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Charter Schools Are Worth It Massachusetts Charter Public School


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									Charter Schools Are Worth It:
Providing Value and Achieving
      Academic Success
Charter Schools: Opportunity in the Classroom

           • Massachusetts has 51 charter schools:
               – 44 “Commonwealth” charter schools, operating under
                  state charters independently of local school boards.
               – 7 “Horace Mann” charter schools, operating under local
                  charters and school board control
           • Commonwealth schools receive funding directly from the state
             at the same per-pupil cost as district schools. Horace Mann
             schools are funded by the districts themselves

    Providing Universal Access to Excellence

•    Unlike private schools, charter
     schools are public schools, open to
     any child, free of charge
•    Charter schools do not recruit or
     selectively admit students:
     admissions are not determined by
     examinations or interviews
•    When there are more applicants
     than available seats, a public
     lottery decides who will attend

Charter Schools Offer Choice

Charter schools give poor and working class families genuine
   education choice
    •   Charter school parents have lower income and education levels than
        their district school counterparts
    •   Charter schools have more students on free or reduced lunch programs
        (36% versus 17%)
    •   Charter school students are more racially and ethnically diverse
    •   Charter schools have more students of color than district schools (44%
        versus 23%)
    •   The proportion of special ed students in charter schools reflects the
        composition of the student population in the areas they serve
    •   Charter schools do not pay for – nor do they receive funding for –
        special education students in separate settings or residential schools

    Charter Schools Are Held to Very High Standards
                                      Massachusetts Charter School Applicants
•    The charter school approval
     process is extremely
     rigorous: Only strong, viable   30
     applications are approved
•    The charter renewal process     25
     is equally stringent: Schools
     must be recertified every       20
     five years and are subject to
     annual state inspections        15
•    Charter schools must meet
     the same laws, regulations      10
     and standards as other
     public schools                  5
•    Under-performing charter
     schools can be shut down        0
                                            Applicants            Finalists   Charters
                                          Source: Department of Education                5
Charter Schools: Agents of Change
•   Charter schools benefit all students, not just those attending them, because
    they create competition and spur innovation and improved results
•   Charter schools serve as laboratories for education reform, making possible
    curricular innovations that enhance learning
     – Longer school days, extended school years, best practice sharing,
         English immersion curriculum, arts built into the curriculum, intensive
         parent involvement
•   Competition promoted by charter schools provides models of best practices
    and spurs positive improvements in district schools:
     – A federal study found that charter schools cause district schools to be
         more responsive to parents, add more classes and operate more
     – Implement new academic programs (all-day kindergarten, gifted and
         at-risk student programs)
     – Some credit charter schools with inspiring Boston’s pilot schools

Charter Schools: Measurable Academic Success
                                 Amount by Which Charter School Students
• Charter schools
                                   Outscore District School Counterparts
  produce real academic
  results for their         10
• Charter school students 8
  outperform their district
  school counterparts on     6
  MCAS beginning in
  Grade 6, and the gap       4
  grows to 8.8 points by
  the tenth grade            2
• Overall, charter school
  students score 3.7         0
  points higher on MCAS
                                 Grade 4    Grade 6      Grade 7       Grade 8      Grade 10
                                       2002 MCAS results. Source: Department of Education      7
2 out of 3 Charter School Classes Outperform Districts


  Percent of charter school classes with test scores higher than district average

Charter Schools Outperform Districts
•   17 of 27 charter schools serving 6th grade students scored higher than their
    districts; charters scored on average 4.9 points higher than their districts

•   20 of 28 charter schools serving 7th grade students scored higher than their
    districts; charters scored on average 3.4 points higher than their districts

•   15 of 25 charter schools serving 8th grade students scored higher than their
    districts; charters scored on average 3.3 points higher than their districts

•   9 out of 13 charter schools serving 10th grade students scored higher than
    their districts; charters scored on average 8.8 points higher than their

Charter Schools Post High Scores
Charter school performance is blind to demographics. Charters are
high flyers in urban, suburban, and rural districts
 •   Community Day Charter School in Lawrence ranked second – behind only
     Wellesley – in combined 8th grade math and history and scored an average of 24
     points higher than the district on all tests in all grades
 •   At South Boston Harbor Academy Charter School students in the 6th Grade
     ranked 1st in city of Boston and 3rd in the Commonwealth on the math test.
 •   Sabis International Charter School in Springfield scored 36 points higher than
     the district average on the combined 10th grade math and English tests
 •   At Academy of the Pacific Rim in Boston, tenth grade math scores were 36
     points higher than the district
 •   All 12 seniors in the Class of 2003 at Somerville Charter School have already
     passed both sections of MCAS

