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									Hunter College
                 The Care of the Future is Mine
New York City is the most exciting place on earth. / To be at the center of it is to tap into a force
so vital and energizing that it lifts your college experience onto a whole new level of adventure. /

Hunter College has been at the heart of this great city for
over 130 years, delivering the best in education. / We did it in the
19th century. We did it in the 20th century. And we’re doing it better than ever in the 21st century.
We’re here to stay, but our students are going places.

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                                        19 The Hunter Faculty
                                          Time/The Princeton Review The Best College for You: accessible location on Manhattan’s East Side and a solid reputation in the
sciences, social work, and English make The City University’s crown jewel a great choice.
Hunter is all over town and easy to get to.
Where We’re At              East side, West side...Hunter is all over   West 41st Street in the Heart of the new Times Square

town and easy to get to wherever you are. On East 68th Street           MASTERS OF FINE ARTS PROGRAM

and Lexington Avenue, you’ll find our largest campus, home to the       An 8,000-square-foot gallery and individual artists’ studios in the

School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education. We’ve got      center of Manhattan set aside for graduate art students.

our own college-connected subway stop there so if the weather’s
                                                                        Park Avenue and East 94th Street
not cooperating, you won’t feel a thing. You’ll also find us at:
                                                                        ELEMENTARY AND HIGH SCHOOLS

East 25th Street                                                        Hands-on experience for our future teachers working with New

THE BROOKDALE CAMPUS                                                    York’s most intellectually gifted students in Hunter-run schools.

The Schools of the Health Professions (School of Health Sciences
and Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing, one of the nation’s foremost
                                                                                            Strange But True...
nursing programs).                                                                          Did you know it’s actually easier and faster for many people
                                                                                            living in Brooklyn and Queens to get to Hunter than it is for
East 79th Street                                                                            them to go to colleges in their own boroughs? Just take the
                                                                                            #6 subway (Lexington Avenue local) to the 68th Street
                                                                                            Hunter College station. At most times, there’s a train every
“One of the nation’s Top 20 social work graduate programs”–                                 six minutes!
U.S. News and World Report.

                              So much to see…to do…
                                                                                                             to be
    Hunter Cares for Your Future.                We have your future in mind from the moment you walk through our doors.
    Starting with your first semester, we connect you with award-winning faculty and outstanding programs that will help you
    soar in whatever direction you choose. In our classrooms and labs and studios, you get an extraordinary education for less
    money than almost anywhere else. And you’ll find exciting opportunities to broaden your intellectual and professional hori-
    zons off campus as well, with internships in places like CBS, DreamWorks, Mount Sinai Medical Center or the Council on
    Foreign relations. After graduation, Hunter students go on to become the future teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, civic lead-
    ers and other professionals who in turn give back to our city and nation, building for future generations. Our acceptance
    rates into professional and graduate schools rival those at any college anywhere. Giving students the tools they need to be
    successful after graduation and preparing them to give back to the community has been Hunter’s mission since it was found-
    ed in 1870...and today we do it better than ever.
At Hunter, every day is a building block to a successful future.
Hunter students have high st andards: their intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm
fuels an en ergetic environment for living and learning.
Honor Bound            At Hunter too, we offer a full range of          SPECIAL RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES FOR MINORITY STUDENTS

Honors programs. There is the Hunter Scholars Program (HSP),            Qualified minority students can take advantage of the following

with honors sections of general education requirement courses;          programs that provide undergraduate research opportunities with

in-course honors opportunities in non-honors courses; and independent   financial support.

study with a faculty mentor and use of a newly designed lounge and      • Minority Access to Research Careers Program (MARC)
seminar room for honors students. / Hunter also participates in The     • Minority Biomedical Research Support Program (MBRS)
City University of New York Honors College: University Scholars         • Career Opportunities in Research and Education (COR)
Program, launched in the fall of 2001 at five senior colleges. This     • Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP)
challenging honors program integrates cultural experiences with         • Mellon Minority Undergraduate Fellowship
academic study. Participants interact with leaders in the arts, gov-
ernment, business, and science. A special funding package includes
full-tuition scholarships, stipends, an academic expense account
to pay for enriching experiences such as study abroad, and a free
laptop computer. / The interdisciplinary Thomas Hunter Honors
Program provides exceptional undergraduate students with an
individualized course of study suited to their needs and interests.

