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                       Home On The Range

                                                                                                                             Mingo horse situation
                                                                                                                              not as dramatic as
                                                                                                                             portrayed on internet
                                                                                                                             Special to the Daily News

                                                                                                                          An alleged situation involving starving horses in
                                                                                                                         Mingo County is not as dire as an internet social
                                                                                                                         networking campaign portrays.
                                                                                                                          Officials from the West Virginia Department of
                                                                                                                         Agriculture, the Humane Society of the United
                                                                                                                         States and the Mingo County Commission have
                                                                                                                         been investigating allegations of dead and starv-
                                                                                                                                                                             I Turn to HORSE/6

Program assists
area kids with
leadership skills
                                   ing are all part of the ALEF
                                   program, now in its sixth year.

                                   This class is known as the

   College-aged kids were          “Buck Harless Class,” Fogel-
learning to ride ATVs out bse-     song said.
hind The Brass Tree in                There were 11 college fresh-
Williamson in preparation for      men, students who had just re-
venturing out onto the Hat-        cently graduated from high
field-McCoy trails. Another        schools from around the area,
group of young college stu-        participating in the two-day re-
dents were watching from the       treat. Along with them were
parking lot and talking            eight upperclassmen, sopho-
amongst themselves. A retired      mores, juniors or seniors in col-
four-star general was there        lege, who have already been in
with them, he being the reason     the program.
they were all together.               For Melinda Hatfield, 18,
   Robert H. "Doc" Foglesong,      from Brenton, who graduated
of Chattaroy, served in the        from West Side High School
United States Air Force from       recently, this is in her first year
                                                                                        Buck Buck gets his 75 year pin from the Boy Scouts of America

April 1972 until retirement as     in ALEF.
general in February 2006, and
is the president of The Ap-
palachian Leadership and Edu-
                                      Hatfield has held various
                                   leadership positions during her
                                                                                        Harless still working at age 91
                                   life, which helped her get into
cation Foundation (ALEF),          ALEF.                                                                                     James H. “Buck” Harless               “My health is fine, except my
which was the reason for the          “I was Class President, a                                                              Friends of Scouting dinner at the   legs gave way on me. Other than
                                                                                        MICHAEL BROWNING

                                   crew leader for RAZE, a sec-                                                              Logan Country Club last week        that, I’m in good shape, or at
                                                                                        STAFF WRITER

   ALEF is a nonprofit organi-     tion leader in marching band, a                        CHAPMANVILLE, W.Va.                for his 75 years as a Boy Scout.    least that’s what my doctor says,”
zation created by Fogelsong        team leader for 4-H,” Hatfield                       (AP) — Mingo County business-          Harless also sat on the front     Harless said. “I haven’t gotten
and its purpose is to identify     said. And there were more that                       man James H. “Buck” Harless          row of the crowd at Monday’s        used to retirement yet. I imagine
and enable young people. The       she couldn’t think of immedi-                        isn’t slowing down with age.         groundbreaking ceremony for         I will, because my wife, Hallie,
program has three partner uni-     ately.                                                 In fact, the 91-year-old Harless   the new TransGas coal-to-gas        wants to travel some more and
versities: Marshall, Concord,         “It means a lot to me to be                       drove himself all the way from       plant that was conducted just       we’ll do a little of that and I have
and Shepherd.                      here,” Hatfield said. “I’m very                      Gilbert to Chapmanville last         down from his business office in    a place in Costa Rica and we’ll
   “The goal of ALEF is to gen-    excited that I got to be here. I                     week to attend a Boy Scouts fund     Gilbert.                            spend some time down there.”
erate the next greatest genera-    know I’ll need leadership skills                     raiser.                                Harless said he intends to keep     Born on October 14, 1919, in
tion,” Fogelsong said.             later in life.”                                        Harless is still very active in    going strong for as long as he’s    Taplin in Logan County, Harless
   The young people learning                                                            business and as a philanthropist.    physically able. And, right now,
to ride ATVs and those watch-                       I Turn to SKILLS/6                  He was honored during the            he’s very able, he said.                          I Turn to HARLESS/6

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       YOU …
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2A n SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2011                                                                                                  WILLIAMSON DAILY NEWS

                                             Williamson Kiwanis Club

   Top of the Class 2011
      o our Leaders Of Today and Tomorrow,

 T    Williamson Kiwanis Club and Massey
      Coal Offer the Following Guides To
 Personal and Professional Success:
 Do more than exist - Live
 Do more than touch - Feel
 Do more than look - Observe
                                                 Alex Anderson             Alyssa Marcum             Amber McCoy             Ashley Megan Curry
 Do more than read - Absorb                   Pike Central High School    Belfry High School       Matewan High School         Bureh High School
 Do more than hear - Listen
 Do more than listen - Understand

        We Wish You
     Continued Success
                                                 Brittney Davis          Carrissa Hackney          Cassidy Richards            Chelsea G. Hunt
   In All Your Endeavors.                      Tug Valley High School     Belfry High School        Gilbert High School        Belfry High School

 These “Top of The Class”
 Students Will Be Honored
     At The 28th Annual
      Kiwanis Banquet
      on May 23, 2011
        at 6:30 p.m.                          Courtney Blackburn          Garett C. Francis       Kaitlyn Canterbury          Katherine Farmer
                                                Belfry High School        Belfry High School      Tug Valley High School       Gilbert High School
        West Virginia
        Community &
      Technical College

                                                  Katie Hatfield            Kayla James            Keanna Compton                 Lakin Mills
                                                Belfry High School        Belfry High School        Phelps High School      Pike County Central High
  Keynote Speaker
     Troy Andes
  Manger of Public
  and Community
     Relations                                   Natalie Stanley
                                                Gilbert High School
                                                                         Richard Dempsey
                                                                         Tug Valley High School
                                                                                                  Taylor Aubrey Elkins
                                                                                                  Williamson High School
                                                                                                                              Tonya Beth Miller
                                                                                                                            Regional Christian School

  Congratulations                                                                        Photos Not Available
                                                                         Colby Kirk • Sheldon Clark High School
  To The
  Class of 2011                                  Travis Ray Ward
                                                 Burch High School
                                                                         Luke Beutly • Sheldon Clark High School

  Kiwanis Club                                                                     Massey
                                             “Doing The Right Thing With Energy”
Local                                                            cafeteria from 6 p.m. to 9 camp. Camp applications             The first annual “Ride for              June 21
                                                                 p.m. Admission fee is $25. may be picked up at BHS.          the Lady Miners” will              Bevins      Elementary
        May 20-22               of Commissioners will be                                      For more information, con-      begin at 10 a.m. with sign      School will be hosting a
   Miracle Island Unlimited     held at noon in the office at      A family reunion of the tact Phillip Haywood or An-        in beginning at 9 a.m. The      Summer Preschool Camp
presents a 3-Day Gospel         5026 Helena Avenue, Del-         late Emzy and Louisa thony Tackett at 237-3900.              ride will begin at Gilbert      from noon to 2 p.m. The
sing. Admission is free. Free   barton, West Virginia.           Williamson Robinette will                                    and go through Matewan,         program will be for stu-
food and refreshments will                                       be held at the Hardy Park              June 5                Williamson, and Burch.          dents 2-4 years of age. The
be served. The sing begins         The regular board meet-       Big Shelter at 11 a.m. in      The W.T. and Stella De-       Registration is $25 per         camp is being sponsored by
at 6 p.m. on Friday and Sat-    ing of the Housing Author-       Hardy, Ky. Event will also skins family reunion will be      bike/one rider plus $5 for      the Family Resource Cen-
urday, and Sunday at 11         ity of Mingo County Board        include Rose and Lewis held at the family cemetery           the second rider. All pro-      ter through a grant funded
a.m. Call (304) 583-2825        of Commissioners will be         Pinson Francis family. For starting at 11 a.m. For more      ceeds go toward summer          by the Pike/Floyd Agency
for more information.           held at noon. It will be held    more information, call Ervin information, call Oliver        camps for the Lady Miners       for Substance Abuse Pol-
                                in the office at 5026 Helena     Francis at (606) 237-4743. Spradlin at (304) 235-5559.       Basketball team. Contact        icy. For more information,
          May 22                Ave., Delbarton.                                                                              Debbie Butcher after 3 p.m.     contact Vanessia Gillispie
  The East Williamson                                                 June 1-2                               June 7           at (304) 664-8404 to regis-     at 353-6886
Baptist Church’s Kidz                     May 24-25           Bevins         Elementary             Bevins        Elementary ter.
Choir will be present the          The Mingo Career Center  School will be hosting a             School will be hosting a
music “Big Apple Adven-         will conduct GED testing    Summer Fun Fitness Camp              Summer Preschool Camp                  June 12                      June 26 and 27
ture – Where Faith and life     for candidates who have     from 10 a.m. to noon. The            from noon to 2 p.m. The        Dandy’s open mic-night          The Mingo Career Cen-
Connect” at 6 p.m. Every-       passed the official practiceprogram will be for students         program will be for stu- 1 will be held from 6 p.m.          ter will be holding GED
one is invited to attend.       test. For more information, pre-K through grade 5. The           dents 2-4 years of age. The to 10 p.m. at Dandy’s, 1st       testing for candidates that
                                contact John Webb at 304-   camp is being sponsored by           camp is being sponsored by avenue and Court Street in        passed the official practice
  The 44th annual Plymale       475-3347 ext. 17. To regis- the Family Resource Center           the Family Resource Cen- Williamson, on a first              test. For more information,
reunion will take place at      ter for Adult Basic         through a grant funded by            ter through a grant funded come, first serve basis. For      call John Webb at 304 475-
The Hitchin Post, 4454          Education to take the prac- the Pike/Floyd Agency for            by the Pike/Floyd Agency more information, contact           3347 x13. To register for
Upper Johns Creek Rd,           tice test, call Mary Oliver at
                                                            Substance Abuse Policy.              for Substance Abuse Pol- Lyrick Promotions, LTD.,            Adult Basic Education to
Kimper, Ky. at noon.            304-235-2022.               For more information, con-           icy. For more information, at 304-235-2823.                  take the official practice
                                                            tact Vanessia Gillispie at           contact Vanessia Gillispie                                   test, call Mary Oliver 304
  The Chattaroy Church of          The Gilbert Water Works 353-6886                              at 353-6886                            June 14               475-2022.
God will hold a spaghetti       will be flushing fire hy-                                                                       Bevins        Elementary
dinner from noon until 2        drants in the Gilbert, Tam-            June 4                                                 School will be hosting a
p.m. Dine in and take out       cliff, Slabtown and Paynter   Acoustic Guitar Open-                       June 10-11          Summer Preschool Camp                  June 28 and 29
will be available. Ages 12      Bottom area.                Mic Night VI will be held at            Tug Valley High School from noon to 2 p.m. The              The Mingo Career Cen-
and under $4, adults $6. Call                               the Righteous Brew Coffee-           Class of 2001 is having its program will be for stu-         ter will be holding GED
235-3005 to place an order.                May 24           house, 182 E. 2nd Ave,               10-year reunion. On Friday, dents 2-4 years of age. The      testing for candidates that
                                   The (MCARSE) Mingo Williamson, from 6 p.m. to                 it will be at 317 Steakhouse camp is being sponsored by      passed the official practice
      May 23, 25-26             County Association of Re- 10 p.m. Performance spaces             in Logan at 8 p.m. On Sat- the Family Resource Cen-          test. For more information,
  ASEP Coaching class           tired School Employees will will be held on a first come-        urday, a picnic at Laurel ter through a grant funded         call John Webb at 304 475-
will be held at Huntington      meet at the Connolly Me- first served basis. For more            Lake Park will take place at by the Pike/Floyd Agency        3347 x13. To register for
High School from 5 p.m. to      morial Church in Delbarton information, contact Lyric            noon. For more informa- for Substance Abuse Pol-             Adult Basic Education to
10 p.m. for those interested    at 10:30 a.m. All members Promotions at 304-235-                 tion,       email      Chris icy. For more information,      take the official practice
in coaching a secondary         are urged to attend.        2823.                                Williamson at christo- contact Vanessia Gillispie            test, call Mary Oliver 304
school sport. Register at                                                                        pherj.Williamson@gmail.c at 353-6886                         475-2022.                          May 28-29                          June 5-8              om
                                  Open house will be ob-            There will be a non-con-                                                                            June 28
          May 23                served at the Red Robin          tact youth football camp for              June 11                       June 17                 Bevins      Elementary
   Valedictorians of area       Musuem at Stone, Ky. On          all positions for boys in up-     The Hatfield McCoy Re-        The Mingo County De-         School will be hosting a
high schools for 2011 will      Saturday, it’s open from 10      coming grades 5-9 on June       union Festival & Marathon    mocrat Women will hold          Summer Preschool Camp
be honored by the               a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Sun-       5-6 at Belfry High School       will kick off with the       their annual picnic at the      from noon to 2 p.m. The
Williamson Kiwanis Club         day from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.        from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.    marathon beginning at 7      Williamson City Pool at 6       program will be for stu-
at an annual banquet at 6:30    Everyone is welcome.             For grades K-4, a youth         a.m. From 10 a.m. to 10      p.m. Local and state demo-      dents 2-4 years of age. The
p.m. at the campus of                                            football fun camp will be       p.m., there will be live     crat leaders are welcome to     camp is being sponsored by
Southern West Virginia                May 28                     June 7-8 from 9:30 to 11:30     music, karaoke, crafts,      join. Members are asked to      the Family Resource Cen-
Community and Technical        The Belfry High School            a.m. The camps will be con-     food, and more in down-      bring whatever dishes or        ter through a grant funded
College.                     Varsity Cheerleaders are            ducted by Belfry High           town Williamson. For more    desserts they are on the list   by the Pike/Floyd Agency
                             hosting a Girl’s Night Out          School Head Football            info, call the Tug Valley    for. All members and fami-      for Substance Abuse Pol-
   The regular board meet- for fourth and fifth grade            Coach Phillip Haywood and       Chamber of Commerce at       lies are invited and encour-    icy. For more information,
ing of the Housing Author- children. It will take place in       the BHS coaching staff.         304-235-5240                 aged to attend.                 contact Vanessia Gillispie
ity of Mingo County Board the Belfry High School                 There is no fee for either                                                                   at 353-6886

                                                                                                    Sponsored by Sponsor

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                                                                                                           SUBMISSIONS OPEN                                   may       13
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n Manchin’s Message
Looking back over the
last six month.
                   I am so pleased to be able to share with
                 all the people of West Virginia that I have
                 just passed the six-month mark as your

