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           For those who believe anything is possible.

For those who believe no detail is minor, there’s only one window.
Insist on getting precisely what you want. In windows and doors, that’s elegant craftsmanship, as well as an anything-is-possible attitude.
That’s Marvin. Ask Builder’s Window Supply about Marvin Windows and Doors. Learn more at marvin.com or visit us today.

                                             For an appointment please call
                                                Builder’s Window Supply
                                   10855 Sorrento Valley Rd. #11 • San Diego, CA 92121
 World Class Marvin Dealer
San Diego’s Refacing Specialists
offer expires 03/15/08

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affordable comfort is what we do best. From design to installa-
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tion, we do it all. We come to you bringing luscious colors,                                            DAVE BAKER
furnishings with flair and handsome window treatments. With                                      PRODUCTION MANAGERS
just one call, we can begin answering your decorating questions.                         DAWN DOWLATSHAHI , DAVID MARCHAND
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                      Protect Your Home With All

The Right                              Maintenance/Furnishings/Decorating

You asked for it. As a homeowner, there is no better way to protect your investment than to stay on top
of your home’s upkeep. With Affluent Living Publications’ directory of maintenance and repair, you’ll
find additional web base articles to take you from making simple repairs to revealing money saving        For important tips on caring for your home
tips. You’ll also find valuable guidelines to help you save money on appliances, insurance and home       visit www.keyaccess.com
loans. For more important tips on caring for your home, visit our website at: www.keyaccess.com           For archived article links,
                                                                                                          please go to www.keyaccess.com

             Cleaning Brass                                          Energy Checklist                              Removing Sticky Items
Tips for keeping brass clean and                          How to evaluate the energy                          How to remove sticky items
shiny.                                                    efficiency of your home.                            from most surfaces.

             Cleaning Vinyl                                        Cleaning Aluminum                                    Water Treatment
Learn how spots can often be                              Valuable tips for cleaning                          Learn how to soften water.
removed from upholstery.                                  aluminum.
            Patio Umbrellas                                          Cleaning Pewter                          What you need to know about
How to care for a patio umbrella.                         Hints for keeping pewter                            weather stripping.
       Home Made Cleaners                                                                                              Plumbing Systems
Here are cleaners you can make                                       Care of Disposal                         A guide to plumbing systems.
yourself.                                                 Keep your disposal in working
                                                          order.                                                        Stopped Up Toilet
                  Solvents                                                                                    Repairing a stopped up toilet.
What you need to know about                                             Freezer Care
household solvents.                                       How to maintain your freezer.                           Repairing Wall Switches
                                                                                                              How to handle simple wall
                  Caulking                                      Microwave Oven Care                           switch repairs.
Handy information about types                             Learn how to care for your
of caulking.                                              microwave oven.                                                Controlling Ants
                                                                                                              Tips for controlling ants.
Household Waste Management                                             Removing Tar
Learn how to rid your home of                             Tips for removing tar from                                  Water Conservation
toxins.                                                   hard surface floors.                                Learn how to conserve water.

               Humidifiers                                           Controlling Bees                                          Termites
What you need to know about                               Handy tips for controlling bees.                    Valuable tips for controlling
humidifiers.                                                                                                  termites.
                                                               Electrical Appliance Care
                   Radon                                  Keep your electrical appliances
Avoid the dangers of Radon gas.                           working properly.
                                                                                                              Got a question? Or perhaps a home repair problem
           Fireplace Safety                                        Preventing Mildew                          that you need help solving?
Have a safe f ireplace in your                            How to control and prevent                          Email your question to jacki@keyaccess.com and
home.                                                     mildew.                                             we’ll add it to our directory.

      For Advertiser’s Qualifications: see     keyaccess.com     Contents
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                                                                 18 - 23 HOME FASHION
                                                                 From Ugly To Dazzling – Transform Your Fireplace Now!
                                                                 Exotic Furnishings Create Endless Design Possibilities In Your
                                                                 Make Your Home Shine With Custom Metal Accents
                                                                 Stone Doors – Enter Into Modernity
                                                                 Tile, And Natural Stone Restoration
                                                                 24, 25 FEATURE ARTICLE
                                                                 Educational Focus: How To Discover Your Childs Learning Syle

                                                                 26 - 30 KITCHEN & BATH
                                                                 Refrigeration Solutions Offering Elegant Form And Superior
                                                                 Fireclay Sinks

       Mobile                                           Office
       619.518.8422                          619.669.1853
       • Quality Installation • Custom Design
    • All Types of Wood Flooring & Applications
           • Certified Inspection Services

                   Kevin Clough, Owner
26 - 30 KITCHEN & BATH
Looking For A Fast And Affordable Kitchen Makeover?
Sweating The Details
Your Repiping Alternative™ Why Replace Your Copper And
 Galvanized Pipes?
Are You Making The Most Of Your Homeowners Insurance?
The Amazing Opening Louver Patio Roof System
Garage Door Makeovers – Beautiful Form And Superior
If Your Pool Is Looking A Little Sad Or Suffered Damage From
 Recent Fires, Perhaps Now’s The Time To Remodel
Conserving Water The Green Way!
Entry Door Revolution – Design Meets Durability
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) A New Generation In
 Termite Control

                     32 - 48 EXTERIORS &
                     Rid Your Roof Of Algae Infestation
                      Without Replacing A Single Tile!
                     Dazzling And Affordable Outdoor Rooms
                      And Elitewood Patio Covers
                     Calcium – Good For Your Bones, Not So
                      Good For Your Pool Tiles
                     Never Clean Your Rain Gutters Again
                     New Or Re-New?
                     Now, You Can Have Your Very Own
                      Treehouse Complete With Its Own Tree
                     50 - 54 HOME INTERIORS
                     Got Cottage Cheeze? Ceilings...
                     Maximize Efficiency While Minimizing
                      Energy Costs With Tankless Water
                     Garage Makeover: Easy Said; Easy Done!
                     How Efficient Is Your Home Comfort
                     57 HEALTH, BEAUTY, & FITNESS
                     The Eyebrows Have It! Beautiful, Shapely
                      Eyebrows Bring Back That Youthful,
                      Awake Look
    Beyond Audio Video provides the finest in
aesthetically pleasing contemporary and hid-
den home theater systems. This month’s cover
features Artcoustic loudspeakers with digital
art screens, an innovation in high-end audio
that also speaks to your eyes.
    For more information or to schedule an on-
site consultation, you can call Beyond Audio
Video at 858-571-1100 or visit them online at
www.BeyondAudioVideo.com. See their ad on
page 2.
                 From Ugly to Dazzling
                    Transform Your Fireplace Now!

                i     deally, fireplace design and home décor additions would evolve
                      together, each reflecting and changing with the personal décor
                      choices of a homeowner. Unfortunately, the contrary is more
                      likely to be true. The décor of a home tends to progress while its
                      out-of-date fireplace stays put, lacking any genuine or focal
                 purpose. Today, more and more older homes are losing their luster due
                 to ugly, dull fireplaces that date back to their origin. And homeowners
                 unfamiliar with their options to update often allow themselves to
                 feel trapped with something that is more of an annoyance than an
                      As the figurative and literal source of warmth, a fireplace is an
                 important part of the overall character of your home. Its size and
                 central location reinforce the style of the room, so a remodeled
                 fireplace can completely revitalize a tired décor. Fireplace remodeling
                 may seem daunting, but advances in construction have made this
                 home update quick and flexible. Today, the
                 wonders of technology bring us contemporary
                                                                                                                                     to contemporary and are
                 casting materials and techniques that have
                                                                                                                                     available in numerous
                 made exciting pre-cast fireplace mantels and
                                                                                                                                     distinctive designs to satisfy
                 surrounds possible. Imagine turning your
                                                                                                                                     even the most particular
                 unsightly redbrick fireplace into a
                                                                                                                                     styles. They can be installed to
                 Mediterranean-influenced masterpiece
                                                                                                                                     fit perfectly over your existing,
                 complete with detailed inlays to match your
                                                                                                                                     outdated fireplace or installed
                 personal décor. Transform a master bedroom
                                                                                                                                     as a new addition. If a home-
                 into a romantic getaway when you update
                                                                                                                                     owner has space or existing
                 your recessed fireplace with a French-
                                                                                                                                     fireplace challenges, pre-cast
                 sophisticate surround.
                                                                                                                                     fireplace surrounds can be
                     Options are endless and updating is easier
                                                                                                                                     cast to specified dimensions
                 than most imagine. Pre-cast fireplace
                                                                                                                                     and cut to fit even the most
                 mantels and surrounds can be made in a
                                                                                                                                     extraordinary project site
                 wide variety of styles ranging from old-world
                                                                                                                                     conditions. The fireplace
                                                                                                                                     products can be cast in a
                                                                                           spectrum of colors with surface textures ranging from smooth to
                                                                                           coarse. The pre-cast material is an ideal medium for the application of
                                                                                           faux finishes or the addition of decorative inlays made from tile, stone,
                                                                                           metal, or glass.
                                                                                               Pre-cast surrounds and mantels are the perfect solution for
                                                                                           outdated fireplaces and great additions to any new home project.
                                                                                           For more information about adding a pre-cast fireplace surround
                                                                                           to your home, you can call the experts at Edifice Ornamentation

                                                                                           at 858-565-6532. They have been providing products and services
                                                                                           to San Diego homeowners since 1971. Their new showroom is
                                                                                           located at 8210 Engineer Rd., San Diego, CA 92111, and online at

     18           SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008

Exotic Furnishings
Create Endless
Design Possibilities
in Your Home

i   magine walking into your home and being transported to another
    place. Whether it is somewhere you have already been or a dream
    destination, capturing the culture and exquisite beauty of another
    country is possible by including handcrafted furniture directly
from its skilled artisans in your home. Standard, mass-produced fur-
nishings are a trend of the past as the efforts of savvy importers now
allow homeowners access to custom furnishings direct from India,
China, and Indonesia. Handcrafted from solid wood, these pieces are
true works of art, sure to expand the design possibilities in any home.
    New to the market of worldwide imports are recycled and antique
furniture lines catering to homeowners interested in keeping their
home environmentally friendly. Utilizing architectural materials from
old structures, railroad ties, piers, and even elements of antique fur-
nishings, these innovative designs tell their own story and make the
ideal conversation pieces.
    Direct access to skilled craftsmen throughout the world keeps the
cost reasonable and grants buyers access to exotic styles and materials
not available in the United States. From grandeur bookcases and din-
ing room tables to distinctive armoires and custom-built sideboards,
the options are truly endless and the products exquisite.
    A direct importer of authentic rustic furniture will feature an
extensive collection of high-quality hardwood, metal, and leather fur-
nishings and accessories. In a unique warehouse setting that keeps the
overhead costs low, the savings is clearly reflected in products offered at
prices reduced 30 to 80 percent. Offering free in-home design services
that include everything from determining the ideal style to fit your
home and creating floor plans to custom furniture design, in-house
interior designers are available to assist you every step of the way.
    For more information or to schedule a free in-home consultation,
San Diego Rustic welcomes you to visit their 35,000 square feet of

showroom space located in San Diego at 9570 Distribution Ave.,
858-537-9348, and in San Marcos at 980 Los Vallecitos Blvd., 760-
471-7230. To view the complete collection online, you can visit their
website at www.SanDiegoRustic.com
                                                                              FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DEIGO LIVING METRO   19
                               Make Your
                             Home Shine
                             with Custom
                            Metal Accents
                                                                   kitchen to a more modern one, don’t over-

