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					                                                            2012 UC DAVIS MEN’S WATER POLO
                                                             Weekly Release #7 • 10 October 2012 • For Immediate Release
                                                 UC Davis Athletics Communications                                             Phone: (530) 752-8050
                                                 One Shields Avenue                                       Contact: Mark Honbo (
                                                 27 Student Affairs Annex
                                                 Davis, CA 95616

THIS WEEK                                                                      11-3 win at the NorCal Invite, and against Air Force due to two series
  Saturday, Oct. 13 - at Air Force, Noon PDT                                   wins this year... At 6-2, Air Force’s only WWPA losses have been to
                                                                               UCSD, while the 12-11 victory over UC Davis would give the Falcons
LAST WEEK                                                                      the edge for the No. 3 seed... However, an Aggie win on Saturday would
  Friday, Oct. 5 - at Pacific (L, 7-16)                                        flip the positions... Santa Clara (6-6 in WWPA) has conference losses to
  Sunday, Oct. 7 - UCLA (L, 8-16)                                              UC Davis (twice), Air Force (twice), LMU and La Verne.

NOTES                                                                          UP NEXT: UC Davis travels to Air Force for a rare out-of-state, regular-
TO RECAP: No. 17 UC Davis (11-9, 10-2) squared off against back-to-            season contest... The last time the Aggies played a contest outside the
back Top 10 teams for the first time all season, losing to No. 6 Pacific       Golden State’s boundaries was in November 2007, at the WWPA Cham-
on the road by a 16-7 final then falling against No. 3 UCLA at home...         pionship at Air Force... UC Davis faced both Cal and AFA in Colorado
The Aggies played particularly tough in a valiant second-half comeback         in September 2006... #13 AIR FORCE (7-6, 6-2) beat #18 Santa Clara
against the Bruins, cutting an 8-1 halftime deficit to a 10-6 tally early      in its home opener, 14-9, having played in three road tournaments in
in the fourth... Sophomore Chris Richardson scored four goals against          September... Junior Josh Stedman scored five goals with an assist, a
UCLA while sophomores Teddy Nicholson and Trevor Allen each to-                steal and two drawn ejections in the win... Stedman leads the Falcons in
taled four for the weekend (two in each game)... Senior Anders Mac-            goals (26) and steals (16) while Cruz Smithson had 17 goals and eight
Carthy nabbed three steals and senior Colin Hicks had two steals and           assists... Senior GK Mike Fish has 172 saves in 13 games.
two drawn kickouts against Pacific.
                                                                               HEAD COACH STEVE DOTEN
THE WWPA RACE: Unlike traditional conference schedules, the Wester             “I have two quotes for my team. I credit [UC Davis cross country/track
Water Polo Association does not have a set league slate... All matchups        & field coach] Drew Wartenburg for this but I tell the guys ‘never count
between member institutions count toward the conference record... If           an Aggie out.’ That’s what he said about his runner [Kim Conley], and it
the season ended today, the top seed would go to No. 9 Loyola Mary-            shows in the way the guys play. They have had key comebacks against
mount, which has a 7-1 WWPA record but a 2-1 mark against UC San               Long Beach State and now UCLA. This team is very tough, and they’ve
Diego... The second seed would be the Tritons, whose only losses are to        demonstrated that they will play for four quarter.”
the Lions... UCSD would hold the edge over UC Davis by virtue of its
                                                                               “The other thing is that we’re in the middle of a journey. We’ve had
                                                                               injuries and other real-life things. The road gets bumpy. So I tell them,
  NATIONAL COLLEGIATE TOP 20                                                   ‘tough times don’t last, tough people do.’ That’s where we are in the
  October 10 • New polls released on Wednesdays                                season. I want these guys to know that. This team is tough-minded and
                                                                               they know what their goals are. I think they’re staying focused on our
  Rank     Team                           Last Week       Points               goal of winning conference, even when dealing with things that happen
  1.       USC                                    1        100                 as you travel down that path.”
  2.       UC Santa Barbara                       2          95
  3.       UCLA                                   3          89                “As a teacher, it’s very gratifying to talk about a concept and see the guys
  4.       UC Irvine                              4          86                run it. Now it’s the execution: doing it at a high level in a very intense
  5.       Stanford                               5          79                game. In that UCLA game, I saw a lot of good things. Our passing was
  6.       Pacific                                6          75
                                                                               not as crisp as it could be or as it will be later, and UCLA makes it hard-
  7.       California                             7          73
  8.       Pepperdine                             8          65                er to execute. I tell them I don’t care who we play against or what the
  9.       Loyola Marymount                       9          60                score is, I just want to see good water polo. And after the game against
  10.      Long Beach State                      10          55                UCLA, you got the sense that we played good water polo. People who
  11.      UC San Diego                          11          50                watched the game would get that sense. The guys want to win. They’re
  12.      Brown                                 12          41                not happy. But from my standpoint, I don’t look at the scoreboard or
  13.      Air Force                             13          40                the name on the cap. So when we’re teaching and they work it out in a
  14.      Navy                                  14          37
                                                                               game, it’s rewarding for me.”
  15.      St. Francis                           15          29
  16.      Princeton                             16          27
  17.      UC DAVIS                              17          20                On playing Air Force: “What a great challenge. For me, it’s rewarding.
  18.      Santa Clara                           18          16                This team hasn’t been there. They will get to play in a different state, to
  19.      Concordia                             20           7                play at a national academy – this is what the college water polo experi-
  20.      Cal Baptist                           19           4                ence is about. Air Force is a very good team, a much-improved team.
  20.      Claremont-Mudd-Scripps               NR            4                It’s an indoor pool. It’s at altitude. This will be a very important part of
                                                                               the season that they have to deal with, and I think the guys are ready.
  Receiving Votes: Pomona-Pitzer 1, Johns Hopkins 1.
                                                                               It’s another brick to build our season on.”

