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									For the coming of the Son of Man
 will be just like the days of Noah.
                   Matthew 24:36 “But of that     We are now living in the
                   day and hour no one knows,     Church Age, and it is almost
                   not even the angels of         over.
                   heaven, nor the Son, but the
                                                 The Bible declares that
                   Father alone.”
                                                 prophesy is the absolute
                   In 2 Peter 1:19-21 the        proof that God inspired the
                   Apostle Peter declared: “We Word of God and
                   also have the prophetic word distinguishes it from any
                   made more sure, to which      other religious writing.
                   you do well to heed as a
                                                 Peter explains that prophecy
                   light that shines in a dark
                                                 is intended to be a light to
                   place, until the day dawns
                                                 Christians to enable them to
                   and the morning star rises in
                                                 understand the dark times
                   your hearts.
                                                 they are living in.
 Date written: About A.D. 95                                          Author: John the Apostle

                                                             Why study                        Revelation reveals that God
                                                                                              is in control. It should
                                                             the book of                      encourage our faith and
                                                                                              perseverance. It also tells us
 John was one of the twelve                                  Revelation?                      how to gain eternal life!

disciples of Jesus. He was the                               Well, we are living in
                                                                                              Revelation was written to
                                                                                              reveal Jesus Christ as the
                                                             perilous times. We have bad
son of Zebedee.                                              news at our door steps
                                                                                              victor over the conflict. It is a
                                                                                              reminder of the events of
                                                             every morning. Revelation is     history and changes – on
                                                             a message from God to all        the cross the Lord Jesus
                                                             of us who are concerned
John walked in faith, taking Jesus at His                    about our future. It reveals
                                                                                              Christ won the victory – yet
                                                                                              to be claimed.
word, and was secure in His love.                            actually that the world is not
                                                             going to get better, but
John was banished to the Isle of Patmos                      worse.

  According to tradition he was submerged in hot oil,
but he remained steadfast in Jesus’ love. He was faithful
to his calling even in the midst of Nero’s persecutions of   Revelation is:
Christians in A.D. 54-68.
                                                                  Designed to reveal the course of history – in
  While John was on Patmos, God revealed to him the
                                                                         advance. Two thirds of the Bible are
coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and what would soon
come to pass – a revelation unparalleled and the last to              prophecy. It can tell the future in advance.
be given. With John’s revelation the New Testament                  The challenge of the book is to live in the
canon of Scripture would be complete.                                 expectation of His coming. Since the book
                                                                      concludes knowledge – it pulls together al
                                                                      the loose strands of the other books of the
 Date written: About A.D. 95                                      Author: John the Apostle

                                                         Unveiling                       Revelation 1:7, “BEHOLD,
                                                                                         HE IS COMING WITH THE
                                                         The term comes from the         CLOUDS, and every eye
                                                         Greek word apokalupsis          will see Him, even those
The visions of the future that                           and means “an unveiling or      who pierced Him; and all the
                                                         uncovering.” So the book of     tribes of the earth will mourn
God revealed to John.                                    Revelation, then, concerns      over Him. Even so. Amen.
                                                         the unveiling of our precious
Important Message: Be hopeful but be                     Saviour, the Lord Jesus
                                                         Christ. It is the message of
warned; Jesus is the Christ who reigns and will          the “appearing of Christ.”
come again!
                                                         This appearing takes place
                                                         at the Rapture (chapter 4,
                                                         vs. 1) as well as at the hour
• Powerful letters to seven churches in Asia, which we
                                                         of His return to earth.
can learn from today.

