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									                                        THE EAST OAK LANE PAPER
                                                                                                      September 2008 - Vol. 1, Issue 15
                                            PO Box 2926, Philadelphia, PA 19126   Tel: 215-224-2777        Website:

                                        May General                          Church located at suit against the Hopeful
                                                                             11th St & Oak Lane.            Gospel Church regarding
                                        Meeting Results                                                     their summer outdoor
                                                                          Events planned for 2009:
                                        By Carmen Jimenez                                                   s e r v i c e s      t h a t
Important                Agency                                           • Pot      Luck       Dinner      caused amplified music
Numbers:                                                                     w h e r e            o u r and speeches that often
                                            The result of the
                                                                             community can “Meet went on until the wee
                                        election of new OLCAA
                                                                             the      C a n d i d a t e s ” hours of the morning.
•    Streets    Department              board members held on
                                                                             running in the May This activity often caused
     215-686-5560         (for          Wednesday, May 21st at                                              much angst among the
     repaving of our streets)           7:00PM follows: Wayne                                               near     neighbors      that
                                        White,    Evelyn    Jones,        • A Community Flea greatly                   effected    their
•    Dumpster   Violations
                                        Leland      Kent,    Alvin           Market is planned for quality of life. Neighbors
     215-686-4279 (for Apt
     Buildings and Busi-
                                        Mitchell,        Keisha              April. More details to could not even keep their
     nesses)                            Matthews,       Thurgood             follow.                        windows open in the
                                        Matthews,      Bernadette
•    Air & Noise Pollution              Tanksley,     Al   Carter,        • OLCAA           G e n e r a l summer if they wanted
     215-685-7580(for loud              Emerson Willis and Don               Meeting & Elections to go to bed, watch tele-
     music, etc.)                                                            will be in May.                vision or listen to their
                                        Graves.     Thanks to all                                           own       music.       The
•    The Pennsylvania Liq-              our     old    and    new         • Oak        Lane         D a y Court        ordered       the
     uor Control Enforce-               members for coming out               celebration will be in church to hire noise
     ment State Police, 6901            to vote.                             June.                          experts      that    would
     Woodland Ave.      215-                                                                                enable them to continue
                                            Th i s  b o a rd  wi l l
     726-6200                                                                                               the     services    without
                                        continue       to    work
•    35th Police District,              diligently to make our                                              disturbing the neighbors
     Broad & Champlost                  community       safe  and         Important News                    or face a $25,000 fine.
     215-686-3350                       vibrant.                                                            The court is also going to
                                                                          By Sharon Losier                  revisit this case in Feb.
•    Phila.     Streets                                                   President
     Household Hazardous                                                                              2009. The near neigh-
     Waste      http://                 Mark       Your                                               bors in cooperation with                                                          We have two success the City of Philadelphia
     s t r e e t s /                    Calendar      for                 stories that OLCAA and a n d          OLCAA       are
     h a z a r d -                      Upcoming Events                   Neighbors           m a d e responsible      for  this
                                                                          possible:                   victory for the quality of
                                        •      It is that time again.                                 life in East Oak Lane.
                                                                             We won our protest
                                               Friends of Oak Lane        against Lam's Market,
Inside This Issue:                             Library will hold the      6349 N. Broad Street !!!
                                               third annual Ghost         It was a 2-1 decision in
Great Neighbors . . . . . . . . 2              Walk on Oct 26. For        favor of denying the
Email on Fisher Park . . . . . 2               details please check       take-out permit. I'm sure
                                               the flyer on page 3 .                                      Phila      Household
Ghost Walk Flyer . . . . . . . . 3                                        that it's not over, but we H a z a r d o u s   Waste
                                        •      Also scheduled is a        definitely     won    this Collection Event on
Friends Oak Lane Library . .4
                                               Town      Meeting     in   round. Thank you so Sat,
O.L.P. Church News . . . . . .4                                                                                Nov . 1 at the
                                               collaboration with the     much for coming down Streets Dept facility at
Boy Scout Troop 19 Flyer . . 5                 35th police district on    and doing your part for between Castor Ave &
                                               Thursday, Oct. 23th        our neighborhood.
Friends of Library Concert . 6                                                                        Lewis St in Bridesburg
                                               at 7PM. Thanks to
2008 Oak Lane Day . . . . . . 6                                              The City of Philadel-        (near Allegheny Exit of I-
                                               Rev. Dr. Wilburt S.
                                                                          phia through the Health         95). They will accept
Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . 7          Richardson          for
                                                                          Department's Office of          elec-tronics. Check their
Friends Membership Form . 7                    allowing us to hold
                                                                          Noise    Management             website    listed  under
                                               the meeting at the
OLCAA Membership Form . 8                                                 brought an equity law           Important Numbers.
                                               Refuge     Evangelical
Page 2                                                                                          Volume 1, Issue 15

