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					Online Master of Science in Management

OnlineNEC’s MSHA degree is specialized for

   healthcare professionals
who want to advance their careers and engage in more
senior management activities and responsibilities.

                  Index of Contents
                  4 Program Overview              6 Course Catalog
                  8 Faculty                       9 Admissions
                  10 OnlineNEC Experience         12 Technical Requirements
                  13 Frequently Asked Questions   14 About New England College
from the Vice President                             how all the various sectors of the            a level they’ve never thought possible,
                                                    healthcare industry work together to form     students add stature to their reputations,
                                                    service organizations. In turn, you will be   as well as to their credentials.
              I am pleased to welcome you to        able to use that information to critically        The MSHA program is geared
         the Master of Science in Management/       analyze current practices and formulate       toward advanced work in healthcare
         Healthcare Administration Concentration    plans of action for improvement.              administration. Its immense value to
         (MSHA) at New England College, one              Our MSHA students and graduates          your working life begins with the major
         of the most forward-looking programs       are amazed at the level of convenience        decision you are about to make.
         with relevant courses of study available   offered by this program, along with               Please feel free to call our Admissions
         today.                                     rigorous and challenging course of            Advisors for more information on the
              New England College’s MSHA            study.                                        program, tuition, and financial aid.
         program provides students with proven           Online delivery of our MSHA program          I look forward to welcoming you to
         leadership skills to meet the real         is supported by the extraordinary 24/7        NEC and the MSHA program.
         challenges facing the dynamic healthcare   technical support system. Our online
         industry. The comprehensive curriculum     students are able to balance home
         offers both quantitative and qualitative   and work schedules with ease, with a
         courses, all taught by faculty who have    manageable time commitment of 15 to 20
         roots in management education and the      hours per week of study. Our students         Hilton Hallock
         healthcare industry.                       are not only able to retain their present     Vice President for Academic Affairs
              As a New England College MSHA         jobs, but actually enhance them. As they
         student, you will acquire knowledge of     learn techniques in administration at

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Earn your Master's degree in
Healthcare Administration with OnlineNEC
The online Master of Science in Management/Healthcare Administration Concentration (MSHA)
program was developed by industry leaders, respected academic mentors, and program development
experts committed to preparing the next generation of leaders in the healthcare industry. Its focus
is to provide a specialized degree for healthcare professionals who want to advance their careers and
engage in more senior management activities and responsibilities

     The MSHA degree is awarded upon          healthcare organizations. Students acquire     different to some learners. NEC therefore     THE PROGRAM CONSISTS OF:
successful completion of 9 courses            knowledge and skills in leadership and         uses a team of professionals who support      «   CORE COuRSES
comprising 36 credits. Students take          managerial approaches to marketing,            each student’s progress throughout this           Provide essential knowledge and pave
one course during each seven week             economics, project management, and             rigorous program. Each student will have          the way for more complex learning.
                                                                                                                                           «   CONCENTRATION COuRSES
term, enabling most students to finish        finance, in order to foster an effective and   direct access to Faculty and will also be
                                                                                                                                               Provide the opportunity to delve further
their degrees in less than two years.         successful healthcare organization. In         assisted by a Student Services Manager,
                                                                                                                                               into students’ specific area of interest,
The curriculum will challenge students        addition to exploring the business aspects     Admissions Advisor, and Technical Support         allowing them to expand their scope of
to identify and overcome obstacles to         of healthcare administration, strategies for   Team throughout the online process from           learning.
strategic thinking, develop a framework for   taking account of human aspects such as        admission to graduation. Each student         «   CAPSTONE PROjECT
creating strategic solutions, and acquire     ethics, cultural diversity, negotiation and    will progress through the program with a          Enables students to use the skills learned
the leadership skills that contribute to      conflict resolution, and leadership styles     cohort of approximately 13 to 15 students         within the program, in a practical
managing change and uncertainty in            are also examined. It is our goal at NEC       who learn together and provide peer sup-          problem-solving situation.
healthcare organizations and their            to provide the healthcare industry with        port and a sense of community in the
environments.                                 graduates who understand the “big              virtual environment. 24 hours a day, seven
                                              picture” in this growing sector.               days a week to help students resolve any
Excel in a Truly Demanding Field                                                             technical difficulties. NEC’s Technical
    The New England College MSHA              Study Online, but Never Alone                  Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7
program offers in-depth analysis of                The online delivery of New England        days a week, to help students resolve any
the various components that make up           College’s MSHA program may be new and          technical difficulties.