                 United States Senator, and I am so proud

                 of all that we have been able to accom-
                 plish together in that short period of time.
                 Since I was sworn in as the 1,916th U.S.
                 Senator in November 2010, I have fo-
                 cused on reaching out to you, the people
                 of West Virginia and advancing a “Com-
monsense Agenda” in Washington – an agenda about cre-
ating jobs, restoring fiscal responsibility, keeping our
promises to seniors and veterans, and achieving energy
independence within this generation. I am pleased to re-
port that we have made progress in each area.
   As you all know, I firmly believe in the philosophy of
“retail government,” which has guided my entire career
in public service and continues to be the hallmark of my
time in Washington. It is my job to ensure the people of
West Virginia are treated like “preferred customers” and
that you are always satisfied with the service you receive
from your elected representatives. That’s why I have
made it a goal to reach out, stay connected, and learn
about the commonsense concerns and issues that matter                                week on our second-ever “Commonsense Connections”             find the places that we can work together to produce the
most to West Virginians. You are my top priority.                                    Week, which launches May 23.                                  commonsense solutions that the American people expect
   I’ve made a commitment to bring Washington to West                                  Since I've been in Washington, I have sponsored or          and deserve. To that end, I have sat down with 40 Sena-
Virginia – you shouldn’t feel like you have to come all the                          cosponsored 53 legislative measures, including my first       tors on an individual basis – 20 Democrats and 20 Re-
way to Washington to get the help you need for whatever                              bill, the EPA Fair Play Act, which would prevent the EPA      publicans – just to introduce myself. I have started a
is on your mind. Throughout my first six months in of-                               from changing their rules on businesses after permits         weekly bipartisan lunch with my Republican friend Sen.
fice, I have made a clear commitment to communicating                                have already been granted, putting jobs in serious jeop-      Mark Kirk from Illinois, and have been proud to sign on
with you:                                                                            ardy. Bureaucratic agencies simply should not be able to      to a number of commonsense legislative initiatives that
   n Conducting three statewide tours                                                regulate what has not been legislated, and I have made        have bipartisan support. What surprised me most about
   n Visiting 29 counties                                                            every effort to ensure that’s not happening on my watch.      this was that it surprises people in Washington to see
   n Traveling more than 12,000 miles                                                  I've worked across the aisle on strong bipartisan meas-     someone reach out across the aisle!
   n Holding four town hall meetings                                                 ures to put our country back on the right track. I was very      Above all else, the best part of this job remains the abil-
   n Speaking at nine courthouses                                                    proud to have been the lead Democratic cosponsor on a         ity to serve the people of West Virginia. Every town hall,
   n Hosting 11 “Coffee and Common Sense” events with                                measure that successfully repealed the onerous 1099 pro-      ‘Coffee and Common Sense’ event, every courthouse
constituents.                                                                        vision of the new health care law, which would have           visit and every meeting is a privilege. Thank you for put-
   I am also proud that my staff has addressed more than                             caused substantial burdens for small businesses by requir-    ting your faith in me and electing me as your United
1,800 constituent cases involving personal issues rang-                              ing them to file a report with the IRS every time they        States Senator, and granting me the ability to serve you.
ing from problems with Social Security, veterans affairs                             spent $600.                                                   May God bless the people of West Virginia, and please
and Medicare to black lung benefits. Incredibly, my staff                              I have made a significant effort to reach out to my col-    continue to reach out to me and my office so that we can
has visited all 55 counties, and they will do it again next                          leagues on both sides of the aisle, get to know them, and     hear your voice as I continue to serve.
                                                                                     Virginia has seen her native sons and daughters sent all      that mankind might enjoy freedom and inherit peace.”
                                                                                     over the world in defense of the liberty and justice we         Abraham Lincoln probably memorialized best the
n Rahall Report
                                                                                     too often take for granted.                                   final sacrifice of every American soldier when he conse-
Memorial Day                                                                           We honor their patriotism and final sacrifices by sup-      crated the battlefield at Gettysburg:
                                                                                     porting our troops serving around the world, as well as         “The world will little note, nor long remember, what
                    For many Americans, Memorial Day                                 those who have returned home. In Congress, I have al-         we say, but it can never forget what they did. It is for us,
                 weekend marks the beginning of summer                               ways strived to ensure that our veterans know the heart-      the living, rather to be dedicated to the unfinished work
                 – the opening of the pool, the first barbe-                         felt appreciation we hold for them and their service. As      that they have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for

                 cue of the season, a three-day weekend                              a nation, we rightly thank our veterans by helping to en-     us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before

                 for picnics, parades, golf tournaments,                             sure access to affordable health care, educational and job    us, that from these honored dead we take increased de-
                 stock car races, and outdoor pleasures                              opportunities, and other benefits and services which I        votion to that cause for which they gave the last full
                 and chores.                                                         proudly support.                                              measure of devotion; that we here highly resolve that
                   At the same time, many in the Moun-                                 We strive to articulate what their service means to our     these dead shall not have died in vain; that this nation,
                 tain State and across our Nation will                               country, and the great American statesmen have left us        under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that
                 spend this weekend in more somber                                   memorable words to read and reread on Memorial Day.           government of the people, by the people, for the people,
poses – remembering those who have given their lives in                                Daniel Webster once said of our soldiers that “Al-          shall not perish from the earth.”
behalf of our country and in the name of protecting our                              though no sculptured marble should rise to their memory,        Memorial Day, like West Virginia, has its roots in the
freedom and democracy.                                                               nor engraved stone bear record of their deeds, yet will       Civil War. It began as Decoration Day in order to honor
   This Memorial Day, West Virginians will proudly fly                               their remembrance be as lasting as the land they hon-         Union and Confederate soldiers, and later evolved in the
their flags and solemnly visit cemeteries, war monu-                                 ored.”                                                        20th Century into a national day of remembrance of all
ments and battlefields, laying wreaths in memory of fam-                               “We should thank God that such men lived,” George           soldiers who fought and died in service of their country.
ily and friends lost in past and present wars.                                       S. Patton once succinctly noted.                                We honor our brave men and women in uniform by
   West Virginia has seen more residents, per capita, en-                              In the Chapel at the Normandy American Cemetery             giving thanks to our veterans and their families, and re-
list in the armed forces than any other state. Since its                             and Memorial in France is written: “These endured all         membering our world is safer and the ideals of democ-
birth in the throes of conflict during the Civil War, West                           and gave all that justice among nations might prevail and     racy and freedom endure thanks to their service.

                                                                                                    despite the efforts shown previously.          don’t” sort of place. On one hand, yeah, America

                                                                                                      This person is named America.                shows that she cares about her neighbors still. How-
                                                                                                      America really wants the world to            ever, she also shows that maybe she doesn’t take care
n The Escape Plan
                                                                                                    like her again; especially the Middle          of her family as much as she should.

                                                                                                    East. As such, America, via President            Mississippi is still being heavily flooded, but will

                                                                                                    Barack Obama, has pledged, “to for-            those families ever receive an amount of money as
America still the world’s
                                                                                                    give up to $1 billion in debt Egypt            substantial as a cool billion? How about the tornado
nosey neighbor                                                                                      owes to the U.S. to provide ‘cash flow         victims from the end of April?
                                                                                                    relief’ to the new Egyptian govern-              America might try a bit too hard to impress the
  There’s a generous person. Maybe a philanthropist of                                              ment. Another $1 billion in loan guar-         other families in the neighborhood, and not hard
sorts. And that person is committed to making the world                              antees would be extended to Egypt by the Overseas             enough to keep her own household satisfied.
a better place. However, the person has fallen on some                               Private Investment Corporation to finance infrastruc-           America’s household has trouble finding a job, just
hard times. Just came back from a war, struggling finan-                             ture projects and help provide jobs,” according to ad-        like Egypt down the street. But Egypt can also take
cially, and now no one seems to take this person seriously                           ministration officials.                                       care of himself, and prefers to do that, since that hor-
                                                                                       Despite her absolute lack of funds, America wants           rible mother-in-law was finally booted out.
                                                                                     to help out her buddies who may or may not like her             People may care for Egypt’s woes and pity them,
                                                                                     back. She’s in “a damned if you do, damned if you             with 80 million total people living in that house, with
                                                                                                                                                                      9.7 percent of them unemployed,
                                                                                                                                                                      and 20 percent living under
                                                                                                                                                                         But America, in her house of 300
                                                                                                                                                                      million, 8.7 percent of them unem-
    ? # !#  # #! ! "@

                                                                                                                                                                      ployed, and 14 to 17 percent of
                     $" "  

                                                                                                                                                                      them under poverty, with the larger
                                                                                                                                                                      population and similar percentages,
   &,89 ",*54+ ;, &0220(3854 &,89 %07.040( 



                                                                                                                                                                      more people in America are having
   #! !!' :)208/,7         !& =,*:90;, +0957
    GATHER PERRY, Publisher.
 !& !# +;,790804. .7         CHAD  " Circulation Mgr.
                                    !WHITT,:804,88 .7

                                                                                                                                                                      harder times than people in Egypt
   MARTIN, Advertising Mgr.
  DREW &## 07*:2(9054 .7          RACHEL LIPPS, Business Mgr.

                                                                                                                                                                         America is already living off
                             "$"! # !#

                                                                                                                                                                      loans from neighbors across the

                                                                                                                                                                      street, having racked up a nice $14


                                                                                                                                                                      trillion debt. The last thing she


                                                                                                                                                                      needs to say is “You have very

                                                                                                                                                                      large populations of young people
  (02 ":)8*70690548 4;(70()2> 4 +;(4*, 4 &,89 %07.040( ++  ,7*,49 "(2,8 #(=

                                                                                                                                                                      (in Egypt), many of whom — too
  ,705+0*(28 589(., (0+ 9            "#"#! ",4+ ++7,88 /(4.,8 #5

                                                                                                                                                                      many of whom — cannot find a
  &0220(3854 & %( 

                    &0220(3854 (02> ,<8 4*

                                            07*:2(9054 ,6(793,49
                                            &0220(3854 &% 

                                                                                                                                                                         The same thing is happening in
                                                                                                                                                                      your own home, America.
                                                                       7049,+ 54
 ,3),7 5- 885*0(9,+ 7,88
 &,89 %07.040( 7,88 885*0(9054                                       ,<867049

First Canadian
takes Indy pole
on final attempt
                                  Marco Andretti and Dan-
                                ica Patrick failed to qualify

                                in the top 24. They'll have

                                to earn one of nine open
  INDIANAPOLIS (AP)             spots Sunday.
— Alex Tagliani is the first      Helio Castroneves didn't
Canadian driver to win the      even reach the day-ending
pole at the Indianapolis        shootout as he went for an
500.                            unprecedented           third
  He posted a four-lap av-      straight pole. Defending
erage of 227.472 mph on         champ Dario Franchitti
the final qualifying attempt    was in contention for the
Saturday. That knocked          pole on the third-to-last run
2008 Indy winner Scott          of the day but ran out of gas
Dixon off the pole.             on the last of his four qual-
  Tagliani got it right when    ifying laps. And Tagliani
everybody else seemed to        took advantage of the mis-
be making mistakes.             cues.

captures first
in Preakness
                                                                  BHS loses last game
 Animal Kingdom
                                                                                                                                                                            SUBMITTED PHOTOS
                                                                  Belfry lost its final regular season game at home to Pikeville 4-0 Friday. District play begins Monday at BHS. Pictured
                                                                  is PHS Clark Keene and BHS Josh Francis.

  comes in 2nd
                                   Shackleford and jockey
                                Jesus Castanon crossed the

                                finish line a half-length in

  BALTIMORE (AP) —              front, covering 1 3-16 miles
Sweating profusely, buck-       in 1:56.47.
ing and kicking until six          It was the first victory in
crewmen finally shoved          a Triple Crown race by
him into the No. 5 slot,        Castanon and trainer Dale
Shackleford looked like he      Romans, a Louisville, Ky.,
wanted no part of the           native who watched Shack-
Preakness.                      leford finish fourth in the
  Yet once the starting gate    Derby.
sprung open, the colt was          Shackleford paid $27.20,
cool enough to hold off the     $10.20 and $6.80.
late charge of Kentucky            Animal Kingdom, the 2-
Derby winner Animal             1 favorite, paid $4.20 and
Kingdom, spoiling yet an-       $3.60. Astrology paid $8 to
other Triple Crown try.         show.
  Shackleford, who led             Dialed In was fourth, fol-
into the stretch in the Derby   lowed by Dance City,
two weeks ago, finished the     Mucho Macho Man, King
job on Saturday at 12-1         Congie and Mr. Commons.
odds. He battled Flashpoint     Isn't He Perfect was ninth,
for the lead until midway       then came Concealed Iden-
on the final turn and then      tity, Norman Asbjornson,
dug in to hold off the on-      Sway Away, Midnight In-
rushing Animal Kingdom.         terlude and Flashpoint.