Great Neighbors               the 'Asbury Mansion.'       would respect, restore Subject: Fisher Park
By Kelly McShain Tyree        The castle-like structure   and care for this im-
                              with its once impressive    pressive historic home        Roots took 1st place
Chair, Beautification Comm.
                              rolling lawns, located      & property of one of Oak  in the 2008 City Gardens
  This past year, Philadel-   right at one of the en-     Lane's original foun-
                                                                                        In the midst of all the
phia broke the record for     trances to our neighbor-    der's, T. Henry Asbury.
                                                                                    strife out there, can your
the largest citywide clean-   hood, had fallen into                                 neighborhood life
up on record for a single     hard times over the past                              get any better than this?
day. The event was the        few years. The last owner                             Now in its 6th year, the
"Philly Spring Cleanup," of   had stopped caring for                                community           garden
                              the property and the new                              Roots, located in Fisher
which our Mayor Michael
                              owner, an investor, had                               Park, took 1st place in
Nutter was a huge propo-                                                            its category of mid-sized,
nent.    What    happened     erected a "For Sale" sign
                                                                                    combination       vegetable
when folks came together      and was seeking a buyer.                              and flower community
to take pride in their        Meanwhile, the property                               garden     in the      PHS
neighborhoods?                was an eyesore with             These neighborhood (Pennsylvania Horticul-
                              trash and debris every-     stories are so inspiring. ture Society) City Gar-
* 15,000 volunteers           where. A passionate East    If you have a 'great dens contest! This is a
                                                                                    BIG DEAL, considering
* 2.56 millions pounds of     Oak Lane preservation-      neighbor' story, please
                                                                                    how many gardens are
  trash removed               ist, Marita Krivda Poxon,   let us all know. We'd competing for this cov-
* 71 commercial corridors     not only hounded the        love to publish how peo- eted position, and also
* 27 Fairmount Park sites     realtor to mow the lawn     ple in our community considering all of the
* 28 Recreation Centers       and ensure that the ar-     are stepping up to make challenges that these
* 186 abandoned cars re       chitectural treasure was    East Oak Lane the spe- gardeners face keeping
moved                         being protected, but she    cial place that it is. the garden maintained,
                                                                                    actively attended and
                              personally      hired   a   Send your submissions
   An exciting day for the                                                          secure in such a public
                              worker to help her clean    to:                       place. As always, Roots
City indeed! Here in East
                              up the debris. Together         East Oak Lane Paper     gardeners invite park
Oak Lane, neighbors have
                              they collected 20 bags of            c/o OLCAA          users to visit and tour
a tradition of coming to-                                         PO Box 2777
                              trash! Mrs. Poxon had no                                around inside the fence.
gether throughout the year                                   Philadelphia, PA 19126
                              personal ownership in                                   Visitors are welcome to
to care-take our corner of                                                            snip herbs from the herb
                              the property at 970 W.
Philly: Oak Lane Tree Ten-                                                            circle for their use, but
                              Cheltenham Avenue, but
ders planting and tending                                                             not to take any produce
                              she     recognized    how   Drive by the 66th           from the individual plots
the islands at Broad &
                              blight could negatively   Avenue Bridge to see          because they are for the
66th Avenue, Friends of
                              affect the morale and the our neighborhood's Vic-       consumption of their
Oak Lane Library re-
                              property values of her    torian Urns with new          tenders, who pay a fee
landscaping and grooming                                Fall plantings of orna-       each year to borrow a
                              neighbors, so she took
the branch property at                                  mental grasses, varie-        garden bed.
                              "ownership" of the prob-
13th & Oak Lane, Block                                  gated ivy and winter
                              lem by rolling up her                                 We are very proud of
Captains organizing their                               pansies. Sponsored by
                              sleeves and cleaning up                           this community effort
streets for curbside clean-                             the Beautification Com-
                              a mess left by others so                          that continues to beau-
ups.                                                    mittee
                                                                                tify Fisher Park and to
                              that the entire commu-
                                                                                unify our neighborhood.
   We also have individual    nity could benefit.                               Please come and see for
neighbors stepping up for                                                       yourself how peaceful
                                  The Cheltenham Ave-
the common good. An                                                             and pretty the setting is.
                              nue property is still for Email Message
amazing     neighborhood
                              sale- please share that
story from this past Sum-                               from the Advisory       Best regards to everyone.
                              information with any po-
mer is regarding the prop-                              Council for Philadel- Laura Sweeney
                              tential buyers and future
erty at 970 W. Cheltenham
                              East Oak Laner's who phia Green
Avenue at Lakeside Drive-
Volume 1, Issue 15                                                Page 3