                                                                                                                                                                 Program Overview     5
Course                                           CORE CURRICULUM

                                                 Organization Management and Leadership – 4 credits
                                                                                                                       diversity on individual and group values; current issues related
                                                                                                                       to the "flattening" of the business environment; and the impact
                                                                                                                       of ethical considerations on the responsible achievement of

Catalog                                               This course combines theory and practice by encouraging
                                                 students to learn traditional and contemporary leadership
                                                                                                                       business goals. Individual and collective choice, and how they
                                                                                                                       fit in the management of competitive environments and the
                                                 theories and apply them in analyzing the behavior of leaders,         organization's position on contemporary moral issues, will be
                                                 colleagues, and subordinates. Through a variety of readings, cases,   explored.
                                                 and exercises, students will examine effective leadership models.
Students begin the program with core courses     Topics include the evolution of leadership; the roles of strategy     Managerial Accounting and Finance for
that pave the way for more complex learning.     and vision in transformational change; the development of lead-       Leadership – 4 credits
They then progress into the concentration        ers; the leadership responsibilities of creating effective teams,           This course equips students to more effectively and ethically
courses that delve further into their specific   organizations, and cultures; the exploration of different leader-     lead and influence in situations where financial issues play a key
area of interest and expand their scope of       ship styles; and current popular approaches to leadership theory.     role, with particular attention to public fiscal management. This
learning.                                                                                                              course serves as an introduction to the concepts and principles
                                                 Managing Projects in Organizations – 4 credits                        of financial management and managerial accounting, focusing
After successfully completing both the core           This course defines the terminology of project                   on the development and use of budgets for planning and control,
and concentration courses, students use          management, and describes the stages of the project life cycle.       demonstrating accountability, and establishing priorities within
the skills learned within the program in a       Students are introduced to the underlying principles and various      an organization. Students will explore the tools and techniques
practical problem-solving Capstone Project.      techniques for managing new programs and projects. This course        available to maximize the use of scarce resources, and the
                                                 presents an overview of managing a project from start to finish.      implications of public funding and cost accounting for programs
                                                 Students will examine project organizational structure, work          and initiatives within the organization.
                                                 breakdown, scheduling, budgeting, costing, resource allocation,
                                                 and human resource considerations throughout the project              Strategic Planning and Policy – 4 credits
                                                 process. Topics include the management of human resources and             This course will examine the process of strategic planning.
                                                 team building; planning and control; scope management; time           Organizations are undergoing a series of revolutionary changes,
                                                 and cost management; quality and risk management; and technical       including vertical integration, horizontal consolidation, strategic
                                                 tools, including GANTT and PERT charting.                             alliances and joint ventures, entrepreneurial startups, and
                                                                                                                       development of specialized niche networks. This course will
                                                                                – 4 credits                            critically examine these changes, and discuss the various
                                                      This course explores and analyzes the relationships              strategic decisions and managerial skills needed to confront
                                                 among stakeholders in business and the global economy. The            them in a variety of forms in organizations. The primary focus
                                                 moral implications of the organization and its decisions are          of the course is on the strategy of the business unit, which is
                                                 explored, with respect to their social effects, and the ten-          the foundational level for competitive analysis, and an analysis
                                                 sion that exists between achieving desirable outcomes and             of the issues central to the firm’s short-term and long-term
                                                 attending to the means by which they are achieved. Topics             competitive success. Using a combination of case studies and
                                                 include theories of morality; analysis of ethical decision-           industry field research, students will assume the roles of key
                                                 making; interaction and conflicts among personal, profes-             decision-makers and/or advisors in analyzing these issues and
                                                 sional, and organizational values; the effect of cultural             offering recommendations for strategic change.

