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         Higher Diploma in
         International Hotel Management
         Leading to a range of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) programmes
         offered and taught at IMI, Switzerland

                                                                          Syarifah Soraya
                                                                          Graduate, Class of 2011
                                                                          Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management
                                                                          IMI International Hotel Management Institute Switzerland

The programme is developed and awarded by IMI International Hotel Management Institute Switzerland.
“Life at SIM GE gives me the opportunity to have a global
mindset through the interactions with people with
international exposure.” (2010)

Jojo Wu Qiong
Graduate, Class of 2010
Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management
IMI International Hotel Management Institute Switzerland

                                                            Dean’s Message                                             01
                                                            IMI International Hotel Management Institute Switzerland   02
                                                            Programme Overview                                         04
                                                            Programme Structure                                        05
                                                            Module Outline for Higher Diploma in International         07
                                                            Hotel Management
                                                            Module Outline for Bachelor’s Degrees                      09
                                                            Entry Requirements                                         11
                                                            General Information                                        12
                                                            Application & Admission                                    13
                                                            Singapore Institute of Management (SIM Group)              15
                                                            Vibes – Why Study at SIM Global Education                  16
                                                            Preparing You For A Career                                 17
                                          It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our Higher

                                          Diploma in International Hotel Management, that is

                                          taught in Singapore, and awarded by the IMI International

                                          Hotel Management Institute Switzerland.

                                          IMI has a strong partnership with the Singapore Institute of

                                          Management Pte Ltd (SIM) and its highly educated faculty

                                          was closely involved in the design of the curriculum for

                                          the Higher Diploma. IMI is the oldest English-speaking

                                          hotel management school in Central Switzerland and

                                          our main specialities are tourism, events and hospitality.

                                          All members of IMI’s faculty are widely experienced in

                                          academia and industry.

Switzerland was the first country to develop the subject of hotel management and these traditions

are carried on at IMI. To ensure that our courses delivered in Singapore retain the IMI faculty feel,

its associates regularly visit SIM to teach and assist with the development of the course. We

specialise in holistic academic and vocational programmes with a strong record of employability

and the Higher Diploma is designed for those who seek to develop their skills and training at a

supervisory level. The Higher Diploma is also an entry route for IMI’s specialised BA programmes,

which are validated in the United Kingdom by Manchester Metropolitan University.

Professor John Fenby
IMI Dean and Director of Partner Schools
IMI International Hotel Management Institute Switzerland


View from IMI Campus

IMI International Hotel Management Institute Switzerland, founded in 1990, is the oldest and
most reputable English-speaking Swiss Hotel Management School in Central Switzerland,
specialising in Hotel, Tourism, Events, European Culinary, Restaurant Management and
Hospitality Entrepreneurship.

All members of IMI’s faculty are widely experienced in academia and industry. IMI has a strong
partnership with SIM and its faculty is closely involved in the design of the Higher Diploma.

The course combines the following features:
•	 An	award	from	the	IMI	International	Hotel	Management	Institute	Switzerland,
•	 Faculty	from	IMI	and	its	associates	visit	SIM	regularly	to	teach,
•	 It	is	a	holistic	academic	and	vocational	programme	with	a	strong	record	of	employability,
•	 It	is	designed	for	those	who	seek	to	develop	their	skills	and	training	at	a	supervisory		 	
   management level.

Why Choose IMI?
                                                     safe and caring
                               Strong personal
                               support and full                              Projects linked to
                                transparency                                   the real world

                   Offers great career                                                  Highly qualified
                   possibility and high                Why IMI?                         faculty experts
                     employability                                                        in their field

                              and examinations                                Student centred
                                are evaluated                                  active learning
                                                    Guest lecturers
                                                   with international

 Why Switzerland?
 Switzerland is the birthplace of Hospitality Education:

  •   Switzerland ranks 1st in Best Quality in Management Schools – 2010/11 report of the World Economic
  •   World class education: Switzerland ranks 2nd for Best Educational System in the World – 2010/11 report of
      the World Economic Forum
  •   #1 for local availability of specialised research and training services – 2010/11 report of the World
      Economic Forum

Students at IMI Switzerland


                                                                                    “I believe SIM GE has taught me entrepreneurial
                                                                                    and leadership skills that I could use after I have
                                                                                    graduated.” (2009)

                                                                                    Nicole Goh
                                                                                    Graduate, Class of 2010
                                                                                    Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management
                                                                                    IMI International Hotel Management Institute

The Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management puts you on the right path to success in an industry that offers a
multitude of opportunities.

The Programme provides operational and strategic management tools required for a career in international hotel, tourism
and restaurant management, while nurturing professionalism and characteristics essential for success in the industry.

Combining management science with actual practice in the hospitality industry, the programme provides you with a launch
pad to a fulfilling career.

    is this programme for?
Whoprogramme is designed for those who are planning to start or advance their careers in the hospitality industry.

Industry Opportunities
Local Developments
                                                                        The airlines are a major travel industry employer, offering a host of
With the Singapore Tourism Board’s 2015 plan to increase tourist
                                                                        jobs at many levels, ranging from entry level to top management.
arrivals from 8 million to 20 million tourists per year, hospitality,
                                                                        Illustrative jobs are reservation agents, flight attendants, airline
leisure and tourism have become extremely important to
                                                                        food service, sales, training staff, and research jobs.
Singapore. If you are considering a career in the industry, a Swiss
qualification would definitely pave the way.
                                                                        The cruise industry is the fastest-growing segment of the tourism
                                                                        industry today. Job opportunities include those for sales
Potential Career Paths                                                  representatives, market researchers, and recreation directors.
The range of jobs in hotels is extremely broad. General managers,
resident managers, management trainees, sales and marketing             Other major employers are food service, rental car companies,
jobs, and front office are a few of the long list of potential jobs.    travel agents, tour operators, tourism and hospitality educators,
Resorts tend to have similar jobs as hotels; however, larger resorts    recreation and leisure industry, meeting planners, and the gaming
will have greater job opportunities and require more assistants in      industry.
all areas.

The Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management is a full-time programme, conducted at SIM over six months.

Mode of Delivery                                               Dress Code
Lectures are conducted at three hours each during the day,     Students in this programme will be required to be attired in
from Monday to Saturday and students are required to attain    smart business suit.
100% attendance requirement.
                                                               Females:		White	Blouse,	Black	blazer,	Black	skirt/pants	and		
The modules offered at SIM during these 6 months are:                    Black court shoes
•		 Personal	Development	Planning	III                          Males:    White shirt, Black blazer, Black pants & socks and
•		 Resort	Operations	&	Management                                       Black leather shoes
•		 Financial	Management	II
•		 Food	&	Beverage	Administration	/	Food	Costing,		
    Purchasing & Merchandising
                                                               International Students
•		 MICE	Management	(Meetings,	Incentives,	Conventions			
    and Exhibitions Management)                                International Students’ progression to the degree programmes
•		 Human	Resource	Management                                  at IMI, Switzerland will be subject to their obtaining VISA
•		 Enterprise	Development	Project                             approval from the Embassy of Switzerland in Singapore.

Candidature Period                                             requirements for Progression
Students are expected to complete the programme in six         Students need to complete and pass the semester modules
months. Any student who fails to complete the programme        before proceeding to the next semester.
will not be entitled to any recourse or refund.

                                                               Opportunity for further Study
assessment                                                     The Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management
Assessment is based on coursework and examination.             serves as a pathway to the following IMI Bachelor of Arts
Students are required to obtain a minimum of 40% overall       (Honours) programmes at IMI, Switzerland:
marks for each module, and an average of 48% for all seven     •	 International	Hotel	Management
modules, in order to complete the programme.                   •	 International	Tourism	Management
                                                               •	 International	Hotel	and	Tourism	Management
Main examinations are normally held in May for the January     •	 International	Hotel	and	Events	Management
intake and October for the July intake. The assessment         •	 International	Tourism	and	Events	Management
schedules are subjected to changes by IMI.                     •	 European	Culinary	Management	
                                                               •	 Restaurant	Management	
The grading for the Higher Diploma programme is as per the     •	 Hospitality	Entrepreneurship	
table below.
         Overall Score Grade                 Grade
                                                               The degrees are awarded by IMI, Switzerland, and
                                                               Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.
                70%+                            A

              60 – 69%                          B
                                                               Quality assurance & recognition
              50 – 59%                          C
                                                               British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and
              40 – 49%                          D
                                                               Higher Education (BAC)
               0 – 39%                          E              •		 Swiss	Private	School	Register
                                                               •		 Edu	Qua
                                                               •		 ISO	9001	:	2008
award of Diploma                                               •		 QQQ	-	Swiss	Tourism	quality	label

To be awarded the IMI Higher Diploma in International Hotel
Management, students need to successfully complete seven

Minimum Number of Students required
for Class Commencement
For a class to commence there must be a minimum of 25
students. In the event that the class cannot commence due
to low take up rate, students will be informed one month
prior to class commencement.

Preparatory Course                                                Preparatory Course in Business
For applicants without a Hospitality diploma, who are             This preparatory course applies to holders of non-business
interested in gaining admission into the Higher Diploma in        diplomas from local polytechnics and the course covers
International Hotel Management programme, are required to         three core business modules, namely:
complete a 3-month Preparatory Course offered by SIM,
namely:                                                           Marketing
                                                                  This module provides an overview of the concepts and
(a) Preparatory Course in Hospitality                             techniques of the marketing process in today’s dynamic
(b) Preparatory Course in Business                                environment and its interrelationship with other business
                                                                  functions. Both controllable and uncontrollable variables
Both the Preparatory Courses will commence from September         surrounding the execution of the marketing function and the
to November for the January intake and April to June for the      use of the marketing mix successfully to reach each buyer
July intake. Lectures are conducted by local lecturers at three   are studied. This module provides the foundation for more
hours each.                                                       advanced marketing-oriented courses by covering a wide
                                                                  range of topics including consumer behaviour, market
Admissions to these two preparatory courses are subjected         research, marketing process and global marketing.
to the approval by the Academic Dean of IMI.
Both courses are conducted full-time at SIM, and run              At the core, this module studies the economic problem of
concurrently for a period of 3 months.                            the scarcity of resources that is facing a person, a firm or a
                                                                  society. It assumes that rational people normally make
Assessments for these courses include coursework, as well as      choices to consume scarce resources in terms of comparing
end-of-course examination during late October for the January     marginal benefit and marginal cost. The contents of this
intake and early June for the July intake. The assessment         module can be divided into two parts, principles of
schedule will be subjected to changes by the IMI.                 microeconomics (economics and choice at individual level)
                                                                  and principles of macroeconomics (economics and choice at
Applicants must complete and pass both the Hospitality and        aggregate level).
Business Preparatory courses, before they can progress to
the Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management.             Accounting & Finance
                                                                  This module deals primarily with the study of the two main

Preparatory Course in Hospitality                                 branches of accounting which are financial accounting and
                                                                  management accounting as well as investment appraisal.

The course aims to provide diploma holders (without a             The first part of the module covers financial accounting.
hospitality background) with the fundamental skills and           Topics included here are double entry book-keeping and the
knowledge of front office operations, as well as front office     preparation of basic financial statements and financial
related topics, and comprises two modules, namely:                analysis. The second part of the module covers management
                                                                  accounting techniques for planning, control and decision-
Introduction to Food and Beverage Service                         making and investment appraisal techniques.
This module provides students with a basic foundation in
food and beverage (F&B) service. Students will be taught
basic F&B service skills such as table setting, order-taking,
service sequence and beverage service that are essential to a
food service professional in providing customers with a           A certificate will be awarded to students who have
pleasant dining experience. Besides service skills, students      successfully completed the preparatory course.
will acquire knowledge on important operational issues
pertaining to F&B operations.

