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					Charlotte County Employee Newsletter                                                                   May 26, 2009

 In ThIs Issue
                                                  CounTy emPLoyees Care
                                                     By Emily Chidester, Public Information Office

                                 Charlotte County Government employees who gave to the United Way
                                 through the Employee Campaign are to be commended!

                                 This past year’s Charlotte County Government Employee Campaign was
        emPLoyee                 recently recognized at the United Way of Charlotte County’s Annual Meeting
         Retires p. 2            as #2 of the Top 10 Company Campaign Awards. Congratulations to the
                                 individual employees who contributed and to the Department Campaign

                                 There are over 100 partner businesses that hold employee campaigns to raise
                                 monies every year for the United Way of Charlotte County. These corporate
                                 campaigns make up the bulk of funds raised for the United Way to distribute
                                 to their local partner agencies. All of the monies raised go directly to partner
                                 agencies, and the monies raised are separate from the tax dollars the Board
      CoraL Creek
        Bridge p. 3              of County Commissioners committed to United Way of Charlotte County.

                                 The partner agencies are seeing an increase in usage as the local economy
                                 continues to struggle. Many of our co-workers are experiencing challenges
                                 through job loss of a family member. Employees can feel proud of their
                                 contributions to programs supported by the United Way of Charlotte County
                                 in the hope of easing someone’s burden.

                                 Department Chairs:
     VisiTor Bureau              Marie Pecorella, Lynn Howard, Linda Angelo, Shonna Jenkins, Kathy Knee,
       Happenings p. 4           Joyce Burke, Lisa Bailey, Seann Smith, Pat Moran, Pamela Baker, Mark
                                 Ramsey, Mark Gumula, Rita Booth, Gerry Mallet, Tracy Baird, Linda Rohmer-
                                 Free, Carole Smith, Al Campitelli, Elizabeth Parker and Bernie Milosky.

                                 Again, congratulations and thank you.
                                 Emily E. Chidester and Jim Thomson, Employee Campaign Chairs

        Program p. 6
May 26, 2009                                    Charlotte County Employee Newsletter                                                                Page 2

                          Employee Retirement
ronald Beck’s employment with Charlotte
County Maintenance and Operation Division began
on November 9, 1988 when Ron was hired as a
Maintenance Worker at the JB Yard. Ron’s skills
and willingness to work resulted in his promotion to
the position of Equipment Operator I. During Ron’s
20+ years with the department, he was involved in
almost every facet of M&O duties from extremely
large pipe installs to running a flail mower cutting
back over-hanging brush from the right-of-way.

Ron was often called upon to respond to after
hours’ emergencies ranging from cleaning up after
traffic accidents to working the floods of 1995, and
most recently, Hurricane Charlie in 2004. He never
complained and was a model of consistency.

Ron’s experience, expertise and camaraderie will
be missed in our department. We wish him the best
in retirement.
                                                                                                                                      Ronald Beck

                                                                              Congratulations to ray sandrock!
                                                                     Ray has been appointed to the position of Assistant
                                                                     County Administrator.

                                                                                                                     Published by the
                                                                     T o be the ener gy in
                                                                     making Charlotte County a                   Public Information Office
                                                                     beautiful and enr iching place to live.
                                                                                                               Phone: 743.1316 or 623.1092
                                                                     T o exceed expectations in                       Fax: 743.1559
                                                                     the deliver y of public ser vices.
                                                                     Values                                     Published on the Tuesdays
                                                                     •    I ntegrity
                                                                     •    Customer S er vice                   following the Board of County

                                                                     •    Par tner ship                           Commission Meetings
                                                                     •    I nnovation
                                                                                                               (Second and Fourth Tuesdays
                                                                     •    S tewar dship
                                                                                                                      of the month)

                           Mission                                                                             Contributions needed!
                           T o be the ener gy in
                           making Charlotte County a
                           beautiful and enr iching place to live.

                           T o exceed expectations in
May 26, 2009                         Charlotte County Employee Newsletter                               Page 3

                                     Kudos Corner
 a CCu customer gives positive feedback.

 My sewer alarm was sounding on Friday night at          His name was Corey (I think). He was polite and
 about 6 p.m. I called the emergency number on           professional. Amazing customer service. Kudos to
 the box and was shocked at how quickly your             you. Thank you.
 department responded. Within an hour of the
 call, a technician was at my home and made the          Patricia Neis
 necessary repair.

 a co-worker gives kudos to iT staff.

 I would like to comment on the exemplary customer       as we are experiencing heavier workloads with
 service exhibited by members of the IT staff. Our       minimal staff, it is crucial that all our systems are
 administrative offices experienced a power outage       up and running at all times. Your staff makes this
 late yesterday afternoon, and we lost telephone         possible during these critical times when we can
 and computer connectivity. It seems that no later       least afford to experience any delays in producing
 than I hung-up the phone from the helpdesk, Evan,       our deliverables.
 John and Al were out here to address our issues.
 In addition, this morning we discovered that our        Thank you and your staff for the prompt attention
 fax machines are inoperable and again, IT staff got     afforded Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources.
 immediately on the case. Now, one could
 comment that IT staff are just doing their jobs, but    Jackie Vazquez

 senior services Case manager is a Good
                                                         He called 911 and stayed with the citizen until
 While Senior Services’ Case Manager Danny White         the EMS arrived to transport him to the hospital.
 was in the field, he witnessed a citizen in distress    Danny then called the citizen’s father to let him
 laying on the sidewalk at the corner of Lakeview        know what had happened and where his son was
 and Midway in Port Charlotte. Danny stopped and         being transported.
 realized the citizen was having a seizure.