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                                                                       Course Catalog
Managerial Economics for Healthcare – 4 credits
     This course develops the student’s capacity to analyze            The 36-credit MSHA curriculum consists of five core courses, three concentration courses,
the economic environment in which a healthcare organization            followed by a capstone project (4 credits per course):
operates. Its focus is on understanding the constraints the
environment places on its goals, and how these constraints             CORE CURRICULUM
may change with time. Students learn how to apply economic                 Organization Management and Leadership
reasoning to internal decision-making and public policy issues              Managing Projects in Organizations
affecting the healthcare sector. Students will examine a variety
of skills required in managing healthcare organizations in light           Issues in Ethics for Healthcare
of economic realities, including activity-based costing, cost              Managerial Accounting and Finance for Leadership
estimation, relevant costs, and pricing policies.                          Strategic Planning and Policy
                                                                       CONCENTRATION COURSES
Marketing Management in Healthcare and Service
– 4 credits                                                             Managerial Economics for Healthcare
      This course introduces fundamental marketing principles           Marketing Management in Healthcare and Service
and differentiates issues specific to service industries, health
                                                                        Organizational Communications, Conflict Resolution and Negotiations
organizations, and fundraising structures. Students will develop
                                                                       CAPSTONE PROJECT
a foundational knowledge of marketing concepts and prac-
tices, marketing decision-making and techniques, and sources            Master’s Capstone Project
of financial support and strategies for their development. Focus
is on practical application of marketing knowledge and skills in
healthcare and service environments.
                                                                   preferences, identifying ethical and cross-cultural issues,        process of researching the problem and proposing an evidence-
Organizational Communications, Conflict Resolution                 and determining when and how to utilize available outside          based solution or improvement, students integrate principles,
and Negotiations – 4 credits                                       resources. Students assess the importance of coaching and          theories, and methods learned in required program courses.
     This course explores the psychological contract in the        open communication when inspiring individuals to overcome
many forms possible among individuals and groups, from the         barriers to peak performance.                                      Students may enroll in a non-credit self-study Proposal
perspective of exercising leadership in the management of                                                                             Development course, whenever and as often as they wish.
these relationships. Students study group formation and devel-     CAPSTONE PROJECT                                                   The Proposal Development course guides them in writing an
opment, as well as the intricacies of coaching, mentoring,                                                                            approvable proposal. Once the proposal is approved and
and conflict resolution. The impact of organizational behavior     Master’s Capstone Project – 4 credits                              students have completed all other courses in their program,
on leadership effectiveness is explored. Organizational com-             In this summative course in the program, each student        they may enroll in the Capstone course. During this final
munication, including formal and informal communication, is        will undertake a major investigation of a significant leadership   course in the program, students will gather and analyze their
analyzed to determine the relationship between communica-          and management challenge. Students propose either a public         research, and create a viable strategic plan for implementing
tion and organizational satisfaction and effectiveness. Topics     policy initiative or an organizational change or innovation        their project.
include preparing for a negotiation, understanding individual      that is responsive to the problem they have identified. In the

                                                                                                                                                                               Course Catalog   7
Faculty at New England College are leaders in
their fields. As prominent scholars and educators,
they are also specially trained to teach in an
online environment. Listed in alphabetical order:

« Laurie Armstrong-Whitney, MS
« Bryan Bouchard, MS, Finance, MBA
« Ronald Deming, PhD, MA
« Amy Rafferty, PhD, MBA
« David Shirley, MBA
     PMP certification, Project Management Institute

« Pamela Yonkin, MS
« julie Zink, PhD, MA

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 8   Email today:
Admissions                                                                                                                  Tuition /
Process                                                                                                                     Financial Aid
APPLICATION TO THE PROGRAM                                                                                                  TuITION FEES