• Features the scene of God on his heavenly throne,
complete with crowns, lightning, winged creatures,
and more.
                                                         Revelation Contains:
                                                                           Twenty-two chapters.
• Uses many prophecies from other parts of the Bible.
                                                          It is divided into four sections:
• Tells of a grand white horse from heaven, whose         1.     1-3 Purpose & Blessing
rider’s name is Faithful and True.
                                                          2.     4-8 Greeting from John
• Describes what will happen to Satan.                    3.     9-17 Vision of Resurrected Christ
  Tells how the world will end (and begin again).
                                                          4.     18-20 Keys to understanding the Book
• Only book of Prophecy in the New Testament.
Date written: About A.D. 95                                     Author: John the Apostle

God is                        Acts 15:18 tells us that
                              “Known unto God are all His
Omniscient:                   works from the beginning of
                              the world.”
This is why the prophecy is
so completely trustworthy.     Look around today, current
                             international events reflect
He knows all things, whether exactly the conditions and       Revelation 1:1 The
they be actual or merely
possible, and He knows
                             happenings predicted
                             throughout the Bible for the
                                                             revelation of Jesus Christ,
them perfectly from all
                             last days of this age (church
                                                             which God gave him to show
Remember, this special       Many people prefer not to       his servants what must soon
message has been given to have prophecy explained to
reveal God’s truth, not      them because they would         take place. He made it known
conceal it.                  rather live by the world’s
                              standards.                     by sending his angel to his
                                                             servant John.
Revelation is:
    More than a book of doctrine. It is also for our
            reproof, correction, and instruction.
   Don’t let this book scare you. God did not have
      John write it to be ignored. God wanted us to
                   read it and understand it.
  And God promised a blessing to those who read,
            hear, and keep the Word of God.
 Date written: About A.D. 95                                                         Author: John the Apostle

                                                                            Jesus Sends                     The book of Revelation is a
                                                                                                            study of signs. There is a
                                                                            message by                      sign of the Holy Spirit
                                                                                                            presented as seven spirits
Jesus Christ is the central one                                             angel                           (v.4) and the sign of the
                                                                                                            seven golden candlesticks
being revealed.                                                             Jesus sends a message by        and the seven stars (v.20).
                                                                            an angel who carries it on to
It is the revelation that belongs to Jesus                                  John on Patmos, who
                                                                                                            So, through signs, we come
                                                                                                            to an understanding of this
Christ.                                                                     records it for us.              gloriously revealed portion of
There are 5 works that the Holy Spirit does in relationship to the Bible.
                                                                            READ verse 2. The
•Revelation – act by which God reveals Himself to man,                      statement is self-
making known-communication.                                                 explanatory.
•Inspiration – God having communicated, now it needs
to be recorded-through the human author.
•Preservation – responsibly of the Holy Spirit to be                          v.2 …who bore witness to the word
preserved throughout history.
•Illumination – to bring all of the Holy Spirit’s works                           of God and to the testimony of
down to us, the act by which the teacher and student can                          Jesus Christ, even to all that he
understand the word accurately.
•Application – result of the ministry of the Holy Spirit.                         saw.
One interpretation of the Bible. The Bible interprets
itself.                                                                        He voluntarily took a subordinate role when He
                                                                                   came to earth. He stepped down from Heaven
                                                                                          to become savior of the world.
Date written: About A.D. 95                                      Author: John the Apostle
 V.3 Blessed is he           Verse 3 proves that
 who reads and               The apocalypse is            The next event on God’s
                             not some deep,
 those who hear the
                             mysterious,                 calendar, the return of Christ
 words of the                confusing book.
 prophecy, and heed                                      for His Church. This may happen
 the things which             The Word imminent,         momentarily. That is why we as
 are written in it; for       means at hand.             Christians, should keep our eyes fixed
 the time is near.                                       heavenward, “looking for that blessed
                                                         hope, and the glorious appearing of the
 God would not be an omniscient, all knowing God if
                                                         great God and Savior Jesus Christ.”
      He promised a special blessing to those who        The event could happen immediately or within then
      read, hear, and keep what they read and hear.      minutes, ten months, or even ten years.
  If they were unable to comprehend the truth, then
         the Book of Revelation would be of little use
                          to them.
  The Book of Revelation is understandable and fills
        the heart with joy once we see the glorious
        message concerning the Lord Jesus Christ.
Date written: About A.D. 95                            Author: John the Apostle
                                                 V. 4: John to the             Seven is God’s number
                                                                               of perfection. The
                                                 seven churches                number also pictures
                                                 which are in Asia:            seven different sets of
                                                                               conditions reflecting the
                                                 Grace to you and              history of God’s people
                                                 peace from Him                throughout the Church
                                                 who is and who
                                                                               God’s salutation, found in
                                                 was and who is to             nineteen of the twenty-
                                                 come; and from the            seven books of the New
                                                                               Testament, is presented
John was faithful to give the                    seven Spirits who             here as well: “Grace be
                                                 are before His                unto you, and peace.”
Gospel to the unsaved.                           thrones.