                h              omeowners looking for new and
                               exciting ways to add individual-
                               ity and a beautiful custom look
                to their home need look no further than cus-
                tom-crafted metal accents. While restaurant
                owners are way ahead on this trend, home-
                                                                   look this fashionable trend. From staircase
                                                                   handrails, decorative walls, door panels, and
                                                                   unique fireplace surrounds to bath and
                                                                   kitchen countertops, range hoods, custom
                                                                   tables, and specially crafted cabinet cover-
                                                                   ings, your options for customizing your
                                                                   home are endless. You can leave the design-
                owners are realizing what a unique look cus-       ing to specialists or have your own creations
                tom-designed stainless steel, antiqued copper,     brought to life.
                rich black iron, soft zinc, and other metals           When choosing a company in such a spe-
                can create in any home.                            cialized trade, make sure to choose wisely;
                    The staircase of many homes is a focal         look for a company that specializes in cus-
                point that immediately comes into view upon        tom sheet metal fabrication that can offer all
                entering the home. Embellish your stairways        the services necessary from design to installa-    your metal surface back to its original look,
                with stainless steel alone or use it as a unique   tion. Experienced craftsmen will hand cut,         which makes the idea of designing with metal
                and durable accent along with glass, wood, or      form, weld, and finish your new piece accord-      more than beautiful and unique—it’s smart!
                cables. Stainless steel, zinc, or copper coun-     ing to your specific tastes and the installation       For more information, you can contact
                tertops with custom-designed finishes mod-         takes only a couple days after fabrication is      Crown Steel Mfg. at 760-471-1188. With over
                ernize and update any kitchen. Since metals        complete, depending on the extent of the job.      38 years of experience, they specialize in cus-
                like stainless steel and copper are non-porous         Stainless steel and other sheet metals are     tom sheet metal fabrication for both residen-

                and do not rust, they provide a very sanitary      extremely durable and stain-resistant so that      tial and commercial clients. You can set up
                surface on which to prepare meals.                 cleanup and care is simple and quick. Any          your design consultation with their expert
                    If you are considering remodeling or           scratches that happen over the life of the         craftsmen or browse their online project gal-
                updating the rustic look of your home or           metal can simply be buffed out, returning          leries at www.CrownSteelMfg.net

     20          SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008

                                                                                        Stone Doors –
                                                                                                     Enter into Modernity

                a                   re you looking for a bright,
                                    contemporary entryway to
                 polish your home and are tired of the same old
                 boring mass-produced doors? The threshold
                 through which friends, family, and loved ones
                 are invited into your home deserves to be just
                 as carefully picked and as design-friendly as
                 elements of your home’s interior. A custom
                 door made from natural stone is the perfect
                 way to dress your home and welcome guests,
                 and is a trend that many designers have
                 already discovered and employed in their
                 design schemes. While serving as a highly           beginning to end, ensuring your approval of         achievable to match your style and now serves
                 unique piece of art that is shaped by the           every aspect put into the door. From choosing       a functional purpose in energy and weather
                 Earth’s history, each one-of-a-kind door allows     your own personal slab to deciding whether to       efficiency, as well as safety. It’s also nice to
                 your home to be an expression of yourself.          include stainless steel hardware, inlays from       know that it can be handled with ease by
                     The beauty that is displayed by these entry     metal or stone, or any design of custom lights,     artists, craftsmen, and professionals.
                 doors is only one of the many benefits of hav-      your door should meet your specifications for           For more information, you can contact
                 ing a stone door. Besides being handcrafted         beautifying the exterior of your home. Make         Stone Doors, U.S. at 858-454-3117 or visit
                 pieces that are built to last for generations and   sure that after your door is designed by you        their showroom at 6786 La Jolla Blvd. in La
                 that can never be reproduced or copied, these       and created by highly skilled artistic crafts-      Jolla. Stone Doors is an exclusive United States
                 German-made doors surpass the highest               men, it is finished and comes complete with         distributor for Tueren Art, a manufacturer that
                 European standards in energy efficiency and         hardware, a safety-secured locking system,          designs, engineers, and makes stone doors in
                 feature an exceptional five-point locking sys-      and keys so it is ready to be installed by quali-   Germany. To view more of their portfolio, you
                 tem for superior burglar-resistance. Stone          fied and experienced stone door installers.         can visit them online at www.StoneDoors.us or
                 doors have a stable aluminum construction               The fresh look you’ve been dreaming of is       www.Fenstermann.com
                 framework with thermal separation, including
                 polyurethane cores with high temperature
                 insulation to keep the home weatherproofed
                 and insulated in any temperature and any
                 weather. The doors have maintenance-free
                 surfaces and are sun-proof as well as scratch,
                 impact, and dent-resistant. Imagine never

                 having to replace a front door due to sun or
                 water damage!
                     Choosing your new stone door is a process
                 that should include your participation from
     22           SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008
Tile, and                                        tion, they can give it a brand new

Natural Stone                                    revitalized look by using a crystal-
                                                 lization method. A few of the advan-
Restoration                                      tages of crystallization are that your
                                                 floor will never need to be stripped
                                                 and the process increases color,

M                      ost of us have chosen
                       travertine or another
                       natural stone to
enhance the look of our home and to blend
seamlessly with our already beautiful furnish-
ings. However, once installed, most of us com-
                                                 shine, and slip resistance.
                                                     If, under any circumstances, your
                                                 stone tiles are uneven (some higher
                                                 than others) or deeply scratched,
                                                 restoration experts can simply hone
                                                 the surface level of the tiles to match
monly assume that natural stone is stain-            If the shiny look of your original
proof, and we must remember that all stone is    ceramic or porcelain tile has become
porous to some degree and if not properly        dull over the years, they can clean
treated with a protective sealer, water, oils,   the tile and grout with ease.
and other liquid can easily penetrate the            The Grout Genie can save
stone, leaving behind unsightly stains and       you thousands of dollars by
damage.                                          revitalizing your tile, grout,                                              After
    Beyond protecting and cleaning natural       and natural stone. For a free
stone, on occasion restoration specialists       estimate or demonstration, you
can transform the surface to achieve your        can call Mike Kennedy or Ken
desired look. If your stone is in good condi-    Campbell at 858-492-9020.

   keyaccess.com                                                                           FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO

      Education Focus:
       How to Discover Your Child’s Learning Style

24   SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008           keyaccess.com

e             veryone has a unique learning
              style. There are many ways a
person can process information, and everyone’s
brain “computes” in a different way. You can
                                                     to themselves are often auditory learners.
                                                     Auditory learners love participating in
                                                     discussions, but they can be easily distracted by
                                                     other noises, conversations, or music. Allow
                                                                                                           auditory and visual learners. Also, teachers
                                                                                                           often do not appreciate a child moving around
                                                                                                           and touching things.
                                                                                                             For kinesthetic learners, incorporate activities
identify your child’s learning style and deter-                                                            that allow your child to touch, explore, play,
mine the most effective way to “encode” infor-                                                             perform and create. Since kinesthetic learners
mation. The three main learning styles are:                                                                frequently don’t visualize or retain information
visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.                                                                         simply by listening, creating opportunities that
    A visual learner thinks in images or                                                                   allow them to interact with the senses is
pictures. The mind of a visual child is like a                                                             crucial.
video camera that’s always recording – to                                                                     No single learning style is better than
recall an event, a visual child will “plays back”                                                          another; they are all valid, intelligent, and
images. Visual learners often do well in the                                                               useful ways to process information. While
classroom because, traditionally, most                                                                     every child usually has one primary learning
information and testing in school is visual.         your child to talk through situations and reach       style, they will also possess a “mix” of the
   Visual children love to read, look at pictures,   solutions, and be sensitive to their need for         other styles that allows them to process infor-
and watch others. Incorporate pictures, videos       interaction or verbal repetition.                     mation and look at the world in their own
and computers to capture a visual child’s               Kinesthetic learners tend to learn through         unique way.
attention. Also, visual learners love to write,      touch and experience – these children must do         Source: Feature Source, and “20 Secrets
draw and organize things.                            in order to learn, and memory is linked to            t o Su c c e s s w it h Y o u r Ch ild ” by E rin
                                                                                                           Conroy (Celtic Cross Communications,
   Auditory learners have excellent listening        bodily interaction. While kinesthetic children        www.parentingwithsuccess.com)
skills and have the ability to catch subtle          often excel in activities such as building, sports,   If you enjoyed reading this article and would
                                                     drama or dance, they may have difficulty in the       like to see more general topic articles please
nuances in words, tone, inflection and overall                                                             email your topic recommendations to
meaning. Children who frequently sing or talk        classroom because most material is geared for         debbie@keyaccess.com

    keyaccess.com                                                                                           FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO               25

                 Refrigeration Solutions Offering
                 Elegant Form and Superior Function
                                                         both produce and meat are kept         temperature and humidity con-

                                 acor’s stand-alone      at the ideal temperature, perfect      trols that can be set at 31 degrees
                                 refrigerators, at 36”   for anyone who is passionate           for meat, 34 degrees for produce,
                                 wide and 24” deep,      about food.                            or 38 degrees for citrus.
                                 meet the needs of            The refrigerator also             Temperature and humidity can
                 consumers who demand style and          includes an internal water dis-        also be manually adjusted. The
                 quality, and those who need to          penser mounted on the inside           drawers are surrounded by cold
                 slide a high-performing refrigera-      wall that provides fresh and cool      air, which preserves food with
                 tor into standard-sized cabinetry       filtered water.                        more consistency, accuracy, and
                 instead of installing built-in               The bottom freezer drawer         delicacy than when cold air blows
                 refrigeration.                          glides open effortlessly and has a     directly on the drawer content.
                     The new Epicure stand-alone         larger capacity than most freezers,        Fully adjustable shelves and
                 units are available in stainless        including full wire baskets that       bins in the refrigerator and freez-
                 steel with French door or standard      keep frozen food organized and         er allow users to customize con-
                 door configuration, both with bot-      easily accessible. With fresh food     figuration on the inside of the
                 tom freezers. The French door           storage on the top and the freezer     unit, which also features an
                 configuration is ideal for space-       on the bottom, users have to bend      optional filtered water dispenser,
                 saving kitchen designs. Both door       less frequently to reach the items     three tempered glass shelves, one
                 configurations boast the same spa-      that are used most often.              adjustable half-size drawer, a full
                 cious interior that easily accom-            Easy-to-navigate front mount-     width dairy compartment on the
                 modates oversized items such as         ed electronic controls provide         refrigerator door, a freezer
                 deli trays and serving platters.        accurate temperature readouts          equipped with shelf and basket
                     In addition to the tightly          with monitors that alert users         storage, and two easy-access tilt-
                 monitored interior temperatures,        when the internal temperature          out compartments on the freezer
                 the units feature a slide-out deli      increases, water filter needs to be    door. In keeping with Dacor’s
                 drawer and two crisp drawers,           changed, or if the door is left ajar   emphasis on elegant design, both
                 with individual                         for several minutes. This ensures      sizes are available in overlay
                 temperature/humidity controls           fresh food and energy efficiency.      models that allow for customiza-
                 that can be adjusted to guarantee            The units are Energy Star ®       tion of panels and hardware to
                                                         compliant and feature adap-            match any kitchen design.
                                                         tive/pre-emptive defrost, which            For more information, you
                                                         tracks refrigerator door usage,        can contact Standards of
                                                         then sets and maintains optimum        excellence at one of their six
                                                         point temperatures that are            locations: 2620 Financial Court,
                                                         adjusted to fit the usage patterns.    San Diego, 858-274-6004;
                                                         At known intervals of heavy            694 Rancheros Dr. San Marcos,
                                                         usage, the units adjust according-     760-761-3600; 1555 Fayette,
                                                         ly to keep food fresher longer.        El Cajon, 619-562-6200;
                                                              Dacor’s built-in refrigerator     41379 Date Street, Murrieta,
                                                         models enable three different          951-461-8622; 70190 Highway
                                                         temperature zones to keep food         111, Rancho Mirage, 760-

