The journey BY THE FOOD WE EAT

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					The journey BY THE FOOD WE EAT


We obtain the energy we need for the body of work from a variety of foods and beverages. However,
each of the foods we eat, such as rice, meat, or bananas, needs to be digested before its ready for use
by the body. These foods are used by the cells of the body after digestion. The sugar contained in the
bananas or apples provide fuel for your cells and increase your energy. The protein contained in meat is
essential for the growth of your cells, and of course also for your body. Now let us relive the days of
when you were a baby.

Your weight is about 2-3 pounds at birth. Your weight will increase to 30-35 pounds when you were 10
years old, to 40-50 pounds at age 15 and 50-60 pounds when aged 20-25 years.

Which led to this huge difference is that in the foods you eat added to your body over time. Some of
these foods provide the energy needed to ride a bike, run, or play, while others united with the body
and form the meat and bones. Waste materials are removed from the body. The whole process is done
in your digestive system. Organs and glands consisting of the stomach, intestine, and pancreas plays a
role in digestion.

Work system similar to the digestive system work refining. Crude oil arriving at the refinery as raw
material is processed by machines and refined so that it can be used. The food we eat is the raw
material in the first phase and then processed in the stomach so that it can be used by the body. Once
broken down in the stomach and intestine, the food is ready to be used as nutrients for the cells and
delivered the parts that require the body through blood vessels.

The substance is processed in a petroleum refinery, and a variety of products, such as gasoline, which is
an automobile fuel, or used as rubber soles, are derived from it. Similarly, substances in food which is
broken down into fats, sugars, and carbohydrates in the stomach. But remember that what happens in
your stomach after you eat a delicious sandwich is much more complex than what happens in a refinery.
In fact, the actions which we will soon discuss does not happen in a big factory, but in a very small area
in your own body.

The total length of the digestive tract through which food is 10 meters. This is 6-7 times longer than the
average human height and so awesome could put into our bodies. How long canal that can be placed
inside the human body? The answer to this question once again revealed a special design in the creation
of our bodies.

Since the digestive tract, as you can see in the image on the left page, shaped folds / rolls, it is fitted into
a very small area, although long. This particular form is the perfect design of our Lord, Who has created
everything. The form of the digestive system is just one of the many wonders that God has created in
our body.

Do you know why your teeth have different shapes?

The reason why they have different shapes in the mouth is because each has different tasks. For
example, front teeth are sharp, so you can bite an apple with ease. What if your teeth are in front?
Right. You will not be able to bite an apple with molars. Similarly, if our front teeth in the back, you will
not be able to chew the food you eat.

As with other parts of the body, the teeth in the mouth are also governed by God with the most
convenient and useful for you.

Beneficial bacteria that live in the back of your tongue

Bacteria generally cause disease, and to protect them from adverse effects, people should carefully pay
attention to cleanliness of the body and the environment in which they live. However, scientists have
recently found several beneficial bacteria in the human body, especially on the back of the tongue. Yes,
you read that right. There are beneficial bacteria in your body. Task bacteria in the back of the tongue is
killing the very small creatures (microbes) that harm you in the stomach. Of course this is not an easy
task and requires a series of actions. First of all, bacteria convert the nitrate obtained from green
vegetables such as spinach into nitrite. But the process is not over. Nitrite, which joined the saliva
secreted in the mouth, has anti-microbial properties. In other words, the bacteria in the back of your
tongue help produce substances that kill microbes. As you know, microbes cause various diseases.
Thanks to the helpful bacteria that produce microbe-killing substances, you are protected against many
diseases. This beneficial bacteria is one of the manifestations of the compassion of our Lord, Who
created our bodies in the most perfect way. God has given us many gifts and gift. That these gifts are
innumerable, which was spoken of in the verses of the Qur'an as follows:

If you count the favors of Allah, you will never be able to count them. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (Surat
an-Nahl: 18)

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