John focuses his attention on seven local        It is not “peace and grace” but
churches located in the area called Asia.             “grace and peace,” because this
                                                      is God’s program for sinners.
                                                   They cannot have peace until He has shown them
     This is not Asia as we know it today, but               His lovely grace. God must show His
     Probably a portion of Turkey. Only seven             unmerited favor and love, called “grace,”
     Churches are mentioned, although there             before one can experience peace. This grace
     Were undoubtedly more in existence.                  is shown through the sacrifice at Calvary.
Date written: About A.D. 95                                               Author: John the Apostle
                                                                    5 Reasons Why                     This is why the book is
                                                                                                              so important!
                                                                    This Book Has                         All of history is
                                                                    Blessings For Us                           following an
 Romans 5:1                                                         1.   In no other book do we
                                                                                                              ordained plan.

Therefore having been justified by faith, we have peace with God         see “the glory”, the           Verse 4 –promise-
through our Lord Jesus Christ.                                           resurrection of the Lord             “grace and
                                                                         Jesus Christ.                      peace to you – a
Col. 1:20                                                           2.   In no other book do we            promise to those
…and through Him to reconcile all things to Himself, having              have the panorama of                 who believe.
made peace through the blood of His Cross; through Him, I say,           church history. The 7
                                                                                                      Grace – God’s policy to
whether things on earth or things in heaven.                             churches of Asia,
                                                                                                             deal with God’s
                                                                         illustrate conditions that
Titus 2:11                                                               take place throughout
                                                                                                            men – it upholds
                                                                                                             His own riches
For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men,        history.
                                                                                                             and integrity. It
                                                                    3.   In no other book do we
                                                                                                             supplies mans
  “For by grace you have been saved                                      see the tribulation in its
                                                                                                            necessities. Eph.
  through                                                                fierceness, living in the
                                                                         last days.
  Faith and not of yourselves, It is the gift of                    4.   In no other book does it      What we need Grace
  God;                                                                   reveal the horrors of                provides.
  Not as a result of works, that no one                                  rejecting Jesus Christ.
                                                                                                        Rom. 5:20 Grace is
                                                                    5.   No other book clearly
  should boast.”                                                         reveals the overwhelming
                                                                                                            greater than all
                                                                                                                our sin.
  Eph. 2:8-9                                                             victory of Jesus at the
Date written: About A.D. 95                                             Author: John the Apostle

Peace is the                     1.   The peace with God:          Revelation 1:5…and from Jesus
result of                        2.   The peace from God:
                                                                  Christ, the faithful witness, the first
having                                Sanctification              born of the dead, and the ruler of the
                                 3.   The peace of God:           kings of the earth. To Him who loves
received                              Application (Phil. 4:6-7)
                                                                  us, and released us from our sins by
grace                                                             His blood
Col. 1:20, Rom. 5:1 give us
the reconciled state of the                                        The question is often asked, “Why is Christ
believer.                                                          the first begotten from the dead when
The peace of God is                                                Lazarus and others where raised first?
available to us in 3 different                                     Simply, because Others were raised to life,
                                                                   but they died again. They were raised from
                                                                   physical death to physical life only to
The source of peace comes                                          eventually die a second time. Jesus Christ
                                                                   was raised from the dead to immortality—
  from Him who is, who                                             never to die again! He is the first to have been
                                                                   resurrected with a new, never-dying body.
  was, who is to come.                                             This is why Christ”should be the first that
                                                                   should rise from the dead” Acts 26:23, 1Tim.
Date written: About A.D. 95                                      Author: John the Apostle