    By Leaps and Bounds                       Hunter College’s rich and varied programs of study are equally strong in the arts and the sciences.
    A superb faculty that loves to teach makes everything come alive. Our academic programs in the fields of education, pre-med, and nursing
    are nationally renowned. Get a jump on your future with an education built for you!

    See page 48 for a complete listing of Programs of Study.
Fiske Guide to Colleges
...with a fine array of programs in both liberal arts
and preprofessional disciplines, Hunter offers its students
a quality education in the center of Manhattan.
At Hunter, ever y student can find the window to his or her passion.
We’re Invested in Your Success                      To get into Hunter you need to be a first rate student. To succeed, you need to be ready
for challenging courses taught by a faculty that sets high standards. But if you’re good enough to get into Hunter, then we believe that
you’re good enough to be successful here…and we do everything we can to make sure that you are. Students can use our fully computerized
Learning Centers for Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Reading/Writing, day or night. For those who need more generalized help with
areas like time management, test anxiety, efficient note-taking, and test-taking strategies, we have study skills workshops.

                         Be a first rate student
                     Alizabeth Acevedo              A graduate of Washington Irving High School, Alizabeth has gone through Hunter’s pre-med
              program as a full-time mother and will be continuing her education at Cornell Medical School. Alizabeth has been a scholar in the
           MARC and MBRS programs, designed specifically to provide research opportunities for minority students in the sciences. She has felt
                             supported by Hunter all the way, particularly with the Hunter child care center that her daughter Ashley attended.

In terms of providing undergraduates with research opportunities, Hunter is one of
the best. And we place students in some of the finest medical schools in the country.
Thanks to the opportunities I’ve had here, I’m going to Cornell next year.

From my first day here, I felt like this was a family.
Everyone is willing to help you out. We go to each other’s
performances. There’s a feeling of brotherhood.

                  Vince “Kazi” McCoy
                                                    Kazi, a drummer, was looking for music schools in the city and opted for Hunter on
                   account of its diversity. He performs in venues around town and plans to get his Masters degree in Music Education.
                                       Kazi has been a member of the Caribbean Club and has served as President of the Jazz Society.
     Creating Opportunities                 If you succeed at Hunter, you’ve made a giant leap towards your next goal. Hunter students are accepted
     into professional and graduate schools at far better rates than the national averages. For example, over the past six years, 61% of Hunter
     applicants were accepted to medical schools— a rate 25 percentage points above the national average.

     How does Hunter manage to achieve this? By offering outstanding academics to its talented students.
     • As an undergraduate, you can work side-by-side on sophisticated research with renowned scientists and scholars.
     • You can let Hunter help you secure an internship in your field of interest. Hunter students have interned at such locations as Warner
       Brothers, WNET, Rolling Stone, Paine Webber, Miramax, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Merrill Lynch, Madison Square Garden, CNN,

                                                                                             giant leap
       NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, M.I.T., and more.

14                                                    Make a
     • Being a student at Hunter means that you can choose to enrich your academic program by taking courses at any one of 16 other
       CUNY campuses across the city.
If you succeed at Hunter,
there’s no stopping you from doing any thing you want in life.
                                                                                                                                          Student teacher
                                                                                                                                          Carmen Cardona hones
                                                                                                                                          her teaching skills with
                                                                                                                                          youngsters at P.S. 108
                                                                                                                                          in upper Manhattan.

     Past…Present…Future                    At Hunter, we strive for a balance between tradition and innovation. We build for achievement
     in the present and in the future on a foundation of more than a century’s worth of academic excellence. / Hunter College, founded
     as Normal College in 1870 by Thomas Hunter to educate future teachers, is the second oldest of the schools that make up the City
     University of New York. A pioneering force from its inception, Hunter was the first public college in the city to provide quality higher
     education for women of all races and backgrounds. Now a comprehensive liberal arts and sciences college and fully coeducational
     since 1964, Hunter is just as much a pioneering force in higher education today.

