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									                                             The Oklahoma Lion        Monthly publication of the
                                                    Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation and the Lions of Oklahoma


                                                                            June 2011

 The next Oklahoma Lion newspaper will be a combined July/August issue to be available on or about August 1, 2011.

 Dr. Eugene S. Briggs Memorial Scholarship                                                         Deadly tornadoes strike
              2011-2012 - Recipients                                                               Oklahoma communities
   The Lions of Oklahoma established          District 3-A: Hope McGehee                              by Virginia Rodriguez PCC –State Secretary
this memorial trust fund to perpetually    (Garber), Okla. State Univ.-Pre-Vet;
memorialize and show appreciation to       Brayden Nixon (Cherokee), Western           As I write this article for our         need of help from our Oklahoma
a fellow Oklahoma Lion, Dr. Eugene         Okla. State-Agriculture Production;      Oklahoma Lion, I know that our             Lions. The following is information
S. Briggs. He was Past District            Nicole Perez (Enid), Okla. State         thoughts and prayers go out to all that    for those in Oklahoma who wish to
Governor, Past Director and Past           Univ.-Agriculture Production; alter-     were affected by the recent storms. I      give any assistance to that community.
President of Lions International.          nate Jessica Gulick (Enid)               do know that 3 of our 5 districts          They can do so through the District
Because of Dr. Briggs' outstanding            District 3-H: Nataly Barilas          (Districts O, L, and H) received major     Governor of Southwestern Missouri.
work and service to Oklahoma and           (Moore),      OKC        Univ.-Music     damage. District Governors Carl,           Her name and address is: Dist. Gov.
International Lionism, this scholarship    Education; Makenzie Fly (Edmond),        Mark and Paul have applied to Lions        Debbie A. Whittlesey, 635 Spiller,
fund was established in his honor.         Belmont Univ.-Fine Arts; Stephanie       Clubs International Foundation for         Labanon MO 65536; Bus. phone 417-
   Each year 3 recipients from each        Schroeder (Norman), Univ. of Okla.-      Emergency Grant assistance. We are         532-2151, residence 417-588-9840.
district are selected from applications    Communications; no alternate             fortunate to have LCIF where we can           Governor Carl reported that he
received by the published deadline.           The board for Dr. Eugene S. Briggs    apply for emergency grants for assis-      delivered a pick-up load of water and
Each recipient will receive the $500       Memorial Scholarship Foundation          tance during this troubled time.           diapers to this area. He stated, “The
scholarship, to assist with their educa-   wishes to thank all of the Lion Clubs       Governor Carl reported that             devastation I witnessed was beyond
tional advancement. One alternate          who participated and to all of those     Delaware County residents received         your imagination. It had to be your
from each district is also selected.       who made application.                    major damage when the Joplin tornado       worst nightmare.” PCC Gene Curtis
   Those selected for next school year        Remember that donations to this       occurred and that LCIF has granted a       reported that the Tulsa Downtown
(2011-2012) along with their home          scholarship can be made through the      $10,000 grant for this area.               Lions Club donated $5,000 and the
town, college and subject area are as      Oklahoma        City      Community         Governors Mark and Paul requested       Broken Arrow Evening Lions Club
follows:                                   Foundation. Applications will be         grants to assist in the areas that were    sent $1,000.
   District 3-O: Wesley Ball (Pryor),      available for the 2012-2013 school       affected in Districts L and H. They are       One cannot image the total despair
Northeastern State Univ.-Pre-Law;          year in Fall 2011 through your local     sure that their requests will be           that comes with this type of disaster.
Brittney Bynum (Pawnee), Univ. of          Lions Club or any Briggs Board mem-      approved.                                  Again our Prayers go out to all that
Central Okla.-Pre-Med; Weston              ber.                                        The LCIF Emergency Grant                have been affected by this major disas-
Powell (Bartlesville), Okla. State                                                  Program Objective is to provide            ter. Should Lions Clubs wish to donate
Univ.-Mechanical Engineering; alter-                                                immediate emergency relief assistance      to Districts O, L and H here in
nate Mary Alysabeth Mtulewicz               Final state board/council meet-         to victims of natural disaster through     Oklahoma please contact their respec-
(Broken Arrow)                              ings 2010-2011: Sat., June 11,          the service work programs of               tive Governors.
   District 3-K: Allyson Jones              9am, at West Side Lions Town Hall,      International Lions Clubs globally.
(Pocola), Okla. State Univ.-Apparel         4135 NW 10th St., OKC                      Oklahoma will more than likely
Merchandising; Kenneth Ramsey                                                       receive the minimum support from
(McAlester), Univ. of Central Okla.-        2011-2012 state board and council       LCIF of $30,000. This is all the more                         Inside
Forensic Science; Alyssia Rush              meetings:                               reason for Lions of Oklahoma to sup-        OLSF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 2
(Albion), Carl Albert Jr. College-                                                  port LCIF. We get back much more            District O . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3
                                              Sat., Aug. 6                                                                      District K . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4
Nursing; alternate Melissa Gaylor             Sat., Oct. 22 (tentative)             that is given to LCIF. Our Lions Clubs
from Atoka                                                                          are noted for helping those who are in      OK Lions Plaza Project . . . . . . . Page 4
                                              Sat., Jan. 7, 2012                                                                District L. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5
   District L: Carlos Aleman (Altus),         State Convention-date to be final-    need and Oklahomans who were                District A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 6
Univ. of Okla.-Pre-Med; Kolton              ized                                    affected with this natural disaster are     District H . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 7
Burge (Duncan), Okla. State Univ.-            Sat., Jun. 23, 2012                   certainly in need.                          Council Chair Corner . . . . . . . . Page 8
Business; Christopher Stockton              Meetings to be held at Westside            The Joplin tornado left their com-       OLBR: We Need You . . . . . . . . Page 8
(Duncan), Okla. State Univ.-Pre- Med;       Lions Town Hall                         munity in total despair. Joplin has only    Memorials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 8
alternate Ashley N. Smith (Cache)                                                   one Lions Club (Joplin Host) and is in      OK Lions MHSU . . . . . . . . . . . Page 8
page 2                                                                             June 2011