                                                          God intends                Even at his birth, an angel
                                                                                     visited His mother, the virgin
                                                          to establish               Mary, and told her she would
                                                                                     have a son who would sit on
                                                          His kingdom                a throne and His kingdom
                                                                                     would never end.
                                                          here on earth              And that promise was
Another five times He is called                            Jesus Christ has been
                                                                                     fulfilled literally when Jesus
                                                                                     Christ the Son of God died
“the only begotten.”                                       chosen by God to          on the cross.
The term “only begotten” refers to His                     rule over that
incarnation, whereas “first begotten” (or                  kingdom.
firstborn) refers to His resurrection.
Incarnation means “to come in the flesh.”
                                                          Jesus is called:
Romans 8:29 declares, “For whom He foreknew, He
                                                           The Faithful Witness—Jesus was faithful in all the
also predestined to become conformed to the image
                                                                things God gave Him to do. He was the Word
of his Son, that He might be the firstborn among many
                                                                                Made Flesh
                                                          The Firstborn from the Dead–-Jesus was the first to
Think this verse through carefully so that no cultist             die and be raised from the dead. He never
can trip you up on the terms “first begotten” and                                 died again.
“firstborn”, in his attempts to make the eternal Christ
                                                           The Prince of the Kings of the Earth–-This is His
have no beginning.
                                                                  position in the world. The day will come
                                                                 when the rulers of this world will see Him
                                                                physically reign over every power on earth.
Date written: About A.D. 95                                      Author: John the Apostle
 V.6 …and He has             Verses 5 & 6
 made us to be a             Contain three               When He comes in power and
 kingdom, priests to
                             statements                  great glory
 His God and                 concerning
 Father; to Him be           Christ’s work on
 the glory and the           our behalf:                 When He comes to smite the nations, “all kindred’s of
                                                         the earth shall wail because of Him.” This is because
 dominion forever            He loved us. He washed us
                             from our sins in His own
                                                         He comes for judgment and none will escape.
 and ever. Amen.                                         As John envisions the hour when “the Lord come with
                             blood. He has made us
                             kings and priest unto God   ten thousands of His saints” (Jude 14), He victoriously
  It should be even more     and His Father.             cries, “Amen! Amen!”
  thrilling when one sees
  that His love is in the         The judgments
  present tense, meaning          of the
  that He continues loving        tribulation are
  those He has washed.            not for the
  This is why John 13:1           believers. The
  triumphantly declares,          focus of the
  Jesus, having loved His         promise is the
  own which were in the           Glory of the
  world, He loved them            Lord Jesus
  unto the end.”                  Christ.
  That love is forever!
Date written: About A.D. 95                                      Author: John the Apostle

    Verse 7 announces- the Lord’s                        Preview:
              return to earth                            This is a preview of what will    Jesus went away in the
 Notice that every eye shall see Him. That is why this   happen when He returns            clouds (Acts 1:9), and He
       great event is described as the “revealing” or    with His saints in Chapter        will be coming back in the
         “revelation” of Christ and occurs when He       19.                               clouds (Matt. 24:30).
          comes as the King of Kings and Lord of
                                                         Isn’t it thrilling to know that
                    Lords (Rev. 19:11-16).
                                                         when “the lightning comes
                                                         out of the east, and shines
                                                         even on to the west (Matt.
  Revelation 1:7 Behold, He is                           24:17), every eye will
                                                         witness the spectacle of the
 Coming with the Clouds, and                             ages?
 every eye will see Him, even those                      There will be great grief of
                                                         soul by unbelievers for what
 who pierced Him; and all the                            they lost.
 tribes of the earth will mourn over
 Him. Even so, Amen.

                                                            Because they rejected Him.
 Date written: About A.D. 95                                                              Author: John the Apostle

                                                                                 Jesus Christ
                                                                                                                1.   Ambassador – 2 Cor.
                                                                                 is the High                         5:14-21 to witness

Jesus says He is the Alpha and
                                                                                                                     and carry the gospel
                                                                                 Priest                              to unbelievers.