AT HUNTER, THERE IS SO MUCH THAT IS NEW • New fields of study like neuropsychology, gene structure, and photonics among more
traditional academic offerings. • A fully wired campus that can keep up with all the new technology. • The most modern teaching methods
applied to subjects like classics and foreign languages • People everywhere involved in amazing research. Just within the last decade,
the Hunter community has developed new tests for environmental carcinogens…a new class of high-powered, high-efficiency solid

state lasers…new drug treatments for Alzheimer’s disease…and so much more.

                                                                                                             Hunter has had a Phi Beta Kappa
                                                                                                          chapter since 1920. Less than 20%
                                                                                                            of the nation’s colleges qualify
                                                                                                         academically for this honor. We do
                                                                                                             — because we’re recognized as a
                                                                                                              fine liberal arts institution.

Students at Hunter have a unique opportunity to interact with leading scholars
in their field at a fraction of the cost of private research universities. Helping
these students evolve into young research scholars and go on to some of the best
graduate programs in the country is one of the most satisfying things I do.
– Steve Greenbaum, Ph.D., Professor of Physics
Nothing But the Best                At Hunter College, we offer the best in education at one of the best values to be found anywhere in
the nation. How can we provide top-quality academics for such reasonable tuition? Because of significant state support, grants generated

                                                         Get the best
by a dedicated and productive faculty, and generous alumni. It’s as simple as that.

A BRILLIANT FACULTY Because of our prime location, Hunter is able to attract and retain some of the best faculty in the country.
You’ll find eminent scientists and scholars among your professors, as well as a powerful corps of New York’s most accomplished profes-
sionals, who take time out of their busy work lives to share their knowledge with the Hunter community. That means artists, sculptors,
architects and urban design experts, playwrights, novelists, photographers, dancers, musicians, directors...people like playwright Tina
Howe, photographer Roy DeCarava, artist Robert Morris, and so many more, all bringing the exciting reality of the outside world into
Hunter classrooms.
I found Hunter to be more accommodating to my needs than
other colleges in New York City. This allows me to participate

fully in the Hunter community.

                 Pepsi Mock         Pepsi is a graduate of the New York City Lab School. She is a Senator on the Student Council, an
                  officer for Asian-American students, and has been in a leadership program in Costa Rica for people with disabilities.
Imran Chowdhury            Imran came to Hunter right out of Stuyvesant High School. An anthropology major, he has interned at Pfizer and has
worked on the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative. He has also been a guide at the American Museum of Natural History and a lab assistant at
         Rockefeller University. He hopes to continue his work with the global fight against AIDS under the auspices of a Fulbright Scholarship.

             “      There are so many perspectives at Hunter. You’ve got cultural diversity, age diversity. We’re
                    not afraid to argue and disagree. And it’s not all theoretical. When people are discussing
                    the industrial complex, for instance, there’ll be students in the room who have worked in

                    sweatshops and can speak from real experience. That’s very special.
                                                                                                    NYCE WORK
                                                                                                    Hunter College, the site of the most sophisticated geographic
                                                                                                    mapping facilities on the East Coast, sent its students out all
                                                                                                    over the streets of the five boroughs to evaluate the NYCMap
                                                                                                    (pronounced “nice map”), a database featuring an extremely
                                                                                                    precise, intricate picture of every square foot of the city.
                                                                                                    The New York Times called it “an extraordinary new mirror...
                                                                                                    the most accurate city map ever.”

     Serving Society            Our goal at Hunter is to develop independent minds and to promote an active, committed approach
     to the world. Our classroom discussions go a long way toward fostering this growth, crackling with energy and encouraging
     critical thinking. Many of our students find themselves drawn to the larger world beyond our boundaries, and our academic
                                                                                                                                                    Arlene Aviles, leaving
     programs help to create avenues into the great city that surrounds them. / In addition to the wide range of internships we                        her Public Service
     offer, there is our renowned Public Service Scholar Program. This program places Hunter students in New York City govern-                      Scholar internship at
                                                                                                                                                     City Hall, where she
     ment and not-for-profit jobs where they work alongside professionals, developing strategies to manage pressing urban prob-
                                                                                                                                                    will present research
     lems, while receiving a stipend that covers tuition and basic living expenses. The Public Service Scholar Program is the only                      findings to a City
                                                                                                                                                         Council Hearing.
     internship of its kind in New York City and State. More than 350 students have participated over the past 19 years, 78%
     women and 49% members of minority groups. More than 79% of these students have pursued careers in the public sector.