      White Cane...Your Club...Who Cares?
        We Care...Lions Care...We Serve...
      The Blind...The Bruised...The Broken...
       White Cane Events Stir Awareness...
       In Our Community...In Ourselves...
       Do White Cane in Your Community!
                                             Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation

           Softminded... Sameness...
                      by Lion John Been, Executive Director
                       Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation
   The softminded person always               emotion. I realized that the more fre-
wants to freeze the moment and hold           quently I read one, the greater the pos-
life in the gripping yoke of sameness.        itive effect on my attitude for han-
Martin Luther King, Jr. "A Tough              dling every situation better.
Mind and a Tender Heart"                          Here are a few quotes with a little
                                              commentary. Maybe they will give
   Softminded. Sameness. Are these            you boost or at least something to
words even remotely something you             think about.
want to be a part of or something you             Anonymous said, "You will draw
want to inspire? Of course not, but it's      to yourself that which you most per-
easy to slip, isn't it?                       sistently think about." Apply this to
   Encouraging people to stay                 some people you know and then apply
engaged in club activities is very chal-      it to yourself. Do you persistently find
lenging. It's essential for us to ask our-    the problems or do you persistently
selves what's happening in our meet-          find the solutions?
ings that influence people to be excit-           Anonymous also said, "Don't be
ed about being a Lion? Keeping mem-           the type of person that brightens up
bers engaged and excited help our             the room when you leave." This one
members stay accountable for what             is a bit negative and I actually don't
they are doing or not doing. I catch          like negative quotes. They are gener-
myself slipping into that soft-minded         ally used to poke fun at someone or
(softaction) state more often than I          something. As Lions we should never
like to admit. (pathetic, huh?)               say this about one of our own. But on
   We must always be alert so that we         the other hand we should never be the
can counter soft mindedness with the          one about which this could be said.
right response, especially during our             Robert Anthony said, "If you don't
fundraising activities. When soft
mindedness occurs in our marriages,
                                              change your beliefs, your life will be
                                              like this forever." Good News? I
                                                                                                               THE OKLAHOMA LION
in our families, in our work or in our        hope so. Whether we like it or not,         Monthly publication of the Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation and the Lions of Oklahoma
clubs we become less than we were             everything around us changes. I only
created to be. I once heard someone           know of one thing that stays the same       Chairperson, Council of Governors               Briggs Scholarship Foundation
say, "we were created for success,            all the time and I hope you know Him,                  PDG Frank Davis                         President PDG Gary Wilburn
                                                                                           115 N. Division, Guthrie 73044-3240           PO Box 1314, Seminole 74818-1314
engineered for greatness and                  too.                                       (H) 405-282-1478 (W) 405-282-1420 (F)           (H) 405-382-5006 (C) 918-759-1213
empowered for accomplishment."                    Art Linkletter said, "Things turn         405-293-6243            
What a great thought! Just reading            out best for people who make the
                                                                                              Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch                         State Secretary/Editor
that idea makes me sit up straighter in       best of the way things turn out." On           Bryan Larison, Executive Director
my chair. How about you?                      his TV show, Art never knew what                                                                  PCC Virginia Rodriguez
                                                                                             PO Box 400, Perkins 74059-0400                4410 Oakcrest, Enid 73703-3505
   Motivating and encouraging others          kids were going to say, but he always        (W) 405-547-2462 (F) 405-547-2058             (W) 405-947-6540 (F) 405-947-3259
are some of the reasons I enjoy mak-          made the best out of what they said. I                   (H) 580-242-4526 (C) 580-541-2570
ing bookmarks. I often keep a few in          think kids always want to be happy,                                                    
                                                                                               Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank
my pocket to share with people I              but they're not. Have you ever noticed         Jeanette King, Executive Director             OK Lions Service Foundation
come in contact with every day, hope-         it usually only takes them a few min-        3840 Lincoln Blvd, Okla.City 73105               John Been, Executive Director
fully spreading a few good thoughts           utes, sometimes seconds for their atti-      (W) 405-557-1393 (F) 405-557-0086               4123 NW 10th, Okla. City 73107
and giving those persons a boost. If          tude to change from unhappy to                                     (W) 405-947-6540 (F) 405-947-3259
negativity starts to drag me down I           happy? They seem to have a built-in                                                                  (C) 918-638-7787
                                                                                             May Oklahoma Lion Production
usually have a bookmark nearby and            sense of how to make the best of the                      Dawn Miller
by simply reading one or two of the           way things turn out. Silly kids, I reck-     (C) 405-517-4550
quotes it helps me banish the negative        on they just don't know better.
                                                                               June 2011                                                                       page 3