2012 UC DAVIS MEN’S WATER POLO - WEEKLY RELEASE                                                                                 OCTOBER 10, 2012
  2012 Schedule & Results
                                                        Aggie Opp
Date              Opponent                              Rank Rank    Result          Leading Scorer(s)                                                              Record/WWPA
Sept. 2           at Golden Bear Invitational                        scrimmages only
Sept. 7           at UC Irvine                          12      6    L, 12-14        Allen, Richardson (3)                                                                        0-1/—
Sept. 8           vs. Whittier* (1)                     12           W, 16-10        Vowell (3)                                                                                   1-1/1-0
Sept. 8           at Redlands* (1)                      12           W, 14-8         Vowell, Nicholson, Richardson (3)                                                            2-1/2-0
Sept. 9           vs. Pomona-Pitzer* (1)                12      RV   W, 12-10        Nicholson, Hicks (3)                                                                         3-1/3-0
Sept. 9           vs. Occidental* (1)                   12           W, 16-3         Dooley, Personius, Nicholson (3)                                                             4-1/4-0
Sept 15           vs. UC Santa Barbara (2)              12      6    L, 4-11         Rogers (2)                                                                                       4-2
Sept. 15          vs. Santa Clara* (2)                  12      14   W, 5-3          Richardson (2)                                                                               5-2/5-0
Sept. 16          vs. Long Beach State (2)              12      9    L, 9-10         Richardson, Allen (3)                                                                            5-3
Sept. 16          vs. UC San Diego* (2)                 12      11   L, 3-11         Clapham, Meisel, Richardson (1)                                                              5-4/5-1
Sept. 21          CAL BAPTIST (3)                       12      18   W, 12-11        Richardson, Allen (3)                                                                            6-4
Sept. 22          CLAREMONT-MUDD-SCRIPPS* (3)           12           W, 13-7         Richardson (6)                                                                               7-4/6-1
Sept. 22          LA VERNE* (3)                         12           W, 15-11        Richardson (4)                                                                               8-4/7-1
Sept. 23          CHAPMAN* (3)                          12           W, 12-11        Nicholson, Rogers, Richardson, Hicks (2)                                                     9-4/8-1
Sept. 23          REDLANDS* (3)                         12           W, 16-12        Nicholson, Richardson (4)                                                                   10-4/9-1
Sept. 29          vs. UC Irvine (4)                     12      5    L, 7-13         Richardson, Vowell, Clapham (2)                                                                 10-5
Sept. 29          vs. Air Force* (4)                    12      13   L, 11-12        Rogers (3)                                                                                  10-6/9-2
Sept. 30          vs. Saint Francis (4)                 12      15   L, 7-12         Hicks, Richardson (2)                                                                           10-7
Sept. 30          vs. Santa Clara* (4)                  12      18   W, 9-5          Richardson (3)                                                                             11-7/10-2
Oct. 5            at Pacific                            17      6    L, 7-16         Allen, Nicholson (2)                                                                            11-8
Oct. 7            UCLA                                  17      3    L, 8-15         Richardson (4)                                                                                  11-9