                         Aerials of the Coral Creek Bridge Replacement
May 26, 2009                          Charlotte County Employee Newsletter                                    Page 4

                                                                                        Jennifer Huber
                                                                                   Public Relations Manager

                       Charlotte Harbor
                 Visitor’s Bureau Happenings
                                                By Jennifer Huber

smart savings this summer. On May 1, Charlotte             A Tourism Tapestry.” Six awards were given to five
County launched the ECOnomical Summer Escape               individuals and one business (Fishermen’s Village) for
campaign offering visitors savings, packages and           making significant contributions to the tourism industry.
giveaways when vacationing in Charlotte Harbor &           The program ended with rendition of “Take Me Out to
the Gulf Islands. The summer-long campaign includes        the Ballpark” sung by three Charlotte County VIPs.
radio promotions with vacation giveaways in Tampa          Pictured is the Charlotte Harbor Visitor & Convention
and Orlando as well as several cities serviced by          Bureau staff.
Allegiant Air and Direct Air. Through the partnership of
area tourism businesses and the airlines who donated
hotel stays, attraction passes, restaurant vouchers, and
flights, the campaign is an inexpensive way to promote
and encourage summer vacation to the area. Program
details can be found at

Book Charlotte County Hotels Direct! As an
initiative to increase summer travel business, Charlotte
County is making it easier for visitors to book their
accommodations. On May 11, a new booking engine
was added to which
enables consumers to compare accommodation prices          share a Little sunshine, reconnect and keep
and amenities while booking directly with an area hotel    Florida’s economy Flowing. Earlier this month VISIT
rather than leaving the web site. A nominal commission     FLORIDA, the official tourism marketing corporation
is collected from the booking which will be reinvested     for the state, launched a new social media marketing
into tourism promotional efforts.                          campaign called “Share a Little Sunshine.” The 12-
                                                           week program encourages residents to send a video
Tourism in solidarity. Joining alongside hundreds          postcard and invite friends and family to vacation in
of cities, counties and businesses across the country      Florida this summer to get back to what really matters,
during the 26th Annual National Travel and Tourism         spending time with people you care about. Doing so
Week (May 9 – 17), Charlotte County saluted the value      will also support Florida’s economy. Each time a person
of tourism during the 8th Annual Tourism Unity Awards      sends an invite they are entered into a weekly contest
Luncheon on May 13. The partnership between the arts       to win a Florida vacation. Do your part to Share a Little
and culture community and tourism were recognized          Sunshine by visiting
with the afternoon’s theme of “Charlotte Harbor Arts:
May 26, 2009                                  Charlotte County Employee Newsletter                                                 Page 5

                        roots & Wings®: raising resilient Children
                                                    Parenting Program
                                                    Family services Center
                                                     21450 Gibralter Drive
                                                    Port Charlotte, FL 33948

                                                  Tuesdays, June 16 - July 14
                                                     5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

            Come learn how to reset standards, use teachable moments, and re-establish rituals
                    and traditions. meet other parents and share the joys of parenting

                                                  For more information contact
                                                   emily Lewis 941.235.0159

      New Vehicle Pool
Reserving vehicles for business related travel:

The Budget & Administrative Services Dept. will now be
responsible for maintaining a fleet of four vehicles for use
by employees for business related travel. Three of the            WHaT is 2-1-1?
vehicles will be located in the parking lot near Facilities in
the Murdock Administration Center, and the other will be          Every hour of every day, someone in the United States needs essential
located at the Sun Trust Building on Murdock Circle. In           services—from finding substance abuse assistance to securing adequate
order to reserve any of these vehicles, please contact Linda      day care for a child or an aging parent. People often don’t know where to
                                                                  turn or call for information or assistance.
Angelo in the Budget & Administrative Services Dept. at
743-1551 or e-mail at Please                           Get Connected. Get Answers.
note that you will be responsible for recording the beginning           Cell phone, TTY users and Charlotte County residents in
and ending mileage.                                                                  Englewood, call 941.205.2161.