                     Spooky Stories of Oak Lane Ghosts

                           Sunday October 26, 2008
                                5:30 – 8:30 PM
                          Tours leave every half hour

                                TOURS START AT:
                                 904 OAK LANE
                     CORNER OF 10TH STREET & OAK LANE
                     Admission: $10 for adults; $6 for children
                       Refreshments Served at Final Home
                                  Sponsored by:
                         Friends of the Oak Lane Library
                     Call: 215-549-6531 for more information
Page 4                                                                                            Volume 1, Issue 15

FRIENDS OF THE                215-549-6531 for more          A Vindication of the          This clinic is for
                              information. There is a        Rights of Woman: with      women of all ages to
OAK LANE                      limit of 10-12 adults for      Strictures on Political    learn how to be pre-
                              each session.                  and Moral Subjects         pared for today’s soci-
LIBRARY                                                                                 ety. Do not miss out on
                                 The Friends are also        Mary     Wollstonecraft.
By T. Michael Poxon                                                                     an experience of a life-
                              pleased to report that         (Leaders: Michael Poxon
                                                                                        time—self defense made
                              Richard Stephens has           & Marita Krivda)
                              been elected the new
    The Friends of the                                       Discussion:     Monday,
                              Treasurer of the Friends                                     This workshop is
Oak Lane Library are                                         March 2, 2009. 7 PM
                                                                                        taught by Grandmaster,
looking for more mem-            The    Friends       will   L i b r a ry Community
                                                                                        Dr. Timothy Robinson,
bers of the community to      sponsor a Book Discus-         Room.
                                                                                        9th degree black belt.
participate in our ongo-      sion Group 2008-2009.
                                                                                        Contact him to register
ing    activities.    The     Our topic this year is:
                                                             Silent Spring              at  267-290-6918      or
Friends meet every third                                                                215-776-5397          or
Wednesday of the month        B O O K S   T H A T            Rachel Carson. (Leader:
at 7 PM in the Commu-         CHANGED THE WORLD              Charlie Philips)
nity Room of the Library.                                    Discussion:     Monday,
                                                             April 20, 2009. 7 PM Li-   Oak Lane Cultural
Our meetings for the re-                                                                Arts Program offers
                                  These are the books        brary Community Room.
mainder of 2008 are:                                                                    orchestral    instrument
                              that set the world on a
                              different course, for bet-                                instruction      (Mon./
 Wed, Oct. 15 at 7 PM         ter or for worse. They                                    Tues.),    line    dance
                              encompass the classics                                    classes (Mon. 7:30 PM),
   Wed, Nov.19 7 PM                                                                     yoga classes (Sat. 11:00
                              of philosophy, politics,
   Wed, Dec. 17 7 PM          sociology    &    science.                                AM),    karate    classes
                              These books brought
                                                             Community-                 (Wed. & Fri. 6:30 PM,
   Please join us to help     about reforms and revo-        Classes & Events           Sat. 1:00 PM) and more.
