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HOSPITALITY AT LEEDS MET | Tel: 0113 812 6722
                                                           LESLIE SILVER INTERNATIONAL FACULTY     1

Hospitality is a global business phenomenon
which employs more than one-tenth of the
world’s population. Every year thousands of
graduates trained to management level are
required to sustain the industry; but a shortage
of qualified and experienced staff means that
there are a wide variety of new and challenging
job roles left unfilled, waiting to be taken by
those motivated to succeed.

Hospitality at Leeds Met has an outstanding
reputation as one of the largest and most
successful hospitality departments in Europe.
With over 400 students and more than 20
highly experienced staff members, we can
help you take advantage of all of the
opportunities the industry affords. Whether
you wish to manage a hotel, market a leading       managers with leadership skills and our
resort or even run a casino – our staff have       innovative courses are designed by experts to
the up-to-date experience and all the inside-      ensure that you are equipped with the latest
industry knowledge you need.                       knowledge and skills you need for rapid
                                                   career progression.
Our distinctive courses receive many plaudits
and awards for quality of teaching, innovation,    As if this isn’t enough, many of our courses
value for money and much more. In 2008 the         offer work placement opportunities, as well as
Guardian University Guide named us ‘top            tours, visits and trips to give you the hands-on
Northern University’ in its tourism, transport     experience you need! I hope that our
and travel category.                               distinctive courses meet your needs – and
                                                   hope to welcome you to Leeds Met.

We are at the forefront of current industry
trends and offer the first undergraduate
Hospitality Leadership & Management course         Isabell Hodgson
in the country. The industry needs new             Hospitality Management

SIZE MATTERS                                            VOCATIONAL COURSES
Leeds Met has over 52,000 students, making us one of    We have excellent links with employers and industry
the largest and most popular universities in the UK.    professionals – locally, nationally and internationally.
Our sheer size and wealth of experience enables us to   These links ensure our courses give you the skills
pass on a huge range of opportunities – including       required by employers today and that they offer real

                                                        AN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY
fantastic international placements, exchange and        job opportunities when you graduate. Many of our
volunteering opportunities – which smaller              courses have a large work experience and practical
universities are unable to offer.                       element, giving you the opportunity to apply the theory
                                                        you learn and prepare yourself for the world of work.

                                                        With 4000 international students from over 100

                                                        FLEXIBLE ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
                                                        different countries you can make plenty of friends and
                                                        lasting contacts across the globe. It’s an excellent way
                                                        to broaden your horizons and learn more about other
                                                        cultures and countries.

                                                        We are firmly committed to widening participation and
                                                        lifelong learning. What this means in practice is that
                                                        we want as wide a spectrum of people as possible to
                                                        be able to enjoy our courses. Whether you’re 18 or 80,
                                                        employed or unemployed, or you have no qualifications,
                                                        we believe that higher education should be available to
                                                        all. Our flexible entry requirements and wide range of
                                                        subject levels mean that you can find a course that is
                                                        right for you and we encourage progression through
                                                        all levels.

HOSPITALITY AT LEEDS MET | Tel: 0113 812 6722
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The library service has been awarded the Charter
Mark for Excellence in customer service and each
campus houses a resource-packed library to support

your studies, 24 hours a day. Here you can access
books, journals, internet-based resources, computing
facilities, audio-visual equipment and services, media
editing suites and much more.

Our Student Portal provides access to university
information over the internet. You can access our

facilities and details of university services whilst at
work or home at any time of the day. You can find
lecture notes, course material, on-line help and
support through our X-stream service.

Leeds Met’s Carnegie sports facilities are among the
best in the country – including swimming pool,

                                                          GREENEST UNIVERSITY IN UK
gymnastics centre, dance studio, synthetic turf
pitches, grass pitches, athletics track, weights and

conditioning rooms, squash courts, indoor and outdoor
tennis courts, fitness rooms, sports halls and a
climbing wall. As a student here, you can access all

these facilities.