  G’Day, Mates!                                    District 3-O                                May 8.                         Special Olympic athletes during the
                                                                                               Muskogee Noon: Donated annual State Special Olympics
                                                                                               $500 to OK Lions Boys Opening Eyes Program. Served "Pigs
   by Governor Carl Schonborg                                                                  Ranch and awarded three in a Blanket" to children and their par-
   Congratulations to Miami Noon                                                               $500 scholarships.             ents at the annual Wright Elementary
Lions Club on your 90th anniversary of                        Governor Carl Schonborg          Sapulpa: Paid $500 to have Fun Days event on May 14.
serving.                                                      1318 Oakdale Dr.                 Mural painted on side of con- Tulsa Metro-McCullough: Collected
   By the time you receive this issue of                      Bartlesville 74006-4505          cession stand. Donated $100 72 pairs of used eyeglasses, 34 eye-
                                                              (H) 918-333-0094                 to a Track Team member to go glass cases, 6 used printer cartridges, 5
the Oklahoma Lion, all your officers                
should be elected, your PU-101 turned                                                          to Australia and $150 for a used cell phones and aluminum cans
in and, hopefully, there is excitement                                                         couple to go to the Pilot Dog for recycling. Six members attended
in your club for the new year.              15.                                                Alumni Convention. Entered the Catoosa Route 66 Lions Charter
   I suggest that you set up a planning     Bartlesville Tuxedo: Collected and a team in OK Lions Boys Ranch Golf night and 7 members attended the OK
meeting where you can set your goals        delivered over 700 pairs of used eye- Tournament and entered a team in Lions State Convention. Club is sell-
for the year and lay out a plan to          glasses to the state Lions office in Kiwanis Golf Tournament. Awarded 4 ing beautiful handmade wooden birds
achieve them. Hopefully you will set        OKC. Donated $200 to OK Lions scholarships of $1,000 each. Working as a fundraiser.
one goal to increase your membership        Service Foundation for the White Cane concession stand for Relay for Life Wann: Working on scholarship pro-
and another goal to reduce the loss of      Drive.                                    and will donate all proceeds to them.   grams for Copan and Oklahoma Union
your existing members. This can be          Chelsea: Sponsoring a Special Tulsa Brookside: Three members par- Schools; having a Salad Supper on
accomplished by interesting programs,       Olympics Athlete for a year. Collected ticipated in providing eye exams to June 21 at 6:30pm.
mentoring new members and getting           eyeglasses for recycling. Making plans
them involved in your service projects.     for White Cane Day. Purchased one          Joplin Host Lions Club building as photographed by Gov. Carl in a recent
I cannot over emphasize the impor-          pair of eyeglasses and exam.               visit to deliver supplies for disaster assistance. Northeastern Oklahoma
tance of getting actively involved in       Coweta: Purchased eyeglasses for stu-                                                                 (District 3-O)
needed projects in your community.          dent.                                                                                                 was also impact-
Include projects for and with the youth     Drumright: Gave a $250 scholarship                                                                    ed by this storm.
in you community! The youth are our         to senior Andrew Davis. Donated $200                                                                  (See        article,
future and they want to get out and         to the Drumright FBLA.                                                                                page 1.)
serve, and that's what we are all about.    Fairland: Donated $100 to OLSF
                                            White Cane Drive. Recognized                                                                          The hospital in
   In closing I thank all the District 3-                                                                                                         Joplin took a
0 clubs for all that you do in your com-    Matthew Wood as Student of the
                                            Month. Donated $300 to Fairland                                                                       direct hit from
munities. I am impressed with the                                                                                                                 the       tornado,
amount of time and effort you give.         Little League to sponsor a team and
                                            $100 to Wyandotte Lions as sponsor in                                                                 which tore the
Nobody does it better, and I mean                                                                                                                 small city in
nobody! I would be remiss if I don't        annual Football Fundraiser program.
                                            Awarded Business of the Month-                                                                        half,      leaving
thank my advisors, secretary, treasurer,                                                                                                          more than 130
zone and committee chairs. Without          Hometown Pride Award to Cooper-
                                            Althouse Funeral Home of Fairland In                                                                  persons dead.
you we would not have had the suc-                                                                                                                Injured       were
cessful year that we had.                   April held annual Fairland Lions Club
                                            "Dr. Bill Goodman Memorial" Golf                                                                      transported to
   God Bless.                                                                                                                                     Integris hospital
                                            Tournament at Peoria Ridge Golf
      3-O Club Activities                   Course with 68 players and 75 spon-                                                                   in Miami among
                                            sors.                                                                                                 other       nearby
Barnsdall Community: Did park                                                                                                                     facilities.
playground cleanup project on May           Jenks: Had a city-wide garage sale on

 Courtney Summers, Fairland HS Senior, was recognized as "Student of the

 Month for March 2011” by the Fairland Lions Club during their regular Mar.
 28 meeting. Courtney is pictured being presented with a Certificate of
 Recognition for her academic excellence, outstanding leadership abilities, and
 integrity of character by 3-0 Governor Carl Shonborg (left) and Fairland Lions       Submitted by Pres. Nancy Calhoun, Muskogee Noon Lions Club: photograph
 President David Davis.                                                               of some new members.
 page 4                                                                      June 2011