Front Office Management
                                                                  Minimum Number of Students required
This module provides students with the fundamental skills         for Class Commencement
and knowledge of front office operations, as well as front
office related topics including revenue management,               For a class to commence there must be a minimum of 25
housekeeping, security and loss prevention management.            students. In the event that the class cannot commence due
Besides front office knowledge, students will also gain a         to low take up rate, students will be informed one month
comprehensive understanding of the hotel business ranging         prior to class commencement.
from different types of hotels and their guestrooms to an
overview of departments within a hotel.

“The programme has given me international exposure and opportunities to acquire hands-on experience during
internship. It has also given me an insight into the Swiss tourism and culture.” (2012)
Marisa yeo
graduate, Class of 2010
Bachelor of arts (Honours) in International Hotel Management
IMI International Hotel Management Institute Switzerland

 Class Photo at SIM

                                                                  topic of capital budgeting, risk and the various project
Personal Development Planning III                                 evaluation techniques to evaluate the feasibility of capital
                                                                  expenditure will be covered. The module also gives an
This module imparts new learning strategies to promote and        introduction to financial markets and contemporary
support student centered learning which in turn helps to          hospitality topics such as management agreements,
cultivate independent self-learning capabilities. Students will   franchising, asset management and valuation.
conduct self-evaluations to gain greater self-awareness.
Subsequently, based on their greater self-awareness, they
will create their own personal and career development plans       food & Beverage administration / food Costing,
as well as Resume. They will also learn quantitative analysis,
self-reflection, negotiation, creative thinking and problem-      Purchasing & Merchandising
solving skills which are increasingly important for the
hospitality industry.                                             The Food & Beverage Administration module aims to extend
                                                                  students’ understanding of the scope of the food and
                                                                  beverage industry, of food and beverage related issues as well
resort Operations & Management                                    as the managerial aspects of food and beverage operations.
                                                                  The aim is to examine issues in reference to different food and
The module begins with an introduction to the resort              beverage management ideas, gastronomic influences and
industry, distinguishing features and characteristics of resort   concepts; and investigate operational implications for
guests. The focus then moves to examine the development           managers working in the food and beverage sector of the
and management of a variety of recreational and spa               hospitality industry with particular reference to the role of
amenities, design and delivery with an emphasis on activity       menus and topical issues.
programming and evaluation. The latter section of the
module examines these core applications in a variety of           The Food Costing, Purchasing & Merchandising module looks
resort contexts from mountain to coastal and inland               in detail at the procedures involved in the procurement,
locations.                                                        costing, and sale of menu items within hospitality outlets. The
                                                                  module begins with an overview of the procedures, policies
                                                                  and best practice involved in the procurement of ingredients
financial Management II                                           and their control within an outlet. The module then engages
                                                                  with the theory and rationale behind food costing and utilises
The module aims to provide further depth in a variety of          practical exercises designed to further understand and
analytical financial management areas that are of particular      develop skills related to effectively managing food cost within
relevance to the hospitality industry. This module begins         a kitchen environment.
with an introduction to the concepts of financial
management. Specific emphasis is placed on in-depth               Merchandising of food is then investigated, with a range of
analysis and interpretation of financial statements of            techniques suitable to a variety of hospitality outlets
hospitality related enterprises. The module includes              outlined and discussed.
coverage of credit and cash management as well as
strategies for evaluating and raising new capital. Under the

MICE Management                                                  Progression from Higher Diploma to Degree
(Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions Management)   Programme
The module begins with an introduction to the global MICE        Progression Pathway
market. The focus then moves on to learning the skill sets       Upon successful completion of the Higher Diploma
necessary for successful event management, namely,               programme at SIM, students can progress to IMI, Switzerland
exhibitions and conference organising, bidding, sales,           to pursue one of the Bachelor’s programmes as follows:
operations, crisis management and evaluation. Students will
look at case studies of successful events created and held in
                                                                       Pathway                 Bachelor’s Programme in
Singapore. They will also gain knowledge from creating their
own exhibitions and conferences and developing the                         A           International Hotel Management
strategies to successfully execute them.
                                                                            B          International Tourism Management

Human resource Management                                                  C           International Hotel & Tourism Management

                                                                           D           International Hotel & Events Management
This module begins by introducing how international human
resource management has basic similarities to domestic                      E          International Tourism & Events Management
human resource management. However the complexities of                      F          European Culinary Management
the former are highlighted at this stage.
                                                                           G           Restaurant Management
The module will elaborate in detail how the two differ in
relation to HR planning, recruitment, selection, training and              H           Hospitality Entrepreneurship
development, performance management and repatriation,
and international labour relations. Emphasis will be placed
on these issues in relation to expatriate managers.
                                                                 A paid half-year placement in Switzerland, abroad or
Throughout the module particular attention will be paid to       Singapore is required for students who do not have at least
how the international human resource management function         6 months of hospitality work experience prior to admission
is affected by external influences, e.g. host governments        to the degree programmes. After deductions for rooming,
and cultural issues.                                             food, government taxes, and insurance, the net monthly
                                                                 salary is about CHF 1000 to CHF 1400, if the internship is
The module will conclude with a session on future issues         done in Switzerland.
facing hospitality and tourism organisations.
                                                                 Students who are required to undertake internship in
                                                                 Switzerland must complete the Business Language and
Enterprise Development Project                                   Culture Module in either German or French at IMI.