Hunter is a community of many bridges,
linking students to on e another, to a gifted and caring faculty, and to countless avenues to success.
     Embracing Diversity                On some college campuses, cultural diversity is just a politically correct cliché. Here at Hunter, situated
     within the gorgeous mosaic of New York City, cultural diversity is the lifeblood that energizes us and prepares students for the increasingly
     diverse world of the future. Hunter students come from over 140 different countries and speak more than 100 different languages.

     The common denominator is that all of our students, no matter where they come from, want the best education at the best value.


  I once passed around an atlas in class and everybody was pointing
        to where they were from — Ukraine, Angola, Pakistan, Jordan.
Diversity is one of the neatest things here, even among the faculty.
                                               – Fred Thompson, senior
Hunter is a place where you’ll learn to listen.
HUNTER REAPS WELL-EARNED REWARDS ON ACCOUNT OF ITS DIVERSITY. Consider the following • Because of its diverse
population, Hunter was the first public institution to receive a $300,000 grant from the prestigious Andrew W. Mellon Minority
Undergraduate Program, which continues to help support and prepare our students for future doctoral degrees. • The National Institutes
of Health funds programs for qualified Hunter minority students who plan careers in advanced biomedical research. • The Hispanic
Outlook in Higher Education and Black Issues in Higher Education have consistently ranked Hunter College among the top 20
colleges nationwide for the number of minority students earning Master’s degrees in all academic fields.

                             Mike Rivlin         Mike was born in Hungary and emigrated to the United States when he was a teenager.
                              He attended Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn. A pre-med student, he chose Hunter for financial
                            reasons but the academic programs at Hunter have surpassed all of his expectations. Mike has worked closely
                                                   with the Physics Department, publishing scientific articles and attending conferences.

The professors at Hunter are exceptionally helpful. One of my first classes was taught
by Professor Sweeney. Although he is the head of the Chemistry department, he always

has time for students. He helped the whole class make the transition to college.
I love the direct experience you have with the faculty here. You’re studying
with people who are not just professors, but who are working professionals.

People like Jenefer Shute, a published novelist. It’s awesome.

         Aliyah Khan           Aliyah graduated from Stuyvesant High School. She has developed her skills as a journalist as editor of the
     student newspaper, the Hunter Envoy, is an active member of student government and was a recent participant in a Haitian Drumming
        workshop at Hunter. Aliyah recently received the Hunter College Presidential Scholar Fellowship for her research project entitled,
                      “A Literary Discovery of Indo-Caribbean Women.” She plans to pursue her study of literature at the graduate level.
Bright Lights, Big City
From almost any vantage point on campus,
you can view dazzling vistas of the city
that never sleeps. A daily dose of
excitement and inspiration.
Time Out        Can you be bored on the island of Manhattan? Only if you try very, very hard. Can you be bored at Hunter College?
We doubt it! / At Hunter, you’ll work hard, but there’s always time left over for serious fun. Participate in the campus clubs—
there are more than 100 of them— that sponsor social gatherings open to all students. And all it takes is 15 students with a
common interest to form a new club.

Hunter students sample exotic cuisine
at on e of the m an y intern ation al festiv als held throughout the year.
     A small sampling of clubs at Hunter:         Math Club
     Alpha Phi Omega Service Organization         Multicultural Club
     Anthropology Club                            Muslim Students Association
     Capoeira Club (Dancing)                      Palestinian Club
     Caribbean Student Union                      Philosophy Club
     Colombian Club                               Pre-Med Club
     Dominican Perspectives                       Salsa/Mambo Club
     Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance        Students for a Free Tibet
     Gay Men’s Alliance
     Golden Key Honor Society                     Rich cultural opportunities
     Hillel Club                                  are everywhere at Hunter:
     Israeli Club                                 • Drama groups
     Hunter Jazz Society                          • Choral groups

              serious fun
     Hunter Theater Company                       • Dance performances
     Latino Honor Society                         • Symphony orchestra
     Lesbians Rising                              • Jazz band
     Life Drawing
                                                  ...and so many others.

