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									Girl Scout Promise              Girl Scout Law
On my honor, I will try:        I will do my best to be
                                    honest and fair,
 To serve God and my country,
                                    friendly and helpful,
 To help people at all times,
                                    considerate and caring,
 And to live by the                 courageous and strong, and
  Girl Scout Law.                   responsible for what I say and do,
                                and to
                                    respect myself and others,
                                    respect authority,
                                    use resources wisely,
                                    make the world a better place, and
                                be a sister to every Girl Scout.
Dan Bragg
Chair, Board of Directors
Officers of GSNEO

Chair            Dan Bragg
1st Vice Chair   Joan Villarreal
2nd Vice Chair   Julie Anne Grossi
Treasurer        Karen Talbott, MS, CPA, FHHC
Secretary        Roberta Uhrich, MS, RD
GSNEO Directors-at-Large
Theresa S. Beyerle, Ph.D.        Ted R. Larsen
Chris M. Brauning                Ebony Yeboah-Amankwah, Esq
Brent Gardner                    Katerina Papas, Esq.
Christopher A. Scala             Susan Delaney Rodger
Brenda Heidinger                 Diana L. Snider
Candace Campbell Jackson, Esq.   Christopher M. Weisbrod

Girl Directors-at-Large
Telayne Keith                Justine Mroczka
GSNEO Board Development Committee

Chair: Katerina Papas, Esq. (Board Member)
Ebony Yeboah-Amankwah, Esq. (Board Member)
Candice Clouse
Robin Freedman
Nathalie Lacouture
Sydney Lancaster
Carol Mount, Ph.D.
Lynda Rossiter
GSNEO Membership Delegates - Central
SUMMIT (6 delegates , 2 alternates)   MEDINA (4 delegates , 2 alternates)
Mary Lou Britton (2012)               Laura Taylor (2012) Chief Delegate
Stephanie Toth (2013)                 Beth Herman (2013)
Phyllis Roberts (2013)                Nancy Deiter (2013)
Dora Livesay (2012)                   vacant (2012)
Rebecca Wolf (2012)                   vacant, Alternate (2012)
Tina Collins (2013)                   vacant, Alternate (2013)
Jennifer Teffner, Alternate (2012)
Cassidy Toth, Alternate (2013)        PORTAGE (3 delegates , 2 alternates)
                                      Marie Cassidy (2012)
                                      BJ Resch (2013)
                                      Michele Shaffer (2013)
                                      Pamme O’Bryan, Alternate (2012)
                                      Caitlynn Heeter, Alternate (2013)
GSNEO Membership Delegates - East
ASHTABULA (3 delegates , 2       MAHONING (3 delegates , 2
alternates)                      alternates)
Julia Fink (2012)                Lisa Henry (2013)
Denise Holmes (2013)             Sheilah Munoz (2012)
Katie Holmes (2012)              vacant, (2013)
Greta Seaman, Alternate (2013)   vacant, Alternate (2012)
vacant, Alternate (2012)         vacant, Alternate (2013)

COLUMBIANA (3 delegates , 2      TRUMBULL (4 delegates , 2
alternates)                      alternates)
 Buffy Malone (2012)             Kathi Kovacic (2012)
Tella Yoder (2012)               Bene Loomis (2012)
vacant (2013)                    Renee Pospicil (2012)
vacant, Alternate (2012)         vacant (2013)
vacant, Alternate (2013)         vacant, Alternate (2012)
                                 vacant, Alternate (2013)
GSNEO Membership Delegates - North
CUYAHOGA (8 delegates , 2              LAKE (4 delegates , 2 alternates)
alternates)                            Luise Hanold (2012)
Sunny Baddour (2012)                   Peggy Kelly (2012)
Gwenn Kolenich (2012) Chief Delegate   Cathy Miller (2013)
Julie Miragliotta (2013)               Gretchen Seyfried (2013)
Justine Mroczka (2012)                 vacant, Alternate (2013)
Corey Ann Ringle (2013)                vacant, Alternate (2012)
Roberta Riordan (2012)
Nancy Kachmarik (2013)
 Barbara Starr (2013)                  GEAUGA (3 delegates , 2 alternates)
 Krista Evans, Alternate (2013)        Annemarie Morgan, (2013)
 Lisa McBride, Alternate (2012)        Barbara Parkinson (2013)
                                       Linda Pintabona (2012)
                                       vacant, Alternate (2013)
                                       vacant, Alternate (2012)
GSNEO Membership Delegates - South
Chief Delegate: open (2013)          TUSCARAWAS (3 delegates , 2
STARK (5 delegates , 2 alternates)   alternates)
Lisa Allison (2013)                  Dan Hogan (2012)
Denise Giroux (2013)                 Christina Shroyer (2012)
Penny Hewitt, (2012)                 Alicia Miller, Alternate (2012)
Gwen Johnson (2012)                  vacant (2013)
Lori Marmon (2012)                   vacant, Alternate (2013)
Erin Allison, Alternate (2013)
 vacant, Alternate (2012)
                                     CARROLL (3 delegates , 2 alternates)
                                     Rose Leslie (2012)
                                     Rebecca Minor (2012)
                                     Kristen Maag, Alternate (2012)
                                     vacant (2013)
                                     vacant, Alternate (2013)
GSNEO Membership Delegates - West
ERIE (3 delegates , 2 alternates)     HURON (3 delegates , 2 alternates)
Donna Davis (2013)                    Belinda Terry (2012)
Joan McCombs (2012)                   Subrina Logan (2012)
Michele Weilnau (2012)                Madeline Mercedes Geise (2013)
Easter Davis, Alternate (2013)        Marcela DelaCruz, Alternate (2013)
vacant, Alternate (2012)              Chris Wenzel, Alternate (2012)

