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        A newsletter from Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina

 In this issue             What did you do today?
     2                                                       By Loretta Graham
                              Happy Holidays!! As we enter 2011, and the holidays are upon us, we want to wish all of you a
 Need a last
                             great season of joy, peace, good health and happiness.
 minute gift
                              With new and exciting things happening in our council, foremost in our minds is always the
 idea? Give a
 GIFT this                   question, “What Did You Do Today?” Juliette Gordon Low said “Girl Scouting is not just knowing,
 holiday season.             but doing, and not just doing, but being.” As our year begins, as you partner with girls in troops or
                             wherever your volunteer service takes you, I challenge you to keep this question at the forefront of
                             everything you do. For all Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina, “What Did You Do Today?”

     4                        This is always a good time to celebrate our accomplishments. In 2012, we will be celebrating 100
                             years of Girl Scouting, but this will not just be a celebration of the history of Girl Scouting, it will
                             be a strong statement about the Girl Scout Movement. This event will highlight the values of the
 Get the latest
                             organization and show the relevancy of these values to the future of the organization and the future
 information on
 product sales,
 including                                                                               Please See LORETTA, page 7
 cookies and fall
                        Time to take action                                                    Dates to Remember
                         GSESC’s Season of Take Action

                                                              Check out some           • Cookie Pre Sales Begin: Jan. 14,
                        will kick off on Martin Luther        good examples           2011
                        King Jr. Day and will run through of Take Action               • Cookie Booth Sales Begin: Feb. 25,
                        Memorial Day.                         projects on             2011
 Girl Scouts are
 achieving in the        We challenge every girl member Page 7                         • Death by Chocolate: February 4,
 technology             of GSESC to participate in a Take                             2011, Sands Resorts’ Ocean Dunes Re-
 arena with             Action project during this timeframe. Take Action is          sort and Villas on 75th Ave. N. in Myrtle
 LEGO teams             one of the three keys to leadership. Completing a proj-       Beach. 843-626-5190
 across the state       ect is embedded in the Girl Scout Journeys and is also         • Mary Dean Brewer Women of
                        the standard for the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold       Distinction: March 17, 2011, Darlington
                        Awards. Visit GSESC’s new Take Action Blog at http://         Country Club, Darlington. 800-786-8704

     8         to find out about some
                        great Take Action projects happening in our council
                        and to tell others about projects you are working on.
                                                                                       • Women of Distinction: May 9,
                                                                                      2011, South Carolina Aquarium, Charles-
                                                                                      ton. 800-868-9911
 See what’s
                         If you’re not sure where to start with Take Action,           • Pitchfork Fondue: April 9, 2011 at
 going on across
                        contact Katie Hiott at 843-552-9910 ext. 223 or               Blackbaud Stadium, Daniel Island. 800-
 our council in                                                                       868-9911
 Troop Scoop   We have resources to
                        help teach Take Action for both adults and girls.

December 2010
   connection . . .