A Strong Finish                                                 District 3-K
                                                                                             Alumni Pancake Breakfast
                                                                                             and netted $516.75.
    by Governor Daryl Pults                           Governor Daryl Pults                         3-K CABINET                       5th Annual
   This year is rapidly coming to a
                                                      1481 Augusta Dr.                               MEETING
close. It has been an interesting
                                                      Ada 74820-8594
                                                      (H) 580-436-1345                          District Governor Elect
                                                                                                                                   Ada Lions Club’s
year, and I have enjoyed visiting                                   Cloye Thompson has set
the clubs in our district. The Lions                                                         Sat., July 30 as the date for        Pigs Can Fly
I have met on those visits are the                                                           our first cabinet meeting of
cream of the crop in their commu-                                                            the new Lions year. This            State Championship
nities. They are hard at work show-         3-K CLUB ACTIVITIES                              meeting will be held at the            BBQ Cookoff
ing that We Serve.                                                                 First United Methodist Church in
   My wife was with me on most of        Ada: Recently collected 130 pairs of      Atoka. The meeting will also have
my visits, and she wants to thank        used eyeglasses, and they are now         training sessions for our club offi-
                                                                                                                                in conjunction with the
each club for their great hospitality.   preparing for their major fundraiser      cers.                                             Ada Air Expo
This year has been a growing process     which is their annual BBQ Contest            I urge all our clubs to send your
and has helped me to better under-       on Sat., June 25.                         new officers to this meeting as they
stand the value of Lionism. I hope       Ardmore: Sponsored a water station        will receive information that will
that I helped our clubs gain more        for the recent A2A Marathon. They                                                         June 24-25, 2011
                                                                                   show them how to do a good job for
knowledge about our state and inter-     held a fundraising garage sale in         their clubs.
national projects.                       April. They also partnered with                                                          $8,000 prize money
   This year has been like running a     Ardmore Little Theatre in selling
                                         tickets to the Miracle Worker per-           As I close this article I thank all the
race. We started the year with goals,                                              Lions who helped me this year. There         Contact Mary Gallup by
and as we continued through this         formance.
year, we attained many of these goals    Blanchard: Sponsored 2 boys to            are too many for me to try to name you              e-mail at
                                         Boys State. They continue to raise        all, but they include those in the state
on our way to the finish line. We are                                              office, those in my cabinet, those in
now close to the finish line, but we     money for their projects by selling       our clubs, and my wife. Thank you for
still have time to reach additional      aluminum cans.                            a great year!
goals. The main goal we still need to    Idabel: A local Boy Scout Troop
achieve is a growth in membership. I     worked in conjunction with the
urge each club member to invite          Lions to raise $600 for eyeglasses.              Oklahoma Lions State Office: Plaza Project
someone to our meetings this month.      The club recently raised $3,400 from
Let us end this year with a STRONG
                                         the carnival.
                                         Madill: Provided dictionaries to                                          UPDATE
                                         school children. They presented a
 OK Lions State Convention               life membership to Lion Dale
   We had a great State Convention. I    Waymire.
thank PDG Larry Bailey and the           Marietta: They sponsor a Lions
Convention committee for a job well      League Baseball/Softball program
done. The convention went off like       and enrolled 320 players for this
clock work, and we had a great time.     year. They purchased 50 new batting
There were many awards given, and        helmets and a pitching machine for
in our district DGE Cloye Thompson       this season. They are also working
received the District 3-K Lion of the    the Pioneer Breakfast on June 4.
Year award. DGE Cloye also               Pocola: Participated in the annual
received an International award, as      city wide trash pickup day. They sell
did PDG Tony Dowell.                     aluminum cans as a fundraiser.
                                         Talihina: Donated $260 to LCI
 3-K SCHEDULED EVENTS                    Japan Relief. They recently placed
June 4: Pioneer Breakfast at Madill      eyeglass donation boxes throughout
Frontier Days - Madill Lions             the city.
                                         Tishomingo: Gave $500 scholar-
June 20: Annual Kids Free Fishing        ships to 2 boys to attend Boys State.      On Sat., May 21, a group of Past
Derby - Talihina Lions                   Wanette: Bought a pair of eyeglass-        District Governors and other vol-
                                         es for a local resident and donated        unteers started the immense job
June 11: OK Lions State meetings in                                                 of preparing the front of the state
OKC.                                     $10 to the Wanette FFA for helping
                                         the Lions clean up along Highway           office for the engraved paving
June 25: Ada Lions BBQ contest           102.                                       bricks that will help complete the
sanctioned by the Kansas City BBQ        Wilburton: Donated $150 to help            new Plaza. Lion Richard Schiver
Association. This event is in con-       with Japan relief, $250 to Jr./Sr. High    (OKC West Side) tills while Boy
junction to the Ada Air Expo.                                                       Scout Michael Wall and PDG
                                         School Art Contest and $250 to             Franny Rodriguez assist. Also
June 30: DG Daryl Pults term ends.       Relay for Life. They purchased 2           pictured: PDG Travis Cummins,
                                         pairs of eyeglasses. At their recent       Joe       Wall,        PDG Eldon
July 1: DG Cloye Thompson's term         annual Banquet they presented the
begins. Let's give her our support.                                                 Hugaboom, and PDG Doug
                                         Lion of the Year Award to Don              Garren (still recovering from
                                         McClain. They recently held an
                                                                                                 continued on page 6
                                                                             June 2011                                                                page 5

