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					                                                                            HOSPITALITY, RECREATION
                                                                           & TOURISM MANAGEMENT
                                                                                                                         Fact Sheet

Our department is home to two undergraduate degree programs (Recreation and Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management),
one Master’s degree program (Recreation), and two minors (Recreation and Hotel & Restaurant Management).

Recreation Degree Highlights:                                         Hospitality Tourism & Event Management
1. Nationally accredited; first academic recreation program in        Degree Highlights:
   California; outstanding internship program; 90 percent of          1. More than 335 million travelers visited California in 2006. Travel
   graduates obtain employment immediately following                     and tourism industries generated $93.8 billion and created
   graduation.                                                           928,700 jobs in 2006.
2. Recreation, parks, sports, and arts/culture are the attractions    2. Hospitality industry creates more jobs than other service
   that draw tourism―the largest and one of the fastest                  industries.
   growing industries in the world today.
                                                                      3. The program offers courses in travel and tourism, lodging and
3. Wage and salary jobs in recreation are projected to grow              resort management, food and beverage services, restaurant
   about 25 percent over the 2004–14 period compared with 14             management, convention and tradeshow management, and
   percent for all industries combined.                                  entrepreneurship.
4. The faculty are diverse and fully engaged in research and          4. The curriculum includes 500 hours of industry experience with
   service and bring those experiences into the classroom to             students working in positions that expand their current skills
   further enrich student learning.                                      and experience.
5. Therapeutic recreation emphasis meets national and state           5. Alumni are occupying management positions in the Bay Area,
   specialist certification requirements.                                throughout the USA and worldwide. Nearly all students are
6. Want a career where you’ll make a difference in peoples               successful in finding employment after graduation.
   lives? Recreation is it!                                           6. Faculty expertise in teaching, service and research contributing
   a. Recreation reduces crime and social dysfunction-                   to the global hospitality industry.
      reducing police, justice and incarceration costs.               7. Whether your interests are tightly focused or you’d like to
   b. Recreation and active living prolongs independent                  integrate your studies in hotel/restaurant management, event
      living for seniors.                                                planning, and tourism, we have the faculty, internships, and
                                                                         coursework that will pave the way to a successful career!
       HOSPITALITY, RECREATION & TOURISM MANAGEMENT                                                                                   Fact Sheet

       Programs Offered                                                                       Examples of Careers:
       1. B.S., Hospitality Tourism & Event Management                                        • Parks & Recreation Manager/Director
       2. B.S., Recreation with concentrations in:                                            • Recreation/Rehabilitation Therapist
           Recreation Management                                                              • Travel Agency/Tour Operation Manager
           Therapeutic Recreation Service                                                     • Festival and Event Coordinator
       3. M.S., Recreation with concentration in:                                             • Tourist Attraction/Theme Park Manager
           International Tourism                                                              • Activities Director
           Minor, Recreation                                                                  • Senior Center Activities Director
           Minor, Hotel & Restaurant Management                                               • Family/Residential Camp/Retreat Director
                                                                                                Conference/Meeting Planner
       General Education (GE) Courses:                                                        • Corporate Training Director
       Area E: HRTM 10: Creating a Meaningful Life                                            • Resort/Club Manager
       Area S: HRTM 111: Leisure, Culture & Identity                                          • Researcher/Educator
       Area Z: HRTM 100W: Writing Workshop                                                    • Hotel Manager
                                                                                              • Restaurant Manager
                                                                                              • Convention/Tradeshow Manager
       1. James F. Murphy Scholarship (Grad student)
                                                                                              • Event Planning/Management
       2. HRTM Faculty Scholarships (for undergrad students)
       3. California Restaurant Association
       4. CASE Conference Scholarship
       5. Hotel & Restaurant Foundation Scholarships
       6. National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation
       7. Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships

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                                                                                                                                      San José State University
       Academic Unit:                                                                                                                 One Washington Square
       Department of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism Management                                                                     San José, CA 95192-0049
       One Washington Square
       San José, CA 95192-0211
       Office is located in SPX 49/50
       Phone: 408-924-3000
       Fax: 408-924-3061

San José State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin,
sex, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, age, disability, disabled veteran’s or Vietnam
veteran’s status. This policy applies to all SJSU student, faculty, and staff programs and activities.

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