Guthrie wins 1st since opener in Orioles' 8-3 win
  BALTIMORE (AP) —              added four runs in the sev-      start was postponed. He         base hit.                        runners scored.                manslaughter in the Do-
It had been seven weeks         enth.                            has pitched in hard luck           "One through nine put           Baltimore took a 4-2         minican Republic, will
since Jeremy Guthrie won          Guthrie (2-6) allowed          since.                          pressure on them," Guthrie       lead off Lannan in the         work out of the bullpen. ...
a game.                         just two unearned runs and         After the 15-inning de-       said.                            third. Reimold hit a two-      INF Cesar Izturis was
  Not that he has been bad      hadn't won in his past           feat, the Orioles allowed          He allowed two un-            run homer to left. With        transferred from the 15-
during that frustrating         seven starts. He came in         30 runs in the previous two     earned runs in the third in-     two outs, Adam Jones           day to 60-day disabled list.
stretch. He just hasn't got-    with the poorest run sup-        games — chewing up the          ning when first baseman          bunted for a base hit. Nick    ... 2B Brian Roberts, on
ten any run support.            port of any American             bullpen and forcing the         Brandon Snyder booted a          Markakis singled to left,      the seven-day disabled list
  On Saturday, Guthrie          League starter. The Ori-         team to make several            ball that Laynce Nix hit.        and with Jones tearing         with a concussion, has not
pitched seven solid innings     oles, who ended a four-          moves to bolster it.            Guthrie allowed five hits,       around second, Nix mis-        resumed physical activity.
to win for the first time       game losing streak, hadn't         Manager Buck Showal-          striking out four and walk-      handled the ball for an        Roberts said he still has
since opening day and the       scored while he was on the       ter was relieved to see         ing one.                         error, allowing Jones to       headaches, and is unsure
Baltimore Orioles backed        mound in his previous            Guthrie react well to the          The Orioles scored four       score. Markakis scored on      about when he might re-
him with eight runs and 14      three starts.                    delay in his start.             runs off John Lannan (2-5)       Guerrero's RBI single.         turn. "It's not life and
hits in an 8-3 win over the       "It's been a crazy sea-          "Any time you take a          in the third. Lannan, who          "It was almost two dif-      death, but when it comes
Washington Nationals.           son," Guthrie said.              starting pitcher and change     hasn't won in his last six       ferent games for John,"        to baseball right now,
  "I don't think I've             In fact, it's been a crazy     up his routine like we had      starts, gave up six runs in      Washington manager Jim         today it's not great,"
pitched with a lead in over     week. Guthrie was origi-         to with him," Showalter         six-plus innings, allowing       Riggleman said. "Fifteen       Roberts said. ... RHP Jason
a month," Guthrie said.         nally supposed to start          said, "that was somewhat a      a season-high nine hits.         pitches in the first two in-   Berken who was sent to
"To see the team fight          Thursday, but Baltimore          concern going into it, but      Lannan struck out six and        nings, then in the third in-   Norfolk by Baltimore on
back right away — put           burned through its entire        he handled it well."            walked one.                      ning he had a hard time        Friday, will start on Tues-
some runs on the board —        bullpen in Wednesday's             Reimold, recalled Friday         "It's disappointing that I    stopping that rally."          day for the Tides, Showal-
put the responsibility back     15-inning loss to the Yan-       from Triple-A Norfolk, hit      lose it a little bit, but just     The Orioles added four       ter said. ... Willie
on my shoulders to try to       kees. Guthrie made an            a two-run home run.             got to keep on battling,"        more in the seventh on         Randolph coached third
keep the momentum on            emergency relief appear-         Vladimir Guerrero had his       Lannan said.                     Robert Andino's RBI dou-       base for the Orioles. John
our side. We were able to       ance in the 15th — bump-         seventh straight multihit          Washington took a brief       ble and run-scoring singles    Russell, normally the third
do that and then break it       ing his start back two days.     game, the longest such          2-0 lead in the third when       by Markakis, Wieters and       base coach, had an injec-
open late."                       After his stellar opening      streak of his career. Matt      Jerry Hairston singled with      Hardy.                         tion in a knee. ... Washing-
  Each of the Orioles had       night, a no-run, three-hit,      Wieters had two hits to ex-     one out. With two outs, Ian        Notes: The Orioles rein-     ton 1B Adam LaRoche
at least one hit. Nolan         eight-inning gem at Tampa        tend his hitting streak to 10   Desmond hit a ground-rule        stated RHP Alfredo Simon       singled in the second in-
Reimold had a two-run           Bay on April 1, Guthrie          games on his 25th birth-        double. Nix grounded to          from the restricted list.      ning to break an 0-for-26
homer to key a four-run         was hospitalized with            day, and J.J. Hardy broke       first, but the ball went off     Simon, who has been            skid.
third inning. Baltimore         pneumonia and his second         an 0-for-23 slump with a        Snyder's glove, and both         charged with involuntary

I Obituaries
                                       of the Oley and Ruby Mor-
                                       gan Hatfield.
                                         Funeral services will be
                                       conducted at 1 p.m., Mon-
                                       day, May 23, at the Big
 Funeral Chapel
                                       Cub Missionary Baptist
        Toler, Ky.

                                       Church. Burial will follow
     Phone 353-7281
                                       in the Coal Mountain
       Brian Adams                     Cemetery.
                                         Visitation will be held
  Brian David Adams, 51,               Monday from 11 a.m. to 1
of Williamson, died Satur-             p.m. at the church.
day, May 21, 2011, in the                Arrangements are under
emergency room at the                  the direction of the Mounts
Williamson      Memorial               Funeral Home of Gilbert.
  Arrangements are in-
complete and will be an-
nounced by the Hatfield
  Chapel of Toler, Ky.                 FUNERAL HOME
                                           Belfry, Ky. 353-7212
                                       Mike Hall & Jim Caines – Directors

                                         Millard Thornhill
  Mounts Funeral
   Home, Inc.
                                         Millard Clay "Mitty"
  Gilbert, WV 25621 664-3322

                                       Thornhill, died Friday,
  Lowell “Hoppy” Mounts, Director
 Condolences may be made at our web-

                                       May 20, 2011 at his resi-
                                                                                                                                                                                STAFF PHOTO/CHAD ABSHIRE

     Jackie Hatfield
                                                                            Talking amongst themselves are, from left to right: Jonathan Hunt, Tanner Tuggle, and Corey Kennedy.

                                       dence at Hatfield, Ken-
   Jackie Lee "Jack" Hat-              tucky.             Funeral
field, 75, of Coal Mountain            Arrangements are incom-              Skills
died Thursday, May 19,                 plete and will be an-
2011, at his residence.                nounced at a later date by
                                                                            I CONTINUED FROM 1

   He was born in Guyan,               Rogers Funeral home of
November 2, 1935, a son                Belfry, Ky.                             Hatfield is attending
                                                                            Concord University this
                                                                            fall and wants to major in
                                       right now,” Harless said,            advertising and graphic de-
                                       laughing. “I’m going to              sign.
                                                                               For others, they could be
Harless                                sign up on unemployment.
                                       I’m eligible for social se-          considered veterans of the
                                       curity, but I think I’m              program, like Jonathan
has lived all his life in              going to sign up on unem-            Hunt. Hunt, 20, from
Gilbert.                               ployment first.”                     Sophia, is president of the
   After graduation from                  Harless said it was just          student ALEF organization
Gilbert High School, he                the right time to sell his           at Concord University.
worked as a miner for sev-             companies.                              “We’re a big name on
eral years at Red Jacket                  “I’m 91 and I just don’t          campus,” Hunt said. “We
Coal Co.                               have the energy to run it            have around 25 people in
   In 1947, Harless said he            anymore. It was a tough              (the organization)”
took a chance and gave up              decision. We’ve been                    The student-ran program
mining to become a part-               around for 64 years and              meets on a weekly basis for
owner and manager of a                 you get used to getting up           an hour, where they en-
Gilbert sawmill.                       early, staying late and tak-         courage each other in the
   “A fellow said he’d give            ing care of problems. I              various leadership roles
me one-third of a little               even enjoyed the problems            members may be partici-
sawmill if I’d quit my job             sometimes, because that              pating in or facing. At the
and run it,” Harless said. “I          made you work harder.”               end of a semester, they
bought one partner our the                Mines owned and oper-             present a research project,
first year and the other               ated by IRP produced 1.2             which Fogelsong attends,
                                                                                                                                                                                STAFF PHOTO/CHAD ABSHIRE

partner out my second                                                       Hunt said.
                                                                                                            General Robert H. "Doc" Foglesong, salutes a passing member of the ALEF program.

                                       million tons of metallurgi-                                          helps build trust. It brings    lenged when it comes to at-      RAZE, the National
year, so I wholly owned                cal coal and 0.7 million                While at Concord Uni-        us closer. Sometimes we         tending college.                 Honor Society, a youth
absolutely nothing al-                 tons of thermal coal in              versity, Hunt says they are     have to assume leadership          The ALEF program has          group and captain of his
most.”                                 2010 and IRP has 136 mil-            service based. For exam-        positions because people        scholarships for those par-      basketball team.
   Harless grew the Gilbert            lion tons of coal reserves.          ple, they helped clean up       might get scared on the         ticipating in it, but students      He knows what it takes
Lumber Company into the                   The Logan & Kanawha               and beautify the campus         water,” Kennedy said.           say that isn’t the best part.    to be a good leader, but
multi-million-dollar Inter-            Coal Co. was established             for Earth Day. The mem-            Kennedy is majoring in          “The money is nice, but I     knows that this program
national Industries con-               in 1915 and is the oldest            bers in the Concord Uni-        pre-med and wants to ei-        know I’ll need character         will help him.
glomerate that has timber              independent coal market-             versity ALEF also helped        ther attend medical school      development and leader-             “Whether you’re strug-
businesses in several dif-             ing company in the United            created the first student-ran   or physician assistant          ship skills in life,” Hatfield   gling or not, you show no
ferent countries.                      States. It has 24 active             United Way in the state of      school afterward.               said.                            fear or pain,” Tuggle said.
   International Industries,           customers in eight coun-             West Virginia, Hunt said.          “ALEF has helped me             After the retreat, the stu-      Tuggle is undecided on
Inc. is based primarily in             tries and is one of the                 Hunt, a senior this year,    grow as a person,”              dents will go back home          his major, but is leaning to-
natural resources such as              largest suppliers of U.S.            is majoring in manage-          Kennedy said. “It’s taught      for the summer. Fogelsong        wards math or science at
coal mining and timber,                coal to India, according to          ment, but wants to attend a     me to take responsibility       said that they often stay in     Concord University.
but which also include                 reports.                             seminary, where he hopes        for things I do and to do       contact for the entirety of         “It’s hard to say what I’ll
manufacturing, hotel and                  The James River-IRP-              to get a theology degree        things how they should be       the summer and build life-       get into when I get there,”
real estate businesses.                Logan & Kanawha com-                 and become a preacher.          done.”                          long friendships through         Tuggle said.
   “We had companies in                bined operation will have               Alongside him at Con-           The participants com-        the program.                        Who better to motivate
Brazil and Guatemala and               36 mines, 11 preparation             cord University is Corey        bined in the program this          For first-year participant    and teach leadership skills
Ecuador, mostly in South               plants and 2,500 employ-             Kennedy. Kennedy, 20,           year, Fogelsong said, have      Tanner Tuggle, this gives        to young people than a
America. We had sales in               ees, published reports               from Brenton, will be a         a combined GPA of 4.01.         him a sense of security.         four-star general?
Germany,” Harless said. “I             said.                                junior this year. This is his      “Each kid has something         “My brother was in the           “He (Fogelsong) sets a
kept my Gilbert office be-                Gary White, chief exec-           third year in the ALEF pro-     extraordinary about them.       program, that’s how I            good example. He’s a great
cause we have a separate               utive officer of IRP, Joe            gram and he is the vice         Some are valedictorians,        knew about it. It’s a pretty     contact. He helps motivate
holding company that has               Czul, chief executive of             president of the student-ran    some are star football play-    big honor to be here,”           you,” Hunt said. “He’ll put
all our real estate. They              Logan & Kanawha, and                 ALEF program at Con-            ers,” Fogelsong said.           Tuggle said. The 18-year-        you into a situation and let
haven’t run me off, yet.”              their entire management              cord.                              But each member is sim-      old from Peterstown who          you solve it and will also sit
   New York-based Light-               teams will become a part                “ALEF is a one-of-a-         ilar. They are all smart,       graduated from James             down and talk with you.”
foot Capital Partners                  of the combined organiza-            kind experience. We’ve          they all have had leader-       Monroe High School, was             “He understands our
formed International Re-               tion, Harless said.                  been white-water rafting        ship experience, and            the president of various         lives and the things we go
source Partners Limited                   “Anybody can be suc-              and zip lining before. That     they’re all financially chal-   organizations, such as           through,” Kennedy said.
Partnership in 2007 and                cessful if you have good
acquired International Re-             people working around                                                Summer Wyatt, West Vir-           “Those horses are in           owners abandoning them
sources. Harless had                   you,”      Harless     said.                                         ginia director for the Hu-      good shape, very good            in this way.
formed International Re-               “There’s no such thing as                                            mane Society of the             shape,” Wyatt stressed.             “We’re not okay with
sources in 1966 as the                 a self-made man. There’s                                             United States. “There are         She said the horses’           this situation,” she said.
coal-operating subsidiary              always somebody else
                                                                            I CONTINUED FROM 1
                                                                                                            multiple examples of            coats are slick, their           “It is inappropriate, but
of his International Indus-            helping.”                            ing horses on surface mine      horses on these sites in        hooves look good, they           it’s just not as easy as
tries Inc.                                Harless said things are           property in the southern        Mingo County. The exam-         have good weight and             going out and putting
   Recently, James River               going well for his home-             part of the county since a      ples shown on Facebook          even the foals look              your finger on it. We hope
Coal Co. of Richmond,                  town.                                woman posted pictures of        are not examples of the         healthy.                         the owners of these horses
Va., announced it had                     “We’re not growing                downed horses in the Glen       horses in Mingo County.”          Mingo County Com-              will be responsible and re-
signed an agreement to                 much, because we don’t               Alum area on her Face-            Wyatt said Thursday           missioner David L. Bais-         trieve their pets.”
buy IRP and IRP’s coal                 have any room to grow,               book page a few weeks           that she, an animal health      den said the number of              Both Wyatt and Bais-
marketing        subsidiary,           but our business is doing            ago. While they have            inspector for the West Vir-     horses abandoned in these        den said that anyone
Logan & Kanawha Coal                   good in Gilbert,” Harless            found that several horses       ginia Department of Agri-       areas is also exaggerated.       wanting to see for them-
Co. Limited Liability Co.              said. “Our mines are doing           are living in these areas,      culture and Mingo County        Whereas numbers were             selves the condition of
for $475 million cash.                 well and our sawmills are            the investigators can find      Commission staff mem-           originally reported to be        these horses may review
Logan & Kanawha Coal                   doing well. This time of             no trace of any animals in      bers have spent more than       as high as 250, only 30          photographs on file with
Co. was started in 1915 and            year, four-wheelers are              as dire shape as those de-      15 hours searching for          have been counted by in-         the county commission.
was the oldest coal com-               doing well. I bet last               picted on the internet site.    horses in and around sur-       vestigators.                     Arrangements to view the
pany in the United States.             weekend we had 300 rid-                “There are thousands          face mine operations in           While the horses appear        photos can be made by
   “We sold our coal divi-             ers in there. Everywhere             upon thousands of acres of      the county and could find       to be in good health,            calling the county com-
sion and our lumber divi-              you look, all the housing is         strip mining property in        no horses in the shape of       Wyatt stressed that she          mission office at (304)
sion, so I’m unemployed                full.”                               Mingo County,” explained        those on Facebook.              does not support animal          235-0380.
Getting the new boss on your side
                                                                                   SUNDAY EVENING MAY 22, 2011
                                                                                                   6 PM              6:30              7 PM              7:30              8 PM              8:30              9 PM               9:30            10 PM             10:30              11 PM             11:30
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                                                                                 (5)   WKPI    W o o d wo r k V . G a r d e n      Appearances S.Wine               T i m e G o e s W a i t i n g G o d M a s t e r p i e c e M y s tery!                      David Suchet/ Orient                   b o o k c lu b @
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  Dear Dr. Brothers:
BY DR. JOYCE BROTHERS                                                            (7)   WCHS
                                                                                (10)   WPBY    This Week BBC News Generation WondersW Nature 3/3 from May 15 (N) Masterpiece Mystery!                                                                          David Suchet/ Orient                   Nova

