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     The Full Story
   Bringing The Full Figured Into Focus
                                                Royal Treatment
                                                Born Dana Owens, Queen Latifah took
                                               the male-dominated rap game by
                                               storm and gave women worldwide a
                                               sense of pride and U-N-I-T-Y. The
                                               Queen also stepped up her own game,
                                               adding acting to her repertoire and
                                               earned an Oscar nomination for her
                                               performance in “Chicago.”
     A Chocolate Siztas Publication              See Page 4 to learn more about Your
                                               Highness’ upcoming projects.
        Sacramento, California

Plus Model To Give Industry Dose Of Reality
           MAY-JUNE 2008

By Genoa Barrow
Full Story Editor                     which aired on May 14.
                                          “You’re the first juicy booty
   Whitney Thompson, a stu-           to make it to the runway,”
dent from Florida has won             joked Sutan, a makeup artist
Cycle 10 of “America’s Next           on the show.
Top Model” the CW’s highly               Thompson was not without
popular reality show.                 her detractors though. Judge
   Created by former                  Paulina Porizkova said
Supermodel Tyra Banks,                “Whitney’s the girl a guy
ANTM seeks to discover and            would want in his bed, but the
shape the next baddest chick          girl I’d buy the dress from is
to hit the runway.                    Anya,” in reference to the
   Thompson’s win marks the           other finalist, who was
first by a “plus” model. She’s        favored to win.
also the first larger model to          Other fuller figured models
make it to the show’s finale,         have tried/See Big Win, Page 4

             Chocolate Sizta                           Sac Poetess Puts Down Mic
              Of The Month                              Say it aint so. One of the most      battling some issues with my
                                                     recognizable names in the               health, diabetes and all so it's just
 Congratulations to RoLanda Allaha Wilkins,          Sacramento poetry scene is calling      come time for me to take care of
 our Chocolate Sizta of the Month. Wilkins is        it quits, laying down the mic!          me.
 the National Coordinator of Birthing Project,          Flo-Real, aka Aisha George, the
 which save babies’ lives worldwide. She is          host of Vibe Sessions, is retiring to   GB: Are you retiring from hosting
 also a fierce champion for young girls,                                                     or all/ See Flo-Real, Page 6
                                                     deal with health issues and is tak-
 directing Sacramento’s Judge Alice Lytle
                                                     ing some much needed
 Academy of Dreams, which encourages
                                                     time for self. Full Story
 young women to develop a plan for their
                       lives, and hosting an         recently caught up with
                       annual education              “Flo” to see where her
                       forum designed to             head was at...
                       inspire them to reach          GB: Why the retirement?
                       their goals. She is           Vibe Sessions is one of the
                       also the founder of           most consistent venues
                       Earth Mama Healing,
                       which hosts events            these days.
                       and retreats for              FR: Well basically...I can't
                       women.                        feed the people until I feed
                                                     myself. Lately I have been

                 Inside: Author Chamein Canton Tells Our Story (3) E-40 Concert (4) Youth Get Chance To Shine (5) .. .
  2         Chocolate Siztas Poised to Make An Impact
                                                                                                     Who We Are

Welcome to the latest issue of our newsletter! We wanted
to take a moment to introduce ourselves again, and
explain where we’re coming from...

There are so many adjectives for a full-figured woman.
Rubenesque. Plus-sized. Big Beautiful Woman (BBW).
Big. Curvaceous. Thick. Chubby. Chunky. The list goes on
and on. The stigma for these women is the same, howev-
er, no matter how they’re described: a big woman isn’t typi-
cally considered attractive.

The Chocolate Siztas consists of two full-figured women:
Genoa Barrow and Tandrea Madison. Their relationship
began as a professional one, both of them writers for The
Sacramento Observer, a Black-owned newspaper. Soon,
                                                                      Writers Tandrea Madison, left, and Genoa Barrow,
the common ground between them became obvious. Both                   are founders of Chocolate Siztas, an organization
women were intelligent, creative, ambitious, full-figured,            that caters to the full figured community.
divalicious, beautiful and chocolate.
                                                                   not be an issue at the events.
Discussion about size acceptance became a common one
and both women realized there was a public unmet need—             What began as a simple idea has since grown consider-