                              lutions; toppled govern-       at Oak Lane Pres-          All classes held at Oak
us plan events for our
                              ments;    started    wars.                                Lane      Presbyterian
community. Help us with
                              They changed people’s
                                                             byterian Church            Church, 6637 N. 11th
our future landscaping
                              hearts and minds; al-                                     Street. For more infor-
projects for the Library
                              tered people’s lives. Even                                mation call the church
grounds and with our                                             Annual Fish Fry.
                              today, these books con-                                   office at 215-424-4446
future, exciting events for                                  At The Oak Lane Presby-
                              tinue to stir passions                                    o r        g o        t o
the new year. All our                                        terian Church -11th St &
                              and cause controversy.         Oak Lane. Friday, Oct.
                                                             24th, 1:00 to 7:00 PM
    The Friends will spon-
                              Uncle Tom's Cabin: Or,            Order ahead by call-
sor Tai Chi classes for
adults on Thursday af-        Life Among the Lowly.          ing the church office at
ternoons from 1:30-2:30       Harriet Beecher Stowe.         215-424-4446 between
                                                                                        Annual Spaghetti
PM in the Community           (Leader: Marita Krivda)        the hours of 9AM and
                                                             noon.                      Dinner:      The mothers
Room       of    the   Li-
                              Discussion:  Monday,                                      of Boy Scout Troop 19
brary. These classes are                                        More details forth-
                              November 10, 2008. 7                                      are having their Annual
free and are open to the                                     coming at
                              PM Library Community                                      Spaghetti Dinner fea-
community. Tai Chi is                              
                              Room.                                                     turing beef and turkey
an ancient Chinese form
                                                                                        sauces on Friday, Oc-
of very gentle exercise
                                                                                        tober 10th from 6:00 –
with great health bene-       Non-Violent     Resistance
                                                             Women’s Self Defense       9:00 PM at Oak Lane
fits. Tai Chi can greatly     (Satyagraha)
                                                             Clinic                     Presbyterian     Church,
improve muscle tone and
                              Mohandas K. Gandhi.                                       6637 N. 11th Street,
balance. Shirley Philips                                         Saturday,   October
                              (Leader: Shirley Philips)                                 downstairs in the Social
and Ella Schwartz have                                       11, 2008 1:00 – 4:00
                                                                                        Room. The cost is $7
spearheaded this pro-         Discussion:     Monday,        PM. Oak Lane Presbyte-
                                                                                        (eat in or take out).
gram          for     the     January 19, 2009. 7 PM         rian Church, 6637 N.
                                                                                        Come to help support
Friends.      Classes will    L i b r a ry Community         11th St., $50 preregis-
                                                                                        the Boy Scouts and
start mid-October. Call       Room.                          tered; $60 at the door.
                                                                                        have a filling meal.
Volume 1, Issue 15   Page 5
Page 6                                                                                          Volume 1, Issue 15