 Fare Thee Well                                                District 3-L
                                                                                          winter          convention,
                                                                                          which I believe was suc-
                                                                                                                          sion stand sales. Awarded LCI
                                                                                                                          Lifetime Membership to Lion Jim
      by Governor Mark Gibson                                                             cessful.                        Sheerer at a special luncheon on
                                                                    Governor Mark Gibson     What        about     the    March 19.
   Isn't it funny how time passes?                                  402 W. Chickasha Ave. future? To start with, we       El Reno: Sponsored the OK Lions
I'm not sure who asked me if I                                   Ste. 100,Chickasha 73018 need to be quicker to try       Mobile Health Screening Unit for
wanted to be Second Vice District                                        (H) 405-224-2817
                                                                        (W) 405-224-3937 and fix problems in our          health fair at Redlands Community
Governor, but I said I would. Now,                                       (C) 405-361-0961 Association instead of          College.
my time as DG is almost over. It                        ignoring them, and hop-             Hobart: In April, donated $1,000
has been a learning experience, and                                                       ing that things get better      to Kiowa County Museum, $500 to
I'm glad I said "yes." I now have training, for club and district lead- on their own. Not happening!                      Cub Scout Pack 241, $250 to Youth
some insight into Lions that I ership, with computers that had Denial is not just a river in Egypt. I                     Assoc., $200 to Relay for Life,
would have never had if I hadn't Internet access, for the first time. It honestly believe that online clubs               $100 to Kiowa County Children’s
served as a District Governor. I was fun and informative. I encour- are the future. It would be great if                  Fun Fair, $100 to Chamber of
won't pretend that I know every- aged clubs to develop brochures to LCI recognized this and promoted                      Commerce Easter Egg Hunt, $100
thing now, but I have gained a little use in recruiting new members. it with massive advertising. Lions                   to High School After Prom Party
wisdom. So, I wanted to summarize With help from Lions in the Tulsa are cutting edge, when it comes to                    and $100 to Junior Main Street Big
my year and what I have learned.      area (3-O), we had an information e-communication, and ready to                     Bang Project. Provided eyeglasses
   There were several ideas I felt booth during the OK Assoc. of embrace the future of service for                        for 2 people. Served hotdogs at
strongly about when I started.        Optometric Physicians fall conven- the world. I could star in the com-              Children’s Fun Fair. Will provide
   Doing the same thing over and tion. Lion Fred Campbell was able mercial!                                               scholarships to high school seniors.
over, with the same result, but to procure eye exam equipment for                 Most of all, it is up to all Lions to   Served pancake breakfast in con-
expecting a different outcome, is a local free vision clinic at no cost recruit new members. We must find                 junction with Memorial Day week-
the definition of insanity. I decided through the contacts he made while a way to bring new blood into our                end’s Celebration of Freedom.
some things needed to be done dif- there. We held a combined clubs. Our new mantra should be-                             Lawton Noon: Celebrated their
ferently. We held workshops, not (Districts 3-K, 3-L and 3-H) mid- JUST ASK!                                              70th Club Anniversary on April 11.
                                                                                  So, my final thoughts are these.        Guest speaker was PID Pat Shurley.
   Piedmont-Surrey Hills, El Reno and Chickasha                                We are blessed to live in the U.S.A.       Lion President Bill Vaughn organ-
             areas hit hard by May 24 tornadoes.                               and blessed to serve. We can do            ized "Hungry Lions" luncheon and
                                                                               amazing things when we decide we           invited prospective members to
                                                                               want to, and it is worth the sacri-        inform them of the goals of Lions,
                                                                               fice. Don't be deterred or discour-        and the activities of the club.
                                                                               aged. We miss 100% of the shots            Donated to the Griener School for
                                                                               we don't take, so keep shooting.           the Handicapped.
                                                                               Thanks for all your support and            Lawton NE: Held annual breakfast
                                                                               encouragement. And most of all,            to honor Past District Governors in
                                                                               thanks for being my Lion family.           Feb. Helped online branch club
                                                                                                                          with pizza party at MacArthur high
                                                                                         3-L Club Activities              school. Collected paper products
                                                                                  Altus: Celebrated their 70th Club       for the OK Lions Boys Ranch.
                                                                                  Anniversary on April 15. Guest          Lawton NE Online Branch: Held
                                                                                  speaker     was     PID     George      White Cane fundraiser at Wal-Mart
                                                                                  Hazelbaker. Club recycled used cell     on April 16. Planted a red bud tree
                                                                                  phones and printer cartridges, and      on campus of Cameron University
                                                                                  donated $50 to OLSF. Donated            on Earth Day, April 22. Club con-
                                                                                  $150 to Habitat for Humanity to         gratulates Lion President Al
                                                                                  buy door and $100 to Great Plains       Granger for being the 3-L Lion of
                                                                                  Literacy Council.                       the Year!
    Kelly Gibson took this photograph of the tornado as it went past Chickasha    Binger: Provided funds to buy eye-      Okeene: Sponsored the OK Lions
 and was not very far from their home.                                            glasses for 3 people. Held Golf for     MHSU downtown on May 6, the
    Are you ready for the next tornado or flooding (natural disaster) event? Do   Sight tournament on May 14.             Friday       before     Rattlesnake
 you have the supplies you need (bottled water, flashlights, extra batteries,     Awarded scholarships.                   Roundup. Sold Lions Linens to
 weather radio properly programmed, canned food)? Is your home’s basement         Cache: Treated Special Olympics         raise funds for club and OLSF that
 or storm shelter registered with local authorities so rescuers know where to     participants with visit to Braum's.     same day.
 look should the worst occur?
    Does your Lions Club have an action plan and a disaster relief committee      Funded eye screenings for students      Pocasset: Held trash pickup on
 prepared to help immediately following a natural disaster in your area? Does     through Prevent Blindness of            April 16 and held Ladies Night on
 your Lions district also have such a plan/committee and are all District         Oklahoma.       Members donated         May 5. Awarded 4 scholarships to
 Governors trained in how to apply for Lions Club International Foundation’s      blood to Oklahoma Blood                 high school seniors.
 emergency grants for disaster relief and distribute that relief?                 Institute.                              Surrey Hills: Held successful pan-
    Does your community have a public shelter? (Newcastle does-and the            Chickasha: Held successful              cake breakfast at First Baptist
 Lions Club meets there.)                                                         Collectibles Show at fairgrounds        Church, March 26.
    For more information on preparing ahead for natural disasters, go to          the last weekend in March, includ-      Velma-Alma: Donated $200 to                                                         ing Indian Taco dinner and conces-      local food bank.
page 6                                                                       June 2011
                                                     Donahoo. Held officers
                                     District        election, planning installa-        Annual District 3-A Leadership Training
                                      3-A            tion picnic. Selected
                                                     Pioneer High School stu-
                         Governor Chris Perkins      dent to receive $600 schol-                    July 30, 2011, at 9:30 a.m.
                  211 S Sunset Ln, Guymon 73942-5057 arship. Collected food
                           (H) 580-338-5119          donations for Horn of               New Garber Emergency Medical Service Building
                           (C) 580-651-5466          Plenty. Eight members
                                                     worked for White Cane                             Main Street-Garber
                                                     Day in conjunction with                            Lunch - Donation
       3-A Club Activities                           Lions Clubs of Garfield               Training Breakout Sessions for Club Officers
                                             County. Worked at the Norce
Medford: Awarded a $700 scholar- Cemetery for cleanup. Approved
ship to Sara Zeman. At the officer applicant for eyeglasses. Will be                                  Special Sessions include
installation, a Thunderchild crab helping with Wall of Honor                                Community Service Round Table Discussion
apple tree, donated by DGE Arlene Memorial Day Celebration.
Shore, was planted; DGE Arlene Seiling: Donated $100 to the Trail of                          Guiding Lions Certification Training
installed the officers.                      Dreams County project. Awarded
Pioneer-Pleasant Vale: Held a very college scholarships totaling $300 to
successful pancake supper and auc- 2 local graduating high school sen-
                                                                                                  Cabinet Meeting - 2:30 p.m.
tion. Donated $130 to Blue Star iors. The club has collected $1,745
Mothers for postage for overseas toward the local July Fourth fire-
military packages. Donated $50 to works.                                            OK Lions State Office Plaza Project, continued from page 4
OLSF in memory of PDG Don
 EMTs and EMRs (Emergency Medical Technicians and Emergency