     Hunter students also produce The Hunter Envoy, a student newspaper, as well as a wide range of other publications, from The Olivetree Review, the campus literary
     magazine, to The Shield (generated by the Hunter African-American community), Revista de La Academia (concentrating on Hispanic literature), Islamic Times,
     Psych News, Chemistry News, and more. Two webzines, The Third Rail and The Word, showcase fiction and non-fiction written by Hunter students.

     If you need a break from culture and campus life in general, just stroll over to Central Park or indulge in some shopping. And we haven’t even talked about sports yet...
Can you be bored at Hunter College? We dou bt it!
                          There’s a pulse that goes
with the m ake-up of this school…and it’s powerful.
The Sports Scene               New Yorkers take sports seriously. That’s why we dream of Subway Series.
Sports is a tradition at Hunter too. We’ve got the facilities and we’ve got the athletes.

Our ultra-modern sports complex features three levels of fully air-conditioned underground facilities with
a large competitive gym that seats 1500. There are other gyms designed for more specific use, including:

• a multipurpose practice gym that accommodates several activities simultaneously.
• a fitness and weight training room outfitted with the latest Nautilus and Cybex equipment.
• a specially-designed aerobics and fencing studio.
• a fully-padded combative gym utilized by the wrestling team as well as martial arts and yoga classes.

We also have a complete training and rehabilitation room, staffed by a professional full-time athletic trainer,
plus five regulation-size racquetball courts and a four-lane indoor swimming pool. / Hunter women compete
on intercollegiate athletic teams in basketball, junior varsity basketball, cross country, fencing, indoor track
and field, outdoor track and field, softball, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and junior varsity volleyball. Hunter
men compete in basketball, cross country, fencing, indoor track and field, outdoor track and field, soccer,
tennis, volleyball, and wrestling.

     Our popular intramural events include basketball, bowling,
     fitness challenges, flag football, floor hockey, racquetball,
     soccer, softball, swimming, table tennis, and volleyball. In
     addition, there are recreation classes and clubs in aerobic
     dance, martial arts, women’s fitness, and yoga.

     CHECK OUT OUR STATS! • For three consecutive years, the
     Hunter College Hawks won the CUNYAC Commissioner’s Cup,
     awarded for the best all-around finish in the league. • Seven
     Hunter College athletes have competed in the Olympic
     Games. • Two Hunter men have won national championships
     in track and field (Kevin Sullivan, outdoor 5000 meter run in
     1988 and Nigel Franklyn, indoor and outdoor triple jump in
     1997). • Hunter College has produced 43 All-Americans
     (nine in wrestling, fourteen in men’s track and field, twelve
     in women’s track and field, four in women’s fencing, two in
     men’s cross country, and two in men’s basketball).
Hunter students think of Central Park as an extension of their campus.
I’ve had friends at other public and private colleges
who haven’t received the same kind of education or
opportunities that I’ve had.
– Mohammed Kraish, senior
Hunter College                                             Freshman Applicants                                        Honors College:
Office of Admissions/Welcome Center                        Admission to Hunter College is quite selective. Overall    University Scholars Program
Room 100, North Building                                   academic average, number and distribution of academic      Hunter College participates in City University’s highly
695 Park Avenue (at East 68th Street)                      courses and SAT/ACT scores are among the most              selective Honors College: University Scholars Program,
New York, New York 10021                                   important criteria. The College recommends four years      which provides a challenging curriculum and financial
212-772-4490                                               of English, four years of social studies, three years of   support for outstanding students. University Scholars
email:                          mathematics, two years of a foreign language, two years    enroll in seminars that integrate cultural experiences
web site:                   of laboratory sciences, and one year of performing or      with academic study and participate in a wide range
                                                           visual arts as the academic preparation needed for         of activities with University Scholars from other City
                                                           success at Hunter.                                         University campuses. The Honors College Cultural
APPLYING TO HUNTER COLLEGE                                                                                            Passport provides University Scholars entrée to the
Applications for freshman admission (for those currently   Freshman applicants are required to submit official high   great cultural institutions of New York, including
in high school and those who have not attended a college   school transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, and a $40.00        museums, theaters, and concerts. Participants interact
or university since graduating high school) can be         application fee to the University Application Processing   with leaders in the arts, government, business and
obtained at most high school guidance offices or at the    Center, Post Office Box 350136, Brooklyn, New York,        science. Each University Scholar also receives a full-
Hunter College Office of Admissions/Welcome Center.        11235-0001                                                 tuition scholarship, a stipend, an academic expense
Applications for transfer admission (for those currently                                                              account and a laptop computer.
enrolled in college and/or those who have attended a
college or university since graduating from high school)
can be obtained at any City University of New York
campus or at the Hunter College Office of Admissions/
Welcome Center. Applications can also be obtained, and
filed, on-line at