Omega                                                                            His current ministry is from
                                                                                 heaven. We are to be living
                                                                                                                2.   Every believer is a
                                                                                                                     priest – 1 Pet. 2:5-9
The first letter of the Greek alphabet is Alpha                                  expectedly, offering effective      we are commanded
(beginning), the last letter is Omega (the end).                                 prayers.                            to boldly approach
                                                                                                                     the throne-offer
                                                                                 Almighty – a name                   expectable sacrifices
He is everything that can be said about God from start to finish, from A to Z.
                                                                                 used for the Father in              “prayer”.
                                                                                 connection with His
                                                                                                                3.   Every believer is a
                                                                                 person. This term is                minister 1 Cor. 12:4-7
                                                                                 used 40 times in the                redemption is needed
 v.8 “I am the Alpha and the                                                     Old Testament.                      because of sins
     Omega”, says the Lord God,                                                                                      (unbeliever).
     who is and who was and who is
                                                                                       If the world hates you, know that it hated
     to come, the Almighty.”                                                           me before it hated you. John 15:18

   John’s persecution came because of his devotion
                         to Christ.
Date written: About A.D. 95                              Author: John the Apostle

    V. 9 I, John, your brother and
    companion in the tribulation and               2 Timothy 3:12
    kingdom and perseverance                      And indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ
    which are in Jesus, was on the                Jesus will be persecuted.
    island called Patmos, because
    of the Word of God and the                      John was on the Isle of Patmos,
                                                    a small island in the Mediterranean Sea,
    testimony of Jesus.                             where he was imprisoned by the Roman
                                                    Emperor Domitian.
  John realizes that he is an old                   What was his crime? Two things: 1) he
  man and highly revered                            would not deny the truth of the Bible, and
                                                    2) he would not deny the witness of
                                                    Jesus Christ. John would rather be cast
                                                    in prison and killed than reject Christ.
  He wants no praise from men for his
  sufferings. He immediately identifies himself     Becoming a servant of God will not keep
  as a brother in Christ and a companion in         Christians out of trouble. We will not go
  heartache and suffering. He places importance     through life without problems. There will be
  in the fact that He is a member of the Royal      crosses to bear.
Date written: About A.D. 95                Author: John the Apostle

                                  John sees                       John was so shaken that he
                                                                  fainted, just as Daniel did
                                  first hand                      when the angel Gabriel
                                                                  appeared to him and
                                                                  prophesied to him of the end
 Jesus said, “Let your light so
                                  Beginning with this verse,
                                  we enter into the revelation    times. Both men took these
                                                                  prophecies seriously, and so
shine before men, that they
                                  experience with John and
                                  observe firsthand all that is   should we.

may see your good works, and
                                  presented to him through the    When John regained
                                  remainder of the book.          consciousness, Jesus told
glorify your Father which is in   The “Lord’s day” refers to
                                  the first day of the week.
                                                                  him the reason for His visit.
                                                                  John was to be the person
heaven.”                          So, on Resurrection day –
                                                                  who would see God’s future
                                                                  for mankind and was to write
                                  Sunday the first day of the     so that everyone could read
                                  week – John is visited by the   and be able to interpret it in
                                  One who had so loved him
 V. 10, I was in the Spirit on    while on earth – Jesus
                                                                  the light of current events.

 the Lord’s day, and I heard      himself. As He appears,
                                  John hears the trumpet-like
 behind me a loud voice like      voice of Christ.
 the sound of a trumpet…              The Bible declares that prophecy is the
                                          absolute proof that God inspired the
                                        Word of God and distinguishes it from
                                              any other religious writing.
Date written: About A.D. 95                                             Author: John the Apostle
 V.11 saying, “Write           Verse 11 pictures
 in a book what you            the eternal Christ               John’s revelations unveil
                               giving instructions
 see, and send it to
                                The voice told John to write
                                                                wonderful prophecies
 the seven                      on a scroll what he was         In the millennial Kingdom Christ will restore all
 churches: to                   about to see. That scroll is    things. The world is now rushing toward an abyss of
 Ephesus and to                 Revelation.                     civil war, a totalitarian world government and the
 Smyrna and to                   Jesus, picked seven            final devastation of nuclear, chemical and biological
 Pergamum and to                 particular churches, and       warfare.
                                 listed them in order.
 Thyatira and to
                                 He had listed them as so        The good news is that Jesus Christ will have complete
 Sardis and to                                                  victory over the forces of evil.
                                 because of their good
 Philadelphia and to             and bad qualities and
 Ladoicea.”                      problems they faced.