  When I first started my job, I thought I had only got-
                                                                                (11)   WYMT    27 Newsfirst CBS News 60 Minutes                                     60 Minutes                          Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost ('10) Tom Selleck. (P)                     News                   (:35) 3.Rock

ten it by some accident and that I didn’t belong there,
                                                                                (12)   WVAH    Judg e Judy Judg e Judy Simp sons                  AmerDad (N) Simp. (SF) (N) BobB (SF) (N) Family Guy (SF) (N)                             Eyewitness News                     '70s Show '70s Show

among all the brilliant people I was working with in
                                                                                (13) WOWK      News              CBS News 60 Minutes                                60 Minutes                          Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost ('10) Tom Selleck. (P)                     News                   Numb3rs
                                                                                       WGN     Christine         Christine         Met-Mother Met-Mother Met-Mother Met-Mother Met-Mother Met-Mother WGN News (:40) Replay Monk

this great career. Ayear later, I thought this feeling
                                                                                (23)    TBS    ++ Monster-in-Law ('05) Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez. ++ Confessions of a Shopaholic ('09) Isla Fisher.                                       ++ Confessions of a Shopaholic ('09) Isla Fisher.

would have faded as I got more comfortable with my
                                                                                (24)    LIFE   (5:00) Taken in Broad Da ... Abandoned (2010, Drama) Dean Cain, Brittany Murphy. Army Wives (N)                                             Coming Home (N)                     Army Wives

career and my responsibilities, but it really hasn’t. What
                                                                                (25)    TNT    (5:30) ++ Air Force One ('97) Harrison Ford.                         Pre-game           NBA Basketball Playoffs Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat (L)                                Inside the NBA (L)

can I do to kick this feeling that I don’t deserve the great
                                                                                (26)   ESPN    (5:30) SportsCenter                 Baseball Tonight (L)             MLB Baseball Chicago Cubs vs. Boston Red Sox Site: Fenway Park (L)                                         S p o r t s C en t e r
                                                                                        OUT    AWA               Bowhunting Math ews TV The Crush Jim Shockey WildGame Realtree                                               Bone Collect Hunt                Friends NRA Wardens                    Fear No Evil

job I’ve got?
                                                                                (34)    CNN    C N N N e w s ro om                 N e w s ro o m C o v e r S to ry C N N P re s en ts                  P i e rs M o rg a n T on i gh t    C N N N e w s ro om                 C N N P re s en ts

                                                    — D.B.
                                                                                (41)    DISC   Am erican C h o pp er:              Am erican C h o pp er:           When Animals Bite Back Hogs Gone Wild                                  Tornado Rampage 2011 When Animals Bite Back

                    Dear D.B.:
                                                                                (42)    TLC    48 Hours: H ard Evidence 48 Hours: H ard Evidence Sister Wi ves Sister Wives Sister Wives                                                   Strange Sex Strange Sex Sister Wives

                    This feeling, known as the “imposter
                                                                                (46)    USA    Law & Order: S.V.U .                Law & Order: S.V.U .             Law & Order: S.V.U .                Law & Order: C.I. (N)              In Plain Sight (N)                  Burn Notice
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                  phenomenon,” actually is more com-
DR. JOYCE                                                                       (53)    NICK   Ninjas            Big Time R. iCarly               iCarly            Wife Kids          Wife Kids        Hates Chris Hates Chris G. Lopez                       G. Lopez        The Nanny The Nanny

                  mon than you might think, especially
BROTHERS                                                                        (59)   SPIKE   Jail              Jail              Jail           Jail              Coal (N)                            ++ Shoot 'Em Up ('07) Monica Bellucci, Clive Owen. Bad Boys Will Smith.

                  among successful women like yourself.
                                                                                (60)     FX    (5:00) +++ M r. a n d M rs . S m i th ('05) Brad Pitt.               +++ Wanted (2008, Action) Morgan Freeman, James McAvoy.                                    +++ Wanted ('08) James McAvoy.

                  You rationalize your success based on
                                                                                (63)     E!    (5:00) Billy Madison                Khloe Lamar Khloe Lamar Khloe Lamar Khloe Lamar Khloe Lamar Khloe Lamar Khloe & (N) DanceSc. (N) The Soup                                                          C. Lately
                                                                                        A&E    Criminal Minds                      Criminal Minds                   Criminal Minds 1/2                  Criminal Minds Pt. 2 of 2 Breakout Kings (N)                           Breakout Kings

                  chance rather than feeling like you de-
                                                                                (68)    FAM    (5:30) +++ Harry P o tter an d th e Go b let o f F ire ('05) Daniel Radcliffe.                           +++ Harry P otter and the Ord er of the P hoenix ('07) Daniel Radcliffe.

                  serve the success you’ve earned
                                                                                (72)    AMC    (4:00) Die Hard Bruce Willis. +++ U.S. M ars h al s (1998, Action) Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes.                                          The Killing (N)                     The Killing

                  through hard work and talent.
                                                                                        ENC    (:20) +++ Cl oudy With A Chan ce Of Meatballs                        ++ Maid in Manhattan Jennifer Lopez. (:50) ++ Dear John ('10) Channing Tatum.                                                     Movie

                    This can protect you from feeling like
                                                                                        HBO    (:15) ++ G hos ts o f G i rl fri e n ds Pas t                        True Blood                          Game of Thrones (N)                Treme (N)                           Game of Thrones
                                                                                        MAX    (:15) ++ Rep o Men ('10) Forest Whitaker, Jude Law.                  (:15) C h arlie St. C lo u d ('10) Charlie Tahan, Zac Efron.           +++ The Transp orter Jason Statham. (:35) Lingerie

                  a failure at those times when you don’t
                                                                                       SHOW    (:55) Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist an d Rebel                      The Borgias                         Nurse Jackie United St             The Borgias                         The Borgias

succeed, but this benefit probably isn’t worth the price
                                                                                        TMC    Movie             (:35) ++ I Sell the Dead                           ++ Jeep ers Creepers ('01) Gina Philips. The Thirst ('06) Matt Keeslar.                                    You Kill Me

of holding you back from accomplishing your goals.
To combat this feeling, first you need to be patient. Like
you say, you expected this feeling to diminish as you
got more comfortable at work, and eventually it will.
In fact, if you look closely at your internal emotions,
                                                                                               Schwarzenegger puts
you’ll probably see that in some ways — maybe not
entirely or in all situations, but at least every now and
then — this feeling has indeed faded. Additionally,
don’t be afraid to accept positive feedback. Too often,
                                                                                               acting career on hold                    greatly enhance settlement                                  it is that the public found                                 from the public. Ironically,
we dwell on the negative, and this can only reinforce
the idea that we don’t deserve the success we’ve                                                                                        negotiations," said Atlanta                                 out.                                                        the law was signed by
                                                                                By: ANTHONY McCARTNEY

earned. Accept compliments graciously, and they’ll                                                                                      attorney John Mayoue,                                          "In my experience what                                   Schwarzenegger.
                                                                                & JOHN ROGERS

start to sink in. Lastly, try to eliminate any compulsive                                                                               who has represented Chris                                   Arnold did is not unusual,"                                    If there is one area where
                                                                                ASSOCIATED PRESS

                                                                                   LOS ANGELES (AP)                                     Rock in a paternity suit,                                   said Nachshin, who has                                      the former governor may
habits you may associate with luck in the workplace.                            — With everyone talking
These things likely don’t actually bring you any luck,                                                                                  baseball star David Justice                                 represented several clients                                 prevail, attorneys and other
                                                                                about former Gov. Arnold                                in his split with actress                                   he said hid the existence of                                experts say, it would be in
and without them you’re forced to accept that you are                           Schwarzenegger's out-of-
responsible for your success.                                                                                                           Halle Berry, and other                                      children from their wives                                   getting out of paying a sub-
                                                                                wedlock child, the politi-                              celebrities.                                                and others. Mayoue said                                     stantial sum to either the
                                                                                cian abruptly put his                                      Although California is a                                 separately that it's not sur-                               13-year-old boy or his
   Dear Dr. Brothers:                                                           Hollywood comeback on
    I recently got a new boss at my job, and I don’t think                                                                              no-fault divorce state,                                     prising for celebrities to                                  mother.
                                                                                hold to sort out his per-                               meaning her husband's ac-                                   have such secrets the pub-                                     The woman, who has
he likes me. He’s very critical and doesn’t seem to think                       sonal life and perhaps pre-
I’m doing a good job. I really like my job, and I’d been                                                                                tion technically can't be                                   lic never knows of.                                         been identified as Mildred
                                                                                pare for a starring role in a                           used against him in court,                                     In retaining Wasser,                                     Patricia Baena of Bakers-
on track for advancement in my career, so I don’t want                          big-budget divorce battle.
this one boss to hold me back, especially since I don’t                                                                                 the reality, attorneys say, is                              Shriver is turning to an at-                                field by The New York
                                                                                   The former "Termina-                                 that it will be.                                            torney whose specialty is                                   Times and other media, has
think I’m doing anything wrong. What can I do to get                            tor" star, who earlier this
my boss not just to like me better personally, but to ac-                                                                                  "Every judge would                                       keeping details of celebrity                                vanished since her name
                                                                                week acknowledged fa-                                   know about what hap-                                        splits secret, and Nachshin                                 became public Wednesday.
tually respect my work?                                                         thering a child with his
                                                 — K.E.                                                                                 pened, and I think would                                    said        that's      what                                The Associated Press has
                                                                                family's longtime house-                                hold it against him," said                                  Schwarzenegger should                                       not independently verified
   Dear K.E.:                                                                   keeper, told his talent
   It can be tough to be stuck in a job where your boss                                                                                 attorney Robert Nachshin,                                   strive to achieve. He sug-                                  that she is the mother of
                                                                                agency Thursday to post-                                who has represented the                                     gested that if the former                                   Schwarzenegger's child.
doesn’t support you, especially when it’s a job you oth-                        pone all his movie proj-
erwise enjoy. The trick here is to get this guy on your                                                                                 ex-wives of a who's who                                     governor is smart, he                                          Schwarzenegger's office
                                                                                ects.                                                   of entertainers that in-                                    would seek to have divorce                                  has declined to discuss
side. The first thing you can try is opening the lines of                          "Gov. Schwarzenegger
communication and trying to find out why it is that he’s                                                                                cludes Will Smith, Rod                                      proceedings handled pri-                                    whether Baena is the boy's
                                                                                is focusing on personal                                 Stewart and John Ritter.                                    vately by a retired family                                  mother.
taken a disliking to you or your work. It’s also possible                       matters and is not willing
that his management style doesn’t mesh easily with                                                                                      "Judges are human beings,                                   law judge, keep his mouth                                      On her son's birth certifi-
                                                                                to commit to any produc-                                and Maria will definitely                                   shut in public and tell the                                 cate, Baena listed her ex-
your working style, and that just means you’ll both                             tion schedules or time-
have to go out of your way to make this working rela-                                                                                   be      the      sympathetic                                truth in court.                                             husband as the boy's father
                                                                                lines," a statement from                                spouse."                                                       "Because courts go crazy                                 and there's no evidence that
tionship productive.                                                            his office said.
   The main thing is to let him know that you really                                                                                       Based on his experience,                                 if people lie," he said.                                    has ever been contested.
                                                                                   When Schwarzenegger                                  Nachshin said, Shriver                                         Celebrity divorces have                                     The time limit for her ex-
want to make things work and do a good job for him,                             and his wife, Maria
and that you’d like to solicit his help to do so. One tip                                                                               should expect to receive at                                 become a specialty of re-                                   husband to challenge pa-
                                                                                Shriver, separated earlier                              least $100,000 a month in                                   tired judges because they                                   ternity has long since
that has worked for some people in your situation is to                         this month, neither was
go a little over the top to get this boss on your side.                                                                                 spousal support and, with                                   can be conducted in pri-                                    passed, so it could never be
                                                                                talking divorce. That may                               two children under the age                                  vate, although the final res-                               legally established that
Rather than just talking to him once, take the working                          have changed, however,
relationship to the next level: Ask him to mentor you.                                                                                  of 18, thousands more a                                     olution must, like any other                                Schwarzenegger is the fa-
                                                                                after he revealed Monday                                month in child support.                                     divorce, be made public.                                    ther, said Michael Mc-
You can mention that you have different styles and that                         that he fathered a now 13-
you think you could learn a lot from him. His mentor-                                                                                      Then there's the division                                   In the past, celebrities                                 Cormick,            executive
                                                                                year-old son with the fam-                              of the couple's property, in-                               and the wealthy have gone                                   director of the American
ship would mean that you’d meet regularly and discuss                           ily housekeeper and never
your role, and you’ll learn from him in a more formal                                                                                   cluding the Brentwood                                       to great lengths to keep the                                Coalition for Fathers &
                                                                                told his wife until this year.                          mansion that Shriver and                                    details of their divorces                                   Children.
setting. In the process, he’ll also get to know you much                           People magazine re-
better. This is a positive step that can translate your                                                                                 her children moved from                                     private, with mixed results.                                   McCormick previously
                                                                                ported this week that                                   earlier this year.                                             Billionaire supermarket                                  assisted a man who tried
good intentions into actual actions, and if things go                           Shriver has retained
well, this boss actually might end up being your biggest                                                                                   Nachshin said that could                                 mogul Ron Burkle tried                                      unsuccessfully to get the
                                                                                prominent Los Angeles di-                               be affected by a prenuptial                                 unsuccessfully to keep se-                                  courts to halt his child sup-
advocate the next time a promotion or other opportunity                         vorce attorney Laura
comes up.                                                                                                                               agreement, if the couple                                    cret 1,200 pages of his di-                                 port payments to his ex-
                                                                                Wasser. If the Kennedy                                  signed one when they were                                   vorce transcript, including                                 wife after DNA tests
                                                                                heiress and former net-                                 married in 1986. Many                                       allegations that he told his                                showed the woman's
                                                                                work TV anchor goes                                     such agreements call for                                    daughter he had videotapes                                  daughter actually was fa-
                                                                                ahead with a divorce, sev-
Buffy star to get new show                                                                                                              people to keep what would                                   of her mother having sex                                    thered by comedian Sam
                                                                                eral prominent attorneys                                otherwise be joint assets                                   with a boyfriend.                                           Kinison.
                                               cause she's on the run from      say, she is likely to cash in                           separate after marriage.                                       In allowing the docu-                                       "From a legal perspec-
                                               danger.                          big.                                                       Although the scandal has                                 ments to be unsealed, the                                   tive, Arnold Schwarzeneg-