                                      SENECA (3 delegates , 2 alternates)
LORAIN (6 delegates , 2 alternates)   Melissa Lou Jameson (2012)
Sheila Douglas (2013)                 Brenda Weslow (2013)
Melissa Keating (2013)                vacant (2012)
Lisa Kurak (2012)                     vacant, Alternate (2012)
Lynne Parsh (2012)                    vacant, Alternate (2013)
Sandra Willis (2013)
vacant (2012)                         SANDUSKY (3 delegates , 2 alternates)
 vacant, Alternate (2013)             Shelly Lehmann (2012)
vacant, Alternate (2012)              Nancy Ewing (2013)
                                      vacant, (2012)
                                      Anna Ewing, Alternate (2013)
                                      vacant, Alternate (2012)
GSNEO National Delegates
Graciela L. Baez (Girl-North)       Maya Jones (Girl-North)
Meisha D. Baker (Adult-West)        Willa R. Keith (Adult-Central)
Gaylynn Coyne (Adult-Central)       Kelsey Klima (Girl-North)
Sarah L. Coyne (Girl-Central)       Kathi Kovacic (Adult-East)
Abigail R. Frasher (Girl-West)      Abigail Kovacic (Adult-East)
Norma J. Frasher (Adult-West)       Janice L. Larsen (Adult-North)
Danielle R. Hale (Girl-Central)     Sheilah Munoz-Gates (Adult-East)
Emily K. Householder (Girl-East)    Abigail M. Tanner (Girl-Central)
Gwendolyn Johnson (Adult-South)     Apryl Tidd (Girl-Central)
Jennifer Johnson (Adult-South)      Autumn Tidd (Adult-Central)

       Patricia L. Hadaway (Adult-West)
       April M. Hawkins (Adult-North)
       Karen S. Kolenc (Adult-North)
     April 22
Thank you for all
  that you do!
Katerina Papas, Esq.
Chair, Board Development Committee
Responsibilities of the
Board Development Committee
• To recruit, review and confirm candidate
  qualifications for elected positions.

• Provide a slate of one candidate per open position,
   • Officers
   • Directors-at-Large
   • Board Development Committee
   • National Delegates & Alternates
National Council Delegates & Alternates

• Per GSUSA we were entitled to
  • 21 National Delegates
  • 3 Alternate National Delegates

• Of those 21 slots
  • 3 reserved for Board Members
  • 3 reserved for Executive Staff
  • 5 designated for Girl Member
  • 10 open to girls and adult members
The Seven Criteria as stated by GSUSA
 National Governance Task Group

  •   Strategic Thinking
  •   Communications
  •   Policy Making or Policy Influencing Experience
  •   Knowledge of Girl Scouts
  •   Decision Making
  •   Adaptability
  •   Team Building
Candidates for National Delegate
National Delegate
 Erin Allison (South)
 Julia Fink (East)
 Taylor Collins (Central)
 Justine Mroczka (North)
 Catherine Riordan (North)
 Easter Davis (West)
 Marcy DeLaCruz (West)
 Kelsey Klima (North)
National Delegate
 Lisa Allison (South)
 Mary Lou Britton (Central)
 Tina Collins (Central)
 Gwen Johnson (South)
 Bene Loomis (East)
 Roberta Riordan (North)
 Stephanie Toth (Central)
National Delegate
 Apryl Tidd (Central) – Girl
 Brooke Tidd (Central) – Girl
 Michele Weilnu (West)
National Delegate
 Board Chair
 Board Treasurer
 Board Development Committee Chair