Charter Schools Post High Scores
Charter school performance is blind to demographics. Charters are high
flyers in urban, suburban, and rural districts
 • Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter School District in Franklin had
   the highest 4th grade math score in the state – evidence that its distinctive
   math strategy is working
 • At Hilltown Cooperative Charter School in Williamsburg students in
   every grade (3-8) exceeded the district average
 • Two charter schools, River Valley Charter School in Newburyport and
   Hilltown Cooperative Charter School in Williamsburg ranked one-two
   among all school districts on the seventh grade English test
 • Sturgis Charter School on Cape Cod posted scores on the 10th grade
   MCAS 11 points higher than the district average

     Success In the Cities                                                                              • In many cases, charter
                                                                                                          schools are succeeding
                                                             Points Above District Average
                                                                                                          where district schools have
45                                                                                                        failed. Several charter
                                                                                                          schools posted 2002 MCAS
                                                                                                          scores that were significantly
                                                                                                          higher than district averages

                                                                                                        • All of these schools are
15                                                                                                        working with challenging
10                                                                                                        student populations
                                                                                                        • Charter schools, especially
      Community Roxbury Prep, Neighborhood Academy of the
     Day, Lawrence Boston (Math House, Boston Pacific Rim,
                                                                                                          those in the inner-city, are
                                                                                                          showing that these children
      (Math 6th,    6th, English (Math 6th,     Boston      (Math/English (Math/English (Math/English
      English 7th)      7th)     English 7th) (Math/English    10th)         10th)         10th)

                                                                                                          have the capacity to learn
                                                                                                          and are succeeding in a
                                                                                                          charter school environment       12
 Success In the Suburbs
                                                                                                                       •   Suburban and rural
25                                                                                                                         charter schools are also
                                                                                                                           offering parents a quality
                                                                       Points Above District Average


                                                                                                                       •   Schools in Franklin,
15                                                                                                                         Newburyport,
                                                                                                                           Williamsburg, and on Cape
                                                                                                                           Cod distinguished
                                                                                                                           themselves with high
                                                                                                                           MCAS scores

     Hilltown, Williamsburg Benjamin Franklin,       River Valley,     Hilltown, Williamsburg     Sturgis, Cape Cod
      (Math/English 4th) Franklin (Math/English   Newburyport (Math    (Math 6th, English 7th)   (Math/English 10th)
                                   4th)            6th, English 7th)

Dramatic Achievement With Challenging Students
Boston’s Media and Technology
High School (MATCH), which
works with some of the
toughest academic challenges
in the state, showed                                                     82
remarkable progress                    80

 •   MATCH School turned a 82%         60
     failure rate into a 80% passing
     rate among a pool of 50            0
     students who took both the              MATCH School MCAS 2000 v.
                                                                              % Who Passed

     2000 8th grade MCAS and the
     2002 10th grade MCAS

Class of 2004 Makes the Grade
Charter schools across the Commonwealth are preparing their
10th graders for graduation
 •   10 of 13 charter schools had higher passing percentages on the 10th
     grade MCAS than the district
 •   2 suburban charter schools - Sabis Foxboro and Francis W. Parker in
     Devens - had 100 percent passing percentages in English and Math
 •   3 urban charter schools had passing percentages at least 30 percentage
     points higher than the district - South Boston Harbor Academy, Sabis
     International in Springfield, and MATCH in Boston
 •   2 other urban schools – Academy of the Pacific Rim and City on a Hill in
     Boston – had passing percentages at least 20 percentage points higher
 •   Sturgis on Cape Cod and Pioneer Valley in Hadley also exceeded district
     passing percentages by healthy margins

Class of 2004 Makes the Grade

        2002 MCAS - Grade 10                 Charter Passing %     District Average

       South Boston Harbor Academy                            94                  56
       Sabis International (Springfield)                      83                  47
       Media and Technology (Boston)                          87                  56
       Academy of the Pacific Rim (Boston)                    85                  56
       City on a Hill (Boston)                                76                  56
       Sturgis (Cape Cod)                                     97                  84
       Sabis Foxboro Regional                                100                  89
       Francis W. Parker (Devens)                            100                  92
       Somerville Charter                                     84                  76
       Pioneer Valley (Hadley)                                89                  84

    Among Charter School 10th Graders, Passing Rates
             Exceeded District Averages

