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					                                              Sounding The Alarm

                                                                   New Living Word Ministries
                                         Volume 6 Issue 7                                           July     2010

   Vision of NLWM                                                             FROM THE PASTOR
  To win the lost                                                             have success on purpose.              3. Organize your life. If you don’t
                                                                                  Success is the achievement        organize your life, others will live
  To teach the believer how                                                                                         their life through you.
                                                                              of something desired. When
  to live by faith                                                                                                   4. Be patient and persistent.
                                                                              we delight in the Lord, He gives      Success requires time. You must
  To teach the believer how                                                   us the desires of our heart.          hang in there regardless of
  to experience the overcom-                                                  Success is becoming who you           o p p o s i t i o n .
  ing victorious life                                                                                               5. Use time wisely. The currency
                                                                              were created to be. All of us
                                                                              were created a success story;         of life is time. What you spend
                                                                                                                    your time on determine what you
                                         Pastor Jerry L. Baldwin              however, it is up to us to be-
    Mission of NLWM                                                                                                 will have in life. Use your time to
                                                                              come what we were created to          move toward success.
                                        “This book of the law shall not
                                        depart out of thy mouth; but thou
                                                                              be.                                   6. Choose your friends according
NLWM was established to teach
the uncompromising Word of              shalt meditate therein day and            To succeed on purpose, I          to your destination. Beware of
God and to proclaim the Gospel          night, that thou mayest observe to    recommend the following               bad company; it will hinder you
of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to         do according to all that is written   things:                               from moving toward success.
minister by precept and exam-           therein: for then thou shalt make
                                                                              1. Stay in the word of God.               Be successful on purpose.
ple, teaching the body of Christ to     thy way prosperous, and then thou
walk in victory and to adopt a          shalt hav e good s uc ce ss.”         We must keep hearing and do-          Don’t live by chance, hoping,
lifestyle that is irreproachable.       Joshua 1:8(KJV)                       ing the word of God. When we          wishing, with your fingers cross.
                                                                              stay in the word of God, we
                                                                                                                    Guarantee yourself success. Suc-
                                              Both success and failure        discover ourselves, get vision
                                        are planned events. Nobody            for living, simplify life, simplify   cess is already yours. Lay hold of
                                        succeeds or fail accidentally. If     decisions, protect life, and          it.
Inside this issue:                      you succeed, it’s because of          p r e s e r v e           l i f e .
                                        what you did. If you fail, it’s       2. Don’t look for shortcuts.
                                        because of what you fail to do.       There are no shortcuts to suc-
Usher Ministry            2             I want to encourage you to            cess.

Marriage Ministry         3
                                                                   YOUTH SUMMER PROGRAMS
Congratulations and 3
Farewells                              By Precious Hubbard and Bryanica           The program days and hours         Math, reading and writing skills.
                                       Houston-Youth Writers                  were Monday through Friday
                                       Photos By Shelton Richardson
Baptisms                  3                                                   from 1:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. The
                                                 The    M.O.V.E. and          hours the children attended the
                                       Summer Enrichment Programs             programs depended on their age
Calendar                  4            began on June 7th and ended on         range.
                                       July 1st. The programs reached             The M.O.V.E .summer pro-
                                       out to youth in Ruston and the         gram consisted of basketball, rap
Congratulations           4            surrounding communities.               sessions, lunch and a work pro-
                                                 The M.O.V.E. program         gram. The summer Enrichment
Advertisements            4
                                       included ages 9-14 and the             Program included; recreational
                                       Summer Enrichment program              activities, lunch and enrichment
                                       included children between the          classes to assist the students in
                                       ages of 5-8.                           improving and developing
   Volume 6 Issue 7                                                                                                                                      Page 2

