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					   April 2010                                                                                         Volume 12 Issue 2

                                                              Staff Personnel: Wanda McKillip, Brittany Campbell,
                                                              Cynthia Cavanaugh, and Adam Hoffmeister
        Howard County Honors
                                                                                   Words to Live By
            Dispatchers                                           He is a wise man who does not grieve for the
                                                                 things which he has not, but rejoices for those
                                                                           which he has. ~ Epictetus
                                                                                    "Dear Personnel"
                                                              Wanda McKillip, Personnel Administrator, and Brittany Campbell,
                                                              Benefits Representative, respond to questions about Howard
                                                              County Benefits and Personnel issues.
                                                              Dear Personnel:
                                                              My divorce is final next week. My soon-to-be ex-spouse is still
                                                              on my life insurance policy and health coverage plan. Do I need
                                                              to contact the Personnel Office?
                                                              Stumped at the Sheriff’s Department

                                                              Dear Stumped:
                                                              Yes! Please call and make a appointment to bring in your
                                                              divorce decree and complete the needed documents. Your
                                                              ex-spouse will not be an eligible dependent after the divorce is
                Pictured from left to right:                  final and must come off of your benefits. In the mean time, you
                                                              may change your life insurance beneficiaries - which can be
First row: Howard County Commissioner Tyler Moore,            done at any time! This is your responsibility. Your ex-spouse will
Howard County Commissioner Bill Thompson, and Howard          be offered COBRA for the health benefits and life insurance
County Commissioner David Trine. Second row: Tracy            portability. He or she will be able to continue the coverage at
                                                              their own expense.
Comfort, Matt Wohlford, Kelley Jett, Assistant Comm.
Coordinator Gary Bates, Andrew Wagstaff, Pam Martin, Trevor
Balyeat, Adam Fisher, Jared Wiseley, and Comm. Coordinator
                                                                                                DID YOU
Nick Capozzoli.                                                                                  KNOW?
                                                                                          (Provided by Howard County
Attending the April 5th meeting of the Howard County Board                                    Stormwater District)
of Commissioners, Commissioner President David Trine             How much water is used?
presented a document proclaiming April 11-17, 2010 as            In Gallons…..
National Public Safety Tele-communicator Week in honor of        ….To brush your teeth: 1-2
the public safety dispatchers in Howard County.                  ….To flush a toilet: 5-7
                                                                 ….To run a dishwasher: 9-12
These men and women work behind the scenes and are seldom
recognized. This week is to honor them because without these     ….To shave (water running): 10-15
men and women, we would be without that vital link. We live      ….To wash dishes by hand : 20
in a very different world today and their jobs become            ….To take a shower: 15-30
increasingly more difficult each year. Their number one priority ….By an average person daily: 123
is the safety of the citizens and we will continue to serve and  ….In the average residence during
                                                                 a year: 100,000
Winner-Dennis Vondersaar                                              WE HAVE A WINNER!!!
                                                              Dennis Vonderssar, a Road Deputy for the
                                                                Howard County Sheriff’s Department,
                                                         won the drawing for “A $25.00 Mastercard”, donated by
                                                                       “City of Firsts Community
                                                        Federal Credit Union”, located at 1135 South Main Street.

                                                                  Howard County would like to thank
                                                             “City of Firsts Community Federal Credit Union”
                                                                             for their generosity!

   Wanda McKillip (Personnel) pictured with Sheriff’s
     Department Road Deputy Dennis Vondersaar
                                                                         President Denny Condon

                      CLEAN GREEN!                                   Perf & anthem
                     (Provided by the Howard                         online access
                    County Stormwater District)
                                                        Did you know that if you carry
These eight items are the basic ingredients for         health care coverage through
make-it-yourself cleaning products that are             the county, you have access to your claims,
easy on the environment and economical.                 provider network, and much more personalized
Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a great             information just by registering on
naturally abrasive ingredient with mild alkaline It only takes minutes
properties, a natural deodorizer and stain              to register!
remover, rinses easily; it’s completely non-toxic.
Borax disinfects, bleaches and deodorizes;                                Did you know you also have
very handy in laundry mixes.                                              access to your PERF quarterly
Distilled white vinegar disinfects and breaks                             statements online and can
up dirt; an all natural and mild acid for removing      change beneficiaries, employee address, and your
odors, stains, and sanitizing; completely               investment options just by logging on
non-toxic. Choose white vinegar over apple     Sign up today!
cider or red vinegars as these might stain
Hydrogen peroxide disinfects and bleaches.
Lemons cut grease; bottled lemon juice also
works well, although you might need to use a
bit more to get the same results.
Olive oil picks up dirt and polishes wood;
cheaper grades work well.
Vegetable based (liquid castile) soap is
completely non-toxic.                                      Suzanne Goley - Sheriff’s Dept.
Washing soda (sodium carbonate) is a
general cleaner and stain remover, for                       Terry Sokol - Sheriff’s Dept.
scrubbing jobs, helps de-scale mineral depos-              Don Irwin - Maintenance Dept.
its; should be handled with gloves due to its
caustic nature which may cause skin irritation.               Annalee Leal - Superior 1
Washing soda is usually found in the laundry
aisle of grocery and drug stores.
                   Weird, But True Facts

                  Elephants are the only animals                     Howard County Employees are helping the local
    that can't jump.
                                                                     YMCA for their “Strong Kids Campaign” by
    Only one person in two billion will live to be
    116 or older.                                                    raising money to help fund memberships for less
    Our eyes are always the same size from birth,                    fortunate children and families. Employees are
    but our nose and ears never stop growing.                        required to pay a $25 fee to have access to the
    No word in the English language rhymes with                      YMCA facility for 6 weeks, and also asked to
    "MONTH".                                                         seek pledges from family and friends. The
    The Main Library at Indiana University sinks                     employees who lose the most weight will receive
    over an inch every year because when it was                      special prizes provided by Anthem, Miles &
    built, engineers failed to take into account the                 Finch, Solidarity Community Federal Credit
    weight of all the books that would occupy the
                                                                     Union, Indiana Heartland Federal Credit Union,
                                                                     Windmill Grill, and Mancino’s!

