Why You Need Travel Alarm Clocks

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                                        Travel Alarm Clocks - Your Traveling Companion
                                                               By Stanley Emerson

   A traveler may experience an uncomfortable feeling especially if he’s on a place with a different
time zone than they have back home. Every traveler needs his own alarm clock. Whether you are on
vacation, on a business trip or for any other reason that you are traveling, an alarm clock is a very
handy companion to tag along. This way you could keep track of your own time without depending on
anyone else.

Alarm clocks should, of course, be portable. They should be able fit in your luggage without worrying
that it will be broken. Another feature of your handy clock is that the numbers should be easily read
and at the same time they should be easy to set. This way you would save yourself from fussing
around trying to set the time for it to alarm. The purpose of the alarm clock is to wake you up on time.
So choose one that wakes you up with familiar sounds like beeps or rings. This way you know that the
sound comes from the clock and not somewhere else.

They come in different styles and features. Most of the alarm clocks for travel are relatively small. But
some of them also come in like large pocket watch that flips open. This way the clock inside is
protected from bumps while inside the suitcase. There are small clocks that look like cell phones too!
Whatever the size of the travel alarm clock, surely, they always come with their protective cases.

Travel alarm clocks can be both expensive and cheap and are sold in all department stores as well as
luggage shops anywhere. It depends on the taste of the traveler whether to pick a pricey or
inexpensive one. The important thing is, it should function well and serve its purpose: to wake you up.

A special feature of a travel alarm clock is that you get to choose the alarm. There may be one that
could record your favorite song that automatically plays on the set time. Other soothing sounds are
available too! However if you’re the type that sleeps soundly, a soft toned alarm clock is not for you.
You better choose one that has a loud alarm sound to wake you up.

Never choose an alarm clock that has to be plugged in for you never know when there will be a power
failure. If this event happens, your alarm clock can’t help you.

These alarm clocks have their own setbacks too just like your everyday alarm clocks like the battery
running out before it alarms or the “shaking” of the clock might cause the battery inside to move thus

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stopping the alarm.

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Looking at Hard-to-Find Braun Travel Alarm Clocks - Braun Clock as Simple and Modern Piece
                                           of Art
                                                               By Paul Easton

 As expected from a product of German engineering, Braun travel alarm clocks work like a miniature
German sports car. My deep fondness and affection with this travel alarm clock brand come from years
of customer satisfaction.

My personal favoritism to Braun alarm clock brand came from the experience with traveling over the
years. After owning one handy Braun alarm, my own clock broke down after years of using it. I ordered
just recently with the need to find this same alarm clock brand. Of course, the clock's purpose is to be
my travel companion. But ordering comes after a long and thorough searching both online and offline.
Truly, my fondness for Braun travel alarm clocks comes with a huge amount of effort. Yet, my loyalty's
depth is unquestionable and I finally got one.

The infamous Dieter Rams, a German industrial designer, designed the travel alarm clocks for Braun.
Rams offers a stylish and groundbreaking alarm clock for Braun over the years.

Less, but better, that is the design philosophy behind every iconic clocks created by the industrial
designer. Rams, together with his staff, produced a number of memorable products for Braun including
some of the best travel alarm clocks around. Dieter Rams worked as head designer for Braun A.G.
until 1998 with his retirement from the company. This might explain why the Braun models are getting
harder to find these days.

Because I find Braun travel alarm clocks hard to look for, it makes me theorize that this brand of alarm
might be nearing extinction. But the new line that has recently been marketed online makes me think
twice about that statement. Yet again, Braun travel alarm clocks possess a uniquely simple and
streamlined style for an alarm clock. Even though the choices may not be that many, I remain satisfied
with the designs. Thus, it has kept my loyalty as still my very own favorite clock.

Nevertheless, these traveling companions remained to be manufactured with the intention to prioritize
innovation and durability more than anything else. With beautifully sleek structure with dial illumination,
this innovative detail with the slight graying back of the numbers ascertains that the hour arms are
readable without any problems. Coupled with a very handle size, this alarm clock is really perfect for
one's travels.

The clocks utilize Precise Quartz Movement while operating with just a single battery. The body is also
designed to be scratch-resistant for heavy traveling with mineral glass material. The models have
likewise folding covers, crescendo alarm, and 8-minute snooze function.

All in all, the Braun alarm clocks are great for both traveling anywhere in the world or while you remain
at home. Over the years, the Braun Clock label remains as a simple pure modern design icon and is a
piece of art.

This is a must-see source for more free details when looking for your next battery alarm clock:

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