                                                         fresher longer. In addition to         328-0046; 16001 Gothard Street,
                                                         tightly monitored interior temper-     Huntington Beach, 714-848-2006.
                                                         ature, the units feature two food      You can also visit their website at
                                                         saver drawers, with independent        www.standardsofexcellence.com
     26           SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008

                                                                                                                       lent form, and beauty over strict practicality.
                                                                                                                       Discriminating consumers demand not just
                                                                                                                       function, but elegance as well. In the late
                                                                                                                       1800s, fireclay sinks were widely used for their
                                                                                                                       durability and style in luxury and main-
                                                                                                                       stream homes in London. These elements
                                                                                                                       have remained key to these fireclay sinks and
                                                                                                                       are the reasons for their popularity resurfac-
                                                                                                                       ing now in the 21st century. They are elevat-
                                                                                                                       ing their stature from a strictly behind-the-
                                                                                                                       scenes practical sink, as they used to be
                                                                                                                       thought of, to becoming the latest fashion
                                                                                                                       must-have statement piece for fine homes
                                                                                                                       everywhere and a recognizable luxury focal
                                                                                                                       point for the kitchen.
                                                                                                                           It is definitely apparent that when it
                                                                                                                       comes to presenting genuine fireclay sinks
                                                                                                                       with history and tradition behind them, these
                                                                                                                       sinks exemplify the timeless elegance, beauty,
                                                                                                                       quality, and durability of the epicenters for
                                                                                                                       the kitchen. These sinks have set the standard

                                                                                                                       of ultimate authentic luxury.
                                                                                                                           From traditional to modern, the ROHL
                                                                                                                       collections include a wide range of top-quali-
                 The Perfect Addition to a Beautiful, Functional Kitchen                                               ty faucets, fixtures, shower components, and
                                                                                                                       accessories. Sourced from Western Europe,

                                                                                                                       New Zealand, and North America, each is
                      ncorporating the fireclay sink into           stand out as a superior option for the busy        crafted to ROHL’s rigid specifications and is
                      high-end kitchens creates an environ-         kitchens of today. The high firing tempera-        uniquely tailored for the American home,
                      ment of superior functionality while          ture unites the clay and glazes of the sink into   hotel, or resort.
                      maintaining a sense of luxury.                one unit, which makes the sink chip and                For more information, you can
                      Partnering with Shaws, a company that         rust-resistant                                                               contact Standards of
                 has hand-crafted fireclay sinks since 1897 in      as well as lead-                                                             Excellence at one of
                 Darwen, England, ROHL brings authentic,            free. Available                                                              their six locations:
                 handmade fireclay sinks to the U.S. market.        in white, bis-                                                               2620 Financial Ct.,
                 Still hand poured, shaped, and stamped with        cuit, and black,                                                             San Diego, 858-
                 the name of the original artisans who sculpt-      these fireclay                                                               274-6004;         694
                 ed the clay, these sinks are acid, alkali,         sinks are stain-                                                             Rancheros         Dr.,
                 scratch, and impact-resistant. The attention       resistant and                                                                San Marcos, 760-
                 to detail has made this collection of sinks true   can endure                                                                   761-3600; 1555
                 works of art, as each fireclay sink is hand-       heavy use. This                                                              Fayette, El Cajon,
                 crafted one by one, by modern day tradesmen.       industrial                                                                   619-562-6200;
                 This century-old tradition ties the heritage       strength sink                                                                41379 Date St.,
                 and history with modern luxury to set this         can be used as a beautiful kitchen essential       Murrieta, 951-461-8622; 70190 Highway 111.

                 fireclay sink apart from the competition.          while maintaining its sturdiness and resis-        Rancho Mirage, 760-328-0046; 16001
                     Fired at 2,264 degrees Fahrenheit—twice        tance. Its beauty and integrity will withstand     Gothard St., Huntington Beach, 714-848-2006.
                 the firing temperature of cast iron prod-          the tests of time, age, and use.                   You can also visit their website at
                 ucts—fireclay sinks are tough, durable, and            Today’s homeowner values quality, excel-       www.standardsofexcellence.com

     28           SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008

    Looking For a Fast and Affordable

  Kitchen Makeover?

     Quality Cabinet
      Painting and
     Refinishing Is the
     Perfect Solution
          for You!

                                                   make the smart decision to have your cabinetry     antique glazes or clean white colors to achieve
                     ost homeowners will agree     custom painted? This way you’ll be able to give    the classic or contemporary look you desire.
                     that the most eye-catching    your kitchen a beautiful new look for much less    Once your cabinets are refurbished you can
                     part of your kitchen is its   than you ever imagined.                            further complement your new kitchen by simply
cabinetry. So it would make sense that in order        Custom cabinet painting and refinishing        adding a few fashionable hardware accents.
to spruce things up and give your kitchen an       allows you to not only incorporate fresh colors         You will save thousands of dollars while
updated feel all you need to do is alter the       and modern trends into your kitchen, but it can    increasing the value of your home with this
exterior facade of your current cabinets.          also renew the sparkling factory-finished look     effortless but stunning remodel. For further

    Most kitchen remodels such as designing        your classic, well-made cabinetry once had.         information on custom cabinet painting and
and installing brand new cabinets or refacing          Your cabinets will be thoroughly prepped,      refinishing, you can call Palmer Painting at
have proven to be rather expensive and time        cleaned, and painted or stripped, stained, and     619-460-3985 or 858-452-4314. You can also
consuming. Why not skip all of the hassles and     finished to perfection. Select from a variety of   visit their website at www.palmerpainting.com
                                                                                                       FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DEIGO LIVING METRO            29

           the Details
  w                   hen you embark on a
                      kitchen or bath remodel,
     you will find more choices than you thought
     possible. Imagine if you went to buy a car
     and had to choose the fabric for the seats, the
                                                       ty, but once the selections
                                                       have been made, your lay-
                                                       out requires many detailed
                                                       drawings to convey the
                                                       design to the tile setter; your designer should    decades—after all, it’s the home you wake up
     model of entertainment system, and even the       be able to provide you with that service.          to every morning.
     shape and finish of the knobs on the dash-            You will find that choices in cabinet types,       Ampolos Design Center is a full-service
     board—it’s kind of like that. While you have      finishes, door styles, and even molding details    remodeling company with an experienced staff
     that rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to       can be important in conveying the feel you         of designers and a kitchen and bath showroom
     own something truly custom, it can be a bit       are trying to evoke and making that design fit     located at 10601 Tierrasanta Blvd., Suite K in
     of a daunting journey.                            your budget may require some finesse as well.      San Diego (I-15 North, exit Tierrasanta Blvd.
         An experienced kitchen and bath designer,     A successful kitchen or bath project is one        East, just past Santos Road, behind the
     working from a well-equipped showroom, can        that is not only a treat to behold, but is well    Washington Mutual Bank). Showroom hours
     be invaluable in helping you navigate your        thought out, functions properly, and is skill-     are 9–5 Monday through Friday and 10–3 on
     options and fill you in on their features.        fully executed. It’s important to know that        Saturday. For an appointment with one of their
     Ceramic tile—especially in a bathroom—            you have employed the best resources avail-        designers or for further information, you can
     can offer a wonderful opportunity for creativi-   able when your project is designed to last for     call them at 858-576-9009.

Tired of NASTY looking grout?
                        COUNTERS                        •      FLOORS                    •      SHOWERS

                                                               LIKE NEW
                                                       LONG LASTING
                                                       EASY TO CLEAN
                   BEFORE                                                                                                AFTER
Grout Pro restores your grout and brings the beauty back to your tile. We eliminate stains and
preserve grout for years using our proprietary products and processes. We can even change a dark
grout color to a light color for a more contemporary look.
     For more information and a free estimate
     Call Charlie (619) 708-1940
     www.groutprosd.com                                                                               Lic # 780212

30    SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008                                                                                               keyaccess.com
                                                                                                  plumbing systems for more than 10 years,
                                                                                                  cleans the inside of your existing pipe system
                                                                                                  and seals the pipes with a healthy, non-toxic
                                                                                                  NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Certified epoxy barrier
                                                                                                  coating. Making the pipes leak-proof and
                                                                                                  corrosion-free, it's like getting a pipe-within-
                                                                                                  a-pipe in as little as two to three days without
                                                                                                  cutting holes in the walls, floors, and ceilings
                                                                                                  for access.
                                                                                                      An unobtrusive alternative to repiping or
                                                                                                  rerouting, epoxy pipe lining not only restores
                                                                                                  pipes to their original condition, but also acts
                                                                                                  as a preventative measure against future
                                                                                                  pinhole leaks and corrosion. Why destroy
                                                                                                  your home to replace damaged pipes when
                                                                                                  the vicious cycle of plumbing repairs will
                                                                                                  start all over again in a few years? ePIPE
                                                                                                  offers homeowners peace of mind with a
                                                                                                  long-term solution that won't destroy their
                                                                                                  house with jackhammers or interrupt their
                                                                                                  daily lifestyle by making multiple areas of the
                                                                                                  home inaccessible.
                                                                                                      For more information on the repiping
                                                                                                  alternative and a free estimate, you can call
                                                                                                  ACE Envirotech at 888-741-0220, or visit
                                                                                                  them online at www.aceduraflo.com. ACE

Why Replace                                                                                       Envirotech is an authorized installer of the
                                                                                                  ePIPE solution that has protected thousands

Your Copper and                                                                                   of homes nationwide from damage caused by
                                                                                                  failing copper pipes.

Galvanized Pipes?
The Repiping Alternative That Won't Destroy Your Home

                                                pinhole leaks and corrosion, a professionally

                                                applied epoxy pipe lining is the perfect
                                                alternative to a messy pipe replacement.
    f you're experiencing low water flow,           Pipe corrosion is more common today
    floating debris in water glasses, and       because of changes in water chemistry during
    brown water, your pipe system may be in     the water treatment process. Originally, the
    desperate need of restoration. A corroded   treatment process allowed for natural organic
pipe system, including leaking copper pipes     matter (NOM), such as plant material and
or encrusted galvanized pipes, can cost         minerals, to leave a patina, or protective
thousands of dollars in repair and solutions    coating, on the inside of pipes. Today, the
are often short-term. While repiping your       NOM is removed and the patina doesn't have
entire plumbing system may offer an             the chance to buildup in newer homes while

immediate reprieve, the process requires        in older homes it is naturally leached into the
extensive demolition to your home and           water supply.
disruption to your busy life for weeks-             The ePIPE ™ process, which has been
sometimes months. As a long-term solution to    restoring residential and commercial                                                      After

                                                                                                  FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DEIGO LIVING METRO              31
                       The Amazing Opening Louver Patio Roof System
                  You’ve Never Seen Anything Like It!                                                               The amount of heat and light can be varied
                                                                                                                    according to work or relaxation needs. For
                                                                                                                    those with sensitive skin, or those concerned
                                                                  charged battery or a transformer connected to     about health risks associated with sun expo-

                                                                  a 110-volt main supply. Manual switches or a      sure, the Eclipse is an ideal solution, allowing
                                                                  portable-remote control the opening and           you to enjoy full light without direct sunlight.
                                                                  closing of the louvers.                                The Eclipse opening louver patio roof
                   magine being able to control the sun, shade,      What are the benefits?                         system is a proven method, allowing you and
                   heat, air ventilation, and even the rain on        Light control is a snap with this new patio   your family outdoor enjoyment, year-round
                   your outdoor patio at the touch of a button.   roofing system. With the push of a button, the    and worry-free. For more information or a
                The Eclipse louver opening roof system is truly   louvers can be moved to let in the desired        demonstration of this revolutionary patio
                an amazing, highly versatile product that         amount of light. This is a great way to           roofing product, you can call Comfort
                allows you to do just that, enabling year-round   naturally illuminate work or living areas         Solutions Builders at 760-845-4896, or visit
                outdoor fun and relaxation.                       while cutting back on power consumption.          their website at www.openingroof.com
                      The Eclipse opening roof system can be           Ventilation is also a must. During the
                built as a freestanding roofing structure,        summer months you can angle the louvers to
                attached to a building, or incorporated into a    a partially open position, where even during
                lattice pergola or patio cover. It also serves    light or heavy rain, water will drain away but
                as the perfect roof for glassed or screened       your patio cover will remain ventilated for
                enclosures or to cover a swimming pool. With      your comfort.
                the flexibility to cover large or small areas,         Heat control is also important, especially
                this opening roof system proves itself a          during California’s cool winter nights. In this
                winning product for homeowners nationwide.        case the slim louvers can be positioned to the
                     So how does it work?                         east to cast the sun’s natural warmth into the
                      The Eclipse system is constructed of        area, keeping you warm while saving on energy
                aluminum powder-coated louvers that rotate        costs. During the summer months, they can

                from closed to 180 degrees open by use of a       be moved to block direct sunlight to protect
                small 12-volt DC monitor. It is safe to use and   your home from unwanted solar heating.
                incredibly easy to operate for any homeowner.          Shade control is also a necessity and is
                The motor is powered by either a solar            easily managed with this patio roof system.

