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									                                Newtown P.S. Newsletter
           HORMAT (Indonesian for RESPECT) for self, others, learning, environment
                                                       Term 3, Issue 6
                                              THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 2012
                         Aberdeen St, Newtown                          website:
                         Ph: 52299730                                email:
                         Fax: 52216447

CHAMPIONS READ @ NEWTOWN                           very excited to get this new system up and
                                                   running! We will now present the first recipi-
Yesterday our school was populated
                                                   ents of the respect wrist bands. Please come
with champions in every shape and size.            up and collect your wrist band if we call out
The excitement filtered through to the             your name.
marvellous activities being run in our             The ‘Respect for Learning’ wristband goes to
art room and library on both Tuesday               someone who did an absolutely excellent job
                                                   in writing! Great work Maggie T from Prep
and Wednesday. Thank you so much
                                                   P! The ‘Respect for Others’ wristband goes to
to Mrs Bedson and Mrs Weller for your              a very kind boy who was helping out his
passion in making our learning so inter-           friend when he was hurt. Congratulations to
esting. You are 2 of our champions.                Thomas C from Junior A!
                                                   The ‘Respect for Self’ wristband goes to a girl
A full report and photographs will ap-
                                                   that was very sensible and was sitting down
pear in next weeks newsletter.                     quietly while she was eating her lunch before
More Champions!                                    she started to play with all her friends. Good         Dates to Remember:
                                                   work Lily D from Middle G!                             Book Week             Aug 20-24
Former Newtown PS student Mason
                                                   The ‘Respect for Environment’ wristband
Wood appeared on the Sharpshooter                  goes to a girl that was very respectful by pick-       Farmers Market        August 25
Challenge on Channel 9 2 weeks ago.                ing up a piece of rubbish that wasn’t hers and
He took on Steve Johnson from Geelong              put it in the bin. Well done Nikitah L from
                                                                                                          Debating              August 29
in a ‘Kick Off ‘and WON!                           Middle M!
                                                   We hope our first ever winners will wear their
                                                                                                          Proposed AEU          September 5
His efforts will earn $1500 worth of               wristbands around the school with pride, and           Stopwork
power tools for our school. Check it               the Respect Rangers are looking forward to
                                                                                                          School Concert        September 17
out on youtube STIHLsharpshooter-                  rewarding more Newtown students who are
                                                   showing respect next week!
challenge Mason Wood                                                                                      School Council        September 18
                                                   Please give them a round of applause as they
R E S P E C T              R A N G E R S           walk back to their classes. Thank you.
                                                                                                          Last Day of Term      September 21
Hi everyone. Today we will be explaining to                                                               2:30 Dismissal
you about the new Respect Wristband System         REMINDER
                                                                                                          Term 4 commences      October 8
that we will be starting over the next two         Our school ground is supervised from 8:45 each
terms. Each week the Junior School Commit-         morning and until 3:45 each afternoon. Beyond
                                                                                                          Professional Learn-   October 11
tee now known as the Respect Rangers, will         these time students are in the care of their parents
                                                                                                          ing Day
be giving out four unique RESPECT wrist-           or at Out of School Hours Care.
                                                                For OSH Care please call                  Pancakes and Play     October 13
bands across the school. These wristbands
will be acknowledging different Newtown PS                            0488 662 783
                                                                                                          Art Show              October 19
students showing respect for learning, for self,
for others and for the environment.                     Farmers Market—this weekend
                                                                                                          Geelong Cup holi-     October 24
The Respect Rangers (JSC) will be keeping an               Please contact the office                      day
eye out for students who are showing respect                if you can lend a hand
                                                                                                          Grade 6 Graduation    December 19
in the four different categories, and presenting
a wristband to a deserving student each week                                                              Student Free Day      December 21
at assembly. Newtown PS has established a
great culture of Respect already, and we are

Waste Awards                                                        Student of the Week
With $40,000 worth of cash and prizes up for grabs,      Prep McKenzie: Daniel M
the ResourceSmart Schools Awards recognise and re-       Excellent progress in Reading.
ward Victorian schools, students and teachers for
their outstanding achievements in sustainability.        Prep Podhorsky: Glenn T
                                                         For great sounding out in reading.
This year there are 8 categories open for entry and
Newtown Primary School has entered the ‘Waste’           Junior Wrigley: Xavier G
category.                                                For choosing the right behavior and respecting
                                                         others learning.
A detailed entry had to be completed by teachers and
students outlining our achievements in becoming a        Junior Ashkanasy: Jaidyn M
more ‘waste wise’ school. Data collected about pho-      Showing leadership and responsibility, espe-
tocopying, amount of rubbish put in bins and amount      cially during Potato Olympics.
waste that the school recycles was all used to support
these comments.                                          Junior McKinnis: Bobby G
                                                         For being ‘socially smart’ and respecting him-
Miss White, Amy W, Mia, Fraser, Jackson, Hannah and      self at playtime.
Olivia used the new iPads to create a short movie de-
tailing why they thought that Newtown Primary            Middle Maher: Roo M
School should win the award.                             Excellent focus during writing and mathematics
This entry is a great way to celebrate our achieve-
                                                         Middle Gilbert: Isaac B
ments in making the school more sustainable.             For great respect towards his Maths learning.
We now have only to wait on the results.
                                                         Middle Kelly: Sarah T
Miss White                                               Sarah always listens and participates in class
2013 Enrolments                                          discussions. She is enthusiastic about her
                                                         school work.
Are you planning to move in 2013?
Do you know anyone with a child turning 5 before         Senior McClelland: William W
                                                         For an exceptionally positive attitude during
April 30, 2013?                                          spelling.
Please contact the office for transfer or enrolment
information.                                             Senior White: Zak L
                                                         For some great numeracy discussions & shar-
Personal Items at School                                 ing his knowledge with his peers.
Families are reminded that students
are not to bring personal items to                       Senior Peel: David F
school. This includes personal sports                    For his positive attitude in the Senior Learning
equipment such as footballs. Retriev-                    Area.
ing balls from neighbouring properties
can take time. Please use school
equipment during recess and lunchtimes.                    ASSEMBLY LEADERS: Sophie B and Isobel M
                                                                           NATIONAL ANTHEM
                                                                                 SARAH M
                                                               K-ROCK 95.5 WEATHER : 8:30AM FRIDAY
                                                                                Hannah M
                                                           Starting at 3pm due to special guests. The Honour-
                                                           able Mr. Richard Marles and students from the Gee-
                                                           long College’s production of Seussical.
                                                                     THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 2012