that a portion of the Sacramento community was being dis-          ably. CS has plans for much more for the full-figured
serviced—and who better to tackle that than them? As               including skate nights, bowling nights, full-figured cruises,
members of the full-figured community and as journalists,          gospel brunches, movie nights—for singles and families,
they had unique perspectives into the problem and the              self-esteem workshops for teens, poetry slams, exercise
resources and knowledge to make changes. Hence,                    classes, dance competitions and more. We’re also launch-
Chocolate Siztas was born.                                         ing a youth component called Chocolate CHIPS (Changing
                                                                   How I’m Perceived by Society) and a new web site
The aim of the organization is to provide the full-figured
community with activities and venues designed for them
and their admirers. The idea began with a simple desire to         Through all that we do, and just being our wonderful
unite full-figured Sacramentans and provide them with a            selves, Chocolate Siztas intends to show society that size
quarterly venue to meet one another, removing the usual            has nothing to do with beauty, style, grace or depth of
societal pressures and judgments—size acceptance would             heart.

                                                                  WHAT FOLKS ARE SAYING
                                                     Gina Washington recently visited our new web site www.
                                                     and had this to say...

                                                     “The site is tasteful and well done. The new feature Chocolate
            “The Full Story” is the monthly
                                                     Chips is inspiring, and very much needed as a support group and a
          newsletter of the Chocolate Siztas.
                                                     safe place for America's full-figured youth. Tandrea and Genoa, I
              Are you a full figured person
        with something to say? Know of a plus        salute your extraordinary efforts, and I look forward to your next
     friendly business that should be highlighted?   events... Until then, be blessed and rock on!!! ”
              We want to hear from you.

       Email us at
      or visit us at
  The Full Story
   New York Based Author Takes ‘Our Story’ National
Asked by Genoa Barrow                   Luckily I found kindred spirits with     but I pace myself very carefully. One     closed to me for a while and I kept
Full Story Editor                       WindRiver Publishing.                    of the best things about writing and      pressing on I didn’t let it get me
                                                                                 working for yourself is that you can      down. I knew I had something of
  From the pages of her books to
                                        GB: The new book?                        set the pace, which means if I need       value to say and there was an audi-
appearances on national television,
                                        CC: It’s all about a take charge wed-    a “time out” I can take it. Now that      ence for me. I had to keep the faith
author Chamien Canton is represent-
                                        ding planner who let her own love        my sons are 21, it’s a little easier to   and stay positive.
ing big girls to the “fullest.”
                                        life fall to the wayside until she       travel and work on outside projects.
  Canton is the author of several
                                        meets Mr. Right in an unusual way. I                                               GB: What was being on the Today
romance novels with full figured
                                        will be heading out on a book tour       GB: You refer to yourself as a “long      Show like?
heroines including “Not His Type”
                                        this summer.                             time big girl.” What advice would you     CC: I have to say I had a terrific
and “You’re Getting Married?” and as
                                                                                 give to others looking for the confi-     experience with the show. I worked
a successful wedding planner, has
                                        GB: “Down That Aisle In Style”           dence to love who they are?               with Cat Greenleaf and she was a
penned “Down That Aisle In Style: A
                                        seems to be doing well.                  CC: Find a way to be happy in your        doll. David’s Bridal, IGIGI and Alfred
Wedding Guide for the Full-Figured
                                        CC: A friend of mine Susan Barone is     own skin. Look in the mirror and find     Angelo all provided fantastic gowns
                                        the owner of Always For Me and she       the things you like about yourself. I     so my models looked wonderful. It
  Full Story caught up with the busy
                                        recently published some amazing          have nice eyes, I like my shoulders       felt good to have a chance to show
lady recently as she prepares for the
                                        statistics about weddings in 2008.       etc..                                     how beautiful full figured brides are.
June 3 release of her latest novel
                                        According to her findings nearly 25        These are little affirmations you can   All too often plus size brides-to-be
“Bliss, Inc.”
                                        percent of the 2.4 million brides get-   make to yourself everyday. It took a      think they have no choice but to lose
                                        ting married this year will be plus      major illness for me to realize that I    weight before they can shop and my
GB: Black women, including us
                                        size. That translates into about         was allowing what society viewed as       goal was to show them they had
thicker ladies, read a lot of romance
                                        600,000 women. Now I don’t know          the perfect woman to bring me             options.
novels, yet we’re not represented a
                                        about anyone else but that figure        down. I hated the word big, now I
lot within those pages,even from
                                        gets my attention. I thought it was      embrace it.                               GB: You were going to be doing a
writers who are plus themselves,
                                        about time for people to realize that       I’m not a witch or a leper, I’m just   full figured reality show, what hap-
how important was it to you to
                                        we do get married to.                    a big girl and if I let the world bring   pened with that?
change that?
                                                                                 me down, there is only one person to      CC: it fell through as things some-
CC: That was my main focus when I
                                        GB: Is your wedding planning busi-       blame and that’s the lady staring         times do when it comes to television.
began writing. I wanted to see big
                                        ness focused on the full-figured?        back at me in the mirror.                 But no worries, whenever one door
girls represented as more than just
                                        CC: Although I work with brides of all                                             closes a window opens and I’m not
second bananas to the main, thinner
                                        sizes, I have a special place in my      GB: Have any doors been closed to         afraid to climb in.
characters. I wanted to present the
                                        heart for full figured brides. I want    you because of your size?
character as a sexy confident
                                        them to feel beautiful and special for   CC: The door to publishing was
woman who like many other women
                                        their big day and
(thin women included) has to deal
                                        beyond. It gives me
with some self-esteem issues every
                                        great joy.
now and then, but she doesn’t let it
get her down or in the way of her
                                        GB: You have eclec-
finding true love.
                                        tic talents, how do
                                        you make time for
GB: Was it hard finding a publisher
                                        all you do?
who’d tell our stories?
                                        CC: As a cancer
CC: I lucked out with the romance
                                        survivor and some-
novel at Genesis because I found an
                                        one who lives with
editor who read it and immediately
                                        MS I’ve learned that
wanted to work with me. My wed-
                                        time isn’t always on
ding book took a bit longer even with
                                        your side. That’s
an agent in my corner. Publishers
                                        why I grab life by
could see the market potential but it
                                        the horns and press
was a case of being the first to pub-
                                        forward. Believe me
lish a wedding guide book with the
                                        I have my down
words “full figured women” on the
                                        days with my illness
cover that seemed to stop them.