Give a GIFT this holiday season
  Dear Families and Friends of Girl Scouting:   randomly placed on teams for                               it really didn’t matter. Each of
  As we all experience the holiday season       their weekend experience.                                         these girls learned how to
hustle and bustle of “things to do,” I am       Each team of                                                                manage their project
writing today to ask that you keep Girl         girls was given                                                              through discovering
Scouts of Eastern South Carolina on your        the same chal-                                                              their strengths and
GIFT list. GIFT (Girls Inspiring the Future     lenges, such as                                                            abilities, connecting
Today) is our member giving campaign. I         obstacle courses,                                                        with each other to
know there are many causes in need this         collection of water                                                     determine their plan
time of year, but I ask that you consider       with utilization of                                                     of action to accomplish
supporting the future of girls and women        the sun, building a                                                    the task, and taking
in South Carolina.                              shelter out of trash                                                   action to use the leader-
  As members of the Girl Scout movement,        bags to keep two                                                      ship skills of each girl and
we are creating the leaders of tomorrow.        people dry while                                                    the abilities of everyone on
We are developing girls of courage, confi-      withstanding a storm                                            their team to succeed.
dence and character who make the world          from a certain direction                                        I am asking that you allow
a better place. During my 28 years as a         and running a relay with a                               more girls to achieve their own
Girl Scout volunteer, I have been struck by     spoon full of water to fill a bucket in a            personal successes through a GIFT to
the strength and ability of the girls in this   given amount of time.                           the Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina.
program as they create a lasting impression       This experience still resonates with me       If you want to give TODAY, please visit
on me and the world around them.                today because one of the girls in the group     our website:, and click on
  Several years ago, I participated as a        was visually impaired. She came to the          the “Donate” button. You can also mail a
volunteer in a program titled “Survivor         event ready to participate in the chal-         donation now or at a later time when you
Camp” at Camp Low Country. This event           lenges. The rewarding factor was watching       are able.
was designed to help develop outdoor,           how she and her team worked together to           The council cannot continue to grow and
team building and leadership skills for         complete each task. They allowed the girl       maintain our services and programs for
girls. Girls arrived at camp and were           who was visually impaired to share what         girls without your help. Cookie sales are
                                                she felt she could do and what she might        only one aspect of revenue for the council.
   to give today,                               need assistance in accomplishing. Her           We need the support of all of you to be
     please visit                               team became her “eyes” when needed but          able to serve more girls in more areas.
                                                also allowed her to do whatever she felt she      Wishing you a happy holiday season.
                                                was capable of doing. I can’t really remember                                  -- Ruth Metzger
 and click Donate.
                                                how the team did in the competition, because                              GSESC Board Chair

grant support helps GSESC
 GSESC staff has been hard at work writing and putting together grant proposals to help fund our programs and reach out to
every girl, everywhere.
 We recently received $1,000 from the Post and Courier Foundation. We also got $36,000 from the Wal-Mart State Giving
Foundation to fund council-wide membership extensions.
 Grant applications continue to go out to community organizations and foundations. GSESC recently has applied for several
grants, including the following:
Georgia-Pacific Foundation                      $2,850.00                  Berkeley County Outreach Journeys
Office Depot Foundation                         $1,750.00                  Journey books for 250 girls
Oscar & Mona Sokol Foundation                   $5,000.00                  Charleston County Outreach
Blackbaud Fund                                  $4,868.50                  Tri-county Membership Extensions
Bosch Fair Share Fund                           $6,005.00                  Tri-county Membership Extensions
Women in Philanthropy - Beaufort                $868.00                    Beaufort County Membership Extension Journey books

  December 2010                                                                                                         Page 2
  connection . . .