                                                                                    from recent heart surgery and liver transplant. Michael Wall is the Boy Scout
                                                                                    who completed his Eagle project removing the old trees and shrubs, and plant-
                                                                                    ing the new landscape materials last November. Warren Jones has the paving
                                                                                    company who will supply the bricks and who volunteered his time and labor
 Medical Responders) were honored for their collective 54 years of serv-            on this project also. He will help complete the project. There is still time to
 ice to the community of a recent banquet by the Garber Lions             purchase paving bricks engraved with your club’s past district governor(s):
 Club.                                                                              contact PCC Yolanda Middleton, 580-233-1771 or e-mail

 Medford’s newest Member is Lion Kevin Owens                                         Fairview Lions Club Class Night May 17
 (left), pictured with incoming President Lion Steve
 Wilson (right).                                                                               Scholarships were awarded to
                                                                                    June 2011                                                                                 page 7

 When They Call                                      District 3-H
                                                                                                         customer and member of the
                                                                                                         Surrey Hills Lions Club, sold         3-H Cabinet Meeting
                                                                                                         him pancake tickets, and at         and Leadership Workshops
  Your Number                                                                                            that event he was introduced
                                                                                                         to Lion Bob Lee. Marvin told
                                                                                                                                                  Sat., June 18: 9:30 am
                                                                                                                                             OKC West Side Lions Town Hall
      by Governor Paul Anderson                                                                          them that if pancakes were               4123 NW 10th St., OKC
                                                                         Governor Paul Anderson
                                                                                                         part of the deal they could
    He was the great grandson of an early                                                                count him in. He joined the           Gov. Paul’s final cabinet meeting
                                                                           2523 N. Husband St.
Okla. U.S. Senator. He stood 6’4,”                                        Stillwater 74075-2610          Lions because he liked pan-        will be followed by sessions for
weighed 245 and could fly like a sprint-                          (H) 405-372-9583 (W) 405-377-0923      cakes and because Lion Bob         2011-2012 club presidents, secre-
er. And man, could he ever zing the                                (F) 405-377-8169 (C) 405-762-1314     Lee asked him to join.             taries, treasurers, membership
football on line. He could flat out "bring                                    He was a member of the          chairs and cabinet zone chairs.
it." He had all the impressive stats of a                                                                OKC Downtown Lions Club               A light lunch will be provided by
modern day quarterback. But this was          the sort of clipping you want to show for almost 20 years, serving in every                   the West Side Lions.
1962, and he would later become known         your grandchildren.                             office at the club level except secretary
as the greatest athlete to ever come out          "The Blond Bomber," aka my friend or treasurer. In January 2010 he trans-                to ride the horse that brought us this far.
of Lawton High School. For many years,        Bill Thomas, went on to enjoy a won- ferred to the OKC West Side Lions Club.                 I am confident we can not only succeed,
he held the state high school record for      derful family and a successful career in He is a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow             but we can continue to grow in each of
high hurdles. He was a member of the          real estate, and later, until his retirement, and winner of the International                our communities.
heralded 1962 Lawton HS Track Team            in teaching and coaching. I was stunned President's Leadership Medal.                           Well, I will just close by saying I was
who that year won the state champi-           to learn that the "Blond Bomber" died in            Marvin is now retired from 45 years      honored to represent District 3-H. I look
onships. Lawton's 1962 track team was         Sun Lakes, AZ, on April 22 of this year in the moving and storage business. His              forward to serving you as your incoming
named the 44th best high school athletic      after a long bout with bone cancer. wife Mary has joined him as a Lion                       Council Chair. Until then, and because
team of the past 100 years by the Daily       Those of us who remembered his quiet member as they travel spreading the                     we are Lions…………….! -30-
Oklahoman in 2007. He led Lawton to           but powerful leadership were saddened word of Lionism, Pancakes, and
its only state high school basketball         by his passing.                                 Community Service. "Marvelous Marv"             A few 3-H Club Activities
championship in 1962, beating the top             I cannot explain why, but I thought brings great leadership and vision to                Midwest City: Donated 375 pairs of
rated team Tulsa Central led by a 26-         back to my high school days wondering District 3-H.                                          used eyeglasses, 39 used printer car-
year-old coach, in his first high school      if anybody would ever "call my number"              I hope each of you sent in your PU-      tridges and 2 used cell phones. Also,
