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					                  FUNDRAISING IDEAS

Many youth who travel to Japan earn all or part of their travel
money. Here are some fundraising techniques that other youth
have used. Remember to always check with your parent or
guardian before starting a new project. They will add to your
success with their ideas and suggestions, and can make sure that
you stay safe. Never go door-to-door or to meet with people that
you don't know well without bringing an adult along with you.
Think about how you could let people who would be interested in
your services know about your project. Start with people that you
know well, through school, church, clubs, your neighborhood, or
family friends. Remind people that they may want to buy your
services for a friend or relative, if not for themselves.
Other adults you know may have additional ideas on how to raise
funds, so be sure and let people know that you are raising money,
and ask them if they know of any opportunities.

Garage sale: many people are cleaning or moving and have a few
things to donate to a worthy cause. Pick the items up, or have a
place where they can drop them off. Be sure and really publicize
your events! Signs, ads, and Craigslist listings will let your
customers know about your sale.

Bake sale. The key to success is location and publicity. Have a
donation jar, in case people want to donate their change.

Walking dogs or watching pets or farm animals when people are
on vacation.

Watering plants while people are on vacation. Also, bringing in the
mail or newspaper, putting seed on the bird feeder, sweeping or
shoveling the sidewalk when people are not home.
Watching kids while parents do work around the house, or go
Christmas shopping or wrap presents, or get ready for company, or
pack for a trip, or sleep. Very appreciated by busy/tired parents.

Cleaning garages, or helping a homeowner clean a garage or
basement. Helping with yard work. Stacking firewood. Cleaning
out a car.

Selling hot or cold drinks at an event.

Taking orders for pies, breads, cakes or cookies, especially during
the holidays.

Hauling someone's garbage to the curb on garbage day. Shoveling
snow. Scraping ice off of car windows in the morning.

Helping out at an event in exchange for a donation. Setting up
chairs, pouring coffee, cleaning up at the end. Possibilities: annual
meetings, awards banquets, political events, confrences

Collecting cans, scrap metal, old pipes and selling the metal to the
recycling center.

Holding a manga art contest/show or a manga drawing workshop.

Hosting an anime or movie event. This can be just the film, with
snacks for sale, or can be a half or whole day event with games,
crafts, etc. and can be especially popular on teacher inservice days
when there is no school. You’ll need friends or family to help and
adults with you. Think about whether to have them bring lunch,
and be sure to show films appropriate to whatever age group you
invite. As in all events, good planning and publicity are the key to
success. Feel free to consult with many people for ideas.

Taking orders for hot homemade cinnamon rolls delivered to the
door on a Saturday or Sunday morning.
Asking for a small donation, from service groups, friends, relatives
and others. In exchange, offering to send them a newsletter about
your trip when you return home or to give a speech to their

Doing computer work for others, such as making a holiday letter,
photo page, putting together a slide show, or other project that they
may not yet have the time or computer skills to complete.

Performing with your musical instrument at an event or banquet, in
exchange for a donation from event organizers. Or at a business or
trade show (with permission) with a donation jar. Let people know
that you are raising money to participate in an international
friendship program, not just a tourist trip, and that you will be
sharing our culture in Japan.

Helping a busy parent put on a birthday party.

Helping a busy parent on a shopping trip, so they can have
someone watch their children while they try on clothes, etc.

Helping people clean their homes in preparation for the holidays or
other events. Helping a child clean their bedroom.

Making and selling your arts and crafts.

Teaching a skill that you have, or a craft, to others.

If you have other fundraising ideas you can share, please email
Mrs. Holmgren at

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