. This membrane is called the mucus layer.

Mucus, which forms a layer, the resist particles are very fine as dust along with the air we breathe and
hinders them from entering the lungs. However, in addition, foreign objects but it also must be
eliminated from the body. At this time, other security procedures must be performed. This procedure
consists of such forms of hair (fur) are very small, called cilia, which are under a layer of mucus. The
feathers are very small terlecut rhythmically upward toward the mouth. This can be compared to ears of
wheat waving in the wind all moving in the same direction. Thanks to the movement of cilia, mucus,
which keeps foreign objects, pushed to the top of the respiratory tract.

Once foreign objects being sucked into the throat, you automatically feel the need to swallow. That way,
all foreign objects that could harm your health will be forwarded to the stomach, where it will be broken
down and destroyed by stomach acid.

Cilia located in the respiratory tract do not have eyes to see, nor do they have a brain that gives them
intelligence. However, they can determine the position of the larynx, which is so far away when
compared to its size. In addition, be aware of the dangers that may come from foreign matter, they did
not let them enter the body. Although scientific research over the years has been done, how the plume
is still not fully resolved. But remember that these hairs, the system has not been discovered by humans,
it has been working perfectly like other body parts since the first man created on earth.


The air that reaches the lungs ready for use after cleaning and humidity are regulated through the
respiratory system. By using the blood circulation in the lungs, the air passed to cells throughout the
body to nourish the cells. Meanwhile, the air receiving carbon dioxide from the cells, which is a waste
material. When we breathe out, we emit carbon dioxide is collected from our cells.

You may consider breathing is a simple process, but the exchange of oxygen and carbon diioksida so
important has occurred deep within your body. All of this is a gift for us. Allah has created everything
and put our behalf. Think what would have happened had merely respiration occurs if it is under our
conscious control. God knows that we can not do this job alone. Therefore He created the respiratory
system that runs perfectly like all other systems that has been demonstrated throughout this book. This
is one of the gifts that God has given us in this world. As stated in a verse:

And He gave you (your needs) of all that ye ask him. And if ye count the favors of God, ye can not
menghinggakannya. Behold, the man is very unjust and very deny (Allah's). (Surah Ibrahim: 34)

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