The module aims to combine a number of previously and
simultaneously taught courses through the implementation
of a major group study. Tourism research, market analysis,
market segmentation, definition of an appropriate market
mix, planning the human resources under aspects of a
general policy, and operational financial issues will be
combined to evaluate the economic feasibility of a specific
hospitality enterprise. The module begins with class lectures
on the scope, content and format of feasibility studies. It
then continues to analyse previous student work in order to
continuously improve the level and update to the ever-
changing economic environment. Students will gain
knowledge about the difference between the phases and
sections of an economic study. Specific emphasis is placed
upon working in a team and regular retrospective tutor
reviews are used to analyse and improve teamwork.

                                                                  Class Photo at IMI

The modules below are offered on campus at IMI, Switzerland

Students pursuing the Bachelor’s programme will be required to complete:
(a) 4 Core modules and
(b) 2 Specialist modules according to their selected pathway.

Modules                                                                                               Pathway

                                                                                 A      B      C      D      E      F      G      H

Core Modules

Personal Development Planning IV                                                                                           

Research Methods                                                                                                           

Strategic International Marketing Management                                                                               

Dissertation                                                                                                               

Specialist Modules

Information and Communication Systems                                                               

International Tourism Development                                                                          

Meetings, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition Management – MICE II                                         

Culinary Systems Management                                                                                         

Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation                                                                                      

Food and Beverage Themes and Applications                                                                               

Intercultural New Venture Hospitality Management                                                                                  

Core Modules
Personal Development Planning IV                                      Dissertation
This module builds on PDP III and continues to develop the            This is a student opportunity to research an area of
student’s ability to reflect on their career potential and future     hospitality management of their choice. Students are
planning. Students will be focused on skills required for             introduced to the concept of a dissertation and this is
seeking and securing future employment during their                   developed in Research Methods and supported by individual
academic studies.                                                     tutor meetings that are held throughout the semester.

Research Methods
The module comprises three main topic areas scheduled to              SPECIaLIST MODuLES
support the various stages of dissertation writing namely:
•	Frameworks	and	principles	of	research	and	writing;                  Information and Communication Systems
•	Research	methodologies;	and                                         Upon successful completion of this module, students should
•	Data	analysis.                                                      gain an understanding, knowledge and ability of the various
                                                                      competing and complementary concepts of Information
Strategic International Marketing Management                          Systems and their component parts with a focus on Internet
The module covers three elements all strongly making use of           applications. Students are enabled to apply IT business
current news and development. The first introduces the                concepts in generic and industry specific contexts fitting
process of strategic management, its relationship with                them to current and likely future developments and
marketing, and the key considerations involved in strategic           applications of hospitality-specific information systems.
international marketing management. The second element
considers factors that encourage organisations to develop             International Tourism Development
their operations from domestic to international, focusing on          The module is designed to provide students with a critical
how culture, social, economic, political and legal aspects            framework for analysing tourism development at national
impinge upon the organisation’s marketing effort. The third           and international levels within an overall context of
element considers the role of internal and external                   sustainability. The syllabus is divided into 2 sections: Section
assessment in strategy development and evaluates various              1 relates to the consequences of international tourism
management techniques to carry out this evaluation. This              development and niche concepts of fair-trade, pro-poor,
part will evaluate alternative strategies and the factors             community based and ecotourism models are reviewed.
involved in making strategic decisions.                               Section 2 focuses specifically on the foundations of planning
                                                                      and development and relates the concepts of Section 1
                                                                      within a ‘planning for sustainability framework’.

Meetings, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition                     Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation
Management – MICE II                                               This new unit will give students a critical appreciation of the
The module begins with an introduction to core features of         theory of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation and an
the events markets and the range of products offered by            ability to relate this to practice through various case studies
various business sectors. The focus then moves to                  and industry observations. Students will also develop an
examining the processes and skills necessary for successful        ability to analyse and synthesise relevant data to evaluate
event management, specifically exploring event planning,           new ideas and solutions and to develop critical thinking and
bidding, sponsorship, operations and evaluation. Supplies,         creativity, allowing them to manage the creative processes
logistics and the implications of in-house vs contractual          both in themselves and others. One of the key focuses of
models are explored.                                               this unit will be business planning and presentation which
                                                                   will allow students to test the feasibility of their ideas in the
Culinary Systems Management                                        market place while making the best possible impression on
This module will focus on the modern European kitchen as a         potential investors.
system to be managed and integrated in environments of
varying complexity. It will begin with a theoretical and           Food and Beverage Themes and Applications
practical overview of the kitchen as a relatively self-contained   The module aims to provide an analysis of complex
sub-system with its own micro-systems in terms of people           interrelationships of operational food and beverage
and technical and other processes (e.g. hygiene and the            management areas with particular relevance to new
HACCP concept). It will then examine the role of the kitchen       concepts, themes, developments and trends in the
and its management within the wider hospitality organisational     hospitality industry. Particular emphasis is focused on
context placing emphasis on how available resources can be         defining a concept, creating a new concept and restaurant
configured to meet different kinds of customer concept             and product life cycles.
demands. Attention will then turn to the leadership role of
the kitchen within the wider food and beverage function in         Intercultural New Venture Hospitality Management
terms of the management of product innovation and                  This unit provides foundations to intercultural hospitality
development and the evaluation of demand for these                 new venture management and public or private project
processes. Throughout, information technology will be              implementation in different parts of the world. After
utilised in the form of Calc Menu software for product and         completion students should be able to assess the viability of
process management and a dedicated hospitality CAD package.        proposed new hospitality ventures in different cultural
                                                                   environments and understand issues such as basic elements
                                                                   of joint venture agreements and business development.
                                                                   Ultimately students will be exposed to a diverse learning
                                                                   environment which will allow them to interpret business
                                                                   development functions both in large and small hospitality
                                                                   companies in an international context.