Author/wedding planner Chamein Canton, left,
recently appeared on the “Today Show” with her plus
sized models. For a sneak peek of her new book, “Bliss,
Inc.” visit
   4                    E y e O n U s : Full Figured Folks In Entertainment

  Rapper Refuses To Be Anything Other Than A ‘Lady’
   SheRico Jones, aka, Lady                                                                      many attractive male rap-
Twist, a plus size rapper from                                                                   pers, can you? I challenge
Chicago, was recently booted                                                                     you to name 10 right
from the VH1 show “Ego Trip’s                                                                    now…. And a few of these
Miss Rap Supreme.” Airing on                                                                     female rappers leave much
Monday nights, the show is trying                                                                to be desired in the looks
to find the dopest female MC.                                                                    department.”
   Lady Twist’s departure has a                                                                    Miss Rap Supreme,
lot of folks talking as she was                                                                  which highlights a great
one of the more talented and                                                                     deal of arguing and overall
likeable contestants competing                                                                   hating among the contest-
for the title. In the episode where                                                              ants, is hosted by fuller-fig-
she made her exit, much was                                                                      ured rappers Yo Yo and Mc
made about her weight during a                                                                   Serch, of 3rd Bass fame.
group competition where the                                                                      Plus size rapper Khia, who
ladies came up with a number                                                                     had a hit with the sexually
called “Sweep the Flo” and how                                                                   charged song,“My Neck,
Lady Twist couldn’t do it because of         “I personally don’t think that I was    My Back” was disqualified earlier this
her size.                                  sent home because I couldn’t dance,”      season for using a rap she’d previous-
   They could have found a way to          she writes. “I don’t think that I was     ly recorded during a competition
work her into it even if she couldn’t do   sent home because my rhyme lacked         where she and others were to write an
it, but didn’t and their routine ended     substance; I was sent home because I      original piece to stay to keep from
up looking disjointed. For the record,     refused to argue and fight period.        being eliminated.
big people can dance, look at Missy        Although the crown of Miss Rap               Lady Twist had already foreshad-
Elliot and hello, remember Heavy D!        Supreme would have been a good            owed her own departure, as she’s
Not all rappers dance, rather relying      look, I openly/verbally refused to show   seen during her last episode telling a
on talent alone to rock a show, like       my ass and/or disgrace my character       friend back home that she was ready
The Notorious BIG or Queen Latifah.        and upbringing in the name of ratings.    to leave and focus on her journalism
Lady Twist recently responded to her         “Another thing that keeps resurfac-     studies. She’s not giving up on the
time on the show on a blog site called     ing is the whole weight vs. sex appeal    music thing just yet though. Check her
                                           issue. Truthfully, I can’t name too

