Talent Show Placer County 2012

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					 Placer County Local Talent Show 2012
               June 23 ~ Saturday ~ Mahan Stage

      Name __________________________Age _________


       Town___________ State__________ Zip_________

    Cell Number ____________________ Phone __________

    E-Mail Address __________________________________


                          Please circle one:

 Singer, Individual                                      Singer, Group

 Dancer, Individual                                      Dancer, Group

 Musician, Individual                                    Musician, Group

             Other, Individual (nature of talent______________)

                      Rock Band (number in group________)

         We will have several “Talent Shows” this year!

     Children’s Talent Show…ages 3-12 yrs @ 12:00pm-1pm

 Teen & Adult Talent Show…ages 13-Senior yrs @ 1:30-3:00pm

Northern California All Star Pageant and Fashion Show @ 7:00 pm

             With Placer County Idol All Star Finals

         Application taken to Placer County Fair Office

          800 All America City Blvd, Roseville, Ca 95678
           For information further contact Patty @ 916.781.3036
Basic Rules & Information Placer Idol Talent Shows 2012
       Mahan Stage   ~ Placer County Fairgrounds in Roseville !
      Highest Score of All Age Divisions wins $100 & Title of Placer Idol

                          Children Show Noon-1pm
                            Teen Show 1:30- 2pm
                          Adult Show 2:00- 3:00 pm

               1st Place ~ Wins $50.00 ~Trophy & Certificate
                    2nd Place ~ wins $35.00 ~& Certificate
                     3rd Place ~ wins $15.00 & Certificate
                                For each show~

            Final Talent Show with Northern California Pageant
                   For the next New Placer Idol. At 7pm
                  That winner receives $100 extra & Trophy
                              (Highest Score)

                                Have Music on CD
                               Song must be labeled
                   Please have 2 songs for show or backup tie
                      3 minutes max for each performance
                            Can enter more than once
                    Pre-registration required to be in Program
                    Entry into Fair is included, parking extra
              If we have additional opening, stage call for last minute
                                  Contestants allowed
                   Entry Fee $10.00 per entry Single or Groups
                         (Payable to Placer County Fair)
                        We encourage group of children
                  Please Dirty language or nudity not allowed.
                                All Scoring is final.
             Please check in ½ hr early as we shall need a Bio of you
                           And give you your stage number.
        Winner Check will be paid out within 3 weeks of Winning from PCF Office

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