     32          SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008

Garage Door Makeovers
Beautiful Form and Superior Function

d                 oes your home make a good first impression?
                  It’s all about curb appeal. Homeowners give
                  enormous attention to entryways, landscape
design, color schemes, and other key exterior enhancements.
A garage door is often neglected as a substantial architectur-
al improvement and is usually the first thing that gets
noticed when anyone drives up to your home. If you want to
dramatically improve the appearance of your home and
make a lasting impression, individually designed garage
doors will do just that.
    While a beautiful garage door accentuates the exterior of
your home, remember that it is also a very large and important
home appliance that will be used on a daily basis. It is critical
to plan for the professional installation and servicing of your
door, as you do not want to be left with a product that is not
properly installed or does not function correctly. Eliminate the
hassle of supervising installers and hiring service technicians
by selecting a door company with experience and expertise pro-
viding full design, installation, maintenance, and repair ser-
vices. You will receive the best value and support from a com-
pany that stands behind its work with warranties and an expe-
rienced service team.
    In addition, choose a garage door company that manufac-
tures its own doors. With no middleman, they can pass the sav-
ings on to the customer. Consider a company that offers archi-
tecturally correct designs and dimensionally stable exterior
lumber species. The company must have a proven track record
for superior construction, design, and durability. The company
must have the capability to work closely with architects, devel-
opers, craftsmen, and individual homeowners to help the home
achieve a completely personalized look.
    The experts at Access Garage Doors can design, install, and
provide full service for a new garage door that will give your
home a brand new look with a personal touch. You can visit

their showroom at 4010 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Suite 200 in San
Diego, or call them at 800-994-3643 to set up an appointment
with a design consultant. You can also visit them online at
                                                                    FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DEIGO LIVING METRO   33
                                          If Your Pool Is Looking a Little Sad
                            or Suffered Damage from Recent Fires, Perhaps
                    Now’s the Time to Remodel
                                                                      broken or chipped tile, or outdated, ineffi-      struction project, do they respond immediate-

                b               ut don’t wait—this is the time
                                of year when swimming pool
                                remodeling companies have
                the time available. In a few short weeks, they
                can make your tired old pool look like new or
                better than new!
                                                                      cient, and malfunctioning equipment—it’s
                                                                      time to think of refurbishing.
                                                                          Given careful consideration, planning,
                                                                      and working with the right remodeling con-
                                                                      tractor, you can turn your tired old pool into
                                                                      your dream pool and change your backyard
                                                                      into a vacation paradise. Why not start today?
                                                                                                                        ly to resolve the problem?
                                                                                                                            Do swimming pool builders, architects,
                                                                                                                        and landscapers use or recommend the pool
                                                                                                                        plastering company? They should know best
                                                                                                                        about the quality and reputation.
                                                                                                                            Are they the firm selected to do the big
                                                                                                                        commercial jobs that require a large skilled
                    Right now the pool companies are gear-            Here are some handy hints about what to           workforce working under extreme time con-
                ing up for the spring and summer seasons—             consider when selecting the right contractor      straints?
                their busiest part of the year. If your pool          to do the work:                                       Don’t wait until the swimming season. Act
                needs help, you can start the process now, do             How long have they been doing business        today and be swimming in a newly refur-
                the planning, arrange financing, and sched-           in Southern California, operating under the       bished pool next spring and summer.
                ule work to be done in the winter and early           same name? Are they licensed? Members of              For more information and guidance on
                spring months when you are not using the              the Better Business Bureau? Are there any         redesigning or remodeling your pool, adding
                pool as much as you do in the summer. Most            unresolved complaints against the company?        a spa, rockscape, vanishing edge, or other
                importantly, you can contract now, at today’s             Is the company properly insured with lia-     water features, you can call one of San Diego’s
                prices, and protect yourself from increases in        bility and workers compensation? Are they         oldest and largest pool plastering and remod-
                fuel, cement products, plumbing, and tile             fully bonded?                                     eling companies, Gardner Pool Plastering,
                work. If your pool is damaged, showing signs              Will the company provide you with a list      Inc., at 619-593-8880 or 246-POOL and ask

                of its age, is just not exactly the pool you          of references—satisfied customers who can         them for their free booklet, “The Homeowners
                would like it to be, or is in a sad state of disre-   vouch for their work?                             Guide to Swimming Pool Refurbishment”.
                pair—suffering from stains, scale buildup,                Do they stand behind their work? If there’s   You can also visit them on the Internet at
                black spots, algae, cracks, crumbling plaster,        a problem, and there often are in any con-        www.GardnerPoolPlastering.com

     34          SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008

        Conserving Water the Green Way!
                                                  is for outdoor use, mostly watering grass.         only is it a wonderful way to conserve water, it
                                                  Understandably, this is the main focus of          also adds green value by eliminating the need

h              ave you heard all the chatter
               about water conservation? You
               can’t turn on a television or
radio without hearing the concerned
messages over and over. Recently, nearly every
newspaper has covered this impending and
                                                  their message. In fact, soon the Metropolitan
                                                  Water District and other local water districts
                                                  will initiate a rebate program that pays you to
                                                  replace your water-hungry landscaping with
                                                  synthetic turf.
                                                      Synthetic turf has become a popular
                                                  landscaping alternative to natural grass over
                                                                                                     for dangerous pesticides and chemicals,
                                                                                                     which would otherwise cause hazardous
                                                                                                     waste to run off into our storm drains.”
                                                                                                         When selecting synthetic turf, as with any
                                                                                                     home improvement product, there are a
                                                                                                     number of options to choose from. Consider
                                                                                                     the manufacturer and the contractor to
important issue. This isn’t just environmental    the past several years. Homeowners and             ensure against low quality and poor customer
hype; water shortages are upon us and the         businesses alike are realizing that artificial     service. Dubious knock-off products have
prospect is grim. With mandatory cutbacks         grass, done correctly, can be a long-term          been entering the marketplace lately. Be sure
and rationing around the corner, California’s     solution to problem-plagued landscaping.           to review the product’s warranty, durability,
water supply is approaching the crisis stage.     The return on investment typically ranges          and drainage claims and visit existing
In fact, starting in January 2008, agricultural   between six and eight years compared to            installations of the companies that you are
water usage will be cut 30%. Soon this will       watering and maintaining a natural lawn. It        considering. Ensure that the company you
trickle down to you as a homeowner.               is especially popular for situations where it is   contract with is licensed, insured, and bonded
    Naturally, because of these cutbacks, the     difficult to keep grass alive due to heavy foot    and is backed by a solid manufacturer.
cost of water will increase at a dramatic rate.   traffic, abuse from pets, gophers, and rabbits,        EasyTurf is on the forefront of the water
You may have already noticed that your            children playing, too much or too little sun,      conservation movement and is working with
monthly water bill is on the rise and have        and many other issues that make a grass            the Metropolitan Water District, as well as the
taken action to decrease that amount by           lawn impractical.                                  individual water districts, to clarify and
reducing the length of your showers, by not           Water conservation is only one of the          administer the rebate program. In order to
washing your car as often, or even by letting     many reasons for installing a synthetic lawn       provide further incentive to homeowners, they
your lawn go without much needed H2O!             but is becoming more and more of a                 are initiating a program that will match
    These are good practices, but what is         purchasing factor. “With water rates increas-      public rebates. For more information about

going to happen to your lawn if it doesn’t get    ing, we are experiencing a larger number of        how you can replace your lawn and take
the amount of water necessary to maintain         customers who are eager to conserve water          advantage of the associated water rebates in
itself? According to the Metropolitan Water       and keep a beautiful looking lawn,” states         your area, you can call 866-327-9887 or visit
District, 50–70% of all residential water usage   synthetic turf expert David Hartman. “Not          www.EasyTurf.com r
                                                                                                     FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DEIGO LIVING METRO              35
                                                Entry Door Revolution –
                Design Meets Durability

                                                                                                          attractive fiberglass door from far fewer

                                                                                                          design options, thus forfeiting their goal of a
                                                                                                          truly impressive entrance.
                                                                                                              Michael and Heather were victims of this
                                                                       here is a homeowner in Bonita      dilemma. “We replaced our entry door three
                                                                       who loves the look of a grand,     years ago and were shocked at the damage
                                                                       custom wood entrance, but          the rains and year-round direct sunlight took
                                                                       doesn’t want to deal with the      on our once-beautiful wood door,” says
                                                                       annual maintenance needed to       Michael. “To make the situation worse, our
                                                                       counteract the extreme sun         warranty didn’t cover these damages given
                                                         exposure that his south-facing door receives.    the poor protection that our entryway has.”
                                                         A young couple in Scripps Ranch also want a          Fortunately, homeowners like Michael and
                                                         beautiful front door, but face the same main-    Heather can now have the best of both worlds
                                                         tenance dilemma with a door exposed to the       from the JELD WEN® Aurora™ line of custom
                                                         elements every time it rains. The same goes      fiberglass doors. Aurora is by far the most
                                                         for the Del Mar resident whose home faces a      beautiful, luxurious, and realistic line of
                                                        constant battle with the corrosive sea air.       composite doors currently available.
                                                            Until recently homeowners with exposed            Backed by years of proprietary research

                                                        entryways had only two options when it came       and development, Aurora combines the cus-
                                                        to their doors: install a beautiful hardwood      tom-designed look and feel of parent compa-
                                                        door system, care for it dutifully, and hope it   ny International Wood Product’s custom
                                                        withstands the conditions, or select a less       hardwood entrances with patented Strata