                                                          The University has been awarded a first in a league
                                                          table compiled by People & Planet, as reported by the
Leeds Met achieved Fairtrade Status in 2005 – the         Times Higher to coincide with World Environment Day.
products and values of Fairtrade are actively promoted    Leeds Met is also listed as one of the 50 top greenest
throughout the University.                                companies in the UK by the Sunday Times.

Leeds is a vibrant city catering for all life styles, tastes   SHOPPING
and cultures. Its busy fast-paced centre is ideal for
students as there’s so much to see and do. Voted the           Dubbed the
‘Best University Destination’ by the Independent               ‘Knightsbridge of the
                                                               North’ by the Lonely
newspaper, Leeds houses a total student population of
                                                               Planet Guide, Leeds
over 200,000. Like Leeds Met itself, the city is
                                                               shopping is hard to beat
welcoming, accommodating and multicultural; evident
                                                               and shopaholics will find
in both the population and the shops and services

                                                               everything they want and
available, including places of worship for all faiths and

                                                               more. The compact,
                                                               traffic-free centre has a
The city of Leeds is beautiful. If you are not admiring        vast array of shops that
the architecture or enjoying one of the many grassy            cater for all needs and
parks, you can busy yourself with a vast selection of          budgets.
galleries, museums, theatres and exhibitions. There’s
an abundance of historic sites within easy travelling
distance and for drama lovers, a whole host of
theatres, cinemas and playhouses.
                                                               For sports fans, Leeds
                                                               has plenty to offer. Rugby
                                                               Superleague team Leeds
                                                               Rhinos, union team Leeds
                                                               Carnegie and Yorkshire
                                                               County Cricket Club all
                                                               share Headingley

                                                               Carnegie Stadium as their
                                                               home and are partners of
                                                               Leeds Met. Meanwhile,
                                                               across the city, Elland
                                                               Road Stadium is home to
                                                               Leeds United FC.

                                                               With over 100 bars, 75
                                                               restaurants and over 25
                                                               large nightclubs in the
                                                               centre alone, Leeds is the
                                                               hub of vibrant
                                                               entertainment in the North.
                                                               Leeds has been voted the
                                                               ‘UK’s Number One City for
                                                               Clubbing’ at the Mixmag
                                                               Music Dance Awards.

HOSPITALITY AT LEEDS MET | Tel: 0113 812 6722
                                                                      LESLIE SILVER INTERNATIONAL FACULTY       5

                                                            would be interested and the hugely positive response,
                                                            decided to launch the society with 12 other members."

The Hospitality Society has recently been launched by a     Students can contact the Hospitality Society by
group of students, to provide a place for fellow students   emailing

to meet and socialise, as well as offering increased
opportunities for networking with industry contacts.
Made up of a committee of 12 students, the society
aims to help Hospitality students gain experience of
the industry outside of their studies.
Hospitality Society president Laura Stoyle comments,
"After talks with lecturers it was apparent that we
needed a way to support students away from the
classroom. I had the idea of setting up a society and
after approaching my fellow students to see if they

                                                            INDUSTRY LEADING PARTNERSHIPS
                                                            Hospitality at Leeds Met has formed hundreds of
                                                            strong partnerships with industry leaders, enabling
                                                            students to forge contacts and learn from the best.
                                                            Partnerships with industry can offer students a range of
                                                            benefits – from guest lectures and prizes to consultancy
                                                            projects, placements and graduate opportunities.
                                                            Current partners include UNITE, Compass, Marriott,
                                                            Malmaison, Hilton, Bottle Green, Wicked Coffee and

Yorkshire celebrity chef Brian Turner has strong links
with Hospitality at Leeds Met and was recently awarded
an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the University.
Brian Turner is one of Britain’s most successful and
well-known chefs, and has a national reputation for
his contribution to the hospitality industry – he is seen
as being one of the main contributors to the renaissance
of British food.
In an address to hospitality graduands recently, he
said, “Over many years I have learnt that the hospitality
industry needs friendliness, energy, passion and
education. It is only when you enter industry that you
understand the value of education. There is a world out
there that needs to recognise our industry, and you can
make that happen.”
Brian Turner delivers guest lectures at Leeds Met,
giving an insight into career opportunities and sharing
his passion for the industry.