     Admission to New England College's online graduate program is selective; however, the College takes into               The tuition fee consists of the following components:
consideration all aspects of the applicant's background and abilities, including professional experience, writing skills,   « Non-refundable registration fee
and other accomplishments that are relevant to a particular program of study. Standardized test scores (GRE/GMAT)           « Course tuition
are not required.
                                                                                                                                 Cost of books is not included in the course tuition. Specific
ADMISSION REQuIREMENTS                                                                                                      details will be provided before the registration process. All prices
                                                                                                                            are subject to change. Applicants are required to go through a
Admission to Master's programs is done on a rolling basis and are open to all applicants who meet the following             pre-application interview before starting the application process.
« Bachelor's degree from a college or university in the United States, accredited by one of the six regional accrediting    FINANCIAL AID
      bodies. If you have completed your degree outside the United States, please contact your admissions advisor for
      more details;                                                                                                              Financial assistance in the form of grants, loans, and
« An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0. Students with a GPA lower than 3.0 may be considered for admission                employment is available to U.S. student. If you are a resi-
      on a case-by-case basis, based on professional accomplishment and work experience; and,                               dent of the United States and want to apply for financial aid,
« TOEFL: Students for whom English is not their first language require a TOEFL score of 550 (213 computer version),         please complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid
      or above.                                                                                                             (FAFSA), which can be obtained from the FAFSA website
                                                                                                                            at Students may be eligible for a range
In addition to the basic requirements, applicants must submit the following:                                                of loans available specifically for graduate study and are
« Completed and signed application form;                                                                                    encouraged to apply. Financial aid eligibility is renewed each
« Application fee of $90.00 U.S. in check or money order made payable to New England College;                               year, and revisions or adjustments are made to ensure that
« Official transcript(s) of all post-secondary institutions attended;                                                       aid eligibility is proportionate with each family’s financial
« Current resume;                                                                                                           circumstances.
« Personal statement describing their background and experience and factors that have led to your decision to
     pursue a graduate program; and,                                                                                             Please contact your Admissions Advisor for the most
« Two letters of recommendation attesting to your professional abilities and qualification for graduate study.              updated information on tuition fees and financial aid at
                                                                                                                            1.866.817.2226 Ext. 3502 (U.S. and Canada), or +1.647.723.6680
Applicants are required to go through a pre-application interview before submitting an application for admission.           Ext. 3502 (International).

                                                                                                                                                                                        Admissions Process   9
New England College (NEC) has a rich tradition
of academic excellence. Our online programs
are designed for professionals who have already
achieved success in their careers and who want
to enrich their knowledge with advanced study.

We understand how important it is to be able
to pursue a graduate degree without disrupting
your career or uprooting your family. NEC's
programs satisfy those needs, while delivering
a highly respected degree that is as demanding
and rewarding as our traditional on-campus

     Call toll-free:1.866.817.2226 Ext. 3501
10   Email today:
The Convenience of                                                                                                                 Levels of
Learning Online                                                                                                                    Support
    Online learning can be even more satisfying than traditional classroom learning, because it                                        Your success is the goal of every member of New
focuses on you. You learn from the convenience of your home or office, at the time of day that suits                               England College’s (NEC) distance learning team. We
you, while maintaining communication with faculty and fellow students. Here is just a sampling of                                  have developed a multi-tiered support network that
the many benefits of e-learning:                                                                                                   ensures a rich and rewarding experience:

FLEXIBLE SCHEDuLING                                                                                                                INSTRuCTORS
     e-Learning is designed for busy professionals like you. You plan your study time around your schedule, and work                   The personalized attention from your instructors will
at your own pace. The program is based on an innovative, asynchronous model, so there is no need to disrupt your                   engage and challenge you. They are also here to provide support
work and family life. Your instructor lays out the course in a detailed schedule, so you know what to expect and how to            and coaching at a personal level that is difficult to obtain
prepare.                                                                                                                           anywhere else.