   In 2 Peter 1:19-21 the Apostle Peter declared: “We also
   have the prophetic word made more sure, which you do
   well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until
   the day dawns and the morning star rises in your
   hearts. Peter explains that prophecy is intended to be a
   light to Christians to enable them to understand their
   dark times and to motivate them to appropriate action in
   light of His soon coming.
   If we truly believe that Christ is coming, we will be
   motivated to witness as never before, while there is still
Date written: About A.D. 95                                        Author: John the Apostle
 V.12 And I turned to      When the trumpet
 see the voice that        like voice of Christ         The fact that the seven
                           sounded in verse
 was speaking with         11…                         churches are pictured as seven
 me. And having            John turned to see
 turned I saw seven        the voice that spoke
                                                       lampstands is significant.
 golden lampstands.        to him. This is             This tells us that believers “are the light of
                           different! Have you
                           ever seen a voice?          the world.” Matt. 5:14
                                                       The seven churches represent seven different periods
   John turned to see the voice. As he looks in that
                                                       of the Church Age.
       direction, he sees seven golden lampstands.
                  Verse 20 explains this…

    “The mystery of the seven stars which
    you saw in My right hand, and the                  Ephesus   Smyrna Pergamum   Thyatira   Sardis   Philadelphia   Laodicea

    seven golden lampstands means this:
    The seven stars are the angels of the seven            Next John saw where the voice came
    churches(angelos-messengers-pastors) and               from
    the seven lampstands (a stand made to hold             Someone who looked like the Son of Man was standing in
                                                           the middle of the seven churches. He was wearing a long
    pots of burning oil), are the seven                    robe that went down to his feet with a golden sash around
    churches.                                              this chest.
 Date written: About A.D. 95                                 Author: John the Apostle

                                                    Jesus Christ                Paul also testified to this
                                                                                      blessed fact by
                                                    intercedes                        stating:

Jesus is clothed with the                           for His                    “Seeing then that we have a
                                                                                     great high Priest, that
garments of the Old Testament                       people                           is passed into the
                                                                                     heavens, Jesus the
high priest                                         He is able to save forever
                                                    those who draw near to God       Son of God, let us
Why is this significant?                            through Him, since He            hold fast our
Because He is risen and in heaven, performing His   always lives to make
ministry of intercession.
                                                                                     profession. Heb. 4:14
                                                    intercession for them.
                                                                                The signs have a
                                                                                spiritual significance in
                                                       So, 60 years after
  v.13 and in the middle of the                        Christ’s death and       the Christians life. In the
     lampstands one like a son of                      resurrection, John       course of history- the
     man, clothed in a robe                            sees Him as a High       church has pushed Jesus
     reaching to the feet, and girded                  Priest in the            Christ out. He is robbed
                                                       heavenlies.              of His high priestly
     across His breast with a golden
Date written: About A.D. 95                                         Author: John the Apostle