 Students at IMI 2010 International Day

                                                                                                              Progression Pathway
                                                                       Conducted at SIM                         conducted at IMI

                                                                                                              Bachelor of Arts in:

    Hospitality                                                                                               International Hotel
     Diploma                                                                                                  Management

                                                                                                              International Tourism

                                                                                                              International Hotel &
    Diploma in                                                           Higher Diploma in                    Tourism Management
   Management                         Preparatory                           International
  Studies	(DMS)	/	                Course in Hospitality                  Hotel Management                     International Hotel &
     Business                    (Duration – 3 months)                 (Duration – 6 months)                  Events Management
                                                                                                              International Tourism &
                                                                                                              Events Management

                                                                                                              Restaurant Management
   Non-Business                 Course in Business plus                                                       Hospitality
     Diploma                      Preparatory Course                                                          Entrepreneurship
                                     in Hospitality                                                           (Duration – 6 months)
                                 (Duration – 3 months)

                                                                         Higher Diploma in                         Bachelor of Arts in
     Culinary                                                               International                          European Culinary
     Diploma*                                                            Hotel Management                            Management
                                                                       (Duration – 6 months)                     (Duration – 6 months)

* Candidates who wish to take a different degree pathway instead of BA (Hons) in European Culinary must take the Preparatory Course
in Hospitality & Preparatory Course in Business

Entry requirements
•	 Diplomas	from	local	polytechnics/SHATEC/SIM.
•	 Relevant	qualifications	from	other	institutions	will	be	considered	on	a	case-by-case	basis.
•	 Applications	will	be	based	on	merit	and	subject	to	the	approval	of	the	Admissions	Committee.

English Proficiency requirement
Students must have an acceptable level of competency in the English Language and must have one of the following in
addition to an approved diploma:

•	 A	minimum	of	C6	pass	in	English	as	first	language	at	GCE	‘O’	levels	or
•	 IELTS	5.5	or	equivalent	Or
•	 TOEFL	525	paper	based,	196	computer	based.

Successful completion of a recognised approved diploma, where the language of instruction was English.

Intake Information
Programme                       Programme             Programmes                        Entry with                     Application
Commencement Date               End Date                                                                               Closing Date

                                                      Higher Diploma in International Direct entry – Relevant
2 January 2013                  30 June 2013                                                                           1 October 2012
                                                      Hotel Management                Hospitality Diploma

                                                      Preparatory Course in Business
                                                      (IMI)                             Non-business Diploma from
8 April 2013                    30 June 2013                                                                           15 January 2013
                                                      Preparatory Course in             local Polytechnics

                                                      Preparatory Course in             DMS	/	Business	Diploma	from	
8 April 2013                    30 June 2013                                                                           15 January 2013
                                                      Hospitality                       local Polytechnics

                                                      Higher Diploma in International Direct entry – Relevant
1 July 2013                     31 December 2013                                                                       15 April 2013
                                                      Hotel Management                Hospitality Diploma

Course fee
                                          Preparatory             Preparatory Course           Higher Diploma in
                                     Course in Business Fee        in Hospitality Fee          International Hotel          Total Fee
                                                                                             Management Course Fee

 Relevant Hospitality Diploma                     -                           -                   S$12,735.15              S$12,735.15

 Business Diploma                                 -                     S$1,284                   S$12,735.15              S$14,019.15

 Non - Business Diploma                        S$1,605                  S$1,284                   S$12,735.15              S$15,624.15

All fees are valid for the above two intakes in 2013.
Repeat fee for each of the Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management module is S$1,819.
All fees are payable prior to course commencement.
All fees indicated above are inclusive of 7% GST and exclude textbooks.

The indicative fees payable to IMI, should the student progress to IMI for their Bachelor of Arts programmes are:
(a) Registration Fee: CHF2,800
(b) Course Fees payable to IMI: CHF25,250*

* These fees include food and lodging at IMI but exclude airfare to Switzerland.

Study Loans                                                                Interest-free Instalment Plans
Students may obtain study loans from these banks and                       When you charge above S$500 to your Citibank or OCBC
institutions under a course financing scheme (subject to                   Visa/Mastercard,	you	can	enjoy	interest-free	instalments	of	
approval). All loan enquiries and applications are to be dealt             six or 12 months. Terms and conditions apply. For more
with the banks and institutions directly. For more information,            information, please call:
please call:
Maybank                                                                    Tel: 1800 225 5225
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POSB                                                                       OCBC
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RHB Bank Berhad
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                                                                    Application Fees and Payment
                                                                    An application fee is payable for each application form that is
                                                                    submitted. This fee (inclusive of 7% GST) is non-refundable
                                                                    and non-transferable. The fee will be refunded fully only if the
                                                                    intake does not commence.
                                                                    •	 Local	applicants	–	S$85.60
                                                                    •	 International	applicants	–	S$267.50	(This	does	not	include		
                                                                        all fees related to Student’s Pass application)

                                                                    Application fees can be paid at the Payment Counters located
                                                                    at Student Recruitment & Payment Office at SIM HQ or via
                                                                    cheques/bank	drafts.	Cheques/bank	drafts	should	be	crossed	
                                                                    and made payable to “Singapore Institute of Management
                                                                    Pte Ltd” with your name, personal identification or passport
                                                                    number and programme title indicated on the back of the
                                                                    cheque. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted

                                                                    Application Outcome
                                                                    All applicants will be informed of their application outcome in
                                                                    writing at least one month before course commencement.
                                                                    Verbal offers of admission will not be made nor accepted. The
                                                                    Admissions Committee selects students for admission into the
How to apply                                                        programme based on individual merits. Possession of one or
                                                                    more of the qualifications listed does not guarantee automatic
                                                                    entry to the programme.
Application Forms
To apply for SIM’s academic programmes, please use the
                                                                    SIM and our university partners reserve the right to withdraw
enclosed application form (if available) or download a copy of
                                                                    an offer of admission and cancel the enrolment of any person
the application form from SIM GE’s website,
                                                                    where such an offer was made on the basis of incomplete or
                                                                    inaccurate information supplied by the applicant or a
Supporting Documents                                                certifying authority.
By the application closing date, you must:
1. Have attained the minimum qualification required for the         Acceptance
    programme, and                                                  To confirm the acceptance of offer, successful applicants will
2. Submit the following documents:                                  have to adhere to the following before the stipulated deadline:
•	 Completed	application	form	with	passport-size			            	    •	 Submit	a	copy	of	the	duly	completed	and	signed	Form	12		
    photograph(s)                                                      in accordance to the Private Education Act
•	 Certified	true	copies	of	all	qualifications	and	supporting			    •	 Submit	a	copy	of	duly	completed	and	signed	PEI-student		
    documents, including result transcripts. Please bring along        contract
    the original documents for verification at SIM’s Student        •	 Submit	all	other	required	documents	to	SIM	
    Recruitment Centre, Level 2.
                                                                    •	 Make	payment	to	SIM	
	 •	 One	copy	of	NRIC	for	Singaporeans	and	Singapore	PR;		
       or Birth Certificate, Passport, and an appropriate Pass
       indicating the FIN number (if available) for international
                                                                    fee Payment
•	 For	an	international	applicant,	you	must	include	the		      	    Payment to Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd
    Student’s Pass application form. Your Student’s Pass            The modes of payment available are cash, cheque, Nets, cash
    application is subjected to Singapore Immigration &             card,	Visa/MasterCard	and/or	Cashier/Money/Postal	order.	We	
    Checkpoints Authority’s approval                                accept up to four different modes of payment combination.
                                                                    All payments are to be in Singapore dollars.
All applications must be addressed to:
                                                                    For cheque payment, the cheque must be crossed, and made
Admissions Department                                               payable to “Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd”.
Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd                           It should not be post-dated.
SIM Headquarters
461 Clementi Road                                                   For Nets payment, the daily limit is S$2,000 or S$3,000,
Singapore 599491                                                    depending on the bank and your personal limit.
All documents (notarised and translated to English) submitted       For credit card payment, the limit is subjected to your available
to SIM will NOT be returned. Photocopies of the documents           balance at the point of payment. We accept Visa and MasterCard
(notarised and translated to English) are to be prepared before     only.
submission to SIM.

                                                                      and restructured hospitals and provides for 24 hours coverage
Private Education act                                                 in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in SIM
Under the new Private Education Act, legislated in December           PL-related activities) throughout the course duration.
2009, a Council for Private Education (CPE) was set up to regulate
the private education industry in Singapore. All Private              For more information on medical insurance, visit
Education Institutions (PEIs) are required to comply with the
regulations under the Act in order to continue operations.

Following are the requirements which Singapore Institute of
                                                                      refund Policy – Withdrawal and Change of Course
Management Pte Ltd (SIM PL) has put in place:-                         Percentage of aggregate        Receipt of original fully
                                                                       amount of the course           completed hardcopy Student
PEI-Student Contract                                                   fees and miscellaneous         Request Form with relevant
CPE, in aiming to enhance the confidence of students and their         fees paid                      supporting documentary proof
parents in the quality of education in Singapore, has stipulated
                                                                       95% Refund                     •	 (“Maximum Refund”) More than
that all PEIs must sign a PEI-Student Contract with students.
                                                                                                         14 days before the course
The contract sets out the terms and conditions governing the                                             commencement date
relationship between the student and PEI. SIM PL will honour
all terms and conditions in the contract and in all                    75% Refund                     •	 Within 14 days before the course
                                                                                                         commencement date OR within 7
communication materials.                                                                                 days after the course
                                                                                                         commencement date
Students may request for a copy of the PEI-Student Contract
                                                                       No refund                      •	 More than 7 days after the course
from SIM PL or view it on the CPE website (
                                                                                                         commencement date
Cooling-Off Period
There will be a cooling-off period of 7 working days after signing    Notes:
                                                                      1. Application fee for courses is non-refundable and non-transferable.
the PEI-Student Contract. Students have the right to cancel the
contract within the 7 working days and be entitled to the             2. All requests for refunds arising from withdrawal and change of
                                                                         course must be accompanied with an original fully completed
Maximum Refund amount stipulated under Clause 2.4 of the
                                                                         hardcopy Student Request Form (downloadable from the SIM GE
PEI-Student Contract (less any course fees consumed by the               website and the Students’ Portal) with relevant supporting
Student if the withdrawal date is later than the course                  documentary proof.
commencement date). After the cooling-off period, SIM PL’s
                                                                      3. Refunds (if any) will be processed within 7 working days of receipt
refund policy will apply.                                                of the original fully completed hardcopy Student Request Form
                                                                         with relevant supporting documentary proof. Forms that are
Fee Protection Scheme                                                    received after 12.00 noon would be considered as submission on
SIM PL adopts a Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) to protect the paid          the next working day.
fees of both local and international students. The FPS serves to
                                                                      4. Approval for change of course will be granted on a case-by-case
protect the student’s fees in the event that the PEI is unable to
                                                                         basis and subject to each individual meeting the course admission
continue	operations	due	to	insolvency,	and/or	regulatory	closure.	       requirements.
In addition, the FPS protects the student if the PEI fails to pay
                                                                      5. Transferring to another institution is deemed as a withdrawal from
penalties or return fees to the student arising from judgments           SIM PL. As such, for international students who transfer to another
made against it by the Singapore courts.                                 institution, their International Student’s Pass will be cancelled.
                                                                         These students will have to submit their Passport and International
The FPS is compulsory for all students and is available in 2 forms,      Student’s Pass at the Student Services Centre (SIM HQ Extension)
either Escrow or Insurance Protection Scheme. For more                   within 3 working days of the transfer. Attendance record and other
information, visit                           relevant documentation to facilitate the transfer will be provided
                                                                         upon request.
SIM PL has appointed Lonpac Insurance Bhd as the FPS insurance        6. International students who wish to change to another course offered
provider. Under the FPS insurance scheme, students’ fees are             by SIM will also need to submit their Student’s Pass application to
insured by Lonpac Insurance Bhd. In case of events, as stated            Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) for approval.
above, students will be able to claim their paid fees from            7. For new applicants, in the event that the Student’s Pass application
Lonpac Insurance Bhd.                                                    is not approved by ICA, the applicant will receive a full refund of
                                                                         the course fee.
SIM PL has also appointed Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking              8. Course fees must be paid in full before the course commencement
Corporation Limited (HSBC) as the FPS escrow provider. Under             date.
the FPS escrow scheme, students will pay their fees directly to
HSBC. HSBC will act as the custodian of students’ fees and will
only disburse the fees to SIM PL on a fixed schedule. Again, in
case of events as stated above, students will be able to retrieve     SIM PL is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the
their unconsumed fees from HSBC.                                      student’s personal information and undertakes not to divulge
                                                                      any of the student’s personal information to any third party
More details of the FPS can also be found in the FPS Instruction      without the prior written consent of the student SUBJECT TO
Manual, available at                                   the obligation of SIM PL to disclose to any Singapore government
                                                                      authority any information relating to the student in compliance
Medical Insurance                                                     with	the	law	and/or	to	the	organisation	conferring/awarding	
SIM PL has in place a group medical insurance scheme for all          the qualification.
its students. This medical insurance scheme will have a
minimum coverage as follows:- an annual coverage limit of
S$20,000 per student, covers up to B2 ward in government