                    Dial-a-ride                                        if you would like to volunteer, contact Dr. Faezeh andrews,
                                                                            information & referral supervisor at 941.833.5640
            Door to door service for
           your transportation needs
                For information call
                 941.575.4000, #1
                                                                   uniTeD Way oF CHarLoTTe CounTy
             Charlotte County Transit
                                                                   Through the United Way, your contributions help many different
                                                                                      organizations such as:

               sunshine ride                                             CHarLoTTe BeHaVioraL HeaLTH Care
                                                                 Provides professional mental health, recovery support and substance
            Disadvantaged service                                abuse services. Provides parenting education and support to prevent
                                                                          child abuse through the Healthy Families Program.
              For information call
               941.575.4000, #2
          Charlotte County Transit
May 26, 2009                              Charlotte County Employee Newsletter                                        Page 6

             Adopt-a-Pet Program
           suncoast Humane society                                                   animal Welfare League
             6781 San Casa Drive                                                       3519 Drance Street
                Englewood, FL                                                        Port Charlotte, FL 33980
                941.474.7884                                                              941.625.6720

                                       Teddy                                                              Rascal
                                    (2009-1077)                                                           (1102)

                               Teddy is a three-year-old,                                       Rascal is a one-year-old,
                               neutered, male domestic                                          neutered, male Catahoula/
                               long-hair cat. He is front                                       Hound mix. He is searching
                               declawed. Teddy’s colors                                         for an owner with a relaxed
                               are white and orange.                                            lifestyle. Rascal may be
                                                                                                deaf and needs someone
                                                                                                to learn along with him
                                                                                                the skills he needs to be a
                                                                                                perfect pet.

         Teddy Bear                                                         Mi Mi
        (2009-0545)                                                        (0569)

  Teddy Bear is a one and                                        Mi Mi is a six-year-old,
  one-half-year-old, neutered,                                   spayed, female domestic
  male Husky mix. He weighs                                      medium-hair cat. She is
  42 lbs. Teddy Bear needs a                                     a very sweet, sociable
  little TLC because he is deaf.                                 girl. If you are looking for
  He is a great all-around dog.                                  a steady companion for
                                                                 life, Mi Mi is the girl for

                                     Teamwork and Change

Recently several groups from the Budget and Administrative team participated in a workshop on Change and Transition.
Part of this experience involved a team building activity where the groups ran a race while trying to balance a workbook on
their head. The premise “leave no one behind” was quickly overlooked in the spirit of competition— a smiling Art Markham
was left to fend for himself while the rest of the group dashed to the finish line. All in all each person grew to appreciate
“no one wins unless we all win.” It’s not about who comes in first, rather it’s how the team works together to achieve great
May 26, 2009                           Charlotte County Employee Newsletter                                Page 7

                        Parks, Recreation &
                     Cultural Resources Events
  Festival in the Park                                       Camp adventure series for the summer of 2009:
  Charlotte sports Park
  May 30                                                     Hit That Ball!! Tuesday - Saturday, June 16-20, 9
  12 p.m. - 6 p.m.                                           a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Features baseball, its fun history and
  Free Adminission                                           the science behind the ball.
  Parking Fee - $3
                                                             Whether Weather Matters Monday - Friday, June 29-
  Bring the whole family for a day of fun. Festival          July 3, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Explore how weather affects
  includes lots of food, inflatables on the stadium field,   not only our community but communities around the
  craft vendors and games for children. Other festival       world.
  features include merchandise vendors; live bands
  from noon to 6 p.m., caricaturists, stilt walkers, mimes   Go Green, Charlotte! Tuesday - Saturday, July 14-
  and magicians, rock walls, the Tampa Bay Rays              July 18, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Explore adventures in
  Street Team and the Stone Crabs Street Team.               recycling to keep Charlotte green.

  nature Talks with Dave mathewson                           What do you mean, no TV?! Tuesday - Saturday,
  June 6                                                     July 28-Aug 1, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Travel back in time
  10 a.m. - 12 p.m.                                          to daily life before TVs radios, malls or the Internet
                                                             occupied our time.
  Pack a picnic lunch and explore local plant and wildlife
  species. Meet some of Nature Dave’s special friends.       We Don’t Dig Dinosaurs Tuesday - Saturday, Aug.
  Bayshore Live Oak Park, 23157 Bayshore Road,               4 - Aug. 8, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Go on an archaeological
  Charlotte Harbor. Free admission                           adventure into what its like to be a real Indiana
                    Library Programs                         Camp Adventure fees are $100 per one-week session
                                                             for Historical Center members and $125 per week for
  Book Discussion series: Participants are                   the general public. Campers must call the Historical
  responsible for obtaining their own copies of the          Center in advance to reserve a pre-paid spot in the
  featured book. Books and discussion materials are          program.
  available for loan on a first-come, first-served basis.
                                                             Please call the Center at 941.629.7278 with any
    englewood Charlotte Library, 3450 North                  questions. The Charlotte County Historical Center
    Access Road, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. on June 17, Join in        is located at 22959 Bayshore Road in Charlotte
    the discussion of the book The Tropic of Cracker
    by Al Burt.
                                                                      For additional information go to
    Get your Game on @ your Library: Come and
                                                        and click on the
    join the video gaming night for teens including a
                                                                           Historical Center link.
    Guitar Hero III contest. Program is for ages 10 to
    19. Mid-County Regional Library, 2050 Forrest
    Nelson Blvd., 6:00 p.m., June 18.

    super saturday Film: See current movies and
                                                                      For more events and programs go to
    enjoy a day of family fun. Mid-County Regional
    Library, 2050 Forrest Nelson Blvd., 1:00 p.m.,
    June 20.

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