HOSPITALITY AT LEEDS MET | Tel: 0113 812 6722
                                                                   LESLIE SILVER INTERNATIONAL FACULTY           7

Now more than ever before individuals seeking job-       ASSESSMENT METHODS

                                                         PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS
roles within the hospitality industry must be highly
qualified and able to display professionalism and        A variety of assessment methods are used across our

commitment at every level. Our wide-range of             courses including exhibitions and displays, presentations,
undergraduate courses are designed by academics          essays, seen and unseen examinations, case studies,
and industry experts to ensure that you are equipped     portfolios, practical sessions and work based
with not only the latest knowledge, but also the         projects/reports.
practical skills you need for rapid career progression

                                                         CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
within this fiercely competitive industry.
                                                         You may also have the opportunity to study for a

                                                         number of externally validated qualifications, including

HND Hospitality Business Management                      the CIEH level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering, the
                                                         National Certificate for Licensees and Automobile
BA (Hons) Hospitality Business Management                Association Accredited Courses.
(2 Year Accelerated Degree)
BSc (Hons) Hospitality Leadership & Management
                                                         Today there are few more exciting, challenging and
                                                         varied career opportunities than those in the
Please see your course details on our online             hospitality industry. Our courses will enable you to
                                                         take on a wide range of leadership and management
                                                         roles in hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs and many
                                                         other service providers around the globe.

                                                                    COURSE CONTENT
                                                                    This course offers the flexibility to specialise in your
                                                                    area of interest through the selection of option
      (Full-time, part-time or sandwich)                            modules to gain further expertise to meet your
                                                                    particular career aspirations.
      Whether you want to manage restaurants, bars, clubs,
      inclusive resorts, food venues or catering operations,        Students who do not have extensive experience in the
      this course will enable you to develop skills in              hospitality industry are required to undertake a 48
      marketing, finance, human resource management,                week work placement in one of the sectors within the
      operations and logistics and give you all of the              industry in the UK, Europe or overseas.
      knowledge and skills you need to understand your
                                                                    On completion of the HND you can choose to leave
      customers and become an effective manager.
                                                                    university and start your career or, subject to
                                                                    satisfactory results, progress to level 3 of a related
                                                                    degree course.

          LEVEL 1                                                     LEVEL 2
          Compulsory Modules

          • Consumer Behaviour & Marketing                            • Continuing Professional Development 2

          • Principles of Business Finance                            • Management of Human Resources

          • Contemporary Industry Perspectives                        • Contemporary Services Marketing

          • Understanding Service Organisations                       • Business Analysis & Planning

          • Principles of Hospitality Service Operations              • Managing Service Delivery & Improvement

          • Principles of Food & Beverage Operations                  • Managing Food & Beverage Offer

          • Principles of Accommodation, Sales & Operations           • Managing Facilities

          • Option                                                    • Option

          KEY FACTS
          UCAS code:         122N/HND
          Place of study:    Headingley
          Start date:        September
          Length of study:   Full-time 2 years, sandwich 3 years, part-time 4 years

      HOSPITALITY AT LEEDS MET | Tel: 0113 812 6722
                                                                         LESLIE SILVER INTERNATIONAL FACULTY              9

                                                             COURSE CONTENT
                                                             have a National Diploma or AVCE in hospitality, as well
                                                             as hospitality professionals with relevant experience.

[Accelerated 2 Year Degree] (Full-time)
Within the hospitality industry there is a significant       On this course you will increase your understanding of
shortage of skilled managers who can deliver the             the key service providers and have the opportunity to
exceptional level of service organisations require. As a     develop core business skills in marketing, finance,
result we have designed this innovative course to            human resource management and operations and
develop highly skilled managers within a very short          logistics, to enable you to become a successful manager.
timescale, who are able to deliver at the high               This course does not have an extensive summer
standards the industry demands.                              vacation after the first or second year. Instead, your
The course is for ambitious students from vocational         studies continue and you undertake a period of work-
backgrounds who wish to achieve managerial status            based learning which includes a project that counts
within a short timeframe. This includes students who         towards your final degree classification.