Date              Opponent                              Time
Oct. 13           at Air Force*                         Noon
Oct. 19           PEPPERDINE                            6:30 p.m.
Oct. 20           vs. Fresno Pacific (5)                11:40 a.m.     AGGIE STATISTICAL LEADERS
Oct. 21           vs. Brown (5)                         9:20 a.m.      GOALS                                    SHOT ATTEMPTS                            FIELD MINUTES/GAME
Oct. 21           vs. Bucknell (5)                      1:20 p.m.      Chris Richardson ................47      Chris Richardson ................90      Matt Vowell ...................21.9
                                                                       Trevor Allen .......................27   Matt Vowell ......................67     Chris Richardson .............20.2
Oct. 26           LOYOLA MARYMOUNT*                     6 p.m.         Bernie Rogers....................20      Bernie Rogers....................63      Anders MacCarthy ...........19.0
Nov. 1            UC SAN DIEGO*                         6 p.m.
Nov. 3            STANFORD                              Noon           ASSISTS                                  KICKOUTS DRAWN                           GOALIE SAVES
                                                                       Matt Vowell ......................22     Hank Dickey .....................41      Tony Dito ........................128
Nov. 11           at Santa Clara*                       Noon           Bernie Rogers....................17      Matt Vowell ......................38     Robert Clemons .................38
Nov. 16-18        at WWPA Championship (6)              All Day        Chris Richardson ................14      Teddy Nicholson.................25
Dec. 1-2          at NCAA Championship (7)              All Day                                                                                          GOALIE MINUTES
                                                                       POINTS                                   STEALS                                   Tony Dito ........................480
                                                                       Chris Richardson ................61      Colin Hicks........................21    Robert Clemons ...............160
                                                                       Matt Vowell ......................41     Tony Dito ..........................17
All times converted to Pacific.                                        Bernie Rogers....................37      Anders MacCarthy ..............16
* Western Water Polo Association game

Tournament Key
(1) Inland Empire Classic (Redlands/La Verne, Calif.)
(2) NorCal Invitational (Stanford, Calif.)
(4) SoCal Invitational (Santa Barbara, Calif.)
(5) The Rodeo (Santa Clara, Calif.)
(6) WWPA Championship (Whittier, Calif.)
(7) NCAA Championship (Los Angeles, Calif.)