                                                                        Our Quality Policy
Our Vision                                                              We are dedicated to continuously improve our services and to
To be the Centre of Leadership and Management Excellence; and           consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.
the Embodiment of Lifelong Learning.

Our Mission                                                             The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM Group)
                                                                        leading provider of higher education and professional training in
•		Spearhead	management	thought	leadership
                                                                        Singapore, reputed for its dedication to lifelong learning and high
•	 Be	the	preferred	strategic	partner	of	corporations	in	maximising
   return on human capital                                              standards and quality. Founded in 1964 under the initiation of
•		Be	the	choice	provider	of	continuing	education	to	individuals        Economic Development Board to support Singapore’s economic
•		Transform	SIM	into	a	regional	brand                                  development, we are today a diverse and vibrant organisation
                                                                        with a wide range of programmes and services.

Our Purpose                                                             We are also a membership-based organisation with more than
•		To	open	doors	in	life	through	education	opportunities                38,000 individual and corporate members. Our extensive range of
•		To	support	SIM	Group’s	social	mission		                              membership programmes, activities and resources provide an
                                                                        important nexus for students and members to network and learn.
Our Core Values                                                         The SIM Group offers its core services through three educational
•		Trust	and	Respect	for	the	Individual                                 brands:
•		Teamwork
•		Open	and	Timely	Communication                                        SIM University (UniSIM)
•		Performance	Excellence                                               SIM University is the only university in Singapore dedicated to
•		Spirit	of	Innovative	Adventure                                       working adults, allowing them to pursue lifelong learning and
                                                                        higher education while balancing career, family and social
Our Culture                                                             responsibilities. It adopts a flexible and practice-focused learning
                                                                        approach and offers more than 50 academic programmes in
An open culture where staff trust and respect each other; embrace       various disciplines. It has an enrolment of more than 12,000
change and seek ways to innovate; learn and work together as a          students. Eligible Singaporeans and Permanent Residents taking
team.                                                                   SIM University’s undergraduate programmes enjoy a government
                                                                        subsidy of up to 55% of tuition fees. The SIM University Education
Our Commitment                                                          Fund has been a Singapore ‘Institution of a Public Character’ (IPC)
                                                                        since September 2005.
To our Members
We care for our members, recognise their importance, and strive to      SIM Global Education
raise the prestige of their membership.                                 Students can choose from a wide range of high-quality overseas
                                                                        degree programmes made available through SIM’s partnership with
To our Customers                                                        established international universities and institutions from the
                                                                        United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Switzerland. Most of
We value our customers and commit ourselves to actively improve
our services and products.                                              the students are full-time students, but SIM Global Education also
                                                                        offers part-time programmes that cater to working adults. Offering
                                                                        over 50 academic programmes, its enrolment stands at 21,500,
To our Employees                                                        with about 2,500 foreign students.
We care for our people by creating a conducive work environment,
helping them to balance family and work commitments, recognising        SIM Professional Development
their contributions, and developing them to their full potential.       About 11,300 professionals benefit annually from the vast selection
                                                                        of short executive training programmes offered by SIM Professional
To our Community                                                        Development. Its customised in-company training programmes
                                                                        help companies optimise effectiveness in various fields of
We honour our social obligations and pledge to be a good corporate      management and human resource development.
citizen by always acting professionally and ethically in all matters.