 LEVEL 1                                  LEVEL 2                                  LEVEL 3
 Compulsory Modules

 • Global Hospitality Industry          • Managing Services Delivery &           • Management of Strategic Change
 • Consumer Behaviour & Marketing                                                • Global Business Perspectives
                                        • Continual Professional Development 2
 • Understanding Service                                                         • Option 1
   Organisations                        • Professional Development 2
                                                                                 • Option 2
 • Continual Professional Development 1 • Industry Based Learning 2
                                                                                 • Continual Professional Development 3
 • Principles of Business Finance       • Understanding Service Management

                                                                                 • Service Enhancement
 • Contemporary Industry Perspectives • Management of Human Resources
                                                                                 • Independent Study x 2
 • Food, Beverage Culture & Society     • Business Analysis & Planning

 • Option 2                             • Contemporary Services Marketing

 UCAS code:         N227/BA
 Place of study:    Headingley
 Start date:        September
 Length of study:   Full-time 2 years

                                                              COURSE CONTENT
                                                              You will not only learn about the industry and the key
                                                              issues it faces but also how to become an
(Full-time, part-time or sandwich)                            entrepreneurial leader and manager who is able to
As the effects of globalisation have intensified,             transform the hospitality organisations of the future.
competition within the hospitality industry has increased     The course offers the flexibility for you to specialise in
and organisations are now desperate for hospitality           an area of particular interest and gain further
managers with deliberate leadership skills, who can           expertise to enhance your career aspirations.
lead their businesses and workforces to success in            Students who do not have extensive experience in the
international markets.                                        hospitality industry are required to undertake a 48
To enable you to fulfil these criteria we have designed       week work placement in one of the sectors within the
a course with industry experts, which will equip you          industry in the UK, Europe or overseas. Field trips
with the skills you need to become an extremely               taking place throughout your course will also add
effective hospitality manager with excellent leadership       value to your studies.
skills and the ability to manage a range of different
business functions in a global market place.

 LEVEL 1                                   LEVEL 2                                LEVEL 3
 Compulsory Modules

 • Inspirational Leadership               • Entrepreneurial Leadership &        • Business Level Strategy
 • Industry & Skills                                                            • Strategic Leadership
                                          • Managing Service Delivery &
 • Hospitality Systems                      Improvement                         • Global Business Perspectives

 • Hospitality Resources                  • Business Analysis & Planning        • Service Enhancement

 • Employee Behaviour                     • Hospitality Human Resources         • Sustained Piece of Individual Work
                                                                                  plus Industry Hosted Project or
 • Consumer Behaviour & Marketing         • Marketing Communications              Individual Project

 • Option Module                          • Understanding Service Organisations • Option Module 1

                                          • Management Project                  • Option Module 2

                                          • Option Module

 UCAS code:            Please see our online prospectus
 Place of study:       Headingley
 Start date:           September
 Length of study:      Full-time 3 years, sandwich 4 years, part-time 6 years

HOSPITALITY AT LEEDS MET | Tel: 0113 812 6722
                                                                      LESLIE SILVER INTERNATIONAL FACULTY          11