                                                                                              Queen ‘Bee’                                                                  out at

  Rocklin’s Gettin’ Hyphy
                                A Touch of Entertainment pres-
                                ents rapper and hood linguist E-                                Here’s the latest buzz on
                                40 in concert June 7 at Rocklin’s                               Queen Latifah. She’ll star
                                Harwood Palace Sports and                                       opposite Oscar winner
                                Events Center.                                                  Jennifer Hudson and fellow
                                  Bay Area artist E-40 has had                                  artist Alicia Keys in the
                                hits with songs like “Tell Me                                   upcoming film, “The Secret
                                When To Go,” “Things’ll Never                                   Life of Bees.” The film, due
                                Change/Rapper’s Ball,” “U &                                     out October 17, stars Dakota
             E-40               Dat,” and “Sprinkle Me.”             Fanning as a girl in 1964 dealing with the death of
                                  Also performing will be Big
                                                                     her mother. Her father hires a Black woman, Hudson,
Omeezy, Tha Outfit, DJ Pizo, DJ Iceman, DJ Flipside and Doey
                                                                     to care for her. Latifah is one of three beekeeping sis-
Rock of E-40’s Sick Wid It Records. Hosted by Short-E of 103.5
The Bomb. Sponsors include LAKidd Entertainment, MaddPAdd            ters who teach them some life lessons in rural South
Productions, Kalikwest Media Group and OLM Entertainment.            Carolina.
Tickets are $35 in advance at Ticketmaster or $40 at the door.         Latifah’s last movie “Mad Money” is out on DVD
The Harwood Palace is located at 1091 Tinker Road, Rocklin.          May 13 and she’s in theaters now in “What Happens
For more information call (916) 508-7410 or to learn about ven-      in Vegas” In 2009 she’ll reprise her voice over role of
dor opportunities, call (916) 308-5157.                              Ellie in “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.”
The Full Story...

Chocolate Siztas Reaches Out To Youth
                                                                       Check out these plus-
                                                                       friendly web sites:
  In an effort to reach out to     image and most importantly,
full figured youth, Chocolate      learn to love who they are as
Siztas is launching its youth      they are!                 
component, Chocolate                  Chocolate C.H.I.P.S. activi-
C.H.I.P.S. (Changing How I’m       ties will include a full-figured
Perceived by Society).             youth summit, fashion shows,
  Chocolate Siztas believes that   work out sessions, college
size does not determine one’s      information, a mentor program,
self worth or potential and sup-   field trips, movie nights and
ports young people in their        more.
fight to be accepted for who          For more information on how
they are.                          to participate or become a          www.fullfigureentertain-
  Aimed at full-figured youth      sponsor for this effort, visit
ages 12-18, the Chocolate, or email
C.H.I.P.S. will build self-        chocolatechips@chocolatesiz-
esteem, share common experi-
ences, encourage positive body                               

                              CHOCOLATE SIZTAS

                              The Sweet Spot
                                   ENJOY A FUN NIGHT OUT OR
                                        MIX AND MINGLE
                                   WITH FULL FIGURED SINGLES

         Saturday, June 21, 2008

     Queen Sheba              DJ Biggie C
    1704 Broadway             & DANCING
    Sacramento, Ca.
                             DOOR PRIZES
       7- 11 p.m.
                Tickets: $20                  !
         (Food & Drink Not Included)

            Tickets available in advance at
    6                                               the years, the constant vali-    time you read on stage/in public?
                                                                                                                        The Full Story