Honor 100 years New staff members join
of Girl Scouting membership department
                                                                     The membership department would like to welcome three new
  The 100th anniversary of the                             Girl    field directors, Rachael Waldo, Whitney Eaves and Brittany Todd.
Scouts of the USA is an exciting                                     We currently have 4,717 girls registered and 2,801 adults regis-
milestone and a cause for cel-
                                                                   tered, and we’re excited to add more for the new year.
ebration. It marks a transforma-
                                                                     In January, the membership department will start our member-
tional opportunity for the entire
                                                                   ship extension programs. This is a volunteer-run program that
  The anniversary also represents                                  is based on the Journeys age level books and facilitated at the
an opportunity for the future to                                   schools. This is a great opportunity for girls that have never had
ensure that the youth of tomorrow will be                          Girl Scout experience. If you or somebody you know would like
able to participate in another century of Girl                     to help, please contact the regional director in your area.
Scouting. Building girls with courage, confidence and character
for the next century is the true goal of our efforts.
  The 100th anniversary is an opportunity for the movement         Field Director Contact Information
to unite together and leverage the strength of a nationwide         Corinne Holder -- Horry County        Brittany Todd – Beaufort
initiative.                                                        Regional Director of Membership                 County
  We join our voice with the voices of Girl Scouts all over the             843-626-5190               843.842.3444 – brittanytodd@
country as we create generations of girl leaders who are mak-                    org                   Service Areas: Greater Colleton
ing the world a better place. As CEO and board chair, we are                                          County, (637) Northern Beaufort
committed to supporting the Girl Scout movement in building         Tina Carter -- North Charleston   County, (636) Southern Beaufort
                                                                   Regional Director of Membership              County (631)
our capacity for the next century of girl leadership. We will           843-552-9910 ext 227
continue to build our council’s capacity and enrich the leader-       Rachael Waldo – Horry County
                                                                                                          843.626.5190 ext. 301 –
ship opportunities offered to girls. This is an opportunity             Whitney Eaves – North
to honor Girl Scouts and the achievements of the 50 million                  Charleston                Service Areas: Conway, (638)
women across the nation whose lives have been influenced by         843.552.9910 ext. 226 – whit-     Myrtle Beach, (640) North Myrtle
                                                                  Beach, (641) South Strand (639)
Girl Scouting.                                                      Service Areas: Greater Berke-
  What is the purpose of the 100th Anniversary                       ley County (662) and Great           Jan Joyner – Georgetown
Campaign?                                                             Dorchester County (660)             County 843.527.6967 –
  • Position the Girl Scouts as the key leadership development      Nicole Nick – North Charleston       Service Areas: Georgetown
organization for girls.                                             843.552.9910 ext. 231 – nico-      County, (649) Johnsonville/
  • Build and grow a strong and sustainable culture of philan-         Hemingway/Lake City, (648)
                                                                       Service Areas: Charleston              Kingstree (656)
thropy across the movement.                                        Peninsula (657) and West of the
  • Transform the philanthropic landscape to women and girls.                Ashley (658)                  Benita Jacobs-Singletary
  • Create and enable the reconnection of former Girl Scouts,                                                     – Florence
                                                                      Heather Trebil – Camp Low         843.669.5174 ext. 132 – beni-
members and volunteers.                                                        Country       
  • Strengthen the identity brand, visibility and impact of Girl    843.336.3251– heathertrebil@        Service Areas: Darlington/La-
Scouts.                                                   843.552.9910     mar, (652) Florence/Timmons-
                                                                               ext. 240               ville, (646) Hartsville, (651) Lee
  • Celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting achievement and            North Charleston Service Area:              County (659)
impact.                                                                   East Cooper (650)
                                                                                                         Glenda Harrison – Florence
  Thank you for your service to the Girl Scouts of Eastern            Dora Waymer - Orangeburg         843.669.5174 ext. 131 – glen-
South Carolina and your partnership as we provide meaning-         803.536.3710 – dorawaymer@
ful opportunities to girls across our state. We look forward to              Service Areas: Chesterfield
                                                                    Service Areas: Allendale/Barn-     County, (634) Dillon County,
working with you to forward the Girl Scout 100 year anniver-       well, Bamberg,(629) Clarendon        (642) Marion County, (645)
sary to help build girls into strong leaders.                        County, (644) Orangeburg/            Marlboro County (635)
  If you are interested in being a part of the 100th year com-          Calhoun County (643)
mittee, please contact the council office at 800-868-9911.