                                                            helps keep things interesting and the practical side
                                                            helps you put theory into practice.
Laura Johnson
HND Hospitality Business Management                         This summer I’ll be doing a 12 week placement at
                                                            McDonald’s working in HR and Finance. It’s a great
                    “This course has been fantastic
                                                            opportunity for me to work with someone as
                    for me as it has opened my eyes
                                                            established as McDonald’s and also to actually work
                    to the opportunities available
                                                            with people who are doing it will help put the first year
                    when I graduate. I now understand
                                                            of my studies into context. It’s what the whole
                    the various business disciplines
                                                            placement is about – learning from the experts and
                    within the hospitality industry and
                                                            even trying to help them improve through applying the
                    have hands-on experience of
                                                            theory we’ve learnt.”
                    leadership and management in
some of those disciplines from my placement.
I chose to do my placement in America and London –          Anna Simpson
mostly because of the fantastic contacts the University     Hospitality Business Management –
has in both places. I spent six months in America and       2 Year Accelerated Degree
six months in London working for Marriot Hotels. I                              “Before I came to Leeds Met I had
learnt everything from sales techniques to people
                                                                                studied for a BTEC in Hospitality
management, and my confidence has increased
                                                                                and worked in a fine dining
immeasurably from living and working in a foreign
                                                                                restaurant and Norwich City
                                                                                Football Club. I wanted to
After my HND I definitely want to continue my studies                           complete a degree as soon as
at Leeds Met and will top-up to a degree specialising                           possible and because of my
in Events and Hotel Management. Everyone is so                                  previous experience, the
approachable and supportive here and I would be silly       accelerated degree really appealed.
not to continue with all of the partnerships and
business links the University has.”                         I find the course very focussed and really like the fact
                                                            that the majority of people have already had some
Mark Connell                                                industry experience, so we can learn from each other
Hospitality Business Management –                           as well as from our tutors.
2 Year Accelerated Degree
                                                            It’s definitely building on my knowledge and experience
                    “I came to university fairly late
                                                            and providing an international perspective as well. I am
                    having spent 8 years working in the

                                                            developing the key skills I need such as team work,
                    industry but it was my experience in
                                                            leadership skills and giving presentations which I didn’t
                    the field that helped me secure my
                                                            get the chance to practice at college.
                    place on the course. I was anxious
                    about going back into education but     The guest lectures have been great and given us up-to-
                    soon realised that experience can       date information and real examples, plus group
                    count for a lot on a course like this   debates help to broaden our knowledge.
and I was soon able to relate this experience to the
                                                            Since starting my course I have joined the University Air
course theory which has really helped.
                                                            Squadron. My ambition is to be a catering manager in the
The way the course is laid out has really helped me         RAF when I graduate and it’s great that the course and
ease back into study after so long away from the            University has given me the opportunity to get a degree
classroom. The learning techniques are varied which         and build experience ready for applying to the RAF.”
                                                                    LESLIE SILVER INTERNATIONAL FACULTY        13

Investing in a further year of study can make a big       Postgraduate
difference to your career prospects, and our              These courses are for those who have an undergraduate
stimulating Hospitality top-up degrees and Masters        degree in a related subject, and professionals working

                                                          ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
courses at Leeds Met will offer you the flexibility and   within the industry who wish to develop their senior
challenge you need to achieve your aspirations.           management careers.

Through our courses you will learn to analyse, debate     Diploma Student Hospitality
and challenge theory and develop research skills. In
                                                          MSc/PG Dip/PG Cert International Hospitality Management

                                                          CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
the course of your future career these skills will
enable you to be forward looking and critical and         MA/PG Dip/PG Cert International Business Administration
analytical when approaching management problems
and issues within the hospitality industry.
                                                          Please see your course details on our online prospectus:
Professional Top-ups
These courses are open to those with an HND or
equivalent in a relevant subject. Professionals who       Graduates will be equipped with the strategic skills
want to further their careers can graduate in one year    and knowledge to develop careers with a diverse range
with a degree.                                            of organisations at local and international level,
BA/BA (Hons) Hospitality Business with Club & Casino      progressing to middle and senior management
Management (level 3 top-up)                               positions. Alternatively graduates can pursue a higher
BA/BA (Hons) Managing International Hospitality           degree through research – MPhil/PhD, enabling them
(level 3 top-up)                                          to either develop a career within academia or use their
                                                          specialist subject expertise to seek a senior position
BA (Hons) Resort Management (level 3 top-up)              with a public or private sector employer.
BSc/BSc (Hons) Student Hospitality (level 3 top-up)


                                                          COURSE CONTENT
                                                          This course has been designed to equip you with the