 Chief Executive Officer
 Chief Operations Officer
 Chief Financial Officer
Election Procedures
• Eligible Voting Member should have
  received a voting card
• Voting Cards available at sign-in table
• Each voting member gets one vote
• A majority is required to elect the slate
• Once the polls are open, it must be quiet
  and no one can leave or enter the room
  until the polls close
Daisy L. Alford-Smith, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
• New Board Members voted in last

• Meet the Executive Leadership Team
GSNEO Executive Leadership Team
Brittany Zaehringer                        Marianne Love
   Chief Operating Officer                    Director of Business Services
John Graves                                Rebecca Shaffer
                                              Director of Marketing and
   Chief Financial Officer                    Communication and 100th
Brenda Byrne                                  Anniversary Project Manager
  Interim Director of Fund Development     Gerard Kelly
Emily Fletcher                                East Service Area Director
   Director of Program Services            Kim Klima
                                              Central & North Service Area Director
Lizbeth Kohler
   Director of Member Services
                                           Jenny LeBrun
                                              Northeast Service Area Director
Jim Kananen
                                           Shirley Leonard
   Director of Properties                     West Service Area Director
Laura Liptak                               Pam Valentine
   Director of Volunteer & Staff Support      South Service Area Director
• Volunteers are critical and vital
• $21.36 per hour = best value for consultants
• Thank you for your time, dedication and
  support of Girl Scouting
  surpassed all of


• In November

  charter was
  renewed for
  another 2 years
•   GSNEO is ranked 14th
    of 112 councils for
    membership size
•   GSNEO ranked 7th in
    girl retention and 6th in
    adult retention
•   2011 Cookie Sale
•   Cutting edge
• Gold Award project supports cancer

• UR Beautiful Pageant

• Troop Support
John Graves, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Good Financial News
 • Financial Performance Better
 • GSNEO financially strong
 • Year Ended 9/30/10 $131K loss
 • Forecast for Year Ended 9/30/11   Breakeven or
 • Reserves not needed to fund operations
 • Audit report and Form 990 on our Web site
Marianne Love
Director of Business Services
2010 Fall Product Sale
• Girls Participating up 7%
• Candy/Nuts up 26%
• Magazines   up 31%
2011 Cookie Sale
• Up 4,539 boxes over
• 83 local Cookie Rallies reaching nearly
  11,000 girls
• 200 troops pilot accepting credit cards
  for cookies sales at their booths
• Over 700 additional booth sale
Journeys & Girls Guide to

     = Girl Scout Leadership
• 3 series
• Girls Guide expected early
Rebecca Shaffer
Director of Marketing & Communications
Marketing &
• 2009 2010 Annual Report is here; Flash
  version at GSNEO.org

• E-News now mailing to 16,200 GSNEO
  Girl Scouts; up 8% since the February

• Write marketing@gsneo.org to join the
  distribution list
Marketing &
• GSNEO in the News: Girl Scout
  Cookies, traditional favorites
  for the 21st- Century
• New GoPayment news was a
  media favorite; GSNEO in the
  national spot light
• Next big news story 100th
•GSNEO 16 TH Annual Dessert First Oct. 22

•GSNEO Annual Meeting Oct. 29

•GSUSA Convention Official Centennial
Kickoff: Girl Scouts in a New Century, Nov. 8   13,
Houston, TX
               GSNEO and GSUSA EVENTS
•Tournament of Roses Parade Jan. 2

•GSNEO Birthday Week Regional Celebrations Mar. 12 18

•GSNEO Forever Green Service Projects Launch April

•GSNEO Camporee & Songfest Apr. 27 29, Canfield Fairgrounds

•New Jersey Liberty State Park Event, June 23   24, all 4 New Jersey Councils

•Centennial Camporee June 24 29, Ft. Stewart, GA, outside Savannah

•GSNEO Camporee & Songfest--Sept. 29 30 , Lorain Campgrounds

•GSNEO 100 th Anniversary Gala October 21
Brenda Byrne
Interim Director of Fund Development
             Fund Development
          •Girl Scouts Alumnae Association
                    •Make a difference in the World.
               •Join the Girl Scout Alumnae Association

 It is estimated that there are 50 million Girl Scout Alumnae

• to reconnect with all Girl Scout Alumnae in Northeast Ohio
• to provide networking opportunities for Alumnae
• to involve Alumnae in the planning and implementation of
  activities that support the GSNEO program and activities
GSNEO engages Alumnae in Northeast Ohio by:

• distributing sign up cards at Girl Scout meetings and
• advertising on the GSNEO website and in
• using bill boards visible from key highways
• having current Alumnae call new Alumnae to
  welcome them and invite them to participate
• sharing news and information
• partnering with current alumnae to plan and
  implement Alumnae networking opportunities
• engaging Alumnae in the planning and
  implementation of projects that support GSNEO
  programs and activities
Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout!
                  Reach out!
• Encourage former girl scouts to reconnect
  the premier leadership organization for girls
  and women!
• Network with old and new friends!
• Have fun! Make a Difference!
• Help girls become the leaders they want to be
  and the leaders the world needs them to be!
• www.gsneo.org (Keyword: Alumnae)
Laura Liptak
Director of Volunteer & Staff Support
Your Account
  • Update Information
     • Email, phone, address, etc.
  • Self Report Positions
  • Renew Membership
  • Print Membership Card
         Background Check Renewal
                     Need to complete by May 31, 2011
        Central                           North                              South
912   Field                  705   Bay Village                  612 Tonka
915   Ravenna                712   Strongville South            618 Tuslaw
918   Crestwood/Streetsbor   715   Strongville North            622 Golden Sunrise
928   Ellet                  718   Riverside                    625   Schoenbrun Valley
932   Mogadore/Springfield   732   Brecksville/Broadview Hts.   632   Nokomis
935   Tallmadge              738   East Cleveland               652   North Canton
942   Buckeye                742   Shaker Hts.                  678   Ohezu/Wyandotte
945   Wadsworth Rittman      748   Garfield Hts.
955   Chippewa               752   Glenville                                  West
958   Highland               758   Goodrich                     502   Lighthouse (Lorain)
965   Cuyahoga Falls         762   Willowick/Willoughby/        508   Quarrystone
                                   Eastlake                           (Fields/Sandstone)
968   Adell Durbin           765   Mentor on the Lake           512   Elyria
                             772   Chardon                      518   Four County
          East               778   Kenston                      522   New London
802   Orwell                                                    525   Mills Creek
805   Southington                                               528   Pipe Creek
812   Girard
815   Lisbon
822   Jefferson
                                                                                        Revised 3/15/11
825   Warren
Lizbeth Kohler
Director of Member Services
2011 Membership by Region
 Girls = 8,119

  Adults – 3,523
2011 Membership by Region
 Girls = 3,338

  Adults =1,519
2011 Membership by Region
  Girls = 11,181

  Adults – 4,700
2011 Membership by Region
 Girls = 4,770

 Adults = 1,614
2011 Membership by Region
 Girls = 5,527

  Adults = 2,088
  2011-2012 Early Bird Campaign
• Check out gsneo.org/membership-pathways

• Early Bird packet now available

• Individually registered girls and adults, Lifetime
  Members, and graduating seniors will receive a
  packet in the mail

• Questions? Contact membership@gsneo.org
Adult Recognition
Council Adult Recognition:
  – Saturday, May 7, 2011, 1:30pm
  – Wolstein Center, Cleveland
     Conference Pavilion West Wing, 4th Floor,
     2000 Prospect Avenue (corner of E. 21st St)

Service Units Awards
  –   50 Appreciation Pins recipients
  –   19 Honor Pins recipients
  –   9 Thanks Badges recipients
  –   4 Thanks Badge II recipients
  –   2 Service Units receiving
    Adult Learning
Camp Timberlane , August 3rd to 6th

Camp Ledgewood , August 8th to 13th
Emily Fletcher
Director of Programs
Summer Camp Programs for 2011!
•Resident Camps
•Troop Camps
•Community Day/Twilight Camps
•Family Camps

Camp registration is currently open at gsneo.org
Girl Scout Leadership
• Girl Scout Journeys are
  designed to help girls Discover,
  Connect, and Take Action!
• Capturing outcomes.
• GSNEO will be conducting
  council-wide surveys to
  measure the overall Girl Scout
  Leadership Experience.
• GSUSA National Platform and website

• All girls are encouraged to visit girlscoutvoices.org
  to register and let their voice be heard

• Your participation is important and helps us show
  the value of Girl Scouts to our community
• GSUSA has asked us to not post the Girls
  Guide to Girl Scouting video on-line until all
  councils have had a chance to premier it to
  their members.
• Once we have the go-ahead from GSUSA, we
  will post the video on gsneo.org
Brent Gardner & Roberta Uhrich
Co-Chairs, Properties Committee
Julie Anne Grossi-2nd Vice Chair

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