  December 2010                                                                                                  Page 3
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Goals, events set for cookie sale
Participation forms due to council today
  Cookie season is right around the corner. Council members, girls,
leaders and parents are working hard to make this a successful sale.
  On the troop level, please submit your “Intent to Participate”
form and the girl’s signed permission slips to the Florence Ser-
vice Center or your Service Unit Product Sales Chair today.All
participating girls should be registered and have a permission
slip on file.
  Local volunteer committees will be planning cookie promotional
events in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Florence and Hilton Head areas
for January 29, 2011.These events will be held in a public location
to get the community involved and to offer activities for the girls to
do. If you would like to help in planning any of these events, please
let Anne Carpenter or Emily Cote know. Look for more informa-
tion at your January service unit meetings or on the loops.The
cookie sale pre-order begins on January 14 and cookie deliveries to
the service units will take place Feb. 24,25, and 26.                     CEO Loretta Graham reminds everyone that the goal for
  Through the Girl Scout cookie program, girls develop                    the 2011 cookie sale is 200 boxes per girl. Let’s do it!
essential skills like goal setting, decision making, money
management, people skills and business ethics. Many success-
ful business women today say they got their start selling Girl            Some fall sale
                                                                          items on backorder
Scout Cookies:
  “When I was a girl I pulled a wagon behind me as I walked
from door to door delivering my Girl Scout cookies. This annual
ritual helped teach me the basics of running a successful busi-             Fall sale incentives have    please send Emily a list
ness. The two lessons that stayed with me were that all business          been shipped to the Fall       of the shortages. If it was
income is not personal profit (I had to turn in all my money)             Sale Service Unit Chairs.      never ordered, make a
and that if I eat my own merchandise then I’m obliged to pay for          However, the large and         separate list and get that
              it, ” said Laura F. from Worchester, Mass.                  small monkeys, aluminum        to Emily by January 15. If
                      Barbara J. Krumsiek, Chairwoman and CEO             water bottles and patches      we are not made aware of
                       of the investment firm Calvert Group, Ltd2         are on backorder. We were      the shortages or incorrect
                        said “I have to credit two early experiences      one of the first councils to   items, the items might not
                         (for helping manage $14 billion worth of         enter our incentive order      be available after January
                                    assets.) One is Girl Scouts. It was   and should be the first to     15.
                                       a huge part of my life grow-       receive the backordered          There are several variet-
                                             ing up in Queens. It was     items. The estimated           ies of nuts and candies still
                                             an opportunity to learn      arrival date is mid-Janu-      available at the council
                                             selling through Girl Scout   ary. We truly apologize        service centers to pur-
                                            cookies. I always vied for    for the delay, and QSP is      chase. They make great
                                       the top selling awards. I re-      doing everything they can      holiday gifts for the news-
                                       member having a troop leader
                                                                          to get these items to the      paper delivery person,
                                      have confidence in me that I
                                                                          service areas as soon as       hairdresser, teacher, etc.
                                      could go off and lead a group
                                     of girls to start the campfire or    possible. If you are short     Get them before they are
                                     whatever.”                           on any of the incentives,      gone!

  December 2010                                                                                                 Page 4
   connection . . .
Special event update
  Death by Chocolate in Myrtle Beach will be held at                   Nominations are now being accepted for Women of Dis-
the Sands Resorts’ Ocean Dunes Resort and Villas on Febru-           tinction in Charleston.To nominate someone, please call
ary 4, 2011. The evening includes champagne, silent auc-             800-868-9911 or 800-786-8704 or visit www.girlscoutsesc.
tion, hors d’oeuvres, music and LOTS of chocolate. WPDE’s            org and click on Latest News.
weather anchor, Ed Piotrowski, will be the emcee for the
                                                                       Pitchfork Fondue will be held April 9, 2011 at Black-
evening. Tickets are available for $35 each. Auction items
                                                                     baud Stadium on Daniel Island. Event festivities begin at
are also needed for this event. Call the Myrtle Beach office
                                                                     4:30 p.m. and will go until the Charleston Battery game
at 843-626-5190 or the Florence office at 800-786-8704 to
                                                                     begins at 7:30 p.m. Adult tickets are $20 and kids are $10.
inquire about tickets.
                                                                     Ticket includes admission to event, food provided by Piggly
  Nominations for the Mary Dean Brewer Women of Dis-                 Wiggly, Certified Angus Beef and Sticky Fingers, live enter-
tinction event on March 17 are being accepted until Decem-           tainment and entry to the Charleston Battery game. WAY-FM
ber 20. Auction items or baskets, donated by the service units,      is doing a live remote, and we will have local artisan booths
will be greatly appreciated. Please get those to the Florence        and a live auction. The Battery also will have their “fun zone”
Service Center by March 14.                                          open for the kids.