                     SIM Campus Development Master Plan (Artist Impression)

VIBES@SIM – The promise of a holistic learning
                                                                              facilities for both local and foreign students. The 4.5 hectare
                                                                              hostel provides accommodation for up to 428 students and has
                                                                              tennis and futsal courts, gym, outdoor yoga pad and fitness
experience that ensures success                                               area, as well as a student’s lounge and dance studio. Themed
                                                                              short-stay studio apartments are also available for parents.
At SIM GE, we know that it takes more than classroom
excellence to inspire our students to succeed. Our approach
towards an all-rounded and holistic education experience is
captured in VIBES@SIM.
                                                                              Blend of Culture
                                                                              With a blend of 40 nationalities from across the globe, SIM
                                                                              GE’s remarkable global mix of cultural diversities continues to
vibrancy of Student Life                                                      grow. Providing an excellent platform for cultural exchange
                                                                              and knowledge sharing, a diverse student population is your
Brace yourself for an exciting campus life beyond the classroom.
With round-the-year student activities from more than 70                      gateway to understanding how the world thinks and relates.
student clubs, SIM offers you ample opportunities to pursue                   Experience a world-class education and a global mindset in a
your extra-curricular interests in arts, culture, and sports                  location that is the epicentre of buzzing Asia.
and develop personal skills in communication and leadership.
At the same time, we help you to build community bonds
and networks that will benefit you later in life.
                                                                              Education Options
                                                                              SIM GE offers over 50 full-time and part-time academic
                                                                              programmes through more than 10 partner universities at
Infrastructure + Technology                                                   master’s, bachelor’s, graduate diploma and diploma levels – in
                                                                              areas such as applied science, arts, business, communication,
SIM GE ensures that the student-centric campuses are outfitted
with the latest in technology and facilities to enhance your                  design, finance, information technology, hospitality,
learning experience. SIM campuses are enabled with high-speed                 management, nursing, social sciences and more.
wireless Internet access and the latest in technology connecting
you to a wealth of information and online services.
SIM HQ at Clementi                                                            A 48-year-old heritage… over 115,000-strong alumni… student
The SIM Headquarters along Clementi Road is SIM’s main and                    enrolment of over 33,500 and more than 1,600 top-notch
largest campus. To cater to our fast-growing student population,              faculty, the SIM Group is the premier organisation for higher
SIM has embarked on a $300 million Campus Development                         education and lifelong learning in Singapore and the region.
Master Plan to more than double our main campus over two
phases to be completed in 2014. Current facilities include over
130 lecture theatres, tutorial and seminar rooms, as well as                  Committed to the welfare of every student, SIM GE extends
computer laboratories, a multi-purpose hall seating 1,600, a                  support to all its students, from financial assistance schemes
student lounge, study spaces with open courtyard, a student                   to counselling services and structured processes for
hub with cyber stations and a management library. The main                    grievance resolution. SIM GE also provides a 24-hour medical
campus currently houses the Tay Eng Soon Library, Singapore’s                 insurance coverage for all its students both in Singapore,
largest and most comprehensive management library.                            and overseas (if students are involved in SIM-related
                                                                              activities) throughout the course duration.
SIM Global Education Campus
The SIM Global Education Campus is a comprehensive lifestyle                  Information on student support services is available at
campus combining residential, sporting and recreational             

PrEParINg yOu fOr a CarEEr
The SIM Experience
At SIM GE, we are also interested in your success beyond your degree. Will you be work ready?
Will you be employable? Will you be equipped with life skills that will ensure success in
your career and personal life? SIM GE prepares you holistically by offering a broad range of
programmes and exposures that serves to nurture and cultivate competent young graduates.

Career Preparation                                                     global Engagement
Career Services offers a variety of services to assist you in          Opportunities to help you experience the world and develop a
developing your career goals. Available year-round are                 global mindset abound at SIM GE. SIM Education Abroad
Career Preparation workshops on resume writing, interviewing           nurtures students to be intellectually curious, globally
skills, job search techniques, and networking skills.                  minded and geographically mobile.
Professional Career Coaches are also available to provide
career guidance to help you prepare for life beyond SIM.               We offer you opportunities during your semester or summer
                                                                       breaks to experience studying at top international universities,
The SIM GE Career Services links you to career opportunities via       join corporate learning trips to major global cities, take up
the annual SIM Job Fair, as well as various on-campus career           international internships, and be involved in immersion
talks and companies’ recruitment drives.                               programmes and community service learning abroad.
                                                                       Through these, you will be challenged to reflect and grow as

Internships                                                            you learn essential life skills such as adaptability, tenacity,
                                                                       fortitude, perseverance and initiative.
SIM’s internship programme supports undergraduates who wish
to gain practical work experiences to complement their
academic training. A professional internship allows students           Wellness and Counselling
to gain clarity in their chosen field of work; tests their technical   Whether as a part-time or full-time student, or a freshman
and non-technical abilities; and provides valuable insights            trying to balance a new regime of study, life and play, you
into the inner dynamics of specific industries and                     can count on support from buddies when you face
organisations.                                                         challenges, or have a listening ear and guidance from our
                                                                       professional counsellors. To promote a healthy lifestyle

Leadership and Personal Development                                    among students, SIM GE organises wellness-related
                                                                       programmes such as exhibitions and workshops.
Exciting leadership and personal development initiatives await
you. These are designed to provide opportunities to discover
your self-potential and equip you with important life skills           arts, Culture and Special Interests
needed for a successful career. Students who wish to challenge         There’s always something happening at SIM beyond just studies.
themselves further can look forward to countless opportunities         In line with our holistic approach to a well-rounded education,
for honing leadership skills through the platforms available.          we encourage you to choose from a wide range of arts, culture
Be enriched by the learning as you make a smooth transition            and special interest activities infused with vibrant local and
to the dynamic working world.                                          global flavours.

                                                                       Sports and fitness
                                                                       Challenge and develop your physical and mental strengths
                                                                       to the fullest potential with our wide range of sports and
                                                                       fitness activities from bowling to windsurfing and even
                                                                       fencing and judo. Join our sports teams to compete at
                                                                       varsity, national or even regional levels.

                                                                       SIM Job Fair 2012, Networking Session

    Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd
    461 Clementi Road
    Singapore 599491
    Tel: +65 6248 9746
    Fax: +65 6462 9411

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