What are the key strategic issues that Non-Executives of the SHA

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					    Helen Hipkiss
Programme Consultant
  Children Services
So what does a Children Lead
         really do?

         Any ideas?
                My role
A Strategic Lead for Children and Young
• Ensuring good quality services through
  supporting the Children Commissioners
• Advice and support
• Giving focus
• Meeting the targets
• Joining up health and other partners
• Being a champion for children
Policy and Guidance Context
•   NSF
•   Every Child Matters
•   Children Act
•   Children Plan
•   Investing for Health
•   Comprehensive Spending Review
•   NHS Operating Framework
•   Child Health Strategy
        Underlying Themes
•   Workforce
•   Information
•   Commissioning
•   Service Redesign
•   Public Involvement
•   Partnerships
 Children and Young People
Service High Impact Issues
   (Children Plan 2007)
1.   Childhood Obesity
2.   Infant Mortality
3.   Emotional Health and Well Being
4.   Safeguarding
5.   Maternity Services
6.   Social Inclusion
Safe and nourished children have improved
   life outcomes (Children Act, 2004)
SHAs have a statutory
requirement (Children Act 2004)
for performance managing
Primary Care Trusts’
arrangements to safeguard and
promote the welfare of children
and young people.
              So what?
 Senior Management commitment
 Clear lines of accountability
 Service developments include safeguarding
 Safe staff recruitment
 Staff training of safeguarding
 Effective interagency working
 Information sharing
           Audit Findings
 Senior Management commitment is good
 Accountability is unclear
 Service developments include safeguarding
  are limited
 Safe staff recruitment is good
 Staff training of safeguarding is very
  limited and outcomes are not measured.
 Effective interagency working is good
 Information sharing is getting better.
          Children Lead
Making a difference for Children and Young People

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