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					Excess perspiration, Signs of Heart Disease?
 You are sweating improperly? Do not worry! Discover interesting things in this article.
Sweating is a mechanism to cool the body after doing activities that are too strenuous and
In most circumstances, it is natural and healthy. However, some people experience excessive
sweating. Such a situation is referred to as hyperhidrosis.
Each of us is impossible not to sweat, but if you experience excessive sweating /
hyperhidrosis and what you need to know what kind of response is needed?
What is Hyperhidrosis?
Hyperhidrosis is the term used by doctors to refer to excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis is
when a person sweat a lot more than he was supposed to production and it is not caused by a
medical illness, excessive activity or a result of the consumption of chemical drugs that cause
sweat glands problematic.
Usually this happens excessive sweating in the armpits, but often the palms and soles of the
feet also experience excessive sweating even dripping.
Stressful situations such as exams, job interviews, or other important events will only worsen
the situation. Hyperhidrosis itself divided into three, namely:
• Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis
Someone excessive sweating diarea only certain body such as the head, underarms, face,
palms and soles.
• Idiopathic Generalized Hyperhidrosis
Someone has a tendency to sweat excess over his body.
• Hyperhidrosis Secondary Generalization
Someone excessive sweating due to chemical reactions such as drug antihypertensive
medications and antidepressants or certain diseases such as heart disease, simple emotion,
pounding, menopause, diabetes mellitus and stroke. Excessive sweating also involves large
areas of your body can go through the body. Excessive sweating condition can appear at any
time and can even arise when fast asleep.
Hyperhidrosis relationships and Heart Disease
Hyperhidrosis is usually not associated with heart disease as often many people think. Palms
of the hands or feet are often sweaty is not necessarily a sign of heart problems.
Hyperhidrosis is usually caused by emotional stimulation and temperature. Thus, excessive
sweating in the palms of your hands only and on both feet, without any complaint symptoms
of heart problems or other heart systematic symptoms, hyperhidrosis is most likely only
caused by anxiety only.
So before concluding, we may seek information or consult your doctor first if symptoms of
excessive sweating is a sign of heart disease or not.
How to Tackle Hyperhidrosis
Antiperspirant is always preferred to deal with excessive sweating for some people tract of
the world and proved to be very effective. The material is so effective is Alluminium
Chloride (20-25%) typically used at night 2-3 times / day in 70-90% alcohol content.
According to the experience of this treatment is sufficient to reduce the frequency of
excessive sweating sweat only about 50-70% with more levels or need to be repeated
So do not ever assume excessive sweating indicates that you have heart disease, try to find
information for a more satisfactory outcome for you and your family that you care.