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									      Union Insight

                                                                                                                Volume 1, Issue 6         June 2010

 E x e c u t I v e   B o a r d 
Nick Ramirez, President; Joe Olivarez,1st Vice-President; Carlos Barcenas,2nd Vice-President; Deedra Aranda, Secretary; Stella Abril, Treasurer; Jeanette
Ramirez, Chief Job Steward; Ernie Pacheco, Sergeant at Arms; Amelia Villalpando, CPRO; Anthony Diaz, Past President
   •      •         •         •        •         •           •        •         •          •          •        •           •           •        •        •
                                       Rennie Espinosa Garza, Site Rep Coordinator; Mike Delgadillo, Web Master

                                                                               To all Our New Members for
     January                     Garcia, Madeline            Banuelos, Maria           Aranga, Dulce               Villarreal, Kristin 
     Aguirre, Albert             Hinojosa, Sylvia            Briones, Wendy            Cruz, Erica                 Maestas, Senia 
     Astorga, Victor             Joiner, Becky               Casillas, Veronica        Graham, Kyle                Guel, Yvonne 
     Barajas, Antoinette         Kubota, Kasey               Del real, Lena            Martin, Tiffany              
     Barraza, Reynalda           Licea, Brandy               Fisher, Kelly             Moreno, Gabriel              
     Carrillo, Corrina           llamas, Steven              Flores, Laura             Newhouse, Jason              
     Chavez, Mark                Madrid, Roseann             Florez, Eloise            Robertson, Kerri             
     Childs, Michelle            Marquez, Meliza             Houston, Latonia          Rodriguez, Melinda           
     Garcia, Elizabeth           Martinez, Alicia            Jimenez, Victor           Salazar, Enrique             
     Hernandez, Melissa          Matcham, Kenneth            Lake, Rosalia             Taylor, Karen                
     Hodges, April               McClendon, Griselda         Lawrence, Donald          Teames, Jennifer             
     Lara, Delia                 Prieto, Carina              lewis, Jamal              Toledo, Juan                 
     Pena, Yolanda               Rossano, Michael            Macias, Christina         Treasure, Jennifer           
     Ramirez, Michael D          Sanchez, Darlene            Martinez, Eric            Helen, Vasquez               
     Snowden, Christie           Sierra, Dianna              Medrano, Alvaro           Wells, Shawn                 
                                                                                                                             I n s i d e t hi s Is s u e :
     Trujillo, Donna             Ulloa, Tomas                Ochoa, Darlene            May           
     Yanez, Theresa              Valdivia, Anika             Paysen, Carol             Lemus, Gloria                           Thinking of Retirement..2

     February                    Vaughn, James               Quiroz, Linda       Moore, Jerry                                    President’s Message..2
     Barragan, Aidee             Villavicencio. Anabel       Ramirez, Cynthia M  Navarro, Abel                                   Extraordinary Worker.3
     Bustillos, Yolanda          Zamorez. Gilbert            Robinson, Tani      Sandoval, Paul Sr                                    Classified School
     Carrera, Alexandra          March                       Romero, Yessikha          Vasquez, Guadalupe                            Employee Week..3
     Correa, Paulina             Aiyana, Ms                  Salgado, Jesse      June                                            Officers Directory…...4
     De Castro, Lena             Almada, Pauline             Samaro, Julia       Baena, Tiffany                     
                                                                                                                                Up Coming Events…...4
     Elkins, Jeremy              Arias, Angelica             Stel, Jeanne‐Marie  Ramirez, Sylvia                    
     Frias, Ernesto              Arias, Susana               April                     Reyes, Patricia                            
                          Thinking of Retirement?
                                                                         I            s your school district report-
                                                                 ing your retirement correctly? Should you have
                                                                 been enrolled in CalPERS retirement?