ACCESSIBLE RESOuRCES                                                                                                               STuDENT SERVICES MANAGER
     All printed materials and textbooks are conveniently delivered to you before the start of each semester. Our                         In order to support and encourage you through the entire
extensive online library and resource center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. Many students              program, your Student Services Manager acts as your personal
report that using the online library is easier and more convenient than visiting a traditional “bricks-and-mortar” library.        advocate in the program, and serves as the liaison between you and
                                                                                                                                   NEC. They are dedicated to your academic success and handle all of
IMMEDIATE RESPONSES                                                                                                                the little details so you can focus on your degree.
     With just a click, you can send questions or requests to professors, fellow students, and program managers. Our
faculty and staff will respond within 24 hours.                                                                                    ADMISSIONS ADVISORS
                                                                                                                                        Your Advisor can answer your questions about the program
INTIMATE CLASSES                                                                                                                   and the admissions process, and will guide you in assembling
     We utilize a cohort system, whereby you progress through the program with a small group of 12 to 15 fellow                    a successful application. He or she then steers your application
students. This system ensures that you are part of a community of your peers, a community that provides support                    through the review process of the Admissions Committee.
challenges your abilities, and encourages discussion.
                                                                                                                                   TECHNICAL SuPPORT TEAM
INDIVIDuAL ATTENTION                                                                                                                    Many of our students learn during “off-hours,” so we
      Because the virtual class size is so small, you will receive individual attention from your professors. They are             provide round-the-clock live technical support to make the learning
experienced professionals who are also highly trained in online instruction. Your instructor also serves as a group facilitator,   experience as easy and convenient as possible. You will receive
who develops you and your classmates into a learning community eager to engage in discussions of current issues and                answers that will resolve your hardware and software questions,
realistic scenarios.                                                                                                               regardless of your technical skill.

                                                                                                                                                                                           OnlineNEC Experience   11
To participate in an online Master's
degree program from New England                                        Minimum requirements for                        Minimum requirements for
College, your PC or Macintosh
computer will require the following:
                                                                       PC users:                                       Macintosh users:

                                               Operating System:       Windows 98/2000/NT/XP                           Macintosh OS 9 or higher

                                               RAM:                    128MB recommended                               128 MB recommended

                                               Free Disk Space:        50MB (100MB recommended)                        50MB (100MB recommended)

                                               CPu Speed:              266 MHz (500 MHz recommended)                   Power Macintosh or higher

                                               Modem:                  56K modem (DSL/cable modem recommended          56K modem (DSL/cable modem recommended
                                                                       if your course is graphically intensive)        if your course is graphically intensive)

                                               Sound Card /Speakers:   Required for audio presentations                Required for audio presentations

                                               Browser:                MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator        Internet Explorer for Mac, Mozilla Firefox
                                                                       (Netscape is not supported or recommended;
                                                                       however, most features will work)

                                               Browser Plugins:        Adobe Flash, Java, RealOne Player, Quicktime.   Adobe Flash, Java, RealOne Player, Quicktime.

                                               Software:               Microsoft Office (recommended),                 Microsoft Office (recommended),
                                                                       Adobe Acrobat Reader                            Adobe Acrobat Reader

