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Every dream come true at Kumar KUL Ecoloch


KUL Ecoloch is the new Project of Kumar Urban Development Limited. The site is near Mumbai Pune Express Highway, behind Balewadi Stadium. Offering 1,2,2.5 BHK residential apartments.

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									Every dream come true at Kumar KUL Ecoloch

You dream it we design it “KUL ECOLOCH” an eco friendly integrated township
introduced by Kumar Builders and this project is based on actual feedback of
people envisioned a dream of residences. ‘ECOLOCH’ is an amalgamation of two
words which perfectly define the very essence of the township. The pink bud in
Ecoloch logo represents these aspects of the township - A land, surrounded by
water and ready to bloom into a beautiful splendour. ‘ECO’ derived from Ecology
which means nature and the beautiful serene location with a lake, hills and
greenery. ‘LOCH’ in Scottish means a Lake. At Kumar KUL Ecoloch it is no secret
that good health is a doorway to a happy life. Inside this project the imagination
knows no bounds, Dreams are thus, not limited by concerns and are pure in their
innocence. Kumar KUL Ecoloch set sail on a journey to discover nature’s bounty
and you shall not have to travel too far. As KUL Ecoloch has the 50% of entire
area under greenery and 50% area has construction. As this project has the
gentle stream and a pleasant breeze whispering their presence, it’s just like the
dream a non polluting environment.

KUL Ecoloch is ideally nestled at Hinjawadi near a river, Pune covering a
sprawling 110 acres of serenity. KUL Ecoloch nestled between greenery and a
lake, an abode inspired by the interplay of nature and modern conveniences.
Often misspelled as Hinjewadi" and mis-pronounced. Correct name of the place
is 'Hinjawadi'. Hinjawadi' or Hinjwadi was a small village on the NH4 bypass
around the city of Pune in India. It is now the location of Rajiv Gandhi Infotech
Park, housing around twenty software companies as well. Just a few minutes
walk from the top global IT and software giants, close to developed
infrastructure and civic necessities. Hinjawadi is the second most upcoming
town in Maharashtra state. The technology park at Hinjawadi houses many
software companies.

As Kumar KUL Ecoloch is a beautiful home on a tree lined street with a
picturesque sunrise outlined by serene hills. As this project gives you the full
glory of nature just a walk away from your home. The landscaped gardens and
fountains not only add to the beauty of the surroundings, but bring about an
aura of calm. Offering you to choose from 1BHK, 2BHK, 2.5BHK and 3BHK
premium and spacious apartment enhanced with best and top amenities like
Schools, Hospitals, Mall, Clubhouse with swimming pool, Carnival pathway, Blade
well, Amphitheater, Mural wall, Kids play area, Small plaza, Banyan tree, Youth
corner, Rappelling wall, Drawing wall, and many more... The vast open spaces
and large water bodies at KUL Ecoloch give you a breathing space and a welcome
respite from the cluster and commotion of the bustling city outside. KUL Ecoloch
turn these dreams into reality.

Today the Kumar Builders is professionally managed under the guidance of
their chairman Shri. Lalit Kumar Jain by a team of qualified and dedicated
professionals and managers who have vast experience and expertise in the area
of architecture and design, project planning and implementation, legal matters,
procurement and marketing. “A KUL stands for knowledge, usefulness to society
and legacy. In Hindi the word KUL also stands for a family and heritage values”.
Kumar Builders is now KUL an abbreviation of Kumar Urban Development
Limited. 'KUMAR BUILDERS' is not merely just an organization it is a symbol of
harmony, the epitome of togetherness, in short a revolution that promises to
enrich the lives of each one we touch upon. Evident from the rapid
transformation of society and terrestrial landscape, change is a metaphor
epitomizing a journey from settlements to cities, from sheds to skyscrapers and
from ‘then’ to ‘now’. It is also the quintessential element of progress, of growth,
of triumph and of evolution.

If you are interested in buying a residential apartment in Kumar KUL Ecoloch ,
kindly contact us.

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