                                                                 Know Your CalPERS Rights. It is never too early
                                                                 to understand how to protect your retirement and
                                                                 how to get the most when you retire. Will fur-
                                                                 loughs affect you? What happens to your pen-
                                                                 sion if your hours are reduced? Are you entitled
                                                                 to both Social Security and CalPERS? CSEA can
                                                                 answer these questions and much more.
Off for the summer?
File a claim for unemployment                   CalPERS requires you to attend a seminar be-
for fewer than 12 months a                      fore you receive a one-on-one appointment at
year, you should file an unem-
ployment claim with your local                  one of the CalPERS offices. Both CalPERS and
Employment Development De-                      CSEA provide these seminars. Log on to
partment (EDD) before the end
                                                www.csea.com/retirement for dates and locations
of the school year.
                                                near you. Visit the Web sites below or call for
For more information, contact
your job stewards or chapter                    specific information.
                                                                           Call CalPERS (888) 225-7377
File with EDD whether or not
you get a reasonable assurance                                             Social Security (800) 772-1213

                                     FROM THE PRESIDENT
 Hello Members,                                   is a rough road a head of us. All Gov-
 Another school year is quickly coming to         ernment agencies are facing tight budg-
 an end. I would like to congratulate all the     ets. Rest assured that your Chapter
 Classified Staff that made another gradua-       Executive Board is hard at work secur-
 tion class possible, JOB WELL DONE! A            ing your job for the future. Remember
 reminder, your Association will continue         “Strength through Unity”.
 to meet and conduct business during the          May God bless you and your loved ones.
 month of July. Check out the newsletter
 and or website for date, time and loca-
 tion. Negotiations continue on our new
 three year Collective Bargaining Agree-
 ment, keep informed by attending your            Nick Ramirez,
 Chapter meetings. As we all know, there          President, Chapter 244
Essential Work
                                                              Bernice Venegas a Health Assistant at McKinley
                                                              Elementary. She is an excellent school health
                                                              professional. She is one of the first to respond
                                                              when a child becomes sick or injured at school.
                                                              With the district facing cutbacks, the responsi-
                                                              bility of students’ health at school has shifted to
                                                              classified school employees. Some of Bernice’s
                                                              duties can include patching up scraped knees,
                                                              take temperature and notify parents. School
                                                              health professionals like Bernice also keeps
                                                              track of children’s immunization and other
                                                              health records.

classified school employee BBQ
         MAY 22, 2010
         The work we do as classified school employees is
            Not extravagant work

            Not redundant work

            Not expendable work

         It’s essential work by


        Thank you to all the members for coming out and making this event a success!!!
                                                                                           Chief Job Steward
                                                                                            Jeanette Ramirez

                                                                                             (909) 222-2016

                                                                                              Sergeant At Arms
                                                                                                Ernie Pacheco
      chapter meetings                                                                         (909) 213-3459

                                                                                          Public Relations Officer
                 2010                                                                        Amelia Villalpando
                                                                                               (909) 580-6579
               June 15                                   President
                                                       Nick Ramirez

                                                                                    Site Representative Coordinator
               July 20                                (909) 709-2379
                                                  Nramirezcsea244@cs.com                  Rennie Espinosa Garza
                                                                                              (909) 580-6654
              August 17                            First Vice President
                                                       Joe Olivarez                     sagrazacsea244@gmail.com
            4:30 p.m. at CHS                          (951) 836-3011
                                                jolivarezcsea244@gmail.com                       Web Master
                                                                                              Mike Delgadillo
                                                                                               (909) 580-6578
                                                  Second Vice President
                                                     Carlos Barcenas
                                                                                           Area F Representative
Colton Chapter 244 holds regular                      (909) 844-8953
                                                                                                Ben Valdepena
meetings the third Tuesday of every                      Secretary
                                                                                               (909) 792-1530
month.                                                 Deedra Aranda
                                                      (909) 580-5380
                                                 Deedra_Aranda@cjusd.net            Labor Relations Representative
Please submit all articles or story ideas for                                                 Vicki Sauer
                                                                                           CSEA Field Office
consideration to Amelia Villalpando, CPRO                Treasurer
                                                                                       1-800-526-9297 ext. 2974
                                                       Stella Abril
for Colton Chapter 244 Insight.
                                                      (909) 904-7756
                                                                                               Field Director
 ameliavillalpando_csea244@yahoo.com              Stella_abril@yahoo.com
                                                                                                 Janet Jones
                                                      Past President
                                                       Anthony Diaz
                                                      (909) 697-6838                          Member Benefits
                                                     adiaz111@aol.com                          1-866-487-2732

    A special thank you to all the vendors that join us celebrate Classified School Employee BBQ!

                                                       Lupita Valdovinos (909) 841-3542

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                                                           the CSEA website to view current or past issues at

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