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					 Raising capital for a new
 A new business is like a baby, you have to feed it
  and it doesn’t come cheap.You have the next
  biggest idea but don’t have the capital. Take aid
  from some of these:
 If your business needs a lot of equipment, don’t
  buy them, rent for a while and buy when the
  business gets sustainable.
 You can also start a business with Microloans.
  You can also get Royalty Finances in case your
  product has good prospects for sales in future.
 A lot of finance companies would be eager to
  provide you loans but the interests might be
  high. CNGBS can help you out with cheap loans.
The concept of MVNO

MVNO or Mobile virtual network operator is
heard often these days. It provides a new mobile
service provider to provide service in an area
without purchasing spectrum.
A mobile virtual network operator simple pays a
certain amount to some other existing operator
for using a part of their spectrum.
Now Mobile is the latest UK MVNO that aims to
offer customers a user friendly service with no
hidden charges.
Can CNGBS help me with a
      Fast Loan?

The answer is “Yes”. If you need a working capital
and can’t arrange one yourself, CNGBS can help
They provide cheap alternatives to SBUs which
can be paid off with your future business sales.
You have to pay back once you start earning.
Through this Merchant Cash Advance Service you
can get a fast loans ranging from £3,500 to
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