All-girl LEGO teams find success
  More than 90 girls in our GSESC Goes          competing at the FIRST LEGO League
LEGO all-girl robotics program are bud-         State Competition after winning the
ding doctors and engineers as the two dis-      Champion’s Award at the Pee Dee/SiMT
ciplines come together for the 2010 FIRST       Regional held on December 4.The team
LEGO League robotics season. Since Sep-         is no stranger to the state competition,
tember, girls on the ten teams supported by     having competed last year and receiving
GSESC have been researching topics such         the Raising Star Award for the state. The
as heart health, asthma and breast cancer       Angelbots of Gable made GSESC proud
as part of the Body Forward™challenge.          as well at the Pee Dee/SiMT Regional.
The girls have also been putting their en-      Our other eight teams will be compet-
gineering skills to use as they design, build   ing at regional events in Orangeburg,
and program robots made out of LEGOs            Aiken and North Charleston at the end
                                                                                            Members of the Tech Chicz robotics
to perform specific missions on a thematic      of January.                                 team (above) from Florence and the
playing field.                                    The GSESC Goes LEGO program is            Angelbots from Gable (below) com-
  All of the girls’ hard work comes to-         in its second year and is open for girls    peted at the Pee Dee/SiMT Regional
gether and is put on display at regional        ages 9-14. The program is funded en-
competitions. At the competitions, the          tirely through grants from the Motor-
teams are judged on their teamwork              ola Foundation, Time Warner Cable’s
skills, robotic design, research presenta-      Connect A Million Minds initiative,
tion and how well their robot performs          and others who believe that getting
in completing the missions on the the-          girls involved in science, technology,
matic playing field. If a team does well        engineering and math is important. If
at the regional competition they move           you would like more information on
onto the South Carolina FIRST LEGO              the program or to make a donation
League State Competition in North               to the program please contact Lesley
Charleston on March 5, 2011.                    Robinson at 843-552-9910 ext. 224
  The Tech Chicz of Florence will be            or

  December 2010                                                                                                Page 5
  connection . . .

Council Corner
 Councils work together on advocacy                               Tickets are $20 and are available at www.brownpaper-
  Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina and Girl Scouts of
South Carolina -- Mountains to Midlands are working to-            Summer jobs available at CLC
gether on an advocacy plan to bring awareness and informa-         Summer jobs are available at Camp Low Country. We serve
tion about Girl Scouts to legislators in the Statehouse.          approximately 100 girls, ages 6-17, each week. Our camp
  The two councils met to discuss starting an honorary Girl       season comprises 5 sessions. Staff week is June 10-18, 2011.
Scout troop comprising female legislators; consulted with a       Camp runs June 19 – July 29, 2011. Staff will work until
lobbying firm in Columbia to help target our lawmakers and        July 31, 2011. Staff will not be working the week of July
have been working on establishing an issue to focus on with       3-8, 2011.
our legislators. Currently, the two councils are looking at the    First aid, CPR, life guarding, archery, and ropes training
ways women are portrayed in the media and whether that is         will be offered to you before or during Staff Week.
healthy for young women and girls.                                Please contact Heather Trebil, Resident Camp Director at
 FORP plans Oyster Roast                                 or 843-336-3251.
  Grab your oyster knives and join the Friends of Richmond         Vote for Camp Low Country
Plantation for the Second Annual Oyster Roast on Sunday,           Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina is still in the running
January 9th, from 3 p.m.-6 p.m. at Bowen’s Island Restau-         to receive a $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Everything grant. The
rant in North Charleston.                                         money will go to repair the leaking slate roof of the historic
  Enjoy all you can eat oysters, as well as food and drink        Manor House, restoring historic Brownie Bungalow, building
for the non-oyster eater. All proceeds benefit the Friends        several new cabins and restrooms, repair roads and trails, and
of Richmond Plantation, a task force of the Girl Scouts of        update the camp office, also located in a historic building.
Eastern South Carolina. Our goals include planning and             You can vote three ways -- by text at 103373 to Pepsi
the provision of funds for the rehabilitation, restoration,       (73774); online at
improvements, and maintenance of Camp Low Coun-                   plowcountry; or through your personal Facebook account.
try with primary focus on highlighting and repairing the           We’re eligible for this grant through the end of December,
historic resources associated with Richmond Plantation.           so please vote today!


       Girl Scout troops
        316 and 108 at-
     tended the Boone
       Hall Farms 2010
      Corn Maze ribbon
      cutting ceremony
     with Mount Pleas-
         ant Mayor Billy
     Swails and Boone
      Hall owner Willie
    McRae. They were
   the first to navigate
     their way through
        the maze in the
      shape of the new
              town logo.