    Flo Real Cont...                                dation from family, friends as
                                                    well as lovers.
                                                                                     FR: Well I started writing short sto-
                                                                                     ries years ago late ’90s I actually
                                                     GB: When did you host your      stepped on stage for the first time in
 FR: I am retiring from hosting and
                                           first Vibe Sessions?                      2001 at this venue here called "The
performing all in a nutshell... at least
                                             FR: Well the name Vibe Sessions is      Po-Hop" at Cheers hosted by Cornel
for awhile.
                                           only two years old. I first started       West and when I performed I got a
 GB: Talent can't be contained. Will
                                           hosting a show called "The Po-Rotic       standing ovation and from that
we see Flo-Real take the stage any-        Lounge" at Cheers back in May of          moment was all she wrote!!!
where around Sac?                          2002                                      GB: When/How did you become Flo-
 FR: That statement is true! But I           GB: What was your vision for the        Real?
don’t plan to take the stage for           venue and did you accomplish that         FR: Well I was reciting as Just Aisha
awhile....I hope.                          goal?                                     for a couple of months. People kept
 GB: Vibe Sessions has been around           FR: My vision was to create the         telling me that my Flo was real and
for a minute, different locations...                                                                                              Flo-Real also performs with
                                           most melodic, educational, sensual,       down to earth plus around that time        the African dance & drum
how important was it to you to build       down to earth, funniest venue ever. I     the music group Floetry came out           troupe Jodama and has won
                                                                                                                                several awards including the
up a quality venue?                        just wanted to be "Out of the box" of     and I had an afro and everyone was         Sounds of Soul Black Music
 FR: It was very important because                                                                                              Award for Best Female Poet in
                                           normality sorta speak, and yes I feel     saying that I looked like Marsha in        2005 and the Sac Cultural Hub
your venue reflects on you believe it      like I have accomplished that             Floetry so I put the flo and the real      Choice Award in 2007.
or not and I knew that once it was           GB: How would you rank/rate             together from that                       even opening a center for rebellious
built to it's prime, the whole commu-      Sacramento's poetry talent and            GB: What does the future hold for        teens to help them curb that nega-
nity will would benefit from it.           poetry scene?                             Aisha George?                            tive energy, but all if it be the Lord’s
 GB: What's been the highlight of          FR: I would rate the talent at the top.    FR: Hopefully my own magazine,          will!
your time as host?                         there is so much talent here, and         maybe even end up writing for other
 FR: My highlight would be, the love       people just don't know it! The poetry     artists etc, Also I love kids so maybe

                                                                                     WHY WE LIKE HER
and respect from the community as          scene has dwindled a lil bit but is
                                                                                                                                 When    asked     on   her
another young positive leader.             slowing making its way back up! and
                                                                                                                                 MySpace page what her
 GB: You're one of the ones that we        I only say that because when I go to
                                                                                                                                 best physical feature was,
(Chocolate Siztas) point out as "rep-      places like atlanta where they have 3
resenting well" for the big girls.         venues goin every night of the weak,                                                  she answered, “My Twinz”
How'd you gain that self confidence        i gotta question our dedication to this                                               and when asked what she
that it takes to be a host and hold                                                                                              wanted to be when she
                                                                                                                                 “grew up,” she replied, “a
                                           spoken word movement.
your own as a performer?
                                                                                                                                 mentor for the kids.”
                                           GB: When did you start writing poet-
 FR: It has come from many over            ry/singing and when was the first

  Big Win Continued...
  ‘On The Street, She’s Just A Hot Chick’
  to break the ANTM barrier to no avail,                           “I got tough skin from that. That’s the
 most famously Toccara Jones in Cycle 3.                        only way I could survive as a plus-size
 Jones has gone on to become a television                       model in a house full of skinny toothpicks.”
 personality, despite losing on ANTM.                           Thompson says she’s ready to serve as a
 Banks acknowledged that the fashion                            role model.
 industry has different standards when it                         “I want other girls to say ‘I don’t have to
 comes to size.                                                 starve or have plastic surgery. I can be on
    “Only in modeling is plus. On the street,                   that billboard too.’”
 she’s just a hot chick,” she said during the                      As the winner of ANTM, Thompson will
 finale show.                                                   receive representation from Elite Model
     Thompson, who rocked a bright pink                         Management, a $100,000 contract with
                                                                                                                              Toccara Jones didn’t win Top
 Versace gown to victory, says she’s used                       CoverGirl cosmetics and a six-page fash-                      Model, but the curvy beauty is still
 to negativity about her body.                                  ion spread in “Seventeen” magazine.                           setting runways on fire.

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