                                                            USHER MINISTRY
                                           half visited two area nursing                power source was the Word
                                           home facilities to share Father’s            of God. She thanked him for
                                           day with the Residents. The                  passing on the tools she
                                           fathers were given tea cakes                 needed to activate her super
                                           and boutonnieres. They liked                 powers in God. Pastor was
                                           the boutonnieres, but they                   also shower with gifts from the
 Ministry Leader Andre Stringfellow        “LOVED”            the     tea-              Usher and Restoration Minis-
By Kimberley Proctor-Staff writer
Photo by Juliet Baldwin and Shelton        c    a     k     e    s    !                 tries. All fathers present were
Richardson                                        To cap off the weekend,               given boutonnieres and their
                                           the ushers gave leadership to                loved ones pinned the bouton-
    The NLWM Usher Ministry
                                           the Father’s Day presentation                niere on them. This was truly
was busy during the month of
                                           on Sunday, June 20th. Kim                    a memorable occasion.
June serving the kingdom in the
                                           Proctor asked Pastor Baldwin’s                   As mentioned the Usher
following activities: traveling to
                                           grandsons, Julien and Jaden to               Ministry was busy participating
Baton Rouge with the youth,
                                           come and assist Mrs. Baldwin                 in many activities during the
visiting area nursing homes and
                                           with pinning a rose bouton-                  month of June and it would not
celebrating Father’s Day.
                                           niere on Pastor “B”. After-                  have been possible without
    On Saturday, June 19, 2010,
                                           wards, the grandsons gave                    help from others. So, on behalf
the Usher Ministry traveled to
                                           heartfelt comments about their               of the Usher Ministry a special
Dixie Landing Amusement Park
                                           “paw”. In the absence of his                 thanks to Andre’ Stringfellow
and Blue Bayou Water park in
                                           daughter, Kia Richardson, Kim                for his vision and for support-
Baton Rouge. Forty-five of us
                                           read a letter to Pastor from                 ing our youth. A special thanks
woke up early and started on
                                           Kia. She began by saying that                to the volunteer van drivers,
our way. We enjoyed good
                                           when she was growing up, she                 Jerry Jordan, Andre Stringfel-
fellowship, good food and lots
                                           thought that her father was a                low, Jeff Miller, Greg Williams
of fun! Blue Bayou Water Park
                                           superhero. However, she real-                and Eva Williams; our spon-
has over 20 water attractions
                                           ized that he was human and                   sors, Charles Wright, Sharon
and some of us got a chance to
                                           mistakes too. She went on to                 Jackson, Ron Givens, Lynda
ride on the tallest and fastest                                                                                                 Blue Bayou-Pictured above: Pastor Bald-
                                           state that as she grew in the                Mims and Johnnie Millage!               win chaperoning youth and grandsons;
water racer in the world!
                                           Word she realized that he did                Thanks to Ms. Johnnie Warren            Pictured (M) Usher Greg Williams with
    While half the ushers were                                                                                                  wife and granddaughter; Pictured below-
                                           have super powers and his                    for her leadership on the nurs-
on the road traveling, the other                                                                                                youth enjoying the water
                                                                                        ing home project.

                                                                                                                               Pictured above: Pastor Baldwin’s grandsons,
                                                                                                                                Julien and Jaden and Mrs. Baldwin pinning a
                                                                                                                               rose boutonniere on Pastor “B”. Pictured (b)
                                                                                                                               Grandson Julien gives heartfelt comments
                                                                                                                               about his “paw as pastor Baldwin and
                                                                                                                               brother Jaden listens.

Pictured above Mrs. Baldwin and        Pictured above (L): Pastor presented gifts from the Usher and Restoration Minis-
Julien pin Father-to-be Shelton in     tries. Pictured above (R) In the absence of his daughter, Kia Richardson, Kim proctor
Kia’s absence. Pictured (M) Restora-   reads a letter to Pastor from Kia.
tion Ministry present Mr. Buggs with
Father’s Day gift and below Pastor
Baldwin prays for all the fathers
  Volume 6 Issue 7                                                                                                                   Page 3

                                            MARRIAGE MINISTRY

By Dwight and Rixie Thompson        was on the brink of a divorce          God’s principles) and restored
Photo by Juliet Baldwin
                                    until they discovered God’s            the marriage. This gripping
    Couples packed the NLWM         design for their relationship. In      story followed one man’s de-
Cinema on Sunday, June 27th to      the movie, at work inside burn-        sire to transform his life and
watch the award winning movie       ing buildings, Capt. Caleb Holt        marriage through the healing
entitled “FIREPROOF”. The           (Kirk Cameron) lived by the            power of “FAITH” and fully
leading actor/actress in the        old firefighter’s adage: “Never        embraced the firemen’s code:
movie was Kirk Cameron and          Leave Your Partner Behind”             “Never Leave Your Partner
Erin Bethea. The moral of this      but the most important part-           Behind”.
action-packed movie was to          nership in his life, his marriage,         After watching this movie,
“never leave your partner be-       was about to go up in smoke.           couples had to reflect back on
hind”. This tear-jerker movie       In the movie Caleb Holt’s job          the marriage vows they spoke
touched the hearts and im-          was to rescue others from              to each other and to God –
pacted the couples in a power-      burning situations but on the          through sickness and health,
ful way.                            other hand he had to face his          good times and bad, rich or
    FIREPROOF is an action          toughest job ever, rescuing his        poor. Following the movie,
packed love story about a fire-     w i f e ’ s          h e a r t .       Pastor Baldwin gave highlights
fighter, his wife, and a marriage              The husband took            from the movie and the cou-          Marriage Ministry Leaders-
worth rescuing. The couple          the 40-Day Love Dare (using            ples discussed lessons learned       Dwight and Rixie Thompson
                                                                           from the movie.