  December 2010                                                                                            Page 6
   connection . . .
GSESC girls set good take action examples
  Two Girl Scouts from our council have                                                                                 Elyssa, a Girl Scout
                                                                                                                        from Bennettsville,
been working hard to address needs in their                                                                             worked on a Girl
communities, both with their Girl Scout                                                                                 Scout Gold Award
                                                                                                                        project to help
Gold Awards andTake Action projects.                                                                                    repair a walking
  Abby from Mt. Pleasant is working on her                                                                              trail at Lake Paul
                                                                                                                        Wallace, left.
Gold Award and has planned a greatTake Ac-
tion project! She was featured in the Post and
Courier in October for the great things she is
doing in her community.
  Abby is a musician and was upset when
the Charleston Symphony Orchestra
was disbanded because of a lack of finan-
cial support in the Charleston area.
   “I feel that music and the arts define
                                                 state a commitment to Charleston’s mu-           about the trail or the lake itself.
a cultured society,” Abby said, and that
                                                 sic organizations and education.                   Elyssa repaired benches, added new
she wanted to advocate for music in this
                                                   This is a great example of a Take Action       benches along the trail and made new
                                                 project because Abby has included the            trail signs. She also built a booth that
  Abby has planned “Music Matters:               community in her planning and has taken
Young Artist Concert Series” to spread                                                            contains information about the history
                                                 steps to make her effort sustainable. One        of the lake, a map of the walking trail
awareness of the importance of music in          of the most important parts is that Abby
society. She has planned a series of free                                                         and facts about the wildlife that live in
                                                 has chosen to address an issue that matters      and around it.
concerts to be held once a month from            to her and found a way to effect it in a last-
October 2010 to March 2011. The con-                                                                Elyssa is encouraging family, neighbors
                                                 ing way.
cert series will showcase a variety of                                                            and friends to see and use her additions
                                                   Elyssa, from Bennettsville, saw a need
music styles. Abby has sent the concert                                                           to the trail. She is also putting together
                                                 in her community and jumped to action
schedule to newspapers, magazines and            with her Gold Award project. Elyssa saw          an article to submit to local newspapers.
online versions of cultural calendars for        that the Lake Paul Wallace Walking Trail         She hopes that her “involvement in re-
the area.                                        was in disrepair and not being utilized to       pairing Lake Paul Wallace’s walking trail
  Abby is also sending letters to local          its full potential. Trail signs were old and     will inspire future boys and girls to par-
business leaders to explain her project          worn, benches were broken or unstable,           ticipate in scouting and complete proj-
and ask for pledges from companies to            and there was no information available           ects to benefit their communities.

loretta continued ...

of the girls in our council. More than           world,” and she began “doing.” She               You and I have something for the girls of
anything, this celebration will be about         was a woman of change and will be so             Eastern South Carolina and the world.
the girls and the Girl Scouts of Eastern         proud of us today as we continue to              Girl Scouts is a prevention program. We
South Carolina.                                  move at the speed of the girls. Charles          have proven successful for almost 100
  It was almost 100 years ago when               Darwin once said “It is not the stron-           years. Our children are our future, and
Juliette Gordon Low picked up the                gest of the species that survive, nor            they will be our future leaders. What
phone and called a friend and said,              the most intelligent, but the most re-           are we doing to help them become great
“I’ve got something for the girls of             sponsive to change.”                             leaders?
Savannah, and all America and the                 We all know the dangers of sitting idle.          What did you do today?