                                                 The CW also said Thurs-           "It seems to me that he                              gained worldwide atten-                                     California Supreme Court                                    ger had nothing to do with

  NEW YORK (AP) —                              day that Bilson, who was in      has gratuitously embar-
The CW network said                                                                                                                     tion, the attorneys said the                                struck down a law that                                      the creation of this child,"
                                               "The O.C.," will portray a       rassed her. This should                                 most surprising thing about                                 would have kept them                                        McCormick said.
Thursday it is giving new                      New Yorker practicing
series to Sarah Michelle                       medicine in a small South-
Gellar and Rachel Bilson                       ern Town in "Hart of Dixie."
next season, and bidding                         "One Tree Hill" will air
farewell to "One Tree Hill."                   13 final episodes starting
  Gellar's "Ringer" was a
                                               next winter, the CW said.
gift from CBS. The larger                        The 17th edition of
network made the pilot but                     "America's Next Top
could find no room on its                      Model" will be an all-star
schedule, so CBS gave its                      edition, with series chief
corporate sister this series                   Tyra Banks bringing back
where the former "Buffy the                    some past winners of the
Vampire Slayer" star imper-                    competition to go at it again.
sonates her twin sister be-

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Nation & World
         Billionaire Pickens says
         Obama lacks energy plan  within 10 years.                                     called for a one-third re-           ure until new technologies       hicles, but pay $1.65 per       Shale in Pennsylvania and
                                    "He's never told us how                            duction of oil imports by            can be developed.                gallon for the natural gas to   elsewhere that Obama,

                                  we're going to get off the                           2025.                                   Pickens spoke at West         fuel them — less than half      many environmentalists

   WEST CHESTER, Pa.              Mideast oil, and no one's                               But many of his propos-           Chester University, 25           of the current price for reg-   and others say may
(AP) — Texas billionaire          ever asked him," Pickens                             als have stalled in Con-             miles west of Philadelphia,      ular fuel in Pennsylvania.      threaten the quality of un-
T. Boone Pickens faulted          said. "We're the only coun-                          gress, where Republicans             and toured its refueling sta-      Pickens said the United       derground water. In the
President Barack Obama            try in the world that has no                         have prioritized increased           tion for its 22 natural gas-     States uses 20 million bar-     process, fluids are in-
on Friday, saying the pres-       energy plan."                                        drilling over renewable en-          operated vehicles. He was        rels of oil per day — 13        jected into the ground at
ident has failed to develop         Pickens stressed, though,                          ergy initiatives.                    joined by U.S. Republican        million of those are im-        high pressure to fracture
the energy plan he prom-          that he believes Republi-                               Though Pickens rose to            Reps. Patrick Meehan and         ported. He noted that de-       underground rocks and re-
ised Americans as a presi-        cans also have been remiss                           national prominence as an            Jim Gerlach. The two con-        spite being 4 percent of        lease the gas deposits.
dential candidate in 2008.        in tackling the problem.                             oil tycoon, he has been a            gressmen are co-sponsor-         the world population,             "This isn't anything
   The oil magnate and ad-          Since taking office in                             vocal supporter of alterna-          ing legislation to accelerate    Americans use almost 25         that's going to hurt any-
vocate for alternative fuels      January 2009, Obama has                              tive energy, including nat-          natural gas production and       percent of oil produced         body," Pickens said,
said at a town hall meeting       boosted corporate fuel                               ural gas, wind and solar             consumption as a way to          worldwide.                      adding that he's never
at a southeast Pennsylvania       economy standards, put                               power. He maintains that             lessen dependence on for-          Although he supports          seen any evidence of
university that the Demo-         billions of stimulus dollars                         limited resources such as            eign oil and lower fuel          alternative energy initia-      aquifers being damaged
cratic president hasn't fol-      into renewable energy                                natural gas are not a per-           emissions.                       tives, he also defends the      by the more than 8,000
lowed up on a campaign            projects and worked to                               manent solution for U.S.                University officials said     natural      gas    drilling    natural gas wells in the
promise to end America's          limit greenhouse gas emis-                           energy needs, but should             they spent an additional         process known as "frack-        U.S. that have used the
reliance on Mideast oil           sions. In March, Obama                               be used as a stopgap meas-           $7,700 upfront for the ve-       ing" used in the Marcellus      practice.


 Malone's Barnes & Noble bid a bet on the Nook
                                  electronic reader now ac-                            the content, and Barnes &               Barnes & Noble's shares       Mike Shatzkin, CEO of              "Its success has been
                                  counts for 28 percent of the                         Noble has the device.                surged almost 30 percent         Idea Logical, a book con-       (tied) with the physical

                                  market for those devices.                            You're not buying the                on Friday and passed Lib-        sulting company. Last year,     bookstores because people

   NEW YORK (AP) —                And the Nook has the po-                             stores; you're buying the            erty's bid of $17 a share in     he predicted that it would      are not giving up physical
Why buy a bookstore?              tential to go beyond books                           Nook."                               cash, closing at $18.33. The     take five years for stores to   books," he added.
   John Malone, who made          to deliver all types of digi-                          Malone's empire, Liberty           companies haven't yet            cut space for printed books        No one know knows ex-
a fortune in cable televi-        tal products, including                              Media Corp., operates three          signed an agreement, and         by 50 percent; now, he be-      actly what Malone, 70, has
sion, is offering $1 billion      music, magazines, TV                                 publicly traded companies            the deal is still subject to     lieves it will only take        in mind. He has typically
for Barnes & Noble — try-         shows and movies. That                               — Liberty Interactive Inc.,          closing conditions, includ-      about three.                    been a pure investor, like
ing to jump into a business       makes it a competitor not                            Liberty Starz Group and              ing one that founding               The shift has already        Warren Buffett or a private
so sick that its No. 2 com-       just to's Kin-                            Liberty Capital Group —              Chairman Leonard Riggio          rocked Borders Group,           equity firm, who buys
petitor, Borders Group Inc.,      dle but also to Apple's iPad.                        through which it runs                keep a stake in the com-         which filed for bankruptcy      companies when they are
is on life support.                  "This deal is all about the                       home-shopping network                pany and remain in a man-        court protection in Febru-      cheap and on the brink of
   The difference is that         device," said Sherif Mityas,                         QVC and movie channel                agement position, Barnes         ary. It has been closing        financial ruin.
Malone and his Liberty            a partner in the retail prac-                        Starz. It also holds stakes in       & Noble said.                    stores and is reportedly in        Malone doesn't have a
Media conglomerate aren't         tice of global management                            numerous other online,                  Barnes & Noble reiter-        talks to sell more than half    history of putting together
betting on the books-and-         consulting firm A.T. Kear-                           media and communications             ated Friday a committee of       of those that remain.           grand          technological
mortar past, analysts say,        ney. "As Apple proved, you                           companies. Some believe              its board is evaluating the         While Barnes & Noble         schemes, said Wedge Part-
but the promise of the elec-      need to have the content                             that QVC could be used as            offer.                           has done better than Bor-       ners      analyst     Martin
tronic future.                    and the device. Malone has                           a marketing vehicle for                 Barnes & Noble had put        ders, its quarterly results     Pyykkonen. He called
   Barnes & Noble's Nook                                                               Barnes & Noble's Nook.               itself up for sale in August     have been weighed down          Malone a "financial engi-
                                                                                          With the backing of a             in response to pressure          by large investments in its     neer" who demands excel-
                                                                                       media          conglomerate,         from billionaire activist        online and e-reader busi-       lent      returns,     keeps
                                                                                       Barnes & Noble's digital             shareholder Ron Burkle,          nesses. Barnes & Noble re-      management in place and
                                                                                       business would be able to            but the company didn't find      ported growth in its online     reaps rewards when the
 Jackies Flowers & Gifts
                                                                                       compete better with Ama-             much interest.                   store in the most recent        business returns to health.
                                                                                       zon, Apple and others, said             Traditional book sellers      quarter, and said both that        It could be there is no
                                                                                       Gary Balter, a retail analyst        have been facing increasing      and its bricks-and-mortar       grand plan with Barnes &
                                                                                       at Credit Suisse.                    competition from online re-      stores were helped by sales     Noble, either, besides clos-
                                                                                          Barnes & Noble's 700              tailers like          of its Nook e-reader.           ing unprofitable stores and
                                                                                       stores may appear to be an           and discounters like Wal-           Last month, Barnes &         otherwise improving prof-
                                                                                       albatross. But they could            Mart Stores Inc. And heavy       Noble added an app store        itability. One thing that is
                                                                                       be transformed into places           readers are quickly embrac-      and an e-mail program to        similar with other Malone
           Local Delivery
                                                                                       that highlight mostly digi-          ing e-books.                     its Nook Color e-reader.        investments is Barnes &
                                                                                       tal devices and content and             Right now, though,            That brings the $249 de-        Noble's big share of its
       Arrangements for any
        ocassions weddings,                                                            mimic Apple's successful             Simba Information senior         vice closer to working like     market, which could get
                                                                                       stores. Barnes & Noble has           trade analyst Michael Nor-       a tablet computer like the      bigger if Borders Group
       funerals, home decor.                                                           already cleared space at the         ris estimates there are still    iPad, which sells for twice     closes or sells more stores.
                                                                                       front of its stores to display       at least five print book buy-    as much. Barnes & Noble            "Malone's style is to very
                                                                                       the Nook and push e-                 ers for every e-book buyer.      is expected to announce a       quietly, very patiently look
         Reasonably priced
                                                                                       books.                                  Still, the industry thinks    new version of the Nook         and watch, and when
                                                                                          "You don't want the old-          e-books are the future.          next week, though it hasn't     things get to his threshold
       Call or e-mail to order
          (304)236-2352                                                                fashioned bookstore cus-    said Thurs-           said what features it will      level, then make his
                                                                                       tomer who goes in and sits           day that, after less than four   include.                        move," Pyykkonen said.                                                            and reads a book for two             years of selling electronic         Clearly, there are con-      "But he makes his move in
                                                                                       hours. You want people               books, it's now selling          cerns. Norris says he           a generally quiet, friendly,
                                                                                       going in there who are               more of them than printed        would like assurance from       cooperative way, because
     Highway 119 Borderland
                                                                                       hungry for experience,"              books. Stores have cut shelf     Liberty that it's not going     he actually wants manage-
                                                                                       said Richard Hastings, a             space devoted to printed         to look at the Nook in "a       ment to stay in there and
                                                                                       consumer strategist with             books by 15 percent over         vacuum" and get rid of the      keep running the com-
                                                                                       Global Hunter Securities.            the past year, estimated         stores.                         pany."

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Nation & World
Rising revenue ups pressure to undo budget cuts
                                  cut in aid to public schools      $22.5 million less in edu-            waukee, the state's largest       sector.                            school districts can soften
                                  and 5.5 percent reduction         cation cuts than originally           school district, expects to          "It's pretty clear there's a    the budget blow by manag-

                                  in how much schools can           proposed by Democratic                eliminate about 1,000 full-       real reluctance to spend on        ing their employee health

   MADISON, Wis. (AP)             collect from state money          Gov. John Hickenlooper                time teaching and staff po-       schools," said Joe Quick,          insurance and pension
— Wisconsin's Republican          and property taxes com-           following improvements in             sitions.                          government relations spe-          costs better. "We're not cut-
governor and GOP leaders          bined. The Republican-            the state's revenue projec-              Republican Sen. Alberta        cialist for the Wisconsin          ting without giving op-
in several other states are       controlled Legislature has        tions. In Michigan, Repub-            Darling, co-chair of a            School Boards Associa-             tions," he said. Republican
facing increasing pressure        backed Walker's agenda so         licans who control the                budget committee, said            tion. "The goal is to hold         budget committee co-chair
to back off from deep             far, but did not reject this      Legislature and Republi-              Republicans were consid-          property taxes down."              Rep. Robin Vos insisted
spending cuts to education        appeal outright.                  can Gov. Rick Snyder are              ering softening the cuts for         When Walker unveiled            the deep cuts were still
and social programs in               Miles Turner, director of      reducing their original pro-          some schools that would           his budget, he said the deep       necessary, and not just to
light of higher than ex-          the Wisconsin Association         posed cuts to schools by as           be hurt the most. She             reductions were necessary          fulfill conservatives' small-
pected revenue projections        of School District Admin-         much as two-thirds.                   wouldn't say how much of          because the state could no         government ideology. "The
as the economy improves.          istrators, said the earlier          A similar effort isn't get-        Walker's cuts might be            longer afford all of its pro-      ideology is about balanc-
   The surge in revenue is        cutbacks were based on a          ting much traction in New             rolled back.                      grams and expenses. "It's          ing the budget," he said.
giving rise to an awkward         leaner budget outlook.            Jersey where Republican                  She and other Republi-         time to start paying our              Walker hasn't completely
question — are the gover-         Continuing with the entire        Gov. Chris Christie has re-           can leaders also no longer        bills today so our kids are        shut the door on revisiting
nors making the deepest           reduction now, he said,           fused to back off his pro-            plan to go along with             not stuck with even bigger         some of his proposed cuts.
cuts because they have to         would show "there's a             gram of cuts although                 Walker's plan to change a         bills tomorrow," he said in        But with one of the most
or because they choose to?        greater interest in follow-       revenues are projected to             popular prescription drug         March.                             expansive veto powers of
   The issue is unfolding in      ing through with an ideo-         increase between $500                 program for seniors.                 When Wisconsin re-              any governor in the coun-
Michigan, Ohio, New Jer-          logical campaign against          million and $900 million              Walker had targeted that          ceived the rosier budget           try, he has wide latitude to
sey, Colorado and several         public education than there       over two years.                       program for $15 million in        news last week, Walker             reject changes the Legisla-
other states where tax rev-       is to support public educa-          Tax revenue projections            savings.                          was quick to say the extra         ture might make.
enue forecasts have turned        tion."                            in Wisconsin were revised                But education advocates        money should go to pay                Walker isn't the only gov-
up just as legislatures are          Many school districts          last week to show the state           say they doubt the Legisla-       down the state's debts.            ernor holding the harder
working through budget            have been planning to lay         will receive $636 million             ture will pull back as much       Wisconsin faces a $3 bil-          line. In Ohio, Republican
reduction packages.               off teachers, increase class      more through the end of               as it could. They charge          lion shortfall, down from          Gov. John Kasich said he
   In Wisconsin, local            sizes and cut back pro-           the budget cycle than ex-             that Walker and his conser-       the earlier $3.6 billion pro-      isn't backing off his budget
school board members and          grams like music and for-         pected. The increase                  vative allies want to reduce      jection. The state has added       cutting plans, even though
superintendents are press-        eign languages to cover the       amounts to only 1.6 per-              support for public schools        25,000 private sector jobs         the economy is his state is
ing lawmakers and Gov.            reductions.                       cent, but would be enough             as part of a larger goal of       since January as the econ-         improving. Any increased
Scott Walker to scale back           Elsewhere, the Colorado        to reduce layoffs and cuts            expanding school vouchers         omy improves.                      revenue would go toward
his proposed 8.4 percent          Legislature has approved          in school programs. Mil-              and curtailing the public            Walker said Friday that         cutting taxes, he said.