     Call toll-free:1.866.817.2226 Ext. 3501
12   Email today:
Asked Questions
Do you accept transfer credits?                                      Will my diploma specify that this is an “online” degree?             Students also find their cohort is a tremendous source of
     We will assess transfer credits that may reduce the total            No. Your degree will state a Master of Science in Management.   support in managing their time and studies.
number of credits required to complete the program, up to six        Degree concentrations are indicated in the official transcripts.
credits. This will be done on a case-by-case basis. New England                                                                           How is NEC accredited?
College (NEC) does not grant credit for work experience.             How many credits and courses do I take each semester?                    NEC is accredited by the New England Association of
                                                                          To earn your degree, you must complete 36 credits and           Schools and Colleges.
How much does the program cost?                                      achieve a 3.0 or better grade point average. This translates to
     Please refer to the Tuition and Fees Supplement for the most    9 courses to complete the degree. You will ordinarily enroll in      What is the typical class size in an online Master’s degree
current information, or contact an Admissions Advisor.               one course per seven week term, though you will simultaneously       program?
                                                                     enroll in courses at specified points that prepare you for your           You will complete your studies with a cohort or class of
How much full-time work experience do I need?                        capstone experience.                                                 about 12 to 15 other students. This small class size allows you
     The Admissions Committee typically looks for applicants                                                                              to get to know your fellow students and form professional and
with at least two years of professional work experience.             When do I start the program?                                         personal friendships over the course of your studies.
                                                                          There are several start dates available. Your Admissions
How challenging is an online degree at NEC?                          Advisor will be happy to explain the benefits of various start       What should I do if I have more questions or I want to
     Most students find that our online programs are more rigorous   dates, and help you select the timing that works best for you.       apply?
than any traditional class they have taken. Their feedback tells                                                                               You may call an Admissions Advisor at 1.866.817.2226
us that they value being challenged, since their hard work will      What does an average week look like for a student                    Ext. 3501 (U.S. and Canada), or +1.647.723.6680 Ext. 3501
be rewarded with a degree that is held in high esteem and is         enrolled in an online graduate program at NEC?                       (International), who will be able to answer all your questions.
grounded in valuable real-world experience that they put to use           This program is designed for the working professional
in rewarding careers.                                                who must balance the demands of work, home, and study.
                                                                     Most students spend 15 to 20 hours studying each week.
How long is the program?                                             They creatively carve out that time by studying after the
     Courses are generally run on a term basis. The Master's         kids are in bed, before the family gets up, or in those few
programs are 36-credits, and, for most candidates, can be com-       spare moments at the office. Your Facilitator and your
pleted within a two-year period.                                     Student Services Manager will help keep you on track.

                                                                                                                                                                         Frequently Asked Questions   13
                                             About New England College
      New England College (NEC) was created in 1946 to serve the educational needs              Recently the College has grown from 700 to 1,100 undergraduates and from
of service men and women after the Second World War. It pioneered the three-                75 to 500 graduate students, while adhering to the philosophy of our founders by
year baccalaureate degree that combined critical thinking skills from the arts and          providing curricular and co-curricular programs for integrated learning with respect
sciences with practical and professional education in business and engineering. From        for diversity of thought and expression. NEC alumni will always be positioned to
the beginning, NEC students studied hard, played hard, and graduated to become              address the world boldly and successfully as they go out from and return to their
responsible and highly productive citizens.                                                 alma mater.
      The College has retained its mission as a pragmatic liberal arts and professional
college, committed to understanding the needs of all humanity in an interconnected          Accreditation
world. It seeks to develop self-confident, informed individuals able to find their way to       NEC is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges
a rewarding life with professional success and personal service. Students drawn from        through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.
a range of social and cultural backgrounds choose among academic and professional
disciplines, and enhance their learning through a broad range of internships.               Statement of Fair Practices
      In the coming decade, NEC will build on its strengths and the values of its                NEC prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed or religion, national
founders while embracing the social, technological, and ethical challenges of               origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, pregnancy, veteran's status, or
contemporary civilization. NEC will provide a liberal arts education for the twenty-        disability in regard to treatment, access to, or employment in its programs and
first century. Human rights and social responsibility will remain crucial to our learning   activities, in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations. In compliance
and living community, where students will make reasoned academic choices and                with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), individuals with disabilities needing
explore imaginative career options, with a maximum use of alumni connections.               accommodation should contact the ADA compliance officer.
                                                           2159_NEC_MSHA_brochure edits 02 16 10
Online Master of Science in Management

Telephone:   1.866.817.2226 Ext. 3501 (U.S./Canada)
             +1.647.723.6680 Ext. 3501 (International)



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