  December 2010                                                                                                       Page 7
  connection . . .
Troop Scoop
  Troop 824                                                     Troop 924
  In October, 31                                                Girl Scout Brownie
neglected dogs were                                           troop 924 took its
brought to the Fran-                                          first trip to Camp
ces R. Willis S.P.C.A.                                        Low Country this
in Summerville by                                             year! The troops
Dorchester County                                             was excited to join
Animal Control.                                               other troops from the
Hearing that the                                              area for the Juliette
S.P.C.A might be                                              Gordon Low Birth-
short on supplies to                                          day Celebration. The
help these animals, Girl Scout troop 824, under the leader-   maps we got upon arrival came in very handy to explore the
ship of Kim Jeffers, answered the call.They collected blan-   property.
kets, towels, food and many other supplies for the animals      The troop started out making various Halloween and
and delivered them to the S.P.C.A. on November 13, 2010.      Thanksgiving crafts. They also tried some blind-folded
  Troop 483                                                   “marshmallow bobbing” and had a cupcake walk.
  Girl Scout troop                                              The group decorated pumpkins and picked up patches at
483 volunteered                                               the trading booth.
with the Charleston                                             Chesterfield County
County Library dur-                                             On Oct. 17th, Girl Scouts from Chesterfield County
ing a big book sale at                                        celebrated Daisy’s 150th birthday with a “Dance the De-
the Galliard Audito-                                          cades” event. The
rium for the Friends                                          girls learned how
of the Library. They                                          to do the Grizzly
worked three hours                                            Bear from 1912,
straightening books,                                          the Charleston from
re-stocking shelves                                           the ’20s, the Hand
and helping people find books.                                Jive from the ’50s,
                                                              the Hustle from the
 Troop 226                                                    ’70s, and from the
 Troop 226 did a gift                                         ’80s they learned
basket/storage tub for                                        the Electric Slide
Thanksgiving for Hos-                                         and Thriller. Some
pice through Stephanie                                        older girls helped
Gatton. We are also                                           them learn a few
working monthly since                                         modern dances, like
July on our Silver                                            the Cupid Shuffle
award through various                                         and Hoedown
projects we are doing                                         Showdown. We also
each month at the                                             had a few free dance
Ronald McDonald                                               songs and the girls
House.                                                        showed off their
                                                               Please See Troop Scoop, next page

  December 2010                                                                                      Page 8
  connection . . .
Troop Scoop
best moves.                                                  The girls picked out the pajamas, and paid for them with
  On Nov. 20th Chesterfield Girl Scouts got together to      troop funds they earned by selling cookies. These girls
make Christmas ornaments. The girls made snowmen,            decided to fulfill a need in their community, showing that
Santa, and bulb ornaments and enjoyed gingerbread cook-      Girl Scouting really does build girls of courage, confi-
ies that they decorated. On Dec. 4th, the girls put on       dence and character!
their best Cat in the Hat gear and walked in the Chester-      Troop 280
field County Christmas parade with a 10-foot “Grinch”          Girl Scout Junior troop 280 from Mt. Pleasant posed in
in a tribute to Dr. Suess. A book drive was also held for    replicas of old-fashioned (circa 1918) uniforms at
children in DSS care.                                        the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace in Savannah, on No-
  Troop 755                                                  vember 20.
  The lovely young                                             The girls enjoyed
ladies of Girl Scout                                         learning how to
Junior troop 755                                             march in forma-
showed they are                                              tion, and the ones
living the Girl Scout                                        who attended the
Law by purchasing                                            trip are eager to
pajamas for eight                                            teach six friends
young ladies at                                              who were unable
Jenkins Orphanage.                                           to make the trip.


     Junior Jamboree Survivor: Sandy Ridge was held          the session.
   November 19-21 at the Sandy Ridge Program & Train-         A surprise visit by GSESC’s Loretta Graham during
   ing Center. Nineteen troops, with nearly 130 Girl         the opening really got the girls and adults moving. The
   Scouts from the GSESC attended this exciting week-        evening’s tribal council showcased the talents of the
   end filled with Survivor excitement. Troops were          different troops attending followed by a special vote.
   divided into three tribes, carried their tribal banners   An inspirational American flag retirement was held
   and individual troops carried their torches.              and luminaries showed the way back to the campsites.
     Girls experienced a variety of activities, many of      Everyone’s enthusiasm and true Girl Scout spirit made
   which required team work to accomplish the goal of        this one of the best Junior Jamborees ever!

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                          Girl Scout Camp

W      ake up around seven,
       Adventures can be seen,
Lights out is eleven,
                                      o many activities,
                                      A lot you will achieve,
                                   And with all the amenities,
But make sure you shower some-     You will never want to leave!
time in between!

Y   ou can stay in the dining hall                      -- Megan Pirkel
    where it’s cool,
Or play with friends in the sun,
Maybe you will hang out in the
Where ever you are, you will have

                Knot bad                                         a groove thing

 Scouts from Girl Scout Cadette Troop 621 created a “no   Girl Scouts, parents and leaders joined in the fun at 2001
 sew” blanket for inclusion in a “My Stuff Bags” for a    Nightclub in Myrtle Beach to celebrate Juliette Gordon
 needy foster child.                                      Low’s birthday. More than 600 people were in attendance.

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