 Taliban car bomb blasts US convoy in Pakistan
                                  we can do it," Taliban            what job the Americans held.          Pakistan's tribal regions,        years, the vast majority           Taliban killed more than 80
                                  spokesman         Ahsanullah      The consulate is home to              where al-Qaida and the Tal-       against Pakistani government       Pakistani recruits for a para-

                                  Ahsan said in a phone call        diplomats, security contrac-          iban have bases.                  and security force targets.        military border force in dou-

                                  from an undisclosed location.     tors and — it is widely be-             The city has witnessed          Foreigners in Pakistan have        ble suicide attacks close to

   PESHAWAR, Pakistan             "We had warned that we will       lieved — CIA staff hunting            many of the suicide and other     also been targeted, but not        Peshawar. They said those
(AP) — A Taliban car bomb         avenge the martyrdom of           al-Qaida and associated               bombings that have scarred        nearly as much.                    blasts were also in revenge
struck an armored vehicle         Osama."                           groups. Both the consulate            Pakistan over the past five         Last week, the Pakistani         for the death of bin Laden.
taking American government           The Americans were trav-       building and a previous top
employees to the U.S con-         eling in two cars from their      officer there have been at-
sulate in northwest Pakistan      homes to the heavily pro-         tacked in the past.
on Friday in a strike the mili-   tected consulate building            In Washington, State De-
tants said was to avenge the      when a car bomb exploded          partment spokesman Mark
raid that killed Osama bin        nearby, said U.S. Embassy         Toner said U.S. diplomatic
Laden.                            spokesman Alberto Ro-             security agents were assisting
   A Pakistani passer-by was      driguez and police in the city.   Pakistani authorities in inves-
killed and two Americans          The Americans in the car that     tigating the attack.
suffered minor injuries in the    was hit were whisked away            The U.S. raid that killed
attack in the city of Peshawar,   from the scene in the second      bin Laden in Abbottabad
officials said. At least 10       vehicle. The most serious in-     badly damaged Pakistani-
other Pakistanis were             jury was a possible broken        American relations already
wounded. The strike was the       hand, he said.                    frayed since January, when a
first on Westerners since the        Rodriguez had initially        CIA contractor killed two
May 2 U.S. commando raid          said Friday's attack was car-     Pakistanis in the city of La-
on bin Laden's hide-out in an     ried out by a suicide bomber,     hore. That incident prompted
army town around three            based on accounts from wit-       Pakistan to demand a reduc-
hours from Peshawar.              nesses. He later called The       tion in U.S. military person-
                                                                                                              The East Williamson Baptist Church’s Kidz Choir
   The Pakistani Taliban, an      Associated Press to say it was    nel in the country, and
al-Qaida-allied group behind      a planted explosive device of     infuriated the Pakistani army
scores of attacks in recent       some kind. Pakistani police       over what it claims are Amer-
                                                                                                                     Big Apple Adventure:
years, claimed responsibility.    said it was a car bomb, pre-      ican spies operating in the
   "We say to the Americans       sumably detonated remotely.       country.                                              The Musical
and NATO that we will carry          Rodriguez declined to say         Peshawar lies just outside
out more deadly attacks and                                                                                            Sunday, May 22nd @ 6:00 p.m.

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Nation & World
 Sculpture of Pope John Paul II decried as 'ugly'
                                 paper L'Osservatore Ro-          take into consideration the            Paul's 91st birthday on May      that a panel of experts from     lated to him," she told The
                                 mano said the effect of the      opinion of the public," he             18.                              the city and Holy See had        Associated Press.

                                 nearly 5-meter (16-foot)         added. "If public opinion                 Pope Benedict XVI beat-       signed off on the work, but         Fausto Durante, who

                                 statue bears "only a distant     consolidates around a neg-             ified John Paul, the last for-   he said they perhaps didn't      commutes to Rome twice

   ROME (AP) — A new,            resemblance to the pope."        ative opinion, we'll have to           mal step before sainthood,       realize how big it would ac-     weekly from southern
modernist sculpture of Pope         Artistic intent aside, "we    take that into considera-              on May 1 at a ceremony           tually be.                       Puglia, said the statue was-
John Paul II is turning into a   find ourselves in the piazza     tion."                                 that drew about 1.5 million         "The sketches, let's say it   n't bad but it just shouldn't
monumental bust.                 before a violent gash, like a       L'Osservatore Romano                admirers to Rome.                clearly, are absolutely simi-    be in a public square.
   The Vatican on Friday         bomb, that ends up assimi-       acknowledged that the                     The website of the Sil-       lar to the original statue.         "Millions of people pass
slammed the giant artwork        lating a cloak that almost       statue is a modern work and            vana Paolini Angelucci           You could not appreciate         by this place every day, and
outside Rome's Termini           looks like a sentry box,         called the city's initiative to        Foundation, which is dedi-       the dimensions, of course,       you need something you
Train Station, saying it         topped by a head of a pope       erect it "praiseworthy," but           cated to humanitarian ef-        so perhaps the 'ohh' of sur-     can recognize," Durante
doesn't even resemble the        which comes off too              added that "the statue's sin"          forts and which donated the      prise rather originated from     said. "If the artist wants to
late pontiff.                    roundish," critic Sandro         is that it is "hardly able to be       statue, makes no mention of      the dimensions," he told         do conceptual art, he would
   Some Romans and               Barbagallo wrote in Fri-         recognized."                           the controversy. Calls to the    APTN. "But dimensions            aim for a museum, not a
tourists say the bronze          day's L'Osservatore.                Rainaldi, in comments re-           foundation weren't returned      were clearly declared."          public place where the
statue looks more like              "Altogether, the result       ported by the newspaper La             Friday.                             Comments of passers-by        faithful want to recognize
Italy's wartime dictator         doesn't seem to reach the in-    Repubblica, said he was                   The city noted that Vati-     in the square largely echoed     their pope."
Benito Mussolini than the        tent," the newspaper said,       sorry his work had been                can culture officials had        those on Rome daily Il              As he started to walk
widely beloved pope.             noting that it wasn't alone in   misunderstood.                         seen a sketch of the work        Messaggero's         website,    away, he turned back and
   "How could they have          its criticism.                      "I wasn't thinking about            and approved it.                 where most respondents           said: "I want to add that its
given such a kind pope the          Rome Mayor Gianni Ale-        resemblance, but rather a                 The Rev. Federico Lom-        told the paper's online          profile looks like Mus-
head of a Fascist?" said 71-     manno, asked by APTN in          work that was able to syn-             bardi,     the     Vatican's     questionnaire that they did-     solini."
year-old Antonio Lamon-          an exclusive interview if the    thesize, in the posture of the         spokesman, confirmed that        n't like the statue.                Grazia Liberti ventured
ica.                             city might take down the         head and body and in the               the sketch "received a posi-        The sculpture "doesn't        some practical — as well
   As he pondered the statue     statue, said public opinion      draping of the cloak, the              tive opinion by the culture      speak to me," said Gracia        as artistic — objections.
in the bustling square, his      would be considered.             way the pope went out into             commission" of the Holy          Gonzalez Sanchez of the             "With the shape of a
wife muttered: "It's ugly.          "There's an ancient say-      the world," Rainaldi was               See. He couldn't say what        Spanish coastal city of          cape, sooner or later the
Really ugly. Very ugly."         ing: 'Vox populi, vox dei,'"     quoted as saying.                      happened between the             Malaga.                          homeless people at the sta-
   The artist, Oliviero          Alemanno said, using the            The statue, paid for by a           sketch stage and the final          "I can't recognize the        tion will sleep inside it, and
Rainaldi, depicted the pon-      Latin for "Voice of the peo-     foundation at no cost to the           result.                          pope. It could be a cardinal     in no time, it will be full of
tiff as if he is opening his     ple, voice of God."              city of Rome, was erected a               Umberto         Broccoli,     or anyone else. I think they     bottles of beer," said the
cloak to embrace the faith-         "And from this point of       few days ago to mark what              Rome's superintendent of         should have put a crucifix       46-year-old          cleaning
ful. But the Vatican news-       view we cannot help but          would have been John                   cultural heritage, agreed        or some other symbol re-         woman.


 From marijuana to alligator hides, Obama pardons 8
                                 becoming president. The          years in prison in the con-              — Allen Edward Peratt          of Prentice, Wis., sen-          Wolcottville, Ind., sen-
                                 first pardons, last Decem-       spiracy to import mari-                Sr. of Sioux Falls, S.D.,        tenced in 2001 to three          tenced to six months of

                                 ber, went to nine people         juana and two related                  sentenced in 1990 to 2 ½         years of probation for           probation for transferring a

  WASHINGTON (AP)                whose crimes included            crimes.                                years in prison for conspir-     structuring financial trans-     firearm without payment
— President Barack               possessing drugs, counter-         Another pardon recipient             ing to distribute metham-        actions to evade bank re-        of tax.
Obama on Friday par-             feiting and mutilating           was Bobby Gerald Wilson                phetamine.                       porting requirements.               — Danny Alonzo Levitz
doned eight people con-          coins.                           of Summerton, S.C., sen-                 —Christine          Marie         — Michael Ray Neal of         of Angola, Ind., sentenced
victed of crimes ranging            Like the earlier pardons,     tenced in 1985 to 3 ½                  Rossiter of Lincoln, Neb.,       Palm Coast, Fla., sen-           in 1980 to two years of
from conspiring to import        the latest did not involve       months in prison for aiding            sentenced in 1992 to three       tenced in 1991 to six            probation for conspiracy.
marijuana to selling alliga-     anyone well-known. The           and abetting the possession            years of probation for con-      months in prison for unau-          The White House, as is
tor hides.                       cases date back as far as        and sale of illegal Ameri-             spiring to distribute less       thorized decryption of           typically the case with
  The action marked the          1975, when Randy Eugene          can alligator hides.                   than 110 pounds of mari-         satellite cable program-         every administration, of-
second set of pardons            Dyer of Burien, Wash.,             Others who received par-             juana.                           ming.                            fered no elaboration for the
Obama has granted since          was sentenced to serve five      dons:                                    — Patricia Ann Weinzatl           — Edwin Alan North of         president's pardons.

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                                                                                                                                                          (304) 369-5002 (888) 369-5002 Toll Free
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 “Nine Pike Students Selected For GSP, Two for GSA”

Anne Justice                      Austin Casebolt                Dakota Lester                   Isaac Potter                  Katie Thacker                  Kelli Hylton

Kinsey Patton                     Natalie Robinette              Taylor Harr                     Tiffany Rowe                  Trystannei Cool

  Congratulations are in          kins of Shelbiana, selected    cal and electrical engineer-    plans a career in pediatric   attend UK and has yet to       dent, who has many inter-
store for nine Pike County        for “Creative Writing.”        ing. He hopes to attain a ca-   neurosurgery.                 decide her future career.      ests, talents and goals for
students who have been se-           The following students      reer in automotive design         East Ridge High School:     She enjoys teaching Sun-       her life.
lected for the prestigious        have been accepted into the    and development ; Trystan-      Kelli La’Dawn Hylton,         day school and Color              The Governor’s Scholars
Governor’s Scholars Pro-          Governor’s Scholars Pro-       nei Leah Pinson-Cool,           daughter of Freda Hylton,     Guard.                         Program calls for outstand-
gram (GSP) and two                gram:                          daughter of Drema and Le-       who plans to attend UK          Pike County Central          ing rising seniors to spend
Shelby Valley students who           From Belfry High            land Cool, who plans to at-     and eventually become an      High School: Austin Grant      five weeks on a university
have been chosen for the          School : Alicia Anne Jus-      tend           Transylvania     art teacher. She enjoys       Casebolt, son of Carol         campus in a stimulating
Governor’s School for the         tice, daughter of James and    University and pursue a         drawing, painting, reading    Daniels Casebolt and           summer program. All ex-
Arts (GSA) for the summer         Rosemary Justice, who          double major in sociology       and video games; Isaac        Samuel Dean Casebolt of        penses, with the exception
of 2011.                          plans to attend the Univer-    and psychology. She hopes       MacArthur Potter, son of      Pikeville. He attended the     of pocket funds, are pro-
  The students selected for       sity of Kentucky to study      to attain a career in adoles-   Grondall and Carol Potter,    Governor’s School for the      vided. This year the pro-
GSA are Taylor Harr, son          Spanish and pursue a career    cent psycho-therapy; and        who wants to become a nu-     Arts last year and is a tal-   gram will be held on the
of James and Karen Harr of        in teaching; Dakota Lance      Natalie Jean Robinette,         clear physicist. He enjoys    ented artist; and Kinsey       campuses of Bellarmine
Robinson Creek, who was           Lester, son of Jerry and       daughter of Rhonda and          computers and basketball;     Leigh Patton, daughter of      University in Louisville,
selected for “Vocal Music”        Cindy Lester, who plans to     Kelly Robinette, who plans      and Tiffany Brooke Rowe,      Glenn and Susan Patton of      Centre College in Danville
and Katie Thacker, daugh-         attend UK and pursue a         to attend Transylvania and      daughter of Tommy and         Hunts Branch, Pikeville, an    and Murray State Univer-
ter of James and Pam Ad-          double major in mechani-       major in chemistry. She         Cathy Rowe, who plans to      active and involved stu-       sity in Murray.

                                               Day 2011

           In Loving Memory Of
               PHILLIP                                    Remember Your Loved
               McCOY                                       Ones On Memorial
                                                              Day Weekend.
                                                          Bring In Your Personal
                                                            Message For Your
                                                          Loved Ones Who Have
                                                              Passed Away.