     36         SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008
Technology for near maintenance-free beauty
in bad exposures and climates. The knots,
grain, and other details are hand-stained
making them virtually indistinguishable                Michael and Heather were also admittedly
from a custom natural wood door. The tech-         surprised with the extensive selection of looks
nology was recently endorsed by Consumer           and styles within each of Aurora’s three col-
Digest who rated Aurora a “best buy.”              lections: the charming Old World collection        given to their home. “Friends tell us it looks
    “We considered fiberglass the last time        with its mahogany and knotty alder grain           as though we’ve completely remodeled, and it
around,” said Heather, “but just couldn’t find     appearance, wrought iron accents, speakeasy        has significantly raised the perceived value of
the realistic look, feel, and quality we wanted.   grilles, clavos, and straps; the authentic         our home.”
The designs were so limited, and the doors         Craftsman collection with decorative glass,            For more information about JELD WEN
had such a plastic look.” That’s what led to       traditional shelves, and full-length sidelights;   Aurora’s fiberglass collection, as well as cus-
them settling for a wood door that literally       and the Classic collection with spectacular        tom wood doors, you can visit Grand
fell apart and needed to be replaced again.        handmade glass inserts and hand-carved             Entrances at 8228 Miramar Road in San
    The couple discovered JELD WEN’s Aurora        panels. “This quality and selection definitely     Diego, 888-600-7124, and online at
door collection. It was virtually impossible to    wasn’t available three years ago. Each door        www.sdgrandentrances.com. Grand Entrances’
tell the difference between the Aurora com-        has such a distinct personality,” says Heather.    experienced staff can help you decide which
posite fiberglass line and the natural wood            Michael is especially pleased with the         door best suits the architecture of your home,
doors. Michael says the “knock test” is what       durability of their new door. “This purchase       select hardware, and arrange installation.
sold him on the benefits of the new Aurora         will definitely withstand the environmental        Over 200 custom doors are featured in the
technology—there was literally no difference       elements and the test of time.” Heather is         showroom, see if you can tell which are wood
in the way the doors looked, felt, or sounded.     thrilled with the fresh look the new door has      and which just look like wood!
                 Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
                 A New Generation In Termite Control
                                                                                                                            Another IPM strategy is the pretreatment
                                                                                                                        of the residence during construction or
                                                                                                                        remodeling. During construction or remodel-
                                                                                                                        ing, water based pesticides can be applied
                                                                                                                        directly to all exposed wood before closing the
                                                                                                                        walls. These water-soluble borate-based solu-
                                                                                                                        tions actually diffuse into the wood, making
                                                                                                                        it poisonous to termites.
                                                                                                                            Another facet of IPM systems is the selec-
                                                                                                                        tion of pesticides that minimize the exposure
                                                                                                                        risks to the applicator. This has the benefit of
                                                                                                                        reducing operating costs such as workman’s
                                                                                                                        compensation insurance and thereby allows
                                                                                                                        the IPM company to be most cost-competi-
                                                                                                                        tive. An example of such reduced-risk prod-
                                                                                                                        ucts is D-limonene, an essential oil found in
                                                                                                                        the skin of citrus fruits. It controls termites by
                                                                                                                        penetrating the wood and dissolving the hard
                                                                                                                        outer shell of both termites and their eggs.
                                                                    mental concerns. Simply stated, IPM systems         Sodium borate or borax can be used to create

                                                                    are more cost-effective for both single and         a repellent barrier by making the wood fibers
                                                                    multi-family residences. Further, by reducing       toxic to termites.
                            ermites are very likely living in or    the pesticide load on the environment, IPM              Using methods such as these, IPM systems
                            near your home. These voracious         systems reduce the cost of regulatory compli-       increase the efficiency of the overall termite
                            grub-like pests cause over 1 billion    ance. For example, the state of California has      management program by killing colonies and
                            dollars in damages to structures        significantly increased its regulation of pesti-    creating barriers to future infestation. When
                 every year. That’s more damage than all fires,     cides in an effort to protect the waters of the     combined with continued inspection and
                 storms, and earthquakes combined. In balmy         state and the United States.                        management, IPM systems have demonstrat-
                 Southern California, both drywood and sub-             Successful IPM systems begin with effective     ed themselves to be the most effective and
                 terranean termites thrive. What alternatives       and efficient pest identification techniques.       comprehensive methods available.
                 are available to property owners wishing to        Fiber optic systems, similar to those used in the       For more information on IPM, you can
                 protect the value of their assets from these       health care industry, now make it possible for      contact Xtermite toll-free at (877) 300-6483
                 destructive pests?                                 IPM companies to examine wall voids and             or go to www.xtermite.com for FAQ’s and
                     Integrated Pest Management (IPM) com-          other traditionally inaccessible areas to deter-    more. They are dedicated to practicing IPM
                 panies use a comprehensive approach to treat       mine the exact location of termite colonies.        and continued research. Their state licensed
                 and manage termites. IPM is an eco-systems         IPM programs can then control both drywood          inspector and highly trained staff will be glad
                 based strategy that focuses on long-term pest      and subterranean termite colonies using signif-     to answer any of your questions.
                 prevention through a combination of tech-          icantly smaller quantities of
                 niques. Additionally, IPM attempts to reduce       pesticides. Qualified techni-
                 the pesticide load in the environment. IPM         cians can apply a variety of
                 techniques increase the predictability of ter-     pesticide products directly to
                 mite treatment strategies and thereby the effec-   infested wood timbers for

                 tiveness of the overall pest control strategy.     drywood termites and in the
                     An increasing number of pest control           surrounding soil to create a
                 companies are adopting IPM programs. The           barrier against subter-
                 primary reasons for this are cost and environ-     ranean termites.

     38           SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008

 Rid Your Roof of Algae                                                                                   completed, the color restoration begins. This
      Infestation without                                                                                 step will miraculously restore your roof tiles

 Replacing a Single Tile!                                                                                 to their original color. Even the most faded
                                                                                                          and dingy tiles can be fully reinstated with this
                                                                                                          specialized roof service. You can also change

                                                     spread to a roof disaster, masking the true          the original tile coloring by introducing
                    ost homeowners are under         beauty of your home as well as decreasing its        a variety of color tones or combinations to
                    the misconception that in        curb appeal.                                         create a fresh look for your home.
                    order to remove unpleasant           A professional roof tile cleaning is the             The tiles are then sealed with a clear coat
algae and moss from their roof, they must            perfect solution to cure this unattractive           finish, making your roof shine like new
deal with the hassle of tile replacement. The        dilemma. It is important to note that the            again. What’s more, this protective coating is
good news is that through a unique roof tile         proper company should be fully licensed and          specially formulated to prevent algae growth
cleaning method you can return your roof to          insured for this type of roof restoration service.   for the next five years.
its original condition, restoring its vibrant            The process itself is quite simple as well as        Nature is taking a toll on your roof. It’s
color and luster without having to replace a         non-invasive to the environment. Without             time to finally remove this algae infestation
single tile.                                         the use of chemicals or corrosive cleaning           in order to keep your home looking radiant
    Once you have lived in your home for             products your roof tiles are high-pressure           and new. For more information on roof tile
about five to ten years you’ll start to notice an    washed, completely removing all unwanted             restoration, you can call Roof Tile Cleaning
unsightly black film forming upon your roof.         debris. Once the initial cleaning has been           at 1-888-299-5384.
This is a sure sign that it is time to hire a roof                                                                                                 After
restoration specialist. This grotesque algae
and moss layer is due to accumulation of
moisture, dirt, and other foreign particles.
What began as a few darkened spots have now


                                                                                                          FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DEIGO LIVING METRO               39
                 Dazzling and Affordable
                    Outdoor Rooms and
                 Elitewood Patio Covers

                                             o                      ur San Diego climate is ideal for enjoying a
                                                                    vibrant outdoor lifestyle and natural sunlight is
                                                                    absolutely essential to good physical and mental
                                                                    health. Since so much of our time is spent
                                                                    indoors at home, in our cars, at the mall, or at
                                             our workplace, we yearn for more leisure time outdoors. The addition
                                             of a new modern outdoor room filled with natural light and refresh-
                                             ing breezes or a beautiful and functional covered patio for an inviting
                                             outdoor living area can create the best of both worlds—indoors and
                                             out—for San Diego homeowners. Why not add an inspiring new
                                             space to your home for family gatherings or activities, the ultimate
                                             home office, or just the perfect place to relax or retreat that allows you
                                             to enjoy an improved lifestyle as well as enhances your home’s exteri-
                                             or and increases your property value.
                                                 Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, really, it’s easier than you might
                                             expect. New technology in select building products and recent
                                             changes in the California building codes allow homeowners more
                                             quality alternatives at an affordable cost than ever before. Outdoor
                                             rooms and sunrooms are now available in many architectural designs
                                             that can integrate attractively with the exterior of virtually any home

style. All outdoor room designs offer dramatic      dangers and other problems associate with           ing a conventional room addition is not in
expanses of windows and doors that create a         wood patio covers. This innovative driftwood-       your budget or you’re just interested in having
breathtaking addition that is extraordinary         embossed aluminum product is warranted              a unique living space—indoors or out—
in style and provides healthy sunlight, sooth-      against cracking, splitting, warping, peeling,      check out these exciting new products. As with
ing moonlight, and unprecedented comfort            termites, and dry rot and will never need           any home improvement, verify the integrity of
all year long. The newest building products         repainting. It carries up to a 30-year full         your contractor by visiting their showroom to
for these additions include residential-quality     replacement warranty from the manufactur-           inspect the quality of the materials used and
vinyl windows with Low-E glass technology           er and can be designed in any combination           to ensure that they will take the time to assist
for dramatically reduced solar heat gain and        of solid or open lattice styles in several earth-   you in designing the room or cover that ful-
protection from harmful rays, premium               tone colors to complement any home.                 fills your individual needs. For a look at the
fiberglass entry doors, stone-coated roofing,           In addition, Elitewood patio covers will        latest in outdoor room enclosure and patio
and composite exterior options that are all         not ignite from flying embers, especially           cover innovations, you can visit the Skyline
durable and virtually maintenance-free.             important to San Diego County residents,            Sunrooms showroom located at 5710 Kearny
Required building permits are less expensive        where we’ve experienced two horrifying wild-        Villa Rd., Suite C in San Diego, or call them
and simpler to obtain. Another advantage is         fires in the last four years.                       toll-free for an in-home design consultation
that, in most cases, outdoor rooms can be               Invest in the quality of your life. If build-   at 800-479-0019.
built on an existing patio slab in just a mat-
ter of weeks at a fraction of the cost of a stan-
dard conventional room addition.
    It’s easy to see why these rooms are
becoming the homeowner’s first choice and
everyone’s favorite room in the house.
    Outdoor covered patios have become the
focal point of the current trend to create
beautiful and functional outdoor living
spaces in our own backyards. With the popu-
larity of barbecue islands, outdoor kitchens,
and al fresco dining options, having a par-
tially or fully shaded patio cover is the first
step to creating this desirable outdoor envi-
ronment. The Elitewood patio cover products
join the list of alternative, renewable, and
maintenance-free composite products that
are becoming more popular every year.
Elitewood is unique in design by providing
the beauty of wood without the potential fire
                                                                                                        FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DEIGO LIVING METRO              41