     Hunter College Scholarship Program                        and Knowledge)                                               International Applicants
     The Hunter College Scholarship Program offers merit-      SEEK is a program of the City University of New York         Applicants who have completed any part of their sec-
     based scholarships to a limited number of incoming        that helps economically disadvantaged students by pro-       ondary or post-secondary education outside the United
     freshmen. Some scholarships include a free room at the    viding them with intensive academic services. Workshops      States and/or require a student (F-1) visa are consid-
     Hunter College Residence Hall, located at 425 East        are provided during the first year to help students meet     ered International Applicants. International applicants
     25th Street (at First Avenue). Awards are                 minimum proficiency requirements. A stipend for educa-       file the appropriate freshman or transfer application
     competitive, based on the student’s high school record,   tional expenses is awarded to those students who exhibit     and submit official certificates, detailed transcripts, and
     SAT scores, essay and letters of recommendation. Only     extreme need. Interested students should complete the        translations (if necessary) to the University Application
     freshmen applying for the fall term are considered.       SEEK portion of the freshman application.                    Processing Center (see appropriate address above).
     More information and applications can be obtained at                                                                   Applicants whose native language is not English and
     most high school guidance offices or at the Hunter                                                                     who hold a temporary visa are also required to submit a
     College Office of Admissions/Welcome Center.              Transfer Applicants                                          TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score.
                                                               Transfer admission is based on the applicant’s cumula-
                                                               tive grade point average and, in many cases, the appli-
                                                               cant’s overall high school record. Hunter College accepts    Credit by Examination
                                                               a maximum of 90 credits from regionally accredited           Students may earn up to 30 credits through examina-
                                                               four-year institutions. A maximum of 70 credits may be       tions in one or more of the following categories:
                                                               transferred from regionally accredited two-year institu-
                                                                                                                            College Entrance Examination Board
                                                               tions. Transfer applicants are required to submit official
                                                                                                                            Advanced Placement (AP) Tests
                                                               transcripts from each college attended (as well as from
                                                                                                                            College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
                                                               their high schools) and a $50.00 application fee to the
                                                                                                                            Regents College Examinations (RCE)
                                                               University Application Processing Center, Post Office
                                                                                                                            Departmental Examinations (offered by Hunter faculty)
                                                               Box 359023, Brooklyn, New York, 11235-9023.

44   SEEK (Search for Education, Elevation
TUITION AND FEES                                               Financial Aid                                                Upper Division Programs
The reasonable tuition and fees at Hunter College make         More than sixty-five percent of Hunter’s full-time under-    Programs offered within the Schools of the Health
a quality education affordable:                                graduate degree students receive some form of financial      Professions (Community Health Education, Medical
                                                               assistance. In order to qualify for aid, students complete   Laboratory Sciences, Nursing and Nutrition and Food
Tuition for Residents of New York State
                                                               the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA),        Science) require completion of up to 60 credits, includ-
Full-time           $2,000.00 per semester
                                                               listing Hunter College as their school of choice. More       ing specific pre-requisite courses prior to admission.
Part-time              170.00 per credit
                                                               information (and an on-line application) can be found at     Contact the Office of Admissions at 212-772-4490 for
Tuition for Non-residents (including International Students)   FAFSA on the web:                      more information.
Full-time             $360.00 per credit
Part-time               360.00 per credit
                                                               Minimum Proficiency
Student Activity/Consolidated Fees                             Students accepted for admission must demonstrate
Full-time             $74.85 per semester                      that they are ready for college-level work in English and
Part-time             $52.70 per semester                      mathematics. This may be done in one of several ways:
                                                               by meeting minimum standards on the SAT, ACT, or
Tuition and Fees are subject to change.                        New York State Regents examinations or by taking and
                                                               passing the CUNY Skills Assessment Test. Students
                                                               with prior bachelor’s degrees from U.S.-accredited
Make the Most of Your Money
                                                               colleges/universities are exempt from this requirement.
Hunter accepts Mastercard, VISA, American Express,
                                                               For more information, contact the Office of Admissions
and Discover for tuition payments and other campus
                                                               at 212-772-4490.
expenses. An interest-free monthly tuition payment plan,
which can be billed to your credit card, is also available
for eligible students.