                                                          COURSE MODULES
                                                          skills and knowledge to succeed in this highly
                                                          competitive sector. As well as learning core business
(level 3 top-up) (Full-time or part-time)
                                                          skills in marketing, human resource management and
Clubs and casinos are some of the most exclusive and      finance, you will complete modules where you may
glamorous venues in the hospitality sector. They range    choose to complete a project of relevance and interest
in size from small, members-only clubs to large multi-    to your chosen career.
storey Las Vegas-style complexes that provide a wide
range of gaming and entertainment.
They are also complex venues to manage and need           • Business Level Strategy
hospitality professionals with specialist skills and      • Human Resource Management & Leadership
knowledge to ensure that both back and front-of-
                                                          • International Marketing Strategy
house operations run smoothly. Managers and owners
who excel in this sector inspire their staff to deliver   • Service Enhancement
first class customer service, use their imagination to    • Venue Design
create innovative venues and themed party nights,         • Continual Professional Development 3
understand the licensing laws that regulate their
venue, ensure the health, safety and security of their    • Individual Project (Double Module), or
staff and clientele and use their business acumen to      • Independent Study plus an Option Module
create a profitable club or casino.

UCAS code:         N1NF BA
Place of study:    Headingley
Start date:        September or January
Length of study:   Full-time 1 year, part-time 2 years

HOSPITALITY AT LEEDS MET | Tel: 0113 812 6722
                                                                        LESLIE SILVER INTERNATIONAL FACULTY        15

                                                              COURSE MODULES
                                                              • Service Enhancement
                                                              • Human Resource Management & Leadership
(level 3 top-up) (Full-time or part-time)
                                                              • International Marketing Strategy
The international hospitality industry is a huge growth
                                                              • Business Level Strategy
sector and requires managers to be responsive to the
ever changing needs of customers, and an increasingly         • Continual Professional Development 3
diverse customer base.                                        • Working as a Global Citizen

Through studying this course you will become an               • Individual Project (Double Module), or
effective and competent manager in excellent service          • Independent Study plus an Option Module
provision at a local and international level. A wide
variety of career opportunities will be available in the      KEY FACTS
UK, Europe and overseas.                                      UCAS code:         N292/BA
                                                              Place of study:    Headingley
                                                              Start date:        September or January
                                                              Length of study:   Full-time 1 year, part-time 2 years
This course builds on your existing knowledge of
hospitality and the functional areas of business. Your
employment potential is also enhanced by further
developing your portfolio of transferable personal
skills and specialist industry skills.

The course is popular with UK, European and international
students as it is designed to be extremely flexible, giving
you the opportunity to tailor your learning to the specific
requirements of the sector that you wish to be employed in.


(level 3 top-up) (Full-time or part-time)                  (level 3 top-up) (Full-time, part-time)
Resort Management is one of the most demanding             With the growing demand for student accommodation
and diverse areas of the hospitality industry covering     has come a need for facilities managers with strong

                                                           COURSE CONTENT
everything from sporting and beach resorts, cruise         leadership and management skills. This course has
liners, theme parks and casinos to hotels offering         been developed to meet demand and enable graduates

business and leisure services.                             to effectively manage student hospitality outlets and
As global demand for resort complexes grows, this          services – as well as seeking new urban locations,
course has been designed to meet the demand for            which will meet the various cultural requirements of
managers with knowledge of the unique issues and           the student body.
problems of resort management and the skills to
effectively manage their operations.

                                                           COURSE MODULES
                                                           Through studying this course you will be able to make
                                                           judgements on the development, functional and

In order to succeed in such a diverse industry, you need   strategic issues confronting the management and
a range of skills, which is why this course combines       leadership of student hospitality organisations, and
knowledge and understanding of the leisure, tourism,       have the ability to critically analyse issues and
hospitality, retailing and events industries, with the     develop/implement strategies to resolve them.
core business disciplines of marketing, human
resources, finance and organisational behaviour.