The Boston Experience: A Healthy Dose of Competition
"The competition is real - for the resources and for the kids. We've got
to meet it by saying we can do it as well or better." Thomas Payzant,
Boston School Superintendent, August 14, 2002

                      Boston, with the most charter schools in Massachusetts,
                      provides an example of how charter schools can improve
                      educational quality
                        • Boston’s charter schools are providing a choice for low-
                          income and working class parents who cannot afford
                          private school tuition
                        • Boston district schools have responded to the
                          competition of charter schools by implementing new
                          programs and launching innovative “pilot schools”

The Boston Experience: A Healthy Dose of Competition

              Boston charter schools shined on the 2002 MCAS
                 • Five of the top eight non-exam high schools were charter
                   schools - Academy of the Pacific Rim, 1st, South Boston Harbor
                   Academy, 2nd, Media and Technology Charter High School, 3rd,
                   City on A Hill, 6th, and Health Careers Academy, 7th
                 • Among the 37 non-exam public middle schools, charter schools
                   ranked 3rd (South Boston Harbor Academy) 4th (Roxbury
                   Preparatory Charter School), 5th (Academy of the Pacific Rim)
                   and 6th (Neighborhood House Charter School)
                 • In Boston, 9 charter schools scored on average 7 points higher
                   than the district average

 Boston’s Top Ten High Schools
          Boston Latin

  Boston Latin Academy

   Academy/Pacific Rim

   South Boston Harbor



  Boston Arts Academy

          Fenway High

          City on a Hill

Health Careers Academy

       District Average

                     200   250            300              350               400               450        500
                           10th Grade Math/English Combined Scores; there are 27 high schools in Boston

                              Charter School                              District School                       19
Boston’s Top Ten Middle Schools
        Boston Latin

Boston Latin Academy

          Mary Lyon



 South Boston Harbor

       Roxbury Prep

 Academy/Pacific Rim

 Neighborhood House

      Donald McKay

     District Average

                   200      250               300                350                400               450              500
                         7th Grade English and 8th Grade Math scores combined; there are 37 middle schools in Boston

                                   Charter School                             District School                                20
Families Are Satisfied With Charter School Results

84% of charter school parents polled gave their children’s school grades of “A”
or “B.”

                                                            A or B
                                                            C or lower

               Source: Opinion Dynamics survey, June 2000

 Demand for Charter Schools: More Students…
                                   Massachusetts Charter School Enrollments
• Charter schools’ dramatic   18
  enrollment growth is the    16
  best indicator of demand    14
  among working and
  middle class families       12
                                   1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
                               Source: Department of Education
…And Longer Waiting Lists
                                  Massachusetts Charter School Waiting Lists
• Charter school waiting     14
  lists have grown even as   12
  more schools have
  opened. Today, 13,000      10
  children are on waiting
  lists across the state     8
                                  1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
                              Source: Department of Education
Charter Schools Are A Bargain

           Total Spending on Public Schools
                                              •   Charter schools make up
                         $110M                    only a tiny sliver of total
                                                  education spending

                                              •   Of the more than $6.4
                            $6.4B                 billion that is spent on
                                                  education, only $110
                                                  million will be spent on
                                                  charter schools
Source: Department of Education estimates

The Truth About the Cost of Charter Schools
•   Commonwealth charter schools receive the same Chapter 70 state aid as other
    public schools – no more, no less. Charter schools are not exempt from cuts in state
    aid – when other public schools get cut, charter schools get cut at the same rate

•   When charter schools are funded, there is no loss of public school dollars because
    charter schools are public schools. The total amount of education spending in
    communities with charter schools remains unchanged

•   The state is effectively taking a slice of total education spending and reallocating it
    to charter schools. The bottom line: are children better served by spending that
    money in charter schools or leaving it in the school system. The state is getting
    more for its dollars in charter schools

•   Funding for public schools Chapter 70 state aid has grown by 75% per pupil
    statewide – 114% in Boston – in the seven years since the first charter schools
    opened, providing many hundreds of millions more for all public schools

•   Charter schools don’t receive state school building assistance and – unlike other
    public schools – pay for their own facilities. Yet, they relieve overcrowding in other
    public schools and reduce the need for new schools
Charter Schools Are Worth It
   • Charter schools do not subtract from public education; they add
     to it
   • Charter schools offer public school choice to working class
   • There is continued demand for charter schools
   • Charter schools have had measurable academic success
   • Charter schools are agents of change in the public school system
   • Charter schools are held to extremely high standards
   • Charter schools reflect the diversity of the districts
   • Charter schools provide value

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