           Sadly Missed By All
           His Family & Friends                                    WILL BE PUBLISHED
                                                                    Sunday, May 29th
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                $19.95                    Wednesday,
                                           May 25th

                      In Loving Memory Of
                              Randall Lee
                      21 yrs. gone
                       but Never
                      Sadly missed
                        Loved by
                      Grandchildren                                       EXAMPLE
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   AD SIZE 2X3                            1X3

                    Mail To: Memorial Day Greetings, c/o Willamson Daily News.
                    Attn: Kim Chapman P.O. Box 1660, Williamson, WV 25661

   Over 100 vacancies in Mingo schools posted
                                 Subjects K-4; Title I teacher   t e a c h e r                   ooach.                           science teacher at the county    guage Specialist.
                                 (Reading Specialist or Re-      (MMI/SLD/BD/AUT an                 Kermit K-8: football          program's Burch Annex.              Mingo County schools:

                                 medial Reading K-12 and         Biol. Sp. Ed. content); Spe-    coach.                              For the Special Education     Mechanic (3 years of expe-

   WILLIAMSON – Ap-              Elem. 1-6 or Multi-Subjects     cial        Ed        teacher      Mingo Central High:           program, there are two va-       rience with diesel engines
proximately 85 professional      K-6).                           (MMI/SLD/BD/AUT &               )two) Z-C assistant football     cancies each as Special Ed-      preferred); Substitute bus
service personnel vacancies        Gllbert       Elementary:     Math. Sp. Ed. content); Spe-    coaches; Z-C assistant base-     ucation teachers and two         operators.
and 20 or more service per-      Grade 4 teacher and Grade 3     cial Education teacher (Ca-     ball coach; Z-C assistant        vacancies as Speech thera-          Mingo County Extended
sonnel job openings have         teacher (Elem. Ed.1-6 or        reer/Technical Ed. Focus        Volleyball coach; Z-C assis-     pists in Mingo County            Learning Center: ).50), Cus-
been posted by the Mingo         Multi-Subjects K-6).            (MMI/SLD/BD); Health            tant track coach; Cross          schools/itinerant. Employ-       todian III (3 to 6:30 p.m.).
County Board of Education.         Kermit K-8: Grade 5           Occupation teacher (Health      Country team coach; Z-C          ment for all summer posi-           Extra-Curricular/Extra-
   Applicants for any of the     teacher and Grade 4 teacher     Occupations 9-AD).              assistant Cross Country          tions will be as/if needed,      Deuty program:
positions have until 4 p.m.      (Elem. Ed.1-6 or Multi-Sub-        Mingo County schools:        team coach; Z-C assistant        based upon student enroll-          Tug Valley area: Bus op-
Thursday, May 26, 2011, to       jects K-6 or K-4); English      teacher of Alternative Edu-     Golf coach; Z-C assistant        ment or needs/IEPs. Appli-       erator for a P.M. Vocational
submit the information re-       teacher and Spanish teacher     cation (                        swimming coach; Z-C as-          cants must submit a "Bid         Run; transportation of Tug
quired along with applica-       (English 5-8 and Spanish 5-        Al. Edu., BD certification   sistant tennis coach; Girls         sheet" to the Personnel of-   Valley area students to and
tions. The professional          8).                             preferred).                     Soccer coach; Z-C assistant      fice.                            from Mingo Central High
vacancies include teaching         Lenore K-8: Grade 3              Riverside Elementary:        girls Soccert coach; s Soccer       – Contracted service va-      School on a daily basis;
positions, library media spe-    teacher (Elem. Ed. 1-6 or       Teacher of Preschool Hand-      coach; Z-C assistant Boys        cancies include: two Li-         Daily rate of pay $20; on an
cialist, coaching positions      Multi-Subjects K-4); Grade      icapped; Library Media Spe-     Soccer coach.                    censed Practical Nurses to       as/if needed basis. A "Bid
and an information technol-      5 and Grade 6 teachers          cialist (20 percent), with         Tug Valley High: assistant    provide health services del-     Sheet" must be submitted
ogy operations manager.          (Elem. Ed. 1-6 or Multi-        Williamson Middle School        Volleyball coach; Cross          egated by the Certified          by applicant to Human Re-
   Service positions being       Subjects K-6);                  sharing the specialist's time   Country coach; Z-C assis-        School Nurse, on an as/if        sources office.
posted include cook, custo-        two music teachers            80 percent (Library/Media       tant Cross Country coach;        needed basis for the 2011-          The board is advertising
dian, secretary, mechanic,       (Music PK-Ad).                  K-8).                           Wrestling coach; Z-C assis-      2012 school year in Mingo        for a Custodian III
bus operator and substitute        Matewan Elementary:              Tug Valley High: Math        tant wrestling coach; Track      County schools. A current           Groundsman (grass cut-
bus drivers.                     two Title I t (Reading Spec.    teacher (Math through Alg.I     coach; Z-C assistant Track       West Virginia Nursing Li-        ting crew). A high school
   –Under the Regular Pro-       or Remedial Reading K-12,       9-12 or Math 9-12; teacher      coach; Tennis coach; Z-C         cense is required. The posi-     diploma or GED is re-
gram for professional per-       and Elem. Ed. 1-6 or Multi-     of Health &Physical Educa-      assistant Tennis coach; and      tion does not include any        quired. The custodian will
sonnel vacancies are as          Subjects K-6); Grade 3          tion (Health and PE 9-12);      a Cheer coach.                   benefits of retirement, per-     report to the maintenance
follows with required certi-     teacher (Elem. Ed. 1-6 or       Special Education teacher          Applicants for above po-      sonal leave, medical, and so     director.
fication listed in parenheses:   Multi-Subjects K-4).            (MMI/SD/BD/AUT).                sitions are to submit a letter   on. A letter of application         Vacancies for the summer
   Burch Elementary: Grade         Matewan Middle: Teacher       Williamson Middle: teacher      of application and resume to     and resume are required by       program also include one
1 teacher and Grade 3            of Health and Physical Edu-     of Social Studies and Sci-      the Human Resources office       the Personnel office. The        Summer grass cutting crew
teacher (Elem. Ed. 1-6 or        cation (Health & PE 5-8);       ence (Social Studies, Gen.      by deadline.                     rate of pay is $12 per hour.     leader to work from 7 a.m.
Multi-Subjects K-4); two         Special       Ed      teacher   Science or Bio. Science, 5-        – An Information Tech-           – SERVICE PERSON-             to 3 p.m., and four Custo-
Special Education teachers       (MMI/SLD/BD/AUT);               8).                             nology Operations Manager        NEL VACANCIES:                   dian III/Groundsmen for the
(MMI/SLD/BD/AUT); Pre-           Grade 5 teacher (Elem. Ed.         Applicants for teaching      is wanted to maintain local         Burch Elementary: Cus-        summer grass cutting crew.
chool handicapped teacher        1-6 or Multi-Subjects K-6);     positions are to submit a       area networks (wired and         todian III (3 p.m. to 12         Applicants must submit a
(Preschool Handicapped);         Science teacher (Gen. Sci-      completed "Bid Sheet" to        wireless), computer work         p.m.); Cook III (must be         Bid Sheet to the Personnel
Instructional coach, Grades      ence or Biological Science      the Humatn Resources of-        stations (desktops and lap-      able to lift in excess of 50     office.
K-4.                             5-8).                           fice at Cinderella by the       tops), and related systems or    pounds).                            Job descriptions are on
   Burch Middle: teacher of        Mingo Central High: Sci-      deadline May 26.                technologies. The applicant         Lenore K-8: Custodian III     file at the Human Resources
Health and Physical Educa-       ence teacher of Biol..Science      Extra-Curricular/Extra-      should have a four-year col-     (2 9 p.m.)                office in connection with
tion (Health & PE 5-8).          9-12); IT operations man-       Duty program:                   lege degree and meet other          Mingo Central High: Sec-      any of the vacancies adver-
   Dingess        Elementary:    ager;Teacher of Music              Burch Middle: Cheer          requirements that are on file    retary; Custodian III (3 p.m.    tised. Inquiries concerning
teacher of Preschool Handi-      (Band, Instrumental and         coach.                          at the board office.             to 11 p.m.); Custodian III (1    positions may be addressed
capped;          Kindergarten    General Music (Music 9-2);         Gilbert Middle: Zero-           – A Summer program will       to 9 p.m.); Cook III and         to Nell Hatfield, Director of
teacher (Early Education or      Special Education teacher       Compensation (Z-C) boys         be held from June 10, 2011       Cook II (must be able to lift    Human Resources, Mingo
Multi-Subjects K-4); teacher     (MMI/SLD/BD/AUT and             basketball coach; (two) Z-C     through July 15, 2011.           in excess of 50 pounds).         County Schools, Route 2
of Grade 3 (Elem. Ed. 1-6 or     Social Studies Sp. Ed. con-     assistant football coaches.     There is one vacancy each           Mingo              County     Box 310, Williamson,
Multi-Subjects 1-6 or Multi-     tent); Special Education             Kermit K-8: football       for an English teacher and a     Schools/Itinerant: Sign Lan-     W.Va. 25661.

                                                                                                    Pi c k

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                                                                                                    “IN THE HEART OF THE TRILLION DOLLAR COALFIELDS”
                                                                                                      any of the following locations:

                                                                                                                                 Pond Creek Grocery
                                                                                                                                   Myrtle Marathon
                                                                                                                                       Toler 7-11
                                                                                                                                       CVS Drug
                                                                                                                                  Kermit Bridgemart
                                                                                                                                 Varney Road Runner
                                                                                                                           Vital Vittles on Borderland Rd
                                                                                                                        Williamson Family Foods - Sidney KY
                                                                                                                                 Delbarton One Stop
                                                                                                                    Mountain View One Stop - Horsepen Mountain
                                                                                                                           Marlbone Junction - Stepptown
                                   Print / Online                                                                         Dorothys Drive Inn - Stepptown
                                                                                                                               Jay Michael Mart - Rt. 52
                                                                                                                                    Gilbert Pit Stop
                                                                                                                                   Williamson 7-11
                                                                                                                                   Gilbert Speedway
                                                                                                                                Buskirk Quality Foods
                                                                                                                    Tobacco & Lottery Express - South Williamson
                                                                                                                             Harrys Market - Stepptown
                                                                                                                              Prince Grocery - Dingess

                                   Print / Online                                                                           Walmart - South Williamson
                                                                                                                                Phelps Dollar General
                                                                                                                                Gilbert Dollar General
                                                                                                                                 Kermit Dollar Genral
                                                                                                                                 Toler Dollar General
                                                                                                                               Warfield Dollar General
                                                                                                                                   Belfry Speedway
                                                                                                                               Matewan Dollar General
                                                                                                                          Rubies Market - West Williamson
                                                                                                                                     Lenore Market
                                                                                                                                 Victory Lane Sunoco
                                                                                                                       Dubas Service Station - East Williamson
                                                                                                                              Hurley Drug - Williamson
                                                                                                                                     Southside Mall
                                                                                                                                 Double Kwik - Goody
                                                                                                                                       Food City
                                                                                                                                    Muncys Sunoco
                                                                                                                           Williamson Memorial Hospital
                                                                                                                       Tobacco Unlimited - South Williamson
                                                                                                                             Big Lots - Appalachian Plaza
                                                                                                                           Fast Lane - Appalachian Plaza
                                                                                                                          Dairy Queen - South Williamson
                                                                                                                           Save-A-Lot - South Williamson
                                                                                                                                Arbys - South Side Mall
                                                                                                                               Velocity Market - Belfry
                                                                                                                                     ARH Hospital
                                                                                                                          Bevins Citgo - South Williamson
                                                                                                                              T&D Quick Stop - Kermit
                                                                                                                                    Jo Mart - Phelps
                                                                                                                            RC's Country Store - Buskirk
                                                                                                                                      Buskirk Mall
                                                                                                                                   Phelps One Stop
                                                                                                                           Justonian Restaurant - Gilbert
                                                                                                                             Wallys Restaurant - Gilbert

                                                                                                                             DAILY NEWS
                                                                                                    “IN THE HEART OF THE TRILLION DOLLAR COALFIELDS”

Nation & World
IMF chief released from jail under house arrest
                                       While he is there, his        accept his living there."           to wear an ankle                    leave his temporary                    Plaza — featuring fur-
                                     family and lawyers will         While Strauss-Kahn's                bracelet. His apartment's           housing at all. Once he is             nished apartments with

                                     look for a more perma-          family had a lease and              exterior doors will be              settled somewhere per-                 Italian marble bath-

                                     nent place for him to           could have stayed, he de-           outfitted with alarms and           manent, he will be al-                 rooms, flat-screen televi-

  NEW YORK (AP) —                    await trial on charges he       cided to leave "out of re-          video cameras, on orders            lowed to leave only for                sions, king-size beds
Former IMF chief Do-                 tried to rape a hotel           spect for the residents."           from the judge who                  court dates, meetings                  with goose down pillows
minique Strauss-Kahn                 maid.                             Late in the day, after            granted bail.                       with his lawyers, doc-                 — were upset at the
was released from jail                 The original plan was         the snag over where the               "This is intended to be           tor's appointments and                 prospect of a media feed-
Friday and will be held              for Strauss-Kahn to             banker would serve his              temporary, meaning a                weekly religious serv-                 ing frenzy outside their
under house arrest near              move into a luxury resi-        house arrest had been re-           few days, and in the                ices, and he will have to              door. The wealthy neigh-
ground zero after the                dential hotel under             solved,     Strauss-Kahn            meantime, efforts would             give prosecutors at last               borhood attracts a crush
luxury apartment where               armed guard on Manhat-          was released from the               be made to arrange for              six hours' notice. No trial            of dignitaries from the
he had arranged to stay              tan's well-to-do Upper          city's Rikers Island jail           another suitable resi-              date has been set.                     United Nations; Bernard
fell through because the             East Side. Even though          on $1 million cash bail.            dence," state Supreme                 He is accused of at-                 Madoff lived close by.
neighbors objected to the            the address was never of-       The 62-year-old former              Court Justice Michael               tacking a 32-year-old                    "I didn't want him
media frenzy.                        ficially released, police       managing director of the            Obus said.                          housekeeper      in    his             here," said Dolores Gon-
  Prosecutors said he                and reporters soon con-         powerful International                Prosecutors had argued            $3,000-a-night       hotel             zalez, who was afraid the
will be temporarily                  verged on the building,         Monetary Fund had been              against Strauss-Kahn's              suite. The West African                spectacle would tarnish
housed in a building on a            the Bristol Plaza.              behind bars since Satur-            release, warning he                 immigrant told police he               the building's dignified
small street in lower                  "Last night there was         day.                                might use his wealth and            emerged naked from the                 reputation.
Manhattan within the                 an effort by the media to         During his time in                international connections           bathroom, chased her                     Her neighbor Charles
Police     Department's              invade the building,"           temporary housing in                to flee to France and               down and forced her to                 Katz agreed: "It's going
"Ring of Steel" — a net-             Strauss-Kahn attorney           lower Manhattan, at least           thwart efforts to extra-            perform oral sex. He has               to be very crowded,
work of private and po-              William Taylor said.            one armed guard will be             dite him, like the film-            denied breaking any                    noisy, attracting the
lice cameras near where              "That is why the tenants        watching him at all                 maker Roman Polanski.               laws.                                  press and other people."
the World Trade Center               in the building will not        times, and he will have               Strauss-Kahn cannot                 Tenants of Bristol