Christ has a                   1 Peter 1:13 tells us           Revelation 1:14 And His head and His
                                     through the
gold belt                            knowledge of the         hair were white like white wool, like
Christ has a gold belt that
                                     Word of God, Jesus
                                     judges from His own
                                                              snow; and His eyes were like a flame of
reached from His waist to            earthly experience-      fire;
His chest, showing His               we are to follow in
higher rank—He has the               His footsteps. His
highest ranking.                     voice will prevail       John’s description speaks of antiquity and
Gold speaks of deity. We are         over anything.           coincides with the vision Daniel had in
commanded to be girded in      John had such great            chapter 7, verses 9-13. This Ancient of
our mind with the belt of
truth. (Eph. 6:14).
                                     reverence for Him        Days, the eternal One, Jesus Christ, is also
                                     that he fell as a dead
                                     man.                     pictured in terms of whiteness because of
                                                              His righteousness, for He is holy, harmless,
                                                              undefiled, separate from sinners, and made
                                                              higher than the heavens” (Heb. 7:26).
1 Peter 5:5-7 Humble
                                                                The Greek also emphasizes the fact that His
  yourself under the                                            eyes “shot out fire.” Christ is righteously angry
                                                                concerning the sin of the churches depicted in
  mighty hand of God.                                           Rev. chap. 2 and 3.
Date written: About A.D. 95                                   Author: John the Apostle
 V.15 and His feet          Christ feet picture
 were like burnished        judgment and relate to      His voice roared like the
 bronze, when it has        the events that take        mighty waves of the ocean.
 been caused to             place when He returns
                            to the earth in chaps. 19
                                                        It was the voice of the one who spoke
 glow in a furnace,
                            and 20. “His voice as       everything into existence (creation), the
 and His voice was
 like the sound of          the sound of many           voice of the one who will raise the dead
 many waters.               waters” (flood), also       (rapture), the powerful voice of the one
                            depicts judgment.           who has authority over all creation.

  In the Old Testament, God told the Hebrews to rise
          up and crush their enemies with hoofs of
          bronze. Here we see that the feet of Jesus        Jesus is our God Rev. 1:8
                  were like burning bronze.
  This is a reminder that He will judge everyone. We
                                                            He is our great High
         must all appear before the judgment seat of
                      Christ. 2 Cor. 5:10
                                                            Priest. Rev. 1:13
                                                            He is our Judge. Rev. 1:15
Date written: About A.D. 95                                        Author: John the Apostle

Sharper than                  Hebrews 4:12 tell us “For
                              the Word of God is quick,
any two-                      and powerful, and sharper
                              than any two-edged sword,
edged                         piercing even to the dividing
                                                              Jesus the Sun of
                              asunder of soul and spirit,
sword:                        and of the joints and
                              marrow, and is a discerner
The seven stars of this verse of the thoughts and intents       Righteousness:
are angels or messengers of of the heart.”
the seven churches (v.20),
                                                              He is the light of the world.
while the two-edged sword is                                    John is stunned, and astonished, and
the Word of God.                                                 humbled at the experience and cries.
                                                                It takes us back to the transfiguration scene
 Revelation 1:16 And in His right hand                           in Matt. 17:2 and pictures the glory of
                                                                 Christ, who is to be the Judge during the
He held seven stars; and out of His                              Great Tribulation hour, Armageddon, and
mouth came a sharp two-edged sword;                              the Great White Throne assembly of Rev.
and His face was like the sun shinning                           20:11-15.
in its strength.                                                  Scripture tells us the sharp double-edged
                                                                            sword represents the Bible.
                                                                It is alive and active and it judges the thoughts
                                                                               and attitudes of our heart.
Date written: About A.D. 95                                          Author: John the Apostle
 V.17 And when I             The sight of Christ
 saw Him, I fell at          glorified was                    Hades was the place where the
 His feet as a dead                                          souls and the spirits of all
 man. And He laid             The one who laid his head
 His right hand upon          upon Jesus at the Last         humans went until the cross
                              Supper now falls prostrate     Sheol (Old Testament) and Hades (New Testament)
 me, saying, “Do not          at His feet. As John falls     were one and the same. In Sheol and Hades were two
 be afraid; I am the          before his blessed Lord in     compartments, one for the wicked and the other for the
                              fear, Jesus lovingly says,     righteous. In Luke 16:22-23, the rich man and Lazarus
 first and the last.
                              “Fear not.” He is saying the   went to their respective places-one to suffering and the
                              same to us today.              other to comfort.
  Not only have we been delivered from the fear of death
  but from the fear of Hades as well.
                                                               The thief on the cross went to the comfort
                                                               side, or paradise, as promised by Christ when
V. 18 I am the living One; and I                               He said, “Today you shall be with me in
was dead, and behold, I am                                     paradise” (Luke 23-43). This is where Christ
alive forevermore, and I have                                  went upon His death (Acts 2:27, 31).
                                                               There He ministered to His people and “led
the keys of death and of Hades
                                                               captivity captive” (Eph. 4:8-10), literally
(the cross).                                                   releasing them from their entrance into the
                                                               third heaven of 2 Cor. 12:2.
Date written: About A.D. 95                           Author: John the Apostle