basketball season, named Eddie Sutton.        to get in the game. How times have 101's listing the names and contact num-
    That young man was the Daily                                                                                                           provided eyeglasses and exams for 2
                                              changed. What seemed so important bers of your club officers for 2011-2012.                  people. MWC Lions appreciated the
Oklahoman 1962 Football Player of the         then has been surpassed by other things We need accurate records and the suc-
Year filling the sports page with a full 3-   of greater importance.                                                                       opportunity to “serve” as Hospitality
                                                                                              cess/accuracy of the new OK Lions            Suite Host Club at the OK State Lions
column photo under the caption, "The              A week after Bill’s death, on April 29 directory depends on it. I would be
Blond Bomber." He was starting quarter-       of this year, my number was called, but remiss if I did not opine for one last time          Convention in April.
back in the 1962 All-State football game,     for a different reason. On that day, I was that we must as an organization keep              OKC West Side: Will sponsor the OK
and later quarterbacked Oklahoma to a         deeply honored to be elected as looking for ways to serve others in the                      Lions MHSU on June 3. Donated $100
victory over Texas in the 1962 Oil Bowl       Chairperson for the incoming 2011-2012 community. As PIP McCullough                          in memory of former Lion Sue Muller
Game. He had over 41 offers to Div. I         Council of Governors. I look forward to reminded us, our motto is not "we sell,"             to the OK Lions Eye Bank.
schools, but chose Okla. Univ. He was         a year of leading and facilitating the but rather "we serve." We must continue
the scheduled starter for his first season    vision and goals of your in-coming
at OU until knee injuries sidelined him       Governors. I have leadership examples
for a year of rehab. He came back the         of CC Frank, PCC Charles and many
                                                                                                       Guthrie Lions Sponsor              "89er Heath Screening"
next season as the starting deep safety       other very active Past Council Chairs             The Guthrie Lions Club
and held that position for the next 3         upon which to draw for advice and                 sponsored the OK Lions
years. He intercepted 2 passes in             direction whenever necessary. If I can            Mobile Health Screening
Oklahoma's victory in the 1964 Gator          just explain to my 2 OK State Univ.               Unit during the annual 89er
Bowl. In 1965, he won the low hurdles         graduate sons about that new red jacket           Celebration, April 30. The
event in the Big 8 Track and Field            in the closet, things will be great. They         MHSU joined other Lions
Championships. He was drafted by the          just can't seem to recall those ancient           Club entries and our club
Oakland Raiders.                              periods in history when mom and dad               mascot in the 89er Parade,
    There was another player who was a        graduated from the Univ. of Oklahoma.             the largest parade in the
member of Lawton's 1962 basketball                I thought the State Convention was a          state, and then set up right
squad. He was at the other end of the         huge success. I really enjoyed the hotel          across from the carnival to
skill set and rarely played unless several    facility; food was very good, and the
of the regulars were severely injured,        rooms were accommodating. Thanks
missing, or if we had a comfortable dou-      again to our State Convention team for
ble digit lead that began with a 3. It was    making the event such a success.
one of those opportunities to sit, reflect        I hope everyone caught the term                                                            offer free health screening for the rest
and be ready if your number was called.       "Oklahoma's transition Lion districts" in                                                      of the day. Over 500 flyers were pre-
They never called my number during            several comments by our PID guest Ed                                                           pared/distributed throughout Guthrie
those days of "pine therapy." Probably        McCormick. That emphasizes how                                                                 and along the parade route. In addi-
just as well under the circumstances.         imperative it is to we increase the num-                                                       tion to volunteers from the club, 10
Better to ride the bench and let people       ber of clubs and Lions in every District                                                       student nurses from Langston Univ.
wonder about your shooting skills than        to shake off the "transition" label. I                                                         helped screen 39 of Logan County
take the court and confirm what most          know we can do this. We have strong                                                            responded to our call of "Come Visit
suspucioned by an absence of significant      leadership in our Global Leadership                                                            and Stay Healthy." Pictured above
playing time. I remember our bb coach         Chair PCC Delbert King and our Global                                                          registering participants are Lions
(who fancied himself an amateur come-         Membership Chair PCC Charles                                                                   Randy Kellogg (L), Bill Wagoner
dian) telling a local Lions Club that         Michaels.                                                                                      (M), and Gary Weeks (R). A glimpse
"Anderson is not particularly fast, but I         Your new District Governor Elect is                                                        inside the MHSU reflects that the
did see some interesting foot speed when      Marvin Ainsworth. DGE Marvin's jour-                                                           activities associated with the 6
he got off the team bus for the pre-game      ney in Lionism began due to his love of                                                        screening stations went smoothly.
meal at a buffet in Chickasha." That's not    pancakes. In 1990 Lion Ray Fischer, a
page 8                                                                        June 2011