                  Calcium — Good for Your Bones,
                                              Not So Good for Your                                          Pool Tiles
                                                                  traditional method has involved glass             cleaned, from rock in rock waterfalls to
                                                                  beading. Although a drink in a glass is good      pebble tech and glass without causing
                                                                  on the side of the pool, you don’t want to        any damage.
                                                                  swim with glass in your pool or have it strewn        The water level of your pool is lowered 12
                                                                  about your yard. Regardless of those obvious      inches to allow access to the pool tiles. Then
                                                                  facts, what you may not know is that this out-    the water and non-toxic mineral mixture is
                                                                  dated process actually compounds the issue of     applied to your pool tiles with a pressure

                d                  o you remember what your
                                   pool tiles used to look like
                                   when they were new? They
                 added that perfect touch to your pool design,
                 but now they are faded and dull-looking due
                 to the calcium build-up from the hard water
                                                                  calcium build-up on your tiles. The chips and
                                                                  pitting caused by the glass beads allow the
                                                                  calcium to build up more and becomes even
                                                                  harder the next time to clean off, and not to
                                                                  mention that after so many cleanings, the
                                                                  damage causes your tile to lose its
                                                                  original luster.
                                                                                                                    washer, ensuring a thorough cleaning job.
                                                                                                                    After cleaning is finished, a water vacuum
                                                                                                                    with a separate tank filtration system is used
                                                                                                                    to clean your pool of the mineral and dis-
                                                                                                                    carded calcium before your pool is refilled
                                                                                                                    and a clarifier is added to get your pool in
                                                                                                                    pristine shape. You can be ready for your next
                 that we live with here in Southern California.       There is a new process that utilizes a        pool party in no time.
                 The porous surface of tile and the grout lines   water and non-toxic mineral mixture to clean          Save yourself thousands of dollars and
                 lend themselves to calcium build-up. If          off your pool tiles safely and keeps them clean   clean your pool tiles efficiently and
                 you’ve tried to clean those tiles yourself, it   for up to five to six years afterwards. This      safely every five or six years so you can
                 didn’t take long to realize you need an expert   mixture is ph-neutral and is animal, plant,       maintain that new look of your pool tiles for
                 to handle this situation. You have options       and water-safe so it is friendly to your          the life of your pool. For more information on

                 aside from the expense and construction          backyard environment. The entire process          this innovative process, you can contact Mike
                 involved in retiling.                            takes only a few hours and is performed by a      Christiansen with PFS at 619-258-1815 or by
                     There are different ways to deal with the    company with years of experience in the pool      email at pfspools@yahoo.com or visit
                 calcium build-up on your pool tiles. The         industry. You can have any type of surface        www.pfspoolservice.com
     42           SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008

                                                                                                           New or
Never Clean Your                                                                                          Re-New?
 Rain Gutters Again

                                                         What’s the logical solution to cleaning your
                                                     rain gutters?
     magine. . .you’ll never again have to climb         The Gutter Helmet is the world’s first gutter
     a ladder and risk death or injury just to       protection system. It’s installed over new or

     clean out your rain gutters.                    existing gutters to block out leaves, debris, and
        According to the National Safety Council,    animals in order to prevent clogs. Now, rainwa-
the #1 cause of accidental deaths and disabling      ter slowly and naturally flows over the Gutter                             hen was the last time you
injuries is falls. Why in the world would you        Helmets’ patented ribbed and textured surface                              had a backyard barbeque?
climb a ladder, risk life and limb just to clean     into the gutters, diverting debris away without                            Was your patio furniture
your rain gutter system?                             causing damage to your home. Problem solved,        presentable? Or, were you caught with chipped
    When leaves and debris clog your rain gut-       and you’re still alive and in one piece.            and faded chairs?
ters, rainwater pours off your roof, over your           Gutter Helmets’ advanced design has no              Nowadays, patio furniture has become an
gutters and cascades down, causing expensive         slots or screens to trap debris. Special brackets   extension of the living room with all the major
damage to your fascia boards, your eaves, your       fit your new or existing rain gutters. Hi-tech      investments to go along with it.
foundation, your landscape and your walls,           lightweight panels supply depth and strength. A         If you already own Brown Jordan, Tropitone,
inside and out.                                      patented acid rain resistant Perma-Life coating     Woodard, O.W. Lee or other high grade
    On top of the expense of repairing your          blends in with the color of your roof, making       manufacturer, refinishing is a great alternative
home, you have the added risk of falling off the     Gutter Helmet almost invisible to the naked eye.    to buying new, with savings up to 70%.
ladder.                                                  A-1 Rain Gutters designs and installs               Even if furniture is 15 to 20 years old, it can
    An alternative would be to hire someone else     the attractive Gutter Helmet and rain gutter sys-   be restored to “showroom” condition and war-
to do the dirty work for you. With this you now      tems to homes throughout San Diego County.          rantied the same as new furniture. If the frames
risk having an uninsured and possibly inexperi-      For more information or to schedule a profes-       are still intact, and it’s just a matter of the paint
enced or incompetent person to perform the           sional consultation, you can call                   having chipped and the vinyl having faded.
work. Is it worth the danger of their injury, law-   A-1 Rain Gutters at (760) 743-1665 or (800)         Restoration is an option to purchasing new.
suit or homeowners insurance claim to accom-         A1GUTTER. You can also visit their website at           Restoration is virtually identical to the
plish a gutter clean out?                            www.a-1raingutters.com                              original construction. Workmen take an aging

44       SAN DEIGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008                                                                                                 keyaccess.com

piece and sandblast the frame, removing all the
old paint and rust. The frame is then inspected
for cracks, which are repaired at this time.
Then, the most important part, the paint is
applied; not just any paint, but a baked-on
powder coat paint, the same used by all the
major manufacturers. Powder coat paint is
electrostatically applied and baked on at 400˚F.
Powder coat paint is the industry’s toughest
finish in terms of durability, corrosion
resistance and withstanding the effects of
ultraviolet rays.
    Next, quality vinyl strapping is applied,
containing mildew inhibitors and ultraviolet
stabilizers, in order to ensure a longer life to
your vinyl. Then the glides on the legs of your
furniture are replaced. If your furniture is
one of the new sling styles, new slings can be
manufactured and installed.
    Wrought iron furniture, another popular
style, has a natural tendency to rust over time.
This material is given an additional, powder
coat finish in order to slow the rusting process,
again the same as many major manufacturers.
    For your free estimate and refinishing
information, you can call Patio Guys toll-free
at (800) 310-4897 or visit their website at
    keyaccess.com                                   FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO   45
           Adjust for the light

             Save energy and
      protect your furnishings

                                  I n t e r i o r S h a d e s come with climate controls for automation,
                                  giving you control at your fingertips. Motorized or manual.
                                  M o t o r i z e d Re t r a c t a b l e S o l a r S c r e e n s operated from the
                                  inside, mounted on the outside, stop up to 90% of solar heat rays.

                                                                     Serving San Diego for 21 years
                                                                9105 Chesapeak Dr. • San Diego
                                                                            Lic. # 849068

                                                  C a l l f o r a F R E E e s t i m a t e t o d ay
                                                   or schedule a showroom appointment
                                                          Available 7 days a week

  o r A l l ow
   t he Sun
  to Shine
    a t yo u r

                      R e t r a c t a b l e Aw n i n g s
  M o t o r i z e d o r M a n u a l Re t r a c t a b l e Pa t i o S h a d e s

                                                                                Motorized or manual
                                                                                Retractable Awnings & Patio
                                                                                Shades enhance the beauty of your
                                                                                home and reduce energy costs while
                                                                                protecting interiors.

                                                                                They expand your living space and stop
                                                                                up to 90% of solar heat rays.

                                                                                Made of high-tech fabrics in colors &
                                                                                styles to fit your home.

                                                                                Keep your home cool in summer and
                                                                                warm in winter.

                                                                                  • Motorized Retractable
                                                                                  Solar Screens & Awnings
                                                                                   • Motorized or Manual
                                                                                        Patio Shades
                                                                                     • Interior Shades 47
                                                            SAVE • RECYCLE • SAVE • RECYCLE • SAVE • RECYCLE
                                                                                      Do n ’ t T h row Away
                                                           R e f i n i s h Yo u r P a t i o F u r n i t u r e T o d a y
S AV E • R E C Y C L E • S AV E • R E C Y C L E • S AV E

                                                                                                                                                                             S AV E • R E C Y C L E • S AV E • R E C Y C L E • S AV E
                                                           We Refinish                                                                          (4) NEW VINYL STRAP
                                                                                                                                                   Only virgin vinyls
                                                           All Brands                                                                           w/mildew inhibitors &
                                                                                                                                               ultraviolet stabilizers are
                                                                                     (1) REMOVE OLD PAINT
                                                           Including:                  Sandblast frame to                                      used in the restrapping
                                                                                     remove old paint & pre-                                        of your furniture
                                                           • Brown Jordan             pare frame for painting
                                                           • Tropitone
                                                           • Woodard                                                                           (5) NEW GLIDES
                                                                                                                                              Install nylon glides
                                                           • And More                                                                         to protect frame &
                                                                                                                                              provide even wear
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Now, You Can Have
                                                             (2) INSPECT FRAME                                                          28th                                                                                                  Your Very Own
                                                            For level & for cracks
                                                              or breaks & repair                                                     Anniversary                                                                                                  Treehouse
                                                              w/special heliarc
                                                                  equipment                                                                                                                                                             Complete with its own tree
                                                                                                 (3) RE-PAINT                                         CALL FOR
                                                                                               Powder coat paint

                                                                                                                                                      FR EE INF O
                                                           Patio Guys                      electro statically applied
                                                                                             & baked on @400°F.
                                                                                           3 times thicker than con-
                                                                                                                              (6) WARRANTY
                                                                                                                             All work done by
                                                                                                                        Patio Guys is backed by a
                                                                                                                                                      PACKET &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               magine your very own treehouse ready to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               be enjoyed by your entire family. This
                                                                SINCE 1978
                                                                                             ventional liquid paint        5yr limited warranty
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               unique clubhouse is authentic to the core...
                                                            C a l l U s To d ay! 1-800-310-Guys                                                            (4897)                                                                              the log a real, old fallen tree. And the
                                                             PICK UP AND DELIVERY AVAILABLE IN MANY AREAS. CALL FOR DETAILS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               charming house that jauntily crowns it is
                                                                                               www.patioguys.net                                                                                                                               made from old, recycled barn wood. Armed
                                                            SAVE • RECYCLE • SAVE • RECYCLE • SAVE • RECYCLE                                                                                                                            with the acceptable password, simply enter the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        door in the hollow log, climb up the ladder in its
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        center, and pull yourself through the trap door in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        the clubhouse floor.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Just as no two trees are exactly alike, each
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        house is a unique creation. The recycled barn
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        wood varies as well, with colors that range from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        old barn-red to a natural, weathered look. The
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        standard reaches about 14’ tall, with logs about
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        5’ in diameter and 6’ tall.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Standard options include a front porch,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        fireman’s escape pole, flip down loft bed, rope
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        swing extending from the side of the log, a roof
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        dormer on one or both sides, and a slide coming
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        out of the back of the clubhouse. Nothing is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        more exciting than the challenge of a custom
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        order, though!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The tree house can be shipped anywhere in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        the country and comes in two units: the club-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        house, and the log. Installation services are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        available and lead time runs between 6-8 weeks.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            For more information on The Ultimate
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Treehouse, you can call (888) 612-7400 x 307,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        visit www.keyaccess.com and click on Affluent
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Products, or email products@keyaccess.com.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        A child’s dream, it’s sure to put a smile on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        everyone’s face.