     MAKING LIFE MANAGEABLE                                     Access Center Hunter recognizes the needs of all            750,000 Books and Growing... The collec-
     Hunter is a big school and, to navigate the waters, it     members of its community. To make life easier for people    tions of the Hunter College libraries are housed in the
     helps to have an independent, inquiring spirit. But we     facing exceptional challenges, we have made great           Jacqueline Grennan Wexler Library and the Art Slide
     also recognize that it’s our job to make life easier for   efforts to be in compliance with the Americans with         Library, which together occupy nine floors at the 68th
     our students and we’re continually looking for new ways    Disabilities Act. We are particularly proud of our newly    Street campus, and in the branch libraries at the
     to do that. Some of the ways we’ve come up with over       renovated Access and Technology Center with state-of-
                                                                                                                            Brookdale Campus and the School of Social Work.
     the last few years include the following:                  the-art adaptive equipment, readers for the visually
                                                                                                                            Students will find over 750,000 volumes, 2,300 periodi-
                                                                impaired, and signers for the hearing impaired.
                                                                                                                            cals, and a nonprint collection that includes over one
     Welcome Center We’re especially proud of our new
                                                                                                                            million microforms and 130,000 art slides, as well as
     Welcome Center, where interested students and family       Child Care We want to help all of our students suc-
                                                                                                                            records, tapes, scores, music CDs, and videos. Recently,
     members can meet with one of our admissions coun-          ceed. That’s why we established The Children’s Learning
                                                                                                                            we installed new computer, multimedia, and Internet labs
     selors or explore the on-line profile of Hunter College.   Center at Hunter College, available only for the children
                                                                                                                            and created the first CD-ROM network. This network
     Wilkommen...bienvenue...check us out!                      of Hunter College students, with sliding scale fees and
                                                                                                                            provides access to indices, abstracts, and complete texts
                                                                long hours (7:30am to 8:30pm). (Please be advised that
                                                                                                                            and multimedia resources. The college librarians are
     Evening and Weekend Classes We’ve always                   space is limited).
                                                                                                                            always available to orient students and to help with
     had classes in the evening at Hunter, but we keep adding
                                                                                                                            information retrieval. Hunter students also can access
     to that availability. What’s more, we’re offering more     Oasis Our user-friendly registrar service has stream-
                                                                                                                            any other CUNY library.
     and more classes on weekends. We understand that lives     lined the registration process dramatically. OASIS now
     today have become increasingly complicated, so we’re       provides “one-stop shopping” for students needing infor-
                                                                                                                            Public Safety At Hunter, we make sure that every
     busy thinking up new accommodations.                       mation on courses, financial aid, transcripts, and the
                                                                                                                            individual feels safe and protected. We can boast a
                                                                like. Students register from home using our sophisticated
                                                                                                                            remarkable Public Safety record.
                                                                touch-tone registration system. Then, of course, there is
                                                                our Student Center, where students can always drop in
                                                                for a conference with our counselors who are on call to
46                                                              handle any and all problems.
Study Abroad                                               THE BLOCK PROGRAM This innovative and highly successful program allows incoming freshmen to choose
Most Hunter students are die-hard New Yorkers...and        from one of 13 academic “blocks” that provide a coherent core for the first semester. It provides an instant community
who can blame them? New York is the center of the          as well. Following one another from class to class, fellow Block members offer one another support and friendship
Universe, after all. But even die-hard New Yorkers are     while benefiting from ready access to faculty and guaranteed registration.
curious about what’s out there in the rest of the world.
                                                           Typical Block Programs
Hunter—more than any other CUNY—is your ticket
to ride. Want to spend a semester in Paris? Dublin?        BODY & MIND (for students interested in Nursing, Nutrition & Liberal Arts)
Germany? Madrid? Italy? Peru? Argentina? Want to           MONEY & MORALS (for students interested in Business, Public Policy & The Law)
experience life abroad on a budget designed for your       MEDIA, CULTURE & THE ARTS (for students interested in Media, Pop Culture, Cultural Diversity, The Arts)
pocketbook? More Hunter students take advantage of         TEACHING (for students interested in Elementary School Teaching)
our study abroad program than the total number of other
                                                           NEW YORK, NEW YORK (for students interested in Public Service, Non-Profit, Community Work)
CUNY students studying abroad combined.
                                                           SCIENCE & PRE-MED (for students interested in Medical Professions & The Sciences)
If Paris or Peru sounds too far, our National Student      EXAMINING THE MIND (for students interested in Clinical Psychology, Research & The Sciences)
Exchange Program offers undergraduates an opportunity      AMERICA EXAMINED (for students interested in Law, Public Affairs, Public Service & Non-Profit Sector)
to spend a semester (or a year) studying at more than      PRE-COMPUTER SCIENCE (for students interested in Computer Science)
150 participating colleges across the United States—       SOCIAL SERVICES (for students interested in Social Services, Social Work & Community Service)
including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. It’s a great
opportunity for commuter students to see how the rest
of the country lives.