                                                           • Business Level Strategy
                                                           • Venue Design
• Business Level Strategy
                                                           • Property Development
• The Management of Strategic Change
                                                           • Research Methods
• Introduction to the Casino Gaming Industry
                                                           • Strategic Leadership
• Managing Retail in Resorts
• Individual Project (Double Module)                       • Working as a Global Citizen

• Option Module x 2                                        • Sustained Piece of Intellectual Work

KEY FACTS                                                  KEY FACTS
UCAS code:         N226 BA/Resort                          UCAS code:         Please see our online prospectus
Place of study:    Headingley                              Place of study:    Headingley
Start date:        September or January                    Start date:        September or January
Length of study:   Full-time 1 year, part-time 2 years     Length of study:   Full-time 1 year, part-time 2 years

HOSPITALITY AT LEEDS MET | Tel: 0113 812 6722
                                                                      LESLIE SILVER INTERNATIONAL FACULTY        17

                                                            COURSE MODULES
DIPLOMA STUDENT HOSPITALITY                                 • Induction & Personal Planning
(Part-time)                                                 • Learning Contract (Preparation for Reflective
With 2.4 million students currently studying in the UK,       Practice Assignment) Services Marketing
and government policies encouraging ever-greater            • Financial Control
numbers of people to enter higher education, there is       • Management of People in Service Delivery
an increasing demand for student facilities and
                                                            • Hospitality Operations
accommodation. The industry needs managers who
can manage this growth by managing and implementing         • Work-based Projects

strategies to resolve the operational, functional and       • Reflective Practice Assignment
strategic issues confronting student hospitality.
This course is designed for organisations who want to       KEY FACTS
offer employees the opportunity to broaden their            UCAS code:         N226 BA/Resort
knowledge of student hospitality or who would like a        Place of study:    Headingley
career in this fast developing sector.                      Start date:        September or January
                                                            Length of study:   Full-time 1 year, part-time 2 years

A flexible approach is adopted to ensure that sufficient
support is delivered for students to complete this
award whilst continuing to work through web-based
learning tools, as well as distance and blended learning.

Through studying this course, students will be able to
demonstrate business acumen, entrepreneurship,
leadership skills and have the ability to manage
excellent service provision.


                                                         OPTION MODULES
                                                         • Sustainable Tourism
                                                         • Small Business

(Full-time, part-time)                                   • E-Tourism
                                                         • Comparative Industrial Relations
Through this course, you will have the opportunity to

develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to       • Financial Management
pursue a managerial career in the hospitality industry   • Business & Association Event Management
in the UK or overseas. You will be encouraged to take    • Managing Volunteers
a strategic perspective and analyse the trends and
                                                         • In Search of Hospitality
issues that affect business development in the global
market place.                                            • Innovative Communication Strategies for the Events
                                                         • Creativity and Innovation
Core and option modules enable you to acquire a good

understanding of business disciplines such as human      KEY FACTS
resources and operations management and to               UCAS code:         Apply direct
investigate a range of issues such as how to develop a   Place of study:    Headingley
product or brand portfolio that is effective across      Start date:        September or January
different countries and continents. Work experience      Length of study:   Full-time 1 year, part-time 2 years
period for MSc & PGDip.                                                     Work experience route 2 years

• Operations & Quality Management
• Strategic Management
• International Marketing Strategy
• International Strategic HRM
• Hospitality Internationalisation
• 2 x Option Modules (Cultural Awareness, for
  students who opt for work experience route)
• Research Methods
• Dissertation

HOSPITALITY AT LEEDS MET | Tel: 0113 812 6722
                                                                     LESLIE SILVER INTERNATIONAL FACULTY        19

                                                           COURSE MODULES
                                                           • Culture & Value Management in Business
                                                           • International Marketing Strategy

                                                           • International Finance & Business Development
This course is designed to develop your career in
                                                           • Business Research & Ethics

                                                           OPTION MODULES
international business, particularly in service
industries. It will enable you to plan strategically and   • Entrepreneurship & Organisational Change
respond effectively and responsibly within a culturally    • Strategic Management of Information Technology
diverse and changing business environment.                 • Option Module
                                                           • Project or Dissertation (Double Module)

