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                                                               Why did Aishwarya
                                                               hide her pregnancy?
                                                               Acclaimed Indian filmmaker
                                                               Madhur Bhandarkar was forced
                                                               to put his mega new film project
                                                               Heroine on the backburner after
                                                               learning that the lead female
                                                               actress, Aishwarya Rai
                                                               Bachchan, was pregnant. He
                                                               claims that Aishwarya kept the
                                                               matter under wraps during initial
                                                               days of shooting for Heroine
        A model
   presents a creation
  by Austrian designer                                                     TRIBUNE NEWS NETWORK
Lena Hoschek during the
Mercedes-Benz Fashion

    Week, in Berlin,                                                        FTER Heroine, his “most ambitious
       Germany.                                                             project”, was put on the backburner
          (EPA)                                                             indefinitely following the news of his
                                                                            lead actress Aishwarya Rai’s preg-
                                                                            nancy, acclaimed filmmaker Madhur
                                                               Bhandarkar says he went into depression and
                                                               that he’s upset that the “truth was hidden” from
                                                                 “This decision of pulling the plug had a devast-
                                                               ing effect on me … It was like an avalanche col-
                                                               lapsing on me… I was in a state of total shock
                                                               and depression,” Bhandarkar posted on his blog
                                                               on Tuesday.
                                                                 The filmmaker, who has given hits like Page 3,
                                                               Chandni Bar and Fashion, remained silent so
                                                               far, ever since producers UTV took the decision
                                                               to stall the movie for the sake of Aishwarya’s
                                                                 “It was a collective decision of the producers of
                                                               the film to pull off the plug on the current assem-
                                                               bled project…I am still reeling in a state of
                                                               shock…. But still chose to remain silent all these
                                                               days; but was coerced into breaking my silence…
                                                               as I realised that the truth deserved to be told,” he
                                                                 Though Bhandarkar believes “motherhood is
                                                               pious” and that women play an important role in
                                                               his personal and professional life, he feels things
                                                               could have been altered if he would have been
                                                               informed even after the film’s announcement on
                                                               May 13 at the 64th Cannes International Film
                                                                 “The entire event would not have taken place if           Madhur Bhandarkar
                                                               on the onset the actress would have informed the
                                    A model                    state of her health an impending maternity. The
                               presents a creation             truth was hidden from us. We learnt about the           of someting unfortunate happening on the sets.
                              by Lebanese designer             entire thing from news channels like the rest of           “Heroine entails a huge canvas of around 40
                             Zuhair Murad during the           the world that the said actress was four months         locations in which heavy duty scenes involving
                               Haute Couture Paris             pregnant and she was due in November.                   massive crowds are to be shot…. Scenes of the
                                Fashion Week, in                 “Filmmaking in Mumbai film industry is not a           actress being mobbed by the crowds… heavy
                                  Paris, France.               mere business but one big fraternity who func-          duty scenes of involving hardcore physical exer-
                                                 (EPA)         tions on total faith and trust. The film was             tion…One of the days amongst the only eight
                                                               announced in Cannes on 13th May while we                days shoot… one of my associate directors while
                                                               commenced shooting on 7th June. There was a             rehearsing for the actress tripped and had a bad
                                                               gap of 24 days...even if we had known the truth         fall injuring himself… The terrain we were shoot-
                                                               behind the maternal state of the actress, things        ing was rocky.
                                                               could have been reworked keeping the state of              “Today, when I know the condition of my
                                                               matters in mind accordingly and this crisis could       lead actress and I shudder at the thought what                                                     Aishwarya Rai
                                                               have been averted,” wrote Bhandarkar.                   if instead of my associate she would be the one                                                        Bachchan
                                                                 The National award-winning filmmaker, who              to be injured; I would have suffered a major
                                                               has now gone to Amritsar to visit the Golden            guilt throughout my life if anything were to
                                                               Temple to seek blessings, says the film involves         happen to her on my guard and direction,”
                                                               tricky scenes and that he shudders at the thought       Bhandarkar wrote.

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