                                                                                                        Council Chairperson’s Corner
                 The Omega and the Alpha
           by Colleen Fowler, OK Lions Boys Ranch House Parent                                                FRANKLY
    Yes, I know it sounds strange;        just about the grades, it's about fol-                                 by CC Frank Davis
 usually you hear the phrase, "Alpha      lowing through. Read the work, do
 and Omega," the beginning and the        the work, turn in the work! Move on          WE SERVE. Our motto has               nity for service.
 end. We are preparing for our            to the next chapter and again, read       many meanings and takes many             Most politicians
 Alpha-beginning of vacations and         the work, do the work, turn in the        forms.                                   whom I have
 family adventures! Here at the           work. It is a process like anything          Not that I have served more than      known approached their jobs with
 Cedars we are going on 2 trips plus      else.                                     others or as much as many, but           service to others as their primary
 summer camp. We are excited about           Our boys know it is important to       looking back at my life experiences      motivation.
 spending this time with our guys         us. We sit with them for at least 30      there have been many opportunities          All this is to say that my 50 years
 and bonding as a family.                 minutes after school every day and        for service.                             in Lionism have given me opportu-
    But I want to talk about our          do geometry, social studies, biolo-          Of course, the law, my chosen         nities to serve which supplemented
 Omega-end of the school year. We         gy, etc. We conjugate Spanish verbs       profession, is a service career. It is   and enlarged upon those provided
 worked very hard this year on edu-       and build art projects. It is a joint     said that lawyers are disliked by        by other service organizations with
 cational issues. We challenged and       effort of teachers, tutors, parents
 tutored and set up programs that         and students that makes it work.          everyone, unless they are unfortu-       which I have been involved. Lions
 seemed impossible to achieve. The           Today was the last day of school       nate enough to wake up on the cold       serve locally, statewide, nationally
 great news is that we did it! Every      and one of my Junior High guys            concrete floor of a jail cell in west-   and internationally. We serve
 boy in our care improved their           came running to the car saying,           ern Oklahoma, but a law career           Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus,
 grades and in some cases made up         "look at my grades! Look at my            provides many other less dramatic        Buddhists and atheists. We serve all
 work from previous years. Our staff      grades!" He passed everything and         opportunities for service.               races and nationalities. We serve
 and public school teachers worked        for the first time in a long time he         My first service opportunity was      young and old, rich and poor. We
 together to help promote an attitude     was proud of himself.                     as Postmaster. Before e-mail,            serve in countries of all political
 of achievement this year. For so            It is hard work being a house-         Facebook and Twitter, the United         persuasion. We serve the blind, but
 many of these boys, education was        parent, but it's so worth it to see our   States Postal Service was depended       also the sick, the poor, the hungry
 never important. No one made them        young men reach milestones and            upon for next day mail delivery          and the disabled. We serve in the
 go to school; no one praised them if     achieve success in school and in          from any Post Office in the state to     aftermath of floods, fires, torna-
 they did good or showed up for           life.                                     any other state office. This includ-     does and other natural disasters. We
 school functions.                           Thanks for all you do!                 ed everything from Social Security       serve anyone who needs us.
    Here at the Ranch, it is our focus    Remember why we do this...they            checks to baby chicks.                      Fellow Lions, be grateful to be a
 and goal to help our boys become         are worth it!                                Certainly my church and the var-      part of such a wonderful organiza-
 successful adults and you cannot do                                                ious other churches are, among           tion!
 that without an education. Its not                                                 many other things, service organi-          During the legislative sessions I
                                                                                    zations. They provide food for the       wrote a weekly column called
                                                                                    hungry and healing for the sick,         "FRANKLY." Last year as District
     OK Lions Mobile Health Screening Unit (MHSU) Calendar                          following the example of Jesus           Governor,           I      resurrected
  Lions Clubs: to schedule the MHSU for your community, please call the OK Lions    who said "I have come not to be          "FRANKLY" for our Lions news-
  state office at 405-947-6540 or e-mail               served but to serve" (Matthew            paper to provide news about
                                                                                    20:28).                                  Lionism. My term as Council Chair
                                  June 2011                                            As a Mason I take pride in the        will soon end, so this is my last
 Wed. 1: Madill LC for Marshall County, at Madill Community Bldg., 9am-             benevolences Masons and their            "FRANKLY" column. However, I
 2pm, Sara West, 580-795-3563,                                constituent organizations provide.       said that when my legislative
 Fri. 3: OKC West Side LC for On the Edge at Ridge View Apts, 6708 W.               One example is the Shrine hospi-         career ended, so who knows- - -.
 Wilshire      Blvd.-OKC,        Guillermo       Rivera,      706-662-9873,         tals which give free medical treat- or Lion Dawn Miller 405-517-4550,                             ment and care for severely sick and                                                                   disabled children.
 Sat. 4: Sapulpa LC at 101 E. Dewey in Sapulpa, Lion Wayne Neal 918-695-               Gideons participation is mean-
 8175                                                                               ingful to me, because of distribu-                Memorials
 Tues. 7: Tulsa Shady Brook Retirement Community 4203 S 109th E Ave                 tion of Bibles not just in hotel
 Tulsa, Tulsa DT Lions, Diana Ingram 918-622-4004                                   rooms but in schools, hospitals and        OK Lions Boys Ranch
 Fri 11: Latino Community Development Agency, Katalina Beltram 236-0701             many other locations throughout            In memory of:
 x 158,
 Sat. 18: Morris LC at Hilltop Church, Erich Welrenberg, 612-8043, erich.wel-       the world.                                    Verna Lee Elliott from the Elk or Notie Lansford 405-612-0828                                            For many years I was                    City Lions; Lion Tony Benda
 Wed 22: BC & BS, Newkirk, 12875 N. Hwy 77, Otoe-Missoura Development               Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout Troop,          from Lions Harold and Marilyn
 Authority, Sara Tillman, 580-448-3015 x 2234, Stillman@firstcouncilcasi-           an outstanding youth service organ-        Cooper; Lion Terry Templeton                                                                             ization.                                   from the Belle Isle Lions; Mary
 Sat. 25: Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, Oklahoma City, 2701 W.                  And yes, I "served" as a member         Davis from SS/PCC Virginia and
 Hefner (May & Hefner), Rick Pierson, 820-8309, rpierson@okdrugcoun-                of the Oklahoma House of                   PDG Franny Rodriguez; PDG                                                                         Representatives for 26 years. While        Don Donahoo from Garber Lions,
 Sun. 26: OKC Northwest LC at St Charles Church 1p-4p 50th & Grove, Lion                                                       Neal Bolenbaugh Insurance,
                                                                                    politicians, like lawyers, are often       SS/PCC Virginia and PDG Franny
 Gary Urnuh 405-495-9000                                                            held in disdain, there are few             Rodriguez
                                                                                    careers that provide better opportu-

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