The course is structured in blocks to fit in with your
working life with ongoing support from tutors through
personal or email contact. Teaching on the course is       • Strategic Marketing Management
also supported through a web-based learning                • Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship
environment which aims to improve the flexibility of
                                                           • Strategic Services Management
the programme and encourage interaction between
you and your tutors.                                       • Applied Global Ethics in Business

The course is split into two sections – a two semester     KEY FACTS
diploma programme which consists of six 20-credit          UCAS code:         Apply direct
modules, and a final module for those who                  Place of study:    Headingley
successfully complete the diploma and wish to top-up       Start date:        September or January
their qualification to a Masters degree.                   Length of study:   Full-time 1 year, part-time 2 years
                                                                              Students must have a minimum 5
Students may also complete the MA stage at one of                             years experience in industry.
our partner institutions at Vorarlberg in Austria or
Zagreb in Croatia.


Lola Shunskikh
MSC International Hospitality Management
                     “The course has been challenging
                     at times, but very rewarding. I have
                     enjoyed the whole experience of
                     living, working and studying in
                     England and I have learnt a lot
                     both academically, and about
                     other cultures.

The work experience I gained at the Novotel, most
definitely helped me to get the job I have now. I was
given training, gained a lot in terms of customer
service and improved my English at the same time.”
                                                            Gareth Jones
Ramona Webley
                                                            MSc International Hospitality Management
BA (Hons) Resort Management
                                                            “I wanted a career change so I chose to study this
                     "I have enjoyed every aspect of the
                                                            course to get the practical and theoretical experience I
                     course and the modules worked
                     really well. The people here, both     needed to achieve my goal of owning my own restaurant.
                     my friends and tutors, have been       I opted for the sandwich route and worked at Novotel
                     extremely supportive and really        in food and beverage and was soon promoted to
                     helped me throughout my studies.       restaurant manager which was fantastic experience,
                                                            and continued working there throughout my studies.
                     Since finishing my course I have
been offered a graduate trainee position at the Marriot     Working within the hospitality industry is so varied and
hotel in Leeds and so will be staying in the UK for the     you get to meet new people every day. I love having a
next two years at least, but eventually I hope to return    customer facing role and it definitely beats being
to Jamaica and secure a role in resort management           stuck in an office all day!”
closer to home which I'm sure my degree will help me
to do."

HOSPITALITY AT LEEDS MET | Tel: 0113 812 6722

                                                            STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT
We have developed our hospitality research and              To enable us to do this research and consultancy, we
consultancy to allow us to exploit current developments     have a state of the art microbiology laboratory
within hospitality education and the industry itself. Our   dedicated to providing high level consultancy services
focus is developed through:                                 to the region’s food and drink sector. Alex McWhirter,
• Our extensive links with industry                         Head of Enterprise for Yorkshire Forward said the
• Our research activities resulting in the publication of   opening of this laboratory offered a “unique
  text books and contributions to journals                  combination of technical expertise now offered for the
                                                            food and drink sector ensuring the region is at the
• Our consultancy activities
                                                            forefront of technology”. Fifty companies have so far
This results in:                                            benefited, with projects on new product development,
• Contemporary approaches to hospitality                    processing and quality assurance.
  management education
• An international approach to a global industry
• An attractive suite of courses

• Highly employable graduates and diplomates
Our research and consultancy activities reflect the
range of teaching within the centre and the results are
fed back to students, staff and the wider community,
ensuring currency within our teaching programmes.

Our Food Research Group provides technical advice
and expertise to Yorkshire-based SMEs in the food and
drinks sector:
• Market Research in Consumer Food Habits
• New Product and Process Development
• Taste Panel and Focus Group Testing
• HACCP Quality Assurance

• Microbiological Analysis
• Nutritional Labelling by COMPEAT
• Packaging Design, Graphics and Food Photography
For more information on our courses, please contact:

Leeds Metropolitan University
Civic Quarter

Tel: 0113 812 6722


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