48                                                          SAN DEIGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008                                                                                                                                                                           keyaccess.com
   Ask our
estimator how
 you can save


            Got Cottage
     i      f you are thinking of updating the look of your home’s interior,
            start right at the top. That cottage cheese type acoustic ceiling,
            once gleaming, clean, and bright is now damaged from water or
     dirt, or just tired and dated.
          You don’t have to panic and, believe it or not, you don’t have to live
     with it. More and more homeowners are now opting to have that piece           the removal process to the point that up to 2500 square feet of ceiling
     of ‘50s Americana, the white acoustic ceiling, permanently removed. It        can be cleaned, retextured and ready to paint in just a few hours.
     is however, a job for a professional.                                             Employing an acoustic ceiling removal specialist is also good
          The very best companies can remove the acoustic ceiling in an            business. It is common sense to know that they can save you money
     entire home in just one day. That means completely removing the               because of their knowledge of the removal process and the speed with
     acoustic ceiling, fixing the ceilings imperfections, then retexturing and     which they accomplish it. This is one of those instances where removing
     refinishing–in a skip trowel texture, in one working day. The end result      the ceilings in your home can make a very dramatic change in your
     is a ceiling that is ready to paint.                                          interior while adding to the resale value of your home. Dollar for dollar
          Results like these come easy to specialists in acoustic ceiling          it might be the wisest money you will spend on your home and its future.
     removal because of The Scalper, that eliminates most of the mess by               To talk with a professional acoustic ceiling removal company, you
     catching scrapings before they fall to the floor. Described as a sort of      can call Jim Bell at Bell Acoustical Removal & Texture Incorporated at
     “lawnmower with grass catcher” for your ceiling, The Scalper speeds up        (619) 441-0852 or via the web at www.bellacoustical.com

50    SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008                                                                                                   keyaccess.com

  While Minimizing
  Energy Costs
  with Tankless Water Heaters

w                   ith rising gas prices, hot
                    water has become an
                    expensive commodity.
Homeowners of moderate-sized homes find
themselves faced with gas bills in the
hundreds of dollars. Tankless water heaters
                                                     A basic unit can provide hot water for up
                                                 to three showers simultaneously without ever
                                                 running cold. This is perfect for family homes
                                                 with multiple bathrooms. Imagine not
                                                 having to rush to be the first into the shower
                                                 in the morning simply to get first crack at the
                                                 hot water!
                                                                                                       This dependable and long-lasting
                                                                                                   technology provides your home with years of
                                                                                                   convenient and hassle-free hot water. You
                                                                                                   can protect your home and family from
                                                                                                   flooding and scalding while lowering your
                                                                                                   gas bill and enjoying an endless hot shower. The
                                                                                                   many advantages of a tankless water heater offer
offer a reliable, energy-efficient solution to       One-fifth the size of a regular tank,         homeowners an ideal solution to a variety of
high gas bills, while providing a variety of     tankless water heaters save on space and are      their hot water woes.
other advantages over average water heaters.     more aesthetically pleasing to your home.             For more information on rebates and
    Conventional water heaters continuously      They also offer you the easy option of            promotions, you can contact Advanced Water
heat water inside a storage tank, using a        relocating your tankless water heater             Heaters at 888-887-7845, or visit their website
constant amount of energy that keeps your        outdoors or into the attic. This is an            at www.awhi.net
bill high. You can beat rising energy costs      important feature for California homes that are
with a tankless water heater, which unlike       tight on space.
conventional water heaters, heats on demand          Safety is a key issue when
rather than heating 24 hours a day, seven        considering water heaters. If your
days a week. Homeowners can save up to 50%       current water heater is indoors or
on their gas bill with this highly efficient     upstairs, you run the risk of flood
alternative.                                     damaging your home and valuables.
    Tankless water heaters are an                By eliminating the tank, you
environmentally conscious alternative to         dramatically decrease the risk of
conventional water heaters, using 50% less       flooding due to leaks. Tankless
fossil fuel and releasing less dangerous NOx     water heaters have highly accurate                “New”
                                                 temperature settings, while a tank heaters’

emissions. While more powerful than the
average water heater, tankless water heaters     temperature can vary by up to 15 degrees.
remain fuel efficient and help keep energy       Scalding becomes an important concern in
costs down.                                      homes with seniors and children.                                              “Old”
                                                                                                    FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DEIGO LIVING METRO             51

                 Is Poor Indoor Air Quality
                 Affecting the Health
                 of Your Family?
                 Reducing Airborne Mold,
                 Dust, Bacteria, Soot, and
                 Ash Is a Must for Allergy
                 and Asthma Sufferers

                T          he recent wildfires have proven
                           detrimental not only to thousands of
                           homes, but also to the indoor air
                           quality in Southern California. The
                 smoke particles, soot, and ash circulating
                 through the air contribute to the poor indoor
                 air quality and create a constant struggle to
                 breathe, especially for those who suffer with      two of the most effective methods of improv-        system. For example, a dirty furnace blower
                 allergies and asthma.                              ing indoor air quality. In fact, advancements       will instantly re-contaminate a clean air
                     While the first step in fighting these symp-   in technology allow both methods to rid the         ducts system. In many cases, what may
                 toms often begins with a visit to the doctor       air of contaminants with virtually no disrup-       appear to be a savings translates to an inade-
                 and a prescription medication, far too many        tion to the home—the only noticeable differ-        quate and ineffective duct cleaning that is a
                 times the root of the problem is completely        ence will be the overwhelming presence of           complete waste of money.
                 overlooked. Unsettling as it may be, it is the     clean, comfortable air.                                 After decontaminating all components of
                 air we breathe in our homes that is in many            Pollen, mold spores, ash, pet dander, dust      the HVAC system, investing in an air filtration
                 cases the direct cause of respiratory problems     particles, bacteria, and viruses are just a few     system is the ideal way to ensure consistently
                 as well as many other health concerns. Air         of the contaminants that remain dormant in          pure air. Cleaning over 100 times more air
                 duct cleaning and air filtration systems are       the home until circulated by the heating ven-       than the leading portable units, the Perfect
                                                                                      tilation and air conditioning     Air Purifier is conveniently installed by expe-
                                                                                      (HVAC) system, resulting in       rienced technicians to the existing HVAC sys-
                                                                                      illness as well as allergic and   tem in the home—no construction required.
                                                                                      asthmatic reactions for           Aside from the noticeable difference in the
                                                                                      inhabitants. Removing these       indoor air quality of the residence, this system
                                                                                      harmful airborne pathogens        is virtually undetectable. Once installed, the
                                                                                      through an extensive air          Perfect Air Purifier works quietly and effi-
                                                                                      duct cleaning is a key com-       ciently, using its patented germicidal technol-
                                                                                      ponent any homeowner              ogy to keep harmful airborne pathogens out
                                                                                      should consider when look-        of the air in the home.
                                                                                      ing to improve indoor air             Take the first and potentially final step in
                                                                                      quality. When hiring a pro-       completely eliminating the airborne contami-
                                                                                      fessional to clean a duct sys-    nants in your home by scheduling an air duct

                                                                                      tem, it is important for          inspection or by investing in the Perfect Air
                                                                                      homeowners to be sure that        Purifier. For more information, you can call
                                                                                      the service includes deconta-     AIRTEK™ at 800-200-8872 or visit them
                                                                                      mination of the entire HVAC       online at www.air-tek.net

     52           SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008

Garage Makeover:
Easy Said; Easy Done!

                                                 or motorcycle, as the space becomes more of a        With all-steel construction hardware,
                                                 useful extension of your home. The other plus    high-grade European concealed hinges and
         ince the family entrance is generally   is the increased value additional storage        cast steel handles, they're the ultimate in
         through the garage, how happy do        brings to the home.                              storage solutions. The one-inch thick, fully
you think they will be when they have more           After a thorough sorting of your garage      adjustable shelving can hold a load of 100
than a narrow pathway to inch their way          possessions to determine what to keep, toss,     lbs. per shelf. The cabinets stand up to harsh
through to the door? You know what we            and donate, begin the makeover with fully-       temperature extremes and are mounted off
mean. There is so much "stuff" in the            finished, full-back cabinets. The easy-clean     the floor to prevent water damage and pest
garage that there's barely room to go in and     melamine interiors are designed to store         infiltration.
out, much less park the car! Admit it. It's      anything from camping gear to holiday                Finish the garage makeover with the latest
embarrassing to open the garage door and         decorations to luggage and golf clubs. Use the   in chemical and stain resistant floor coatings
have the neighborhood see your mess.             upper portions of the cabinets for seasonal      that are designed and engineered for easy
    Now imagine having the garage floor          storage and the lower sections for items used    cleaning. The exclusive hybrid polymer
looking more like a brilliant showroom rather    more frequently.                                 finishes enhance lighting and eliminate that
than the ugly stained and dirty concrete                                                          ugly, dirty look of raw concrete. These
you have gotten used to. Innovative new                                                             coatings, which can be installed quicker and
technologies have created floor coating                                                                 driven on sooner than the traditional
systems that can be installed in as little                                                                "epoxy" floor coatings of the past, turn
as one day, and driven on the next.                                                                         the garage into a more inviting space
And cleanup is as easy as your                                                                               that you're likely to set up your next
kitchen floor; simply wipe up spills                                                                          party or weekend gathering in.
with a soft cloth or paper towel, all                                                                              The search for durable,
without ever leaving a stain in the                                                                           attractive garage cabinetry, flooring
finish.                                                                                                      and organization ends with
    One of the biggest surprises in                                                                         PremierGarage of San Diego. For a

organizing your garage with cabinetry                                                                      one-stop solution to your garage mess,
and floor coatings is the expanded living                                                               and to schedule a designer, you can call
space and utility that is suddenly available,                                                       them at 858-272-1160, and visit their website
not to mention a home for the family car, boat                                                    at www.PremierGarage.com s
                                                                                                  FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DEIGO LIVING METRO               53

                                         How Efficient Is
                      Your Home
                                      Comfort System?
                                                                                               ing and cooling specialist will provide you with options for energy-
                                                                                               efficient operation and recommend a system best suited for your

                                                                                               home. In fact, there are furnaces available that operate at over 90%
                                                                                               efficiency, meaning that 90% of the fuel you pay for is actually con-
                                                                                               verted into heat for your home. By installing a natural gas furnace,
                                                                                               which requires 20% less energy, you may also qualify for rebates from
                               ear after year, you depend on the heating and cooling sys-      SDG&E as well as tax credits. In this case, efficiency translates into
                               tems in your home to sustain the ideal climate within your      major savings for homeowners currently relying on an outdated or
                               environment. While California’s mild weather enables many       damaged furnace.
                               homeowners to avoid using their heat or air conditioning            Additionally, maintaining a yearly service agreement with a techni-
                 for most of the year, systems are often overlooked until an extreme drop      cian will not only ensure that your systems are ready to go when you
                 or rise in temperature occurs. After being out of use for an extended peri-   need them, but also keep your factory warranties in effect. Neglect and
                 od of time, homeowners often find that their systems are either inefficient   failure to perform basic maintenance is the most common way of com-
                 or in some cases, not working at all. Pre-season, preventative mainte-        promising a factory warranty. A yearly tune-up prior to running your
                 nance is the ideal way to avoid costly breakdowns and maintain the peak       heat or air conditioning is the ideal way to ensure your factory warran-
                 performance of your home comfort system.                                      ty remains in effect.
                     With the cool days of winter just around the corner, now is the best          As San Diego’s premier heating and cooling specialists, Hurn
                 time to plan maintenance on your heating system. If you have ever             Mechanical can handle any maintenance, repairs, or replacements of
                 tried to schedule heating maintenance or repair during the first cold         your home comfort system. For further information, you can contact
                 snap of winter, you know it is virtually impossible. This is why it is ben-   them at 619-312-1924 or visit their website at
                 eficial to schedule a heating system inspection now—before everyone           www.hurnmechanical.com
                 else does. Make sure your home is
                 equipped to keep you warm as the
                 cold weather approaches!
                     Homeowners should focus on
                 maintenance as an effective
                 method of avoiding costly repair
                 and damage to the system.
                 During a fall maintenance check,
                 a specialist will verify that the
                 furnace and/or heat pump are
                 working properly, check the elec-
                 trical controls or gas valve, clean
                 the unit, and change the filter. By
                 keeping the heating system in
                 your home running the way it is
                 designed, at an optimal level of

                 efficiency, you avoid wasted ener-
                 gy and may even notice a
                 decrease in your utility bills.
                     Beyond performance, a heat-