2012 UC DAVIS MEN’S WATER POLO - WEEKLY RELEASE                                                                                                     OCTOBER 10, 2012
    2012 Roster
No       Player                        Pos        Ht       Wt          Yr         Hometown                          Last School(s)                          Major
1        Tony DITO*                    GK         6-1      180         Jr.        Sunnyvale, Calif.                 Saint Francis HS ’09                    Animal Science
1        Philip BATES                  GK         5-10     140         Fr.        Santa Barbara, Calif.             Dos Pueblos HS ’12                      Biological Sciences
1        Zach TUDHOPE                  GK         6-4      220         Fr.        Irvine, Calif.                    Woodbridge HS ’12                       Statistics
2        Teddy NICHOLSON*              Utl        6-4      195         So.        Davis, Calif.                     Davis HS ’10                            Pre-Managerial Economics
3        Bernie ROGERS**               Atk        6-2      175         Jr.        Del Mar, Calif.                   Cathedral Catholic HS ’09               Mechanical Engineering
4        Matt VOWELL***                Utl        6-2      225         Sr.        Lincoln, Calif.                   Jesuit HS ’08                           Organizational Studies
5        Anders MacCARTHY***           Atk        6-2      175         Sr.        South Pasadena, Calif.            South Pasadena HS ’08                   Food Science
7        Chris RICHARDSON*             Utl        6-2      195         So.        Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.      Palos Verdes HS ’10                     Political Science
8        Julian PERSONIUS              Atk        5-11     170         Jr.        Sonora, Calif.                    West Valley Coll./Sonora Union HS ’09   Economics
9        Michael MILLSTEIN**           Utl        6-1      195         Jr.        Alamo, Calif.                     Monte Vista HS ’09                      International Relations
10       Evan MacCARTHY                Atk        6-2      175         RFr.       South Pasadena, Calif.            South Pasadena HS ’11                   Food Science
11       Trevor ALLEN*                 Atk        6-0      170         So.        Davis, Calif.                     Davis HS ’10                            Undeclared
12       Alex BAGDASARIAN              Atk        5-9      160         RFr.       Cupertino, Calif.                 Monta Vista HS ’11                      Chemical Engineering
13       Kevin MEISEL***               Utl        6-0      190         Sr.        Atherton, Calif.                  Sacred Heart Prep ’08                   History
14       Russell HAMPTON***            Atk        6-2      180         Sr.        Carlsbad, Calif.                  Carlsbad HS ’08                         International Relations
15       Michael WRIGHT*               Ctr-Def    6-3      175         So.        Davis, Calif.                     Davis HS ’10                            Computer Science & Engineering
16       Hank DICKEY***                Ctr        6-1      180         Sr.        Davis, Calif.                     Davis HS ’08                            Geology
17       Jared CLAPHAM**               Ctr        6-3      240         Sr.        Morgan Hill, Calif.               Valley Christian HS ’08                 Communication
20       Stuart DOOLEY**               Ctr-Def    6-0      210         Jr.        Sunnyvale, Calif.                 Bellarmine Prep ’09                     Civil Engineering
21       Colin HICKS***                Atk        6-0      175         Sr.        Irvine, Calif.                    University HS ’09                       Exercise Biology

* - denotes years played at UC Davis
                                                                                                          PRONUNCIATION GUIDE
         Steve DOTEN                   Head Coach, 12th Year (California ’90)                             Alex BAGDASARIAN: “BAG-dah-ZAIR-ee-un”
         Tom KURTH                     Assistant Coach, 6th Year (California ’05)                         Tony DITO: “DEE-toh”
         Matt SORGENFREI               Graduate Assistant, 2nd Year (Cal Poly)                            Kevin MEISEL: “mie-ZELL”
         Kevin PEAT                    Volunteer Assistant, 1st Year (UC Davis ’12)                       Michael MILLSTEIN: “MILL-steen”
                                                                                                          Julian PERSONIUS: “per-SOH-nee-uss”
                                                                                                          Matt SORGENFREI: “sor-GHEN-fry” (hard ‘g’)

2012 UC DAVIS MEN’S WATER POLO - WEEKLY RELEASE                                                                                                             OCTOBER 10, 2012
 Coaching Staff
                                                                            Award in 2008 and was one of just five teams nationwide to amass a