AN EVENING ON                variety of beverages. The     It was sunny, hot and       Karen Hamilton, George
                             tables were draped in fall    humid and the food, ac-     Choe, and Sung Wi.
BROADWAY CON-                colors and laden with         tivities,  entertainment
                                                                                          Thanks to our volun-
CERT AT KUC                  treats for everyone. All      and camaraderie were
                                                                                       teers    Wayne      White,
                             those who attended had        great. We are so fortu-
CHUCH September 19           a chance to speak with        nate to have the coopera-
                                                                                       Darcy Russotto, Saul
                                                                                       Berger, Andrea Jones,
By Marita K. Poxon           the singers and connect       tion and support from
                                                                                       Bernadette      Tanksley,
                             with    their   neighbors     our       community
                                                                                       Thurgood Matthews, Al
                             while enjoying wonderful      churches . Thanks to-
                                                                                       Mitchell and the mem-
                             food prepared in imagi-       Holy Trinity Byzantine
                                                                                       bers from the Korean
                             native East Oak Lane          Catholic Church for al-
                                                                                       United Church of Phila.
                             Kitchens.                     lowing us to use their
                                                                                       and Gracepoint Church.
                                                           building and grounds
                                 The Friends of the                                    Andrea Jones, Dawn
                                                           again this year. Father
                             Oak Lane Library would                                    Shellenberger,     Michael
                                                           Austin could not have
                             like to thank Michael                                     Poxon, Jane Sadden,
                                                           been more hospitable.
    On Friday evening,       Poxon, Rich Stephens,                                     Pricilla Strapp, Christne
                                                           We also have Rev. John-
September 19th, 2008,        Judy     Lustig,   Hilda                                  Madden, Mellisa Wallace,
                                                           son from Oak Lane Pres-
the Friends of the Oak       Gross,    Ruth   Ezekiel,                                 Rachel     Poller,   Linda
                                                           byterian     Church    to
Lane Library organized a     and Deborah Ahrens,                                       Melvin, Lisa G.
                                                           thank for entertaining us
fantastic concert for our    our Oak Lane Librarian,
                                                           with their various youth        Thanks also goes out
community. The Concert       for their hard work in
                                                           groups. Korean United       to our youth Fernando
took place at the Korean     making this evening a
                                                           Church of Philadelphia      and Antonia Jones, Ther-
United Church at 12th        success.    The Friends
                                                           and Gracepoint Church       lia, Brittany and TJ Mat-
Street and Cheltenham        would also like to thank
                                                           were so instrumental in     thews,     Miles   Smith,
Avenue. Pastor Sun, the      Mr. Young Jai Lee, Presi-
                                                           putting    together   our   Brandon Klevence, David
minister of the church,      dent, More Bank, 470
                                                           lovely program booklet,     and Chris Losier, Bruce
allowed the community to     West Cheltenham Ave-
                                                           entertainment and a gen-    Dixon, Dante Jarred,
use the auditorium and       nue, Phila, PA 19126
                                                           erous donation to OL-       Charles Aaron, Rudy,
the    basement    dining    who sponsored the con-
                                                           CAA. Rev. Jae Sung Kim      Jamal and Kahlial Willis,
area. The Gilbert & Sulli-   cert.                         and Rev. Robert Kim and     and Boys Scout/Cub
van Society of Chester                                     their congregation are      Scouts      Troop    #19.
                                 We also wish to thank
County gave their second                                   part of our community       Thanks to those who dis-
                             all of the community who
concert in East Oak Lane                                   and we are very fortu-      tributed flyers and gave
                             donated fantastic treats
and this time they did                                     nate to have their sup-     monetary and food dona-
                             which were enjoyed. All
songs from Broadway                                        port.                       tions.
                             the goodies that were left
musicals. Eight singers
                             after the event were given
from the group enter-                                                                     We apologize if we left
                             to the children and teen-
tained over 60 East Oak                                                                out anyone’s name.
                             agers     of    the    KUC
Lane     residents    and                                                                Again, we have proven
                             Church. The proceeds
friends with a selection                                                              to ourselves and to those
                             from this concert will
from tried and true                                                                   outside of East Oak
                             support      the    ongoing
Broadway shows such as                                                                Lane, what a wonderful,
                             work of the Friends to
The King & I to today’s                                                               beautiful, diverse and
                             landscape the grounds of
shows including Wicked,                                                               committed     community
                             the Oak Lane Library &
Chicago and Phantom of                                        We want to thank all
                             purchase        additional                               we have.
the Opera.     Of course                                   the committee members
                             books for our Library.
they included a few sig-                                   for putting this event to-    We hope everyone
nature Gilbert & Sullivan                                  gether. They are Evelyn had a great day and we
songs which are their                                      Jones and Keisha Mat- look forward to a better
specialty.                                                 thews co-chairs, Emer- event in June 2009.
                             2008 Oak           Lane       son Willis, Jean Savage,
                                                           Patty Hahm, Earlene
   After the show, the       Day Report                    Mitchell, Renel Sample,
community enjoyed a
                                                           Sharon Losier, Cathy
wonderful selection of
                                                           Smith, Edward “Smitty”
deserts,   fresh   fruit,  What a wonderful day
                                                           Smith,    Judy    Becker,
quiches donated by Un- we had to celebrate Oak
                                                           Kelly McShain Tyree,
der the Oak Café, and a Lane Day on June 14th.
Volume 1, Issue 15                                                                                                                Page 7

   LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO HOST                                          LOOKING FOR A NEWER, LAR-
        YOUR NEXT EVENT?                                               GER SPACE TO HOST YOUR NEXT
                                                                              SPECIAL EVENT?