 Treasurer Martha Lake presented the winner of the “Direct Deposit
Contest” with a $50.00 Savings Bond from the Community First Bank
of Indiana - the lucky winner was Sheriff’s Department Dispatcher
                           Jared Wiseley!

                  Prosecuting Attorney                                         Rain Garden
          Thomas White won $50 to deposit into                                  Workshop
               a new checking account at
                 Solidarity Community                                Tuesday, April 27, 2010
                 Federal Credit Union!                               AM Workshop: 10 am - 11 am
                                                                     PM Workshop: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
                                                                     4200 S. Park Road - Jackson Morrow Park
                                                                     (inside Kirkendall Nature Center)

                                                                     Topics include:
                                                                       What is a Rain Garden?
                                                                       How is a Rain Garden created and
                                                                       What plants are appropriate for a Rain
            Kimberly Graves, Business Development
              Officer for Solidarity, pictured with
                         Thomas White

                                     201 E. Southway Blvd.              *REGISTRATION
                                       Kokomo, IN 46902                   REQUIRED*
                                                  Call 765-456-2217
                    Britt’s Community Corner                              HAPPY
This quarter I am going to highlight the Kokomo Humane
Society. I am a big animal lover, and recently adopted a
dog from a family that was not able to take their animal to                     (2nd Quarter 04/01/10 to 06/30/10)
their new home out of state. The Kokomo Humane                                            35 Years
                                                                             Robert Smeltzer - Highway Dept.
Society can always use volunteers, and you only need to
                                                                                          30 Years
be at least age 16 year to volunteer solo, or 10 with a                       Bruce Babcock - Highway Dept.
parent or guardian. Also you need a proof of health                                       25 Years
insurance and an up-to-date tetanus vaccination. Taking                      David McKinney - Sheriff’s Dept.
care of pets is a huge responsibility - which is great for                                20 Years
                                                                            Gregory Hargrove - Sheriff’s Dept.
children to earn at a young age! If you are not able to
                                                                                          15 Years
volunteer - why not help the Kokomo Humane Society by                          Ramona Rowe - Circuit Court
fulfilling some of their wish list? They can always use                       Loucretia Weed - Clerk’s Office
small blankets, bleach, latex rubber gloves, and leashes                     Kimmerly Wilson - Clerk’s Office
just to name a few! Wish to just donate monetarily? On                          Curtis Allen - Sheriff’s Dept.
                                                                                          10 Years
the Kokomo Humane Society website                                              Julie Willis - Auditor’s Office
( you can find the “Donate”                               Tamara Wood - Clerk’s Office
button to donate electronically. Contact the Kokomo                         Robert Kendall - Maintenance Dept.
Humane Society at 713 N. Elizabeth or by calling                                 Linda Talbert - Superior 1
765-452-6224 for more information!                                             Laura Rood - Alcohol & Drug
                                                                                           5 Years
                                                                             Lacee Garber - Prosecutor’s Office
                                                                            Michael Krebes - Prosecutor’s Office
                                                                               Ruth Conwell - Sheriff’s Dept.
                                                                                Cathy Shaw - Health Dept..
                                                                              Hannelore Stout - Health Dept.

                                                          Anytime Fitness - (Located at 2130 West Sycamore,
                                                          #230 - Kokomo)
                                                          Employee membership available for $200 per year and a
  BAJA BURRITOS opened in February in Downtown            key fob for $50.
  Kokomo. We serve a limited breakfast with bagels,       Club Fitness 24 - (Located at 3780 S. Reed Rd. -
  muffins, and coffee. The lunch menu has a variety of    Kokomo)
  Mexican specialties including BAJA Burritos, Chicken    Employee membership available for $150 per year. 1st
  and Cheese quesadillas, among other great daily         family member to add on will be $20/month or $240 for
  specials. Stop by and enjoy breakfast or lunch -        the year 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. family member to add on will
  we would love to serve you!                             be at $10/month EACH or $120 for the year EACH. One
                            Check us out on Facebook!     time enrollment fee of $39 unless contract paid in full.
                                                          Kokomo Sports Center - (Located at 111 W. Southway
                                                          Blvd. - Kokomo)
                                                          Employee membership offered for $38.00/month and no
                                                          enrollment fee. One month pass for $50, Three month
                                                          pass for $140, Six month pass for $280.

   “Free 16 oz. Fountain Drink - With a purchase of any
                 Large (or BAJA) Burrito”

                   Dine-In Only

  Downtown Square                   Hours:
  107 West Sycamore      Monday - Friday 10 am - 6pm
  765-868-3688                Expires 5/15/2010

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