                            STEVE                                           cumulative GPA of better than 3.0 during the 2007-08 academic year.
                                                                            Furthermore, a total of 10 Aggies captured ACWPC All-Academic awards.
                            DOTEN                                               Other key seasons in Doten’s UC Davis career include the 2002
                                                                            campaign, in which the Aggies tied the school record with 19 wins. That
                            Head Coach                                      team also posted 15 wins in the WWPA, the highest mark since 1990. In
                            12th Year                                       2001, his first season at UC Davis, Doten was named the NCAA Division
                            California ’90                                  II Coach of the Year. He also guided two players, Travis Engelman and
                                                                            Tim Rogers, to first-team All-American status.
                                                                                In addition to his duties at UC Davis, Doten started the Davis Water
                                                                            Polo Club men’s open team in the summer of 2001, for which he serves
                                                                            as head coach. In 2003, both his junior and senior teams qualified for
                                                                            the USA Water Polo National Championships for the first time. In 2005,
    Steve Doten enters his 12th year at the helm of the UC Davis men’s      Doten brought the national tournament to Schaal Aquatics Center, where
water polo program. He comes off a 2011 season in which the Aggies tied     is 20-and-under team won the bronze medal. In 2008, Doten’s senior
a school record with 22 wins, ranked among the national top 10 for two      national team placed eighth, its highest-ever finish.
weeks, and advanced to the Western Water Polo Association title game.           In 2004 and 2007, Doten was selected as Elite Coach of the Year for
    Doten continues a strong run that largely began in 2006, when the       the Central California Zone by the USAWP Coaches Committee. Ad-
Aggies ascended to No. 6 in the collegiate rankings -- the highest in Do-   ditionally, Doten served as president of the WWPA from 2003 to 2006.
ten’s career. His team posted six wins over top-10 programs that season.    Then in 2009, he was chosen for the staff at the USA Water Polo Holiday
    The following year, Doten’s program posted a 22-7 record with an        Camp, an annual event for the Olympic Development Program (ODP).
undefeated mark against WWPA members. The Aggies reached the                    Prior to UC Davis, Doten was an assistant coach with the Cal women’s
conference championship game that year, while Doten was rewarded            water polo team from 1995-99. During this time, the Golden Bears fin-
with a nod as WWPA Coach of the Year.                                       ished second at the Collegiate Water Polo National Championships in
    Additionally, his student-athletes have enjoyed a parade of accolades   1996, 1997 and 1998. Doten also served as a coach for the Golden Bear
during recent seasons. In 2007, David Welch, Nick Arrigo and Mike Mc-       Water Polo Club team. He helped lead the team to two USWP national
Gee each earned ACWPC All-America honorable mention and claimed             championships in 1998 and 1999.
spots on the All-WWPA squad. McGee and Arrigo added third-team                  As a player, Doten spent three seasons (1986-88) under legendary
All-America honors in 2008. More recently, center Aaron Salit garnered      coaches Pete Cutino and Steve Heaston, helping Cal to a 91-14 record
All-America honorable mention in 2010 before improving to the third         during that time and NCAA championships in 1987 and 1988. The
team as a senior in 2011. Goalkeeper Kevin Peat captured All-America        Golden Bears were national runners-up in 1986. Doten, who graduated
honorable mention as well last season.                                      from UC Berkeley in 1990 with a degree in sports sociology, earned his
    On October 5, 2007, UC Davis defeated 15th-ranked Pacific by a          master’s in kinesiology and physical education in 1994 and completed
final of 8-4, marking Doten’s 100th career victory. He enters the upcom-    course work for his Ph.D. in education in 2000.
ing season with a career mark of 156-138 overall, including a 104-45            He and his wife, Lisa, have three children - daughters Kendall and
conference ledger.                                                          Brooke, and son Trey. The family resides in Davis. All three children play
    Doten’s teams also have enjoyed tremendous success in the classroom.    for the Davis Water Polo Club.
The Aggies’ composite grade-point average has risen each year since
his arrival. In 2006-07, Doten’s squad was a co-winner of the athletics
department’s Lysle Leach Award for sporting the highest overall team
GPA. Four made the ACWPC All-Academic squad, including the inclu-
sion of Welch in the Outstanding category. Welch also added ESPN The
Magazine Academic All-District second-team honors.
    UC Davis men’s water polo repeated as co-recipient of the Lysle Leach

                          WWPA       WWPA        Overall     Nat’l
  Year                    Record    Tourney      Record      Rank
  2011                      11-4        2nd        22-12      12th
  2010                      13-1        2nd        18-10      12th
  2009                       8-7        3rd        15-16      11th
  2008                       8-4        3rd        13-15      11th
  2007                      14-0        2nd         22-7      11th
  2006                      10-5        3rd        15-15     T11th
  2005                      10-5        4th        16-15     T13th
  2004                      12-5        4th        17-16      13th
  2003                      10-5        4th        14-16      19th
  2002                      15-5        5th        19-12       —
  2001                       4-8        5th         7-16       —
  Totals                  115-49     (.701)    178-150      (.543)
                                                                             MARK HONBO

2012 UC DAVIS MEN’S WATER POLO - WEEKLY RELEASE                                                                            OCTOBER 10, 2012

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