The Importance Of Dog Containment for Your Dog by SavannahLeehy


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									   The Importance Of Dog Containment for Your Dog
What makes Dog containment important? It prevents the dog from running
away and being injured lost or stolen.

The Dog Containment system stops the puppy from chewing electrical
cords, carpets, furniture and other household items.

It helps them stay away from any accidents or injury.

Dog control can be in the form of traditional fence structures or other
conventional methods but nowadays it is better to stick to the modern
containment systems.

Old or New Methods: Which is better?

The old methods have been around for so many years.

However, times have changed and technology has made a great impact on
the lives of people as well as animals.

Now more pet owners are getting to be more curious regarding dog food,
dog supplies and dog training.

They continue to ask about innovative dog containment products and how
to use these effectively.

The typical electronic tools are made up of transmitters that are installed
somewhere in the middle of the house, backyard or front yard and other
containment areas. The sensors are also set up in selected rooms while
the collar is fastened around the dog’s neck. These are employed to control
the dog and stop it from going across borders through the use of aversive
stimuli such as warning sounds and mild static pulse.

These are used when the dog attempts to go near the sensors installed
or attempt to go through them. These devices function based on
the conditioned reaction that associates the act of disregarding the
containment with the repulsive sensation emitted by the aversive stimulus
that the dog receives.
The Big Benefit of New Containment Systems

Dog containment prevents dogs from running out to the streets where it
may get lost, fight with other animals or meet accidents.

Using these devices will help you save money and relieves you of
additional worries.

You are given a warning that your pet is trying to cross the boundary due to
the sound produced by the collar. This gives you time to give a command
to restrain the dog or the chance to go after the animal.

When the dog gets used to the effects of the collar it will definitely stop after
hearing this sound since it knows that a warning shock will come after the

Your dog will be secured within the containment area. It is possible to teach
your dog to stop at the sound of the warning beep and not to wait for the
electric shock.

Even the most stubborn of dogs can become obedient after a few weeks of

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