  The Event Place is a unique venue that offers a wonderful set-
  ting for hosting various types of Special Events and Celebrated      The Gathering Place is a new multi-room venue unique venue
  Occasions including: Birthday Parties, Receptions, Showers and       that offers a wonderful setting for hosting various types of Spe-
  Intimate Weddings, Social Affairs, Corporate Events, Club and        cial Events and Celebrated Occasions including: Birthday Par-
  Organizational Gatherings, Art Exhibitions, Book Signings, Edu-      ties, Receptions, Showers and Intimate Weddings, Social Affairs,
  cational Workshops, Seminars, Networking Events and much,            Corporate Events, Club and Organizational Gatherings, Art
  much, more…..                                                        Exhibitions, Book Signings, Educational Workshops, Seminars,
                                                                       Networking Events and much, much, more…..

              For more information, contact us at:                                   For more information, contact us at:

                    The Event Place
                                                                                    The Gathering Place
                 723 Oak Lane Avenue
                                                                                6755-57 Germantown Avenue
                 Philadelphia, PA 19126
                                                                                   Philadelphia, PA 19119
                (Accommodates up to 50 guests)                                      (Accommodates up to 125 guests)

                                                  Friends of the Oak Lane Branch
                                      of the Free Library of Philadelphia Membership Form

                                          Membership           □ New          □    Renewal

 □ Individual $10.00 □ Family $12.00 □ Senior/Student $7.00 □ Patron $25.00
 □ Business/Institution $50.00
 □ Additional Contribution     Amount: __________ Total Amount: ____________

   Name                                                             Phone           ____________________



 If you have any questions please contact:

 Complete form and return with your check payable to: Friends of Oak Lane Library
                                                      Marilyn Lassiter - Membership
                                                      6612 N. 13h Street, Philadelphia, PA 19126
                                                      Or Call: M.Poxon 215-549-6531
OAK LANE COMMUNITY ACTION ASSOCIATION (OLCAA)                                         Date Mailed: ________________
(Full Membership for residents of, or own businesses located in, East Oak Lane;           New member
and will receive a free subscription to OLCAA’s bimonthly newsletter.)                    Renewal

Choose a membership category:                                  Please call the Communications
  Individual              $15                                            Committee to place an AD
  Family                  $25                                                215-224-2777
  Student                 $ 6                                                  Option #2

  Senior (65+)            $6
  Business/Organization $50
  Associate Non-Resident $25                                         I would like more information on
                                                                      Committees of OLCAA:
I/We wish to make an additional contribution of:                          Beautification
  $50-99       (Willow Club)     $_____                                   Events
  $100-499     (Maple Club)      $_____                                   Communications
  $500+        (Oak Club)        $_____                                   Town Watch
  Other                          $_____                                   Historic Preservation
Total amount enclosed:           $______                                  Hospitality & Membership
________________________________________________                          Housing & Zoning
                                                                          Oak Lane Tree Tenders
Membership Name: ________________________________
Mailing Address: __________________________________
________________________________ Zip code: _______ HOW DID YOU HEAR OF OLCAA?
Phone: ________________ Email: ____________________  Newsletter  Other—explain
Make checks payable to: Oak Lane Community Action Assn.
Mail to: OLCAA       P.O. Box 2926  Phila., PA 19126                    Contributing to OLCAA
Web site: at:                                       Donations are tax-deductible

                                                                                             NON-PROFIT ORG
                                                                                             US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                             PHILA, PA
                                                                                             PERMIT NO. 6690

   PO Box 2926
   Philadelphia, PA 19126

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