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					             Welcome to
Introduction to Financial Accounting
             BAF3M and
   Financial Accounting Principles
           Mrs. Banks

 12th Year Teaching at CW

 Law, Accounting, Entrepreneurship,
  Making Financial Decisions, Coop,
  Civics, Introduction to Business
1. Course of Study

2. Character Counts

3. School/Classroom Policies
                  Course Outlines
BAF3M Course Stands/Units           BAT4M Course Stands/Units

1. Accounting Fundamentals          1. Review Accounting Cycle for
                                        Service and Merchandise
2.   Accounting Cycle for Service       Business
                                    2.   Inventory Costing Methods
3. Accounting Cycle for
    Merchandising Industry          3.   Corporate Accounting

4. Financial Analysis               4.   Financial Statement Analysis

5. Careers                          6.   Cash Flow Statements
      Text Books & Work Books
BAF3M                   BAT4M
Accounting 1            Accounting Principles
6th Edition, Syme       3rd Edition, Keiso et al.

Workbook: $20           Workbook: $20

Text Replacement Cost   Text Replacement Cost
$80                     $100
           Assessment and Evaluation
BAF3M                                BAT4M
                                     Chapter tests, quizzes, written
Chapter tests, quizzes, written         assignments, observations, self-
  assignments, observations, self-      evaluations, oral presentations,
  evaluations, performance tasks        summative research and analysis

Evaluation                           Evaluation
Term                                 Term
Knowledge/Understanding:      17.5   Knowledge/Understanding:          17.5
Application:                  17.5   Application:                      17.5
Thinking/Inquiry:             17.5   Thinking/Inquiry:                 17.5
Communication                 17.5   Communication                     17.5
                              70                                       70
Summative                            Summative
Summative Task                15     Summative Task                    15
Summative Test/Exam           15     Summative Test/Exam               15
                              30                                       30
Classroom Policies
A. Respect Your Teacher, Your Peers
   and Yourself

              Arrive prepared

              Arrive on Time
            Submit Assignments
                 on Time
A.   Respect…

                Listen attentively
                Speak respectfully

           Use your time wisely
             and participate
B. Respect Our Learning Environment
School/Class policies and Student
          Success Tips

           Get a study buddy

          Parent planned absence
          (vacation, surgery, etc.)
          ** Submit a note from
          parent/guardian in advance.
School/Class policies and Student
          Success Tips
When Absent…

         Have parent call the school
         the day of your absence or;

          Bring a note from your
          parent/guardian the day
          you return.
School/Class policies and Student
          Success Tips
When Absent (Legitimate Absence) on the
 Day of a Test…

              Speak with your teacher
              the day you return to
              determine whether you
              will write the test at
              lunch or after school on
              the first or second day back.
    School/Class policies and Student
              Success Tips
Assignment Due Dates:
 Given sufficient time to complete tasks

   Assignments due at the beginning of class on the due date.

   If you can not be in class on the due date because of a
    predetermined event (i.e. field trip, medical appointment),
    you must submit you assignment the day before.

   Speak to teacher if there is a legitimate reason for a
    needed extension

   Occasional pop homework quizzes will be given at the
    beginning of class. (Open notebook)
  Assessment and Evaluation Policy
For Late, Missed, or Skipped Tasks

• The student will be consulted regarding the reason

• The parent/guardian will be contacted

• If the task is not submitted on the due date
  deductions up to and including a mark of “0” may be
  awarded in consultation with the Department Head,
  Administration and Guidance

• The teacher will determine if the task will be
  completed, redone and what new, if any, due date
  will be assigned.
School/Class policies and Student
          Success Tips

           Skip Class #1 & 2 = * Phone Home
                               * Detention
                                 Friday at Lunch

           Skip class #3    = * Goes on school
                              * VP sees you

           Skipped Test     = Incomplete = 0
Skipping Defined

     Failure to attend school
     and/or class without a
     legitimate reason (i.e. sick
     medical appointment,
     funeral) sanctioned by a
     parent/guardian and
     approved by the school.

     Sleeping in is considered a
   Come to class and sign in. Indicate
    the time you are arriving and the
    reason for your tardiness.

   3rd late you will see the VP

   Detentions will be given each Friday
    at lunch for the accumulation of lates
    during a particular week.
 We will have a successful and
enjoyable semester if we all work
           together !!

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