             Sustainability Representatives                        Cupcake Day
                   Semester 2, 2012                                On the 20th of August Cupcake
                                                                   Day was held. Amy W, Hannah
                                                                   M, Amy H, Chloe B and Sophie B
                                                                   all baked delicious cupcakes.
                                                                   We raised $343.25 which means
                                                                   we have raised enough money for the treatment of 3
                                                                   injured animals.
                                                                   We also had an extra hand from Ava and Olivia with
                                                                   helping to sell the stunning cupcakes. After snack
                                                                   there were NO cupcakes left. The team hope that
          Preps       Angus T, Mia D
                                                                   you liked the cupcakes!
       Junior W       Patrick J, Isabel E, Lily G
       Junior M       Emma-Jane H, Mitchell K                      EnergySafe Initiative: As a part of our ongoing
       Junior A       Phoebe S, Ruby B                             commitment to building a sustainable future, class
       Middle M       Meg C, Riley C                               will offer students to enter the 2012Energy Safety
       Middle A       D’Artagnan R-B, Charlotte Z                  School Initiative. This will involve reading and re-
       Middle K       Tansie B, Conor S                            sponding to a picture (P-2) or designing an energy
       SLA             Sophie B, Ashley W, Morgan W,               safe message (3-6). If you do not wish your child to
                      Jack Z, Jessica A, Matt T                    participate, please contact your child’s teacher… For
                                                                   more information contact Alice McKenzie.
These student representatives had their first meeting to dis-
cuss different ways that our community can become more
sustainable. After deciding on some positive changes that we                         CONCERT
can implement, they took the suggestions to their teachers and  Rehearsals are well underway for the School Concert
fellow students to convince them of the merits of change.                       ‘Let Us Entertain You’
Action One: Allocate monitors to turn off light switches in    The concert will be on Monday, September 17 beginning
classroom and ensure that heating is set not higher than 20                at 7pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
degrees.                                                        Teacher swill be sending home information regarding
Action Two: Reduce rubbish at school by having no rubbish                items and costume arrangements.
Mondays. Please look out for the flier to be sent home regard-              Tickets will be on sale shortly
ing …                                                                   $25 per family (parents and children)
                         “Nude Food
                        Rubbish Free
                      Snack and Lunch                                          $10 per adult and $5 per child
                         Mondays”                                              Newtown PS students are free

The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge                          Ticket prices cover the cost of staging the performance.
Just a reminder that if your child is registered and reading for                  This is a non-profit event.
the Premiers’ Reading Challenge, that all of your books need
to be entered onto the website by 1st September (just over 2               Legacy Week—3-7 September
weeks away!). Any books entered after this time will not count.     Pink and blue wrist bands, badges and pens
If you have any queries please see The Reading Challenge
Team! (Mrs Weller, Shirley Mills and Sam B).
                                                                   available now at the office. Items for $2 and $3.

                            WRISTBAND by RESPECT RANGERS
    LEARNING—Maggie T for excellent writing
    OTHERS—Thomas C for helping his friend when he was hurt
    SELF—Lily D for sitting to eat her lunch even when the bell had rung
    ENVIRONMENT—Nikitah L for pick up a piece of rubbish and putting it in the bin

                                                         hockingstuart, Geelong is a sponsorship partner
  We still have a few of the current Entertainment       of Newtown Primary School.
  Books here at the office. This fundraiser will fin-
  ish shortly so if you would like to purchase a         Newtown families listing their property with
  book, you can pop in to the office, give us a call     hockingstuart Geelong on a 60 day exclusive
  or order online. The school makes $11 per book.        Authority or Auction, will receive a 5% discount
  There is a sample at the front counter to browse       and Newtown Primary School will also receive a
  through. Books are $55.                                5% donation that will ultimately benefit our stu-
                                                         dents and contribute to new equipment re-
  Geelong Food Bank—each year the food bank              quired or any other projects deemed appropri-
  place a box in our office for donations of non-        ate.
  perishable food items for people in need. If you
  can spare a couple of cans or packets of food that     Contact:
  would be great. Thank you.                                                              Kim Bowring
                                                                                  Licensed Estate Agent
        OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS CARE                                                             0419304104
            Bookin g s can b e m ade on                      

              0488 662 783

  Celebrate Reading Hour 2012: The Big Read
  this Saturday 25th August at Deakin Uni Gee-
  long, Waterfront Campus Café.
                                                        Seussical the Musical at GPAC
  1-2pm—Registration, bring your own book or
                                               6th and 7th September at 7:30pm and 8th
  books will be available to read from Geelong Li-
  braries.                                     at 5:30pm. Tickets available at GPAC on
  2-2:45pm—Tony Bones Entertainment presents a 5225 1200.
  live performance of award winning book ‘No
                                               Presented by the Geelong College Senior
  2:45-3pm—reading together for the Big Read and
  Reading Hour.
  Entry is free for theatre performance.

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