Tenn. Senate OKs ban on teaching of homosexuality
                                     parents and could lead to         Passage would make                a public elementary or              leagues were uncomfort-                   Sen. Roy Herron, D-
                                     more bullying. Support-         Tennessee the first state           middle school would be              able with that language.               Dresden, said it "may in-

                                     ers say it is intended to       to enact such legislation,          limited to age-appropriate             "There's more than one              advertently prevent the

  NASHVILLE, Tenn.                   give teachers clear guid-       according to the National           lessons about the science           way to skin a cat," Camp-              teaching of ethics, moral-
(AP)                      —          ance for dealing with           Conference of State Leg-            of human reproduction.              field said after the vote. "I          ity and abstinence."
 A bill passed Friday by             younger children on a po-       islatures. In 2003, Wash-             The legislation was               got what I wanted."                       Stephen Smith, assis-
the Tennessee Senate                 tentially explosive topic.      ington      defeated      a         amended from the origi-                He said the language is             tant commissioner of the
would forbid public                    The bill isn't likely to      proposal similar to Ten-            nal version, which said no          appropriate because "ho-               Tennessee Department of
school teachers and stu-             be taken up by the House        nessee's, as did California         elementary or middle                mosexuals don't naturally              Education, also said he's
dents in grades kinder-              before lawmakers adjourn        in 2005 and 2006. A                 schools will "provide any           reproduce," and he said                unaware of homosexual-
garten through eight from            this spring, but the spon-      Louisiana law forbids the           instruction or material             it's necessary because the             ity being taught anywhere
discussing the fact that             sor there has said he           use of sexually explicit            that discusses sexual ori-          state's curriculum is un-              in the state. He said there
some people are gay.                 would push it forward in        materials depicting ho-             entation other than het-            clear on what can be                   is nothing in the state's
  Opponents deride the               2012 when the General           mosexuality in sex educa-           erosexuality." Republican           taught.                                curriculum standards that
measure as the "don't say            Assembly comes back for         tion classes.                       Senate sponsor Stacey                  However, a critic said              allows students to be
gay bill." They say it's un-         the second year of the            Under the proposal, any           Campfield of Knoxville              the new wording could                  taught about homosexual-
fair to the children of gay          session.                        instruction or materials at         said some of his col-               create other problems.                 ity.

 Obama nominates W.Va. Judge Groh to US judiciary
  M A RT I N S B U R G ,             nated Berkeley County           then-Gov. Joe Manchin               recommended Groh to                 to name the federal                    Chairman Nick Casey
W.Va. (AP) — President               Circuit Judge Gina              appointed her to the cir-           Obama in March.                     building and courthouse                had been recommended
Barack Obama wants a                 Marie Groh on Thursday          cuit judgeship in 2006.               Groh has been nomi-               in Martinsburg after                   for the Broadwater va-
West Virginia circuit                to West Virginia's north-       Now a U.S. senator,                 nated to fill the vacancy           Broadwater.                            cancy in 2009, but
judge on the state's fed-            ern U.S. District Court.        Manchin and his fellow              left by the 2006 death of             The U.S. Senate must                 Obama did not nominate
eral bench.                            Groh was an assistant         West Virginia Democrat,             Judge Craig Broadwater.             now consider Groh. For-                him.
  The president nomi-                county prosecutor when          Sen. Jay Rockefeller,               Congress recently voted             mer state Democratic

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  BLONDIE                     Dean Young/Denis Lebrun

  BEETLE BAILEY                             Mort Walker                                                          Today’s Answers

  FUNKY WINKERBEAN                            Tom Batiuk

  HAGAR THE HORRIBLE                       Chris Browne

  HI & LOIS                        Brian and Greg Walker
                                                            THE LOCKHORNS                                             William Hoest

  MUTTS                                Patrick McDonnell

                                                                    Jacquelene Bigar’s                  HOROSCOPE
                                                                HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Monday,                 VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
                                                            May 23, 2011:                                           Maintain a high profile.
  ZITS                        Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman       Others find you remarkable, allur-     Your way of handling projects, daily
                                                            ing and “together.” This image might       demands and maybe even work
                                                            be difficult to maintain. Let others       testifies to your efficiency. You will
                                                            see you as less than perfect. For          get a lot done quickly. Reach out for
                                                            several months, you seem to have           someone at a distance. Tonight: Let
                                                            had the ability to fulfill your desires.   go of your day. Find your favorite
                                                            Your circle of friends and acquain-        spot.
                                                            tances will expand. If you are single,         LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
                                                            you will meet several very desirable                      Your ability to home
                                                            suitors. Use care with new people.         in on what counts (especially with
                                                            They might not be all you think they       loved ones and special friends) is
                                                            are. If you are attached, the relation-    why you are considered such a
                                                            ship will benefit from spending more       thoughtful sign. A discussion about
                                                            time together, socializing or as a         money might not be graceful, but
                                                            couple alone. AQUARIUS makes               most certainly is necessary. Tonight:
                                                            you smile.                                 Where the gang is.
  THE FAMILY CIRCUS          CONCEPTIS SUDOKU                   The Stars Show the Kind of Day
                                                            You’ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive;
                                                                                                           SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
                                                                                                                  You might want to stay
  Bil Keane                                                 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult            close to home or work from home.
                                   by Dave Green                ARIES (March 21-April 19)              By all means, do. You might be
                                                                          You have an upbeat, per-     exhausted from the past few weeks.
                                                            sonal and unique style that singles        Take a personal day if you must.
                                                            you out. Your clarity encourages           What you do today very well might
                                                            people to follow your lead. Even if        need to be done again. Would it
                                                            you want to pursue a project on your       not be better to take the day off?
                                                            own, others won’t let you. Tonight:        Tonight: Be a couch potato.
                                                            Don’t act like it is Monday night.             SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
                                                                TAURUS (April 20-May 20)                              Continue to speak your
                                                                          Take a stand, but do it      mind and clear out a problem before
                                                            gracefully. How you tell someone           it happens. Be sensitive to the other
                                                            that you don’t agree with him or her       point of view. If this conversation
                                                            can define how willing this person         evolves to brainstorming, you might
                                                            is to work with you. Honor what is         be surprised by this person’s ingenu-
                                                            happening with a respected friend or       ity. Tonight: Hang out; catch up on
                                                            relative. Tonight: Burning the candle      friends’ news.
                                                            at both ends.                                  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
                                                                GEMINI (May 21-June 20)                           Stay centered on the emo-
                                                                          Keep reaching out for        tional and financial costs of a sug-
                                                            the impossible. Linking minds and          gestion. If you still would like to nix
 DENNIS THE MENACE                                          exchanging ideas could be difficult.       an idea, do. Remember, you have
 Hank Ketchum                                               Normally this type of brainstorming        a talent for knowing what is doable.
                                                            isn’t, but your mind is so out there,      Stick to your guidelines, and you
                                                            as concepts and ideas fly in and out.      won’t go wrong. Tonight: Your treat.
                                                            Tonight: Relax to good music.                  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
                                                                CANCER (June 21-July 22)                              Stop and think about
                                                                          Your ability to home in      how you feel. You might be sur-
                                                            on the real issues with someone you        prised by how good you feel. With
                                                            care about adds to the warmth of the       this information in hand, be willing to
                                                            bond. You might see the solution,          take a risk you have been consider-
                                                            where this person or someone else          ing. The worst end result is that it
                                                            doesn’t. Let them figure it out. Be        doesn’t work. Why not give it a shot?
                                                            gracious. Tonight: A close encoun-         Tonight: Whatever feels right.
                                                            ter.                                           PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)
                                                                LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)                             Keep your own counsel.
                                                                          Many people try to tell      Someone who notices you could
                                                            you what to do, even though they           start teasing you, trying to pull out
                                                            might have never been in your posi-        what you might be withholding. Keep
                                                            tion. Perhaps letting them live out a      communication flowing, but don’t say
                                                            part of your life and being as respon-     anything you would prefer not to.
                                                            sible as you could help. This is the       Tonight: Share with a trusted pal.
                                                            perfect time and place. Tonight: Sort               Jacqueline Bigar is on the
                                                            through invitations.                       Internet at

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         BRAND NEW!                           BRAND NEW!                                        BRAND NEW!                                             BRAND NEW!                                          BRAND NEW!

                                                                                              2011 Dodge Caliber                                   2011 Dodge Journey                                    2011 Dodge Nitro
    2011 Chrysler 200 Limited           2010 Chrysler 300 Limited                                   STK#DO4060                                           STK#DT3672
             STK#CH3970                                                                                                                                                                                   4x4 STK#DT4116
 MSRP                      $29,155   MSRP                             $39,680        MSRP                                 $21,190         MSRP                                 $25,985        MSRP                                 $28,555
 Total Savings              $4,250   Total Savings                     $6,750        Total Savings                         $3,000         Total Savings                         $3,000        Total Savings                         $5,000
 Your Price                $24,910   Your Price                       $32,930        Your Price                           $18,190         Your Price                           $22,985        Your Price                           $23,555
 Cash Down/Trade Equity     $2,995   Cash Down/Trade Equity            $2,995        Cash Down/Trade Equity                $2,995         Cash Down/Trade Equity                $2,995        Cash Down/Trade Equity                $2,995

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   2011 Dodge Grand Caravan                2011 Dodge Charger                        2011 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab                                2011 Dodge Ram 2500                              2010 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT
                                               STK#DO3747                                        4x4 STK#DT3967                                                                                     Diesel 4x4 LOADED! STK#DT2151
 MSRP        STK#DT3834    $28,665   MSRP                            $34,910         MSRP                                 $32,675         MSRP       4x4, STK#DT3925 $33,975                   MSRP                                    $52,080
 Total Savings              $3,995   Total Savings                    $1500          Total Savings                         $6,000         Total Savings                         $4,500         Total Savings                            $8,000
 Your Price                $24,670   Your Price                      $33,410         Your Price                           $26,675         Your Price                           $29,475         Your Price                              $44,080
 Cash Down/Trade Equity     $2,995   Cash Down/Trade Equity           $2,995         Cash Down/Trade Equity                $2,995         Cash Down/Trade Equity                $2,995         Cash Down/Trade Equity                   $2,995

 Equity Price - $21,675              Equity Price - $30,415                          Equity Price - $23,680                               Equity Price - $26,480 Equity Price - $41,085

         BRAND NEW!                          BRAND NEW!                                          BRAND NEW!                                          BRAND NEW!                                         BRAND NEW!


       2011 Jeep Compass                    2011 Jeep Liberty                           2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4x4                              2011 Jeep Patriot 4x4                          2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
             STK#JE3778                      4x4 STK#JE3461                                          STK#JE3637                                          STK#JE4127                                     Laredo 4x4
 MSRP                      $25,810   MSRP                            $27,455         MSRP                                  $27,780        MSRP                                 $24,805        MSRP       STK#JE4094                $34,990
 Total Savings              $3,000   Total Savings                    $5,000         Total Savings                          $2,000        Total Savings                         $2,000        Total Savings                         $2,000
 Your Price                $22,810   Your Price                      $22,455         Your Price                            $25,780        Your Price                           $22,805        Your Price                           $32,990
 Cash Down/Trade Equity     $2,995   Cash Down/Trade Equity           $2,995         Cash Down/Trade Equity                 $2,995        Cash Down/Trade Equity                $2,995        Cash Down/Trade Equity                $2,995

 Equity Price - $19,815              Equity Price - $19,460                          Equity Price - $22,785 Equity Price - $19,810 Equity Price - $29,995
         BRAND NEW!                          BRAND NEW!                                          BRAND NEW!                                          BRAND NEW!                                          BRAND NEW!

                                                                                      2011 Ford F-350 Cab/Chassis                                   2011 Ford Ranger                             2011 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4
   2011 Ford F-250 Super Cab         2011 Ford F-150 Supercrew XLT                          4x4, Diesel, STK#FT3251                                      STK#FT4033                              Leather, Navigation, Sunroof &
         4x4 STK#FT3761                      4x4 STK#FT3479                                                                                                                                           More! STK#FT3533
 MSRP                      $34,975   MSRP                            $39,750         MSRP                                 $41,880         MSRP                                 $21,865        MSRP                                 $40,995
 Total Savings              $4,000   Total Savings                    $6,000         Total Savings                         $6,500         Total Savings                         $4,500        Total Savings                         $2,500
 Your Price                $30,975   Your Price                      $33,750         Your Price                           $35,380         Your Price                           $17,365        Your Price                           $38,495
 Cash Down/Trade Equity     $2,995   Cash Down/Trade Equity           $2,995         Cash Down/Trade Equity                $2,995         Cash Down/Trade Equity                $2,995        Cash Down/Trade Equity                $2,995

 Equity Price - $27,980              Equity Price - $30,755                          Equity Price - $32,385 Equity Price - $14,370 Equity Price - $35,460
         BRAND NEW!                         BRAND NEW!                                           BRAND NEW!                                           BRAND NEW!                                          BRAND NEW!

      2011 Ford Escape XLT                   2011 Ford Edge                                 2011 Ford Fusion Sport                                                                                 2011 Ford Taurus Limited
         4x4 STK#FT3868                        STK#FT4031                                           STK#FO3159
                                                                                                                                                    2011 Ford Focus SE                                       STK#FO3877
 MSRP                      $29,915   MSRP                            $31,220         MSRP                                 $30,565         MSRP                                 $23,320        MSRP                                 $40,915
 Total Savings              $4,995   Total Savings                    $4,000         Total Savings                         $5,000         Total Savings                         $2,500        Total Savings                         $5,995
 Your Price                $24,920   Your Price                      $27,220         Your Price                           $25,565         Your Price                           $20,820        Your Price                           $34,920
 Cash Down/Trade Equity     $2,995   Cash Down/Trade Equity           $2,995         Cash Down/Trade Equity                $2,995         Cash Down/Trade Equity                $2,995        Cash Down/Trade Equity                $2,995

 Equity Price - $21,925              Equity Price - $24,225                          Equity Price - $22,570                               Equity Price - $17,825 Equity Price - $31,925

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  Toll Free: 1-800-925-2411                  new incentives.
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 IN NEED OF SALES PERSON                                                                                                                           Corridor G
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