                                                           Statement of Nondiscrimination
                                                           Hunter College is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Institution. The College does not discriminate on the basis of age,
                                                           sex, sexual orientation, religion, race, color, alienage, citizenship status, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental disability,
                                                           veteran or marital status in its student admissions, employment, access to programs, and administration of educational policies.

                                                           Hunter College reserves the right to change rules, policies, tuition, fees and curricula without advance notice.                          47
     PROGRAMS OF STUDY At Hunter, we offer several types of degrees, including the Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA),
     Bachelor of Music (BMus), the combined Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts (BA/MA), and the combined Bachelor of Arts/Master of Science (BA/MS). / Hunter offers one of
     the most diverse choice of study concentrations in the CUNY system (and every bit as diverse and challenging as any four-year liberal arts college).

     Accounting                        Education (Adolescence           English Language Arts             Nursing                             Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s
     Anthropology                      Education, grades 7-12           English Literature                Nutrition and Food Science          degree programs are offered
     Archaeology                       unless otherwise noted) in the   Film and Media Studies            Philosophy                          in the following fields:
     Art History                       following areas:                 French                            Physics                             Anthropology
     Art (Studio)                         Biology                       Geography                         Political Science                   Biological Sciences/Bio
     Biological Sciences                  Chemistry                     German                            Psychology                             Pharmacology
     Africana Puerto Rican/Latino         Chinese                       Greek                             Religion                            Biology/Environmental and
        Studies                           Dance (grades pre-K—12)       Hebrew                            Romance Languages                      Occupational Health Sciences
     Chemistry                            English                       History                           Russian                             Economics
     Chinese Language and Literature      French                        Honors Curriculum                 Sociology                           English
     Classical Studies                    German                        Italian                           Spanish                             History
     Community Health Education           Hebrew                        Jewish Social Studies             Statistics                          Mathematics
     Comparative Literature               Italian                       Latin                             Theater                             Music
     Computer Science                     Mathematics                   Latin American and                Urban Studies                       Physics
     Dance                                Music (grades pre-K—12)*         Caribbean Studies              Women’s Studies                     Sociology/Social Research
     Economics                            Physics                       Mathematics
                                                                                                          *Offered as the accelerated BA/MA   Hunter College offers pre-profes-
     Education (Childhood Education,      Russian                       Medical Laboratory Sciences
                                                                                                          curriculum only.
     grades 1-6)                          Social Studies                Music                                                                 sional advisement and prepara-
                                          Spanish                                                                                             tion for advanced study in chiro-
                                                                                                                                              practic, dentistry, law, medicine,
                                                                                                                                              osteopathy, pharmacy, podiatry,
48                                                                                                                                            and veterinary medicine.
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