     54           SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO • FEB/MAR 2008
Are You Making the Most of Your                               on auto insurance can make! What will you          For example, if your homeowners insurance
                                                              do with the money saved?                           provides coverage up to $500,000 and you are
Homeowners                                                        What you do not know about insurance           sued for one million, the homeowner’s policy

I n s u ra n c e ?                                            can unfortunately cost you in the long run. In
                                                              many cases, the lengthy texts intended to
                                                                                                                 will take care of the underlying limit of
                                                                                                                 $500,000, while an active umbrella policy will
                                                              explain various policies are extremely over-       cover the additional cost of $500,000. For as
                                                              whelming and confusing. By bundling your           little as $119 a year, an intact umbrella policy

                                                              insurance, one                                                                    will extend cover-
                                                              agent will han-                                                                   age and protect
                 hen it comes to insurance                    dle all of your                                                                   you in the event
                 today, the more you know, the                policies, sim-                                                                    of any incident
more you can save. Understanding two com-                     plifying the                                                                      that occurs in
mon insurance terms that are far too often                    daunting task                                                                     your home or car.
disregarded is the first step in making the                   of determining                                                                        As the largest
most of your money. Multi-policy discounts                    the insurance                                                                     insurance compa-
and umbrella policies are effective methods of                that best suits                                                                   ny in the world
not only saving you money, but also dramati-                  your needs.                                                                       based on assets,
cally increasing your coverage.                                   A qualified                                                                   Nationwide stands
    In an exclusive offer, policyholders who                  agent can be                                                                      by their claim to
bundle their homeowners insurance and auto                    sure that the                                                                     be there when you
insurance together benefit from a multi-policy                coverage you have is adequate protection for       need them most. For more information or to
discount that dramatically reduces insurance                  the life you lead. Utilizing an umbrella policy    upgrade your policies and begin saving money
premiums. Imagine what a difference a 20%                     is a cost-effective assurance that your coverage   today, you can contact experienced Nationwide
savings on homeowners and an 18% savings                      will extend in any unexpected circumstance.        agent Richard Turner at 619-296-6222.

                                                                      Goodbye Popcorn Ceilings
                                                                                 Update The Look of Your Home
                                                                                   With A New, Modern Look

        Reach Your                                                                                                                    Fast
        Best Buyers
   Do you want to use your advertising dollars where
   they will be most beneficial? Getting your company’s
   message out to homeowners that are interested in
   upgrading their home and lifestyle can increase your
   sales at a very economical price per household.
   Advertisers can utilize the attractive format and long
   shelf life of San Diego Living to reach qualified buyers
   that are interested in the products and services they                 POPCORN IN THE MORNING - MODERN TEXTURE BY NIGHT
   sell. Our circulation is based specifically on the demo-
   graphics your company needs to reach. For more
                                                                                      One Day Ser vice - Established 1990
   information on how we can help you grow your busi-
   ness, you can call:                                                                                                      Call Us Today!
          Deb McCreedy                                                                                                      619-441-0852
              (858) 638-1808                                              Acoustical Removal &                              Painting Available
                                                                                Texture                                             Lic.#740166

    keyaccess.com                                                                                                 FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DIEGO LIVING METRO              55


The Eyebrows Have It!
Beautiful, Shapely Eyebrows Bring
Back That Youthful, Awake Look

g                etting beautifully shaped eye-
                 brows is quick, easy, and can
                 dramatically improve your
                 appearance. Brows with a nat-
ural arch and extended tail can give a lift
illusion, opening and brightening eyes.
                                                         “Love my brows! Thank you for giving me
                                                     back something I haven’t had since high
                                                     school. I am able now to show my forehead.
                                                     Professional, clean, painless.”—C.S., San
                                                         “I am delighted with my eyebrows! They’re
                                                     just the right color and shape. I felt that [the
                                                                                                        morning is so easy now. Thanks for your cour-
                                                                                                        tesy and professionalism.”—C.B., San Diego
                                                                                                            With FeatherStroke™ Brows are available
                                                                                                        exclusively at MPI Clinic, the most trusted
                                                                                                        names in permanent makeup. They have per-
                                                                                                        formed more procedures than any other clinic
                                                                                                        in San Diego and have built a reputation of
    Laura Rappoport, RN specializes in eye-          clinician] really listened
brow shaping and subtle, natural-looking             to what I wanted and
permanent makeup. FeatherStroke Brows™               made sure they turned out
takes less than two hours to complete. She           right. I’ve had several
starts by hand-drawing an eyebrow pattern            friends and co-workers
that flatters each client’s individual facial fea-   compliment me on my
tures. Then she fills in the patter with small       eyebrows—they didn’t
strokes that simulate the look of hair. The          even know they’re perma-
result is the softest, most natural looking eye-     nent cosmetics. Putting
brows that make your eyes look open and less         my makeup on in the
heavy, plus they won’t smudge or rub off. You
can throw away that eyebrow pencil!
    Your eyebrows are important. They frame
your face and provide expression. It’s time for
you to get back that youthful, awake look by                                                                                                       After
getting beautiful, shapely FeatherStroke Brows.
    Here’s what some of Laura’s happy clients                                                           quality, safety and satisfaction. You can call
have to say:                                                                                            858-452-2909 to schedule a complimentary

    “Thank you so much for doing such a                                                                 consultation and let the experts show you how
super job on my eyebrows. I love what you did                                                           easy it is to improve your appearance with
and wanted to thank you. This is the best                                                               attractive, well-shaped eyebrows. You’ll wonder
ever.”—L.O., San Diego                                                                      Before      how you ever got along without them!
                                                                                                        FEB/MAR 2008 • SAN DEIGO LIVING METRO              57
Your Body
By John Colman

T         he thought of spending several hours
          every week in a sweaty gym was
          unappealing to 58-year-old Cindy
          Thomas. However, the retired human
resources executive was frustrated that for sev-
eral years her weight had been creeping high-
er, and some of her clothes were feeling too
tight. Fortunately, Cindy read an article about
“slow-speed” strength training, a revolution-
ary new exercise method promising a firmer,
stronger, more shapely body from just two 20-
minute workouts per week. Although the time
efficiency and results sounded too good to be
                                                      Jamie Villalobos tones her arms with slow-speed resistance training at The Perfect Workout in La Jolla.
true, she decided to enroll with a personal
trainer at The Perfect Workout, a local compa-        older than 25, it's much more likely that too           ing reshapes and tones your legs and arms.
ny with several private fitness studios in San        little muscle is a problem rather than too              And since muscle is denser than fat, adding
Diego specializing in this unique approach.           much muscle. Research performed by William              muscle and losing fat will make your body
Despite her initial skepticism, after four            Evans, Ph.D., and Irwin Rosenberg, M.D.,                firmer, smaller, and more shapely. As Cindy's
months not only was she stronger, she'd lost 2        demonstrates that adults who don't strength             muscles got stronger and more toned, her
inches from her waist, 4 inches from her hips,        train lose an average of a half pound of lean           faster metabolism was burning the extra
and was fitting into clothes that she couldn't        muscle tissue each year starting at age 25. As          inches around her waist, hips, and thighs.
fit in before. “I didn't change what I was eat-       an example, a typical 55-year-old woman will            How Can Slow-Speed Strength Training
ing, and the inches still came off,” Cindy says       have 15 pounds less lean muscle (and signifi-           Work So Quickly?
in amazement. Six months into the program,            cantly more fat) than what she had at age 25.               To get a taste for how slow-speed strength
her improvements were even greater - 4 inches         Muscle takes up less space than fat, so this typ-       training is different, imagine yourself doing
reduced from her waist and 6 inches off her           ical 55-year-old woman has arms and thighs              two very different styles of a pushup. (By the
hips. “People are complimenting my new                that are softer and less firm, wears a larger           way, if you're not strong enough to do a
shape,” smiles Cindy.                                 clothing size, and has a slower metabolism              pushup, you'll really benefit from beginning a
Lean Muscles-The Key to Reshaping Your                that burns fewer calories each day.                     slow-speed strength training program.) First,
Body                                                       Effective strength training changes all of         imagine doing 3 pushups at a normal speed,
     Many people (especially women) have a            this. It increases your body's metabolism,              either on your toes or on your knees. Next,
fear of “bulking up” like a bodybuilder if they       causing you to burn more fat and calories all           imagine trying 3 pushups at a much, much
were to start strength training. In fact, if you're   day long, even while sleeping. Strength train-          slower speed — as slow as you can move
without stopping — 10 seconds to raise your-
self and 10 seconds to lower. Which style
seems harder? If you answered “Slower is
harder!”, you're right. Slowing the lifting
speed reduces momentum on each repetition,
and loads the muscles more effectively. This
makes the exercise both harder and more pro-
ductive. In fact, two separate studies by Wayne
Westcott, Ph.D., and one study by Ellington
Darden, Ph.D., demonstrate that slow-speed
strength training produces 50% to 59% faster
improvement than regular weight training.
And because the repetitions are harder, when
you learn to challenge your muscles as deeply
as a skilled trainer can teach, it's impossible
to workout much longer than 20 minutes.
     Effective strength training not only can
help you look better, it can make you healthi-
                                                                                    Attorney Rose Thomas performs slow repetitions on the leg press machine.
er too. Dr. Philip Alexander, physician and
faculty member at Texas A&M University's               almost too loose. And probably the most               The Perfect Workout has 5 private studios
College of Medicine, has tracked hundreds of           amazing aspect of Judy's transformation was        in San Diego County that specialize in one-
subjects using slow-speed strength training,           that two 20-minute slow-speed strength train-      on-one personal training with the slow-
noting significant improvements in muscular            ing workouts per week got her smaller and          motion strength training method: Carlsbad
strength, HDL cholesterol profiles, bone densi-        firmer than spending 10 hours a week at the        (760-438-1400), Del Mar (858-755-8868),
ty, and glucose tolerance.                             gym. “I save so much time that now I feel like     La Jolla (858-729-9901), Chula Vista
Judy Saves a Whole Day Every Week                      I've added an extra work day to each of my         (619-216-0077), and Mission Valley (619-
     47-year-old small business owner Judy             weeks,” she smiles.                                298-7900), www.ThePerfectWorkout.com
Rudin found that one of the unpleasant effects
of getting older was that she'd gained 10 extra
pounds and wasn't able to fit into any of the
new clothes she'd bought just a few months
earlier. In frustration she started spending 10
hours a week at a local health club, and was
able to undo some of the damage - dropping 5
of the 10 unwanted pounds. But, she hit a
plateau and was unable to get further despite
her long hours of effort. After reading an arti-
cle about slow-speed strength training, she
enrolled with a personal trainer at the Del Mar
location of The Perfect Workout, and reduced
the length of her workouts to just 20 minutes.
How did the new approach work? Within 6
months she lost several percent of her body fat
as well as a couple of clothing sizes. Her pants
(which used to be too tight to wear) now feel

Business executive Sally Zoll more than doubled
the strength of her legs in her first four months of
slow-motion strength training.
simple luxury
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sites? Check out keyaccess.com FIRST. Jacki Morgan, Your
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something you like? No need to go to individual sites, just click
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Previous copy stated Stanley Steemer did not include vaccuming. This error has since been corrected   San Diego
                      Spring Special

                                     SAVE           *offers good

                                      on orders
                                                    through 03/31/08

GARAGE CONSULTATION                  over $1,000
                                                    $250 on a
                                                   cabinet & flooring

                               CONTRACTORS LIC.#745890

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