   Presently, the comfort side of Hades has
   been emptied by Him who has the keys
   of death and Hades (hell), but the
   torment side is still full. This will be
   emptied for the Judgment Day “when
                                               John 14:1
                                               ”Let not your heart be troubled”. This message to
   death and {Hades deliver} up the dead.
                                              John is from the first and the last, the Alpha and the
   Rev. 20:13
                                              Omega, the eternal One, Jesus Christ.

    V. 19 Write therefore the things          Because of this tremendous fact, Christians are
    which you have seen, and the              not to fear, for “through death…Christ
                                              destroyed him that had the power of death, that
    things which are, and the things
                                              is the devil; And delivered them who through
    which shall take place after              fear of death were all their lifetime subject to
    these things.                             bondage.” Heb. 2:14-15

  This verse gives us the order of
  the Book of Revelation which
  is written chronologically, or as
  the events happened.
Date written: About A.D. 95                                Author: John the Apostle
                                                      V. 20 As for the      The tribulation period is
                                                                            seven years of God’s
                                                      mystery of the        wrath.
                                                      seven stars which
 What John had seen was not                           you saw in My right
                                                                            The millennium is a
                                                                            thousand year reign of
for his own personal                                  hand, and the         Christ on earth.
                                                                            A mystery is a hidden
knowledge                                             seven golden
                                                                            truth that has not
                                                      lampstands, the       been made known
                                                      seven stars are the   before. Until it is
Jesus wanted it written down for all of                                     revealed, it is
                                                      angels of the seven
God’s people.                                                               meaningless to the
                                                      churches, and the
                                                                            reader. Once it is
The seven churches really existed when John had
                                                      seven lampstands      revealed, it ceases to be
his vision. They were selected for this revelation    are the seven         a mystery and
because they reveal aspects of the seven periods of   churches.             becomes a revelation.
the Church Age. What will take place later refers
to future events that will take place after the
Church Age is over.                                   John recorded seven messages
                                                         from Jesus to seven churches
     They reveal what will happen during the
     Tribulation Period plus what will happen            representing the complete Bride
     during the Millennium and beyond.                   of Christ.
 Date written: About A.D. 95                                       Author: John the Apostle

                                                           While Satan                    The book of Genesis has
                                                                                          suffered many years of

1.   How did Jesus make his message known to
                                                           hates the                      continuous attacks by those
                                                                                          who hate the Bible. Satan
     John?______________________________                   whole Bible                    hates the Book of Revelation
                                                                                          more than any other in the
2.   Should we be afraid of Revelation? _______
                                                           He especially despises         Bible because it reveals his
3.   Who will see Jesus when He returns?______________     Genesis and Revelation, the    true character, his
4.    What is the relevance of the seven churches today?   beginning and the end of the   deceptions, his devices and
     __________________                                    Word of God. He hates          his ultimate overthrow.
5.    What is the importance of the high                   Genesis because it reveals     The Apocalypse details
     priest?____________________________                   God’s glorious creation and    Satan’s defeat at the battle
                                                           Christ’s ultimate defeat of    of Armageddon, his
                                                           Satan in the last days.        imprisonment for a thousand
                                                                                          years and his final
                                                                                          destruction in the lake of fire.

                                                           Satan’s attack:
                                                              Satan’s attack on the Revelation has focused on
                                                                     getting the Church to ignore the book as
                                                                  something too mystical and mysterious to be
                                                                   practical. Genesis and Revelation are “the
                                                                  Alpha and the Omega,” the beginning and the
                                                                     ending of God’s message to the Church.

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