                                CONGRATULATIONS AND FAREWELLS

 Photos by Juliet Baldwin

 Congratulations to Newlyweds Captain Simon and Whitney Flake married on           Congratulations and farewell to Quoqueze “Q” Price. “Q”
 June 5th at NLWM                                                                  has accepted a job in Dallas, TX and tearfully said her good-
                                                                                   byes to the church family on June 27th. “Q” faithfully
                                                                                   served on the Newsletter staff.

                                    WELCOME BAPTIZED BELIEVERS

Photos by Juliet Baldwin
    Come grow with us!

                                July 2010
     Prayer - 8:30 a.m.
  Sunday School - 9:00 a.m.
  Morning Worship - 10a.m
        Wednesday               Sun                  Mon                       Tue                  Wed                      Thu                          Fri                    Sat
   Men’s Ministry 5:30p.m.
   Men’s Prayer 6:30 p.m.
 Women’s Ministry-6:15 p.m.                                                                                                  1Restoration 5:00p           2 Restoration          3
                                                                                                                             Jonesboro Ministry- 6:30p    6:00p                  Walk for Life 9:30a
 Women’s Prayer - 5:30 p.m.                                                                                                                               Eastside Outreach 7p

    Bible Study- 7:00 p.m.
 College Ministry- 8:00 p.m.
         Thursday               4 Leadership         5.                        6                    7                        8                            9                      10
                                8:15a                Restoration 6:00p         Restoration 6:00p     Health & Wellness       Restoration 5:00p            Restoration 6:00p      Walk for Life 9:30a
Jonesboro Outreach Ministry -                        Health & Wellness                              8p.m.                    Jonesboro Ministry- 6:30p    Eastside Outreach 7p   Baby Shower-Tasha Smith
                                .                    7p.m.                                                                                                                       2:00 NLW(Registered at
          6:30p.m.                                                                                                                                                               Wal-Mart)
                                                     Jonesboro Prison-7p.m
 Eastside Outreach Ministry-    11Leadership-        12 .                      13                   14                       15                           16                     17
                                8:15a.m.                                       Restoration- 6:00p   Health & Wellness 8p.m. Restoration 5:00p             Restoration 6:00p      Walk for Life 9:30a
          7:00p.m.                                   Restoration 6:00p                                                      Jonesboro Ministry-6:30p      Eastside Outreach 7p   Bridal Breakfast in honor
                                                     Health & Wellness 7p.m.                                                                                                     of Lawanda Barnes-
         Saturday                                                                                                                                                                9:30a.m. (Ryan’s)

      Prayer - 9:00 a.m.
  Walk for Life - 9:30 a.m.     18Leadership-        19 .                      20 .                 21.                      22 .                         23 .                   24
        Van Ministry            8:15a.m.             Restoration 6:00p         Restoration- 6:00p   Health & Wellness 8p.m. Restoration 5:00p             Restoration 6:00p
                                                     Health & Wellness 7p                                                   Jonesboro Ministry-6:30p      Eastside Outreach 7p   Walk for Life 9:30a
  Pick-up/drop off services                                                                                                                                                      Jonesboro Prison 7p
           available                                                                                                                                                             Wedding- Lawanda Barnes
   Contact the church at                                                                                                                                                         and Richard Wright
  24 hours before pick up       25 Leadership- 26 .                            27 .                 .   28                   29                            30                    31
   Visit us on the Web @
                                8:15a.m.             Restoration 6:00p         Restoration- 6:00p   Health & Wellness 8p.m   Detention Center Ministry-              Singles & Marriage   Health & Wellness 7p                                                    noon-Lincoln Parish Deten-
                                 Wedding- Freddie                                                                            tion Center
    New Living Word             Buggs and Bernice
          Ministries            Williams (NLWM)

 1900 W. Barnett Springs Rd.
      Ruston, LA 71270          .
       (318) 255-0270                                    **REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR OUR PASTOR, LEADERS, THE SICK ,
                                                              THE BEREAVED, and those serving in the MILITARY**
   Jerry L. Baldwin

Newsletter Staff Contributing
        in this issue:          Lawanda Barnes and Richard Wright– Wedding date 7/24/2010 (NLWM)
 Juliet Baldwin-photographer    Freddie Bugss and Bernice Williams -Wedding date 7/25/2010 (NLWM)
   Kimberly Proctor-Writer      Quoqueze Price– New job. Moving back to Dallas
  Kia Richardson-Marketing      Minister Bernadine Flake-Attending Seminary (RHEMA in Oklahoma)
      Shelton Richardson-
Bryanica Houston and Precious
   Hubbard-Youth Writers
    Robbie Williams-Editor                                    ACCESSORIES, ETC.
   Tracy Williams-Technical
        Special Thanks                              Across from Griff’s              Call us so we can hook you up!
                                               804 West California Ave.                   We have or can get anything you
  Carl Evans-Video Ministry                                 Ruston, LA                    need for your cell phone
                                                  Phone: 318-513-2837
                                           E-mail:                     We repair and unlock cell phones
                                                                                          We offer prepaid cell phone service

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